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School of Psychology

English III


Task 4

Yokatty Amparo

Presented by:
Yuberky Aybar Victoriano 09 – 3805

Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic
Space for Task 4. Use the exercises given below for this Task. Include a
Audio for the listening section
UNIT: 3-

EXERCISE D, and E, page 31


1-Dave DON´T like pizza.

2-Martha LIKE roast beef.

3-Dave and Jane LIKES cereal.

4-Ana doesn’t DON´T spaghetti.

5-We LIKES fried chicken every day.

6-I DON´T like French fries.

8-you DON´T like peanut butter.

Exercise D, And E, page 33

D) Write How many or How much.

1- How much gallons of milk are there?

2- How many jars of mustard are there?

3- How many yogurt is there?

4- How much bags of potato chips are there?

5- How much is the spaghetti?

6- How much avocados are there?

7- How many packages of spaghetti?

8- How much are the tomatoes?

9- How many ground beef is there?

10- How much water is there?

E) Write how much is or how much are.

1-How much are the avocados?

2- How much is the butter?

3- How much are the oranges.

4- How much is the carrots?

5- How much is the ground beef?

6- How much are the milk?

7- How much are the sugar?

8- How much is the cookies?

9- How much are the butter?

10- How much is the potato chips?

11- How much are the spaghetti?

12- How much are the tomatoes?

Exercise D) and f, page 35.

Write the correct form of the verbs.

1-she eats beef sandwiches. (eat/eats)

2-They likes a big breakfast. (like/likes)

3-We needs two gallons’ sf water. (need/needs)

4-vinicio and Laura want tuna fish sandwiches. (want/wants)

5-I make a turkey sandwiches every day for lunch. (make/makes)

6-The students eat pizza every week. (eat/eats)

7. He likes tomatoes on his hamburger. (like/likes)

8-Hugo and I needs water and soda. (need/needs)

9-Pablo eats lunch at noon. (eat/eats)

10-Minh make sandwiches. For Duong. (make/makes)

Exercise D) E and F, page 37.

D) Complete the sentences with cheaper or more expensive.

1-Bananas are cheaper at Van’s (+ cheap)

2-Oil cheaper at Albert’s. (+ cheap)

3-Cereal cheaper at Albert’s. (+ cheap)

4-Tuna more expensive at Alberta´s. (+ expensive)

5-jelly more expensive at Albert’s. (+ expensive)

6-Oil more expensive at Van’s. (+ expensive)

F) Answer the questions with complete sentences.

1-where are bananas cheaper?

They’re cheaper at van’s.

2- Where is oil cheaper.

They are cheaper in the oil company

4-where is cereal more expensive?

The cereal is more expensive in the grocery store than in the supermarket

5-where is jelly cheaper?

In the supermarket they are cheaper

Exercise E) page 39. Answer the questions. use short answers.

1-Does Ana want ice cream? Yes, she does.

2-Does Andre want a soda? Yes, he wants

3-Do Andre and Ana want French fries? Yes, they want

4-Does Sebastian want a sandwich and fries? Yes, he wants

5-Does Kim want a soda? Yes, she does.

6-Does Kim Want a sandwich? Yes, she does.

7-Do Sebastian and Kim want ice cream? Yes, they do

8-Does Ana want a sandwich? Yes, she does.

Exercise D, E, F, page 43.

Exercise D, circle don’t or doesn’t

1-Jhon (don´t / doesn´t) like turkey sandwiches.

2-I (don´t / doesn´t) eat turkey.

3-she (don´t / doesn´t) make salad.

4-w e (don´t / doesn´t) need money for lunch.

5-Tim and Karen (don´t / doesn´t) want breakfast.

6-Alto doesn’t (don´t / doesn´t) the sandwiches.

7-Jessica and I (don´t / doesn´t) need the menu.

8-They (don´t / doesn´t) make hamburgers here.

9-you (don´t / doesn´t) eat Caesar salads.

10-I (don´t / doesn´t) make coffee.

E) Complete the sentences with the negative form of verbs in


1-Matilde and Lonnie do not like (like) restaurants.

2-I not eat (eat) fist.

3- We do not make (make) sandwiches.

4-they does not (serve) pie.

5-he does not work (work) at the restaurants.

7--You do not drive (drive) to the supermarket.

8-They do not go (go) to the supermarket on Sunday.

9- I do not see (see) the hamburgers on the menu.

10-she does not drink coffee.

F) complete the sentences about you and your partner.

1- I like chicken.

2- I like ripe bananas.

3-I like to cook.

4- My husband gives me money.

5-I like juice.

1. My partner likes apples.

2-My partner does not like coffee.

3-My partner likes ice cream a little.

4-My partner likes to have a lot of clothes

5-my partner doesn’t want shoes.

Listen to the conversation between Duong and minh. what do they need at
the supermarket? Underline the food they need.


yes HAM

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