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h Grammar Review: Verb Tenses

Complete the sentences with the correct form and tense of the verb in parentheses.
1. When Coubertin announced the re-establishment of the Olympic Games,
people . (applaud)
2. The Olympic Movement _______ growing since 1896.
(not stop)
3. Public and private organizations _______ to make the
Olympic Games happen. (cooperate)
4. The Olympic Movement _______ all forms of commercial
exploitation of sport. (oppose)
5. Pierre de Coubertin believed that it-------· possible for all
sports to be for all people. (be)
6. In the 1890s, no one how much work would be
involved in re-establishing the Olympic Games. (recognize)
7. In June 1894, the IOC . (create)
8. The Olympic Charter _______ everyone involved in the
Olympic Movement. (encompass)

Unit 2: Organizations