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Conflict operationalization in Positive Psychotherapy ti Dr. Maksim Goncharov ict operationalization sitive Psychotherapy e process. i infinite number: vid them decide to particip. ‘ole B. Wool Russia, Khabarovsk 2014 r Or. Maksim Goncharov Dr. Maksim Goncharov, MD, PRD isa well-known psychiatrist and psychotherapist in the far east of Russia. He is @ board member of the ‘World Assoctation of Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP), World and European Cerificate of Psychotherapy holder, international master trainer for the International Academy of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (APP), and an advisory board member for international Journal of Psychotherapy. He is a member of the World Council of Psychotherapy {WCP), European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP), World Association ‘of Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP) and director of Far Eastem branch of Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League (PPL), He is the director of a private clinic «Center for Positive Psychotherapy in the Far East of Russia, Dr. Maksim Goncharov graduated from Far Eastern State Medical University in 1996; received fundamental education in psychotherapy in Russia and Wiesbaden Academy of Psychotherapy, Transcultural Family ‘Therapy and Psychosomatic Medicine (Germany). In 2000, he became an international trainer of Positive Psychotherapy. In 2002 he was awarded the European Certificate of Psychotherapy and included in the unified register of occupational therapists in Europe. In 2005, defended his PhD on psychotherapy in St. Petersburg. For 17 years, he has been continuously practicing psychotherapy and isa member of the board of directors ofthe World Association of Positive Psychotherapy (Wiesbaden, Germany). He is director of a private therapy clinic «Center of Positive Psychotherapy» in Khabarovsk region. In 2007, Maksim Goncharov was awarded with an international prize from the International Academy of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (IAPP) for innovations in psychotherapy. And in 2008, he was awarded the World Certificate of Psychotherapy. Now he actively provides trainings in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, Romania, China, Australia and Albania. CONTENT Aout the ator Fovevord ‘Thanks and ackoowadgments mraopucrion “The cases factual contie, Four dimension of ie in PostnePyeterary peratinaization of etc. st goo aspect: Localization of the conic. Second dagostiaspet Thecontent factions. ‘Th agnosie aspet: Ways del wth cont and he easton to confit. Basic contict ‘operationatination of elec. ocala of as oie. The content of he bas cont Inne conic, peraonazaton of ine conc, cHaPTeRIV Key confit cHaPTERY Interaction and intereation ofthe conflict In Posie Psychotherapy ‘eal conic ane key conte. Basico and ey antiet Inner onic ney conti. Acta apblties and hey coat. ference 26 3s 3 st oo

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