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Vehicle Network Solutions DPA 5 Quickstart Guide

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Dearborn Protocol Adapter
PC Power J1850

Dual CAN / Bluetooth J1708

ISO 9141
U.S. Patents 6,772,248 | 7,152,133 | 7,337,245 | 7,725,630

1 Install RP1210 and J2534 compliant drivers from the CD. The latest drivers can always be found at http://www.dgtech.com

2 After rebooting, you are prompted to check for updates. Connect to the Internet and press "Continue", then "Check for Updates". If there are updates (red), press the "Download" button.

3 Connect the USB cable from the DPA to the PC. Then, connect the vehicle cable to the DPA.

4 Connect the vehicle cable to the vehicle or equipment’s diagnostic port.

5 Configure your application to use the DPA. The "DPA User Manual" (Start->All Programs->Dearborn Group Products->DPA 5->Documentation->DPA 5 User Manual)
contains information for configuring many of the most common applications. It also contains detailed information on troubleshooting your DPA.
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