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TM es-206H WAR DEPARTMENT TECHNICAL MANUAL TM E9-206A (German) German 7.9-mm Dual Purpose Machine Gun MG34 WAR DEPARTMENT, 13 APRIL 1943 WAR DEPARTMENT Washington 25, D.C, 13 April 1943 TM E9206A, German 7.9-mm Dual Purpose Machine Gun MG34, is published for the information and-guidance of all concerned. AG. 300.7 (10 Aug 1943) O.0. 461/38198 0.0. (4 Nov 1943) By ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR? OFFICIAL: J. A. ULIO, : Major General, The Adjutant General. Distrrsution: =X GC MARSHALL, Chief of Stat, (For explanation of symbols, see FM 21-6.) Section I. IL Il. Vv. VIL. VOL * CONTENTS Introduction ...-.-.---022- eer Operation ..,..+--.+ Sighting equipment Malfunctions ‘and corrections. Disassembly and assembly. . Care and preservation.........+5 Ammunition .....--...500s0s4+ Inspection .........-+++++ beeee Maintenance under unusual con- ditions .. . Glossary . References .. TM E9-206A 12-15 16-18 19-25 26-34 35-40 4143 44-45 4647 37-40 40-42 43-48 49-52 52-63 63-65 65-06 66-70 10 TM. E9-2064 14 GERMAN 7.9-MM DUAL PURPOSE MACHINE GUN MG34 Section I INTRODUCTION Paragraph Scope .., 1. SCOPE. a. This manual is published for the information and guidance of the using arms and services. It contains information required by the ‘using arms to identify, operate, disassemble, assemble, and preserve the German 7.9-mm Dual Purpose Machine Gun MG34. 2. CHARACTERISTICS. a. The German 7.9-mm Dual Purpose Machine Gun MG34 is a recoil-operated, ait-cooled weapon capable-of delivering single ot full automatic fre. The gun is normally fed from 50-round flexible, metal belts, two or more of which can be joined end to end, However, in operations where tapid miovement is required, or for antiaircraft fire, a 50-round belt drom Magazine or a 75-round spring-operated drum magazine is used. The gun can be identified easily by the recoil booster (fig. 1), perforated barrel casing (fig. 1), grooves the weapon (fig. 1), front and rear sights (fig. 1), seat for the anti- aircraft sight (fig. 2), hand grip with trigger and safety, dust cover (fig. 2), and fin-shaped butt-(fig. 2). Tt can be used on « bipod (fig. 3), on an antiaircraft tripod (fig, 4), or on a triped mount (fig. 5). 3. DATA. Weight of machine gun, with bipod.... for mounting 26% 1b Weight of machine gun, without bipod 2414 Ib Weight of barrel... 4.44 1b Over-all length 48% in, Length of barrel. vee 24M in Coliter,. 82, (7.9 mm) 0.312 in Sight radius. Riffing... Cyclic rate of fre... 4. CAUTIONS. a. All preservative and dirt must be removed firing, To do this, disassemble the structed in paragraph 22. from the gun before fun (par. 17) and clean as in- INTRODUCTION RA PD S731h FRONT SIGHT ae RECOIL BOOSTER ed v7 PERFORATED BARREL CASING ieeath eet saci ncsth alt CROOVES FOR MOUNTING THE CUN i Getic ™ E9:206A i Figure 1 — German 7.9-mm Dual Purpose Mochine Gun MG44 — Right Side View