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Livelink Form NER#:



Element-# 5 – Turnover Process- Progressive Documentation Review/sign-off, Red Lines, Up

Audit Scope:
loading, etc.
Audit Location:

Estimated Audit Date:

Audit Conducted By:
Duration (mm/dd/yy)

Expectant Participants:
Position / Title / Department Position / Title / Department

Audit Details:
Section Title Duration By
1. Opening Meeting

1.1 Introductions 5 min.

1.2 Safety Topic 5 min.

1.3 Audit Scope / Process 5 min.

1.4 Applicable Procedures, Standards, Plans etc…
 Contractor’s quality plans and applicable procedures,
work instructions, etc. from their QMS.
 Standard for Project Quality Management System
(ST-QM-001 Rev.3.1)
 Scope of Work sec. 6.0.
 Turnover Standard (ST-PM-005 Rev. 3.0)
 Quality Exhibits Standard ((ST-QM-002 Rev. 4.0)

Section Title Duration By

2. Audit Focus

Livelink Form NER#:

1. Verify tag cross referencing communication to module


2. Tag list and cross referencing tables prior to

commencement of fabrication.

3. Verify the tag cross referencing completion by the

contractor and identified it in quality exhibits.

4. Verify progressive turnover compliance: Quality and

Turnover exhibits/forms sign-off, maintaining hard copy
walk down and final Turnover documentation for each

5. Verify that only authorized contractor signatories are

signing off submitted quality exhibits per signature log
6. Verify that NCR’s, RFIs, DCN,s related to the system are
closed with authorized disposition

7. Verify engineering sign-off the module Redline drawings

prior to final walk down and release for shipment.

8. Verify final walk down package is created by module

contractor two weeks prior to release for shipment and its
content in accordance with walk down package index.

9. Verify punch items clearance by module contractor.

10. Verify punch items and agreed works –to-go are recorded
in contractor’s data base and communication site.

11. Review module contractor Turnover submittal process:

electronic and one hardcopy arranged by system and
securing permission for shipment.

12. Verify contractor compliance to progressive scan and

upload of accepted Turnover documents.

13. Verify final Turnover deliverables compliance within two

weeks after release for shipment.

14. Randomly review hardcopy Turnover binder to verify

information on applicable quality exhibits /forms including
AB-83/AB-81 such as system numbers, test results, etc. in
compliance with applicable standards, specifications and
its completeness, acceptance/certification by authorized

Section Title Duration By

Livelink Form NER#:

3. Closing Meeting
3.1 General Overview / Feedback of the Audit (Good
Practices, Gaps, etc…)