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The Bible

Ap Style Presentation:
Riley Anderson
The Bible
● Noun
● The Christian scriptures, consisting of the Old and New Testaments.
● The Old Testament is a Christian designation.
● Hebrew or Jewish Bible is the appropriate term for stories dealing with
only Judaism.
● The Bible has been translated into more than 2000 languages.
Rules to follow
● Capitalize Bible and Scriptures in both Testaments.
● No quotation marks
● Capitalize related terms like Gospels, the Scriptures, and the Holy
● The term biblical is always lowercase.
● The term bible in a non-religious way is always lowercase. For example,
“My dictionary is my bible.”.
● Do not abbreviate books of the Bible.
Citation of chapters and verses
Always use this form when listing the number of the chapter and verse(s).

Matthew 3:16

Luke 21:1-13

1 Peter 2:1

(List the book of the Bible followed by the chapter, a colen and the verse(s).)
Interesting facts
● The Jewish Bible contains the same 39 books, just in a different order.
● Roman Catholic Bibles follow a different order.
● They also use some different names and include the seven