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Unicuique suum Non praevalebunt
Fifty-first year, number 20 (2547) Vatican City Friday, 18 May 2018

Pope Francis addresses the Diocese of Rome on the theme of spiritual afflictions

Listen to the cry of the people

In a meeting on Monday evening,
14 May, with representatives of vari-
ous sectors of the Diocese of Rome,
Pope Francis emphasized the need
to “pay fearless heed to our thirst
for God and to the cry that rises up
from our people of Rome, asking
ourselves: in what sense does this
cry express a need for salvation,
that is, for God?”. In the Basilica
of Saint John Lateran, the Pope re-
ceived a report on the work that the
diocesan commission had carried
out in recent months on the theme
of “spiritual afflictions”, and then,
after answering several questions
posed by Archbishop Angelo
Donatis, Vicar General of Rome,
the Pontiff delivered a discourse in
which he called on participants “to
be enlightened by the paradigm of
Exodus, which recounts precisely
how the Lord chose and educated a
people to unite to Himself, in order
to make of them the instrument of
his presence in the world”. Exodus,
the Pontiff explained, “speaks of
slavery, of an exit, of a passage, of a
covenant, of temptation/ ‘murmur-
ing’ and of an entrance. But it is a
journey of healing”. And as such,
he observed, it can guide the steps
of the Church community, helping
to free it from a “condition of
slavery, that is, of oppressive limita-
tions, of dependency on things that
are not the Lord”.

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General Audience

Children have the right


Finding the words of Saint Basil

‘Ipse harmonia est’


To Benedictines

At the service of others


Regina Caeli

End hatred and violence

page 2 L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO Friday, 18 May 2018, number 20

Mario Agnes dies, Editor-in-Chief of ‘L’Osservatore Romano’ from 1984 to 2007

Twenty-three years The Pontiff’s telegram

Mario Agnes was an important yet reserved Mario Agnes, emeritus Editor-in-Chief of
representative of Italian Catholicism. Born in ‘L’Osservatore Romano’, passed away on
the Region of Irpinia to a deeply rooted Cath- Wednesday evening, 9 May, at his home in the
olic family to which he always remained ex- Vatican. Appointed by Pope John Paul II in
tremely close, Agnes was distinguished by his 1984, he led the Holy See’s newspaper for
absolute loyalty to the ecclesiastical hierarchy. nearly a quarter century. The following is a
In the last 30 years of the 20th century, he ex- translation of a telegram that Pope Francis sent
ercised his lay commitment first in Catholic
to the late Editor’s nephew, Salvatore Agnes.
Action (serving, among other roles, as its na-
tional president) and then as Editor-in-Chief of Having learned of the death of Prof. Mario
L’Osservatore Romano, which he directed for Agnes, former National President of Italian
nearly a quarter century. Catholic Action and emeritus Editor-in-
With a lean, almost emaciated figure, rigor- Chief of L’Osservatore Romano, I express
ous and at times sharp in manner, his strong,
my personal condolences to you and to all
impetuous character mellowed with the passing
years. To those who knew him personally, family members. I would like in particular
however, he showed unexpected friendly atten- to gratefully recall his commitment to the
tion and even solicitude. Catholic laity and above all his generous
After his lengthy leadership of the newspa- and long service to the Direction of the
per, he increasingly withdrew into his Vatican Holy See newspaper. While I assure my
residence and was struck in recent years by a prayers that the Risen Lord welcome the
serious illness, which he faced without com- dear departed Professor into His glorious
plaint; he felt deeply bereft at the loss of his kingdom, I impart my Apostolic Blessing
beloved sister. However, up to his last days he to you and to those who are mourning his
continued to keep up with current events, re- passing.
ceiving nieces, nephews and friends, but in-
creasingly preferred brief telephone conversa- FRANCISCUS PP.
The period that he led the Holy See news-
paper was the second longest in L’Osservatore
Romano’s history — after 40 years by Giuseppe
Dalla Torre —, lasting a good 23 years under Montini, the Vatican paper was then led for Agnes led the Holy See’s daily newspaper dur-
two Pontiffs: John Paul II and Benedict XVI. over six years by the reserved and refined intel- ing the period in which it affirmed and consol-
And although different from Pope Montini, lectual Valerio Volpini. To succeed him John idated the vigorous worldwide projection of
and in profoundly changing times, Mario Ag- Paul II appointed the not yet 53-year-old Agnes, Wojtyła’s Pontificate. But Agnes did not aban-
nes had traits in common with the aristocrat who did not hesitate to address the publication’s don his impassioned participant’s view of Italy
from Padua: commitment to the Catholic external and internal difficulties. He focused his and of the affairs of Catholics on the penin-
movement, loyalty to the service of the Holy attention above all on the transformation, even sula. At the end of his editorship, serenely and
See, and lastly, solid administration of the the controversial transformations, of Italian knowingly, he left a mature editorial staff pre-
newspaper. Catholicism, and pursuant to this commitment pared to continue — through changes indis-
Transformed at the time of the Council and he encouraged the entry of new technologies to pensable to every newspaper that seeks to be
under the direction of Raimondo Manzini, who the paper, accepting them even without making authentic as such — a daily and silent institu-
had been appointed by John XXIII and who, use of them personally. tional commitment at the service of a publisher
with consistent and intelligent openness, was With consummate loyalty to the first non- unparalleled in the international panorama of
able to interpret the decisive 15 years of Italian Pope after almost half a millennium, the media. (g.m.v.)

VATICAN BULLETIN Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Prefect of
the Congregation for the Evangeli-
Tuesday, 8 May zation of Peoples
— Bishop Stephen Tjephe of Friday, 11 May
Members of the Catholic Bishops’ Loikaw Bishop Rigoberto Corredor Ber-
Conference of Myanmar, on their H.E. Viorica Dăncilă, Prime Minis- múdez, of Pereira, Colombia
visit ad limina Apostolorum: — Bishop Peter Hla of Pekhon ter of Romania, with her entourage
H.E. Mr Peter Sopko, Ambassador
— Archbishop Nicholas Mang — Bishop Isaac Danu of Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria of the Slovak Republic, on a
Thang of Mandalay Taungngu Ferrer, SJ, Prefect of the Congrega- farewell visit
— Bishop Raymond Sumlut Gam — Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, tion for the Doctrine of the Faith
of Banmaw SDB, Archbishop of Yangon, with the
H.B. Rastislav, Archbishop of Monday, 14 May
Auxiliary Bishop John Saw Yaw
— Bishop Lucius Hre Kung of Prešov, Metropolitan of the Ortho- Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbish-
Han, titular Bishop of Buffada
Hakha dox Church of the Czech Lands and op of Munich and Freising, Federal
— Bishop Philip Lasap Za Hawng — Bishop Justin Saw Min Thide Slovakia, with his entourage
of Hpa-an Republic of Germany, and Coordin-
of Lashio ator of the Council for the Economy
Mr Antonio Raymond Andary, Am-
— Bishop Francis Daw Tang of — Bishop Raymond Saw Po Ray
bassador of Lebanon, on a farewell Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, Arch-
Myitkyina of Mawlamyine
visit bishop of Perugia-Città della Pieve,
— Archbishop Basilio Athai of — Bishop John Hsane Hgyi of Italy; President of the Italian Epis-
Taunggyi Pathein Saturday, 12 May
copal Conference
— Bishop Peter Louis Cakü of — Bishop Alexander Pyone Cho Cardinal Marc Ouellet, PSS, Prefect
Kengtung of Pyay of the Congregation for Bishops CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

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number 20, Friday, 18 May 2018 L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO page 3

At the General Audience the Pontiff concludes his reflections on Baptism

Children have the right to Christian formation

An appeal for peace in the Holy Land and the Middle East
“Children have the right to Christian formation”, and “it is the duty of the nurture the flame of baptismal SPECIAL GREETINGS
parents, together with the godfathers and godmothers, to take care to grace in their little ones, helping
I greet the English-speaking
nurture the flame of baptismal grace in their little ones, helping them them persevere in the faith (cf.
pilgrims and visitors taking part
persevere in the faith”. Pope Francis recalled this at the General Audience Rite of Baptism for Children, n.
in today’s Audience, particularly
in Saint Peter’s Square on Wednesday morning, 16 May, as he concluded 100). Children have the right to
those from Scotland, Ireland,
his series of catecheses on Baptism. The following is a translation of the Christian formation, which “seeks
Egypt, Mauritius, Indonesia,
Holy Father’s reflections which he delivered in Italian. to lead them gradually to learn
Canada and the United States of
God’s plan in Christ, so that they
America. In the joy of the Risen
may ultimately accept for them-
Dear Brothers and Sisters, nounces the condition of having Christ, I invoke upon you and
selves the faith in which they
Good morning! been transfigured in divine glory. your families the loving mercy of
have been baptized” (ibid., Intro-
God our Father. May the Lord
Today we conclude the series of Saint Paul recalls what it means duction, n. 3).
bless you all!
catecheses on Baptism. The spir- to be clothed in Christ, when he Christ’s living presence, which
explains the virtues that the bap- I offer a special blessing to
itual effects of this sacrament, in- is to be safeguarded, defended
tized must cultivate: “put on, as young people, to the elderly, to the
visible to the eye but active in the and expanded in us, is the lamp
God’s chosen ones, holy and be- sick and to newlyweds. May the
heart of one who has become a which lights our steps, the light
loved, compassion, kindness, Marian prayer which interweaves
new creature, are clearly seen in which directs our choices, the
lowliness, meekness and patience, the period of this month of May
the consignment of the white gar- flame which warms hearts on the
forbearing one another and ... for- support and motivate each one to
ment and of the lighted candle. journey to encounter the Lord,
giving each other. And above all live well his or her own presence
After the washing of regenera- making us capable of helping in the family and in the workplace,
tion, capable of recreating the these, put on love, which binds those who journey with us, until
everything together in perfect har- bearing the joy of life in Christ
person in the likeness of God in the inseparable communion with with the enthusiasm of disciples.
true holiness (cf. Eph 4:24), since mony” (cf. Col 3:12-14). Him. From that day forth, Revela-
the first centuries, it has seemed Even the ritual consignment of tion also states, “night shall be no
natural to clothe the baptized in the flame drawn from the Easter more; and they shall need no light
a new white garment, reflecting the candle, recalls the effect of Bap- of lamp or sun, for the Lord God
splendour of life received in tism: “Receive the light of will be their light, and they shall
Christ and in the Holy Spirit. Christ”, says the priest. These reign for ever and ever” (cf. 22:5).
The white garment, while sym- words recall that we are not the The celebration of Baptism
bolically expressing what has oc- light, but rather, the light is Jesus concludes with the prayer of the
curred in the sacrament, an- Christ (cf. Jn 1:9; 12:46), who, Our Father, which belongs to the
Risen from the dead, overcame community of the Children of
the shadows of evil. We are called God. Indeed, children reborn in
to receive his splendour! As the Baptism will receive the gift of
flame of the Easter candle gives the Holy Spirit fulfilled in Con-
To Dharmic delegation light to each single candle, so the firmation and will participate in
love of the Risen Lord enflames the Eucharist, learning what it
Dialogue and the hearts of the baptized, filling
them with light and warmth. And
means to address God by calling
him ‘Father’.
collaboration this is why, since the first centur-
ies, Baptism has also been called
At the conclusion of these cat-
echeses on Baptism, I repeat to
At the Casa Santa Marta on “enlightenment”, and the one each of you the invitation I thus
Wednesday morning, 16 May, Pope who was baptized is called “en- expressed in the Apostolic Ex-
Francis met a Delegation of Buddhists, lightened”. hortation Gaudete et Exsultate:
Hindus, Jains and Sikhs who had This is indeed the Christian vo- “Let the grace of your baptism
participated the previous day in a cation: “Walk always as children bear fruit in a path of holiness. After delivering his catechesis, the
Conference organized by the Pontifical of the light and keep the flame of Let everything be open to God; Holy Father made the following
Council for Interreligious Dialogue. faith alive in your hearts” (Rite of turn to him in every situation. Do appeal calling for an end to
The following is the English text of the Christian Initiation of Adults, n. not be dismayed, for the power violence.
Pope’s remarks. 321; cf. Jn 12:36). If children are of the Holy Spirit enables you to
involved, it is the duty of the par- do this, and holiness, in the end, I am very concerned about the
Dear Friends, ents, together with the godfathers is the fruit of the Holy Spirit in escalation of tensions in the Holy
and godmothers, to take care to your life (cf. Gal 5:22-23)” (n. 15). Land and in the Middle East,
I greet all of you who met for the and about the spiral of violence
Conference “Dharma and Logos — that deviates ever farther from the
Dialogue and Cooperation in a path of peace, dialogue and ne-
Complex Age”, held yesterday in gotiation.
Rome. I am most appreciative of the
efforts of those who made possible Witness to values I express my great sorrow for
the victims and the wounded and,
this initiative, which brought togeth-
er Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, To Buddhist Monks from Thailand through prayer and affection, I
Jains and Sikhs. am close to all those who are suf-
In a meeting room in the Paul VI Hall on Wednesday, 16 May, before fering. I emphasize again that the
Dialogue and cooperation are es-
sential at a time like our own, when the General Audience, Pope Francis met a Delegation of Buddhist use of violence never leads to
complex and unprecedented factors Monks from Thailand. The following is the English text of the Holy peace. War begets war; violence
have led to increased tensions and Father’s remarks. begets violence.
conflicts, accompanied by violence I offer you a warm welcome and I thank you for the precious gift I invite all the parties involved
on both a small and a large scale. It of your Sacred Book translated into today’s language by the monks and the international community
is a cause for thanksgiving to God of Wat Pho Temple. It is a tangible sign of your generosity and of to renew their commitment so
when religious leaders actively foster the friendship that we have shared for so many years, a journey that dialogue, justice and peace
a culture of encounter by offering an made of many small steps. I think in particular of the meeting in may prevail.
example of fruitful dialogue and by the Vatican between Blessed Pope Paul VI and the Venerable Som- Let us invoke Mary, Queen of
working together effectively in the Peace. “Hail Mary...”.
dej Phra Wanaratana, whose portrait can be seen in the entrance of
service of life, human dignity and
the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, which you have May God have mercy on us!
the care of creation.
visited in these days.
I thank you for what you have I address my cordial best
done by coming together, in accord- It is my heartfelt wish that Buddhists and Catholics will grow in- wishes for the month of Ra-
ance with your respective religious creasingly closer, advance in knowledge of one another and in esteem madan, which will begin tomor-
traditions, to promote goodness in for their respective spiritual traditions, and offer the world a witness row. May this privileged time of
our world, and upon you and your to the values of justice, peace, and the defence of human dignity. prayer and fasting help you to
communities I invoke an abundance With renewed gratitude for this meeting, I invoke upon on all of walk on the path of God which is
of divine blessings. you the divine blessings of joy and peace. the way of peace.
number 20, Friday, 18 May 2018 L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO page 4/5

At the Basilica of Saint John Lateran

and not to take it, and they do so tized. In Rome too, this care, spread
without particular mandates on any- and multiplied through relationships,
one’s part but because “they fear God” can also generate a revolution of tender-
and serve him. The life of the people ness, which will be enriched by the
of Israel owes a great deal to those two sensitivity, by the gaze, by the past ex-
women, as our Church owes a great periences of many.
deal to people who remain nameless Keeping this as a foremost pastoral
but who have prepared the coming of task, we will be able to be the instru-
God. And the thread of history, the ment through which we will both ex-
thread of holiness, is brought forth by perience the action of the Holy Spirit
people whom we do not know: the among us (cf. Rom 5:5), and see lives
nameless, those who are hidden and change (cf. Acts 4:32-35). Just as
bring everything forward. through Moses’ humanity God inter-
To do this it is necessary for our vened for Israel, likewise the restored
communities to become capable of gen- and reconciled humanity of Christians
erating a people — this is important, do can be the instrument (perhaps the sac-
not forget it: Church with people, not rament) of this action of the Lord who
Church without people —, capable, as wishes to free his people from all that
it were, of offering and creating rela- makes them a non-people, with its bur-
tionships in which our people can feel den of injustice and of sin which be-
known, recognized, welcomed, well- gets death. We need to look at this people
liked, in other words: not an anonym- and not at ourselves, to allow ourselves
An invitation “to undertake another step Word of God, the social and cultural ous part of a whole. A people in which to be challenged and inconvenienced.
on the journey of the Church of Rome: in
a certain sense a new exodus, a new
departure, which may renew our identity as
the People of God”. Pope Francis offered
Listen to the cry of the people phenomena in which you are im-
mersed. That is, learning to discern
where He is already present, in very or-
dinary forms of holiness and of com-
munion with him: encountering and ac-
one feels a quality of relationships
which is already the beginning of a
Promised Land, of an endeavour that
the Lord is carrying out for us and
This will surely produce something
new, original and desired by the Lord.
Before reconciliation and awareness,
there is a passage that the Church of
this pastoral direction on Monday evening, with us. Phenomena such as individual-
14 May, to representatives of various companying you evermore with the Rome must undergo in order to be
sectors of Rome’s Diocesan community. At
With the Diocese of Rome people who are living the Gospel and
ism, isolation, fear of existence, social
faithful to this call of hers: and that is
fragmentation and danger ..., typical of
the meeting, held at the Basilica of Saint friendship with the Lord. People who all large cities and also present in to be reconciled and to reclaim a truly
John Lateran, the Pope was presented with perhaps have not learned the catech- Rome; in these communities of ours pastoral gaze — attentive, caring, bene-
results from a recent diocesan study on The Word of God, the work of the conversion and for our good: moreover, in the end are revealed to be self- something to do and not as a liberation ism, yet know how to give a sense of volent, engaged — both toward herself
they already have an effective instru-
“spiritual afflictions”. The following is a Lord, seeks someone to join to Him- as Saint Paul says, “we know that in referential, not open to life in its en- that renews us at every step, blessed faith and hope to life’s basic experi- and her history, and toward the people
everything God works for good with ment of change. We need not invent
translation of the Holy Father’s address, self, to unite: our life. With this people tirety. We have fallen back on concerns and happy with the life we live. ences; who have already made their ex- to whom she is sent.
who we are today, he will act with the those who love him, who are called ac- another; we ourselves are already this
which he delivered in Italian. of ordinary administration, of survival. As you will have understood, I am istence with the Lord meaningful, and I would like to invite you to dedicate
same fortitude with which he acted in cording to his purpose (Rom 8:28). instrument that can be effective
How often is this heard: “Priests are inviting you to undertake another step precisely in those problems, those en- some time to this: to ensure that
liberating his people and in giving provided that we become subject to
Dear Brothers and Sisters, The analysis of afflictions has high- busy; they have things to do; they have on the journey of the Church of Rome: vironments and those situations from already this coming year may be a sort
them a new land. which our ordinary pastoral ministry what I have elsewhere previously called
lighted a general and sound exhaustion this, this and that to do...”. And people in a certain sense a new exodus, a new the revolution of tenderness. of preparation of the backpack (or the
The work on spiritual afflictions has The story of Exodus speaks of of the parishes both in spinning around perceive this. “He is a good priest, but remains normally distant. I think now
departure, which may renew our iden- And if guiding a Christian com- luggage) to begin a journey of several
borne two fruits. Firstly, a [growing slavery, of an exit, of a passage, of a idly and in having lost the way to fol- of Puah and Shiphrah, the two mid-
why let ourselves be taken up in this tity as the People of God, with no re- munity is the specific task of an or- years that will enable us to reach the
awareness of] the truth of our condi- covenant, of temptation/‘murmuring’ low. Both are poor attitudes that do wives who objected to the Pharaoh’s
mad whirlwind?”. It is interesting. It is grets for what we must leave behind. dained minister, that is, of the parish new land which the pillar of cloud and
tion as people in need, infirm, emerged and of an entrance. But it is a journey harm. Spinning idly is a bit like being homicidal order and thus impeded the
in all the parishes and organizations good that this situation has wearied us; It will be necessary, as I was saying, slaughter (cf. Ex 1:8-21). In Rome too, priest, pastoral care is incardinated in fire will point out to us. This means
of healing. in a labyrinth; and losing the way is this weariness is a grace of God: it new conditions of life and of pastoral
that were called to examine the spiritu- taking the wrong paths. to listen to the cry of the people, as there are certainly women and men Baptism; it blooms from fraternity and
Beginning this new phase of an ec- makes us want to get out. Moses was exhorted to do: thus know- who interpret their everyday work as an is not solely the task of the parish action, more responsive to the mission
al afflictions indicated by Msgr De
clesial journey which, in Rome, cer- Perhaps we are closed within and to the needs of the Roman people
Donatis. Secondly, [the understanding] And to get out we need God’s call ing how to interpret, in the light of the effort meant to give life to someone priest and clergy, but of all the bap-
tainly does not begin now but rather ourselves and within our parish world of these times of ours; more creative
that, from this adherence to our truth, and the presence/com-
has lasted 2,000 years, it has been im- because we have actually disregarded and more liberating for the presbyters
not only discouragement and frustra- pany of our neighbour.
portant to ask ourselves — as we have or did not seriously take into consider- too, and for those who cooperate more
tion have come about, but above all It is necessary to pay
done in these months — what are the ation the life of the people who were directly in the mission and the edifica-
the awareness that the Lord has not fearless heed to our
forms of slavery — the afflictions, the entrusted to us (those in our territory, tion of the Christian community. Not
stopped being merciful toward us: on thirst for God and to the
forms of slavery that take away our in the environments of our daily life), to be afraid of what we are and of the
this journey he has enlightened us, has cry that rises up from
freedom — that have ended up render- while the Lord always manifests himself gift that we have, but to make it bear
supported us, has begun a somewhat our people of Rome,
ing us sterile, such as how the Pharaoh by becoming flesh here and now, that is, fruit. The journey may be long: the
unprecedented journey of communion, asking ourselves: in what
wanted Israel: without children who in also and precisely in this time so diffi- people of Israel spent 40 years. Do not
and all this so that we may continue sense does this cry ex-
turn would procreate. This “childless- cult to interpret, in this context so be discouraged; go forth!
walking behind him. We have become press a need for salva-
ness” makes me think of the ecclesial complex and seemingly far from him.
more aware — due to certain aspects tion, that is, for God? The Lord calls us to “go and bear
community’s capacity for fruitfulness. He made no mistake in putting us
and to certain dynamics emerging from How does God see and fruit” (cf. Jn 15:16). In plants, the fruit
It is a question I leave with you. Per- here, in this time, and with these chal-
our study — of being a ‘non-people’. hear that cry? How is that part produced and offered for
haps we should also identify who the lenges to face.
This word ‘non-people’ is a biblical many situations, among the life of other living beings. Do not
Pharaoh is today: this power that in- Perhaps this is why we are here in a those that have emerged
word, used a great deal by the proph- sists it is divine and absolute, and that be afraid to bear fruit, to let yourselves
condition of slavery, that is, of oppres- from your findings, truly
ets. A non-people called to covenant wishes to prevent people from adoring be “consumed” by the reality that you
sive limitations, of dependency on express that very cry?
once more with the Lord. the Lord, from belonging to him, in- will encounter, even if this “willingness
things that are not the Lord; thinking The invocation that God
Such keys to understanding lead us stead rendering them slaves to other perhaps that this would suffice or even to be consumed” very closely resembles
show himself and draw disappearing, dying. Perhaps some tra-
back, even if only intuitively, to what powers and to other concerns. that this was what he was asking us to us out from the impres-
was experienced by the people of the do: to stay near the ‘fleshpots’, and to ditional initiatives will have to be re-
It will be necessary to dedicate some sion (or from bitter ex-
ancient covenant, who first allowed make bricks, which would then serve to formed or perhaps even discontinued:
time (perhaps a year?) so that, humbly perience, which makes
themselves to be led by God to become build the storehouses of the Pharaoh, we can do so only by knowing where
recognizing our weaknesses and having one ‘murmur’) that our
his People. We too can again allow shared them with the others, we can serviceable to the same power that em- we are going, why and with Whom.
life is pointless and as if
ourselves to be enlightened by the perceive and experience this fact: there ploys slavery. dispossessed by the I invite you to also interpret in this
paradigm of Exodus, which recounts is a gift of mercy and of life fulfillment We settled for what we had: frenzy of things to do way some of the difficulties and afflic-
precisely how the Lord chose and edu- for us and for all those who live in ourselves and our ‘pots’. Ourselves: and by time that con- tions that you have identified in your
cated a people to unite to Himself, in Rome. This gift is the Father’s good and here there is the great theme of the stantly slips through our communities: as realities that perhaps
order to make of them the instrument will toward us: us as individuals and us “hypertrophy of the individual”, clearly fingers; dispossessed by are no longer good to eat, they can no
of his presence in the world. as a people. It is his taking the initia- present in the findings: the ‘I’ that can- merely utilitarian/com- longer be offered for anyone’s hunger.
As a paradigm for us, the experience tive, his preceding us in confirming not manage to become a person, to ex- mercial and barely gratu- Which in no way means that we can no
of Israel requires a conjugation so as to that in Christ he has loved us and loves perience relationships, and that believes itous relationships, by longer produce anything, but rather,
become a language, that is, to be un- us, that he has our life at heart and we that relationships with others are not fear of the future; dis- that we must graft new shoots: grafts
derstandable and to transmit and bring are not creatures abandoned to their necessary; and our ‘pots’: that is, our possessed also by a faith that will bear new fruit. Take courage
something to life for us even today. enslavement, that everything is for our groups, our little social groups, which conceived of only as Brenda Bullock, “Migrant” (from the “Exodus” series) and go forth. The time is ours. Forward.
page 6 L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO Friday, 18 May 2018, number 20

El Greco, “Pentecost”
(1596, detail)

In reference to the Holy Spirit,
Pope Francis has often quoted the
Latin expression ipse harmonia est,
attributing it to Basil of Caesarea,
and more precisely to the work that
the great Church Father dedicated
to the Third Person of the Holy
Trinity, De Spiritu Sancto. The quo-
tation is dear to the Pope and it has
reappeared in several discourses and
homilies: in his 15 March 2013 ad-
dress to the Cardinals just two days
after his election, then in his homily
for Pentecost on 19 March 2013, in a
homily in Istanbul on 29 November
2014, and in his address to the Ro-
man Curia on 22 December 2014 —
‘Ipse harmonia est’
to say nothing of the occasions prior
to his election in the Conclave, such In search of Saint Basil’s quotation on the Holy Spirit
as the discourses dating back to his
episcopate in Buenos Aires or in the
interview published in the Novem- therefore only be preserved by the relevance that this term assumes in nion that reveals the divine Persons
direction of the Spirit”. the oikonomìa of the redemption, of as causes: the primary cause is the
ber 2007 issue of the periodical “30
The Latin aphorism ipse harmonia which the author makes mention im- Father, the operating cause is the
D ays”. This citation has not been
est cannot and does not seek to be, mediately afterwards, in paragraph Son, and the perfecting cause is the
identified thus far, but now it is pos-
as such, a literal translation of the 39. Spirit.
sible to state, with all due respect to
passage in question. An aphorism is Paragraph 38 of De Spiritu Sancto Quoting then a verse from
malevolent critics, that the text of
in fact, according to the recently up- is densely packed with theologically Psalms, according to which “by the
Basil the Great does exist.
dated classical Italian language dic- important affirmations. The inter- word of the Lord the heavens were
The text cited by the Pontiff is in tionary compiled by Giacomo De- pretation might be problematic and made, and all their host by the
fact found in the Cappadocian Fath- voto and Gian Carlo Oli, provides a subject to debate if — as Jean Gri- breath of his mouth” (33[32]:6, read
er’s De Spiritu Sancto, in Chapter 16 “briefly and effectively worded bomont held in 376, the year in from the Trinitarian perspective by
to be precise, towards the end of definition which encompasses and which Basil completed the treatise — all fourth-century Greek Fathers),
paragraph 38. It is found there in summarizes the result of considera- it were still suspected to be heresy. Basil could state that what creates is
the Italian translation by Giovanna tions, observations and experiences”. Indeed, it was suspected by some in- the Word, which is not a “significant
Azzali Bernardelli, while in the ori- And ipse harmonia est is indeed an transigent Nicene monks belonging modulation of air” but is that Word
ginal Greek it is transliterated ac- aphorism in Latin which concen- to ultraconservative circles, due to which “in the beginning was with
cording to the text Sources Chré- trates in a brief phrase the longer the close and longstanding friend- God and is God”. However, analogy
tiennes curated by Benoît Pruche: quotation of the original Greek, ship between Basil and Eustathius with the flatus vocis induced the
“Do ‘all His angels’ and ‘all His placed at the conclusion of an im- of Sebaste, his teacher of ascetic life, Cappadocian Father to call the Spir-
hosts’ praise God? It is through the portant paragraph of Basil of who, by then, had clearly joined the it “the breath from the mouth of
co-operation of the Spirit. Do ‘thou- Caesarea’s De Spiritu Sancto. ranks of the Pneumatomachi, that is, God” and, with the Gospel of John,
sand thousand’ of angels stand be- This text is the only passage of literally, opponents of the Holy “the Spirit of truth, who proceeds
fore Him, and ‘ten thousand times the Basilian work in which the Spirit. from the Father” (cf. 15:26).
ten thousand’ ministering spirits? Greek term harmonìa is found. The According to the Cappadocian Basil passes from the causes to the
They are blamelessly doing their fact, then, that in the first treatise by Father, the communion between the divine Persons: the Lord ordains, the
proper work by the power of the a Christian author on the Holy Spir- Father, Son and Holy Spirit is made Word creates, the breath confirms.
Spirit. All the glorious and unspeak- it the word harmonìa is an hapax, manifest not only in things created But all is made accessible through
able harmony of the highest heavens meaning it appears only once, and and visible, but also in things incre- holiness which performs healing and
[pàsan oun ten hyperourànion ekèinen that in the entire body of writings ate and invisible. These things can transformation: as the cautery is not
kài àrreton harmonìan] both in the attributed to the Bishop of Caesarea be known only by analogy and it is the flame and the flame is not the
service of God and in the mutual it appears only one other time at- the Spirit who permits this know- cautery, yet one without the other
concord of the celestial powers, can tests to the importance and special ledge. It is the Trinitarian commu- cannot induce healing, so are the
heavenly powers unable to apply
their salvific power without the holi-
ness that only the Holy Spirit, in the
cariate of Guaíba and as vice rector Trinitarian communion, can enable
Vatican Bulletin of the Nossa Senhora da Conceição them to manifest and communicate.
Major Seminary, Viamão. All the supernatural powers need
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2 — Bishop Bosco Lin Chi-nan of the Spirit, so that holiness, a gift of
Tainan The Holy Father appointed as the Spirit himself, may keep them
Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chávez, Bishop of San Fernando de la Uni- distinct from those of evil, sin and
Auxiliary Bishop of San Salvador, CHANGES IN EPISCOPATE on, the Philippines, Fr Daniel O. vice. The Holy Spirit, in heaven and
El Salvador Presto from the clergy of the Dio- on earth, conforms everything ac-
The Holy Father accepted the resig- cese of Iba. Until now he has
Members of the Chinese Regional cording to the measure of holiness,
nation of Bishop Irineu Gassen, served as diocesan administrator of
Bishops’ Conference on a visit ad God’s participating and participated
OFM, of Vacaria, Brazil (9 May).
limina Apostolorum Iba (9 May). presence in the visible and invisible
— Archbishop John Hung Shan- The Holy Father appointed as Bishop-elect Presto, 55, was born universe, holiness that without the
chuan, SVD, of Taipei; Apostolic Bishop of Vacaria, Brazil, Fr Sílvio in Mangaldan, the Philippines. He Spirit cannot be recognized, praised,
Administrator of Quemoy and Guterres Dutra from the clergy of holds a degree in education. He confirmed and completed in those
Matzu Islands the Archdiocese of Porto Alegre, was ordained a priest on 1 Decem- who receive his life-giving breath.
Brazil. Until now he has served as ber 1990. He has served in parish Therefore, it is important to con-
— Bishop John Baptist Lee Keh- rector of the Nossa Senhora da
mien of Hsinchu ministry and as: vicar of Saint Rita sider the entire paragraph in order
Conceição in Viamão (9 May). Parish, Olongapo City, and of to understand the meaning of the
— Bishop Philip Huang Chao- Latin aphorism ipse harmonia est re-
ming of Hwalien Bishop-elect Guterres Dutra, 51, Saint Michael Parish, in Santa
was born in Encruzilhada do Sul, Cruz; president of the Columban peatedly cited and applied by Ber-
— Archbishop Peter Liu Cheng- Brazil. He holds a licence in pas- Center in Olongapo City; vicar for- goglio to the Holy Spirit. Indeed
chung, Bishop of Kaohsiung toral theology from the Lateran ane of Saint Joseph Vicariate; dir- this expression summarizes and
— Bishop Thomas Chung An-zu University, Rome. He was ordained ector of Saint Augustine School of sheds new light on Basil’s weighty
of Kiayi a priest on 18 December 1993. He Iba and president of Magsaysay affirmations, which the Pontiff, with
— Bishop Martin Su Yao-wen of has served in parish ministry and Memorial College of San Narciso; his Magisterium, now renders timely
Taichung as: pastoral coordinator of the Vi- member of the Presbyteral Council. for the whole Church.
number 20, Friday, 18 May 2018 L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO page 7

The Pope to the Benedictine Confederation

Contemplatives at the service of others

“There is no opposition between contemplative life and service to others”. Pope more than intelligence or common ment to ecumenism and interreli-
Francis shared this thought with monks and sisters of the Benedictine sense” but “is a gift which we must gious dialogue. I encourage you to
Confederation, whom he received in audience on Thursday morning, 19 April, in implore” of the Holy Spirit; continue in this important work for
the Clementine Hall, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the “without the wisdom of discernment, the Church and for the world, plac-
Confederation’s founding. The following is a translation of the Holy Father’s we can easily become prey to every ing also at her service your custom-
remarks, which he delivered in Italian. passing trend” (Apostolic Exhorta- ary hospitality. In effect, there is no
tion Gaudete et Exsultate, nn. 166- opposition between contemplative
167). life and service to others. The Bene-
Reverend Abbot Primate, which, in the course of centuries has dictine monasteries — whether in cit-
Dear Father Abbots, benefited from it as from spring wa- In this era, in which people are so
busy that they do not have enough ies or far from them — are places of
Dear Brothers and Sisters, ter which irrigates and fertilizes, prayer and welcome. Your establish-
time to listen to God’s voice, your
I welcome you on the occasion of nourishing the capacity to experi- ment is also important for the
monasteries and your convents be-
the 125th anniversary of the found- ence, personally and in community, people who come searching for you.
come as oases, where men and wo-
ing of the Benedictine Confedera- the encounter with the Risen Lord. Christ is present in this encounter:
men of every age, origin, culture and
tion and I thank the Abbot Primate If Saint Benedict was a shining religion can discover the beauty of he is present in the monk, in the pil-
for his kind words. I would like to star — as Saint Gregory the Great silence and rediscover themselves, in grim, in the needy.
express all my consideration and called him — in his time marked by harmony with creation, allowing I am grateful to you for your ser-
gratitude for the considerable contri- a profound crisis of values and of God to re-establish just order in vice in the educational and forma-
bution that the Benedictines have institutions, it was so because he was their life. The Benedictine charism tive field, here in Rome and in many
brought to the life of the Church, in able to discern between the essential of welcoming is extremely valuable parts of the world. Benedictines are
every part of the world, known for being “a school at the
for nearly 1,500 years. In service of the Lord”. I exhort you to
this celebration of the Ju- give students, along with the neces-
bilee of the Benedictine sary ideas and knowledge, the in-
Confederation we wish to struments that can enable them to
remember, in a special grow in that wisdom that spurs them
way, the commitment of to continually seek God in their life;
Pope Leo XIII, who in that same wisdom that will lead
1893 wished to unite all them to practice mutual understand-
Benedictines by founding ing, because we are all children of
a common house of study God, brothers and sisters, in this
and prayer here in Rome. world so thirsty for peace.
Let us thank God for this In conclusion, dear brothers and
inspiration, because this sisters, I hope that the Jubilee cele-
has led the Benedictines brations for the anniversary of the
throughout the world to founding of the Benedictine Confed-
live a more profound eration may be a fruitful occasion to
spirit of communion with reflect on the search for God and
the See of Peter and his wisdom, and on how to pass on
among themselves. more efficiently his perennial rich-
Benedictine spirituality is re- and the secondary in spiritual life, for the new evangelization, because ness to future generations.
nowned for its motto: Ora et labora placing the Lord firmly at the it offers you a way to welcome Through the intercession of the
et lege. Prayer, work, study. In con- centre. May you too, his children in Christ in every person who arrives, Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church,
templative life, God often an- this age of ours, practice discern- helping those who seek God to re- in communion with the heavenly
nounces his presence in unexpected ment so as to recognize what comes ceive the spiritual gifts he has in Church and Saints Benedict and
ways. In meditating on the Word of from the Holy Spirit and what store for each of us. Scholastica, I invoke the Apostolic
God in the Lectio Divina, we are comes from the spirit of the world Blessing upon each of you. And I
called to abide in religious listening or the spirit of the devil. Discern- The Benedictines have always ask you, please, to continue to pray
to his voice in order to live in con- ment which “calls for something been recognized for their commit- for me. Thank you.
stant and joyful obedience. Prayer
engenders in our hearts — ready to
receive the surprising gifts that God
is always ready to give us — a spirit
of renewed fervour which leads us,
Muslim-Christian colloquium in Amman
through our daily work, to seek to
share the gifts of God’s wisdom with Dignity of life and dialogue among religions
others: with the community, with
those who come to the monastery in “Each person or group in need or In his message, Cardinal Tauran “poverty, injustice, discrimination,
their search for God (“quaerere victim of persecution should be recalled “the recent atrocities perpe- absence of [prospects] for the fu-
Deum”), and with those who study helped because they are sisters and trated by the so-called Islamic State ture” are believed to lead to terror-
in your schools, colleges and uni- brothers in humanity. This is a terrorists”, emphasizing that these ism.
versities. Thus an ever renewed and question of justice”. This thought horrific acts “should never be for- But, he cautioned, other reasons
reinvigorated spiritual life is thereby was stressed by Cardinal Jean-Louis gotten”, noting that the attempt to must not be underestimated. “Reli-
created. Tauran, President of the Pontifical justify them in the name of religion gious discourse, school textbooks,
Some characteristic aspects of the Council for Interreligious Dialogue, “makes the crime more heinous”. media, especially social media”, can
liturgical Time of Easter, which we in a message to participants in the Muslim religious leaders as well as play both positive and negative
are living, such as the announce- fifth Colloquium organized by the the Muslim community, the Cardin- roles in fostering peace. Moreover,
ment and the surprise, the swift re- said Dicastery and the Royal Insti- al observed, have largely rejected “a sound approach to religion is of
sponse, and the heart ready to re- tute for Inter-Faith Studies, which the justifications of the terrorists, first importance” in providing a
ceive God’s gifts, in reality are part opened in Amman, Jordan on while a minority of Muslims “has “source for personal and social
of everyday Benedictine life. In his Wednesday, 9 May. been and is still the victim of perse- peace and, in the end, for peace in
Rule, Saint Benedict asks that you The message was read by Com- cution”, suffering forced emigration the world”.
“on no account let [anyone] exalt boni Bishop Miguel Ángel Ayuso and many deaths. At the end of the Colloquium, a
anything above Christ” (n. 72), so Guixot, Secretary of the Dicastery Pope Francis’ visit to Jordan in Final Declaration was issued, reiter-
that you may be ever vigilant, in the and head of the Catholic delega- May 2014 was also intended as a ating among other things the
present, ready to listen to him and tion. The corresponding Muslim sign of solidarity with our “Muslim “strong relationship between re-
follow him (cf. ibid., Prologue). Your delegation was led by H.R.H. brothers and sisters”, the Cardinal spect for human dignity and rights
love for the liturgy, which is the es- Prince El Hassan bin Talal, Chair- recalled. “Standing with the perse- ... and the progress and prosperity
sential work of God in monastic life, man of the Board of the host Insti- cuted”, he added, “should go bey- of a nation”, and emphasizing par-
is essential first and foremost for you tution. The two-day discussions fo- ond religious or confessional affili-
ticularly that migrants, refugees and
yourselves, enabling you to abide in cused on the theme “Religions and ation” and “is necessary for the
victims of human trafficking “de-
the living presence of the Lord; and the Dignity of Life: Christian and credibility of religions and of the
serve special attention and care”.
it is valuable for the whole Church Muslim Viewpoints”. believers”. The Cardinal noted that
page 8 L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO Friday, 18 May 2018, number 20

At the Regina Caeli s an appeal against the attacks in Indonesia

No more hatred and violence

Applause for mothers who care for the family

Pope Francis has called for an end to the recent and fraternity may find a place in everyone’s heart”. nando di Puglia and San Mar-
violence in Indonesia. Following multiple bombings Before making this appeal, Francis referred to the zano sul Sarno; the many young
targeting the Christian community of Surabaya on day’s liturgical solemnity, inviting the faithful present confirmands and confirmed
Saturday and Sunday, 12 and 13 May, the Pontiff in Saint Peter’s Square to be “men and women of the from Genoa, as well as those
expressed his closeness to the families of the victims Ascension, that is, those who seek Christ along the from Emmenbrücke, Switzer-
and to the Indonesian people during the Regina Caeli paths of our time”. The following is a translation of land, and Liscate; the children
on Sunday. He prayed that feelings of “reconciliation the Pope’s reflection, which he shared in Italian. from the Parish of San Giustino
in Rome; and the students of
Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is how this mission was which was harshly struck by the the Tommaso Aversa Institute of
Good morning! able to be accomplished, and grave attack on places of wor- Mistretta.
the Apostles began this work ship. I raise my prayers for all I greet the employees of Fed-
Today, in Italy and in many oth-
which was then continued by the victims and their relatives. eral Express Europe, with the
er countries, the Solemnity of
their successors. The mission Together let us invoke the God hope that the current difficulties
the Ascension of the Lord is be-
that Jesus entrusted to the of peace to put an end to these may find a positive solution.
ing celebrated. This Solemnity Apostles has continued through
embraces two elements. On the the centuries, and continues still
one hand it directs our gaze to- today: it requires the coopera-
ward heaven, where the glorified tion of all of us. Each one, in
Jesus is seated at the right hand fact, by the power of the Bap-
of God (cf. Mk 16:19). On the tism that he or she received, is
other, it reminds us of the mis- qualified in turn to proclaim the
sion of the Church: why? Because Gospel. Baptism is precisely
Jesus, Risen and Ascended into what qualifies us and also spurs
heaven, sends his disciples to us to be missionaries, to pro-
spread the Gospel throughout claim the Gospel.
the world. Therefore, the Ascen-
The Lord’s Ascension into
sion exhorts us to lift our gaze
heaven, while inaugurating a
toward heaven, in order to re-
new form of Jesus’ presence
turn it immediately to the earth,
among us, calls us to keep eyes
to implement the tasks that the
and hearts open to encounter
Risen Lord entrusts to us.
him, to serve him and bear wit-
It is what we are invited to do ness to him to others. It is a
in the day’s Gospel passage, in matter of being men and wo-
which the event of the Ascen- men of the Ascension, that is,
sion occurs immediately after those who seek Christ along the
the mission that Jesus entrusts paths of our time, bringing his
to the disciples. It is a bound- word of salvation to the ends of
less mission — that is, literally the earth. On this journey we
without boundaries — which encounter Christ himself in our
surpasses human strength. Jesus brothers and sisters, especially
says, in fact: “Go into all the in the poorest, in those who suf-
world and preach the Gospel to fer in their very flesh the harsh
the whole creation” (Mk 16:15). and humiliating experience of
The task which Jesus entrusts to old and new forms of poverty.
a small group of common men As at the beginning the Risen
lacking great intellectual capa- Christ sent his Apostles with the
city seems truly too bold! Yet power of the Holy Spirit, so too
does he send all of us
today, with the same
power, so as to estab-
John Singleton Copley, “The Ascension” (1775)
lish concrete and vis-
ible signs of hope. Be-
Our Lady of Fatima, turn cause Jesus gives us
acts of violence, and so that I address a special thought to
your gaze towards us, towards hope. He went to
feelings not of hatred and viol- the Italian Alpine troops
heaven and opened
our families, our country, and the world ence but of reconciliation and gathered in Trento for the Na-
the gates of heaven
fraternity may find a place in tional Assembly. I encourage
and the hope that we
(@Pontifex) everyone’s heart. Let us pray in them to be witnesses to charity
will reach it.
silence. and workers for peace, following
May the Virgin the example of Alpine soldier
Today is the World Day of
Mary who, as Mother Teresio Olivelli, defender of the
Social Communications, with
of the dead and Risen weak, recently proclaimed
the theme “Fake news and
this small company, insignificant Lord, enlivened the faith of the journalism for peace”. I greet all Blessed. And as today is the day
compared to the great powers of first community of disciples, media workers, in particular dedicated to mothers in many
the world, is sent to bring the help us too to “lift up our journalists who strive to find the countries, a round of applause
message of Jesus’ love and hearts”, as the Liturgy exhorts truth in news, contributing to a for mothers! I would like to
mercy to every corner of the us to do. And at the same time just and peaceful society. greet all the mothers, thanking
earth. may she help us to keep our them for their care of the family.
I greet all of you, people of
But this plan of God can be “feet on the ground”, and to Rome and pilgrims; in particu- I also recall the mothers who
accomplished only with the bravely sow the Gospel in the lar the musicians and folklore are watching us from heaven
strength that God himself practical situations of life and of groups from Germany; the faith- and continue to keep us in their
history. prayers.
grants to the Apostles. In this ful of Paraguay, members of the
sense, Jesus assures them that Virgen de Caacupé community Let us pray to our heavenly
their mission will be supported After praying the Regina Caeli, residing in Rome; participants Mother, who today, 13 May,
by the Holy Spirit. And he says Pope Francis added the following in the UCIIM Conference, 50 with the name of Our Lady of
this: “you shall receive power remarks: years after the death of their Fatima, helps us to continue the
when the Holy Spirit has come Dear brothers and sisters, I Founder Gesualdo Nosengo; the journey.
upon you; and you shall be my am particularly close to the dear Dives in Misericordia movement And I wish everyone a happy
witnesses in Jerusalem and in all people of Indonesia, in a special of Naples. Sunday. Please, do not forget to
Judea and Samaria and to the way to the Christian communit- I greet the faithful from pray for me. Enjoy your lunch!
end of the earth” (Acts 1:8). ies of the city of Surabaya Catania, Scandicci, San Ferdi- Arrivederci!