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Master of Applied Statistics

This course is a nested program made up of a Graduate Certificate and How to use your Course Planner
Graduate Diploma. For specific course rules refer to course information The units on your planner are
section on the right hand side. colour coded to assist you with
mapping out your studies.
Recommended Sequence Refer to the boxes below for
Units are listed on your Course Planner in a recommended sequence. an overview of your course
However this can be amended depending on unit availability, prerequisite requirements.
requirements and the semester in which you commenced your course.
Changes to this planner may extend the duration of your course. Course Information
Master of Applied Statistics

Year 1 MA-APPS
200 Credit Points

Your First Semester Core units

A set of compulsory units you
STA60001 +12.5
must complete as part of your
Statistical Practice 1

STA60003 +12.5
Basic Statistical Computing Using R Graduate Diploma of Applied
100 Credit Points
Statistical Practice 2
Core units
STA60004 +12.5
Research Design Graduate Certificate of Applied
Your Second Semester 50 Credit Points
Core units
STA70002 +12.5 cours
Multivariate Statistics How can I find which component
units I can enrol in ?
STA70005 +12.5
Visit Master of Applied Statistics
Survey Sampling
course information page.

STA70003 +12.5
Where can I find out more about
Further Statistical Computing Using SAS individual unit content (including
+12.5 requisites)?
Visit the Single Unit Search page.
What’s a full-time study load?

Year 2 100 credit points (8 units per year)

What’s a part-time study load?

50 credit points (4 units per year)
First Semester
How can I find out when units are
STA80005 +12.5 offered?
Advanced Data Mining You can view unit availabilities before
class regisitration opens at the
STA80008 University Timetable Planner
Scale Development and Evaluation
Where can I find what online units
are available?
Statistical Consulting For a full listing of online unit go to
Online Units.
Structural Equation Modelling

Second Semester
STA80006 +12.5
Statistical Decision Making

STA80004 +12.5
Advanced Topics in Regression

STA80007 +12.5
Bayesian Statistics

STA80010 +12.5
Industrial/Research Project

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