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From: “Sutton Foster - Flight” Flight by CRAIG CARNELIA Published Under License From A. Schroeder International Copyright © 1992 Big Music LLC Adinistered by A. SehrederInterainal LLC 200 West Sst Sect, Suite 1009, New York, New York 10019 Intemational Copyright Secured Al RightsReserved Authorized for use by Skylar Cutchall ‘NOTICE: Purchasers ofthis musica file are entitled to us it for their personal enjoyment and musical fulfillment, However, any duplication, adaptation, arranging and/or transmission ‘consent of the copyright owner(s) and of A, Schroeder Intemational copyright laws of the United States and other countries and may subject the user to civil and/or eriminal penalties. this copyrighted music requires the writen authorized uses are infingements of the § hutp:// FLIG HT Duet For Women Duet Arrangement by MICHAEL RAFTER and CRAIG CARNELIA Recorded by SUTTON FOSTER and MEGAN McGINNIS Rubato Bmaddo Woman 1 (Megan) Let meron thru @ mp espress. Re. FfTsusB FHS) Bm Brad Woman 2 Sut «6 @ Music and Lyrics by ‘CRAIG CARNELIA Dsus D field in the night, let me lift from the ground "til my ro ion) Let me sway like the shade Goda of a tree, _—_ TTT 2 Copy © 1992 Big A Music LLC Administered by A. Seroede International LC 2oT Kingerkamack Ral, Sute 141 Intematenal Copyrgmt Secured ‘Grae, NJ 07649 'ATRRghts Reserved x Authorized for use by Skylar Cutchall Dsus D chm 7] Bm Bmaddo ° ed. sim throughout t 7 a De Gea? Gavisi7) ne — Thru the dawn Bm Bmaddo cn cao cams cam) Fa wan-na flow, wan-na rise, wanna spill wan-na_— grow. ina grove on wan-na flow, wan-na rise, wan -na spill, wan-na grow in Authorized for use by Skylar Cutchall