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HUAWEI FusionServer

RH2288H V3

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HUAWEI FusionServer
RH2288H V3
RH2288H V3 RH2288H V3 RH2288H V3 RH2288H V3
(8 hard disks) (10 hard disks) (12 hard disks) (25 hard disks)

High performance allows rapid respond to business growth RH2288H V3

The HUAWEI FusionServer RH2288H ƒƒ Supports up to two Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4 processors. Each processor supports
Form factor 2U rack server
V3 (RH2288H V3 for short) is a a maximum of 22 cores and provides two 9.6 GT/s QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) links
Number of processors 1 or 2
new-generation 2U dual-socket rack between processors.
ƒƒ Supports up to twenty-four 2400 MT/s DDR4 DIMMs to provide a maximum memory Processor model Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4 series processor
server. It provides flexible resource
capacity of 1.5 TB. Number of memory slots 24 slots for DDR4 RDIMMs or LRDIMMs
expansion capabilities as well as
ƒƒ Provides up to nine PCIe slots and two dual-slot high-performance GPUs, offering
high computing performance. Supports the following hard disk configurations:
extraordinary floating-point arithmetic capability.
It is an ideal choice for Internet, • Eight front 2.5-inch SSDs or SAS or SATA HDDs
ƒƒ Provides I/O performance surpassing traditional hard disks when used with PCIe SSD • Twelve front 3.5-inch SAS or SATA HDDs and two or four rear 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SSDs or SAS or SATA HDDs
big data, cloud computing, high- cards and NVMe SSD disks. • Twelve front 3.5-inch SAS or SATA HDDs (NVMe model supports four NVMe SSD disks) and two rear 2.5-inch or
performance computing (HPC), and 3.5-inch SSDs or SAS or SATA HDDs
enterprise key applications. Maximum local storage • Twelve front 3.5-inch SAS or SATA HDDs (NVMe model supports twelve NVMe SSD disks)
Intelligent power control increases energy efficiency
• Twenty-four front 2.5-inch SAS or SATA HDDs (NVMe model supports 24 NVMe SSD disks)
ƒƒ Uses 80 Plus Platinum power supply units (PSUs), meeting Energy Star specifications. • Twenty-five front 2.5-inch SSDs or SAS or SATA HDDs and two or three rear 2.5-inch SSDs or SAS or SATA HDDs
ƒƒ Uses the dynamic energy management technology (DEMT) to adjust server operating Supports built-in Flash:
ƒƒ Provides large local storage
status dynamically and limit the power consumption to an optimal level. • Two Mini SSDs (SATA DOM)
space to quickly respond to fast • Two SD card
ƒƒ Uses power capping to allocate cooling and power supply resources on demand, and
data increase
increase resource utilization and deployment density without affecting services. Supports RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, and 60
ƒƒ Supports up to 24 NVMe SSDs ƒƒ Supports high-voltage DC power supplies, preventing conversion between AC and DC RAID Uses a supercapacitor to protect RAID cache data from power failures
Supports RAID state migration, configuration memory, self-diagnosis, and web-based remote configuration
to turbo-charge the storage I/O power supplies and minimizing the power loss in power conversion.
performance ƒƒ Uses proportion integration differentiation (PID) to control heat dissipation and speed Network ports Supports two or four GE ports or two 10GE ports or two 56G FDR IB ports
adjustment policies, implements stepless speed regulation and on-demand allocation of PCIe expansion Supports a maximum of 9 PCIe slots
ƒƒ Supports up to two high- heat dissipation resources, minimizing power consumption and noise.
performance processors to Fan Hot-swappable fan modules in N+1 redundancy

implement efficient computing. Efficient management and maintenance Power supply 2 hot-swappable power supplies in 1+1 redundancy

ƒƒ Ensures high energy efficiency ƒƒ Provides a touchscreen liquid crystal display (LCD) to facilitate equipment operation and The on-board iBMC module supports Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), SOL, KVM over IP, and virtual
media, and provides a 1 Gbit/s RJ45 management network port supporting NC-SI.
by using intelligent fine-grained management.
power control technologies. ƒƒ Provides uMate management tool and FDM2.0 fault diagnose management function, to CentOS
improve management and troubleshooting efficiency. Citrix XenServer
ƒƒ Provides a touchscreen ƒƒ Uses an independent iBMC module to implement Serial over LAN (SOL), remote KVM,
Microsoft Windows Server
Supported OSs
management panel to facilitate Red Hat Enterprise Linux
and functions such as remote startup and shutdown of the server. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
management. VMware ESXi
Flexible configuration and expansion of local storage Operating temperature 5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F)
ƒƒ Provides a maximum of sixteen 3.5-inch hard disks or twenty-eight 2.5-inch hard disks.
Certification CE, UL, FCC, CCC, and RoHS
ƒƒ Offers a wide range of hard disk enclosures and RAID controllers, allowing flexible
Guide rails
configuration on demand. Installation suite
Holding rails and cable management arm (optional)
ƒƒ Cope with big data challenges by supporting the latest 12G SAS, which provides 1x
higher bandwidth than the 6G SAS. RH2288H V3 with 3.5-inch hard disks: 447 mm × 748 mm x 86.1 mm (17.60 in. x 29.45 in. x 3.39 in.)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
RH2288H V3 with 2.5-inch hard disks: 447 mm × 708 mm x 86.1 mm (17.60 in. x 27.84 in. x 3.39 in.)