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Adjectives with cold Adjectives with ex-pen-sive
one syllable, Irregular
two or more Superlative
add: “January is often syllables, add: “This book is the Adjectives
‘the’ + ‘-est’ the coldest ‘the’ + ‘most’ most expensive
(or ‘-st’) winter month.” book in the store.” good – the best
bad – the worst

far – the farthest

the furthest
Adjectives that
Adjectives with
hap-py end in a single big
two syllables that
vowel and
end in ‘-y’,
“John is the consonant: double “Brazil is the
change ‘-y’ to ‘i’ the final letter
happiest person biggest country in
and add: ‘the’ + I know.” before adding South America.”
‘-est’ (or ‘-st’) ‘the’ + ‘-est’
(or ‘-st’)

 Fill in the blanks below to complete the sentences. Study the boxes above.

1. I (tall) ___________________________ person in my family.

2. Jupiter (big) planet in our solar system.
3. Elephants (large) land animals on earth.
4. We bought (expensive) TV in the store.
5. Which sports do you think (dangerous) ?
6. My cat (lazy) animal I know.
7. This restaurant serves (good) food in town.
8. I think math (difficult) subject.
9. What (long) word in English that you know?
10. He (strange) man in the story.
11. Last week, I had (bad) time of my life!
12. Which place (hot) place on earth?
13. I think it (funny) show on television.
14. My friend (interesting) person I know.
15. Who (famous) person in your country?