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Question 1 [SPM 2003]

Figure 3 shows the flow chart for the industrial manufacture of sulphuric acid and the production of
fertilizer Z

Figure 3

Based on Figure 3, answer the following questions,

a) Name the process of manufacturing sulphuric acid. [1 mark]
b) Name the substance X. [1 mark]
c) Substance X could react directly with water to form sulphuric acid. Explain why this step is not
carried out in the industrial process. [1 mark]
d) Write the chemical equation when oleum reacts with water to form sulphuric acid. [1 mark]
e) Name the substance Y and the fertilizer Z. [2 marks]

f) Write a chemical equation when sulphur dioxide reacts with water. [1 mark]

Question 2 [SPM 2007]

Diagram 2 shows how ammonium sulphate is produced.

a) Process X and process Y are industrial processes. What are the names of each of these
processes? [2 marks]
b) What are the three raw materials needed for process X? [3 marks]
c) Write a balanced chemical equation for reaction P.[1 mark]
d) State one use of ammonium sulphate. [1 mark]

Question 3 [SPM 2009]

Diagram 1 shows the arrangement of atoms in two types of copper alloy

a) State the meaning of alloy. [1 mark]

b) State the name of alloy X. [1 mark]
c) State the name of atom M. [1 mark]
d) (i) What is the difference in terms of hardness between bronze and pure
copper? [1 mark]
(ii) Complete Table 1 to show the differences in terms of size and
arrangement of atoms in bronze and pure copper. [2 marks]

Difference Bronze Pure Copper

Size of atoms
Arrangement of atoms

(iii) Describe what happens to the atoms when a force is applied to a bronze
and pure copper [2 marks]
e) Pewter is also an example of an alloy. State one use of pewter. [1 mark
Question 4 [SPM 2014]

Diagram I shows a pot and a rain coat

a) (i) The pot is made from stainless steel. Chromium is one of the elements in
stainless steel. State two other elements in stainless steel. [2 marks]
(ii) State the difference in hardness between stainless steel and its pure metal. .
[1 mark]
b) The cover of the pot is made of glass.
(i) State the main component of glass. [1 mark
(ii) Suggest the type of glass that is most suitable to make the cover.
[1 mark]
(iii) Give one reason for your answer in 6(b)(ii). [1 mark]

c) The rain coat is made from a synthetic polymer, polyvinyl chloride.

(i) State the name of the monomer for polyvinyl chloride [1 mark]
(ii) Draw the structural formula for the monomer. [1 mark]
(iii) State one reason why polyvinyl chloride should not be disposed by open
burning? [1 mark]
Question 5 [TRIAL SBP 2007]
Table 4 shows the particulars of four different types of manufactured substances in

Types Examples Components

Silicon dioxide, sodium oxide, calcium oxide
Glass Borosilicate
and X
Polymer Z Vinyl chloride
Alloy Bronze Copper and Y
Composite Concrete (cement, sand and small pebbles)
material and steel


a) X is a part of the borosilicate glass. What is X? [1 mark]

b) (i) Identify Y. [1 mark]
(ii) Bronze is harder than pure copper. Explain why. [2 marks]

c) The following diagram shows a part of molecular structure of a compound Z.

H Cl H Cl H Cl



(i) Draw the structure of its monomer. [1 mark]

(ii) Compound Z is often used as a water pipe. State one advantage of this type
of pipe as compared to metal pipes. [1 mark]

d) W can withstand high pressure and can support very heavy loads.
What is W? [1 mark]

e) Ammonium fertilizers can be prepared by reactions between ammonia solutian and

(i) Write the chemical equation for the preparation of ammonium sulphate
fertilizer. [1 mark]
(ii) Urea, CO(NH2)2 is another example of ammonium fertilizers. Between urea and
ammonium sulphate, which one is more suitable for the growth of plants? Prove
it [Relative atomic mass: H,1; C,12; N,14; O,16; S,32] [3 marks]