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Money in From disease treatment China-US rivalry Economy to remain

elections to health promotion heading to East Africa strong in 2019

Issue No. 553 Jan. 04 - 10 2019 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

Fighting Bobi Wine

Can banning the MP’s concerts
cripple him politically?

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Jan. 04 - 10 2019

Issue No. 553 Jan. 04 - 10 2019

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Cover story
Fighting Bobi Wine
Will banning the legislator’s concerts cripple him politically?

4 The Week
Sudan protestors call
for Bashir’s resignation Globalisation 4.0 for whom?:
Popular anger in many countries’
politics in recent years is rooted
9 The Last Word
in the failure of neoliberalism
Museveni and African hairstyles:
Why the President’s emphasis on
hairstyles to assert the African identity
32 Health
addresses the form not substance
From disease treatment to
health promotion: Health
14 Analysis ministry plans major
switch in 2019 healthcare
Money in elections: It doesn’t
mean what you think it does

35 Arts & Culture

27 Business
A dismal step so far taken
China-US rivalry heading to East Africa: Who’s buying art in Uganda?
Donald Trump’s administration to focus
on development finance and lending for
infrastructure projects in Africa

STRATEGY & EDITORIAL DIRECTOR: Andrew M. Mwenda WRITERS:Ronald Musoke, Flavia Nassaka, Ian Katusiime,
MANAGING EDITOR: Joseph Were Agnes Nantaba, Julius Businge.

PUBLISHER: Independent Publications Limited, Plot 82/84, Kanjokya Street, P. O. Box 3304, Kampala, Uganda
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2 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
Museveni’s nine
point 2019 agenda After Wakiso raid, Nakalema’s unit heads to Kyangwali
The newly appointed unit by the President to Nakalema said that the land dispute is between
President Museveni deliv-
fight corruption started its work by raiding the residents and the office of the Prime Minister over
ered his new year’s speech on
Wakiso district land office on Dec.20 where they land where people were evicted in 2013 to provide
Dec.31 at his country home in
Rwakitura, Kiruhura district. He confiscated equipment and interrogated several settlements for Congolese refugees. She said over
told the nation that the govern- officials. The team led by Col. Edith Nakalema 53 houses were burnt in a brawl that happened on
ment would focus on nine issues stormed the office after a tip off by a whistle Dec.26. As a result of that dozens of residents were
which will enable the country blower of dubious works going on in the zonal brutalized and others arrested.
achieve the status of middle offices. A report of their findings has not yet been On reaching Nakalema immediately arrested
income. He spoke of popular- released and the team comprised of police and the incharge of the local police station, ordered
izing African integration more army officials on Dec.29 went for the next assign- arrest of the refugee camp commandant and
so that the country’s goods and ment in Kyangwali Bunyoro region. It’s said that another soldier who is said to be threatening resi-
services get more market. Oth- they went to intervene after the president received dents and extorting money from them with the
ers he highlighted are political information that houses had been burnt over a promise of relocating them on the contested land.
discipline, youth development, land dispute in the Kyangwali refugee camp.
economic growth, fighting
crime, corruption, handling
land evictions, modernizing
agriculture with a focus on solar
powered irrigation and coming
up with a SACCO for grass root
leaders as most of the work they
do is voluntary and are living in
Without mentioning the
amount of money that will be
put in the SACCO, the President
said the cooperatives will be
formed at district level and will
benefit both present and past
local council leaders. He also
urged the youth not to go to
worship centers to seek quick
health but engage in projects
that can earn them money.
In a message that was seen to
Fired MAK lecturers to seek legal redress
directly hit at Kyaddondo East Makerere University in December announced Some were insubordinate. We did this legally.
MP Robert Kyagulanyi and his that they had fired 45 academic staff a move that Those people were given a fair hearing to defend
youthful following, Museveni saw controversial Researcher at the Makerere themselves by the appointments board”, he said.
said he will in the New Year not Institute of Social Research Dr. Stella Nyanzi and But, some of the affected lecturers said they
tolerate political hooliganism. “I lecturer implicated in the sexual harrasement were sacked unfairly and that it’s because of the
see politicians staging fist fights, scandal Dr. swizen Kyomuhendo of the School of intrigue within the institution that they lost their
fighting security operatives. This Social Sciences losing their jobs. jobs. Dr. James Ocita a Literature scholar and
will not be tolerated. Those who Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabus Nawangwe formally a research fellow at the Institute of Social
are not clear on this point should said those affected had either a absconded from Research said he would seek legal redress. Ocita
get it clearly. Uganda patriots duty for over five years yet the rest had engaged has on several occasions come out to criticize VC
have invested a lot of energy in in some kind of indiscipline unacceptable accord- Nawangwe’s method of work and maladministra-
creating stability. Nobody will
ing to University rules. “They were tarnishing the tion at the Institute.
be allowed to destabilize it”.
name of the university and we can’t tolerate that.

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Jan. 04 - 10 2019 3
Mixed feelings as
Kadaga extends term
of COSASE leaders
Leaders of the Parliamen-
tary Committee on Statutory
Authorities and State Enterprises
(COSASE) Abdu Katuntu and
Deputy Anita Among were
supposed to handover to new
committee chairperson Mubarak
Munyagwa and Deputy Moses
Kasibante on Jan.15. But speaker
Rebecca kadaga sought to
extend their term for a month to
DR Congo goes to polls amidst protests Feb.20 in order for them to finish
an ongoing investigation into the
The Democratic Republic of Congo went to ments still didn’t happen in three cities after the circumstances under which Bank
polls on Dec.30 amidst an outbreak of the deadly Electoral Commission delayed it to march 2019 of Uganda closed and took over
Ebola hemorrhagic fever, protests in various parts citing violence and disease outbreak something commercial banks.
of the country and an armed militia overrunning that sparked protests up to voting day in which She told parliament that
several polling stations in the eastern part of the some people lost their lives and property was changing leadership before the
country. In the capital Kishansa, the election was destroyed. probe is concluded might jeop-
marked by long delays because of inadequate vot- Apart from president, voters also elected repre- ardize its results something that
ing materials after fire gutted a warehouse where sentatives for the national and provincial assem- some members of the opposi-
equipment was being kept. blies and preliminary results for the presidential tion didn’t buy into saying that
21 candidates stood to be elected in the presi- vote are expected on Jan 06 before the official incoming Deputy Kasibante for
dential election where more than 46million Con- final results being announced on Jan.15. Outgo- instance has been a member of
golese registered to vote for a replacement of ing president Kabila has been leading the country the committee which means he
incumbent President Joseph Kabila whose term since 2001 after the assassination of his father can carry on from where they
constitutionally ended in December 2016. How- Laurent Kabila. have left. Leader of Opposition
ever, the vote that has suffered several postpone- in Parliament Betty Aol said the
proposed extension of the term
was ill perceived and selfish say-
Law society speaks out on Bobi wine’s blocked shows ing that committee work is end-
less and that the new team are
Musician and Kyaddondo condemning this as being Bebe Cool a ruling NRM capable of continuing since they
East MP Robert Kyagulanyi unconstitutional. They said apologist was given a go ahead have been actively involved and
Bobiwine couldn’t hold a music Article 40 of the constitution and the president went ahead following the probe.
show on Boxing Day at his One gives every Ugandan a right to encourage Ugandans to go When the new leaders were
Love Beach in Busabala as he to perform their profession or take part in the concert held in appointed in August, there fol-
usually does on 26th of every trade. The same constitution Kiwatule.
lowed frenzy especially on social
December. He was blocked by they say provides for equal According to ULS, the police
media with sections saying such
Police and this was the latest treatment of all persons by overstepped their mandate by
an accountability committee can-
after he was stopped from Security personnel. stopping Bobi’s shows and that
not be headed by Munywagwa
performing at another show This arises from the fact that security operatives involved in
who is seen by some as a joker
in Jinja earlier. Lawyers’ body while the opposition legislator’s the violations should be held
Uganda Law Society (ULS) shows were cancelled his accountable personally. who can’t articulate issues as
released a statement on Dec.29 colleague singer Moses Ssali well as the incumbent has been

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4 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
Sudan protestors
call for Bashir’s
Sudan’s President Omar
al-Bashir has asked police to
abstain from using excessive
force against anti-government
demonstrators as the UN called
for a probe into deaths dur-
ing the violent protests. This
is according to a Dec.30 news
report by AFP.
At least 19 people have been
killed since Dec.19 during pro-
tests sparked by Khartoum’s
decision to hike the price of
bread, according to the govern-
ment. Rights group Amnesty
International says 37 people
have died.On Sunday, Bashir
met top police officers in Khar-
toum and instructed them to
refrain from using excessive
force against demonstrators.
“We want to maintain security
and we want the police to do
that by using less force,” Bashir,
dressed in a blue police uniform,
Bobi wine is African personality of the Year Protests started following
increasing food prices and
slowing down of business as
Musician and Politician Robert in parliament not to amend the constitution the country continues to face
Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi wine has to remove presidential term limits at an acute foreign exchange crisis
been declared African Personality of the end of 2017, then he resisted the and soaring inflation despite
the year 2018 by the African Leadership introduction of taxes on mobile money and Washington lifting an economic
Magazine. He beat Rwanda President Paul social media and the latest was the Arua embargo in October 2017.
Kagame and Ethiopia Prime Minister Abih Saga where after a campaign rally, he and Inflation is running at 70%
Ahmed who too were nominated in this colleagues were arrested and tortured by and the Suaganese pound
category in awards that are held annually. security operatives for allegedly attacking has plunged in value, while
The vote conducted on-line saw Bobiwine the presidential motorcade. Because of his shortages of necessities like
who was chosen for his recent political political activism, he has had several of his fuel and food have also hit.
activism winning with 85% of the vote music concerts cancelled. “We admit we have economic
followed by Abih with 7%, Kagame 4% and Others who have won this award before problems...” Bashir said,
the Ebola fighters of the DR Congo also are writer and activist Kemi Seba who got it in “But they can’t be solved by
coming out with 4%. 2017 and Dr. Dennis Mukwege a 2018 Nobel destructions, lootings and theft.
Bobi wine started his political activism as Peace Prize winner and Congolese gynecologist We don’t want our country to go
soon as he won the Kyaddondo East MP slot scoped it in 2016 for his role in advancing the way other countries in the
in parliament where he started with a fight women’s rights and maternal health. region have gone”.

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Jan. 04 - 10 2019 5
By Simon Mutungi
Danger in Bank of Uganda probe
COSASE shouldn’t sacrifice economic stability at the
altar of publicity as it could collapse the economy

he Chairman of the parliamen- is because it could likely result into the and fail to settle the payment obli-
tary Committee on Commis- bank shutting down if it cannot simul- gations it has accumulated to other
sions, Statutory Authorities and taneously meet the liquidity demands banks, those other banks would default
State Enterprises (COSASE) of all its clients. If this bank was a on their respective payment obliga-
Abdu Katuntu (MP Bugweri County) big institution (Systemically Impor- tions. This, as one can imagine, would
rejected President Yoweri Museveni’s tant Financial Institution), its closure lead to a banking crisis, which in light
advice to hold the committee proceed- could pose systemic risk to the entire of the above explanation and vast lit-
ings on Bank of Uganda (BoU) opera- economy. This is the possibility that it erature and research, could easily turn
tions in-camera, behind closed doors could trigger severe instability or col- into an economic crisis.
instead of doing it publicly. While lapse an entire industry or economy. This is best evidenced by the Great
Katuntu’s intentions of opening the Further, due to information contagion Recession of the 1930s when due to
probe to the public for transparency between banks accruing from common destroyed public faith in American
purposes are noble; especially in cor- counterparty exposures and common banks, millions rushed to banks to
ruption riddled Ugandan institutions, asset holdings, the public release of have their deposits withdrawn. How-
they could be equally disastrous. bad information about one bank pro- ever, the banking system was unable
The banking and finance industry vides information about other banks. to keep up with the panicked with-
is at the heart of a country’s economy Therefore, bad information about one drawals that customers were making
in that it plays the intermediary role bank causes depositors to suspect from their bank accounts, rendering
of allocating financial resources from common shock which will resultantly banks incapable of providing money
suppliers of capital to the users of cap- provoke a run on these other banks many customers had deposited and
ital. If this vehicle of capital flow were regardless of their health. performing their intermediary func-
to be or appear to be compromised, This can also lead to cash-hoarding tion. This only exacerbated the reces-
there would be economy-wide impli- by the healthy banks out of fear of sion forcing then U.S. President,
cations. Therefore, the finance sector being illiquid which could greatly Franklin Roosevelt to declare a bank
is a highly sensitive one and extreme reduce the flow of credit in the holiday where a moratorium on bank
caution must be exercised when delib- economy. Banks are highly interlinked deposit withdraws was issued so as to
erating the issues affecting it. through the payment system. With the save the banks and consequently the
A closed door probe ensures this cau- net settlement systems, for instance, economy.
tion in as much as it gives some degree banks send many payment orders to Some information; especially in the
of control over which information other banks and these are netted and finance sector needs to be treated as a
should be released to the public. An in- settled. If a bank were to hoard cash genie in a bottle, for once it is released,
camera probe will prevent any false or it will cause instability. Much as we
unverified information from entering seek answers, we should not sacri-
the public space which will hurt the fice economic stability at the altar
sector, regardless of whether that data
is later recanted or not. Even if the COSASE can of publicity. COSASE can still get to
the bottom of the alleged rot at BoU
information is actually correct and
true, releasing some of it to the public still get to the behind closed doors without risking
a financial and economic crisis. This
may equally be disastrous. This is due
to two main reasons namely: public
bottom of the can only be achieved by a closed door,
in-camera probe where the committee
panic and information contagion.
Hypothetically, if tomorrow, during
alleged rot at comes up with resultant report and
recommendations. This procedure
the probe, BoU Governor Emmanuel
Mutebile while under oath, publicly
BoU behind would control information outflow,
sieving out the potentially dangerous
disclosed that some bank was strug-
gling, there would be widespread fear
closed doors data without compromising the spirit
of the investigation.
among that bank’s clients. This would
cause a run on that bank, that is,
without risking
almost all its customers would rush to
withdraw their respective deposits.
a financial Simon Mutungi is a PhD candidate
(Banking and Finance) at the University
Although this may seem rational,
it actually is needless, considering
and economic of Cape Town.
depositors money is insured by the
Uganda Deposit Protection Fund.
Such a run on the bank is also poten-
tially catastrophic to the economy. This

6 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
The Last Word Opinion

Museveni and African hairstyles

By Andrew M. Mwenda
Why the President’s emphasis on hairstyles to assert the
African identity addresses the form not substance

n December 30, 2018, Presi- guages, practices, institutions, dressing and our foreign names. Indeed, I am a proud
dent Yoweri Museveni tweeted hairstyles. For example, Museveni always bearer of the name Andrew, often dress in
thanking Miss World Africa, wears suits, which are not an “African” European clothes and English is the only
Quiin Abenakyo, for heeding his dress code. The institutions of the state of language I am fully fluent in. The Japanese,
“advice” to keep her hair “natural”. Mu- Uganda that he leads are not an assertion Koreans and Chinese wear Western suits
seveni claimed that this asserts her “African of African identity but a copy and paste and speak English but have not lost their
identity”. “God beautifully created Africans from Western nations. The ideologies he identity. As Aime Cesaire put it in his essay,
and there is no need to add or subtract any- has always embraced – initially Marxism `Discourse on Colonialism’, civilizations
thing,” the President tweeted. and later neoliberalism – are not African. He that withdraw into themselves end up suf-
I replied saying he had tweeted his com- is a Christian, a religion that was imposed focating themselves in their self-enclosure.
ment in English, itself a foreign language, on us through colonial conquest. His name And as Ngugi Wa Thiongo has argued,
yet he could have done this in Runyankore, Yoweri is the vernacular version of Joel from cultural contact is the oxygen of any civili-
Lusoga or Swahili. Many responded saying the Bible. Indeed, the names of his daugh- zation.
the President used English to reach all ters – Diana, Natasha and Patience – are not The real question is how do we adopt,
Ugandans since it is not only our lingua African either. digest and use foreign cultural, political
franca but also the official language of Secondly, in `Sowing the Mustard’, and economic resources for our benefit? We
Uganda. Granted! But Museveni could have Museveni blames former president, Milton should attract FDI not to supplant but sup-
tweeted in all the languages of Uganda, and Obote, for not promoting Swahili as a plement our local investors. For example,
they are not many. national language for Uganda the same Kiira Motors can partner with Hyundai
We must note that language in an expres- way Julius Nyerere and Jomo Kenyatta had (giving them a 20% stake) in order to benefit
sion of a people’s culture. Therefore lan- done in Tanzania and Kenya respectively. from their capital, skills, technology, experi-
guage is the most effective instrument to Obote led Uganda for a combined period ence, global market networks etc. Foreign
destroy the identity of a people. As Amilcar of 14 years while Museveni has done 32 construction firms are welcome if we can
Cabral argued, to dominate a nation by years. Therefore, according to Museveni’s ensure they help us develop our skills and
force of arms is, above all, to take up arms to standard, he carries the blame for keeping diffuse their technical knowledge locally.
destroy, or at least neutralise and paralyse English as our lingua franca for this long. But Museveni has presided over a state that
its culture. Culture is much more expressed So if we have accepted a non-African has handed the entire economy to foreign
through language than through hairstyles. language as our official language (in spite firms, displacing existing local firms and/or
The two biggest assaults on African iden- of its degradation of everything African or stifling their growth.
tity during colonial rule were religion and black), adopted a non-African dress code, So the fundamental question is: who
language. Adopted foreign hairstyles, dress embraced non-African religions (Christi- chooses which aspects of the African iden-
codes, bleaching etc. were merely deriva- anity and Islam), and use non-African insti- tity we should uphold and which should
tive. Chinua Achebe’s `Things Fall Apart’ tutions, why should we not use non-African we ignore? I have not seen Museveni
presents the impact of the Christian reli- hairstyles? Indeed, non-African institutions wearing traditional Kinyankore/Hima dress
gion on African society in one of the most dominate our policy-making processes to leave alone the kanzu (tunic) in decades.
compelling dialogues of African literature. wit the International Monetary Fund, the Our president treats traditional Africa reli-
Obierika tells Okonkwo: “The white man World Bank and bilateral donors such as gion as superstition as if Christianity is not
is very clever. He came quietly and peace- USAID, DFID, SIDA, etc. equally superstitious. I, therefore, found his
ably with his religion. We were amused at We have naively embraced Foreign Direct emphasis on the hairstyle arbitrary – not so
his foolishness and allowed him to stay. Investment (FDI) as the strategy for our much aimed at promoting some “authentic
But now he has won our brothers and our development and international competitive African identity” (whatever that would
clan can no longer act like one. He has put a bidding as the method for selecting those mean) – but rather to conform to his tastes.
knife on the things that held us together and who build our infrastructure. Hence, for- Therefore, to address hairstyle and ignore
we have fallen apart.” eign firms own the commanding heights of language and religion, ideology and insti-
The Christian conquest of our souls was our economy just as they win all major con- tutions in identity is to chase the rat and
made more effective through language. In struction contracts. This is largely because ignore the elephant in your plantation. The
the English language, everything negative we believe that foreigners can manage and/ use of foreign languages and religions is
is black: blackmail, blacklist, black book, or build things better than ourselves. This more culturally damaging to the African
black market, black sheep or black Monday. lack of faith in ourselves is much more dam- identity than wearing a “non-African”
Meanwhile words like whitewash give aging to the long term prospects of devel- (whatever that means) hairstyle. The over-
positive imagery of whiteness. Hence the oping our country and asserting our African zealous reliance on foreign investors and
African Christian can be heard praying identity than Miss World Africa wearing an contractors, often at the expense of local
loudly: “Wash me redeemer, I shall be Indian weave on her hair. ones, is more damaging to our economy
whiter than snow.” The reader should not mistake me to be than wearing foreign hairstyles.
Indeed, there are very many contradic- suggesting that we abandon English, chase
tions regarding Africanising names, lan- foreign investors and contractors and drop

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 7
cover story

8 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
cover story

Fighting Bobi Wine

Will banning the legislator’s
concerts cripple him politically?

By Haggai Matsiko also the biggest opposition political blocking their mobilisation efforts
party. continues to top the list.
oung. Muganda. But more than anything, what has Before Bobi Wine came onto the
Catholic. Pop star. This got Bobi Wine this far is undoubtedly political seen as a contender, former
combo makes singer his music. While most of his music has Prime Minister and 2016 presidential
turned politician Robert always been socially conscious, it was contender, Amama Mbabazi had been
Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine always largely apolitical. the freshest victim.
the most complicated Then in the build up to the 2016 In the build up to the 2016 elections,
political opponent President Yoweri elections, he made the switch focusing President Museveni wrote to Bank of
Museveni faces a head of the 2021 mainly on political music, and Uganda Governor Tumusiime Mutebile
elections. targeting President Yoweri Museveni’s raising concerns about the National
But while the first three place Bobi government. In just two years, he has Bank of Commerce.
Wine in the three biggest political been christened Uganda’s king of Apparently, President Museveni
constituencies, the last—pop star— it protest music in Uganda. claimed that he had received
has become clear, is the fuel that powers In a country of growing discontent information that Mbabazi was
the legislator’s political potency. This over President Museveni’s overstay in laundering money through the bank,
is why, experts say, President Yoweri power, Bobi Wine’s music has become which he intended to use as financial
Museveni’s government has made it a lethal mobilisation tool. And the war chest in the 2016 elections.
their biggest target. musician who could not fill a small Within no time, NBC was closed
At 37, Bobi Wine appeals to the venue on his own now pulls crowds that and sold to tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia.
youth who could easily be 70 percent can fill several stadiums. His November Around the same time, the government
of the voters come 2021. And as a Kyarenga concert at the One Love Beach machinery made it impossible for many
catholic and a Muganda, Bobi Wine in Busabala, which he owns, is to-date of Mbabazi’s close associates to carry
belongs to Uganda’s biggest political the biggest concert by any Ugandan out business.
constituencies. artist. Companies linked to him were denied
Indeed, while there were many other “Seems @HEBobiWine doesn’t business and other business and close
significant politicians in attendance at understand the “treason” he committed associates were forced to inform him
Rubaga Cathedral on Christmas Eve, with his Nov. 10 Kyarenga Concert that if he was going ahead with plans
Buganda Prime Minister, Peter Mayiga & and why his Boxing Day show is to challenge President Museveni, they
took time to recognise mainly Bobi Wine being blocked,” Tweeted political would not be with him.
who was accompanied by his wife Babra commentator Charles Onyango Obbo, While Mbabazi was directly
Kyagulanyi. “He got easily the largest PAYING involved in politics, former central
“At one point,” Mayiga noted looking crowd in Ugandan history & @ bank Governor, Sulaiman Kiggundu
at Bobi Wine, “We were worried about KagutaMuseveni might never get such was not but suffered the same fate
what was happening to our legislator numbers even if he paid them.” when rumours emerged that he was
Kyagulanyi Sentamu.” He was referring Obbo was commenting after police nursing presidential ambitions and
to the events of October last year that forcefully blocked another of Bobi was wielding heavy political influence
saw Bobi Wine arrested, beaten and Wine’s concerts accusing him of using through his bank—Greenland Bank.
detained for allegedly disrupting the his music to push a political agenda and The bank had its own liquidity
president’s convoy during the Arua incite violence. challenges but there was a feeling
by-election campaigns in which he was But it appears no one is fooled. Many that the politics could have quickened
campaigning for Kassiano Wadri, who say President Museveni is looking to its demise. Just as was suspected,
later won the Arua by-election. cripple Bobi Wine both financially and Kiggundu would later turn out a major
Bobi Wine’s touch is credited for politically by banning his concerts player in the founding of Uganda’s
Wadri’s victory and that of three other because he now sees him as the biggest biggest opposition political party, the
legislators, part of the reason many see political threat ahead of the 2021 Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).
him as a kingmaker hardly a year after elections. The initial meetings around the
he joined elective politics—becoming Indeed, over the last 32 years he has formation of an outfit to oust President
the Kyadondo East legislator-- through been in power, President Museveni Museveni from office took place at
a landslide victory in which he trounced has deployed a number of methods Kiggundu’s house in Kololo. Kiggundu
both the ruling party NRM and the to kill off competition and frustrating would later become FDC’s first national
Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), their business, business partners and chairman.

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 9
cover story

But if Kiggundu never realised his who threaten President Museveni’s charged, “Why won’t the state allow
ambitions to contend against Museveni, hold onto power—inciting the public to Kyagulanyi to conduct his business?
Kizza Besigye, who would later lead the violence—which they continue to use to The form we signed when we were
FDC is easily the best case study of how block his concerts. elected does not say if you are a dancer,
President Museveni fights opponents. To save himself, Bobi Wine took stop dancing; if you are a teacher stop
Since 2000 when Besigye announced the matter to the floor of parliament teaching.”
he would be challenging President towards the end of last year. But even Government saved its response for
Museveni in the 2001 elections, security when Speaker Rebecca Kadaga tasked Dec. 26 when another major concert by
operatives have beaten, arrested, jailed Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda the legislator was slated. They blocked it
him and his supporters countless times. to explain why security forces were too—this time a little more forcefully.
Away from this, FDC insiders say the harassing Bobi Wine and blocking his Police cordoned off the venue,
state made sure Besigye supporters lost concerts, nothing was forth coming. sprayed people who had come to do
business or found it hard to operate. Bobi Wine accuses police of business at the sidelines of the concert
Some of the key names include that of unlawfully disrupting his musical with teargas and dispersed them.
Musinguzi Garuga, a party stalwart that events and even barring him from Observers say this is the clearest
also funded the party. attending social functions, including indication that Bobi Wine has become
Garuga lost business until he pledged church. a major threat to President Museveni’s
to stay away from Besigye. Dan “Besides my role as a Member of hold onto power – the reason he is being
Mugarura another FDC stalwart claims Parliament I am also a musician and dealt with the way previous opponents
that the state frustrated his businesses. that is how my family survives and have been dealt with. But while
Bobi Wine is the latest victim. indeed through that trade, I employ President Museveni has previously
In October last year, police banned hundreds of Ugandans,” Bobi Wine told been confronted with opponents with
cross-country concerts that Bobi Wine parliament. conventional tactics he can easily deal
had been staging ever since his election But Security Minister Gen Elly with, Bobi Wine’s—music—could pose a
in June 2016. Tumwine appeared to give a hint that tougher challenge.
The shows attracted mammoth targeting Bobi Wine was deliberate. Music has always been a powerful
crowds. And for these crowds he Rather than explain why security channel for political mobilisation
articulated his political message through operatives were blocking the legislator’s world over and countrywide. President
songs like Freedom, Situka (Rise Up), concerts, he instead tasked Bobi Wine to Museveni was able to keep the morale
which he released shortly after the explain how he was going to balance his of rebel group and overthrow the sitting
disputed 2016 general elections. music from politics. government partly through songs like
It was not long before police pulled Kadaga got irked. “I think the `Moto wa waka’.
out its favourite charge against those minister takes this as a joke,” Kadaga Across Africa, musicians have used

10 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
cover story
their music to challenge authorities. to scrap presidential age limits from
In South Africa, Miriam Makeba the Constitution to clear the way for
challenged apartheid through protest
music. In Senegal, the rapper Serge
Bobi Wine Museveni to extend his 32-year rule,
Bobi Wine was at the forefront of
Bambara, aka, Smockey founded Balai
Citoyen, or Citizen Broom, a movement
accuses police fighting them.
Months later, Bobi Wine would find
of artists and musicians that called
on youth to rise up against a bid by
of unlawfully himself in another clash with SFC that
nearly cost him his life but that also
longtime president Blaise Compaoré, to
change the constitution and extend his
disrupting thrust his struggle onto international
stage. On Aug.13, SFC soldiers
The songs Smockey wrote and
his musical kidnapped and tortured him together
with other legislators who were
recorded during this period, analysts
say, led to the president’s political events and even campaigning for a colleague.
Bobi Wine was detained and denied
demise. Fela Kuti became a legend
across Africa for fighting corrupt barring him access to his family, doctors and
lawyers. Security operatives accused
military dictatorships in Nigeria.
Back to Uganda, musicians and other from attending him of endangering the President’s
convoy claiming one of the presidential
artists have effortlessly surfed the wave
of their popularity and beaten several social functions, cars was stoned. They also accused him
of illegally possessing firearms, a charge
tested politicians to political office.
Some of these include Gospel artist including church that was later withdrawn as soon as he
was arraigned before the military court
Judith Babirye and comedian Kato martial.
Lubwama. The entire ordeal earned Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine himself won his seat with major sympathy both locally and
a landslide against candidates of both internationally. Touched by Bobi Wine’s
the ruling NRM and Uganda’s major experience, Rikki Stein, the former
opposition party FDC. Riding on his from Museveni. Rather than join those manager of Fela Kuti, called on his
victory, he campaigned for four other singing President Museveni praises, he international networks to exert pressure
legislators who too trounced candidates positioned as an independent voice— against Museveni’s government to
of both the NRM and FDC—the reason calling for peace in `Dembe’, a song release Bobi Wine. Consequently,
he is being seen as a kingmaker of sorts. released on the eve of elections. overwhelming international pressure
But even before Bobi Wine became a Shortly after, he got emboldened and led to Bobi’s release to allow him go
player on the political scene, President released `Situka’ (Rise Up), calling on abroad and secure medical treatment.
Museveni had already taken to music Ugandans to rise up and fight for the While Bobi Wine was in the U.S., his
himself in a bid to win the support of change they desire. Then months later international lawyer Robert Amsterdam
young voters. he got even bolder and sang `Freedom’, held a press conference for him at
This is how he embraced the rap song calling on Ugandans to fight for their which the legislator addressed the
titled ‘You Want Another Rap?’ which freedom. For months the song was international press cementing his place
some analysts have partly credited for banned by government—mainstream on Uganda’s political stage.
his 2011 victory. media could not play it. At the time, government
After realising high yields from the Thanks to the ban the song enjoyed spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo said
2011 effort, Museveni went all out to massive circulation on social media and Bobi Wine was “a passing cloud
reap from music in the 2016 elections by helped spread Bobi Wine’s message that will soon fade away with time”.
recruiting music stars to campaign for further and further. Kyagulanyi meanwhile pledged win
him. They composed `Tubonga Nawe’ But Bobi Wine’s political vigour the fight for freedom or die trying. How
(We’re With You) for him, which became became even clearer once he got into he deals with the current ban of his
his campaigning song. parliament. When soldiers belonging to concerts will determine how far he is
Around that time, Bobi Wine the Special Forces Command invaded willing to go with this pledge.
distinguished himself by staying away parliament to force through debate

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 11

Money in elections Spending from the major parties and

super PACs in House and Senate races
more than tripled between 1998 to 2016,

It doesn’t mean what you think it does growing from $267 million to $978.6 million.

Can money buy an election?

Money is necessary for a candidate to be
By Suzanne Robbins 2016 was over US$1.5 million (Approx. competitive, but it doesn’t ensure success.

Shs5.6 billion) All told, approximately $816 A lack of money can eliminate less capa-
oney is indispensable in million was spent by 723 major party candi- ble candidates, but having money does not
American electoral campaigns. dates for the U.S. House. guarantee that a particular candidate’s mes-
Without it, candidates cannot The average amount a House candidate sage will resonate with the voters. As Cam-
amplify their message to reach spent in 2016 was $1.2 million (Approx. paign Finance Institute researchers Michael
voters and it’s harder to motivate people to Shs4.5 billion). However, there’s a lot of Malbin and Brendan Glavin write, “If voters
take interest and vote. variation depending on what type of candi- do not like what they are hearing, telling
Nevertheless, a May 2018 Pew survey date you are. them more of the same will not change their
revealed a bipartisan 70 percent of respon- Republicans and incumbents, for exam- opinion.”
dents said individual and group spending ple, spent more on average than challengers
in elections should be limited. and those running in open-seat contests in So how does money matter?
But does the American public understand 2016. In fact, the average challenger spent Money can affect which candidates run.
the actual role played by campaign spend- less than half a million dollars, or about one- Specifically, early money – or money raised
ing? fourth the amount an incumbent spent. before the primary – matters especially in
I’m a political scientist who studies Those figures don’t include money spent this regard.
American politics. Here are the answers to by parties and outside entities to influ- Candidates can prove their viability by
fundamental questions that voters should ence the election. Federal law dictates that raising significant sums before the first
ask about the role of money in elections. groups, parties and individuals – including advertisements air. Landing some big
the groups known as super PACs – can donors before the first advertisements or
How much do elections cost? make what are called “independent expen- primary allows candidates time to build
Running for federal office is expensive. ditures” for or against a candidate, so long campaign infrastructure. Insiders refer to
According the Campaign Finance Institute, as they do not coordinate with the candi- this as the “invisible primary.” Media sto-
the cost of winning a U.S. House seat in date. ries on the invisible primary for the 2020

12 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
bent and those with high profile candi- First, Daily Kos found that most self-
dates. More money will be spent by the financed candidates lose – and the more
candidates in these races, but also by those they spend, the more likely they are to lose
who would like to influence the outcome. the election. Generally, the only exceptions
One concern that is often expressed is are candidates like Rick Scott, who already
that winners answer to their donors and hold elective office.
those organisations who support them. Second, this way of improving respon-
Since 2010, the role of outside money, or siveness is limited because it effectively
money from super PACs and political non- precludes anyone but the wealthy from
profits, has raised alarms in the media and holding office.
from reform groups. Small donors seem like a democratic
Some assert that self-financed candidates solution to wealthy donors dominating elec-
or those candidates who can demonstrate tion giving. Several recent campaigns – Ber-
widespread support from small donors can nie Sanders, Rand Paul, Barack Obama and
allay concerns about the potential influ- now Donald Trump – have created effective
ence of donors on candidates and elected small-donor fundraising machines.
officials. More small donors means more wide-
The Center for Responsive Politics notes spread support, at least in theory, but that
that outside organisations alone have theory has limitations.
outspent more than two dozen candidates Small donors are not yet giving enough
in the last three electoral cycles and were to counter big money. In fact, the share
poised to outspend 27 in 2018. small donors contribute relative to big
However, it’s not always clear how use- money is declining.
ful that spending is: The 2012 election pro- Moreover, political science doesn’t yet
vides many examples. know enough about who small donors are
Billionaire Republican donor Sheldon – whether they are economically representa-
Adelson backed a super PAC supporting tive of the U.S. as a whole or even if they are
former House Speaker Newt Gingrich after more ideologically motivated to give, con-
Gingrich was no longer a viable presiden- tributing to polarisation in politics.
tial contender. It extended the Republican
presidential primary at a time when Mitt What’s so good about money?
Romney could have been raising money Yes, incumbents can amass huge war
and consolidating support for the general chests to scare off opponents, and money
election. can be most effective in competitive races.
The libertarian, conservative PAC Ameri- All that extra spending translates into
presidential election are well underway. cans for Prosperity, founded by the Koch additional advertising and get-out-the-vote
Money matters more for challengers than brothers, often ran ads at odds with the efforts.
it does for incumbents. Decades of political Republican message. Other outside groups
science research demonstrates that the more poured money into races that simply were In the end, what does that mean?
a challenger spends, the more likely he or not winnable. It means more information about the
she is to win. By 2016, it appears that super PACs were candidates and issues for voters, increased
That’s because incumbents have many spending for more calculated effect, focus- interest in the campaign and increased voter
advantages, not the least of which is name ing on competitive races. In addition, much turnout.
recognition and free media. So, challengers of that “outside money” comes from the
must spend more to overcome the obstacles super PACs associated with the two main That’s good for democracy.
they face, from name recognition to formi- parties. Focusing on the putative evils of money
dable incumbent war chests meant to scare For example, in California’s 7th congres- diminishes the importance of other things
off a challenger. Unfortunately for challeng- sional district, outside groups spent approx- that may help or hinder a candidate. Other
ers, those barriers are high enough that they imately $9.1 million, in roughly equal major elements that can influence the out-
rarely raise enough money to compete. amounts between the incumbent, Democrat come of a campaign: candidates who face
Yet money does not guarantee a victory. Ami Bera, and challenger, Republican Scott national political and economic tides and
Simply looking at the average amount spent Jones. The vast majority (85.7 percent) of the local political concerns; candidates who
by winners and losers obscures the fact that outside spending came from party organ- choose to challenge formidable incumbents;
many races have no real competition. isations – the National Republican Congres- and many candidates who simply aren’t
In 2016, winning incumbents far outspent sional Committee, the Democratic Congres- viable.
their challengers, but the winners in open sional Campaign Committee, Congressional It’s easy to see a correlation between win-
seat contests spent nearly the same amount Leadership Fund and House Majority PAC ning and fundraising because money flows
as their opponents, while those incumbents – not from interest groups. Bera won re- to likely winners and competitive races.
who lost outspent their winning opponents election with 51.2 percent of the vote. But, as scholars like to say, correlation is
half of the time. Some candidates use their own money not causation. In the world of politics and
In short, incumbents who spend more for their campaigns to avoid appearing campaigns, money is meaningful. It just
than their opponent in contested races are indebted to donors. may not mean what, and as much as, most
more likely to be the candidates who are For example, wealthy Florida Republican people think it means.
vulnerable and lose. Gov. Rick Scott has given his current U.S.
Senate campaign $38.9 million dollars – 71.3 Suzanne Robbins is Assistant Professor of
Does money buy influence? per cent of all funds raised. political science, University of Florida
Money matters in the most competitive But self-funding does not resolve the Source: The Conversation
races, open seat races that have no incum- democratic dilemma of responsiveness.

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 13

Uganda’s deadly highways

Poor road design leading cause of fatalities
By Ronald Musoke border at Malaba in eastern Uganda, and tres along the corridor, meaning that for

meanders northeastwards through Tororo, a stretch of 340km, there is a black spot
henever there is a fatal accident Mbale, Soroti, Lira up to Kamdini Corner. for every 3.5km. A black spot along a
on any of Uganda’s highways, Mwesige led the team that inspected the road is where at least three accidents have
traffic police almost always road between March and June this year to occurred.
blames “human error.” assess safety concerns based on specific fea- One such area is at Busiu, where there is
Uganda is a landlocked country and tures along the highway. The findings are a 1.5km steep descent as one approaches
available statistics show that every year, meant to inform the scope and scale of the River Manafwa and a bend that many driv-
97% of goods and almost 100% of passen- World Bank-funded rehabilitation project ers at night fail to negotiate, leading to He
gers are transported on Ugandan roads but that is scheduled to start next year. says although the recommended speed
the lack of safety claims tens of thousands of limit is 80km/hr at the spot, drivers most
lives every year. Don’t drive at night times drive at 110km/hr.
Dr. Godfrey Mwesige, a traffic engineer- Using data collected on accidents along For this section, Mwesige recommended
ing and road safety expert who also lectures this road corridor, Mwesige found a high installation of guard rails and breaking the
in the Department of Construction Econom- frequency of accidents involving motor- road in two using an island. In other sec-
ics and Management at Makerere Univer- cycles at or close to trading centres, espe- tions, he recommends improving signage
sity’s College of Engineering, Design, Art cially on the Tororo-Mbale-Soroti sections. and shortening the tangent of some sections
and Technology says many of the accidents These have significant volumes of motor- of the road, particularly at Awoja and Aber
could actually be attributed to poor road cycles during day in comparison to motor on the section between Mbale and Soroti.
design. vehicles. Some sections need roundabouts and others
Mwesige was on Dec. 6 in Kampala pre- “If you are not familiar with this road, speed bumps. Railway crossings also need
senting a World Bank Global Road Safety don’t drive (especially) at night and if you special attention.
Facility-funded road inspection report for know it, drive at 50km/hr,” Mwesige said. “Near the junction to Butaleja District is
the North Eastern Road Corridor—a 340km Mwesige said his team had identified an overtaking section but there is a petrol
stretch that starts on the Uganda-Kenya 98 black spots, 28 of them in trading cen- station. It is also a built up area but drivers

14 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
do speeds of 97-105km/hr and whoever is able and Preventable,” finds that countries as part of safety appraisal of the designs and
knocked here dies instantly.” that do not invest in road safety lose any- maintenance. This can be done internally
In some sections like the one between where between 7-22% in potential per capita with Uganda Traffic Police.”
Lira and Kamdini, Mwesige found the road GDP growth over the same period, which Allen Kagina, the UNRA executive direc-
“eaten up” thanks to an unusually higher underlines the importance of investing in tor says unplanned land use, indiscriminate
water table. He said this section requires an road safety. licensing of driving schools and inadequate
extensive hydraulic modelling. Mwesige says one of the challenges road road designs are among the top causes of
“The engineers need to raise the vertical designers are dealing in Uganda is the ever road accidents.
alignment to go above the flood levels,” he mushrooming illegal private property near “The challenge we have is that even after
said. In some sections, he found that tem- the highways. safety measures have been done on the
peratures can rise above 60°C meaning that “You have sections where schools are roads, petrol stations, schools, hotels and
if road constructors use lighter bitumen, the built in a high speed section of the highway churches emerge and they all want access to
road would keep “bleeding” making it hard yet the schools have no perimeter fences the highways,” she said.
for drivers to stop when they want to. and school children just run into the roads Kagina said road safety can only be
Mwesige said the Uganda National eventually getting knocked.” achieved if there are collaborative efforts
Roads Authority (UNRA) urgently needs amongst the full range of the road safety
to partner with the Uganda traffic police to Improving road user experience partners including road users, police, courts
develop a proper system of safety appraisal In order to reduce the risks on the high- of law, legislators, schools and communi-
design and maintenance of the highway. way, Mwesige came up with several recom- ties, contractors, consultants and develop-
mendations to improve the user experience ment partners.
Roads deadlier than HIV/AIDS on this road corridor. She said UNRA’s traffic and road safety
Mwesige’s report came out at the same Mwesige says a change in cross sec- department will play the leading role in the
time the World Health Organisation tions from two-lane to four-lanes with implementation of the safety interventions;
released its report on road accidents around raised medians and guardrails would, for particularly the education and support to
the world. The report notes that road inju- example, reduce accidents by between enforcement aspects.
ries have now become the biggest killer of AIGP Steven Kasiima, the director of
children and young adults (15-29) world- Traffic and road safety noted that the spe-
wide; higher than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis cialist’s study was important and asked the
or diarrheal diseases.
With a fatality rate of 27.4:100,000,
Over World Bank to help in doing a similar audit
on the Kampala-Masaka-Kabale highway
Uganda is among the 20 worst performing Shs 4 trillion which is probably one of the deadliest high-

is lost annually
countries around the world. The Global ways in the world.
Road Safety Status report notes that up to Kasiima said some of the interventions
80,000 people perish in road accidents while
thousands more end up lying in hospitals in road accidents such as the “Fika Salama’ check points and
the erection of islands in some black spots
for months stretching the public health sys-
tem and the economy.
and this human like the one at River Katonga along the
Kampala-Masaka highway have reduced
According to the World Bank between
2014 and 2015, road traffic injuries were the
suffering and accidents.
Aggrey Bagiire, the Minister of State for
fourth leading cause of deaths with more economic cost is Transport agreed with Mwesige saying the

than 50% of those deaths occurring on acci- designs need to change to reflect the chang-
dent spots. ing circumstances in the country.
The World Bank says close to 62% of the Giving the example of the recently reha-
public health system resources are com- bilitated Nansana-Busunju section on the
mitted every year to handling referrals and Kampala-Hoima highway, Bagiire said the
surgeries that arise from road accidents. 11-15% and installing gates on rural sections independent road inspections are help-
Over Shs 4 trillion is lost annually in road approaching trading centres would reduce ing the government to correct the design
accidents and this human suffering and accidents by up to 75%. anomalies.
economic cost is unacceptable. He said flattening road sides in some “If roads are safe by design, it is possible
Antony Thompson, the Country Man- sections of the highway would cut out acci- to reduce road accident deaths by as much
ager for the World Bank Group in Uganda, dents by 58% while delineation of horizon- as 30 percent,” Bagiire said. But he quickly
said experiences from across the world tal curves with reflective chevron warning added that the attitude and character of
have shown that it is possible to adopt effec- signs could reduce accidents by 25%. On the Ugandans road users must also change.
tive policies and interventions that greatly other hand, improving junctions with prop- “Vandalism of road furniture, for
reduce traffic deaths and injuries and their er signage would cut out accidents by up to instance, must stop and this can only be
effect on society. 30% especially if the junction is channelized achieved if communities are sensitised or
“Uganda has made important strides in with splitter islands and medians. mobilised to ensure that such acts are pre-
the past decade to reduce communicable He said sections between Tororo and vented or reported.”
diseases, maternal deaths and improve the Mbale, Mbale and Soroti as well as Soroti Bagiire insisted that human error con-
overall life expectancy,” he said, adding and Lira should be dual-carriageways. tributes significantly to road accidents in
that concerted action on road safety would He said dealing with safety design on Uganda and says he is baffled by Ugandans
bring additional far-reaching benefits for the roads is similar to what doctors do to fight who drive under the influence of alcohol
public health sector, and economic develop- disease outbreaks; “they identify patterns and drugs.
ment. and fix the anomalies”. “Uganda’s road safety policy says the
World Bank experts say reducing road “Currently anything being done on safety road network should be safe for all users
traffic deaths by 10 % could raise per capita is based on guesswork,” he said, “There is including; pedestrians, cyclists, motorcy-
real GDP by 3.6% over 24 years. The study, need for UNRA to develop a proper acci- clists and motor vehicles irrespective of their
“The High Toll of Traffic Injuries: Unaccept- dent data collection and storage mechanism sizes,” he said.

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 15

The decisive mind

You make decisions
quicker and based on less
information than you think
By Nadav Klein can correctly anticipate how much

information they and others use
e live in an age of when making varied judgments. We
information. In theory, we consistently found that people were
can learn everything about surprised by how quickly they make
anyone or anything at the judgments and how little information
touch of a button. All this information they use doing so.
should allow us to make super-informed, In one study, we asked participants to
data-driven decisions all the time. imagine having pleasant or unpleasant
But the widespread availability of interactions with another person. In
information does not mean that you comparison, we asked another group
actually use it even if you have it. In of participants to predict how many
fact, decades of research in psychology of those interactions they would need
and behavioral science find that people to experience to determine someone’s
readily make data-poor snap judgments character. We found that people believed
in a variety of instances. People form they would need many interactions to
lasting impressions of others in the make this judgment, when in fact the
span of milliseconds, evaluators judge first group needed few.
teachers in less than a minute and In another study, we asked MBA
consumers make shopping decisions students to write applications for
based on little deliberation. Even voting hypothetical management positions,
decisions can seemingly be predicted and then asked actual HR people to read
from preliminary impressions formed their materials. Our applicants wrote
during incredibly brief time periods. and shared much more material than the
If these findings seem remarkable to hiring professionals cared to read.
you, recent research by my colleague and We also asked people who have never
me suggests that you are not alone. The been married to predict how long, after
immediacy of human judgment generally meeting their future spouse, it would
surprises people. Individuals fail to take them to decide that this person
anticipate how little information they is “the one.” Fully 39 percent of these
and others use when making decisions. never-marrieds thought they would
And this disconnect can have need to date this person more than one
implications in daily life: After all, year before they’d feel ready to spend One possibility is a belief that the
recognising how much – or little – the rest of their lives with him or her. In human mind processes information
information people actually use to make contrast, married people reported having incrementally. A naive perspective
judgments and decisions could influence made this judgment much more quickly, might imagine that new information
how much you try to share with others. with only 18 percent stating that it took stacks on top of old information until
A job candidate should have a sense of them more than a year to do so. some mental threshold is reached for
how much of her resume prospective Similar mispredictions occur when making a decision. In reality, however,
employers will actually read so she can evaluating subscription services based preliminary research suggests that
prioritise her efforts accordingly. on trial periods, tasting novel beverages, information aggregation is much closer
And it would help when you’re and evaluating streaks of luck, athletic to an exponential function; the first few
deciding how much information performances and academic grades. In pieces of information are weighted much
to acquire when making your own all cases, people believed they would use more heavily than later information.
decisions. How long should you try out more information than they actually did. Another possibility is that people
a subscription service before deciding fail to realise how rich and engrossing
whether you like it enough to pay? Misunderstanding this human each separate piece of information is. In
How much time should you date a love tendency psychology, this is called an empathy
interest before deciding to tie the knot? gap. Consider the question of how
There are several reasons why people many interactions are necessary for you
Comparing predictions and reality might have the wrong impression about to decide whether you like and trust
In our research, my co-author Ed how quickly they and others make someone. It may be tempting to believe
O’Brien and I tested whether people judgments. you’ll rationally evaluate each interaction

16 Jan. 04 - 10 2019

as you would a dry statistic. But social prophesies. Imagine a situation in which person, people in fact are more likely to
encounters are vivid and engaging, a manager forms a tentative opinion consider very little information and let
and the first experience may simply be of an employee that then cascades into stereotypes creep in. It may be a failure
so absorbing as to tilt your judgment a series of decisions that affect that to understand how quickly judgments
irrevocably, making future interactions employee’s entire career trajectory. A get made that make it so hard to exclude
unnecessary. manager who sees an underling make the influence of stereotyping.
a small misstep in an insignificant Modern technology allows virtually
Recognizing the rush to judgment project may avoid assigning challenging any decision made today to be more
It’s not clear that quick decisions are projects in the future, which in turn informed than the same decision made a
always bad. Sometimes snap judgments would hamstring this employee’s career few decades ago. But the human reliance
are remarkably accurate and they can prospects. If managers are unaware on quick judgments may forestall this
save time. It would be crippling to comb how willing they are to make quick promise. In the quest for more informed
through all the available information and data-poor initial judgments, they’ll decision-making, researchers will need
on a topic every time a decision must be less likely to nip these self-fulfilling to explore ways to encourage people to
be made. However, misunderstanding destructive cycles in the bud. slow down the speed of judgment.
how much information we actually use Another example might be the human
to make our judgments has important tendency to rely on stereotypes when Nadav Klein is Postdoctoral Researcher at
implications beyond making good or bad judging other people. Although you Harris Public Policy, University of Chicago
decisions. may believe that you’ll consider all the Source: the conversation
Take the problem of self-fulfilling information available about another

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 17

The demise of
specialist reporters
Why it is a loss for any democracy
By Glenda Daniels
Associate Professor in Media Studies, University of the Witwatersrand
The newspaper industry in many countries is in the doldrums. Retrenchments have become the
norm with experienced journalists who specialise in a particular reporting area – known as “beat
reporting” – are among the first to go. An ongoing global journalism survey, The New Beats,
explores, among other things the steady decline of beat
journalism. The Conversation Africa’s Natasha Joseph
spoke to Dr Glenda Daniels, who is heading the
South African leg of the research, about why
beat reporting matters and why it’s at risk.

What is a “beat” journalist, What’s the state of beat

and what’s their value as journalism globally?

reporters? Beat journalism worldwide
beat journalist is disappearing. There are
specialises in a several reasons for this,
particular field. among them the corporate
They have covered and commercial pressures of
a particular “beat” or area going digital and competition
and know it inside out. Beats from social media. Media
include areas like politics, companies retrench
business, environment, experienced reporters first
education, science, labour, to cut their salary bills – and
local government, courts and beat reporters tend to be
health. When people read a among the more senior staff. I
beat reporter’s byline (their attended a symposium on the
name on the story) they expect New Beats project in Australia
expert and factual news and earlier this year which
analysis. It’s the opposite of highlighted a decrease in beat
generalist reporting. reporting across countries
ranging from Finland, Brazil,
Indonesia, US, Netherlands,
and Canada. This has
consequences. In a discussion
paper at the symposium based
on his research, Professor
Matthew Ricketson from
Deakin University showed
that without “boots on the
ground” – beat reporters
covering, for example, court
or rural issues – indigenous
people’s issues are
disappearing from media
coverage. For the most
part in Australia, news
about indigenous
groups comes
from activists’

18 Jan. 04 - 10 2019

tweets or from research conducted

by academics, rather than from the
mainstream media.

How does South Africa stack up?

South Africa appears to be following
a pattern established in the western,
developed world. There have been
several waves of retrenchments.
Experienced professional journalism
staff are down to a minimum. Certain
specialist sections or pages have been
cut altogether – a books page, for
instance, is increasingly rare. And
certain beats have been abandoned,
for example labour reporters haven’t
been replaced. This beat is covered by
politics desks. The lack of magistrate
court reporters and local government
reporters – which used to be important
beats – means there’s a lot going
on, on the ground, which the public
misses out on.

What do journalists think of this

Some of the South African
respondents in the Job Losses/New
Beats survey had scathing things
to say about what happens when
specialisation or “beat” reporting
is lost. One said: Journalism has
become increasingly undervalued as a
profession. Too many bad writers and
too few beat specialists, which means
that people in power are getting away
with murder.
Another said: I don’t read
newspapers anymore, but I find some facts; misinformation and propaganda; they can trust what they’ve read, or
excellent pieces on online publications. hate speech, and bigotry. It’s a messy, if they’ve been fed misinformation or
Generally, (media is) under-resourced, sometimes bloody transition – and propaganda.
underfunded and a lot of (the) time beat journalism is among the victims.
lacks specialised writers. …The So what’s the solution?
specialised photographer was made What does this all mean for The best case scenario or ideal
redundant years ago… audiences? situation for journalism to serve
Another spoke of the tensions There’s been a decline in in-depth democracy is to restore journalist
between media investors who want news coverage of any particular beats. It’s crucial for newsrooms
commercial success, and journalistic field and a corresponding rise to start going back to basics. For
ethics: The level of under investment, in superficial array of news on a instance, training programmes need
resultant juniorisation and low quality variety of topics. Infotainment gets to be re-instituted; most newsrooms
outputs do a disservice not just to passed off as “news”. Celeb gossip have scrapped these, as my colleagues
investors and those who practice and sexy pictures sometimes fill and I have outlined in several “State of
(journalism), but to democracy pages. Media companies hire young the Newsroom” reports conducted in
at large. Juniorisation refers to generalists or all-rounders who South Africa in recent years.
the practice of newsrooms hiring can do 24/7 reporting, uploading Another approach is to cut executives’
inexperienced journalists who have of video, blogging, tweeting and and managers’ salaries, and to pay
not, usually, gone through traditional brand or celebrity journalism – senior journalists to mentor younger
training in a cadet school. where the reporter is part of the reporters on specialised beats. In this
I was very struck by this response. story. It appears that journalism is way, good journalism can be saved.
Democracy demands that we have chasing technology and social media *The full results of the international
access to information, freedom of appears to lead journalism. That’s New Beats survey, including those from
information, freedom of expression, especially dangerous in this era South Africa, are due out in 2019.
factual and reliable information. where “fake news” –which includes
Instead, the current transition to misinformation and disinformation Source: The Conversation
digital media is throwing up a lot of – has become a common complaint –
unreliable information that must be and, as research shows, travels fast.
waded through before we get to the Readers are often left asking whether

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 19
US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

China-US rivalry
heading to East Africa
Donald Trump’s administration to focus on development
finance and lending for infrastructure projects in Africa

By Ronald Musoke politics, with most countries keen to pursue Though official Chinese data on loans
closer ties and seek financing from both lent to African countries remains scanty
he US will step up efforts sides rather than falling neatly on one as a result of little or no transaction
to counter China’s growing camp,” he added, “In 2019 we might see transparency between China and most
influence in Africa this year, this changing,” said George Nicholls, the African countries, figures from the China-
according to a recent report senior partner for southern Africa. Africa Research Initiative at the Johns
that shows the growing rivalry Nicholls said whereas the US is still the Hopkins University show that the Chinese
between the world’s two largest largest investor in Africa, its engagement government, banks and contractors
economic giants. on the continent is narrowly focused have doled out U.S $143bn to African
The report released on Dec. 11 by on security matters under the current governments since 2007. The six East
Control Risks— a global risk consultancy administration. African Community states are believed
that forecasts political and security risk In contrast, China has made formidable to owe China a combined US$30 bn as at
for business leaders and policy makers inroads in sub-Saharan Africa specializing April, 2018, sunk mainly into construction
around the world— notes that while the in trade and investment over the past of modern railway lines, hydro power
US continues to be vocal on the danger of decade. dams and other hardware infrastructure.
Chinese debt in Africa, China continues Chinese development finance institutions But perhaps in a bid to counter the
to broaden its engagement across the and export credit agencies have accounted narrative that China’s influence in
continent with particular focus on East for 53% of investments flowing into African Africa is solid, the U.S’ Donald Trump
Africa. power projects, according to the U.S based administration is believed to have hatched
“Support for China or the US has not law firm, Baker McKenzie and the UK a plan to counter Chinese clout on the
emerged as a defining issue in African financial data provider IJ Global. continent, with particular focus on East

20 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
Africa. EY says, in the recent past, Scramble for Africa jitters the American people would
This development comes the U.S economic ties with But not everyone is never allow the American
as reports indicate that China Africa have been driven enthusiastic about the new government to do what China
could take over the Port of by the African Growth and “scramble for Africa.” Social is doing.
Mombasa incase Kenya fails to Opportunity Act (AGOA), justice commentators are “China can bring money
repay the US$3.23bn acquired which grants 40 African fiercely debating the nature of here and finance a dictatorship
from the China’s Exim Bank in countries, duty-free access to China’s role on the continent. without much farce back
2013 toward the construction the U.S for approximately 6,400 Some argue that while home.”
of the Standard Gauge products—and programmes GDPs have soared to new Dr. Fred Muhumuza, an
Railway. such as Power Africa. heights in this unprecedented economist based at Makerere
“(The year) 2019 will boom, the stark reality is a University also told The
show revived US interest in East Africa’s charm growing inequality between Independent that in terms
development finance and Many economic experts the continent’s majority and of trade he doubts the U.S
lending for infrastructure The Independent has talked African ruling classes, many can dislodge China from this
projects on the continent, to say the strategic location of of whom are enthusiastic region.
and a more concerted US East Africa is the main reason partners with global capital. “They do not have that
commercial strategy towards behind the growing U.S- Africa Kiiza, the programme muscle (that China) seems to
Africa is likely to take shape,” Chinese interest. officer in charge of trade policy have. China has foot soldiers
Nicholls said. Ramathan Goobi, a lecturer and negotiations at SEATINI on the ground which America
He said increased rivalry of Economics at Makerere says the US-China rivalry has does not.”
will therefore open up University Business School already come to the region. The foot soldiers Muhumuza
additional investment told The Independent that the He told The Independent is referring to are the hundreds
opportunities but will also East African region is quite that the U.S wants to negotiate of Chinese companies, actors,
present African countries with strategic in the sense that it a trade agreement with the and individuals with direct
increasingly starker foreign is one of the regions on the East African region like the linkages with the governments.
policy and commercial choices. continent that many consider EU (EPAs) while China has “The Americans may have
Control Risks’ prediction to be “virgin territory” for already entrenched herself similar engagements with
also comes at a time when economic expansion. in East Africa. “If you just the governments but they are
the U.S administration donor-development in nature;
has pledged to double its
development investment
Leading beneficiaries of FDI in Eastern Africa in 2017 these are different,” he says,
“But America has strategic
budget in Africa to US$60 Country 2017 2016 Up/Down 2017 Share interests to stay in this region. I
billion following the creation of see them trying to protect their
Kenya 67 40 +3 9%
a new agency that will be able small interests including their
to take equity stakes and other Ethiopia 62 16 +7 9% pharmaceutical business.”
financial tools to invest in local Tanzania 35 22 +1 5% Prof. Augustus Nuwagaba,
businesses. a consultant at Reeve Consult
Interestingly, U.S businesses Uganda 14 9 +6 2% International says the rivalry
and investors still have a Rwanda 12 11 +2 2% could end up being beneficial
formidable presence on to the region as it will bring
Source: EY Attractiveness programme Africa Report (October, 2018)
the continent. EY Global’s about competitiveness, boost
2018 Africa Attractiveness investments and lower the cost
report notes that U.S entities “East Africa has also consider the trade deficit the of borrowing.
increased the number of positioned itself as one of EAC has with China, that But Amb. Irumba says
American FDI projects in the fastest growing regions is quite instructive,” Kiiza says. competition among the two
Africa by 43% to 130 in 2017 thanks to its liberal economic However, according to giants will only be beneficial to
nearly twice that of China. outlook,” Goobi said, “For Goobi, much as the battle the region if the East Africans
In general, African countries countries like China and the will play out in the region, he know what they want to get
saw FDI numbers rise by 6% U.S which are looking at sees one “winner” as the U.S from these two economic
to 718 projects up from the consolidating their economic appears to have ceded so much powers. “Our biggest problem
previous year’s 676, which power, East Africa is the ground to China over the past has always been not knowing
was the lowest in 20 years. region to court.” decade. what we want and dealing
More than three quarters of Similarly, Ambassador “It will be a very long battle with powers not so much for
the expansion was driven Nathan Irumba, the because African leaders are what they are but what they
by real estate, hospitality executive director of the so far quite happy with China are offering,” he told The
and construction. East Africa Southern and Eastern and remember China has Independent, “As a region, we
became the single largest Africa Trade Information excess capital; the U.S does not should know what we want,
beneficiary as a region for FDI and Negotiations Institute have it,” he says, “China has whether it is with the Chinese
with I97 projects (27% of total (SEATINI) told The taken over Africa and there is or Americans.”
projects) with Ethiopia, Kenya Independent that besides no way back for the U.S or the “Our relationship with
and Rwanda particularly doing East Africa’s strategic West.” these powers should be at
better. location, the region is also Goobi adds that the only business arms length…Of the
These findings, however, an emerging oil and gas way America could claw back two offers, who has better
seem to contradict the current province, and the struggle some ground is if it does what terms? Am I mortgaging
narrative that the U.S corporate for natural resources is China is doing—pursuing my independence and who
sector is losing interest in always tempting for the business at all costs including serves our interests without
Africa as China’s influence global powers. “turning a blind eye” to necessarily falling into their
rises. African politics. He says global supremacy wars?”

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 21

Good outlook for insurance but

some players face uncertainity
Brokers, agents told to prove their relevance

By Isaac Khisa in various sectors, further boosting

growth in insurance premiums.
redictions for Uganda’s Over the past financial year, Uganda’s
insurance industry this year is economy grew much faster compared
positive but some players are with the previous year. The Gross
likely to face uncertain future in Domestic Product expanded by 5.8%
their operations. in real terms, 1.9 percentage points
The consensus view among industry higher than the outturn for Financial
players is that the industry will put a Year 2016/17 of 3.9%. This is expected
strong performance this year, carrying on to improve further into 2019 based on
the momentum of 2018. continuous improvement in the global
However, this does not mean that economy.
every player or the insuring public will Also, successful implementation of
be trouble-free. local marine insurance purchase could
Following the coming into force of also see the insurance industry record
the Insurance Act of 2017, no insurance huge premiums on imports.
broker or agent, will effective January This comes as the country’s insurance
this year, collect any premiums from the market is projected to record a 12%
insuring public either in cash or cheque growth in insurance premiums to
on behalf of the insurance company or Shs825bn in 2018.
Health Membership Organisation as has This is nearly triple the amount of
been the case before. premiums earned in seven years ago
This is based on the view that a section though less than Kenya’s Shs7.2trillion
of brokers and agents use premiums and South Africa’s Shs172trillion.
collected to carry out their own other The projected growth in insurance
business, resulting into late payment premiums is to be driven by increased
of premiums and hence affecting claim uptake of agriculture, medical,
settlement. infrastructure, oil and gas insurance
Latest statistics from the industry his or her role,” she said. “The role of policies as well as widened insurance
regulator, Insurance Regulatory insurance brokers is to give professional distribution channels.
Authority (IRA) of Uganda show that the risk advice to prospective insurance So far, 15 commercial banks have
insurance premiums collected through customers, their prices as well as claims been offered licenses to operate as
the brokerage distribution channel stood processing.” bancasurance agents since November
at Shs238.1bn in 2017. This accounts Uganda has 22 non-life and nine life 2017.
for 32.68 % of the insurance industry insurance firms, one re-insurance and Meanwhile, in the area of agriculture,
premium collected during the period five Health Membership Organizations. it is expected that the popular Kungula
under review. This development comes as the region product which was launched in 2013
With insurance brokers and agents tries to harmonise financial laws and by a consortium of 10 insurance firms,
standing at 35 and 1, 296, respectively, regulations with the drafting of the East targeting crop, livestock and fish farmers
their gross commission increased by 21% African Community Insurance Bill, 2018. will be the silver bullet for its growth.
to 40bn during the same period under Also, government was and continues
review. 2018 overall performance to be a major client through development
However, Mariam Nalunkuuma, the Overall, the insurance industry projects among them is ongoing
senior communication officer at the IRA is expected to maintain the growth construction of 183MW Isimba and
told The Independent in an interview momentum driven by uptake of the 600MW Karuma Hydropower
that the new development is not agriculture and life insurance policies Dams; the Standard Gauge Railway
intended to drive insurance brokers and and investment in government and the USS$1bn (95km) Jinja-Kampala
agents out of business but to show their infrastructure. Expressway.
relevance in the industry. From January 2017-September 2018, Another hope is in the oil and gas
She said insurance brokers as well as the total number of farmers enrolled on sector where insurance players are eying
agents do not have a role to play with the agricutlure insurance scheme was opportunities.
regard to premium collections on behalf 70,111 with the government contribution It is anticipated that investments in the
of insurers. to the subsidy amounting to Shs6.38bn. region of Shs56trillion-75trillion will be
“We are only interested in ensuring Similarly, the improvement in the made in the next two-four years ahead of
that each player in the industry performs economy is expected to drive investment oil production in 2023.

22 Jan. 04 - 10 2019

Economy to remain resilient

But risks to inflation including future direction
of food crop prices, exchange rate prevail
By Julius Businge

ganda’s economy is projected to
grow faster this year subject to a
number of fundamentals.
These include; continued
investment in public infrastructure which
will in turn have positive spillovers on
private sector investment activity and
spending and the growth in private sector
In its latest monetary policy statement,
Bank of Uganda said the country’s Gross
Domestic Product grew between 7-8%
in the first 10 months of 2018 and that
it is expected to sustain growth in the
coming years supported by the ongoing
investment in public infrastructure.
The bank said economic growth in
FY2018/2019 could be higher than the
previous projection of 6%, with core and
headline inflation forecast to peak to
6-6.5% and 5.1% in the second half of this
year, which is lower than the previous
forecast by 1 and 0.7 percentage points, based on last year’s judgment of the Twinoburyo said.
respectively. Constitutional Court and is filed by several He said oil prices and other commodity
But in the medium term, core inflation lawyers including Male Mabirizi. prices will still play a role in the country’s
outlook, the target for BoU’s monetary Mabirizi and others are among other economic growth – in that high oil prices
policy remains within the target of 5%. things opposed to the removal of the could slow down growth in the economy
However, there is a fear that the growth presidential age limit in the constitution. and vice versa.
in private sector credit, though on a Enock Twinoburyo, a senior economist International rating agency
recovery path, remains below its historical at the Sustainable Development Goals Center Standard and Poor’s (S&P) has already
trend and that its contribution to economic for Africa in Kigali, Rwanda said he is acknowledged that key infrastructure
growth could be weighed down by optimistic that Uganda’s economy will projects like hydropower projects of
increased public borrowing requirement perform better in 2019. Isimba (183 megawatt) and Karuma (600
and the associated further increase in “2018 is a good foundation for a positive megawatt) that are planned for completion
interest rates. outlook in 2019,” he told The Independent. in 2019 would result in greater availability
The bank also says there are risks to Twinoburyo said 2019 is an election and efficiency of power generation,
inflation including the future direction of budget year and that overruns in the increase in usage and hence stir economic
food crop prices, the path of the exchange administrative budget are expected to play growth.
rate that could affect this year’s economic a role in the country’s growth path. “In our view public-sector-led
growth. He said that more generation of hydropower projects will boost the power
Economic experts, however, have mixed electricity should be coupled with supply in the next few years, helping
views on the anticipated economic growth tangible transmission and distribution growth prospects,” the agency says in its
for this year. infrastructure.  latest report.
Isaac Nkote from Makerere University In addition, he said the projected growth The rating agency also credits the
Business School told The Independent that in the global economy is expected to have government for making notable progress
the economic activities could increase in spill-over effects to Uganda’s economy. in reducing the percentage of the
2019 partly supported by money for the Twinoburyo’s views are linked to the population below the poverty line.
2021 elections that could start flowing in. International Monetary Fund’s forecast However, the agency says the other
He also notes that the Supreme Court that suggest the global economy will grow negative side of the poverty story is
ruling on presidential age limit case would at 3.9% in 2019 compared with 3.7% in the fact that majority of the workforce
enable investors analyse the economic 2018 supported by increased trade and being employed in agriculture have their
and political environment ahead of 2021 investments. incomes volatile and are subject to climate
general elections before making their “China in particular has the highest change and fluctuations in export prices.
investment decisions. correlation…any slow down would
The hearing of the age limit case is impact Africa and Uganda negatively,”

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 23
Executive Style

Equity Bank sees a good 2019

What are your expectations at home. We are looking at
in this New Year in the how to encourage people

banking industry? have bank accounts, and this
e expect to is the reason for growing up
deliver double our branches and rolling out
digit growth in Equiduuka outlets. However,
profits. We will we believe that savings will
show good balance sheet go up and the cost of loans
and growth in our core and services will drop as
areas of impact in terms of more people join the banking
number of customers that industry. Cybercrime is a true
we want to grow by 50%. It risk given that we are part of
is looking positive enough the global financial market.
for us. We have built data centres
to protect and monitor data.
How was 2018 with regard Insurance also does for us
to developing a good foun- great work in managing these
dation to deliver growth? risks.
2018 was a good year
from our perspective. Equity Why is Equity Bank not using
Bank’s mission and vision a shared platform for agent
focuses on social economic banking?
transformation. The emer- We have the option (to join
gence of agent and digital the shared platform) and the
banking will help us a lot window is open. We have
in driving growth. Our 2,000 agents countrywide and
‘Equiduuka’ outlets under our aim is to have 6,000 by
agency banking are doing very
Equity Bank is one of the 25 commercial banks the end of 2019. We are doing
well and helping us reach more offering financial services in Uganda. The transactions in the range of
people that are far from our Independent’s Julius Businge spoke to the Bank’s 12,000 – 15,000 at the agents
physical branches. Executive Director, Anthony M. Kituuka on their per day yet a single bank
strategy to deliver good growth in 2019 and beyond. branch does half of that. In
What opportunities do you Kenya, the channels outside
envisage from the economy the branch conduct 97% of
that is being reported as the transactions. In Uganda,
performing beyond earlier and no monthly charges. lot to identify creditworthy we are now doing 20-30% of
projections? We only have transaction clients and related services. our transactions outside the
It is a good sign that we charges. We think we should Our loan book has grown bank branches. Our hope is
are dealing with the chal- not charge people for keeping tremendously. The bank that we shall reach where
lenges faced in the recent money with us. From our dig- closed its net loan book at Kenya is at the moment as
years. Anualised growth of ital side of business, we are around Shs240bn in 2015 Equity Bank in the next three
7-8% for the first 10 months now lending money to our and Shs400bn in 2017 we years.
of 2018 means sectors like customers on mobile phones. had anticipated Shs800bn in
manufacturing, real estate, We have online banking ser- 2018. We believe traditional Why haven’t you ventured
agriculture, oil and gas are vice for corporate customers. sectors like real estate, manu- into bancassurance?
creating opportunities for the Our Equiduuka outlets are facturing, agriculture, trade, Our focus is to first grow
economy. We do not expect very popular and our cus- construction, oil and gas and distribution channels –Equi-
to have general elections in tomers can locate them with related activities will con- duuka and the branches
most of our good markets in ease anytime, anywhere. tinue to drive lending going – before going into bancas-
the region and that means forward. We are looking at surance.
economic activities will go How is Equity Bank faring tourism and its value chain
on smoothly. We also believe in terms of Non-Performing as one other area to focus What defines your manage-
that technology and infra- Loans? our lending given its poten- ment ethos?
structure developments will The banking sector had a tial and contribution to the My management principles
boost economic activity. correction over the last few economy. are linked to our mission
years. Through the guid- and vision where we believe
What makes Equity Bank dif- ance of our regulator, non- What sector challenges does in professionalism, integrity,
ferent from others? performing loans at industry Equity Bank face? creativity and innovation,
Our aim is inclusion for level are down to around The level of saving in teamwork, unity of purpose,
all in the financial services 4-5% from around 10% a few Uganda is low. People have respect and dignity for our
sector. Our accounts have no years back. The Credit Refer- money but prefer keeping it customers.
minimum account balance ence Bureau has helped a in their pots and mattresses

24 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
sports aviation

Betting firm, SportPesa Uganda revises aviation law

eyes Brazilian Market ganda has revised its aviation as private aerodromes and their service

regulations, giving more powers providers will be subject to regulation by
enya’s betting firm, SportPesa, is to regulator Uganda Civil Aviation the CAA.
planning to enter the Brazil’s gam- Authority. Legislators say the Bill will harmonies
bling market following the South Under the Civil Aviation Amendment Uganda’s aviation laws with international
America’s decision to review its Bill 2017 that was recently passed by ICAO conventions and expand the scope of
law to legalise online and on-land betting. parliament, the CAA now has oversight the CAA’s oversight role.
SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri, howev-
over all public and private aerodromes as This development follows a 2014
er, told BusinessDaily that it is still too early
well as civil aviation training schools in the ICAO audit that found gaps in Uganda’s
to disclose further plans on the planned
country, according to online publication regulatory framework stating that it could
new market. potentially compromise security and safety
It is said that the Brazilian Congress
The Bill also proposes the establishment of civil aviation operations at all levels.
has two years to formalise the regulation
that will open the market for firm such as of an accident investigation unit within the The ICAO audit covered the country’s
SportPesa, Betway and Betin. transport ministry that is independent of the Uganda’s legislation, operations, and
President Michael Temer signed the Bill CAA. accident investigation, security, licensing
into law ending a 68-year period when the Once it becomes law after presidential and airworthiness inspection capacities.
country banned all gaming activities to assent, all aircraft operating within The Bill also gives the regulator unlimited
increase productivity during its industri- Uganda’s airspace whether they are powers to access and to inspect all aircraft
alisation period in 1946. registered in the country or not as well and to issue on spot penalties to fenders

grants banking

Ugandan win grants for Environmental Research KCB auctions Rwanda’s

etty Adoch, a
Ugandan innovator
to provide funds to innova-
tors for research on global
Ubumwe Grande Hotel

in the Agriculture environmental challenges wanda’s Ubumwe Grande Hotel
sector has been in the key focus areas of
fetched $34.053 million in as auc-
named among eleven in- climate,agriculture, water
tioneers that was held on Dec 24
novators nominated for and biodiversity conserva-
to recover money owed to Kenya
the Artificial Intelligence tion.
Commercial Bank’s Rwandan unit. The
(AI) for Earth Innovation The grants are awarded
winning bid for the property was offered by
Awards. to research teams and
Adoch, a geographical organizations working Umubano Industries.
information systems spe- across five continents Reports indicate that more than a dozen
cialist in agriculture works to advance scientific interested parties put in bids for the property
neer from Denmark who exploration and research that went under the hammer over an out-
towards monitoring change
applies AI to improve crop on critical environmental standing US$19 million loan the shareholder
detection for Land Cover
water efficiency in Uganda challenges with the power took from the lender for the hotels construc-
Mapping around the areas
using machine learning. of Artificial Intelligence. tion.
surrounding the Murchison
The Artificial Intelligence Each recipient will be given Ubumwe was put under receivership in
Falls National Park.
(AI) for Earth Innovation access to Microsoft Azure September last year, after a shareholder dis-
Also on the list of grants
Awards are organized by and AI tools that includes pute stalled loan repayments.
is Torsten Bondo, a business
Microsoft and the National in the National Geographic The $34 million bid is the highest value
development manager and
Geographic Society (NGS), Explorer community fetched in any auction in Rwanda. The prop-
senior remote sensing engi-
erty had also been lined up for re-branding
aviation as a Double Tree by Hilton in 2017 but the
raging shareholder dispute halted the plans.
Air Tanzania takes delivery of Airbus A220

anzania’s national senger comfort combined East and India.
carrier, Air Tanza- with its remarkable perfor- This delivery makes
nia, has delivered its mance and economics will the airline the fifth airline
first Airbus A220- be an excellent asset to fur- in the world to operate
300 aircraft, making it the ther develop Air Tanzania’s the Airbus A220, after
first airline in Africa to take network.” Air Tanzania Asia, Europe and recently
on the type. plans to use the aircraft America.
The name The Wings of on domestic and regional The new aircraft is the
Kilimanjaro was given to routes from Dar es Salaam first of two on order by the
the aircraft – a fitting name and will investigate addi- airline and will comple-
to complement their other tional routes when the time ment the single Boeing
aircraft. The airlines acting is appropriate. Key destina- 787 Dreamliner recently
CEO, Tito Kasambala, said tions on the planning board acquired.
“The A220s unrivaled pas- are locations in the Middle

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 25

African SMEs get

US$30million boost

he African Export- enabling the financial institu-
Import Bank (Afrex- tions to transform their short-
imbank) has signed term deposits into long-term
an agreement with financing to SMEs; and sup-
the African Guarantee Fund porting Afreximbank’s SME
(AGF) for a US$30 million re- support initiative and AGF
guarantee facility to support strategic plan.
African small and medium- The facility is expected
sized enterprises (SMEs) in to support positive social-
the trade value chain to access economic changes among the
funds for their activities. more than 6,000 SMEs that are
Gwen Mwaba, the direc- expected gain access to guar-
tor for Trade Finance, signed anteed loans from African local
the agreement on behalf of banks, thereby contributing to
Afreximbank, while Constant trade development, economic
Nzi, Chief Risk Officer of AGF, growth and poverty reduction.
Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde addressing participants at a stakeholders’ signed for the Fund, during a Small and medium enter-
dialogue on trade issues happening within the Common Market for ceremony held on the sidelines prises (SEMs) are notably the
Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) at Serena Hotel on December 18.  of the recently-concluded engines that drive economic
Independent/Julius Businge
Intra-African Trade Fair in development. The SMEs busi-
Cairo. nesses account for almost 90%
The agreement provides of businesses in both leading
for the facility to be used to and developing economies
support the financing needs through job creations, employ-
of African SMEs by enhanc- ment, tax provision and con-
ing their access to long-term tribution to Gross Domestic
financing, thereby acting as Product (GDP).
a catalyst to enable them to Once supported, experts say
grow, create more jobs, sustain SMEs will contribute to Afri-
the existing labour force and can development and position
develop intra-African and the continent as a competitive
extra-African trade. and innovative and create jobs
The re-guarantee facility is to unemployed communities
aimed at providing comfort to thereby providing income and
financial institutions in lend- essential goods and services
ing to SMEs, which tend to be the over 1.2 billion Africans,
Equiduuka client (in black jacket) seeking help from Equity Bank’s employee regarded as a risky segment; forming a huge market.
under its agent banking function in Kampala on December 20. The bank is
recording transactions in the range of 12,000 – 15,000 per day across the
country.   Independent/Julius Businge

Weekly share price movement (Dec.03, 2018)

Security Dec. 03 Nov. 19 Movement
BATU 30,000 30000 00
BOBU 139 139 00
CENT 980 1,015 3.4
QCL 249 255 2.3
DFCU 845 845 00
EABL 6,862 6,017 14
EBL 1,434 1,422 0.8
JHL 13,507 15,225 11.3
KA 347 349 0.5
KCB 1,434 1,413 1.5
NIC 15 15 00
NMG 2,487 2,519 1.3
NVL 337 340 0.9
Afreximbank Director for Trade and Finance, Gwen Mwaba (L) and
SBU 31 32 3.1
African Guarantee Fund Chief Risk Officer, Constant Nzi, during
UCHM 24 23 52
the US$30million signing ceremony in Cairo to support SMEs
recently.   Courtesy Photo. UCL 20 20 20
UMEME 321 340 5.5
ALSI -- -- --

26 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
By Naomi Schalit
Your deeply held beliefs
which may just be wrong

ditor’s note: As we came to the limited. That includes both Democrats   Trump is another Hitler
end of the year, Conversation and Republicans, according to a recent Scholar Sylvia Taschka of Wayne
editors took a look back at Pew survey. State tackled the countless references
the stories that - for them - But campaign spending plays an to President Donald Trump as this
exemplified 2018. important role in democracy, helping era’s Hitler.
Our job at The Conversation is to get candidates’ messages out and Taschka acknowledges that some
work with scholars to publish analysis educating the public. Columbia Law historians have made legitimate
that helps readers make sense of the School scholar Richard Briffault comparisons of the “few striking
world. And if we demolish a few writes that “the volume of campaign similarities between the rise of fascism
popularly held – but erroneous or spending is not the main problem with in Germany then and the current
misplaced – ideas and assumptions in our campaign finance system. The real political climate in the United States.”
the process, that makes me especially challenge for our democracy is where But, such comparisons are false
happy. so much of this money comes from.” equivalencies that “not only risk
Hence my list, here, of stories from “The private dollars that drive the trivializing Hitler and the horrors
2018 that use facts to interrogate system come from a tiny fraction of he unleashed,” she writes, but “also
popular wisdom – and the ideas they our society,” writes Briffault, from a prevent people from engaging with
proved wrong: donor class that is not “representative the actual issues at hand.”
  Women can’t possibly vote for of the broader community whose   Gun owners are crazy people
Republicans interests are all at stake in an On “an ordinary day” in 2011,
In an era when leading Republican election.” writes criminal justice scholar Connie
political figures – from the president Hassett-Walker, she found her
to a Supreme Court nominee – are husband watching a firearms video.
accused of sexual assault, can women She sat down with him, and that
“both be Republican and insist upon moment was the beginning of five
women’s rights,” ask Rochester years of research into videos made by
Institute of Technology scholars gun owners that culminated in a book.

For all the

Christine A. Kray, Hinda Mandell and “For all the noise around gun control
Tamar Carroll. versus gun rights, there was a story

noise around
Yes, the scholars write. that was missed by non-gun owners
“Republicanism encompasses like me: how much these guns mean to
different visions of womanhood that
allow women to feel that they can be gun control those who own them,” writes Hassett-
Republican and also strong women.”
  Kavanaugh will yank the Supreme versus gun Americans live in a time of political
polarisation on a variety of social
Court far to the right
Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment rights, there issues, she writes. “Both gun control
and gun rights supporters would
to the Supreme Court was widely
predicted to plunge the court – was a story benefit from understanding how those
with opposing political and social
and American law with it – into a
new conservative era. But, writes that was views see their identity and their
University of Oregon law professor
Ofer Raban, “these prognoses fail to missed by non- Naomi Schalit is Senior Editor, Politics +
heed some fundamental distinctions
among the decisions of the Supreme gun owners Society, The Conversation U.S.
Source: the conversation
Court, and may create a mistaken
impression of the court’s power and
like me
the inevitable trajectory of American
law.” Simply put, Raban wrote,
“Supreme Court rulings are often not
the last word on a matter.”
  Campaign spending is ruining
democracy in the US
Seventy percent of Americans believe
there’s too much money in politics and
that spending in elections should be

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 27
From disease treatment
to health promotion
Health ministry plans major switch in 2019 healthcare

By Flavia Nassaka managers’ agenda in 2019. Independent on Dec.19 giving an example
Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng says of an Ebola outbreak that caught countries
s 2018 ended, President their focus in the New Year will be more in West Africa unaware.
Museveni was seen getting into health promotion and education. This She said because of the huge investment
more involved in the means we could be seeing teams of people that went into control over the two years of
country’s healthcare. First visiting homes in door-door programs the outbreak, the three countries – Guinea,
he launched the Presidential to see whether children are immunised, Liberia and Sierra Leone are still just
Fast Track Initiative to whether family planning methods are being recovering from the shock. In preparedness
encourage men to get tested for HIV and taken up, whether people are eating right or alone, to keep the country on guard against
enroll on treatment and then he went into if there are any strange illnesses that people the active Ebola outbreak in Congo, Aceng
distribution of insecticide treated mosquito are noticing. Aceng says the model, which says Uganda had by end of 2018 spent over
nets. There was also the launch of the is being adopted in the whole of Africa, is a $19 million coming mainly from donors.
National day of physical activity. The efforts robust system on surveillance. In the New Year, while she predicts
were aimed at tackling three illnesses – “We realized people need to get involved Uganda will register a hemorrhagic fever
HIV, malaria and now lifestyle illnesses in their own healthcare. It’s cheaper to outbreak, she says they will be able to
which seem to be what will top healthcare prevent than to control,”she told the control it without much damage.

28 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
“These fevers are called emerging and prevention of new threats. We are seeing enroll more people on treatment through a
re-emerging diseases. Chances are high the number of people with heart disease campaign dubbed `One Dollar Initiative’.
that you will register an outbreak each year. and cancer swelling. He told us the country Launched in 2017, it aims to engage
For Ebola it’s usually between August and will not afford to treat them. We just have members of the public to contribute a dollar
December. The country is prone to these to prevent them,” he said, “We are realising so that US$1billion is raised in five years in
outbreaks,” she says. they are a public health crisis in waiting.” order to deal with stock outs and ensuring
Aceng says with surveillance, they that all those who need treatment get it.
are cataloging threats and are speedily Seeking treatment at UCI Though 2018 witnessed several positives
discovering new viruses that even when The Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) on the HIV fight front, with prevalence
outbreaks happen they can be easily seems to be already feeling the pressure. brought down, more people being able
identified which in turn helps to decrease Dr. Jackson Orem, the Institute’s Executive to access treatment, centers offering
intensity and length of such outbreaks. Director says with the bulging number of antiretroviral drugs increased, and viral
Also, with advancements in research, people requiring treatment, they will no load testing for those already on treatment
those that will be infected have higher longer offer some treatments free of charge. becoming easier with more testing centers
chances of survival. She says this is because At a press conference on Dec.10, he told introduced in the regions from one at
there are many therapeutic treatment journalists that the government cannot the Central Public Health laboratories in
trials which might give good results like afford to offer treatment for all who need it Kampala, Musoba says they are operating
the experimental drug – ZMapp which is and that they have resolved that they start in an unpredictable environment. He
already showing some degree of efficacy. generating money to supplement the small says 90% of HIV funding still comes from
With the surveillance and health share funds they get from government. donors.
promotion agenda, government is planning For Financial year 2018/19, he said they are Proposals for self-reliance such as having
to train more health workers and also required to generate Shs1.6 billion to add on the HIV/AIDS Trust fund in place despite
recruit Community Health Extension their allocation of Shs40.2 billion. many years of pushing have failed. Though
Workers (CHEWs). The extension workers Starting January, he said another the regulations for operationalising the
were supposed to be introduced in radiotherapy machine will be in place but fund were approved by parliament in 2017,
2018 when, in the 2018/2019 budget, the users will be required at pay a fee to access nothing has ever become of it. The hope is
government allocated them Shs3.2billion for radiology treatment. Ugandans seeking to have a fund in place in this New Year.
their monthly allowances as the programme the service in the General category are
was to be piloted in 750 parishes in North supposed to pay Shs300,000 whereas those Re- opening Mulago
and Eastern Uganda districts where each on the private plan will pay Shs500,000. Meanwhile, the main Mulago hospital
of the parishes was to be allocated two International patients are charged US$2000. will also be re-opened this month, according
individuals. Other services to be paid for are ultra sound to Health Ministry Permanent Secretary
The Commissioner in charge of Health scans and X-rays. Dr. Diana Atwiine. The promise is that this
Promotion at the Health Ministry, Dr. With these fees and a more efficient linear comes with a lot changes; including starting
Richard Kabanda, says the CHEWs will accelerator machine expected in March, to conduct major surgeries like kidney
soon start being deployed. By December, Orem promises a better service than what transplants that would otherwise be treated
both the recruits and their tutors were still patients have been experiencing. He says abroad and handling only cases that are
being oriented. He says they will work long queues and sometimes having to referred from lower facilities.
hand in hand with the already existing spend nights at the radiology department If fulfilled, this could fulfill health
VHTs who are also being trained in disease awaiting chance of treatment which at times managers’ long agenda of decongesting
surveillance. can come in weeks or even a month should health facilities like Kiruddu and Kawempe
Kabanda says his docket will majorly end or reduce. general hospitals where patients had taken
focus on prevention and creating awareness Like in cancer treatment, the HIV sector refugee as renovation works were being
on how to deal with non-communicable is also going the direction of finding its own done. It also means the facilities will now
diseases. He calls them Uganda’s next funds. Dr. Nelson Musoba, the Uganda operate on their own in the end bringing an
public health crisis that people have not AIDS Commission Director General, says end to the unnecessary filling of the national
realised yet. in addition to the government directive hospital even with minor illnesses that can
“Now that we have brought HIV to all ministries to allocate 0.1% of their be handled at lower health centers.
prevalence down, malaria is being tackled, budgets to the HIV/AIDs response, they are
the President is telling us to go into engaging the private sector to raise funds to

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AfricellUG @AfricellUG

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 29

A dismal step so far taken

Who’s buying art in Uganda?

By Dominic Muwanguzi
sively at the gallery and studios, and clients try to other corporate organisations thereby
n 2011 former Germany Ambassador are inspired to buy for either investment growing a local clientele for them ( artists). 
to Uganda, Klaus Houderbaum, or cultural, and sometimes archiving pur- Secondly, there’s dismal critical art writ-
showcased his private collection at poses. In the latter instance, a buyer may be ing; an aspect that consequently affects
the now defunct MishMash art gal- interested in the concept of a specific artist’s art buying on the local art scene.  With no
lery in Kololo, a Kampala suburb . work like Fred Mutebi’s art on barkcloth critics of art, it is difficult to grow a critical
His collection included diverse art and will buy his artworks to document it for audience that can appreciate and subse-
paintings, wood-cut prints and sculptures research purposes. In light of such diverse quently begin to purchase art. 
from some of the best known artists from interests, Kaddu Sebunya, President of An art industry like Johannesburg (S.A)
Uganda’s modern and contemporary art African Wildlife Foundation, buys art on has a number of art critiquing platforms like
scene. That show provided an opportunity the premises of cultural preservation. Sebu- ArtAfrica, Artthrob and Thirdtext Africa
to open up conversation on the topic if nya has an impressive collection of some with numerous writers that regularly pub-
there’s any one who is buying art in Ugan- of Uganda’s prestigious artists like Fabian lish reviews on exhibitions which inspire
da and what type of art they are buying. Kamulu Mpagi, David Kigozi, and Joseph diverse conversations on art and, therefore,
Klaus who has been living in Uganda for Ntensibe whose art integrates indigenous grow an art clientele base. The Ugandan
now more than three decades is arguably art practices and motifs of Uganda’s diverse situation has hitherto hardly any such writ-
Uganda’s most celebrated art buyer with a cultures.  ers, probably with only one platform, Start-
collection dating many decades back. Similarly, many white expatriate collec-
Uganda art buyers are private individuals tors will be drawn to an artwork of such But there is hope for the growth of the
like their contemporaries elsewhere in the cultural significance, authenticity, and local art market, a departure from what was
world.  They are never in the news bragging uniqueness.   In this light, art buyers are witnessed ten years ago where the market
about what they have bought or hardly ever traditionally want something original and was dominated by western art patronage.
invite photographers into their living rooms appeals to their specific taste. It is impos- With the above mentioned interventions
to photograph their latest acquisition. They sible that all art buyers are buying the same and if seriously sustained, including a
mostly buy through private arrangements type of art and gallerists know this. couple of individuals who travel around
with respective art galleries or studios Nonetheless, art buying remains a small the world and are exposed to the benefits
and the price of art is more often than not activity on the Kampala contemporary art of art buying, the Uganda art scene will
a secret shared between buyer and seller, scene because of two factors: Firstly, the soon register its own art patrons who buy
and probably art dealer. Nonetheless, this fragile economy with a small middle class and consequently support establishment of
arrangement shifts when it comes to art that can afford buying art. Local firms like other art infrastructures like art museums,
auctions like the Circle Art Auction where Mukumbya Musoke Advocates penetrate art consultants, Art Fairs and critical art
prices are published in catalogues  and the art market through organizing annual writing journals.
buyers interviewed in the international and prizes for emerging artists in order to create
local press. competition and motivation among young  Image of Kaddu Sebunya’s private collection
In Uganda, art buying remains exclu- talent but also critically to expose the indus- courtesy of

30 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
New Land Rover Defender
to be unveiled this year
Manufacturer touts more visual details and on-sale dates
By Agencies North America. Boasting wholesale change to its almost

Having originally proposed a 2018 unveil 33-year-old exterior design, the new
and Rover has confirmed a long- date, Land Rover now says 2019 will be the Defender will feature the latest driver assis-
awaited Defender replacement will year it shows the world its new creation. tance and connectivity features, Land Rover
be unveiled in full this year before As emerging camouflage pics show, the says. And in a remark that could potentially
reaching global markets in 2020. reinvented Defender — codenamed L663 — spook brand purists, Land Rover says
As the British manufacturer resumes test- will be a radical departure from the model the next-gen model will be a “revolution-
ing of camouflaged prototypes this month, it replaces, and the original Series I Land ary product” with “even broader public
stakeholders say they have taken the new Rover released in 1948. appeal”.
Defender to the ends of the earth to ensure Beneath its more rounded body, the 2020 “When it debuts in 2019, the new model
it “is the most off-road capable Land Rover Defender will ride on a tougher version of will represent 70 years of innovation and
vehicle ever”. the D7u aluminium platform employed improvement in just one model year;
“There are a handful of automobiles that by the Discovery and Ranger Rover – not honouring the model’s history for rugged
are beloved around the world and stand for a steel ladder frame as before. Also for the durability, while thoroughly remaining a
a brand, a country and a distinct way of life. first time, it will be powered by 48-volt Defender for the 21st century,” the com-
The Land Rover Defender is such a singular mild-hybrid (MHD), plug-in hybrid (PHEV) pany said in a release.
vehicle,” said Kim McCullough, vice presi- and even pure-electric (EV) powertrains. “All will be revealed in 2019.”
dent of marketing for Jaguar Land Rover

The Largest 7 seater 4x4 In Uganda

Only available at spear Motors Limited

Mercedes Benz GLS Driving you into the Future

0783 614 601 / 0753 614 601

Jan. 04 - 10 2019 31
Global comment
By Winnie Byanyima
Globalisation 4.0 for whom?
Popular anger in many countries’ politics in recent
years is rooted in the failure of neoliberalism

magine a world in which women and lionaires in Silicon Valley, Africa, and else- households and corporations have avoided
girls have their rights respected, climate where are writing the future narrative of paying their fair share for too long, while
change receives the attention it so ur- globalisation. We need new stories to chal- also stymieing meaningful reform. It was
gently requires, and poverty has been lenge the status quo. Consider that of Budi, particularly disappointing to see busi-
eliminated. Never before have we had the a shrimp-processing worker in Southeast ness leaders at the last Davos meeting
means that we have now to make this vi- Asia who must peel 950 shrimp per hour to celebrating U.S. President Donald Trump’s
sion a reality. In Africa, for example, I am earn a minimum wage. It would take Budi trillion-dollar tax cuts. If well-meaning
excited to see how off-grid solar energy more than 5,000 years to earn what a U.S. elites are serious about ushering in a more
is expanding rapidly. In Kenya, mobile supermarket CEO makes in one year. inclusive form of globalization, they will
banking has significantly improved finan- Or, consider the women farmers in my need to back their words with deeds.
cial inclusion, particularly for poor women. village of Ruti, Uganda, who wonder if Multilateralism remains the only way to
These and other technologies associated economic growth will ever result in free, manage these policy challenges. But the
with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) quality education for their kids. Rich framework for international cooperation
have the potential to boost productivity, countries owe much of their prosperity must become much more democratic, femi-
incomes, and leisure time for workers, to universal education. But in developing nist, and people-centered. When discussing
while also decarbonising our economies countries around the world, fees charged the future trajectory of globalisation, a
and freeing women from the hold of unre- by for-profit schools are driving families woman smallholder farmer in Nakuru,
munerated care work. But, to realise this deeper into poverty. Kenya, should be valued just as much as a
potential, we will have to adopt an entirely One person whose story must be heard corporate executive in Manhattan. We need
new approach to globalisation. is Berta Cáceres, an indigenous-rights multilateral institutions that can rein in cor-
The World Economic Forum’s theme for leader in Honduras who was assassinated porate abuse and steel civil society against
its annual meeting in Davos next month is in March 2016 for resisting a destructive rising authoritarianism.
Globalisation 4.0, which comprises many hydroelectric dam project. In November, a Responsive, bold leadership from
of the competing narratives now shaping court ruled that Cáceres’s murder was car- national governments will also be needed
our world. In the dominant narrative of the ried out with the knowledge and consent to manage Globalisation 4.0. Rather than
last 40 years, GDP was king, and countries of executives from Desa, the corporation simply trying to manipulate citizens’ anger,
pursued deregulation, loosened capital behind the dam. politicians need to understand and address
controls, cut corporate taxes, and liberalised When globalisation has no rules or ref- the root causes of their discontent.
their labour markets. erees, the bullies will always win. Even Fortunately, such leaders are not mythical
The eruption of popular anger that has research by the International Monetary creatures. South Korean President Moon
roiled many countries’ politics in recent Fund now shows that financial globalisa- Jae-in is tackling inequality with a com-
years is rooted in the failure of that neolib- tion has led to “significant increases in bination of taxes on the wealthy and cor-
eral model. But there is no economic law inequality,” as has increased trade in some porations, a higher minimum wage, and
requiring globalisation to be a race to the developing countries. Likewise, climate increased social spending. New Zealand
bottom. On the contrary, for humanity to change is symptomatic of a grossly unequal Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also has an
have any hope at all, Globalisation 4.0 must economy in which the rich exploit the envi- ambitious agenda to reduce inequality, and
break with neoliberalism for good. ronment for private gain. she has made citizens’ wellbeing a central
I fear that business and government elites Globalization 4.0 must offer a new nar- metric of her government’s success. And
gathering in Davos do not seem to have rative to replace the abusive, extractive, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
grasped this fully. Until they do, globalisa- and sexist neoliberalism of the past few has openly embraced a feminist global-
tion will continue to fuel inequality and decades. We will need far more cooperation development policy.
sow discontent around the world. among governments to rewrite the rules of These leaders are living proof that globali-
Rising inequality threatens much of the finance, trade, wages, and taxation. Only sation can be managed in a way that ben-
progress that we have made over the past then can we ensure that the 4IR benefits efits everyone. They put those beholden to
half-century. While the world’s richest 1% ordinary people. toxic neoliberalism to shame, and they offer
took home 82% of all new wealth last year, To that end, we should welcome pio- hope that a more human global economy is
the World Bank reports that the “decline in neering new technologies, but we should within reach.
poverty rates has slowed, raising concerns also ask tough questions about their owner-
about achieving the goal of ending poverty ship and the interests they serve, especially Winnie Byanyima is Executive Director of
by 2030.” Even more shocking, extreme as new monopolies emerge. We will need a Oxfam International.
poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa is actually smart mix of incentives, public ownership,
increasing; and almost half of all people and regulation to manage the changes that Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2018.
worldwide are one medical bill or crop are upon us.
failure away from destitution. We will also need a new approach to
These realities will persist as long as bil- taxation and public spending. The richest

32 Jan. 04 - 10 2019
We tell the story beyond the story.