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Do you agree that the Philippines can be considered as part of the so called

“Poverty of National”? Why or why not?

 Yes. Undeniably, Philippines is a struggling country. Annually, the country

faces various political, economic, and even naturally-made problems.
Philippines as an archipelago is divided into several regions and each region
values a unique culture. As a result of these cultural differences, political
development and modernization seem out of reach. Moreover, the continued
occurrence of rampant corruption in the Philippine government system and the
devastation of natural disasters have hindered economic stability. All these
resulted to a declining productivity with a threat of aggravating economic
conditions of the poor.

2. What do you think is the best form of government which will enhance economic

development of the Philippines? Why?

 Political Scientists assert that the best form of government is one that can adapt
to the culture of the citizens and the condition of the state. Considering the
political and economic instability in the Philippines, I would like to propose that
the Unitary system be changed to Federal system.
The following are the reasons:
o Our unitary system is highly centralized.
o With inadequate resources, some regions are left unattended while
others enjoy the luxury and wealth of the country.
o Local dependence on the national government spends much time and
o Same old problems like corruption and political dynasty are never

Nevertheless, the Federal System will empower Filipino citizens through

autonomous and local governments.
3. Discuss at least three (3) socio-economic problems of the “Filipino Farmers

which need adequate governmental/political support”. Explain your proposed

solutions to each of these problems.

 Financial Problem – Majority of the farmers borrow money from the previous
season and most of them are unable to pay back their loans because of lost
income and high cost interest. Thus, it is necessary for the government to
create cooperatives or agencies that could lend the farmers with money at a
very low interest and provide them with benefits every time they are able to pay
back their obligations. This would help the farmers address their financial
difficulty in order for them to produce quality crops.
 Water Problem – A lot of farmers especially in the rural areas do not have
access to water. Thus, it is difficult for them to produce quality crops. In fact,
many have even experience health problems due to unsafe drinking water. The
government must not ignore this problem; instead, it should provide or improve
the irrigation system for easy access of water.
 Land Reform Issue – Half of the total number of Filipino farmers do not have
their own lands to tilt. Many were even abused by wealthy land owners. This is
a terrifying issue which remains to be unsolved even today. Thus, the current
administration should take necessary measures in ensuring lands for the
farmers for agricultural purposes. If all famers are allocated with lands
systematically, then there would be no issue of exploitation or abuse and
Philippines would have probably be the leading agricultural exporting country.