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aa Book : Virginia Evans Express Publishing CONTENTS @ LD Tense Forms Word Formation Practice test 1 B The Infinitive/-ing form/Participles Practice test 2 BD modal verbs Practice test 3 [BD Adiectives/adverbs/Comparisons Practice test 4 Revision 1 BD ciauses/tinking Words Practice test 5 B Reported Speech Practice test 6 Passive Voice/Causative Form Practice test 7 Bh Conaitionais/wishes/Unreal Past Practice test 8 Revision 2 BD Nouns/anticies Practice test 9 TD Determiners/Pronouns Practice test 10 25 29 42 46 56 74 81 106 110 125 129 140 144 156 160 163 173 177 193 [ ouestions/short Answers Practice test 11 Di iversion/Emphatic Structures Practice test 12 Revision 3 PaEee Further Practice Sections Appendix 1 - Present, Past & Future Forms Appendix 2 ~ Phrasal Verbs Appendix 3 - Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns with Prepositions / Prepositional Phrases / Prepositions of time ‘Appendix 4 ~ Word Formation Irregular Verbs Suggested Answer section Test 1A/1B Test 2A /2B Test 3A /3B 197 206 210 216 223 240 244 250 255 259 1 18 715, Tense Forms oa Identify the tenses, then match them with the correct description. 1 They are getting married this summer. Present Cont. 2 The robber waves his gun and everyone gets down Nous © 1 on the floor. Present Simple ‘The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Present Simple The course starts on 10th October. Present Simple Clare is looking for a new flat. Present Continuous We've been sharing a flat for years. Pres. Perl. Cont They employ staff from all over the world. Present Simple Paula has become more independent since starting university. Present Perfect Simple The child has been missing since last night. Present Perfect Continuous es 2e 39 4i 5c a b c san fixed arrangements in the near future personal experiences/changes that have happened actions taking place at or around the moment ‘of speaking; temporary situations actions started at a stated time in the past and continuing up to the present reviews/sports commentaries/dramatic narratives permanent situations or states Permanent truths or laws of nature ‘emphasis on duration of an action that began in the past and continues up to the present timetables/programmes (future meaning) 6h 71 Bb 9a a Identify the tenses, then match them with the correct description. 1 9 1 Bill always stops to buy milk on his way to work. Present Simple The new serial is growing in popularity. Present Cont. There goes the last bus! Present Simple Scientists have just discovered a way to prevent memory loss. Present Perfect ‘Andrea has phoned me every day this week. Present Perfect Laura is always criticising my appearance. Pres. Cont. | feel exhausted as | have been working on my assignment all night. Present Perfect Continuous He's been asking to borrow money again. Present Perfect Continuous The Kellys have moved to Manchester. Present Perfect he 2b ad 4c 59 ea0e past actions of certain duration having visible results/effects in the present changing or developing situations recently completed actions exclamatory sentences frequently repeated actions with ‘always’ expressing the speaker's annoyance or criticism actions which happened at an unstated past time and are connected to the present ‘emphasis on number, frequency repeated/habitual actions expressing anger, irritation, annoyance or rticism Ge Ta Bi ot E i Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present form: Dear Greg and Christine, enjoyed yourselves. 11) ...am writing... (weite) to thank you for coming to our wedding reception last month. | hope you Mark and | 2) have just returned ust/return) from our trip to Kenya. We 3) have just moved Gust/move) into our new house and since we returned we 4) have been spending (spend) all our free time decorating. The house 5) {s actually beginning (actually/begin) to feel like home now and we 6) are gradually settling (gradually/settle) into a routine. We 7) have (have) breakfast together in the morning, but then we 8) don’t see (not/see) each other until late in the evening when we 9) get (get) home from work. Best regards, Mark and Sheila Roberts I hope both of you 10) have been (be) well since we last saw you.