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I Introduction
Short Adventures
1-Pegasus in the Mountains ...... .. .. ....... .. ..... ...... ....... .. 3 Author/ Designer : Tom Kane
2-Underground with the Gnolls . .. ....... .. ........... .. ....... .. 3 Editor/Developer: John D. Ruemmler
3-Giant Scorpions of the Desert ......... ......... .... ......... ..4
4-Revenant of the Battlefield .... ....... .. ....... .. .... ....... .. ..5 Cover Art : David Martin
5-The Forest Demon ... .. ....... .. .... ....... .. ....... ...... ...... . .. .. 6 Interior Art: Paul Jaquays
6-Demon Warrior of the Seacoast .... ......... ........... .. ....7 Layouts : Ellisa Martin
7-Arctic Hazards ...... .. .. ..... .. ....... ...... ....... .. ....... .... .. ....7 Project Specific Contributions : Series Editor: John D.
8-Sphinx of the Desert Ruins ..... .... .. ......... ....... .... .. ..11 Ruemmler ; Content Editor : Terry K. Amthor;
9-Underground Perils ........ .. ....... .... ......... .. ....... .... ....12 Pagemaking : Suzanne Hamilton Young, Kevin Andrew
10-Basilisk of the Wasteland ...... .... ......... .. ....... .... .... 15 Dalton ; Layout : Eileen Smith, Cheryl Kief; Cover
Graphics : I. Haines Sprunt ; Editorial Contributions: S.
III Under the Sword Coleman Charlton, Chad Brinkley, C. Charleton;
I -Introductory Note .. ....... .. ......... .... ....... .. ....... .. .... ....16 Proofreading : Preston Maxwell Bennett Eisenhower IV.
2-The War . .. ......... .... ....... .. ......... ... . .. . .... . . .... . .. .. .... ....16
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3-The Conquest .. .. .... ....... .. .. .... . .. .... .. . .... . . . . ..... .. .... ... .17 Customer Service Manager: Deane Begiebing; Art Director: Richard
4-Encounters ...... .. .... ....... .. ....... .. ........... .. ....... ....... ...18 Britton; Editing & Development Manager: Coleman Charlton ;
5-Adventure Scenarios in Forvers ... ...... ....... .. ....... ... 25 President: Peter Fenlon; CEO: Bruce Neidlinger; Controller : Kurt
Rasmussen .
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2"Rolemaster Charts .. .... ....... ......... ...... ....... ......... ..... 27 Coordinator: Leo LaDell; Art & Graphics Staff: Bart Bishop;
Editing & Development Staff: Terry Amthor, Kevin Barrett, Rob Bell,
3-Fantasy Hero Charts .......... ......... .. ........... .. ....... ..... 30 Chad Brinkley, Pete Fenlon, Leo LaDell, Jessica Ney, John Ruemmler ;
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Shadow World

Even in great tales, little things matter. A surprise encounter
may imperil the heroes' quest. A shortcut through the woods may
entangle them in a mage's dark scheme, which might mushroom
into an epic adventure of its own. To keep these things from
surprising the Gamerriaster, this book offers many short scenarios
to fill any gaps in a larger campaign. For ease of reference,
scenarios are classified by terrain and creature in Part IV . In Part
III, an extended adventure, "Under The Sword," provides a set of
connected encounters in a conquered land .
Each adventure scenario begins with general descriptions of the
terrain and area. Specific information about the region's races and
beasts follows . Game statistics for creatures and NPCs appear in
Master Tables at the end of the book, for quick reference . GMs
wishing to set the adventures on the planet of Kulthea would be wise
to consult ICE's Shadow World Master Atlas (#6000) .


The following sections contain brief encounters to enliven
sudden meetings or unexpected detours in play . With little modi-
fication, they could become crucial parts of larger tales. Each
adventure also stands alone .
Tasks in Shadow World modules are often described in terms
of Difficulty Modifiers. Each term corresponds to a numerical
modifier in Rolemaster or Fantasy Hero .
Term RM FH Term, RM FH
Routine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +30 . . . . . +4 Very Hard . . . . . . . . . . . -20 . . . . . -2 11v,
Easy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +20 . . . . . +2 Extremely Hard .-30 . . . . . -4 y Iluyl~
;~dw ~ y
Light . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +10 . . . . .+1 Sheer Folly . . . . . . . . . . -50 . . . . . -6 a,Ilk
Medium . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ±0 . . . . .±0 Absurd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -70 . . . . . -8
Hard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -10 . . . . . . -1 Insane . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -100 . . .-10

Note : Tales of the Loremasters II gives Rolemaster Companion professions for some characters, this chart provides the corresponding ChL
professions . A = Arms ; E = Essence; C = Channeling ; M = Mentalism.

RMC Prof. (Realm) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RM Prof. RMC Prof. (Realm) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RM Prof. RMC Prof. (Realm) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RM Prof.
Archmage (C-E-M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mystic Delver (A-E) .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bard Noble Warrior (A-M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . Ranger
Assassin (A) . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . Rogue Dervish (A-C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . Monk Paladin (A-C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ranger
Barbarian (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fighter Dream Lord (E) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Illusionist (The) Professional (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . No Prof.
Bashkar (A) . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . Fighter Druid (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Animist Runemaster (E) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alchemist
Beastmaster (A-E) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ranger Duelist (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . Fighter Sage (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Seer
Bounty Hunter (A) . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fighter Farmer (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . No Prof. Sailor (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . Rogue
Burglar (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thief Gypsy (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . ... . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . Rogue Scholar (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No Prof.
Cavalier (A) . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fighter High War . Monk (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Warrior Monk Shaman (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Animist
Chaotic Lord (A-C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ranger Macabre (A-E-C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sorceror Sleuth (A-C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bard
Conjuror (E) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Magician Magus (C-E) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mystic Trader (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rogue
Crafter (E or C or M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No Prof. Montebanc (A-M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bard Warlock (C-M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Astrologer
Craftsman (A) . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No Prof. Moon Mage (A-C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Monk Warrior (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fighter
Crystal Mage (E-C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . Sorceror Necromancer (E-C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sorceror Warrior Mage (A-E) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bard
Dancer (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Warrior Monk Nightblade (A-M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Monk Witch (E-C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . Sorceror
Tales of the Loremasters II


1 9 PEGASUS IN THE When the Gargoyles attack, one flies to each side of the gap and
dash about, preventing a landing . The third pursues Starbreeze
MOUNTAINS through the air with a weightedlasso. The Pegasus tries to fly down
into the valley and escape into the trees. Of course, this puts any
A mountain pass ends in a sheer cliff, looking over the fluffy riders far off course and separates him from the rest of his party. If
tops of clouds to a ridge in the distance, where the trail continues .
the PCs fight the Gargoyles, Starbreeze willcarry them in battle, but
A few stunted trees grow on the other side. Reddish alpine grass
she cannot use her natural attacks while mounted .
grows between the rocks, and scattered flowers spring from the
cracks. Travellers must fly to continue . GMNote: treat the lasso as a bola but assume that any critical
Indeed, most do fly! A Pegasus Mare lives here, and she gladly results in Starbreeze being roped . Once she is lassoed, the
gives rides to good-hearted passersby, lifting them from one peak Gargoyle can drag her to his companions, who will tie the
to the other. The Winged Horse is a light sorrel with reddish Pegasus down .
feathers. She appears whenever adventurers arrive at the gap,
prancing justabove the stones until she finds an ideal place to land.
One ofher legs juts out atan odd angle ; it was broken ten years ago
when she tried to fly through a hurricane . The Pegasus thought she THE GNOLLS
would die until an Animist found her and fused the bone with Hidden in the rock and Hard to spot, a vaulted cavern juts off
magical herbs. The leg was too shattered to heal properly, so she from a larger underground passage leading to the outside. Here,
cannot gallop or land on rough stones. miners search for agates beneath the gray dust. The only entrances
Since the human healed her leg, this Pegasus has tried to reward to the cave are the main one and an escape chute leading to another
wingless peoples . Travellers know her as "Starbreeze" and depend level far below. A group offifty Gnolls lives here, hiding from the
on her help. She cannot speak but understands whatpeople say, and outside world.
has learned to gaze sadly until people give her foods which do not
grow in the mountains, such as apples, carrots, and lumps ofsugar . GNOLLS
In return, she ferries them across the gap, gliding on currents Gnolls are tiny wrinkled people whose bright eyes peerout over
between the two mountains. In her home meadow high in the long noses . This group supports itself by stealing from other
mountains, the Mare has stashed 55 gp, two +10 broadswords, six underground creatures and leaving agates (of greater value) in their
+5 arrows, two +5 shields and a +10 chain shirt, all left behind as place. The chamber is bare stone, but the Gnolls have created
thanks byadventurers either injured or travelling ingreathaste. The illusionary walls, furniture and curtains throughout the lair. The
Pegasus has no use for any of the items and will part with them in tribe's five Illusionists take turns maintaining the spells, and each
return for food. [Two +1 accuracy Broadswords, six +1 accuracy prefers different layouts. Therefore, the floorplan may appeartobe
arrows, two +1 DCV shields and one +1 DCV chain shirt .] completely different at different times, depending on the whims of
When PCs encounter Starbreeze, they unwittingly help her its designers . (A treasure of agates and other gems lies wrapped in
enemies . Three Gargoyles want to capture her, since any Pegasus rags and hidden in a neat hole two feet deep beneath a Hard to
can be sold for as much as 50 gold pieces. Slave-traders want perceive covering of rock and dirt in the -center of the central
Starbreeze because she is accustomed to carrying riders ; they hope chamber ; the gems total 10gp.) [This entrance is hard to locate .
to ambush the Pegasus while someone is riding her, hampering her Have characters searching makeperception rolls at-2 to -5, depend-
movements . PCs may note a few rocks which vaguely resemble ing on the illusionist .]
human figures, but the Gargoyles are Extremely Hard to see Thick curtains of rootlets and moss cover the entrances to this
beforehand . (They will not leave their cover until Starbreeze is in lair. The Gnomes protect these curtains with an alarm system that
the air . Hidden deep within the dark, dismal lair of the trio of does not alert would-be intruders . They weave threads into the
Gargoyles are mounds ofshiny armor scraps (worth nothing), three growth which connect with a wet sponge on the ceiling . When
+5 shortswords, two +5 daggers and coins totaling 80gp.) [Three +l someone snags the thread, it squeezes the sponge, releasing water.
Accuracy Shortswords, two +1 accuracy daggers .] Gnolls note which sponge dripped and hurry out the other exit to
avoid meeting intruders . The person who entered hears only the
trickle of water, common in underground regions.
Shadow World

All illusionary walls vanish when the Illusionistflees, so invad- Gnolls themselves might prove to be more thanjust a bother. If they
ers will find an abandoned cave . They may discover a few of the decide to "trade"agates fora PC's favorite magic weapon or the last
Gnolls' belongings in the dust : a cistem of water, an old boot, a few bottle of water, PCs may be forced to fight or to try to steal back the
hammers andother tools. Gnolls customarily sweep gray dust over item - from a race of beings who devote themselves to staying
loose _ " .1 " scrape - , hidden and unnoticed.
1 / worth of gems. After this discovery, they will not easily GM Note: to locate statistics for the Gnolls and any other
" more valuables " , help . NPCs mentioned in this book, turn to the tables in Part IV .


step into . Characters must explore the room or use spells to learn
its true size .
PCs may pass the Gnoll lair many times without noticing it.
" -- - " Am/" /
music of flutes coming from the wall near its entrance . The Gnolls

ITOILMill 10M Ills

with similar gaudy colors . Gnolls eat and dance wildly and may
allow newcomers (outsiders) to join them .
PCs might befriend these diminutive beings
" _
a sanctuary THE DESERT
on long underground expeditions. They may also use the Gnolls' A sea of dunes stretches out under a cruel sun, the sand running
chute to reach deep cavern levels and passages without making a for unseen miles through the desert . Dunes are stable on their
more dangerous trek through otherunexplored areas. However, the windward slope, butthe lee side slides away whenever anyone steps
" blow " " "
south. PCs can walk along the top of a dune safely, an Easy

a Hard maneuver, may fall . [Climbing roll at-1]

Two Giant Scorpions hunt in these dunes . Since the Gemstings
are built to climb the crumbling sand, they walk along the lee side
of a dune, waiting for victims to approach the edge . Their move-
ment is soundless, and they are Extremely Hard to see until PCs
look over the side. Whenever anyone approaches the brink, the
Scorpions try to grab him in their pincers. Then they strike
repeatedly, injecting a 6th level respiratory poison, until their
victims are either rescued or succumb to thepoison . [.5d6 NNd kill,
does body; the defense is being immune to poison or not taking
body from the scorpion's sting.]
Gemstings cling to the dune's side like flies, reaching over the
cliff with claws and stinger . Only two PCs at a time can stand to
fight them. To reach their sides and rear, an attacker would have to
cling to the crumbling dune with them. The Gemstings will
withdraw down the slope when armed adventurers press forward,
so that PCs may step too far and tumble. If the victims turn to run,
the Gemstings will try to grab them with pincers and hold them
back . To counter theGiant Scorpions, PCs must either fight or flee,
and neither choice is easy!
A character who steps on the lee edge of a dune must make a
Hard static maneuver roll to avoid falling twenty feet. (Treat the
fall as a 30 OB attack on the Fall/Crush Attack Table in AL&CL, p
58). Horses and other quadrapeds suffer 60 OB attacks, a result
which increases to 90 OB ifthe beasts are carrying riders . When a
victim successfully maneuvers to avoid falling, he must still spend
one roundrecovering his balance . [Characters on the lee edge must
GIANT SCORPION make Dexterity rolls not to fall. Falling characters take 3d6 normal
damage, 1 .5d6 if they make a succesful breakfall roll. Falling
horses take 4d6, 6d6 if carrying riders . GMs may decide that a PC
orahorse taking halfofitstotal body in one blow may break or sever
a limb.]
Tales of the Loremasters Il 5

4 9 REVENANT OF THE to avoid capture. He has a duty to destroy the enemy looters that he
travels with, but he has not figured out how to do so without risking
BATTLEFIELD his life. If the other pillagers got in a fight, he might turn to attack
them. Otherwise, he plans to ask a party ofadventurers to help him
This battlefield is now a peaceful if trampled meadow, with no
escape, offering them his battlefield loot in return . He has a suit of
startling features except a burned hut. Two armies recently fought
excellent +10 chainmail and an engraved +5 sword worth five gp.
here and moved on, as the victor pushed into the foe's homeland.
Only their tracks, a few fighters standing watch, and the scarred Aror's suit ofchainmail has notbeenenchanted but gives the wearer
a bonus: +10 maneuvering in Armor rolls . [Broadsword, +1
earth remain.
accuracy. Thechainmail gives the wearer +l DCV and allows him/
THE TALE her to act as ifhis combat load were one level lower. See page 86
The victors lefta few guards on thebattlefield, to welcome other of Fantasy Hero.]
fighters as they ride home to celebrate the triumph, and to assist GRIMO
supply caravans if foraging becomes too difficult . At first, the Grimo wants this group to remain on the battlefield with the
group was pleased to be left behind . Staying on the battlefield gave Revenant . He drew the poorest lot when the group divided spoils,
them extra time to search for loot and to pick the best spoils . Now and now he hopes that the Revenant will kill the other people . Then
they desperately want to leave, for an evil Spirit walks the battle- he can take the booty they claimed . Naturally, the Undead frighten
field, rising each night to avenge its death. him, but he has not yet seen the Spirit. Grimo argues against every
plan anyone offers to flee the area, calling such actions treasonous
THE BATTLEFIELD and cowardly . However, iftheRevenant attacked him, he would be
When PCs enter the battlefield, they meet Burad and his follow- terrified . Then, ifhe survived the attack, Grimo wouldbe more than
ers picking through the grass for unclaimed loot. The fighters will willing to help the others escape - and to go with them. Grimo
be friendly - if PCs are - and will allow the characters to spend does not say much except to complain about his share or try to lure
the night with them, seeking safety in numbers . (They have fifty the others to death . He is a dark-eyed, vengeful man who sulks
man-days worth of food.) Aror and Grimo may approach the party quietly most of the time. IfPCs givehim an opportunity, hewill rob
for help with their plots. Around the evening campfire, the them. His booty includes three leather purses worth three cp each
followers discuss their ideas for dealing with the Revenant . Plans and an ordinarv dauer and shortsword
range fromfighting the Revenant to fleeing into the woods, suppos-
edly chasing enemies . Some suggestions are jokes. However, if VERIX
PCs encourage them to act, Burad and his men might carry out an Eachday there is a30% chance thatVerix, a foppish commander
attack . Burad will offerhis swordReaver as areward to anyone who from the winning side, will ride to this battlefield with five squires .
defeats the Revenant . Verix is an old nobleman who no longer fights but wants to
celebrate the victory . He expects people to bow before him . Burad
ON THE FIELD and his people must show Sir Verix the battlefield and flatter him,
No bodies are left on the field, but one can find abandoned while keeping the Revenant away. If anyone offends Sir Verix, or
weapons . Searchers can locate 3-30 spent arrows, 3-30 spent bolts if the group has fled, the noble will send his many armed squires to
for a light crossbow, 3-30 bolts for a heavy crossbow, 1-10 track the miscreants and to hang them as traitors . (The squires
longswords, 1-10 battleaxes, 1-10 lances, and 3-30 silver pieces. might be bribed to lie to their master and to leave the party alone,
Horseshoes and odd bits of metal also litter the meadow. for 5gp .)
An old man named Burad leads the group of battlefield guards . The Revenant rises each evening at sundown and wanders the
He was once a mounted fighter, but when he grew too old to fight, battlefield . He is the Spirit of Dugal, the commander of the losing
Burad had no estate to retire upon. Therefore, he stayed with his side. When he saw his army fleeing, Dugal stood on a high hill,
lord, overseeing inexperienced fighters in battle . Burad wants to calling out that he would fall on his sword in shame before he let his
leave the battlefield, but hecannot bring himself to disobey his lord, men retreat . The fleeing troops ignored him, forcing him to fulfill
even though the noble did not know of the presence ofa Revenant his vow of suicide . Dugal hates the enemy and despises his own
Spirit. men for letting him die. If defeated in combat, he will retire for the
Burad took an enchanted sword named the Reaver as his share night only to reappear in twenty-five hours . Only magic weapons
of the loot, not knowing that the weapon once belonged to the with a 10 OB or more can damage him; to destroy the Revenant
Revenant Warrior. Burad's strength is further enhanced by the requires a thrust to the hilt with his own sword, Reaver . [The
three young pages who serve under him and are devoted to him, revenant has +20 Def against non-magic weapons .]
although they quake at the thought ofthe Ghost, which has already
slain five of their comrades. Each of the pages owns 100sp of loot. REAVER's EFFECTS
Two soldiers in Burad's contingent, Aror and Grimo, are less loyal The sword known as Reaver sticks in the wound, delivering 3-
than the frightened pages. 30 hits per round as long as the wielder holds onto it (a Hard
maneuver with St as a bonus), or until the opponent dies. Then the
AROR sword is easily removed. [Reaver=1 .5d6 HKA with an additional
Aror pretends to be a little known supply officer, disqualified .5d6 NND kill, does body, based on having hit with the sword in
from fighting because of a limp. Actually he fought as a crossbow- combat ; continuous attack as long as the wielder continues to make
man on the losing side and was trampled by his own fleeing army. STR rolls at -1, Independent focus = Sword. 16 real points (58
By the time he could stand,.he knew it would be impossible to catch active) .]
them. Thus, Aror threw away his crossbow and ininPri the
(, Shadow World

5 THE FOREST DEMON This Demon has used its dark powers to learn extra spell lists.
The wicked entity may cast spells from all Evil Channeling base
White birches mix with pine trees in this grove. Long ago, a lists, the Illusion Mastery Illusionist base list, the Invisible Ways
magician tried to summon a Demon Slave here, but the creature closed Essence list and the Minor Illusions Essence open list. The
broke free of the magician's "grasp." It now stalks weaker prey in Demon normally has 26 power points . However, it must spend 20
this dappled forest. The beast proved tobe amaster ofillusions and PP creating illusions .
a connoisseur of the unspeakable . The Demon inflicts night terrors GM Note: The Demon's illusions last for 13 rounds . The
on Men and plays cruel tricks upon them with a malignance born of creature begins this encounter under an Unseen spell. Its
the Pales. Illusion spells are as follows :
THE DEMON " The Demon creates the illusion with a Phantasm II spell, and
The Demon of the Fourth Pale appears as a very tall creature of the entity itselffeels real to the touch .
a light blue hue with rippling muscles, three small horns in his head " The arrows are a Phantasm 11 spell . They look and sound
and only one nostril . The clever entity is usuallyinvisible when PCs real.
first meet it . His prehensile tail is as biting and dangerous as a whip " The woman is a Phantasm 111 spell . She smells, looks and
in skilled and powerful hands. feels "real."
The Demon is sly, first distracting prey with fevered hallucina-
(Demon magic = 30 point V.P .P.P . No roll . Usable only to
tions, then striking them down as they watch . His illusions cannot
create evil effects which damage an opponent's health or for
move unless he concentrates solely upon them. He can also turn his
detects related to good/evil. 50 real points (60 active). 23
attentions from one illusions to another and back, but he cannot
Elemental Control = "illusionary magic ."
control two at once. If PCs stay together, they may not notice this
shortcoming, but should characters split up, only one illusion at a
A . Invisibility to all visions . 0 endurance . Not while attacking .
timecan move "realistically." Shouldcharacters try to carryimmobile
illusionary objects, their hands will simply pass through them. B . 4 .5d6 Images . 0 endurance . Persistent . Always on .
C. 9d6 Images. Requires full concentration . (4 end)
As characters approach the Demon, they may have the follow- Cost of illusionary magic = 50 real points (135 active
ing illusionary encounters : points) .]
First, a deer lies on the ground with two arrows piercing its
abdomen. The wounded animal heaves in one direction, then
another, kicking and oozing blood. It makes no sound, and the
blood cannot be smelled . No matter what characters do, they can
neither heal nor kill the deer . Nor can they pull the arrows out; the
distinctive arrows have black feathers and small skulls engraved
along the shaft .
Second, ablackarrow hurtles through the air, barely missing the
adventurers . It strikes abirch with a thunk, and arunny green liquid
trickles fromthe arrowhead . People who try to touchit have the odd
sensation that they cannot put their hands on the arrow. It cannot
be felt.
Third, the PCs come upon the corpse of a young maiden, lying
face-down in the leaves. She wears a white silk dress and smells of
spicy perfume . The lovely girl's face is sorrowful, and her eyes are
closed peacefully. Anyone who lifts her finds a bow beneath her
body, but no sign ofwhat caused her death . The girlcarries a quiver
strapped to her leg . Inside are five of the black, skull-adorned
arrows .
Once the party examines this last illusion, the Demon tears into .
the party wildly, striking from behind . Attacking renders the
creature visible . All illusionary objects become frozen in place,
since their master is no longer concentrating on them. The Demon
has no thought but to destroy.
The Demon owns a small hoard of treasure, taken from other
victims. It keeps the items stuffed down the throat of a real deer
carcass which has never been gutted. The treasure includes a
platinum piece worth 10gp and a magical dagger of long strokes,
which strikes as a +10 longsword and returns to the wielder if
dropped, once per day . [Dagger ofLong Strokes. 1d6+1 HKA. +1
Accuracy . Teleport up to 1,250" (only on dagger, only to bring
dagger to owner's hand, only if dagger was dropped, Once per day).
Independent Focus = Dagger. Real cost is 12 points (87 active
points) .]
Tales of the Loremasters 11 7


Rocky headlands push into the frothing sea here, and driftwood
lies everywhere. A grey sand beach lines the water's edge. A
Warrior haunts this region, endlessly seeking enemies to slay,
pursuing fame among the murderous people of its native plane.

The Half-demon'sbloodlust is rooted in its sense ofhonor: those
who defy the codes of battle defile the gods of War themselves.
Justifiably, the Warrior kills them as swiftly as possible, to blot out
their blasphemy . Two jet-black dogs run up and down the beach, Pole Forest
barking as if mad. The Demon Dogs of the Half-demon's kennel
run towards PCs, panting and foaming with hunger, but they do not
attack until their master so orders.
The Demon Warrior surveys his victims from behind cover .
PCs may notice him, a Hard Perception roll. The Demon resembles
a half-naked warrior with a hairy chest, crouching in a coiled
position, his hands frozen in a menacingclaw gesture . Actually,the
beast is protecting himself behind an invisible stone, feeling forthe
edge with his hands . As the party approaches, he stands and shouts,
"Follow me or learn the priceofshame! "Then he turns his back and
walks away. This is a test of the PCs' honor. If they attack from
behind, the warrior knows he is dealing with churls .
The Warrior has driven rows of 10' stakes into the ground,
forming a series ofbarriers . He then cast a spell of invisibility uppn
them, so that people will bump into them. To complete the trap, the Anyone who tries to fire arrows or other missiles through the
Demon planted short invisible spikes in front of the poles, for Demon's invisibles poles ofprotection does so at a -90 penalty [-9
victims to step on. To lure victims, the Warrior nimbly walks OCV]. PCs who dash forward to attack must make a Sheer Folly
among the poles after challenging the party, so that anybody who moving maneuver or step on the stakes, taking a 10OB attack on the
charges up to stab him in the back may crash into poles and step on Dagger Attack Table (One-handed Slashing Weapon) in AL/CL,
spikes, Very Hard to avoid . All obstacles become visible when p17. [PCs must makeaDex roll at -7 or step on 1d6 spikes for a total
characters touch them. damage of .5d6 Kill applied to the feet. If not using hit locations,
If characters pass this test, the Demon walks out along the assume 1 body and 1-6 stun for stepping on the spikes.]
headland and leaps to a black rock which rises from the crashing
water. He turns to duel his opponents here. The warrior issues a 7 9 ARCTIC HAZARDS
challenge to a PC. He demands an honorable fight on the rock Endless open tundra-not ice, but tough grasses and solid mud
where there is no room for devious maneuvers . They will fight until - cover the ground, stretching to the horizon . A light frosting of
one duellist dies or surrenders. A surviving loser must perform one snow, just enough to let sleds move easily, covers the grass .
service for the winner and give up all possessions but arms. The Although one seems to be able to see for miles, the rolling land
warrior then beckons his opponent. After a solemn bow, he attacks . obscures distant objects at a few hundred yards . Caribou pass
Should the PC surrender, he must dive into the chill waters to through here every year, grazing on the tundra grasses and running
bring up oysters . Acharmed jellyfish lurks in these waters and will from pursuing polar bears. The Madook -tribe of hunters also
attack all swimmers. The Demon will not yield until nearly dead. wanders these plains, living off the herds and the tundra.
Then it will give up its treasure honestly and perform one service.
The Demon does not duel scum who refuse to fight fair; instead, THE METEORITE
he calls the Dogs, which leapon the party, devouring hisflesh while An iron meteorite rests among hills in the northern reaches of
their master cuts other people down like sea-chaff. In an uncon- this plain, 100 miles from the trading post where most travellers
strained battle, the Demon will use its Invisibility power to get enterthe tundra. The tribesmen treasure the stone, their only source
behind PCs, treating them with the same treachery they displayed . of metal (aside from unpredictable traders). Hunters also want it:
The Demon owns a finely crafted magical +10 sword, a magic meteoric iron is known for its magical properties . Two hundred
+5 shield and a polished ceramic jar worth ten gp, which holds 100 years ago, when traders first appeared from foreign lands, a Ma-
gp. His treasure also includes eight laurel wreaths from various dook shaman called an Elemental Guardian of Air to protect the
fencing matches, which are not worth money, but allow wearers to meteorite, fearing that hunters would drag it away or chip at it,
pose as great champions ofthe people . The Demon Warrior carries ruining its powers and forcing the tribes into dependency on
his sword, but the other treasure is invisible and scattered on the southern smiths . Today, shamendo notremember this incident, but
beach. Nobody can find it without his help or some magical means they know that the "Old Wind" protects the stone and will not let
of seeing the unseen . [The sword is a +1 accuracy weapon;the uninitiated men approach .
shield adds one DCV on top of its normal bonus]
GM Note : PCs will take damagefrom the bitter weather here
unless they dress properly . (Game details appear in the
statistics sectiondescribing the effectsofcold .) Assume that all
NPCs wear warm clothing .
Shadow World

~~/ IIII 3 The Meteorite ;

I1111 1 lk"\`
`%%111 01
1 1,

:zzw~ -/~~II
~ 11 1

L~L ,

-The Cannibal-Ghoul
The Madook

__ - 1 -- The Mud

~~ "' ... "' '.
Akruk, the Wagging- Dog-Tail 11, %,"

ENCOUNTERS "Every magician knows that iron from the heavens forms a
repository for the Essence and can absorb powerful spells . It's a
The tundra is an open expanse with few notable features .
precious thing," he says ominously, "and some would kill for it."
However, PCs may have several encounters as they move across it, Bembley also offers some very bad advice about polar bears,
probably in the following order.
warning that the bears will kill ifleft hungry. Therefore, one should
THE TRADING POST pacify them with food. This works for caravans coming from the
Several traders own cabins at the edge of the tundra and barter south, who can carry great quantities of seal meat and fish for the
with the tribesmen as well as hunt. These hardy people depend on few polar bears they meet. On the open plain, food only attracts
each other's hospitality to survive in the arctic. Visitors stay here more bears, and nobody can feed them all.
whenever they wish, although they must share their food and Thechieftrader does nothavemuchmoney . Natives barter their
anything they bring in from the tundra . Despite the outward skins for steel tools, and his employers do not pay him well. He
friendliness, one hunter, a man named Vilmy, does not welcome owns a whole storehouse offood, enough for about 600 man-days,
adventurers . At any cost, Vilmy wants to recover themeteorite and and replenished each time a merchant caravan rides up from
may even hire assassins to dispose of competitors . warmer lands. A chest in Bembley's bedroom holds 200 sp.
His trading post offers the following items for sale or barter:
BEMBLEY, CHIEF TRADER 500 white fox furs (20 sp each)
Bembley is thechieftrader . He buys furs from thefew tribes and " 100 polar bear hides (20 by each)
hunters who venture onto the plain. They sell him polar bear hides " 200 wolf skins (1 cp each)
and pelts from the rare white fox. He appears aged and limps from " 15 sets of cold-weather clothing (1 gp each)
an injury where his foot was caught in a bear-trap . Bembley " 100 knives (3 sp each)
amiably allows guests to sleep in his cabin and to take provisions " 20 harpoons (25 byeach)
from his supplies. " assorted hammers and other small tools (13 by each)
Bembley pretends to know all about these arctic plains and " three dogsleds (6 gp each)
offers as much information as listeners want to hear. Actually, he " thirty huskies (1 gp each) .
has only rarely ventured beyond this trading post and gets most of Bembley feeds the dogs slightly too well. They are not used to
his stories from other traders who bring supplies to the little town. hard work and will only pull sleds at about 5 miles per hour, instead
He likes to ramble on about a great stone ofsolid iron which lies on of the usual 7.5 mph . Each sled requires five dogs and can carry 450
the plains where it fell from the sky centuries ago . pounds.
Tales of-the Loremasters II 9

VILMY'S SECRET If PCs accuse Akruk of trying to poison them, he will deny any
Vilmy the greedy hunter lives in a cabin nearby . Several of such motive, but he can eventually be frightened into accusing
Vilmy's friends ventured across the tundra some time back, but he Vilmy . He does not know why Vilmy wants the PCs dead . As PCs
will not talk about them. V ilmy owes Bembley 30 sp because he lost talk further to Akruk, he may babble that Vilmy's son, Adua, has led
a set of ten trading knives on a recent hunting trip. Although an expedition north and has not returned for weeks . He suggests
Bembley does not particularly need the money, he reminds Vilmy that Vilmy may blame the PCs for their disappearance .
of it constantly, slightly amused that the hunter could lose ten Each time that Akruk, Wagging-Dog-Tail, meets someone, he
knives on the open grass . Vilmy may joke about this occasionally, introduces himself with his full name, even though he hates it . The
but he quickly tires of it. Then he snaps, "What do you know of it!" lore of his tribe warns that one cannot discard one's name without
This black-bearded hunter is snide and avaricious . He looks young, changing one's destiny, and usually for the worse . There is no
but actually he is in his forties . danger if other people abbreviate the name, so Akruk will be
Vilmy did not misplace the knives . While on the tundra, his delighted if PCs omit the "Wagging-Dog-Tail" from his title. (He
party met a clan of ice tribesmen who desperately needed steel could not bear to kill them then .) After this formality, he would
blades but had nothing to pay with . This left Vilmy and his friends entertain the party without malice and warn them that Vilmy wants
afraid to help them, lest all the tribes might expect such gifts . The them dead . If they ask why, he will provide the explanations given
clan finally "traded" for their knives with information . They above . Once the party leaves, Akruk tells Vilmy that they ate the
claimed to know where the meteorite rests . The iron stone is one liver but it failed to injure them . Vilmy will suspect the truth, but
hundred miles into the tundra, they reported, concealed in a set of Akruk will give him the long, inscrutable stare of a hunter and
rocky hills . Although the meteorite is not hidden, someone who eventually Vilmy will let the "transgression" go and will not punish
does not know where to look could walk forever amid storms and Akruk .
sunglare without finding it . And, they added, tribal legend also Akruk lives in a hide tent, which he moves almost every night.
warns that the "Old Wind" lurks near the stone and drives intruders Several sides of polar-bear meat are stored inside, wrapped in
away . Vilmy tries to conceal this whole episode. If anyone learns, leather and frozen . He owns a dogsled, six dogs, spear, dagger and
he would have to give out all his party's information because a a bag of metal trinkets and bits of cloth . His dogs are properly
hunter's ethics forbids secrecy. trained and perform far better than Bembley's .
Vilmy's party is currently lost on the tundra; fifteen days have
elapsed since they left. He knows that they have been gone too long,
The party meets a bear almost as soon as it enters the plains . The
but hopes that his friends are merely dragging back a heavy piece
huge white-furred beast approaches, snarling with greed, and
of iron, and he does not want anyone to find them and ask for a share.
circles the party for hours, advancing closer . It will not leave um,il
t ne punter vigorous 1 y d'iscourages PC s from gon
i g into the p 1ams . PCs give it at least half a man/day's worth of meat . If PCs feed the
He tells them that the game has been hunted to extinction, and there
bear, there is an 80% chance that 1-10 more bears appear the
is nothing else to gain . Bembley would contradict him if he said that
following evening, also expecting food. The bears will all fight
nobody was hunting now, but he tries to imply that his friends are
back if PCs attack them. (See the Creature Table in the rear for the
simply gathering their traps and preparing to leave .
bears' stats .) If characters try to ignore these bears, the animals
If the PCs insist on exploring the tundra, Vilmy will order them
become frantic when the see people eating and leap into the camp,
killed . He arranges the attack by sprinkling a rare tundra-grass into
knocking people down to gobble their food . (Each bear will eat 2
his fireplace at noon, sending pink smoke puffing up the chimney .
man days of food .) Keep track of how much food the PCs manage
This is a signal to Akruk that the next foreigners to visit him will be
to keep away from the bears .
foes . Then Akruk will poison the PCs .
This soft tundra slows all movement to half-normal rates . When
Akruk the tribesman wanders these plains, dressed in the wool
the PCs travel fifty miles into the tundra, they see a human figure
cloaks of "southern" lands and tribal leggings of white polar-bear
in the distance, pacing . A trader named Silat waits impatiently in
fur. Vilmy visited the ice tribes while Akruk was young . Akruk
this area.
became fascinated by the "southerners," with their strange metals
Silat traveled with the party who sought to find the meteorite . At
of copper and bronze . He constantly tried to copy their ways and
this plain the group decided to leave some of their food behind, so
to find things to trade for their possessions and even their trash . The
that they could carry more iron when they found it and recover their
other tribesmen ridiculed Akruk's slavish devotion to strangers,
food later . They left Silat to guard it . He is tired of waiting in this
and they gave him the name "Wagging-Dog-Tail ." Their taunting
dismal place and does not dare either return to camp or look for his
grew worse until Akruk fled, to live outside the traders' post on
comrades, lest they be unable to find him and starve . His dogsled
handouts .
still contains thirty man-days worth of food, and he guards six sled-
Vilmy has ordered Akruk to serve as his assassin . The young
dogs .
tribesman does not feel guilty about his "service," since he is only
Silat angrily , asks PCs what they want . He knows that Vilmy did
killing foreigners . Akruk envies the southern people, but he does
not send them and assumes that they are robbers . If the PCs mention
not consider them fully human . Furthermore, he hopes that by
the meteorite, he glares for a moment and will attack at the moment
killing a southerner he can prove that he is not utterly a "wagging
when PCs seem least alert, probably as they cook a meal or sleep at
tail" to them, and he will recover the respect of his tribe .
night. (Silat's stats are given in the Master NPC Table in the back
PCS MEET AKRUK of this book .) If the PCs seem to have other business and do not seem
When PCs have walked for a day, they meet Akruk . He walks to know of the meteorite, Silat merely treats them rudely and
the tundra, hunting for food with his steel-tipped spear. According complains about staying at the depot. As time passes, he may
to Vilmy's plan, he will invite them to his tent for the evening and describe the quest for the meteorite along with his grievances . But
entertain them there with tea and cooked polar-bear livers, organs Silat refuses to give anybody his food . The best one can hope for
saturated with poisons . from the sullen Silat is silence .
10 Shadow World -

- . . 1 - ."
,I . . .

.1 . . k, he assumes that its spirit is his special protector and

It invokes it against all danger . - . 1 __
/~~` ;//~
; .~- ~ ...-


r v~rw..ulsa~~ . . _ . 1 mey .
.man . . -
1 .1 .-
lea - . value . . . .1

1II IIf ahead, . 1 "Old 1 guards "Old 1

.- -
~Y /~/ v

can . .. appears . 1

, ..t ; , swirling . , ., . . . . .. . . _ . "stone-

11 I 11, ,
S.S1 '. - 11

- I,
~, which-bends," except . .1"


Unfortunately for the ' named

travels with this tribe. He understands thetongues of southern lands
_ . , ., , - knowledge.
1 ._ .

Instead, he listens, to see what PCs might be plotting in their own

_ _
Ch t°w=V~ ,s"w
- . " . . . . 1 . " 1

work the iron and make tools. Akkak fears that the mysterious
southerners may overpower or outwit the stone's guardian . There-
.- , he relies on fear to keep them away . He says little, only
dropping an ominous word occasionally .
THE MADOOK There is a 90% chance that adventurers will meet this creature
after travelling about ninety miles. They can already see blackhills
THE MADOOK in the distance . . . the hills of the iron stone. Hills of danger and
A clan of twenty tribesmen called the Madook roams this plain, trouble. It seems thatone member ofVilmy's party went mad from
hunting reindeer and polar bear and moving with the game. Only hunger, ate thecorpses of his own companions and grew to liketheir
Madook shamans know metallurgy, and they depend on the mete- flesh . . . and to wantmore. Soon afterward, he killed another party
orite for ore. The rest buy what they need from the "southern member for meat, and the remaining hunters slew him with cursed
people," who come from the PCs' homelands . harpoons. The cannibal stays on as a Ghoul, wandering the plains,
The tribe travels discreetly ; PCs may nevernotice more than the eating meat raw and preferring the flesh of humans. This creature
remains of its camp. There is an 80% chance that the PCs will not walks toward victims, its hands hanging limp. Itmakes no threat or
encounter the tribe unless they purposely trail the Madook. No sound and appears human . It nearly bumps into a PC and then
Madook will use any language other than their indecipherable tribal attacks, madly clawing and biting at the throat .
tongue . There is only a 20% chance that theclan will fightPCs, but THE METEORITE
they always mistrust strangers, and they are accustomed to dealing
Stony hills and the walls ofa vast crater rise around the meteor-
with traders who demand a price for everything they offer. There-
ite. Icy stones and treacherous slopes make walking dangerous .
fore, they do the same. The tribe give PCs anything they express an
interest in, but unless the party gives some equally valuable present The stone itself is a twisted black thing, contrasting with the snow.
Shiny patches score the surfacewhere people have chipped pieces
in return, they will snatch their gifts back. The Madook want any
tool made of metal or cloth (as opposed to fur), flints and food. away, but the remaining iron stone weighs over 5000 pounds .
Despite this merchant's instinct, they will not let people starve for A group of five men wander these hills, hunters from Vilmy's
band who finally found the meteorite. Vilmy's son, Auda, leads
lack of trade goods .
them. He is a tall somber man who speaks the Madook language.
The Madooks' features can barely be seen through their furs and
capes . They generally wearwhite skins, covering all with a poncho The other four are frightened apprentice-hunters who are trapped.
of sealskin, to break the wind. They dress for protection from the These adventurers managed to remove a 500-pound chunk of the
meteorite, but they cannot leave to sell their prize . It seems that the
sun as much as the cold. Madook have almost white hair and pale
blue or green eyes, along with pallid skin, adapted to synthesize "Old Wind" did not hurt them, but killed their dogs and shattered
the sled, leaving them with no way to transport their food or the
vitamin D. Their long noses burn brown and peel even after
lifetimes on the ice . meteorite . They cannot carry enough to journey back to the base
camp and have stayed with their supplies, hoping for rescue.
Although a little food is left, this party has triedto save it. They have
barely eaten for a week. One member of the party became maniacal
three days ago, and they had to kill him. (He is now the Ghoul
described above.)
Tales of the Loremasters 77 11

Obviously, these hunters want to join with the PCs and to find
a way back to the tradingpost. They hurry to the party, shouting that
they are friends of Vilmy and Akruk, hoping that one of those
people sent the PCs as rescuers . Ofcourse, this may anger the PCs
whom Akruk tried to poison . The hunters have enough food left for Sandclouds roll endlessly overthese dunes, driven by the magic
three-man-days, although they would make it last for six . Despite of a long forgotten power. An occasional palm stump or bit of
their straits, they willingly share with PCs, hoping for help. worked stone protrudes from the earth, blasted by grit. Ofthe proud
The "Old Wind" will remain quiet and invisible until PCs try to towers which once rose here, only a few spires and a bubbling oasis
leave. He is an Air Guardian, called by Madook shamen to protect remain unburied. One inhabitant survives: a Sphinx lives by the
the iron stone. When the party prepares to leave, the Guardian water, bitterly decrying humanity .
attacks, using the same tactics which worked so well against
Vilmy's party, hurtling down as a hurricane, killing dogs,dbreaking THE TALE
sleds and dashing people over slopes. Men once studied the elemental Essence of Wind and Earth
If PCs survive and bring pieces of the meteorite to civilized here, in temple-libraries surrounded by uni-horned idols. These
lands, they can sell them for one gp per pound. statues gave their followers mastery over local weather . But they
also posssessed another, more profitable power. Their crafters
ASSORTED GM NOTES made them of iron and placed them to touch an underground vein
Characters who fall in the hills, due to fumbles, failed Moving of intensely magnetic ore . Adepts could rub needles against them
maneuvers, wind attacks etc ., take a 10 OB attack from the Fall/ to create Lode-charms, seemingly magical devices which pointed
Crush Attack Table (on p58 ofChL/CaL ). Assume that sleds have north. Mariners and desert travellers will gladly pay fortunes for
10 concussion hits to see if they break. [3d6 normal damage from these enchanted tools.
falls in the hills.] Such magic must be honored with due solemnity . Followers
Polar bearliver may be treated as a level three reduction poison. annointed the Sphinx to defend the sanctity of the statues, serving
Weapons made from the meteorite iron gain no special bonus as a sage, priestess, guard, and tester of initiates . But after time, the
unless enchanted . When magical spells are cast on them, they gain Adepts died. Their heirs hawked Lode-charms with no more grace
double the combat bonus that the spell would have given ordinary and solemnity than a horse merchants selling his nags. These new
metal. The iron may also be required for certain magical amulets wizards abandoned piety and study, defiling the library to a point
or other charms, at the GM's discretion. [Treat as a rare spell where the Sphinx's oath of guardianship compelled her to destroy
component .] them. She has spent the years since then brooding about humanity,
resolving never to let that ignorant race learn of the existence ofthe
EFFECTS OF THE COLD Lode again. However, she still worships the Lode-guardians
Any character who does not wear warm clothing in this region (statues) . If they guide an intruder toward the sacred direction of
suffers a cold critical each day. [Characters take one body for each North, she will accept him as a guest .
day they go unprotected in the cold. This damage can not be recov- The grim Sphinx keeps her favorite things from the temple near
ered normally until the character moves into a warm place of rest.] the pool. She owns four leather codexes of lore worth 100 gold
coins and two fist-sizedmagneticfigurines offour-legged men with
one horn in theirforeheads . These devices scoot about and butt each
THE METEORITE 0 200' other with their horns when placed on a smooth surface because of
their magnetic forces. A wizard would offer tengold coins for them.
Curio-seekers, gullible magic-dealers andnobles who collectmarvels
N might pay ten times that.
The solemn Sphinx, whose thirty foot wingspan is a cause for
concern to those wishing to outfox or outwit her, wears a diamond
'~, y,~lllpll diadem, a crown which heightens her magical powers . (The
400' diamonds in the diadem are worth 100 gp in civilization .) The
~nw~gnl 003` diadem also acts as a x2 spell multiplier for Mentalism . [+20
111110 200' endurance, usable only for spells . Independent Focus=Crown.
Real cost is 3 points (10 active) .]
Over time, sand has engulfed the temple, covering it up to the
horns of the watchful statues, which now look like ebony daggers
thrust up from theearth. Each exerts a powerful iferratic north-pole
O a
i magnetic attraction. These horns shine like black mirrors, reflect-
ing the grains which blow against them. An attentive observer can
_ y~
'% " ~~ discern words in the random patterns , which continually scroll out
\- ~~~ lore of the Essence, mostly dealing with "Lode Fields," and the
\ ~ sentence, "My north points skyward ." If PCs read the magic lore,
° \
assume that the player characters now know asmuch about magnet-
ism as do the players who control them.
of ,. z Z
y s ~l///lu~p
400' \ X200'

w ~~s
12 Shadow World

Obviously,the partyneeds a compass ofsome sort. This ismore

DESERT RUINS complicated than it sounds, since they do not know which end ofthe
magnetized sword is the north-pole and which is south. The Lode-
statues provide a solution . Since their north ends point upward, one
can calibrate homemade compasses with them. As GM, pay close
attention to what the PCs do. Like poles repel; opposites attract.
Therefore, the end of the sword which veers away from the Lode-
idol is a north pole, seeking directional north. If the adventurers do
not think this through, they will probably travel in precisely the
wrong direction.
Once the adventurers leave, the Sphinx will stalk them. She
patrols an arc around the East, West and South, which means that
if the party walks straight north for fifteen miles, it escapes .
Otherwise, she locates victims with her Mentalism powers . She
uses a Direction, Imi/L spell. Whenever people cross the Sphinx's
search radius, she stoops from the dust to devour them.

The GM could use this encounter as a gate to an underground
adventure, set in the buried city. Adventurers must reckon with the
resentful Sphinx each time they enter or leave the ruins . She will
allow explorers to visit the old city ifthey seem respectfully attuned
to the Lode-idols, but she harbors a grudge against humanity. The
Sphinx attacks any new hirelings the party brings on later expedi-
tions, claiming that the statues never approved of them and that it
is impossible to arrange a fair test now because the party could tell
them how to pass it. However, the recitation of another amusing
poem could save the party from a ferocious attack .

Adventurers discover this cave in natural tunnels far below
ground, first detecting the cave's hidden mouth as an arctic chill in
The Sphinx also owns several haunches of camel, which she utter blackness . The cold surges out like a sword-blow. Tunnels
would like to supplement with Man-flesh . She sits by the oasis, form a natural refrigerator, where carbon dioxide wells up from
sharpening her lion claws in the sand. When anyone approaches, volcanic action miles below the earth and expands rapidly, draining
she calls, "Ha, my dears! You'll find thatpresumption bears aprice, heat in the process . The expanding gas lowers temperatures
a cost which fools find high. This is the Pool of the Magic Lodes, drastically . Oxygen wafts in from other chambers, keeping the
whose horns are North . You must go North if you hope to leave. atmosphere breathable.
Can you find the way?" However the party answers, she demands
the recitation of a rhymed poem and a sword. If the poem pleases THE COLD
her, the Sphinx will effortlessly grasp the hilt of the sword in her The cold has these game effects : anyone in the cavern complex
girlish jaw and strike several ringing blows against a Lode-horn . suffers a -30 on Quickness, a -30 on Moving maneuvers and a -10
This action magnetizes theblade . The sphinx then explains, "Some on OB due to numbness. Furs and insulation cut these penalties in
trust the heavens to guide them . Stars grow faint in desert storms . half; wet skin doubles them. In addition, characters without warm
Ihaveblessed your sword with theLode; if you are wise, it will lead clothing suffer a cold critical each hour, or every half-hour if wet.
you North . Otherwise, your lifeblood runs in forfeit ." She refuses [Characters in the cold act as if they have five points fewer DEX.
to explain more than the facts that they are intruders in a shrine of This loss affects all rolls and DEX-based skills but not Speed . If
North, and that she will eat them ifthey defile it by travelling South, PCs are wet, they act at -10 DEX and -1 speed ; if they wear in
Eastor West. If the party resists or ifthe poem bores or antagonizes insulated clothes or skins, they act at -2 DEX.]
her (perhaps by insulting the statues or the beauty of the desert), the
Sphinx will pounce on them, attacking with all her fury. PHANTOMS
The Sphinx casts the Mentalism spell Mind Store on party The smallest fires can heat these enclosed chambers . However,
members, to track them. [30 point V.P.P.P., No roll, Detects Only, heat presents a new peril. Phantoms are drawn to the flames . The
Only to locate people whom have entered into her presence.] She Undead spirits look like shimmering, transluscent faces floating in
shoos people away from her oasis. If they can travel straight North the darkness, the agonies of their deaths apparent in their tortured
for fifteen miles, they may return and drink afterward. Otherwise, visages. PCs with past links to the Undead first may see a Phantom
she reminds them, "You need not thirst long." The Sphinx knows as a "floating" limbless torso eaten away by disease. Phantoms
considerable lore too, which she only shares with creatures who cannot bite the living but can terrorize a group and drain 1 Con pt./
pass the navigational test. round with their touch . Only magic weapons can damage or
dissuade them.
Tales of the Loremasters 11 13

If the party lights a fire or carries lighted torches, they have a 3. Ice Chute. Thistunnel begins level but swiftly turnsdownward,
30% chance of encountering a Phantom every 15 minutes . Body becoming a vertical chute, its walls lined with filmy frost. An
heat alone gives explorers a 10% (non-cumulative) chance of underground stream rolls by below, constantly wearing away the
meeting one, while fiery magic orexplosions automatically attract ice which blankets it. Anybody who walks into this tunnel must
1-4 Phantoms. Characters willing to face Phantoms can heat any make a Very Hard moving maneuver [-3 DEX roll] or slip into the
room to a comfortable temperature by lighting a fire which lasts pit . Not only do victims crash into the ice, they may also break
fifteen minutes . This prevents cold damage but automatically through it and find themselves in the stream . If they press bare
attracts 1-4 of the frightening Undead spirits per hour. hands against the walls to arrest theirfall, they may summon an alert
Phantom . Anyone who reaches the bottom alive may crawl along
ENCOUNTERS the stream to other rooms, in a three-foot high gap between ice and
The following specific encounters are indicated on the map . ceiling.
1. Cave-in . This stony corridor slopes downward, and the walls GM Note: the lead character must pass a Hard perception
slope up toaceiling, 200' above . Warm breezes circulate, pumping check to stop before falling into this pit. Penalize by -50 ifthe
oxygen into the complex . Slush and ice layer the walls, dripping party does not use a light source . Thefall causes a 100 OB
waist-thick icicles from invisible heights. There is a 50% chance attack on the Fall/Crush Attack Table, p58 ofAL&CL. The
that bypassers disturb one, burying themselves beneath an ice-and- water also soaks the victim, increasing colddamage . Victims
rock slide. willinvoluntarily grasp atthe wallas theydrop. Anyone doing
When a slide occurs, everyone within the chamber suffers an so with bare hands automatically beckons toa Phantom unless
attack on the Fall/Crush Attack table (p58 of AL&CL) at 50 OB. he specifically asks to attempt a Very Hard Static maneuver
The force sweeps victims down the slope and covers them with modified by SelfDiscipline to restrain himself. Characters
slush and snow. Characters may dig themselves out by passing a crawling in the cramped stream-tunnel move at 114 normal
Very Hard static maneuver roll modified by Strength. This check speed. They suffer a -50 on all Moving maneuvers and a -30
must be repeated every minute. However, avalanche victims must on OB. [Lead Characters must make Perception checks at -1,
pass a Light Perception roll to dig in the right direction . The GM -5 ifthere is no light source . Falling into the pit does a IOd6
makes this check in secret, before PCs attempt to tunnel their way normal attack to the character and gets him wet. Attempts to
out . Escaped adventurers can find and rescue others by passing a resist beckoning are EGO rolls made at -3.]
Sheer Folly Perception roll. This requires one minute per attempt .
If victims cannot get out, they run out of air after 1-10 minutes .
After this, characters must pass a Hard static maneuver roll modi-
fied by Constitution every minute or suffocate. [Characters suffer
5d6 normal damage unless they can dive for cover and escape the
chamber . PCs buried in deris are treated as if they were in a 4d6,
4 defentangle . Free characters may attempt to help their friends, but
must make a PER roll at -7 to detect them (-2 if their friends are
yelling for help) . After 2-12 minutes, characters must start making
CON rolls every minute, -1 to the roll for eachminute after the first.
Characters failing a roll take one body and six stun. Characters must
continue making rolls until free or dead.]
2. Gas Vent. Chilly winds gust from this narrow tunnel. Lights
dance in its depths, casting gleams on the icy floor. Explorers can
barely fit into the passage, but an icy crust helps lubricate it. The
carbon dioxide which cools the complex issues from this pipe,
snuffing torches to mere coals. Adventurers notice no physical
effects for the first 1000 feet, but then they begin to gasp. The
carbon dioxide suffocates anyone who goes another 3000'. A Will
Of The Wisp glimmers at this fatal point, gleefully feeding on
doomed freebooters .
Movement in the tunnel has the following effects : aPC can walk
into the tunnel at 1/4 normal speed. Adventurers must pass Sheer
Folly moving maneuvers to turn around [-7 dex roll] and can only
proceed at 1/8 speed when leaving the tunnel. Pay attention to what
ordercharactersenter, since one stuck explorer can block the whole
party's path. PCs can hold their breath in this gas for five seconds
per point of Constitution. After that, they must pass a Hard static
maneuverroll modified by Constitution every minute or suffocate .
[Characters may hold their breath for 10 seconds per point of
constitution . After that, they must make constitution checks at -1
per turn or take one body. Characters must keep making checks
until they leave the area or die .]
14 Shadow World

. . t . ; ;;  . "
:7_7?"- When anyone disturbs him, he shrinks in alarm, knowing that he is

' daggerand willslash the mummies free in battle. (Purlock's dagger

='- <~ is +l0and can paralyze one Undead creature per day . This paralysis
` takes effect when the user scores acritical against his victim. [ld6-
` 1 HKA at + 1 accuracy. 4d6 entangle, takes nodamage from attacks,
only affects undead, 1 use per day . Independent focus = dagger .
Real cost is 8 points (70 active)] The thief prefers to avoid
bloodshed with bargains. Purlock grew up a burglar's son and feels
no compunction about stealing, but he is bluntly honest in personal
dealings. If intruders insist, he may allow them to share his chilling
chamber and the profits of storing perishables here. Purlock
treasures faithful partners . When people betray him, he tries to lure
them into one of this network's deathtraps.
GMNote: You may wish to change Purlock into some infamous
thieffrom your campaign. Thus, adventurers may learn of the
cache at #4 in other scenarios . They might come here to rob
it, protect it, or to deliver anew item to its hoard . Furthermore,
if they expect to meet other people here, they could be espe-
cially vulnerable to the Will Of The Wisp .


. . 000

4. Cache. Anything can be turned to profit somehow, even ice

caves. A thief, or more specifically, agreedyrogue named Purlock,
exploits this cavern. He sells ice chips to cooks and others,
"magically" storing meat for butchers and preserves dissection
samples for magicians. Grooves and abrasions coverthe crust over
the stream, where Purlock has chipped away ice. Purlock's frozen
cache sits in neat rows on the bank. A small coffer contains 100
silver coins and gems worth 10gp. Meat hangs from the roof,
comprising enough sausage, ham, chicken and butchered beef to
feed 100 people for a day .
The thief also stores more deadly carcasses: he robs graves and
sells the corpses to evil wizards . Some customers content them- \\\ , iliplrv///0lll
selves by dissecting ordinary bodies, but the wealthiest pay their
highest fees for the Guardians of tombs, whose spirits defend their
sanctuaries. Purlock stores three Mummies in an unmarked stone
vault, the door tied shut with - knotted cords . The Guardians
4 W.1,~ t

~ \\\
mindlessly attack whomever they can .

There is a 10% chance that Purlock himself will be here, in this
cavern . The thief is heavy-set, with a blond bang of hair tousled in
his hood. He dresses in thick beaver-skin, wrapping the outer layer
with burlap to protect his valuable furs from abrasion .
Tales of the Loremasters 11 15


Boulders and worn logs lie scattered over this plain. Dark,
swirling pools make walking hazardous, and algae flecks the water,
giving it the look of poxed flesh . Limestone statues stand among
the rocks, some cleft as if by a knife. No animals dare live in these
ruined woodlands, for a Basilisk has claimed this clearing and
coerced Men into cutting down the few trees which remained,
leaving nowhere to hide.
The Basilisk looks like a large serpent, thirtyfeet longfrom head
to tail, with the head and talons of a grotesque rooster . Any who
glimpse it turn to stone. Rumor is that the beast hatched from a
hen's egg laid in a Dragon's nest. The Basilisk then petrified its
foster-mother and keeps her hoard under a log. The hoard includes
1,000 silver coins, 100 gold coins, a brass helmet encrusted with
garnets worth 100 gp, and a black rod tipped with fringe of beige
silk, which acts as a Wand Of Sleep . (A Wand of Sleep causes all
targets in a 30 degree arc and within 50' to fall into a natural sleep
if they fail an RR. The Wand will function 40 times before
becoming useless .) The Basilisk lives tormented by its hateful
appearance and bastard birth . It rages from place to place, burning
with self-pity and fiery, almost-tearful pride. [Wand ofSleep =5d6
NNd, Area of Effect Cone; defense is Mental or Power Defence or
a Constitution of20 or higher. 40 uses before the wand is useless .
Gestures . Independent Focus = Wand. Real cost is 21 points (75
active) .] '
The Basilisk stalks people insatiably. It petrifies victims and
trades in their stony remains . The people it turns to stone frequently
soften into life again, and the Basilisk tantalizes victims' friends
with this thought, warning that it can release them . . . or shatter the
stone, leaving only a maimed hulk. This fell creature subsists on
ransoms from its statues' relatives . Sometimes hatred overpowers
it, and the Basilisk refuses to accept a fee or sets one that can never
be raised . Shows of sentiment kindle its wrath .
Statues of Men and animals stand everywhere in this waste,
most cracked beyond hope. Corpses float in pools, statues which When the party approaches this area, it encounters animals
returned to flesh after cracking . The Basilisk's dragon foster- chased from their old homes by the Basilisk. Two brown bears and
mother sits curled beneath a ledge, cracked beyond any hope of a family ofdeer lurk around the edge ofthe wasteland. Hunger and
revival but still stone. Two stonecutter's infants lie in unlikely terror have made them them desperate; the bears will attack the
poses, where their mothers dropped them in terror. They will return adventurers for their rations if the party shows any signs of having
to life in one month unless shattered while in the statue state . (The food. Once the party enters the Basilisk's terrain, the animals flee.
Basilisk took a great horde offood as ransom to spare the children Mounts and tame beasts will flee too, unless restrained.
but thus far has refused to return them to their frantic parents.) The Basilisk will attack the party on sight, then bargain overthe
Another statue depicts an armored horseman, his nose riddled first victims who turn to stone. It spits out requests for food, gold
withcracks. He is Hadrac the Bright, a warrior who encountered the and enchanted items, rewarding both complaints and honest offers
stonecutter mothers while riding to the service of his lord. Hadrac with harsher demands.
fought gallantly to save the children but failed . His lordhonorably Restraining a horse requires a successful Hard Static maneuver
refused to bargain with the monster. The Basilisk plans to shatter check, modified by StFength . Restraining a dog or other social
Hadrac one piece at a time until somebody offers a ransom worth animal requires a Hard check modified by Presence. [Restraining
at least 100 gold coins. (Hadrac will revive within one week.) The a Horse requires either a presence attack ofthe Pre +10 level, or an
beast will petrify him again unless someone intervenes. Animal Handler roll at Restraining Domesticated Animals other
Hadrac is a thoughtful man and would feel humiliated - and then horses requires a Presence attack of the 1x level or an Animal
indebted - if anyone paid the Basilisk for his life. Hadrac might Handler roll.]
serve his benefactor for one year as thanks . However, he would
insist that his master take him on a noble quest to wash away the
shame of bartering with the Basilisk .
Shadow World

Under The Sword is set in Forvers, a mountain town on the continent of Jaiman . Townsfolk are suffering under
the oppression of a foreign army; the land and people are held inthe iron grip ofa conqueror. Local vendettas simmer
while the invaders impose their alien laws. Meanwhile, a larger and subtler war goes on.


Forvers lies in a rugged country, where bluffs rise into moun-
This longer scenario provides numerous encounters . GMs can tains, and the town's independent folk pay little heed to the world
set medium-length adventures at Forvers or place it on the game's beyond . Peaks ofblack stone and lowerridgesofgray rock channel
periphery, to add flavor to areas which the PCs visit occasionally . roads and streams into craggy valleys. Leafy trees cover the lower
The GM should feel free to change languages, geography and the elevations . They become pines as one climbs and finally dwindle
identity of major figures to mesh with other adventures . If your to a few hardy evergreens, strangled by the stony earth and huge
milieu already includes a rising empire, you may wish to substitute boulders . Three valleys converge at Forvers, and several streams
it for the Host. Under The Sword is written for a setting in the Grey deposit rich topsoil here.
Mountains, on northern Jaiman, but it may be placed in any Cold winds howl through the Forvers year `round. The highest
mountainous region that suits your campaign . peaks are laden with snow, but valleys grow hot in the summer.
Precipitation occurs throughout the year . This scenario begins in
late fall.

Month Temperature Precipitation
Tiralin(spring) 40-55 Very Heavy
Arin (summer) 60-80 Moderate
Norin (fall) 45-60 Heavy
Akrin (winter) 25-30 Moderate
Ilarin (winter/spring) 30-40 Moderate

w; n v I I~~ ~

0 ; mostcooperate and settle community matters at moots . Farmers in

!~/ ~"~J~rl-In
In the plains below, other powers clash over Forvers . The land
belonged to a larger empire manyyears ago and now, aftercenturies
_ of freedom, Duma Thray, the Imperial Potentate, has taken it back.
The struggle to oppose himflared last spring, whenClanlords swept
Ir into the Imperial Domain . After a bitter winter, they needed fresh
fields to graze their herds. Incensed by their action, the Potentate
THE TOWN OF FORVERS proclaimed it an act of war . He quickly raised a Host and marched
against the Clanlords . They withdrew willingly, since, by then, the
grass was high in their own lands.
Tales of the Loremasters II 17

Clanlords come from a warrior people who once conquered The Clanlords have now returned to their home plains, leaving
these lands. In the years since, their people have turned to peaceful warriors and scouts in several strongpoints in the mountains, just in
pursuits, living in semi-nomadic Clans, raising sheep and noble case the Host pursues them. Most Clanlords doubt that the Imperial
horses. Clan headmen can muster an army which outnumbers the soldiers can feed themselves in hostile terrain . Certainly, reason the
Host, but they prefer quick little wars where only afew heroes fight, locals, the Potentate's forces must leave when winter makes food
and the loser concedes after a raid or two, allowing both sides to scarce. Meanwhile, O'erhost Grana has fortified himself at For-
return to their livestock . vers. The Ahtu have gathered a great deal ofoffoodto support him .
The Potentate mocks such restraint. As he views the situation, (They know who owns stockpiles and which farms have a surplus.)
his empire is civilization, with orderly laws, merchants, cities and Grana plans to wait until winter bites at the exposed Clanlords and
a standing army-or Host-of substantial numbers . The Imperial thePotentate sends reinforcements . Then he will crushthe Clanlord
Host acquires troops by force. When it conquers a town, soldiers outposts piecemeal, striking each valley in turn. Forvers provides
seize slaves from the population. The slaves carry army supplies a perfect positionforthe assault . He can crush one enemy and move
and even fight for the Host, using wooden spears. The Host suffers through the valleys to another faster than Clanlords can unite their
remarkably few mutinies, since they do not arm the slaves until troops across the mountains . Then, with the mountains secure, he
battle begins . When enemies charge, the slaves have no choice can thrust into the plains next spring .
except to fight back or die. Afterward, soldiers of the Host easily
disarm the weary survivors. Slaves who distinguish themselves are
sometimes invited tojoin the Host itself and to be paid a warrior's EMPIRE OF THE CLANLORDS
. .I . . . .
The Host uses slaves and warriors to form a freeman infantry .
These warriors call themselves Brownboots, because their gray
boots quickly become caked with mud . Typical Brownboots fight
in rigid leather armor with wooden shields and carry broadswords .
(Those who can afford stronger armor buy it.) This does not always
make them safer, since officers assign these troops to lead attacks
and to stand guard duty in times of danger .
Children of Brownboots can become Equans, the army elite .
They grow up in the Potentate's barracks, learning nothing but the
intricacies of making war . These soldiers ride well, wielding both
shortbows and swords. Finally, nobles ofthe Potentate's court lead
the army as O'erhosts . A man named Grana commands this
particular force.

When the Potentate's Host reached Forvers, it brought peace .
The soldiers ofthe Host finally quelled the traditional feud between
Forvers' two largest families, the Hasir and the Ahtu. The Ahtu
family, which is the larger group, continually try to seize farms from
the its rival. The Hasir retaliate by employing witchcraft and black
magic, casting wicked spells upon their rivals. The Hasir also own
the town smithy and deny Ahtu metalwork. Just a year before the
Host came, the brothers who led the Ahtu clan, Bakarand Gregkor,
slew Mahda, the Hasir's patriarch . People expected his daughters
to seek blood-revenge, and they dreaded the outcome of the fight.
Instead, the Hasir girls avenged their kin by conjuring droughts,
plagues and thunderous landslides. '-
Then the retreating Clanlords passed through the town. Two
days later, Brownboots marched into Forvers, and Ahtu lined the p
streets to greet them. Bakar Ahtu soon recognized the Potentate as
his rightful lord. In return, O'erhost Grana proclaimed Bakar
Mayor, O'erlord, Caretaker and Dutiful Magistrate over the For-
vers. Naturally, Grana and Bakar suppressed the Hasir and appar- While the Potentate keeps peace, the people support him;
ently negated any curses. seemingly, only the threat of disastercould provoke a rebellion . At
The invaders care nothing about local feuds . What they desire the Gamemaster's option, guerrillas could force the people to fight
is a powerful local chieftain to pacify the town; they selected Bakar for them by continually disrupting the Host's system of order and
Ahtu because his faction of warriors appeared strongest . He must offering a more attractive peace for their supporters . This strategy
avoid pushing his rivals into rebellion . If the Hasir can upset Ahtu, could workonly after months ofvictories overboththe Host and the
O'erhost Grana will offer them shares of the town. The Sons Of Country Watch (see Farms, #3) . Otherwise, Bakar will obey the
Hasirdespise the invaders thoroughlyfor supporting their rival, but O'erhost, and the people will obey Bakar. And so will Forvers
they cannot afford to fight the Host. Whoever wields power must remain a fief of the Potentate, forever.
accommodate the ruling invaders .
18 Shadow World

These folk doggedly ignore the affairs of the Host and its
4 9 ENCOUNTERS enemies and resent Gregkor's taxes; above all, they prize stability.
Most farmers abhor the feuding and feel grateful that the Ahtu has
These encounters are keyed to the MapofForvers and Environs . finally managed to impose peace . Thirty percent ofthem are loyal
IN THE TOWN OF FORVERS Ahtu. Another fifteen percent trace their ancestry to the Hasir clan.
(Gregkor has taxed them most severely but despite their com-
1. Picket posts . Watchmen hide in these hillside copses . Two plaints, they fear the Host toodeeply to rebel. Ifadventurers suggest
Brownboots man each post, armed with broadswords, full chain subversion, there is a 20% chance that the native folk direct the PCs
mail and enormous bows. The lookouts fire red message arrows to to the Hasir Manor (#9), a 70% chance that they will refuse to
warn headquarters about attackers ; their bows can fire message cooperate, and a 10% chance that they will warn Baradar (#5) to
arrows up to 1,000yards. Otherpicketsrelay the messages from the avoid reprisals .
fringes to the headquarters . (Message-bows should be treated like Most farmers are worried about Vanya Hasir, "the Star Witch"
any others in combat .) The guards will stop small groups and who prophecied against the Host and then disappeared when it
demand to know their business . Then one of them will escort the invaded, supposedly vanishing in a burst of falling stars . Farmers
newcomers to either the headquarters (Camp of the O'erhost, #6) as accuse her of burning houses, cursing men with smallpox and
prisoners or to Ahtu Farm (#2) to pay levies . unleashing beasts of the netherworld to rob their homes . No matter
2. Depot (Ahtu Farm). The Legion collects tribute from mer- what troubles the Forvers, the farmers blame Vanya and her agents.
chants and journeyers at this stone farmhouse . Bins of grain stand Ifthe party steals, attacks anyone or speaks againstthe invaders, the
in rows by its footpath as dirt-streaked cattle bellow from nearby farmers shout that Vanya has sent them with her dark magic . They
fields and pens. There is enough food here for 20 people to eat over will then raise the Country Watch to capture the PCs.
three months . Every able-bodied man belongs to the Country Watch, which
Ten Brownboots in chain shirts with greaves sprawl by the forms whenever anyone shouts the traditional warning of "Mayhar
booty . They leap to their feet when anybody approaches, in casehe - Arise! Mayhar - Arise!". A group of 2-20 farmers will gather
might be an officer, directing visitors to Gregkor Ahtu, in the within 1-6 hours, but they will flee if their quarry is armed and
farmhouse . Ahtu is a muscular man who gazes at guests with cold resists . The Host has ordered the Watchmen to deposit their
blue eyes. The tax collector dresses in elaborate jewelled tunics weapons in a central armory (see #5), and it takes an hour for the
worth ten gold pieces and carries a purse of fifty gold coins. His militiamen to arm themselves for combat. Most wear leather
personal larder contains ten gold pieces worth of the finest wines, jerkins and fight with slings and long spears. After unlocking their
cheeses, eating utensils and apples. weapons, five patrols of twenty Watchmen each will comb the
Gregkor keeps his hand near his sword, when he does not entire cleared area (everything within two miles of the armory) .
actually carry it drawn. Truly, he reasons, anybody might want to If the farmers catch a transgressor, a debate will break out and
kill the chief tax collector of the Legion . When they took control intensify . Some farmers will want to lynch the prisoners. Others
ofthe region, the invaders demanded a native forthisjob, since they think that "there could be trouble" unless they give prisoners to the
need someone who knows the local people and can tell who might Host. A third group may claim that since the miscreants obviously
be hiding gold or other wealth from the bite ofthe tax man . Bakar acted under a spell from Vanya, nobody can hold them completely
chose Gregkor forthis unpopular position to keep prevent him from responsible. They may want to interrogate prisoners with the
becoming a rival . The Legion assigns him quotas of recruits and established custom of sawing off fingers until the victims reveal
commodities to gather by whatever means he can . where the witch that enchanted them hides. When they kill Vanya,
Gregkor pursues his task zealously. He punishes tax resistors they reason, the spell will be broken and they can let theirprisoners
with moral fervor because he wants to think ofhimself as a hero, a go . Prisoners may be allowed to participate in the debate . By
man who sacrificed his own popularity to prevent the conquerors passing an Interaction and Influence Static maneuver roll at -10, an
from despoiling Forvers . They would have stolen everything, he adventurer may convince the mob to choose whichever fate he
tells himself . Gregkor never leaves anyone destitute and assesses prefers . [Persuasion roll at -1 .]
most people a tax based upon two-thirds of their belongings. He A band of six youths will try to exploit the fear of Vanya to
seizes anything which appears magical forBaradar (see Footman's conceal its own thefts. They call themselves the Night Sky Band.
Camp, #5) . There is a 60%chance that he conscripts armed fighters Members wear black masks and leave white pebbles at the site of
for the Brownboots. (Recruits go to the Footman's Camp at #5). each crime, to symbolize the stars which give Vanya her power.
His guards enforce these decrees . Bribes do not interest Gregkor Most people attribute their work to Vanya's familiars, although a
because he can take whatever he wants. If anyone threatens or few skeptics suspect the truth. The bandits are all young men with
insults him, he will seize everything the troublemaker owns and new-formed beards, the sons of local farmers . These thieves hide
mark that person for induction as a slave. On the otherhand, people their booty at the abandoned Mill (#4). They consider themselves
who strike him as sympathetic-especially women-can usually extremely clever.
convince him to grantthem special favors. (Ahtu secretly despises This group steals livestock and tools from barns and also
the Potentate and wants reassurances that he is no coward.) waylays anyone who walks alone after dark in the farm area.
3. Farms . The Forvers Valley is covered by a fertile topsoil . Fields Attackers wield cudgels with protruding nails. The farmers would
and farmhouses cover the central region, with the gardens more be delighted if anyone captured these burglars unharmed, for then
widely spaced inthe rockyfoothills . Poorer farmers live around the the crimes wouldcease and the boys wouldbe chastised. However,
periphery in stone huts, raising goats and sheep. This region shows few farmers would readily believe their sons' assurances that
no sign oftheinvasion except for a few burned farms. Gregkor Ahtu Vanya was not involved in the thefts and robberies .
has seized some cattle, taxed the harvest and burned the houses of
Hasir, but most people have enough stores to last the winter.
Tales of the Loremasters II

O/wo 14,

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Zp Shadow World

4. The Mill. A brook trickles incessantly fromthe ledges above this The PCs can learn personal anecdotes about anyone in the Host
abandoned mill, and mosses creep over its walls. Hordes ofcrows by talking with this slave, and he can help them contact anyone they
assemble here, picking grains of wheat from the floorboards while wish. He does steal occasionally, usually to amuse friends or get
they wait forthe Host to fight its next battle . The farmers shun this something for a profitable swap. Someday, Gerom plans to find an
eerie site. Local thieves (see area #3) conceal a strongbox in the ally who can cajole Baradar into releasing him.
mosses, with 100 copper coins, ten silver pieces and a gold ring A slave who calls himself "One-Eye" might also speak with
worth five gold coins inside . adventurers . Puzzlingly, hehas two blueeyes and smilingly refuses
Crow-sentries caw warnings when anyone approaches the Mill. to explain his nickname. One-Eye hates servitudeand tells theparty
Over the next few minutes - as PCs approach - all 200 crows exaggerated stories about his sufferings and the Host's terrible
straggle to the scene, impatient for battle. A band of 3-30 crows plans. He wants to escape. Ifadventurers spurn him, he may attack
attaches itself to any character who wears armor or carries a one of them with a homemade knife. When "One-Eye" fights, he
glittering steel weapon. The crows follow whomever they select always aims for the victim's eyesocket.
everywhere, beaks agape, claws gesticulating . They croak when- Ten Brownboots watch the slave barn at all times, armed with
ever they see someone new. Obviously, this makes that person whips and broadswords
. They will quickly intervene to stop
conspicuous and unpopular . Ifthe people ofForvers already dislike uprisings orescapes . Guards can whip slaves at will and hang them
him, they now feel certain that he serves Vanya (#11), and the with permission from Commander Baradar. They keep the slaves'
Watch may arrest him. This band ofcrows makes it impossible to spears in a locked shed, 100' from the barn. The Country Watch
sneak up on anything. Fortunately, they also clamor if anything is deposits its weapons here too (see #3, Farms).
about to surprise the party. A spellcaster with the power to A tall, husky soldier named Baradar commands this remote
commune with animalkind could make bargains with the birds: the outpost. He lives in the master's room of the largest farmhouse,
crows might serve as scouts or fighters in return for the promise of with a feather bed and private washroom. The troops ofthe outpost
booty won in battle. obey him without question ; he controls the Footmens' Purse of
Anybody who enters the Mill must make a Hard moving 3,000 gold coins. Baradar is short, fierce and self-assured . He
maneuver to avoid falling through the rotten floorboards to the serves the Host as a Sorcerer and ordered Gregkor to confiscate
grindstones 20' below . Treat the fall as an OB 50 attack on the Fall/ enchanted charms for him, knowing that the farm families often
Crush Attack Table (p58 of AL&CL) . This crash sends the crows keep such thingsforheirlooms . Bakarand the O'erhost forbade this
into a frenzy . [Characters must make PER rolls at -3 to notice the tax, to avoid inciting the people, yet Baradar collected it anyway.
floor . PCs with Architecture or woodworking need only make a He reasons that sorcery is a perilous art, not meant for peasant folk.
PER roll at Characters who step on the rotten sections of floor If anyone captures Vanya (#11) for his private interrogation,
board must make a Dex roll at -2 not to fall. Falling PCs take a total Baradar would pay 1,000 gold coins. The commander disobeys
of 4d6 normal physical damage.] some of his superiors' orders and feels slightly squeamish about
Whenever anyone bleeds, the crows descend upon him, retreat- blood, but he insists that his troops obey every ritual of military
ingonly when wounded themselves . Spellcasters might make them discipline .
promise to fight on a particular side, but their lust for carrion Baradar hides his illegally taxed charms in a leather case. If
overrides these bargains . They attack weakened people indiscrimi- anybody should reveal the existence of the charms, O'erhost Grana
nately . would reduce Baradar to a slave. Thus, the local commander will
agree to almost any kind of blackmail demands to protect this
5. Footmans' Camp. The stream widens, and a few cattails rise secret. His collection of magic items includes three useless copper
on one bank. Several farmers have built houses by the water and rings with mystic signs, a knotted cord which supposedly binds a
ringed the area with a stout rail fence . Gregkor has recently curse to theHasir family and a thumbnail-sized orb ofblackmarble,
requisitioned the area for the Host's infantry, and one hundred with tiny letters graven on it. They read "Bilestone, meal of
Brownboots live in the farmhouses. vengeance ." A gummy bile flecks the hollows of the engraving and
The Host has locked 110 thralls in the barn; the slaves wear cannot be scraped out. The stone remains inert until swallowed.
white woolen tunics with an iron waistband . In turn, the Host chains Then it lodges in one's stomach, not interfering with bodily proc-
these bands together when they bring out theslaves who are allowed esses, but imbuing theuserwith the ability to strike one AwfulBlow
to walkfreely otherwise . Seventy of these prisoners have travelled
per week. (The Awful Blow is an automatic critical for whatever
with the Host for years, earning full ration privileges and hoping to weaponthe wielder uses. In addition, the attacker gains a +30bonus
become Brownboots someday. They serve the Host loyally . to OB.) This attack always hits and may not kill the victim, but it
The other forty slaves come from local farms, thirty-five being inevitably causes excruciating pain. Ifthe target dies from the blow
members of the Hasir family whom Gregkor ordered conscripted
for hiding their herds from taxation . The experienced slaves know or in an ensuing battle, he returns as a Revenant, intent on slashing
the stone from his killer's viscera . The only way to escape is to kill
that the Host needs at least 125 bearers and will certainly capture theRevenant orto emitthe stone, not aneasytask. [Bilestone, Meal
more men, soon . of Vengeance : +10 accuracy, +1d6 HKA. With a .5d6 Transforma-
One thrall, Gerom, cheerfully introduces himself to everyone. tion attack into a Revenant, uncontrolled continuous, 0 Endurance .
He is dark, with a broad, gleaming smile . This likeable man once Based on accuracy and kill, Trigger = victim dies; Attack continues
held the rank of Brownboot, but Baradar (see below) caught him until the corpse is transformed . One use per week. Independent
prowling "disrespectfully" in Bakar's mansion and ordered him Focus = Bilestone. Bilestone must be swallowed for effects to
punished . Everyone in the Host knows and likes Gerom, who offers operate . Real Cost is 12 real points (70 active) .]
the soldiers anything they want - for the right price. Gerom If this stone is removed, the Revenant vanishes. Unfortunately,
currently owns: a wad of pinesap-chew, two blankets, a caltrop, a the stone traps itself in the user's bile ducts. One must ingest a
candle, three feet of wire and an oilcloth tarp. He wants the potent herb called Foolscabbage to remove it. A searcher can find
following items in return: torches, tinderboxes, waterskins and Foolscabbage by making an Extremely Hard Static maneuver.
daggers .
Tales of the Loremasters 11 21

6. Camp Of The O'erhost. A grassy hill rises at the center of Bakar made his younger brother Gregkor tax collector, leaving
Forvers valley, capped with bare stone and a brick watchtower. himself the sole patriarch of the Ahtu clan and Mayor of Forvers .
O'erhost Grana seized this strategic site for his headquarters . He is a quiet man who can wait foropportunities. His bristling hair
Horses graze in the field, 120 in all. The Host keeps 500 man-days and wiry brows give him an angry visage, which grows ominous as
of rations in the tower. he speaks in his soft, measured tone. Mayor Ahtu asserts his power
Twenty Brownboots and a hundred Equans man this camp. judiciously, knowing how easily the Host could seize his town. He
These rough and battle-scarred soldiers thrive on looting and collects luxuries and punishes the Hasir when he can. If powerful
cruelty . Every man owns booty; the Equans possess a total of 350 adventurers visit his home, Mayor Ahtu gives them sumptuous
silver coins along with stolen candles, skins of wine, tools and other feasts, jeweled rings worth 10 gold pieces each and other minor
personal items. These men fight frequent duels over the slightest gifts . Bakar needs henchmen who do not serve the Host. He wants
insults . Host regulations limit their non-battlefield weapons to information about Vanya's prophecies and O'erhost Grana's plans.
whips and require the duel to end when either soldier submits, to Also, a rumor reached him that Baradar (see Footman's Camp, #5)
prevent deaths . Most fighters cheat by salting their lashes. (This unleashed an old curse of the Hasir. If this could affect his family,
allows them to do twice normal damage, but the extra injuries wear Bakar wants the curse lifted or destroyed .
off after 1-10 minutes .) Yet beneath their callousness, the Equans Bakar's wife Melalil paces the halls in soft flowing robes, her
know fierce, naive pride. They love their Host and live to bring black curls loose on her backand wideeyes downcast . She does not
fame and glory to it. share her husband's patience. Melalil was 15 when her father
married her to the elder Ahtu and now, ten years later, she wants
either the wealth he promised or the bliss of romantic marriage.
Melalil hopes to shock her calm and imperturbable husband . Spies
might convince her to help them sneak into the Ahtu mansion or to
plot a raid against the Host. Melalil may join in the plot intending
,. .. WN WON"
,.Z, ,-
make a dedicated subversive out of her.
O'erhost Grana lives in the highest room ofthe tall brick tower .
The commander keeps no furniture but a weapons stand, a wooden
pallet and a locked ironchest holding 1,000 gold coins, ten emeralds
worth 100 goldcoins each and a silver chain worth 500 gold coins.
Grana is a scowling, quiet man ofan average height and wears half
plate, withhis austere, clean-shavenface visible in an angular helm.
The Potentate and army are his career - nearly his religion. He
knows no compassion for the locals or opposing forces . Grana
ignores supplicants unless they offer him something the Host
wants, such as slaves, reports of fighting, power over citizens or
information about rebellious Hasir . Hepays agents exactly whathe
must, never more. If anyone continues begging for favors once
Grana finishes with him, Equans will roughly drag the whiner
7. Bakar's Mansion . This stone manor sits on a small hill
surrounded by a wooden palisade. Several crooked apple trees
stand inside the stockade gates. One hundred tenant farmers tend
the surrounding lands. The Mayor of Forvers lives here with his
wife Melalil and two young sons, Cheaga and Juga. They own
tapestries worth 100 gold pieces, a chest of goldjewelry worth 300
gold pieces, elaborate hardwood furniture and a brass fountain
shaped like two fish, the wonder of Forvers .
An Equan of the Host named Wilke manages Bakar's affairs .
Fifteen Brownboots in full chain serve under him, ostensibly
protecting the Ahtu estates . This manager finds Bakar's wife
attractive, and, although he suppresses his temptations, he hovers
around her protectively . Wilke never actually disobeys Bakar, but
he insures that the Ahtu rule Forvers the way O'erhost Grana
intends. When people bring petitions against the Host, Wilke tries
to intercept the troublemakers before they meet his master. If
anyone offends Wilke, his Brownboots arrest that person and take
him to#5 as a slave, unless Bakar personally intervenes. The Mayor
seldom countermands the Host except to help his own family and
servants. a

5 131 re);b`1~111t11i5`1Y110i~~`l :if~y
22 Shadow World

8. Forvers Town. The earth grows muddy and bare from freeing the livery-trader. Balkadespises being shunned, since
trampling as one approaches Forvers Village. he is a gregarious man . He will definitely want to talk with the
Bakar's 15 Brownboots (see above) arrest criminals inside the party. The horse-trader knows all about the Clanlords and the
city, and people in need of help can also muster the Watch Host . He deeply respects the Clansmen's skill at horse-
(described under Farms, #3 above) . Prominent places in the town breeding, but he wants the invaders to prosper, since they keep
are noted below : him alive. He owns three horses which the Equans rejected as
A. Cooper's shop. Malar works hard here, making barrels of lame. If PCs need horses, he tries to sell the hobbled mares for
all sizes . "a mere 45 silver pieces" each. (An adventurer must pass a
B. Mason's shop. Something of a wit, Jaklee labors here, Very Hard static maneuver check to notice the horse's handi-
dispensing wisdom as well as bricks . cap before paying for it.)
C. Cobbler . Dhakar the cobbler cannot keep up with the F. Fox's Hole Inn . This earth-roofed building stands at the
Host's demand for boots . He owns a chest of 20 gold coins in center of town, its doors open all day long. In sunny weather,
payment. The cobbler eagerly seeks apprentices or hired the Innkeeper unfolds shutters along the Inn's sides, allowing
servants to nail footgear . Dhakar is a tough man in a fair fight bypassers to buy drinks from the street. Soldiers of the Host
but keeps only an old sword above the fireplace . drink here whenever they collect their pay, driving up prices .
The local farmers come anyway, mostly because Gregkor
D. Market Square. Dried footprints prove that this is a
taxed away their private stocks of drink and meat.
popular market, but farmers have already sold the year's last
harvest. Prices for common comestibles are :
E. Livery Stable. Most people of Forvers cross the street to Beer . .. . . ..... ....... .... .. ..... .. ....... .. ......... . 5 tin pieces
avoid walking past Balka's livery stable . A lout, Balka Brandy ..... .. ..... .... .. ....... .. ....... .... ......22 tin pieces
unabashedly steals horses. The Watch caught him leading a Cider . ....... ....... .... .. ....... .. ....... .... .. .... 3 tin pieces
whole herd of "missing" animals out of town several months Wine (Wild Grapes) ....... .. ........... ....13 tin pieces
ago, and a Moot sentenced him to hang on Midwinter's Day . Bread (Loaf) . .. ......... ....... .. .... ....... .. .. 5 tin pieces
Then the Host came. Balka had formerly sold the Equans Chicken (Meal with vegetables) . .. ..30 tin pieces
stolen horses at bargain prices, and they coerced Bakar into Mutton (Meal with vegetables) . .. ....10 silver pieces
Beef (Meal with vegetables) ....... .. .. 20 silver pieces or more
Tales of the Loremasters II 23

Gregkor's taxes left the Inn with onlyafew cows. Therefore, G. Tovish Hasir, White & Black Smitheries. Smoke billows
it sells only one roast per evening, to the highest bidder. An from this building's brick chimneys. Tovish Hasir mans a
Equan usually wins the bidding contest, to the local farmers' forge here, where he does armoring, farrier-work, intricate
envy. The roast bidding always could start a fight and occa- white-metal smithery and jewel-cutting. He can make any
sionally does. common weapon orpiece of armor. (Gregkor Ahtu plundered
A night's lodging in a small dirty room costs 2 copperpieces. the shop's gems and cash, but he left the shop's forges and
Groups of Brownboots monopolize the tables by the bar. furnaces . He then seized the shop apprentices as slaves but left
Locals form small anxious groups in corners. They resent the Tovish himself to avoid inviting all the Hasir to rebel .)
soldiers who come laden with pay and take local people's Tovish is consumed by bitterness . Mahda has destined him
traditional seats . Hasir and Ahtu often find themselves sitting to labor over a hot forge, working far from the manor, catering
together in this chaos, which adds to the tension . to strange customers and even Ahtu. Meanwhile, his siblings
Atany given time, there willbe 3-30Brownboots here, along have received the farm and learned some magic. Until re-
with 1-10 Equans, 1-10 Ahtu, l-2 Hasir and 1-10 farmers from cently, he received healthy compensation for his work. Then,
nonaligned families. in a fitofpique, Gregkor took it all away. Tovish knew that his
ancestors owned a charm of revenge, but when he asked his
The Inn's larder holds 120 man/days food. Its safe holds
sister Nataya (see #9) about it, he learned that she actually
1,000 tin coins and 200 silver pieces. Two to ten barmaids help
offered it to the tax collector . That struck Tovish as cowardly
to serve guests. and ungrateful. He burns for power, topunish the Ahtu and his
Fazil the Innkeeper is a plump young man who prides own family as well. The smith would treat his kin magnani-
himself on hospitality . He greets each patron personally, mously, but he wants them to bow before him, as the one true
calling the men "Brother" and women, "Dear," when he cannot hero of their clan.
remembertheir names. His tradition ofexchanging songs after
dinner is now perilous, because despite the Inn's prohibition
against feud-songs, the Brownboots love provocative ditties .
Hasir and Ahtu teach them ballads lampooning rival families,
and they obligingly sing them, pretending not to realize who
the song's characters are.
Fazil prevents constant fighting by befriending the
Brownboots. He gives them barrels of ale to sneak back to
camp in return for their help suppressing fights and drunks .
The soldiers relish this chance to manhandle locals . Whenever
anyone looks intoxicated or angry, they eagerly leap on the
offender and chase him out.
One man always sits alone, away from the soldiers and
natives . He introduces himself to adventurers as Bamabus, a
hunter, and invites them tojoin him. Barnabus wears a vest of
chainmail and crops his thick brownhair for ahelm. Iftheparty
agrees to talk with him, he questions them for some time,
possibly spread overseveral visits tothebar. Should they seem
hostile to theHost orthe Ahtu, he smiles and encourages them.
He may ask them to commit petty thefts and ifthey do, will pay
a few silver coins for the booty. (Bamabus carries a purse of
200 silver pieces.) He may finally identify himself as a spy for Tovish sells smithwork, but refuses to accept silver pieces
the Clanlords and ask to hire the PCs, if they prove feisty and for anything costing over five silver pieces. Why should he,
quick-witted . since Gregkor will take it? When adventurers want his serv-
Bamabus is indeed a spy, but not for the Clanlords . O'erhost ices, he appraises them and slyly suggests that Bakar Ahtu
Grana uses him to root out rebels and genuine agents ofrevolt must have more work than he can manage, ruling the whole
and rebellion . If he finds any, he secretly consults with Bakar. town. The smith remains discreet . Whether adventurers
Unless Bakar has some particular reason to forbid it, a band of support the Host or despise it, he tries not to offend them.
30 Brownboots will plan to ambush the party within the next However, he currently hopes to contact the O'erhost or one of
two days and to bring them in chains to the O'erhost at #6. If his commanders and to win a powerful local office . Perhaps
Bakar refuses permission, Bamabus must use subtler means. the Country Watch needs a commander, or maybe the Mayor
He orders "The best of the best for my best," which is a coded should delegate his power of judgment to serve as a special
signal to Fazil . The Innkeeper then poisons the party's next magistrate. Tovish uses adventurers to spy, to attempt to as-
drinks with hairrot . (See the Herb and Poison Chart for a sassinate Ahtu and to introduce him to contacts in the Host.
description of the effects of hairrot .) The smith could offer the Host his metalwork skills or to sug-
gest the location ofVanya Hasir (#11). He would gladly betray
anyone - including both his family and the adventurers .
24 Shadow World


9. Hasir Manor. A table of black rock projects from the hillside, ''.
wrapped in cozy screens ofdense pine forest . The Hasir Family has ,
built its stronghold here; they own a round tower of red stone,
dappled by watermarks. Thirty goatherds with distant ties to the
Hasir family also live on this land, serving the clan. Olden and
Sandro, Mahda's two sons, abide here as well, but their sister
Nataya, the eldest Hasir at 39 years of age, rules this manor.
The Hasir own 600 goats along with enough preserved food to
feed fifty people for one year. They keep three treasure-chests on
the tower's highest level, hidden underheaps of rough mohair yarn.
Two contain lengths of silver-and-onyx chain which can be cut into
belts, bracelets or necklaces . Altogether, this jewelry could sell for
500 gold pieces. The third chest contains two moonstones which
boost Astrology and three straight, silvery swordblades without hilt
or omament. The moonstones act as+3 spell adders for Astrologers
and the blades are +20 broadswords . [Broadswords are of +3
accuracy; the moonstones are +30 endurance, usable only for
Astrological-related magic, Independent Focus=Moonstone . Real
cost is 4 points (15 active) .] Gregkor officially appropriated this
manor to the Host for a barracks . When O'erhost Grana and Bakar
discussed the matter, they decided that evicting Nataya and her
siblings might provoke a rebellion among Hasir peasants . Instead,
they sent ten Brownboots here to act as spies. These men live in
private rooms and dine at Nataya's table.
One soldier marches tomeet the O'erhost each day with a report .
Although Grana picked his most clever scouts for this assignment,
these men now assist Nataya more than the Host, for she has
bewitched them with Mentalism and cunning kindnesses . The
Hasir thwart eavesdroppers by feeling for their mental presence,
while dominating their minds to spread lies and win favors. The
"spies" live in such luxury that they would scarcely object to any of
her schemes if they knew of them. I VANYA


- trusted -d ..
_- _

sI - , , - , OWM
,y..~v., loo -
_ _ ~- ~Ir - .

she might also pay adventurers to protect them.

insulate her family in this __C~
- In battle, they can wield the magic swords described above and may
gleaming eyes and teeth . Violent men meet violent ends, Nataya
- somebody - _
- Hasir do not yet know that Baradar in #5 has the stone,
but they would also enjoy seeing him eat it.) These boys might
actually punishes its user with ahideous curse (see #5) . If any new m
- - too, _
_ I : '

many of whom who cannot accept her patience and serenity as passes, tinted with frost . Little vegetation grows on these wind-
genuine. swept hills . Rows of scarredand toppled tombstones marchtoward
the summit . Both warring families ofthe Forvers have buried their
fallen here; no small thing like death can bury such a feud.
Whichever family prevails in the town, their rivals will certainly
rise to challenge them.
Tales of the Loremasters II 25

The Host posts two pickets to watch the countryside from this When the party passes the ambush site, PCs finds the road
rugged hilltop . Soldiers have learned that it is wise not to disturb blocked by sharp stakes driven into the dirt. Vanya and the ten
the haunts . The warriorsalso suspect thatmore dangerous "spooks" warriors will emerge from thickets behind them, shortbows drawn
live on the adjacent hill . Bentham, the elder guard, insists that they and ready . One soldier will demand food in a stern voice, listing
lurk near the road with their armor off, ready to flee. Abell, his exactly what each adventurer carries, for Vanya "watched" the
younger companion, believes in following orders. He never misses party packing its bags with a Vision Guide spell. The same magic
an opportunity to call Bentham a coward, but healso lacks the nerve warned her how to counter any ruse the party attempts . Although
to defy the experienced warrior'swisdom . In battle, the twopickets these spies fight when forced to, they do not like to kill. (They may
fire arrows to warn other guards . (See #1 .) The two soldiers would actually befriend former victims, like the PCs.) Vanya's Intuition
' greatly appreciate companions to share their danger. If a party spells tell her what adventurers might join her cause, and she
approaches peacefully, they will begin a conversation, chattering warmly entreats them to help her spy upon the Potentate's forces.
with nervous relief. They know about the Winter March, and a The Clanlord soldiers relish their role as bandits and swap stories
discreet questioner could pry any secret out of them. In fact, with adventurers . They have a purse of 20 corals worth 10 gold
Bentham may invite adventurers to camp here for the night. Abell pieces each, a reward for informers .
will certainly ask for somebody to climb the hills with him and to 12. Clanlord Towns . (Not pictured on the Map of Forvers and
survey the landscape . Environs) The valleys run north, separated by ridges which rise to
While Bakar Ahtu rules over the town, Cold Dame Hasir rules barren, gray, rocky crests . Several towns lie forty-five miles further
this hilltop . (Months ago, Dame Hasir froze to death in the woods north, beyond the Host's control . About 200 citizens live in each
while fleeing Ahtu pursuers, and her children perished with her.) hamlet. Here, people assume that the war is over, at least until
Now Ice Skeletons, they stalk the cemetery day and night, figures summer, because in these lands, warriors make peace after each
of bone, pallid against the black hilltop . They surround whoever campaign to return to their families . Clanlord Riders follow this
dares enter their domain and send up an eerie keen to the intruders tradition . Roughly fifty Riders live in each town, husbanding herds
of their fate. Victims can escape harm or even win these spirits as of sheep and trying to forget about the war .
allies by swearing to slay Ahtu. But the Skeletons will close to kill
whoever refuses this oath. If anyone breaks his vow to the Cold LORD MIKAL's ESTATE
Dame, she will bring her brood and seek revenge, striking at a (Not shown on the map of Forvers and Environs .)
moment when the oathbreaker seems helpless, preferably when Lord Mikal commands the Clanlords and lives in a wooden
camped alone in the cold. If struck down and bashed to pieces, the stockade at area A on the Empire Map, along with 40 underlings,
Ice Skeletons reform themselves in quieter moments and are sdon breeding the Clanlords' herd of 350 horses . They love these beasts
up to their gruesome tricks again . like children, not just as steeds in war . The horsebreeders own one
If the Hasir regain power in the region, Grandfather Ahtu will enchanted bridle which allows a horse to speak the tongues ofMen.
ascend from his barrow, dressed in ablack shroud . Ahtu the Eldest Their horses desire only to graze freely . Mikal would like to oblige
is a Barrow Wight, an Undead being with glowing eyes who seeks his steeds. The Clanlord commander stands an imposing six feet
visitors and commands them to lead him to the Hasir and to help slay tall. He pauses before each sentence, regarding his audience from
them. After the attack is accomplished, he may slay anyone else the beneath thick darkbrows. Ifadventurers approach Mikal, they will
party names as enemies . Grandfather Ahtu will attack anyone who find him reluctant to make military maneuvers, although he may
refuses to cooperate with him, casting a paralyzing spell upon them pay them for information or to conduct a guerrilla raid on some
with his touch. - outpost of the Potentate's . The Clanlords have a chest of200 gold
11. The Witch's Home. This ridge rises toabarren stony crest; tall coins for buying food and services . Lord Mikal will reward the
pine trees blanket its lower slopes. Pockets of filthy snow survive most glorious heroes with foals.
year-round in its higher crevices. Here lives Vanya Hasir in a
simple thatched shelter on the north edge, concealing herself from 5 * ADVENTURE SCENARIOS
the Ahtu, the invaders and her own family . Her plain face and
braided brown hair contrast with the burning eyes of a visionary. IN FORVERS
Vanya clearly reads the signs of times. She despises the potentate, . The party passes through Forvers by accident, perhaps hoping to
` knowing that he plans to enslave her people . Despite her family's undertake a lucrative or exciting quest from some fellow-adven-
pleas for restraint, Vanya spoke openly throughout Forvers, con- turer at the Fox's Hole Inn . When they enter the town, Gregkor
demning the host and warning againstcollaboration . Ofcourse, the conscripts the warriors. Tovish, Olden or Sandro may help them
" Ahtu found a Hasir's prophecy unpersuasive. Vanya finally ap- escape, in return for assistance raiding the Ahtu. The escape will
pealed to the Clanlords and sent them information about the Host's drags them into the feuds of Forvers .
movements. When the invaders took power, Bakar ordered Vanya's , As friends ofthe Clanlords or enemies oftyrannny, the party could
arrest. She renounced her family and fled to the mountains, to avoid
giving the Host a pretext for slaughtering the Hasir . try to free Forvers from the Host.
Vanya yearns to flee these war-torn hills, but she remains to spy " An eminent wizard hires the party to visit Forvers . He wants to
for the Clanlords, out ofdevotion to the Hasir family. Ten warriors learn the loreofthe Spirit World and believes that Vanya Hasir can
of the Clanlords protect her, arming themselves with leather jer- help, possibly by giving him the legendary Bile Stone, said to
kins, short horsebows and pole arms. These soldiers enjoy impro- smite foes down and then revive them as horrors. The wizard
vising weapons and once hoped to raise a band of farmers armed knows and cares nothing about feuds or wars. When the party
with home-made weapons . Vanya assured her protectors that the finally finds her amid the upheaval, she will refuse to help their
timid hill people would never unite under them, a fact which leads sponsor until the Ahtu fall.
these troops to dismiss the local people as cowards . The Ten feed
themselves by waylaying timid farmers .
26 Shadow World


I " INDEX TO ADVENTURES Encounter Terrain Hazard Strength

The following index summarizes the type and danger of each Part 11, 1 Mountains Pegasus and Average
encounter presented in this book. GMs may use it to select an Gargoyles
encounter appropriate for the type ofterrain PCs are in, the type of Weak
P 11,2 Underground Gnolls
monster they are likely to meet, or the strength of opposing force
Part 11, 3 Desert Gemsting Strong
they must counter.
Part 11, 4 Meadow People and Tough
Part 11, 5 Forest Demon of the Powerful
Fourth Pale
Part 11, 6 Sea Coast Half-demon Tough
Part 11, 7 Arctic Assorted Avg-Powerful*
Part 11, 8 Desert Ruins Sphinx Tough
Part 11, 9 Underground Assorted Avg-Powerful*
Part 11, 10 Wasteland Basilisk Tough
Part III semi-populated Guards Weak*
Ahtu Farm Tax Collector Tough*
Farms Militia and Average*
For example, if the party is in the desert and needs a random Mill Crows Average*
adventure, the GM will find two miscellaneous desert encounters : Slaves and Tough*
Parts 11, 3 and Part 11, 8. The entry also shows that the scenario Soldiers
presented in Part 11, 8 of this book contains a tough sphinx, while Mayor Tough*
the adventure detailed in Part 11, 3 involves a pair of strong Town Assorted Strong*
gemstings . If the party is weakened by disease or battle, a sphinx Mentalist Tough*
might kill them, so the GM might be wise to select the encounter Undead Tough*
detailed in Part 11, 3. Witch and Tough*
This summary is presented as a suggestion only. Any of these Bandits
encounters could be adapted to different terrain, where the danger Horsemen Tough .*
would vary with the PCs' intent . For example, a Dragon is safe
enough if it likes you . *Will not harm PCs who behave responsibly, but extremely
The strengths of various encounters are rated on the following dangerous if mishandled.
scale, taken from ICE's Creatures And Treasures : Weak, Average,
Strong, Tough, Powerful, and Mighty . Since these scenarios are
intended as brief encounters, they are not as deadly as those
presented in other adventures, like Demons of the Burning Night
and Kingdom of the Desert Jewel.
Tales of the Loremasters II 27


Name LA Hits AT(DB) Melee Ob Missle Ob Mov M
Akkak 7 35 3(20) N N 30sp 5s1 25
Animist . Knows the following spell lists, all to 10th level : Nature's Movement, Plant Mastery, Animal Mastery, Herb Mastery, Nature's Lore, Nature's Protection,
Barrier Law, Weather Ways, Lofty Movements, Concussion's Ways. Co40, Ag55, SD60, MOO, Re56, St34, -Qu45, Pr56, Em64, In90 .
Akruk 5 70 3(30) N N 80sp 80sb
COO, Ag55, SD20, Me56, Re46, St94, Qu61, Pr45, Em64, In45 .
Aror 2 30 13(30) 50hcb
Aror does not carry his hcb with him.
Auda 5 65 3(30) N 80sp 8016 15
Co89, Ag65, SD70, Me40, Re36, St94, Qu65, Pr56, Em54, In60.
Bakar 12 130 10(30) N N 160bs 160sb 10
SD90, Co65, Ag55, Me59, Re67, St78, Qu67, Pr65, Em50, In55 .
Balka 2 20 1(15) 35ss 30sb
Baradar 10 35 1(5) N N 30da - 5
Knows the following spell lists to 10th level: Lofty Movements, Concussion's Ways, Lieht's Way . Essence Hand, Spell Wall, Lesser Illusions, Soul Destruction,
Gas Destruction, Solid Destruction, Fluid Destruction, Mind Destruction, Flesh Destruction . He knows Spirit Mastery to 5th level .
Barmaids 1 20 1(10) N N 35St - 0
Bamabus 8 100 13(30) N N 105bs 105sb 10
Bentham 4 55 1(30) Y10 N 70bs 701b
Bembley 1 25 3(30) N N 35da 351cb
Co91, Ag45, SD50, Me35, Re56, St64, Qu45, Pr45, Em53, In54 .
Brownboots (150) 2 35 10*(30) Y5 N 70bs 2516 5
Burad 10 115 17(30) N N 1151s 115sb 35
Cheaga 1 10 1(15) N N lost 10da 0
Clanlords 10(30) N N 40bs 401b
Equans (100) 15(30) Ylo N 70ml 70sb
OB +50 with whip .
Farmers and Other
Folk of Forvers (1,000) 1 20 1(10) N N 35pa - 0
Fazil 1 25 1(30) N N 35da 35da 5
Gerom 3 25 1(15) N N 45St
Gnolls 2 40 3(30) N N 20ha losl 15
Gnoll Illusionists (5) 7 25 1(10) N N 20ha - 25
Level : 5 Skill Ranks in Hiding and Adrenal Moves, Speed . Know following spell lists to 10th level : Illusion Mastery,Mind Sense Molding, Guises, Light Mold-
ing, Feel-Taste-Smell, Sound Molding and Detecting Ways.
Grana 15 155 20(35) Y25 N 140ml 140sb 20
SD70, Co55 . Ag65, Me49, Re65, St98, Qu85, Pr85, In50, Em40 . Grana's shortbow is enchanted to +10.
Grandfather Ahtu 15 145 1(90) N N 35da
Touch casts "paralysis" Spell or "sleep" spell or drains 5 Con ptslmd; -25
Gregkor 7 100 13(30) N N 105ss 85sb 20
Grimo 5 50 5(30) N N 75ss 75sb 10
Hadrac 3 45 19(30) N N 60ml 60sb 5
Hunters (5) 1 30 3(10) N N 30sp 401cb
Juga 1 10 1(15) N N lost -
Mikal 16 155 10(45) N N 145m1 1451b 15
SD50, Co65, Ag65, Me59, Re45, St99, Qu97, Pr75, 100, Em65 . Mikal owns a magical +10 lance which can shrink from normal size to a short stabbing spear in
close combat . Its damage remains the same .
Night Sky Band (6) 1(20) N N 50cl*** 30da 5
One-Eye 1(30) N N 70ss 70sb
Madook (20) 2 40 3(30) N N 35sp 35sb 10
Melalil 3 20 1(20) N N 40da 40da 5
SD40, Co55, Ag75, Me59, Re67, St48, Qu77, Pr75, In55, Em50.
Nataya 10 45 1(10) N N 50da - 5
Knows the following spell lists to 20th level : Presence, MindMerge, Mind Control, Sense Control . She knows the following lists to 10th level : Mind Attack, Mind
Speech, Cloaking, Attack Avoidance, Mind's Door, Mind's Mastery. SD95, Co65, Ag55, Me59, Re67, St45, Qu67, Pr95, In77, Em60.
28 Shadow World

Name Lvl Hits AT(DB) Melee Ob Missle Ob Mov M

Olden 5 65 15(30) Y15 N 80bs 801b 10

OB does not include broadsword's +20 bonus .
Pages (3) 1 25 5(10) N N 35ss 35sb
Pickets (18) 3 45 10(20) Y10 N 60bs 601b
Purlock 7 65 10(15) N N 85da 60sl
Sandro 5 70 15(30) Y10 N 90bs 701b 10
OB does not include broadsword's +20 bonus .
Silat 1 25 5(20) N N 30sp 401cb 5
Fighter . Co96, Ag75, SD53, Me46, Re57, St66, Qu48, Pr65, Em43, In62 .
Slaves (110) 1 25 1(10) 35St -
Squires (5) 3 65 5(10) 80sp 801b
Fighters with Perception, Stalking and Ambush skills at 5th level .
Tovish - 8 110 6(40) 125wh 901b
SD60, Co55, Ag55, Me69, Re57, St90, Qu90, Pr30, M45, Em47 .
Tribesmen 3 45 3(10) N N 60sp 60sb
Vanya 7 30 1(30) N N 20da
Knows the following spell lists to 10th level_ Time's Bridge, Holy Vision, Starlights, Starsense, Weather Ways, Barrier Law, Delving, Damage Resistance and
Brilliance . She knows Calm Spirits to 5th level . SD60, Co65, Ag85, Me89, Re67, St40, Qu75, POO, 105, Em67 .
Vanya's Guards (10) 3 45 5(20) N N 60pa 65sb 10
Verix 1 15 5(10) N N 351s 351b 5
Vilmy 7 95 3(20) N N 95sp 951cb
Co85, Ag67, SI)49, Me36, Re63, St96, Qu54, Pr46, Em56, ln47 .
Watchmen (100) 1 30 1**10 N N 40sp 30s1 5
Wilke 10 115 15(30) Y25 N 115m1 115bs 15
* Elite Brownboots may own heavier armor .
** Unarmed with AT 1 until they get to the Armory.
*** Whenever these clubs cause damage, the victim suffers one extra point due to nails .


Name Code Form Prep/Apply Cost Effect

Foolscabbage c-M-7 Leaf Ingest logp Violent nausea and vomiting (-50 to OB and maneuvers
for 1-10 hours). Purges the system of all poisons and
foreign objects .
Harriot 9 R t Ingest l00gp Severe circulatory poison . Beginning in 5-50 rds, discolora-
tion and and chills; incapacitating headaches (no activity; 1-10
hits/rd until unconsciousness or coma).
Tales of the Loremasters II 29


Base Max Pace/ Speed Size/ Outlook
Type Lvl Rate MN Bonus MS/AQ Crit Hits (DB) Attacks Enc . (IQ)
Bears (2) 10 90 Spt/20 MF/MF L/I 230 8(30) 85LGr60/65LCI 1-2 Aggressive
Hasir 5 40 Run/0 MD/MF M/I 70 1(35) special** 1 Protect
Crows Dash/30 FA/FA S/- 60 1(60) SPi50/SCI50/20MC1 200 Normal
Deer Dash/20 VF/FA M/I 55 3(30) 20SHo80/OOSts20 3 Timid
Demon 13 160 Dash/40 BF/FA L/LA 155 4(60) 60wp(tail)/70LBa/901s*** 1 Cruel(SU)
Demon Dogs 4 120 Dash/20 FA/FA M/I 70 3(30) 50MBi/60MBa/90LBi§ 2 Hungry(VL)
Gargoyle FSpt/30 MF/FA M/- 80 16(35) 60LCV40MBi/501asso I Greedy(IN)
Gemstings Run/10 MFNF M/I 85 12(40) 60LPi(2x)/80LSt 2 Hungry(NO)
Ghoul 3 65 Spt/20 MF/MF M/I 70 4(20) 80MBa/100SC1$ 1-5 Protect(No)

Goats 2 80 Dash/10 FA/FA M/I 45 3(45) 80MBa100 1-20 Normal

Guardian -/MF L/LA# 180 3(60) special£ 1 Protect(AA)
Half-demon Dash/20 MF/FA M/LA 120 11(50) 1101s/specialU 1 Cruel(VH)
Horses 3 90 Dash/20 MF/FA L/- 150 3(40) 70MCr 3-120 Normal
Ice Skeletons 3 60 Spt/O MD/MF M/I# 50 1(35) 45MBa[cold]/10'R feartt 8 Berserk(NO)
Jellyfish Walk/O IN/IN T/- 2 1(30) touch inflicts I-10 hits 1-100 Passive
Mummies FSpt/O SL/MF M/II# 100 8(30) 70LBal00/120LGr 3 Protect(IN)

Phantom 2 50 FSpt/10 SL/MD M/I# 40 1(20) 30SBolt/(1 Con Pt/md .) 1-4 Inquis .(LI)
Polar Bear 10 90 Spt/10 MF/MF L/I 230 8(30) 85LGr/65LCI 1-5 Aggressive.
Revenant Spt/O VS/MD M/I# 65 7(25) 401s/special¥ 1-2 Berserk(MD)

Sled Dogs Dash/30 FA/FA S/- 50 3(60) 60SBi 30 Normal

Sphinx 11 80 FSpt/20 MFNF L/- 300 11(70) 150 LCl/110HBa/Specialt 1 Playful(VH)
Starbreeze 6 140 Dash/40 VF/FA L/I 150 3(40) 50MBa/60MTs 1 Timid(AV)
Will Of The Wisp 6 130 FSpt/20 VF/MF M/LA# 80 1(100) Body is 50C Cold Ball 1 Cruel(MD)

** 45MBa[cold]/10'R fear, after 3 mds drains 2 Con pts/rnd in 10'R ; unaffected by puncture Grits; fire does double damage.
*** The Demon uses its tail as a whip for double damage and fights with a Dagger of Long Strokes . The round after it achieves a critical with its bash, it may make
a 1301-Cr attack .
§ When Demon Dogs achieve a critical, they attack in the next round by breathing a 30 OB firecone, up to ten times per day . Reduce the severity of all criticals against
these Dogs by one level .
$ When this Ghoul scores a critical, it also makes a 45 OB attack with its spear in the same round . There is a 50% chance that any wound this creature causes becomes
infected with a level 6 bubonic disease . Characters must make a RR upon seeing the Ghoul attack or run in fear. Ghouls do not die forever until their bodies are burned.
Otherwise, this creature "drops" after losing all its hits but regenerates them at a rate of one every ten minutes .
£ (The "Old Wind") The Guardian is a whirlwind . Characters must make a Resistance Roll to leave or enter its 5' radius successfully . Hurtling winds cause a -50 to
all Moving maneuvers and force characters to make an Easy maneuver or be hurled over a slope (taking a 10 OB attack on the Fall/Crush Attack Table, p58 of AL/
CL) . This causes characters one hit damage/round due to cold. The creature may also cast spells from the Air Law list, with 38 power points . Its whirlwinds cause
double concussion damage due to the cold .
d2 The Demon can spit 40' once per minute, causing damage like that of a 40 OB firebolt . His powers let him turn any portable object invisible, or to become invisible
himself, although attacking makes him visible . He wields a +5 sword. The Demonshield adds +10 to the wielder's DB as well as normal shield bonuses .
tt after 3 mds drains 2 Con pus/md in 10'R ; unaffected by puncture Grits ; fire does double damage .
V Only magical weapons harm a Revenant. The touch of a Revenant forces the victim to make a resistance roll at-10 or lose 3 Co points each round . A Revenant knows
all Soul, Mind and Flesh Destruction spell lists to 5th level . Note that it can only be permanently killed by burning or by holy weapons . The Revenant regenerates
other damage at the rate of one concussion hit per ten minutes.
t Casts base Mentalist spells to 15th level . Owns a x2 Mentalist spell multiplier .
30 Shadow World



Abell 11 14 11 11 11 13 4 1 4 1 3 5 30 6 5 21)6k 7"

Akkak 7 11 8 11 13 12 4 3 4 2 2 4 20 5 5 3d6 6"
Spells : 30 points active in any nature related magic.
Akruk 18 12 17 14 2d6+1K
Aror 12 11 15 12 10 10 1 .5D6K
Aror has a Heavy Crossbow (OCV = 6) but does not usually carry it.
Auda 18 13 16 13 8 11 7 3 5 2 3 7 33 6 5 2d6K 6"
Bakar 15 11 12 16 12 12 9 5 7 4 3 6 35 8 5 2d6K 8"
Balka 1 .5d6K 7"
ld6K 6"

Barmaids 9 11 11 10 10 10 3 1 3 1 2 4 21 5 4 3d6 6"

Barnabus 13 15 14 13 10 11 10 6 7 4 3 7 30 8 6 2d6K 7"
Bentham 1 .5d6K
Bembley 1 d6-1 K
Brownboot 13 1 .5d6K
Burad 15 2d6K
Cheaga 2176
Clanlords 2d6K
Equans 15 14 13 12 11 1 2d6K
uans have a Familiarity with Whips and +1 OCV with them .
1 .5d6K
Gerom 11 14 11 11 13 10 4 1 4 1 3 5 25 6 6 ld6-1K 6"
Gnolls 13 14 13 12 10 10 7 2 5 1 3 6 29 5 6 4d6 7"
GnollIllusionists 11 11 13 11 13 11 4 1 4 1 2 3d6 7"
Spells: 40 points active in mental illusions and images . Note that all Gnolls have Stealth and Concealment at 12- .
Grana 20 15 11 14 12 17 14 9 11 9 3 7 35 8 6 2d6+1K 6"
Enchanted +1 accuracy Shortbow.
Grandfather Ahtu 20 14 18 17 10 20 10 2
Special : Touch does 2d6 Entangle (doesn't stop attacks), 4d6 and vs immune to cold and a I d6 con drain.
Gregkor 13 14 15 12 11 13 11 6 8 1d6+1K
Grimo ld6+IK
Hadrac ld6+1K
Hunters (5) 1 .5d6K
Juga 9 11 11 10 10 10 4 1 4 1 2 4 23 5 5 3d6 6"
Mikal 20 14 13 18 10 15 12 5 8 4 4 8 40 10 7 2d6+1K 7"
Special : Mikal fights with a medium lance that can shrink from normal size to the size of a short stabbing spear .
Night Sky Band (6) 11 11 13 10 11 10 4 1 4 1 3 1d6K 7"
One Eye Id6+1K 7"
Madook (20) 13 11 15 11 10 10 6 2 4 1 3 6 28 5 5 ld6+1K 8"
Melalil 9 15 11 10 11 15 3 1 3 1 3 4 22 6 5 ld6-1K 6"
Nataya 8 11 13 1d6-1K 6"
Spells : 40 active points in mental powers .
Olden 15 15 14 13 11 12 12 6 9 5 3 6 31 7 5 1 .5d6K 7"
Pages (3) 11 11 11 11 10 11 3 1 3 1 2 4 24 5 5 1d6-1K 7"
Pickets 1 .5d6K 6"
Purlock ld6-1K 7"
Tales of the Loremasters II 31

Sandro 15 15 15 13 10 11 13 7 9 6 3 7 34 7 5 2d6K 6"
Silat 13 15 19 11 9 12 8 2 6 1 2 8 31 6 5 5d6 6"
Slaves 4d6
Squires 13 14 12 1 .5d6K
Perception (13-), Stealth and Concealment at 12- .
Tovish 18 11 11 16 13 5 7 3 4 2 4 6 34 7 6 id6K 7"
Tribesmen 13 14 13 13 10 10 7 2 4 1 3 6 30 6 5 1 .5d6K 7"
Vanya 8 17 13 11 15 Id6-1K 7"
Spells : 40 active points in weather/nature and spirit magic .
Vanya's Guards 15 14 15 12 10 Id6+1K 6"
Vilmy 19 15 16 15 5 2d6K 7"
Verix 1 .5d6K
Watchmen 1 .5d6K
Wilke 1 .5d6k


Name Form Prep/Apply Cost Effect
Foolscabbage Leaf Ingest logp Violent Nausea . (-5 to all actions and skills for 2-12 hours)
Purges the system of all poisons and foreign objects .
Harriot Root Ingest Circulatory Poison . Id6 NNd Kill, does body, lasts for
two turns. Defense = Immune to poison/Consitution over 25 .



Basilisk 20 11 18 15 15 13 5 13 5 3 8 40 6 5 Id6+1K 8"

Gaze Attack = 8d6 Transformation into Stone, 7 OCV, wears off in 30 days, must have eye to eye contact. Hissing =+15 Presence, only for causing fear .
Bears(2) 23 15 18 12 20 11 2 7 1 3 10 33 6 5 2xld6 or2d6-2
+10 Presence . Fear only. Additional 5d6 damage when bear hits with both claws (bear hug) .
Cold Dame Hasir
15 15 20 14 30 10 7 7 3 4 7 35 7 6 2d6 RKA 8"
ld6 Constitution drain in a 2 hex radius surrounding the creature. Double Body and Stun from Fire based attacks.
Crows (200) -20 18 3 2 8 2 0 2 0 4 1 4 I pip . 1
Deer (3) Id6+1K i
Demon 8 23 20 10 ld6+1K 1
The Demon may attack with its tail as if it were a Whip .
Demon Dogs(2) 15 18 15 12 15 2xld6K 1
Fire Breathing = ld6 RKA, Cone Effect, 10 times per day .
Gargoyle 15 15 13 10 20 7 2 5 2 3 9 25 6 5 2x .5d6K 10"
Gemstings 15 17 15 11 20 7 1 4 1 3 6 25 6 6 1d6K 7"
When a Gemsting does body to a character, it injects the following poison : = 1/2d6 NND Killing Attack, does body . Defense = Immunity to poison or not taking
body from the sting .
Ghoul 15 14 23 12 15 8 2 5 0 3 8 None 5 5 1 .5d6K
Ghouls are undead and therefore, Automatons . When the ghoul does body with his spear, there is a 50% chance of the character contracting a plague.
Plague = Lose I d6 of STR, CON, and Body per day until cured. '
Goats 8 8 8 7 8 3 0 1 0 2 4 11 3 3 1d6 6"
Whirlwind (special)
30 23 19 15 20 12 0 12 0 5 10 40 8 8 6d6 . 10"
Characters must make a STR vs . STR roll in order to enter or leave the area . Characters roll against a 50 STR . PCs inside the Whirlwind are at -6 to dex rolls and
attacks and take 2d6 attack per turn due to cold. This attack can not be recovered from while in the cold. Spells : 30 points active in any spells relating to Wind/Air.
Horses 25 15 20 16 20 5 0 4 0 3 9 40 5 5 2x .5d6K 18"
Riders add 3 to their horsemanship rolls due to proper training . Lame Horses have only 10 body and move at 7" instead of 18 ."
32 Shadow World


Ice Skeletons 10 11 13 10 10 4 4 4 4 2 5 None 5 5 1d6+1K 6"

Skeletons are undead and are treated as Automatons . Skeletons drain I d6 Con per phase in a 2 hex radius. Ice Skeletons take 2x body from fire-based attacks.
Jellyfish 8 11 13 10 10 5 1 3 0 2 5 21 4 4 1 d6K
Mummies (3) 25 10 25 18 18 10 3 4 1 2 10 44 7 4 6d6
Takes double stun and body from tire-based attacks .
Half-Demon 23 20 19 14 15 13 5 8 4 4 9 36 9 7 2d6+1K 8"
Invisibility at will . +1 accuracy sword and a +1 DCV magic shield . Acidic Spit = ld6 RKA, effects 4 phases . Usable once per minute .
Polar Bear 30 20 20 18 30 12 2 8 1 3 10 48 8 7 2xld6+1K
Revenant 13 - 14 13 10 18 8 2 8 2 3 7 None 7 7 1d6+1K
+20 Def against nonmagical weapons . Automaton status . 1 body Regeneration/turn. Characters touching a Revenant lose ld6 CON, BODY, INT And EGO.
Sled Dogs 13 14 15 10 15 6 0 3 1d6K
30 sled dogs at the trading post (area A) while Akurk owns six (area B).
Sphinx 40 15 28 25 30 13 6 "11 2x2.5d6K
30 point V.P .P.P . only for detecting people who have been in the Sphinx's presence .
Starbreeze,the Pegasus
25 21 25 15 25 9 3 9 3 5 15 41 9 9 2x .5d6K or 6d6 11"
Will of the Wisp 0 11 23 15 20 0 0 5 0 2 5 26 4 4 Special .
8 Body Desolidification . Affected by spells and magic weapons . 4d6 cold attack, area effect 4 hexes, affects solid .

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