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I GATE - 2004 I ol 11

エZ] セ chemial@ ENGINEER-::

b. (),3
c. 04
The ordmary セQヲ・イョ エ ゥ。 ャ@ equntion dv/dt =
d. (1.6
flY) is soll'ed using the 。ーイックゥュ[エ ゥ ョ@セ Y(t 7 For ihe lセ・ョ エイ ッー ゥ 」@ expansion of nn ideal
+ At) = Y(t) + HY(t)l AL The numencal
gas from me tniliaJ conditions Pt. T 1 to d1e

en-or mtroduced cy the approximation at
linal condlltOtlS' P!, T:!. which ONE of the
l!j}Ch stop is
following relations is vaUd 0 (y=<:,JC,)
a. proportional to 6 t
b proportionnl lo IAtf
c. independem of At IL H エ I セ H P t@
d. proportional to (1 /M)

The trape%oiclnl rule of integraliM when
applied lo J•j エ ク ャ、 セZ@ will aL セカ・@ ·the ex.act
b H セ I ]{エ エ@

• c. ( 11
value of dJe uuegral Q セ@ ·- 'I;
a Ir f(x )iS a lmear funCUOil Of 1C
ra b. rf ffx I IS a quadranc nmcclon of X
c. for any n·x)
d for no f(x)
d. u セ@ l-UJ
Match the followmg for n centrifugal
3 The value of o. for wluch the- followu1g
three vectors are coplanar is pump wuh ャ ューセ ャ 」 イ@ ウ ーセ、@ n
a = , + 2j + k List I
b= 1j + k A, Capacity
c=2i + エセ ェ@ B. Head
a. 4 L.tst U

b. 7,efl)
I proponional to n
c. - 2 2. proportional to n1
<.L - l 0
3. proponiQnalto n·'
4. The denvauve of lxl with respect to セ@ A B

when x"(J ts a 2 I
b. 3
a. jxl/x c. 2 3
b I
d. I 2

c. I
d Undefined 9 The magnitude of the force (in N) イ セオゥイ・、@
At a given tetllperature Md pressure a to hold a body l!f volume 0.05 m and
liquid mixture of 「・ョセ N ョ・@ and toluene;; in mass 40kg 1n \vater (density 1000 kg!m3)

at a depth ofO.J m is (g = 9.81ュ O セ I@

equiHbnum IVttb 1ts vapor 1l1e avrulablc
degree(s) of freedom is (are) a. Zero
b 98. 1

セ N@ Zero
c. 490,5
b, I
c l d 882.9
10 A stab'llnnl liquid film of P L セ@ mm thickness
d. 3
6, A heat engine opel'll!es at WセE@ ol' the is beld between two parallel plate.'). The
ュ。セゥオ ュ@ possible etliciencv The ratio of
top plate 1s maintained :tl 40•c and 、セエス@
the beru source [empera!Ure' (in K) to the bottom plate is maintruned at 30°C.. If the
h.eat smk temperature (in Kl is 5/3 The thermal conducnvny or the lrqutd ts 0. 14
frachon ol' tho heat suppl ied lbat os V!l(m K}, then d1e steady state heat IJux
(m Wfm·) assunung oue dimensaonaJ heat
converted to work is
transfer tS
2 ctf !2
'' ;\.S vtllume of the gas at complete converSion
b. 350 must not exceed three ャゥュセ@ lhc ャ ョゥエセャ@
c. 35(10 volume. the minimum mole percc:nt uf' lhe
d. 7000 inert in the food Qオ セエ@ ])e.
II , T.et tit, he the f,ydmdyn:.mic ・ ョエイ セB@ :a, 0
length fo• ュ セZイ」 オイ ケ@ in lnmlnnr now in セ@ h 211
pipe under セッ エNィ ・ョ。 ャ@ セッョ、ゥ エ ゥッョ ウN@ Lc>t u,. "' Sセ@
be itll tbotm4l (:titron.:<: 1•'11£th under fuU) d. so
de\'el(lpcd ィケH ャ イッ、IGャZュゥ セ@ C<lnditi•'n•. 16. A エャ イ セ@ onler revers•hle reactlfm
Which ONF. uf the 1\)liuwlng is TRUE'/

u. d., d.
b. t.lu "" "'
.:. dt, = d. occw·s m " botch ro•ctor. Tlte o.xpononual
d. d, ' d. only if t.be pipe is veoi,-al decoy or Ute ooncen!ratlnn of A bas the
12. iGャ セ@ Doussindq approximation for th<>
Lime oonsl11nl
tluid density in tho grl!Vitalional foree lortn I

ᄋ セ@ given by UNE qP the following (p,.r i$
Ute fluid densely at the reference
tOmJ>craturc- 1'..r. und f1 is the thermul

cq。ヲゥッセエ@ of volume t.'(j)•nsion ut T1,t)
!h p = p.._, - I.., P(P- P...; )
b. ー セ@ p LNセ M イ NL ーH M P"' )
ra d.
c. r•- P..,- r;,. fl( r - 1;., )
17. If tho ubsolute error in the mousurcmcnl uf
d. p : p., r;., (t>-r>,, ャGJ エ G セ@ .•(r イ L LI W セL@ A ls セ@ 3nd U11: absolute t!TUI' in u.c
13 nw reoclion 2A + 13 ->
2(. ocou,... Qn •
mcus un::cocut. ofB is t.\B, then clte obsolute
セZ。エNョャケᆪQ@ !<llrface. 11•e reactnnL< A nnd B ccror in the estimate of A - 13 0.
diffuse lo the: eololysl sur£:•<:<: and gcl • · \A+ \ B
converted completely to the producl C. b. セa M Nエb@

which エャゥヲオ セ・ウ@ back. The stead\• セQ^ Q ・@ セ |@ N\ AB

molar ャ オN セ ・ウ@ or A. B ond r ore related by c. - ·-A 8
IL N A: 2Nb - No •
t:.A .ill
b, N,. = {I·'Z) Ne = Nc d.
.. 8

c. NA = "2.},ja - Nr
d. NA = (112) Na - Nr 18. 'Jbe Ql<.O r<;!aclion i• IJSOO for C\)IWI:!rtJng
14. An [tlcl•l , [ng.tc $U'!!" cxtruetioo pru"""" iii u. olcohol to ッャ、セィI 、・@
wuxl in 1rcat 1()1) ュッャセ@ nf on qrgapie feed b. parnllin In <llcfin

${)1ulinn. '11!<> セ H ^ャオエゥョ ョ@ concentrulim>in thi5 c. oldin to al<lch \1ue

' OIUJion i6 to be rctluct:tl from O.j moi"I•IO d. ャ、セ「カ・@ In Zッャ セッィョャ@
Q.l ョ|ッャセ N@ A pure $o1Vt..'llt S セ@ u.ed. To
1'), In a nmcl cN エオャ ケエI」ッイセォ ゥ ョァ@ 1mit, エ セ」@ noturc-

..-educe the solven1.-etruiremem by hal I' lbr of Ute イ・オ セ エゥッ\@ o\Ac オ ゥ イ ョセ@ in 01e 1-e•clor
u,e samescJ)ll1'3tion. and uセ・@ regcnoralof iJ
u. udd un<> more ilk.ll co-.:UI'l'Clllslogc: a. Reactor-f:.xothenmc. 'Regenerator-

h. use anolhor pure solvcnl s• whose> E.xoll•erm '"'

p:ll1itirm coeffic.io'lll i$ Lセヲ」@ th<ll ofS b. R.elt¢lor-El<olhcmt ie. R!!l)cncralOt-
c. オウセ@ solvenl S イッョセQゥ ョゥ ァ@ f),02 mok Endotl•cnllic
fracti011 of U!eMlute c. Reactnr-F.ndotl..mnic. Regener>f<Jr-
cL double U1c rcsidone<> time of tho Exothermill.
s<Jivent S In the conl.oclor d. Roact.llr-Endo.thennill, Regl!ll<:rolOt'-
15 An irreversible !f.'S phase reaction A - } 58 Endothennic
J. oooduch:d in an is.o U10nllal batch rcnelor 20. The Cilnlrol valve cbarocteratiC$ for three
nl consuml prcssw:o in Ole prcscnco of an エ ケ ー・\セ@ uf control v3lves (P. Q and R) aro:
inert. 'I h.. feed oont<1in• no R. If lhe
J oft::
given 1n the figure below Match Ou:• where r 1s the poslt1on vector tieJd {r = IX +
conrrol valve with us characteristics. jy - kz) and S is the surface of a sphere of
イ 。、ゥオNセ@ R
a. 4rrR1
b. -3 rrR·"
o, nR1
d 4nR1
... ,..,. 25, The liquid surfoce in a cylindrical bucket

uo 1'4)
of mdius R ro.tating about its nxis acquites
a par;tbolic profileztven by the equation y
n P - Qu•ck opemng. Q - lmear, R -
= a - br>. where y ts the he1£ht of lh;,
Equal percenmge
hqutd sul'face from 1l1e bonom of Lhe
b. P - linear, Q - Squnre.root, R - .Equal
bucket al a radial distanc-e r [tom the
「オ」ォセエ@ \lXJS lf the fiquid has density p
c. P - Equal ー・イ」ョuセァN@ Q- Lmear. ll -

QUtck opening then the rnnss of the. liquid in the bucket ts
d P - Square root. Q - Quick openmg, R a. Rplf ( a +;R')
- Linear

TWO MAitKS QUI!STIONS (21-75) b Rpft' イセ@ + 「セL@ J
21 If tl1e following represenls the equation of
ra '
c. :rpR·a
s Hne. d. :rpl?' (a ;.bll' )

::: to
26. The solution to the followm>l equation
• t/1 v tl 1 y dv
N| セ M ᄋ@ + 2't- .. - 2 - "- = 0
I I .i.r? dJ.·· J.r
tl1en the lma pusses lhrough the poml is gtven by
a (0. 0) a. セ@ • Cv< • 」Lセ M ᄋ@ l- C1

b. (3. 4) b y - C ,x ' C1x·<·I C.1
c. (4. 3) c. v = Cp<: セ@ C1x-' + C'J
d. (4, 4) d ).- c,x..- C,J< '+ c,
If A = Gセ@ l then I he eigenvalue!$ of A'
27 The value of the contour Integral
キNィセイ・@ C' IS Lbe cLrcle QW セ@ セ@ 2 is

11. 27 and 8
セ H セ M セ I@

b 64 and 'I
c. 12nnd3
d. 4nnd I c. zero

wゥエィケ セ@
e"'. lf tbe sum I
• dy tl ' y tl"y d. (2;ri)e'
Nウ セ M セ M セ@ . +-
dr ti? tb·' 28. Tftt NewtQn-Raphson metltoo is used to

approaches 2y as li -+ then the value of soh'Mheequation. H N セMQI Q@

-.<-3 = 0 The
11 is
a 1/3 methl)d will fail in tbe Ven' lirsl•teralion tf
b. J/2 the initial guess 15
c. ]./3 a, Zero
<L 2 b. 0.5
24, Detennme lhe following inte!lr:tl c. I
I = r.tlS f 29.
d. 3
A pair of' frur dice Is roll ed three umes.
• What IS the probability I bat IO(sulll or tloe
·1u1 エ セ@
numbm on the two faces) Q|セャ@ tho1•· セー@ 1>. de=se m presslll'¢ anti Inaease ·in
<.'C.1t't ly once 1 tempernture
121 c. incrc•se in pressure lind エォMNZ ᄋセTAャ」@ io
:t. 1718 temret\jiU•c
.363 d, 、セZエm@ in (lfCiOoure rmd decrease in
b. tempentun:
1728 33. For • binary mlxrut'C of 1\ and 13 nt 400 "'
c. lind I aun, '' lticl1 ONE of the following.
576 eqijJiibrium slates deViates セゥァョエQ」。ャ ケ@
363 fr1lm ide:ility'l

516 Given.
3\1. (I company purchu.-.'<1 ・ッ ューャ セ ョ」N@ !rom
three firms 1'. セ N@ and セ@ [エNセ@ •Mwn in the
table below .· wher"C
Finn Total number Number ol' PA"" = 'npor pressure "' ,'\, aun: T =
uf comJlOnenli CQmponenll!

tcmpcr:Uurc. K
purch:tse<l ャゥセ・ケ@ to bo PA = pnrtinl ーョ[セオウ」@ of 1\. •tm
、・ヲセャゥカ@ "A : mole li'nction of A in lictnid; y,. -

p 1000 ; '"""' froeti<ln of A in vnpor
a, 1\A :o 0.5: }'A = 0.25
Q 2500 5
t>. GHLN セ ッNウ[ーセ セ ッNRU@
R 500 2
C. leA =().:I; PA = ().5
Tho components are storod togcllu:r. One d. '-A= 0.6: YA = O..'o
ratho components セ@ lelactcd al r:mdom
nnd found to be defective, What is thi!
prob•bility tlt3t ilw:LS supplied by Finn R'l
34. Pule .-\ at 2(l0°C ゥセ@ fed tu J •t<ody slltte.
lldi•b•tic eonlinuou.• ..,.ctor lll the l'llte of
1()(1 kglhr where it nmlergodl :m
J exothennk rt•ction IIJ !!" c ill; isllmC1' B.
.1,. 25(1 Tite ptoducl 'Sirc::J m. is ot lol'f1J!Cl'atut'C
j 500"C. Thu l1cnl of reaction lj 2 1 l;J mol
b. of A and エィセ@ "Pecilic he•t ol' the reoction

I ュゥセエオイ・@ i!! constant at ;;s Jl(mol •c). 11Jc.

I! - conversion In Ulc I"C3t!lot is
8 •. RUセN@
1 b. 5(1'11.
(j c. 75'lo

3 1, Mnlch tha foil on ing: d. QPセ[L@

Ll>Ll 35. The moiW' den.<it)" of wolor vapor nt the
A. h」Zセャ@ nonnal boiling [lQinl or water i>< 33

B. lnhmml cne.rgy mol!ml. n,., .:omprc:sgibillty foetor under

C. Work thll!lo co11dition• i• 」ャッセB@ to w1Lich ONE of
r>. Entrop) th.e fol lowing? ll. = S.314 J/(mol セI@

LisL.fl a, 0,75
1. St;ole Function b. 1
2. Pltth fonctum C'. 1.25

A 8 C. D d. 1.5
セ@ 2 1 I I 36, A liqu•d iR pumped at the !low rol.c: I)
b 2 I 2 2 Uu ough • pipe or lcngt.h L. The i i iG csセuャG^@
c. 2 2 I I drup uf the: lluid 。・イッNセ@ the pipe i• ,_\ P.
セ@ 2 I 2 l No" " louk develops nt the micl-roinl or
n. For u revcnliblc Bッセ エ NZイQョゥィ 」@ gas pbu•c ャィセ@ length of tl•c pipe: ond lhc fluid leJJks al
"':action. A + B [] C, the equilibrium lbtt rule nJ'Q/2. AS$Ullling Ututtho Hイゥセエッョ@
convenikm |ゥ ャ ュセ・m@ \rl1h f•ci.O( in the ーゥセ@ remaiM オョセィ。 ァ\Z、N@ the
"· increru.e ln ャGBセウオイ・@ and incrtnse in new ーイ・セ ウオョZ@ drtlp セ」イッウ@ the pipe for the
l<lmpc:roturo somo in let llo11 rate (Q) 11111 be
S ol 12
" · HQ Rャセp@ nioterials T11e Jinn one (with material
b. (S18) \I' den•ily r•l is K<>lid, whcrt:>3 the see<>ntl
0:. (3/4) \I' (with material density p1) L• a hollow
d L\J) sl'h<:rc witll Ute inner shell diamdor e<1unl
37. ln • lorninru' !low throush a pipe of mdiu• to bnlf U1c outer diJlutctcr. If botb the
R. lh e Jhction of the エッ エ セ@ I fluid flow in& spheres 「セ カ・@ the soma term in•l velocity in
through u circular c:ross-Becilon of raJtus any lluid. tlten llle rntio of their materiol
R/2 cc:nlc:rod atll11: ptpe axit is densilieo>. BG G セG@ • is
o. 3tR •. 1
b. 7116 b, sn

c. 112 <:. 2
d. 3/4 <l 8

38. A fluid ッ「・ケセエァ@ the i:Qt\Slllutillc equ>lion 41. A liltrotion 」セ@ conduct<'<! at conslnul
GB Bセ BG GB@ to recllwr •olitb< rmm dilute
t' - ' • I K(セ@ r r1
slurry. r,,
retlucttll\t lime ol' li hration, the
solid• conccntr•tiop in !he feed •lurty L<

is hcltl between twu pbrallcl ー ゥョエ セ@ u incrcoscd by オカセーomQャゥョァNヲ@ the solwnl.
di\ll•uee t1 •purl lf d1c 「 セGcウ セ@ •Pillictltu 11\< If the n:o<idanee of the filter medium is
m:gligible. tho liiiT31ion lime: Wtll be

lop plate Ill セ エ ッL@ U1.cn the velocity wilh
which Ihe lop plate move<; relatn•e In lhe rc<\uced hy 3 factor 1)1'
u. I

bolloon plate wo uld be
h. :1
ra. 2(セ@ "'d. セ@R

b. 3(: r d
oil One dimensional KtC<tdy •l•lc heat ャュョセ・イ@
occur< trom A !1at vertical 1vall of length
O. lm into Uu: adjacent lluid. 1l11e heal ヲャオ L セ@
" セャ セ )'N@
( into Uus fluid ··is 2 1 W1m:. t ィ セ@ wall
d lh111m•l "Qnductivity 1s I, 73 W/(m K). If

d 9(; r,
U1e heol tmnsfer coefticiill\1 is 30 Wi(m'

K) and ャィセ@ Nu.•.;ll nwnb.:r bas.:d on tlu•

woll l \^ ョセゥャ@ ;, 20, lhcn the magnitude of
39, A bed fluidl7C:CI bv wセャZG@ 1s u.o;eJ for thc.temp<:r>tun> gradient •t the wall on the
cleaninl!' セ ュャ@ ctml.,minotcJ with oah. lne flu id side (In Kim) is
particles uf •and ond oalt hove lloc. sam.<> 0.7

•loopo ltlld •izc hut dill'eronl dcro.itio:.• (P..,.. b. 1214
= :lSOO l;gtmJ and. p,.,. = 2000 kglm1l. 'If c, l21l
the inilfal volume IT:Iction of 11\e solt rn lhe d. 140

ュゥセャオイッ@ is 11.3 and if エィセ@ lnitin l \ oluc uru.... .13. IT.xperi.ments .:onducted with a· ーセエゥョァャケ@
minimum JluidizALiun カ・ャッセゥエ ケ@ (U. J) Ill 11.9 dissolvmg cylinder wall in a flowing liquid
ml•, find thO' Iinol voluec oftha L',.,r(in ml•) yielded the followms oorTeL1I ion li>r the

when U1e sand Is washed free of Ute salt Sherwood number

Assum" tl1al the bed cltomct<nislies ([l.jcJ Sit 0.023 (R e)&SJ (&:) 11
porosil) und solid ウ オイヲョ セ。@ nrt:a por unit Assumutg the upplic.1bi1iry ortho Chilton·

vol11met do not change durinl! lhe Colburn analog. the correi<ponding

npet-.tiun nml that Uti> pri>Ssure drop Q セ@ corre13Liou for b.::.tl1ansfC1' i5
unit length i. dircu:tly proporlionol lo Ute u. Sh セ@ 0.023 (Gr)o.a:t (Pr)1'l
fluid ""loa ity b. Nu " 0,02.3 (Re)w (PdJ
n. 1).70 c.. j., = t),i12.3 Hrセ I BG BG@ (Jlr)2l
b. 0.911 d. ]'Ju : (l.{l(i9 ( \Vc)GS (Pr)•IJ
.;. J .Oil セQ N@ t\ fluid {ャ ッ キ セ@ tlltQUglt U l!ylindri""J pipe
d. 1.46 under tully developed. sic.1dy BL1t" luminar
セ セ N@ l'wo • pherical particles huve the """'" Q セ Q@ etlndiliqns. 'l'h" tube l•nll Ill
outer 、ゥ。jョエセイ@ •bul 01'1: tolldo or uur.renl maint11incid セ セ@ oons wnt t.cmpenllure.
I) ol 1.1
Assuming cmutnnl ph)'*iool pl'OJ)l.'rti<:s tt11d 8, 4.2
nogllgiblc viscous heat dis:sipallon, tl1c b. 5.2
governing equation for the tcmpcruturo c. 7.'1
profile is (z. a.x u1l direction; r, radird d 8.:!
di=tion) 47. t\ p rQ<le'\,1 f1uid ha. 10 he UO<)It:(l fii1 m

ᄋセMhm ス セ I Z[@ セ セ AHイ L@ セi@

22"C' to l "C using hrine in a 2-4 •hell·<lnd
IL tube h01ll l:l(cbnngcr <hown t-elo" · Tho
brine cnt.cTS 1!1 セ G c@ n11d lcrtWC$ at 7"C.. The
b. "·+H セ イス A j]エ [j H イ セ L ᄋ セ j@ ovcmll h""t ttnnrl'er coefi'l<>ient .is 5()(1
W<(ml K). The daign hcol load is 30 kW.

u. セ { Q@ 1!.
\ R1
-<:, .r&- rJr er·
I he brine llm10 on the tuba ' ide nnd the
ifj;."1.. 1 prouess fluid on the s h"ll セi、・ N@ J'he heat

d. セイᄋ@
,\n insolul"d eyliodricul pipe of ll.2 m
r:mr:} セ@ .イセA H Zセ I セャ@
tmrufer W'Ca in ru'J i$

..... セ@ N セ@
、 ゥ オュ 」 エセオGt@ hns a セ オイヲッN 」@

b.;mpcrntura o f
ooi3' C. It is cxpOilad to block body &
JUIITO<ondings nt 2S"C. 'l'he emis,ivity nnd
ahsorpt.avity of lhe insuf•tion s urface are

0.9f> Md 0.93, """ pee!lvcly. TJ1<=
セッョカ 」 オ エ ゥカッ@ ャ エ セイ@ trunsfer aocllioicn11 ()IIISldO ,
., u. " · -· .. ,.

tho IJ!!!ulolion sua1'oae is :us W/(m1 K.).

Qra セ@ Sl¢fan-Boltzmann セッョウャ ャョ@ i!
5 VW セ Q P@ セ@ W!(IJ1: k Gセ@ The surrounding
nu\d n18V he 0115Uil1Cd to be エヲQr s セイ・エャ エN@
Find エィ セ@ poroontA!!e aontribulion li'om
ntdiation to Otc U>tBI he.Jt tmnsft:t rntc to
エィ セ^@ セ オ イッ オ ョ、ゥ ァ⦅ウ@
•. 30.9
b. SO.(I
P = '·
R,.r,- T,

セ M 57.6
d. o8A 11 - 11
1n n multis tage cronten;um.•ll isoili¢mtnl IL LJ
>tripping column. fcod llontalnin.g 0.05 mol b 5..77
of •olutelmol of solute fo:c oil is lri:<Jtcd

c. HI N セ A^@
wlth ウエ\Zセ オ ョ L@ 11>e ab!oap tion fi>cuw A - d 1, 53
H| N Vセ N@ The <:qnilihnum イ セ ャュ ゥッョ@ l; given ィ セ@
セ M 100 mole'S .<lf " hinury Jni'CtUJI:! F
V• = 1X, wh..-c: Y6 und X n::fer to the uonwiuing 60 ttaot•, A (more volatile) nod

equilibrium ruQie rntio iu 01e steam m1d oil セ P@ anol% B i• エイ セ ョj 」 、@ in n b•tcb di•tillntion
phoscs rcs:pcotivoly. TI1c Kreruscr equation •!ill After I ho1ar. 71) mnlt>; ot' the
i.s given as follows retOrs lo liquid co· distillatll l) is coUecll:d leaving )...,hind (he

inlcl ut d1c top. ·Np' rol'crs to the lasl s tnge residull W Relative volntlllty a. is 2, The
n1 エィ セ@ bom>m), goveming セ オ ョエゥッ ッ@ is:

ャ セ ウ { {@ Y 1-) : f.'(J -8, )


]p-.-t )- log.- = n log ,

. セ@
-1 rv..:. 11 (1- .>,)
The uvcragu mole fruoliou of M セ@
、uN エ ゥャセ エ ・@ U.
in the

' ャ ッァ{セ }@ "· 0.-13

b. 0-61
11 the セ エ ・ ッュ@
i1 Initially free <>f onhue nnd ..:. 0.69
tl• ll)(it mole: イ エ ャ ゥ セ^@ (m<>l snluteltnl'l セ ャ \エゥA ャ|Q I@ d. 11.73
エ セ@ 0.0644. エ ィ セオ@ エィ セ@ numi)cr ol' C<JUiJilirium
s t.tg"" roquirod ;,.
-19. " drug lublct or IUUSS M" udataialislcu,_d
orally ut lime l 0 n:oohc.o, tl1" inl.stin.e ul
7 or 12
lime t = t without losiug auy inass_ From as a function of convcrs1011 IS gi vco by r =
エィセ@ intestinc, the drug is absor!J<,.-d into - I/( I -t- X). lflhc feed contains no B. then
blood, The rate of abso'llllou 1$ found to Ute cortVCr$iQn ill the fin;t n::ac1or Ut31
be proportional to the mass of the drug in mm imizes tile totlll voltuo1e of d1c tiVO
tho lntoslln.: "itb the propQrti()nalit; reacrors is
conSIML セ@ Assuming no drug IS lost frnm a. 1- Xr
the blood. ti•e tntal mass of 1he drug In the b. O,L'<1
blood. M,, nt エゥュ・ セ@ t is gJVen 'b) c. o.sx,
U. 0.5( 1- Xr)
n. M 1 =M. [l- c.w{-t(r - r)}] セS N@ Consider ャセ ・@ followrng セQ」 ッョ」ュャGI@

b M, =Mo[ l-cxp{-kr}] reaction net\\Ork
c. M 6= M ,. exp{ -k ( r- T)) A セ@ IJ
: .j. セ @ᄋ
11 M, =M,,[ i-I!)(JJ{-.((1+<)})
r セ@ D
50 The m1e rat which nu antiviral drug acts
ll1c actiVation energies for the ind ividual

lncre:ises with Its conc.ctllrmion In the
blood. 'C, according 10 エ ィ セ@ cqualioli reactions a1\: E1 = I(Ill ld/mol, E2 = 150
WuoQ[. E:3 = ltH) \dlonol, nnd B. = 201)
kC セ jO ュ ッ ャ L@ If the feed 1s pure and rhe
r c.' ,, +C

desired product is C. rhen the de§ired
"berc C511 1s tl>e concentrntion atwh1cb d1e エ セュ ー 」イN オ オ イッ@ ーイッヲゥャセ@ iョ セ@ a pl11g flO\\ ftataor
rate is 5()% ofthe ュZセ クゥュ オュ@ エ[セ ・@ k. Often, in rlw dln:oet10n of no" should be
the conc!l-ntrauon Cw, when li>e rale 1s
ra a. constant at low temperature
90% of tho mmdmmn. ts measured lnstend 「 セ@ constant セエ@ higb エ」ュー・イ。セu@
of CS\l ti Q セ@ rate equ3lion tban beoonlt:S c. i ncrcusing
1.8kC' d. dceruasing
a. I' -· oo-=:..:..,,.
= 54 The. cxir age distribution m a stim.'il
(C.,+C )
reactor 1s g,ven by
b. r - (c;•-,.r) 1:'(1) =-1 ·· l!.
エウ@ ' o, and c:t ertwr the rcru:tor

f'lutd ・ャ」 ュ セョ
kr..' runes I= (J and t = 9 > 0, rcspecUvc[y.
c r=- 3l
l 'fi• The prob;iliiUty diat e2 exosos 1he reactor
09kt' before c 1 is
d. r = - -

a. -
51 Consider the following reactions 「」エキ セGcq@ 2
gus A nud ti\O solid ウ ーィ ・エゥZセ
nnd C oflhe same size
j@ panicles. B
b. セ・@ ""

.4 Kiセ@ ァ。セ\Gix@ (1/'fldltc/ e.. t! " t

A セ 」@ ⦅A[ セ。ウャイ@
d, zero

55 t「 セ@ lセーャ。 」・@ lrnnsfortu of l.h\1 inpul

The asll does JJol leavc Lite partick C'. Let
1\mction X(ll. mvon in lhc nsuro b<lioll'
L1 and l.2 bB the tim<:s イ・アカセ」、@ for A tO

,.- M M セ@
romplttte l) consume particles B :md C,

respectively. If k 1 and ォ セ@ are equal at aU

ICmpcmiUrc:s and the gn$ phase mass
trnnsfer resisftmce IS negligible, then
a, t, = 12 at a ll temperatures
b. t 1 = t, atc.lugb terupcrauorus
• •
c. II > 12 al h1gh tcJ11pcruLUrus is given by
d.. l1 < 11 otlngh lconperalures a, - 1 (1 L N セ I@
5.2.. A rorumou A4B IS to be couducred Ill two 2s'
CSTRs 111 ウ ・ョ ・ウ セ@ TI.te stead\ state
b M L HQKセ

convcrskm desuvd is X1 Thcr reacLion mte 2s--
II of 1"-
59 1\ we1ghtn£ mach1ne ts calibrated セ@ 2s•c
c. 7-(H ") and the output イッ。、ゥョセ@ R (in mm) is related
to the wcighl W (in kg) by the equation
d J.-(1-c ")
セ M
R= sW
'"here lhe sensitivity s = 20 mmll:g. At o
56 A ltqu1d level control system is configured
te11tperruure of 3o•c_ tbe wei!!lting
as shown in tlte figure below ff (he level
llUlchine wtdergoes a zero drift (chauge in
transmitt<;r 1L1') is direct acting, and tltl•
instrument output telldmg at zero vnlue of
jャョ・ オュ セオ」@ coltt1'ol \>!liVe IS alr-to-Qpen
werghl) of +2 mm ond rts sensmvity
what kind of C()nr.rol aot1011 should ャセ・@
changes to 20.5 mmlkg_ The weighing

C011ll't'Jier (I.C) have and why?
macbint!, whc11 used m 30°C shows a.

reading of 50 mm l'he true \Ve.1ght (m kg)
of the obJect 1s
a. セNST@
b. 2AO
c. 2,44

a. Direct .acnn,g smce the conrrol vulve 15 d 2,50
direct acttng 60 fn a desalinatio11 plant. an evaporator of
b.. Reverse aetmg sine" tho CQHtrOI val キ セ@ area 200 m2 was purchased in 1996 at a

is reverse-actiog cost of セS L P L P N@ Jn 2002. another
c D1rect actmg s1nce the control valve 15 evaporator of nrea 50m 0 \vas added. Whnt
reverse acltt\g was tlte cost ッcエャオセウ・」ョ、@ evaporator tin)?
d. Reverse achng s1nce Lite comrol val1•.e
ra Asswne uQ Q セ@ the CQSl of evaportttor scales
IS drrect acting as (capaci\y)"·"' 'fbe Marshall and Swtl1
57 A 2-1npu1, 2-oumut process can be index was 1041!.5 10 1996 and 11 111.9 tn
descnbed m the l. aplace transform domam 1002.
as 1!'ven below a. 1,30.500
( ヲ セ@ イ "-I) r;(.r ) = K.U1(.-). K,U1 (S) b. 1.39.100
c. 1,41,l)OO
(r,.<ゥIy L エNセI ] k ャOL HウI@ • K/11(.<) d 1,51 ,200
61 The tniXIIlg of rubber latex soluuon was

where Ut and U1 are the mputs and V1 and

V, are the outpuls The gams ot'" the studtt-d 1n an unball:1ed nuxer ln the
transfer runctions Y tls)/U 2(s) and laboratory The m1xer was equ1pped widt a
respcctwcly, are
vセHウIiuZL@ sl1< blade turbtne tmpeller A tyre company
a セ。ョ、@ K, sc.alcs this process up using a bnl11cd trutk,

b K1 rmd K, + K:! K, The baffled tank has J times the J iamcter

c. k セ 。ョ、@ K, + Kt K4 of the lab scnle mixer It uses the same
d K 2. nndKJ I K•....""セ@ · type of 1mpeller operated at 1he same

58 A process is perturbed by a sinusmdal speed. The relevant shape factors are also
input, u(t) = A$tnM The resultt'll> pfQCess the same Assuming 1lta1 lammar
cond1t1ons prevail tn i;>oth cases, the pt>wer
outpul is )' (s) ( セ[@ • ) - u· y(o)

rs 1 I • +nr requirement in ihe rndustrial scale tni)Cer

a is 3 ttmes that of the lab scale mixer
= 0, エィセ@ difterentiaJ oqua\1oq represe.n!JJ>g b is 9 times that of tho lab scale mixer
ャセ・@ process ts

c. is 27 l1mes that of the lab scale mixer

a m•ry(t) =Ku(t)
d)'U) d can nor be estttnaled reliably due to the
presence of baflles
b rdy(t)_y(t) ., KAu(') 62... Due to n 20% drup in tile product scllmg
price, the pay-wck penod of a new plan!

c. イ、O
セ ケ@
increased to 1,5 times lhat estimated
Initially. I he produt'lioh cost and !he
production rate tema.ning オョ」 ィ 。ョァセ@ If
d イHG i jセOI@ • y(t)J=I\AI!(I) the production cost IS C., and Ihe new
selhn,g price is then C. ,then (4/ C IS
'> ot 12
n. 0.2 A. Oltidlltion of o-xvlene to phtltalic:
b. 0.+ anhydride ·
c . .o.s B. Oxidation of ethanol to toccU!I<Ichv do
d. 0.6 C. Oxidntion of llnunoni• tu oxid"' of
63. Obtain tho optimal 」ャゥセュエ@ 11f n nitr1>8erl
cyliqd.rical storage | G ・ウ セ」ャ@ 11f volume V. I i$1 II
n1e aurved セ「・ャ@ eosiS C. (in lt•ltn'). and I. vpl
the セj[エ@ top セョ、@ ャ^\セuッュ@ plates oost C1, (in 2. Pd
Rs<m"l 3. Ag
I 4. Pt

a. セ@ {
D= (:. セ BG}@
ir 1L
I h 1 セ@

セ@ D=lセ セj@
c. 4 3I
d. 1 32
67. l'nir the following rcnclolli with !hair


セ@ d {セM j@
A. An: .P tu:nacc

B. Permenter
cL D -[4VC,J' C'. Hydrogenator
ョ c セ@ l..isUl
64. A nle セッョエイ。」
ra エ@ s1gned by a chemical 1. Citric acid
tnanufaclure.r is ・クーcセZゥ\Nャ、@ to genet'llte a ョッ[セ@ 1. Calcium carbtde
.:asllllow of Rs. 450,0001- pur yc:u: al the 3. Satnroled t:1t•
end of each year f"Dr o pcriod of three 4. A1um
yeon;. The applicable di![couot rote
. .\. B C
(interest rate) is L0°o. Th<> uet prcsc1ll 4 3
"orth of l11o total eash flow is Rs. b. 2 3
n. 7,50.000
c. + 3 I

h. 6.83.7$0 <1. 2 3 1
c:. 6.2 uoo セX N@ Pair the (nlhming ーョャケュセ\@ キゥエセ@ thQir
cL 3.32.750 chnin 」ャキ。エZイゥウセ@
lゥセエ@ l
65. A ••tumted vopor is red to II distillntiiJn

cohtmn 1!1 I811 krnultl>r. ROtll the recti1'0ng

and セ エイゥーョァ@ soctions of Oto 」ッャセjエ@ R. J.OPF.
oper•IC"' 6000 of their ,.,.pectivc tlooding C. U.DPE
velocities. The Hooding velocity Qf tht" ListlJ

rectifying scctian is l\1 ゥセ@ that of the I. Vcry few bronch=..

s tripping section. The Zエ セA|ャエョーゥッ@ ur 2. Shm1 and regul>t hfllnch""
cQnstnnl molor ovcdlnw ond "''"'ttml 3. Hi8h hranching "ith b<1lh セ ッィ イエ@ セョ、@

molar vapor cl.nsity throughout ャィセ@ long cbo1n br•ncb"'

oolumn 。イセ@ valid. If thc l:>oil-up rnle is 60 A 8 C
kmo.LIIu·. tbcu the fi'IDtionJllip bclw(llm the •· I 2 3

,liom<>t= of the rectifying section (d,) :md b. 2 1 3

the stripping scctino (d, ) i< c. 1 3 2
d. 2 3 1
n. d, = ..fi. d. 0!1. C'boose セ セ@ most 。ーイッエュョャ セ@ palts from
I! 、 L セ MAZャ、 L@ U1e foUo\\ tnll.
セN@ d, = 2d, List [ セ@
<L d, = セ 、N@ A. Nitmt10n
66. P•ir the ヲッ ャ オャセゥァ@ ゥ オ、N Lエイゥセャ@ t>rU<!cs•"" .B. Sulpbonatfon
wiU11be COL11\'l!IS used C. Corhon.iliou
QN セB@ I . List I
111of I!
l Detergent n. 0 G4
2. Pulp and paper b. I 00
3. Ex1JIC>sivcs c. 1.55
.J. Su&ar d. 1.80
A ll c 13 Tlw. ouiuimuuo number l>f thenreflClll slnscs
0, I 2 セ@ (iuclusivc of reboil or) ti)r tltis proccs.< is
b. 3 l 2 •. 5.2
c. I N セ@ セ@ b. 6. 1
d. ) 2 セ@ c. 7.8
70 Match tho liJIIuwing d. infim tc

A. Carbon disulpbide Comman Dat• for a....cJofta (l'4 & 71)
1'1. Caprolactum The block dlu$f'8JU of a closed loOIYセッ ッ オイッ ャ@ system
C Cyp$um is shown to tbe liguro below. Y is 1he controlled
Ltsl II vari:tble. D is disturbaMe, Y is the set point, 0 ,.
I. Nyi\>D-1> .

Q,.. and G,. arc transfer functions.. and K Is tho
2. Nylon-66 セャojエイゥオ セ ョャ@ ッ ョエイッ ャ 」イ N@
J . Pho>phoric actd D
-1. Viscose rayon

A n c
ra c. セ@ l 4
d 4 I J

74- The closed loop trnnster !unction

A binary dtstillntio.n columu セ ャ BGャj エ ・ウ@ 100 mt>llhr Y(sYD(s) is gil'en by
1>f u feed mi:-1w•e imo distillau::JJ ond resrdue W. (i,(i
1 he McCabc-'J'hiclc diagram for this proocs• is •• I +( G,G, +G, )K
gh' cll bclo" '(' he rdnlive volatlli ty lor llto binal)

system is C.Otlstant at 2A. b.

1 I+(Gp,+O, )K
セQ M KMセ セ@
''- G,
ッN。ヲMK MK MQセ セBヲtNMエ M\ゥ@ I +(Ci1 セイNIg L k@

ョャ M セMT M KMイ セ tM セ セエMイ@ G

a.a f-+-++'?"frlh r-+-+-t-:i d, '
I+(G,CJ1 +G, )K_
• G.5 ャM KM MWゥセThヲウャ MZ エMイセ@
.... QMA M GMᆬセyヲ MQエK Mエh@
75. LctG 1(;,) - I and G,(s) - G,(s] - ll(s + l).

A step eluwg.e of nYJI!Oit.Wij M is mllde In

セ セ セ KM セ L⦅セ@
Ute !let poitot. Titc st'-"!d) >Ulto ofilot of the
ell! QM KNMmセ iM KM Mャ」エ MャゥZ。 MN j@
olo.sed lo"p response Y is

セ セ セ セ セMイ M セMゥ QM Mゥ K@ j \{
t.,1 O.t U O,A
OlJ 01 0 .7 0.1 O.:tl
セ@ !1.


7.1. '!'he distillu1e und rcs.duc ilow fl!les tin M (K, -l)
"">l'hr) are c.
o, -l8A. w = 51.6 o- 1+2A ,
b. 0 = 51.6. w = 48.4 J . zero
c. 0 = .54.7, W= 45.3
J. D =-15.3. W: sv St.tem-t far Unlt:M セ@
72. Tbe rntiu of Iiquid ID l'apor molar Oow
Q.,..lfon (78 - d T7)
roles in Ute rectifying section is
l1 of 12
Solvent Cis used ta- extract solute .B selectively The two grinders can be operated eltlrer tit
from 100 4fhr furomixtureA+.B ina ウエ・。、ケセ@ series (configuralion· L) or pamllel
continua-us proce.""S shown below. The solubili1y (COilf:iguration-2). Compare li1e two
ofC ir1 tlle rJ.iTuhlle and lhesolulii!icy of A in !he i:QIII1sumtitJns in ternw of Uae nddi tiona!
extract are negligible. The extract is disti.lled to power consumption over ihe ¢<1Se above.
recov¢r 8 i n the ll(Jltllm T>rO<l\ld. The ol'erhe>1CI a. cッョ ャ ゥ s^セイョャゥッ M Q@ セ Q ウ、ュ・@ Ieos power
product ts :recycled to 1he exb;actor. The loss i'f ihflll configuration-2
solvent ilLUte bottoms is compensated py make up b. Ci.>nl:iguration-2 oonsumes less powl!r
solvent So. tゥオセ@ total 0 セ キ@ tale of the solvent ilum rouiig,umtion-1 boUt
stream セ@ going to the el!it<actor is 50 kglhr. Tite セッョ ヲゥァオイ。Qッョウ@ cooswnc the same

mass tfnctioru; (X,>s) of some セ・ ャN・」。@ $!ream• are power

i.ndicated .in il1e Jigure below. c. contigurntion-2 COII$Ullles les!< or inore
power Ulan eonfigura1ion-l depending
M W.U•lセ@ on how the, feed .i:s distributed between
the twJ> grinders in configumtion-1 .(!he
]Jamllel con figw·ation)

OJ 7 ;
Btat.ne•t for Unluedl.,._

Question (10 ad 11)

ra . ...lA

Ulsilllation bottoms flow rate W and

solvent dosing rate Sd in -kgiltr are
a W = 50,S.J= SO
LT==+ , Cort$idot lite 、 ゥ ヲゥャセ ッ ョ@ bf n teactru1l A l ィ ヲャ ャ セィ@
cylintlt:ical cntaly!il pore of rndiiJs R and ャセ^ョウQィ@
L>>R. Rooclal1t A orulcrsocs a zerodt. order
reaction 011 llte cyJ indricru snrtilee .of Ute pore,.'Ore
fC!Ilowing equatiotl dcsc.n'bes cltangcs in ·fhe
oortcen(ntlil>n of A Wilhin lhep(lTe.due lo Uteo;r.i,inl

u. W= IOO, s.=20
di.f'f:Ul<ion. of A. and the disapp.eanmce of A due to
c, w = 10, s.=oo reaction
d, W=SO, Sd = 10
d lcA K
77 Feed rnte E to Ute distillnrion column and

overhl'l!d prodoctrnte T inkglhr are dJ.:'

a. E = 90,T = 40 wltere cA is fue conoenuation of A at a distauee x
b, E= l>'O, T= 40 .from the pore entrance., and K ゥNセ@ a constaul:
セ@ セ]YP L@ T=50 so. If Ute C'QIICenlrabo)t of A 'll the vore
d. E= 45, T=20 entrnnce (x = 0) 1s CMb and x = L ts.a dead

end where no reaction l'CetllS, the

concentration pw!ile of A m the pore 1s
atat.mllllt for Ltnlk..a An8WW ァlカセョ「 ケ@

• Kx'
A contumou.s grutder obeying 1he 13ond crushing n. 」LHゥj ] セ N iHlNM[ K」ZNj ッ@
law grinds a solid at the mte of 1000 kglbr from
K.>:(.X- £) X

.the iru1ial diameter of l 0 ntm to セQ」@ final dian1eter

ofJ nun.
b. cA(x)
o. c,(f)= セGaエ@

78, If the tll\Uket now <lemru1ds particles of

size 0.5 nun, Ute output- rate of tl1e grind•"!'
(ill kg/hr} fur Ute same rroweLinp1n· would
a. c,(x) ;: ""' ( l.;·'')
be reduced tu Sl The· minim\nn pme length for A lo be

.., 'r>7
b, 474
\:. 623
d. 856
In otdor to roslru'a tlte output blll:l;..to 1000
a. ( ";

b. HSN
I'Ompletely conve,rted within ihe prn:e is

I Mセ
l;g/hr, wa additional grinder was insllllllld. 2K

"- (2i•) condoosatiQn. Tv is l.be vupor temperature

and Tw is l.b• wliU エ・ューョセ エ オイ・@

" H Rセ B@ r
ltat..n•nt for UnktMI An_.r
II. -

d(i セォ[HQ LMQ[I@
dx gp, (A- P,)J. o'
セ@ -'-'+'-'--:,.<--',-

p,k, ('C-T.) I
Question (82 end UJ
In IIIrn condensation on a カ・ ョゥセャ@ pl:mc surfnce.
ゥ ィセ@ x d1rNtlonal velocity distribution is given by

lllV)- g(p,-p, )(Q'y -.!:_y'J
p, 1
wh-m: Sis エィ セ@ tilm エィゥ」ォョセ@ at any x.

8tatam•nt for Unkltd An•-r

Qu-tton (M 1111d U )
bclow,G,(s) = - -,

Condensod liquid
aセ@ H DI Q
セ M rJ..5+M 1 オョ、@ r, = 1r
- !

ra 11te ュ。セ\@ Jli>w rate ,,f tile "andcnsotc m(x)
through nny ックゥZ セ@ ーッセゥエqQ@ x per trnit width
--'-..,1 OJ•J 11--r- .セ@ . セ@
Qヲエィセ@ plate b gil'lln hy \Vh<'lt the system i:. exciied hy the セゥ ョオ siNG ゥ 、。 ャ@ iLtput
m(x.Jc=gp (p -p, )o' X( II セ@ sinlill. tb;.> intermediate respouse Y U. giv.n
h, m(.r)_g(p,-p, )n

Sヲセ@ 8<1 U' the response of' Y lags behind Ute input
: li' X by •15° nnd 1:1 セ@ I. then !h.' input
o. ュHセᄋI@ gp, -
p, ヲイセアオ」ョ 」ケ@ w is
a. I

' (l.;..P':...,)il_
_,g,p..:.. ., 0:
d. IIi ( ,l.' ) ;; -
Xセ N@ Oiflereoti:no m(x) with rcsped to II to get "' l.(TQ

tbc difl'erentia.l Increase in c(lndensaie d. - 1

イオ。 セウ@ dm witll .l.iJu1 thickness lセ@ .. dn!ldli. 85. For ャィセ@ .same mpuL エャセ@ amplitude oJ' the
'l'hco obt:wl dmrd.x <!Ssummg heal flux output Z will be

thNugh the ft1m t·o be dl.1e to conduction .. 1.00

based on a ャゥョセイ@ イ ⦅L ュー・イ。セ@ pro.llle b. 0.62
「・ュ 」 ・セョ@ ih" VApor and wall. Henco c. 0.42

d•termlne dl)ldx. d. 0.32

Hor< )tt セ ゥウ@ tittuid viscosity. lq is thermal
cooduotivil). nod i. is Intent h<nt of