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ADAS – Advanced
Driver Assistance Systems
Safe driving through ADAS As a leading supplier Continental has a strong
portfolio of technologies and components for
Stress and stimulus saturation accompany mod-
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.
ern mobility. Multiple different hazards require
quick, considerate action without losing sight
CES is your partner around ADAS
of further traffic every second. Innovative Ad-
vanced Driver Assistance Systems help drivers
stay on top of things, helping them arrive safe Continental Engineering Services (CES) offers
and relaxed. These systems act as electronic services around these technologies and prod-
copilots, providing pure driving comfort and ucts. Our services range from advanced devel-
make driving safer and stress-free. Advanced opment to prototype builts to turn key series
Driver Assistance Systems make the road traffic application of ADAS functions for small volume
safer and are an essential part of the vision of or niche projects to special application of Conti-
accident free driving. nental sensors for non-automotive industries.
Sensors for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)


Short Range Advanced Multi Function Camera Short Range Radar
Lidar Radar Sensor

ADAS Functions


Adaptive Lane Departure Emergency Speed Limit Rear Cross Blind Spot
Cruise Control Warning Brake Assist Monitoring Traffic Alert Detection

Advanced Development Prototypes Series Applications

› Special sensor adaptations for R&D › Prototype design › Application of environment sensors
in field of autonomous driving › Integration of sensors and com- (radar, infrared and camera systems)
› Assistance in selection and specifica- ponents in ADAS demonstration › Project management
tion of environmental sensor systems vehicles and test equipment › Requirements management
› Feasibility and design studies › Sensor calibration › Release planning
› Function concepts › Assistance during initial operation › Test vehicle build up
› Development and implementation and pilot projects › CAN / Flexray
of algorithms › Gateways › Function development
› Simulation and Evaluation › Software adaptations › Function calibration
› Conception of Prototypes › Rapid prototyping of new algorithms › AUTOSAR
› Testing › Software integration
› Diagnosis

Special Software Application for non-automotive industries

As well as the use of these sensors in › Feasibility and design studies
automobiles, there are also applications › Function concepts
for the use of these components in other › Algorithm development
sectors like agriculture and construction › Software adaptation
equipment. Here, our sensor customers › Test measurements
can benefit from sensors that were de- › Data analysis
veloped under the high standards in the › Prototype build up
automotive industry and are produced in › Series development for non-auto-
large numbers. We can find solutions for motive applications
many applications in which previously in-
house development was not profitable
because of low numbers.

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