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Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Mark Scheme- Sample Paper 2
Task 1- Spelling (Cricket)

It was actually unbelievable. He was witnesing the 1. witnessing

West Indies Team on the eve of victry. He started 2. victory

pranceing around the television, swinging an 3. prancing

imaginery bat. Throughout the neighbourhood, 4. imaginary

people were exubarent. The rhythmic drumming of 5. exuberant

the musiceans increased, in anticipation of 6. musicians

Scoring Guide
1 mark for identifying incorrectly spelt word
1 mark for writing the correct spelling of the word
2 marks awarded if incorrectly spelt word is not identified but correct spelling is written
Students are not penalized for writing the correct spelling in the wrong box.
Total 12 marks

Assessment Objectives
1. Produce the following correctly: words that double the final consonant before
adding endings
2. Discover and correct frequently misspelled words.
3. When a word ends in a silent ‘-e’, drop the ‘-e’ before adding ‘ing’.
4. Words that drop the ‘-e’ before an ending.
5. Discover and correct frequently misspelled words.
6. Discover and correct frequently misspelled words.


Task 2- Punctuation and Capitalisation (Shiva’s Lunch)

S hi va ’s m ot her packed a ve get ari an s andwi ch and 7.

t wo bananas i n hi s l unch ba g. “ Di d you rem em ber t o 8.

pack s nacks for m e ? ” asked S hi va. 9.

“Don’t wor r y son, I p acked yo ur f avo uri t es : nut s, 10.

gr anol a , r ai si ns and bi scui t s ,” hi s m ot her reassu red hi m . 11.

S hi va shout ed , “Thanks Mom !” as he rushed into the car. 12.

Scoring Guide
1 mark for inserting the correct punctuation or capital letter
No marks awarded if more than one error is corrected in each line
Total 6 marks

Assessment Objectives
7. Use the following punctuation marks in sentences: apostrophe (possession)
8. Use punctuation marks and capital letters correctly in writing
9. Use the following punctuation marks in sentences: question mark
10. Use the following punctuation marks in sentences: colon.
11. Use the following punctuation marks in sentences: full stop
12. Use the following punctuation marks in sentences: exclamation mark


Task 3- Grammar (At Sea)

The fisherman, along with his crew, were journeying out 13. was

to sea. While on the way, sudden a massive wave 14. suddenly

slammed harshly in the fishing boat, causing it to flip. 15. against/onto/into

The frighten fishermen called unsuccessfully for help. 16. frightened

They tried to swim but the sea was to rough. Thanks to 17. too

the Coast Guards whom assisted, they were rescued eventually. 18. who

Scoring Guide
1 mark for identifying grammatical error
1 mark for writing the correct form of the word
2 marks awarded if correct form of the word is written but error is not identified
Students are not penalized for writing the correct form of the word in the wrong box.
Total 12 marks

Assessment Objectives
13. Ensure concord in sentences that contain parenthetical phrases
14. Recognize the function of adverbs in context
15. Use Prepositions in context
16. Recognize the function of adjectives in context
17. Recognize the function of adverbs in context
18. Use Pronouns: Personal, Possessive, Reflexive and Relative Pronoun


Task 4- Comprehension (Macy and the Red Hen)

Processes Item Possible Responses Marks

Inferential 19. ‘…a cloud of The hens all rushed out of the cage Any response that
hens exploded into simultaneously/ The hens all flew explains the cloud
the yard.’ out of the cage together and the exploded - 2
What does this mks
statement tell you They were eager to get at the food Any response which
about the scraps so they were unrestrained/ explains only one of
behaviour of the They were unruly and excited as these terms – 1mk
hens? they exited the cage
Literal 20. Write a i) strewn, sprinkled, spread, thrown One correct synonym
suitable synonym ii) trap, attract, entice, tempt, for each word - 2
for each of the persuade mks
words as used in One correct synonym
the passage for any one word – 1
i) scattered (line 3) mk
ii) lure (line 20)
Inferential 21. What two She pecks at the others but they do Any two suggested
behaviours of the not peck at her/ She gets the best responses – 2 mks
red hen show she food/She fusses and flaps to have Any one response -
is the leader of the her way/ She leads the flock/The 1mk
brood of hens? red hen took charge when they
came out of the cage
Evaluation/ 22. Explain what  Hens have a ranking system Any response that
Appreciation is meant by the where the red hen is the leader indicates the hens
phrase, ‘Hens have and the others follow. have a leader and the
a pecking order’  The other hens accepted the red others are followers –
(line 6). hen as their boss/leader. 2 mks
 Hens have a rank order. Any response that
 The red hen was the boss. suggests the red hen


Processes Item Possible Responses Marks
is the boss or leader –
1 mk
 They pecked each other. Any response related
 The red hen pecked the others. to the action of
pecking each other –
0 mks
Literal 23. Give two To protect the hens from danger/ To Any two suggested
reasons why Macy prevent the foxes and owls from responses – 2 mks
locks the cage eating them/ To prevent the hens Any one response –
door at nights. from getting out at night/ She cares 1 mk
for the hens/ She is responsible
and/or caring
24. Give one She wants to get Macy’s Any plausible reason
reason why the red attention/To get Macy to play with – 1 mk
hen rushed to the her/To show Macy she is not easily
side of the cage intimidated/ She wants to trick
instead of going Macy/ She wants to show Macy
into it? that she is the boss/ She didn’t want
to go into the cage
Evaluation/ 25. Who is the The red hen is smarter since she Any two responses
Appreciation smarter of the two,  couldn’t be bribed by Macy from the passage
between Macy and  defeated all of Macy’s efforts to related to the
the hen? control her character selected –
Give two  tricked Macy everyday 2 mks
examples of what  played more than one trick on Any one response
the red hen or Macy from the passage
Macy did in the Macy is smarter because she related to the
passage that show  always got the red hen into the character selected –
this. cage eventually 1 mk
 was going to make the red hen If responses from the


Processes Item Possible Responses Marks
pay for her tricks passage do not relate
 could teach the red hen a lesson to the character
selected or the
responses are not
from the passage –
0 mks
Evaluation/ 26. What kind of Macy is caring Any one quality with
Appreciation person is Macy?  she feeds the hens and smiles two supporting
Give two when looking at them actions from the
examples of what Macy is responsible passage – 3 mks
she does in the  she takes her job seriously by
passage that show always ensuring the hens are
this. fed and safe
Macy likes to be in control and
have order
 she does not appreciate the red
hen’s disobedience and plans to
teach her a lesson
Macy is persistent Any one quality with
 she always gets the red hen into one supporting action
the cage eventually from the passage – 2
Caring/ responsible/ persistent Any one quality
which can be
supported by action
from the passage –
1 mk
Carefree/ Cruel/ Any quality which
cannot be supported
by action in the


Processes Item Possible Responses Marks
passage – 0 mks
Evaluation/ 27. Suggest a Macy and the Red Hen Any response which
Appreciation suitable title for Macy and the Clever Hen relates to the main
this passage? The battle of the Bosses theme or the two
The Determined Competitors main characters in
the story – 2 mks
The Protagonist Any response which
The Tricky/Clever Red Hen identifies one
Pecking Order character in the story
– 1 mk
Life on a Farm Any response which
Taking Care of Chickens identifies actions or
Doing Chores scenery from the
story – 0 mks
Inferential 28“That will teach Yes Any plausible
her to go in her  The red hen would be taught a response from the
cage when I say.” lesson (leave her out all night to passage with details
(lines 24 and 25) fight with foxes and owls) and 2 mk
Do you think Macy would be her boss
the Red Hen will No
ever go into the  The red hen will continue to
cage when Macy have her way (run off again and
tells her to do flap her wings hard so Macy
so? Explain could not grab her)
your answer, using
details from the Yes Responses which do
passage.  Macy will teach her a lesson not include details
and show who is boss. from the passage– 1
No mk
 The red hen will continue to be


Processes Item Possible Responses Marks
bossy and not go into the cage.
Yes Any response that is
 Macy’s father would catch the not from the passage
hen and put her in the cage – 0 mks
 The red hen can sleep in a tree

Task 5- Poetry (The Crocodile’s Toothache)

Processes Item Possible Response Marks

Inferential 29. Give two possible He wanted relief from his Any two
reasons for the toothache/ He was hungry/ He plausible
crocodile’s visit to the wanted to eat the dentist responses based
dentist. on the poem – 2
Any one
response based
on the poem – 1
He went for a check-up/ He went Any responses
to his regular dentist/ To keep his not based on the
appointment poem – 0 mks
30. Give two reasons To get to the damaged tooth/ To Any two
for the dentist climbing get a better view of the teeth or plausible
into the mouth of the inside the mouth/ To work responses – 2
crocodile. properly or more efficiently/ To mks
get a better grip on the teeth Any one


Processes Item Possible Response Marks
response – 1
The dentist had never been inside Any fantasy
the mouth of a crocodile/ He responses – 0
believed it was fun to go inside mks
the mouth of the crocodile/ It
looked inviting

Literal 31. Why did the He was hurting the crocodile/ He Any response
crocodile ask the dentist wanted the dentist to stop using related to stop
to put down his pliers in the pliers/He planned to eat the using the pliers to
line 13? dentist so the pliers would have hurt the crocodile
been uncomfortable – 1 mk
Inferential 32. The crocodile and Dentist Any ONE of the
dentist show different Feeling: happy/happiness two lines from
feelings in the poem. Evidence: lines 10, 14 the poem for the
Complete the table Crocodile dentist – 1 mk
below to show the Feeling: hurt Any plausible
different feelings of the Evidence: lines 7, 12, 13 mood for the
characters. Feeling: Angry/anger crocodile with a
Evidence: lines 13, 18 supporting line
from the poem –
2 mks
Literal 33. Give a synonym for Admit/ declare/ reveal/ disclose/ Any plausible
the word ‘confess’ as accept blame response – 1
used in line 16. mk
34. Give two reasons Draw reader’s attention/ surprise Ant two plausible
for the poet’s use of the reader/ indicate a change in reasons – 2
capital letters in the the poem/ create drama mks


Processes Item Possible Response Marks
word ‘SNAP’ (line 18). Any one
response – 1
Evaluation/ 35. What type of person Wicked/ Mischievous/ Naughty Any one trait
Appreciation is the dentist? Give two  He laughed when the with two
details from the poem to crocodile was in pain supporting details
support your answer.  He pulled out the wrong tooth from the passage
 He said he was going to pull – 3 mks
out 12 more teeth
Gullible/ Brave
 He believed it was safe to pull
out the crocodile’s teeth
 He believed it was safe to go
into the crocodile’s mouth
Kind Any one trait
 He attended to the crocodile with one
supporting detail
from the passage
– 2 mks
Wicked/ mischievous/ gullible/ Any appropriate
kind trait with no
supporting detail
from the passage
– 1 mk
Literal 36. Tick () the figure Personification Identify the
of speech that is used correct figure of
throughout the poem? speech – 1
(a) metaphor mk
(b) personification


Processes Item Possible Response Marks
(c) simile
Evaluation/ 37. Which character do Dentist Any character
Appreciation you prefer in this poem?  he is funny and a plausible
Give a reason for your  he is brave reason – 2 mks
choice.  he is fun loving No character
 he lives life on the edge identified but a
Crocodile plausible reason
 he stood up for himself given – 1 mk
 he didn’t let the dentist take
advantage of him
 he took action when he had a
 he was brave to go to the
 they were both mean/
38. What is the mood of Funny/ silly/ fun loving/ Any plausible
the poem? Give two carefree/Light-hearted mood with two
quotations from the  talking crocodile supporting details
poem that show the  reckless dentist – 3 mks
mood you identified.  mischievous characters Any plausible
. mood with one
supporting detail
– 2 mks
Funny/ silly/ fun loving/ carefree Any plausible
Sad/ mood with no
supporting details
– 1 mk


Task 6- Graphic (The Crocodile’s Toothache)

Processes Item Possible Response Marks

Literal 39. From the flyer, Benefits: Any two reasons
identify two benefits Enjoyment /fun/ good exercise/ identified on the
of hiking. keeps you physically fit/ see flyer – 2 mks
interesting things/ experience Any one
adventure/ see birds and animals/ response from
enjoyment of nature the flyer – 1 mk
Provides time to think/you can Any responses
camp out and sleep under the stars that are not
explicit to the
flyer – 0 makes
40. Name two  Old Rock Fort Any two
attractions at  Lookout Hill Station attractions shown
Lookout Hill.  Bird Sanctuary on the flyer –
 Frog Creek 2 mks
Any one
attraction on the
flyer – 1 mk
 Hidden valleys Any attractions
 Waterfalls that are not
shown on the
flyer – 0 mks
Inferential 41. Give two reasons Increase understanding of the map/ Any two reasons
for including the map provide additional information (time related to what is
key on the flyer? and level) about the hikes/ help shown on the
visitors select the hike best suited to flyer – 2 mks
their purpose or physical capability Any one
response related
to what is shown


Processes Item Possible Response Marks
on – 1 mk

42. Identify two Persons may be interested in: Any two reasons
reasons why a person  physical activities and related to what is
may want to visit exercising such as walking and shown on the
Lookout Hill. hiking flyer – 2 mks
 having a picnic Any one
 site seeing response related
 enjoying nature and animal to what is shown
watching on – 1 mk
 relaxation
Evaluation/ 43. This flyer Map Identify an
Appreciation includes several  interesting image/ picture element of the
features. Which  shows all of the attractions flyer and a
feature on the flyer Map Key plausible reason
appeals to you the  gives details of the different – 2 mks
most? routes for hiking Identify an
Give a reason  Gives specific times for the element of the
for your choice. routes and levels of difficulty flyer alone – 1
 interesting image mk
Visual appeal/ attract visitors/ make Gives a reason
person interested for using an
image – 0 mks