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Worksheet (week 1)

January 14-18

1) Energy is “the capacity to do work” where work is force times distance. There are two
types of energy – potential energy and kinetic energy. Indicate whether the following
represent kinetic energy, potential energy, or both.

a) electrical energy stored in a battery

b) chemical energy within a gallon of gasoline

c) car speeding across the flat plains of Illinois at 55 mph

d) car travelling up the Rocky Mountains at a slow speed of 5 mph

e) a rock falling down from the top of Willis tower.

2) A system releases 500 kJ of heat and during the process does 200 kJ of work.
a) What is the change of energy of the system?

b) What is the change of energy of the surroundings?

c) What is the change of energy of the universe?

3) A 15.00 gram block of unknown metal requires 144 joules of heat to raise its
temperature from 20 0C to 45 0C. Determine the following:
a) the heat capacity of the block in J/K

b) the specific heat capacity of the unknown metal in J/g K

c) Using Table 6.2 of textbook, identify the metal and determine its molar heat capacity
in J/molK.

4) When a gas expands against an external atmosphere, work is done by the gas. Suppose
a gas is contained in cylinder with a movable piston. The external pressure is 1.25 atm
and the volume within the cylinder increases from 0.250 L to 1.50 L while temperature
stays the same. What is the work of the gas in the cylinder in units of atm-L and in

5. Use Excel to plot Pressure(mm Hg) vs 1/Volume(ml) from the following date.
Pressure-Volume Dependence
Volume Pressure 1/Volume
(mL) (mm Hg) (mL-1)
2505 510 0.000399202
2072 590 0.000482625
1810 687 0.000552486
1560 790 0.000641026 Pressu
1240 998 0.000806452
y = 1E+06x

Pressure (mm Hg)

855 1465 0.001169591 1200
R² = 0.9
of R2.
Draw the line of Best fit. Write the equation representing the line and the value1000

Measure 400
Pressure 0 0.0002 0.0004