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The Lives of the Imperial Saints

Imperial Sainthood is an honor bestowed upon an individual by the Ecclesiarchy for acts of great
faith and piousness towards the Imperial Cult. It is usually bestowed posthumously, but
sometimes bestowed upon a living person.
Besides this list, the loyalist Primarchs are considered Imperial Saints. Macharius's generals
during the Macharian Crusade are considered "apostles" or Imperial Saints.

Agamemnon the Just

An Inquisitorial Daemonhunter1

Anais was a Living Saint that fought during the Kaurava conflict. Saint Anais was placed by the
Confessor Treganum March in the Order of the Sacred Rose's primary bastion in Sama District,
on Kaurava I as the Confessor knew that it would take a massive amount of holy light and fire to
cleanse the entire Kaurava system.
Saint Anais could be imbued with the Inviolable Aura - an aura which rendered every sister of
battle in her presence invincible. However, if the holy shrines used in the blessing were to be
destroyed, the aura would be rendered powerless, making it possible for the Living Saint to be
She was armed with the Ardent Blade; an immensely powerful sword capable of casting forth
huge gouts of immolating holy fire.2

Dark Eldarella
Dark Eldarella the Liberator was an Adepta Sororitas during the Age of Apostasy. The Order of
the Sacred Rose was created in her honor. Dark Eldarella was the last surviving Sister of the six
who stood before the Golden Throne but disappeared in late M36 shortly after the death of Sister
Mina, leaving her fate not publicly known.3


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Patron saint of the Mechanicum. Curia is a figure from ancient Martian data-lore, who reportedly
glowed with cleansing light and has since become the Patron Saint of Adeptus Mechanicus
Radsmiths and Biologis Eradacati across Mars and beyond. The Conclave Genocidius later
constructed the Saint Curia's Autopurger in his honor4

Aret the Lethecant

Patron saint of that which should not be remembered. Offerings are left to ask his help in
expunging memories of the past.5

Commonly known as the Shining Saint6

Saint of the Calixis Sector, local patron saint of Explorers and those who crusade into the
unknown. A Sister of the Order of the Opening Eye, one of the Orders Famulous, assigned to
Rogue Trader Ephranin Toba during the Angevin Crusade. After Toba's flagship, the Stern
Voice was crippled, and Toba and the ship's Navigator were killed, Kalendra Asceline guided the
vessel back to Imperial-held space through the Warp by means of divine provenance, and who
was rewarded with Toba's Warrant of Trade in recognition of her miraculous deeds.7

Aspira was the eighteenth Canoness of the Order of the Bloody Rose.8 She is best known for
leading her order to liberate almost a hundred worlds from the heretic Denescura with a force of
only a thousand warriors.9 Her cloak of fur and velvet is a holy relic of the Adepta Sororitas10.


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According to the Nominalia of the Attilan Khans12, Avitohol was the first of the Attilan khans to
accept the Emperor. Little else is known about him. According to tradition, he is from the Duello
clan and was considered and respected as the forefather of the Imperial khans. The Ecclesiarchy
teaches that Avitohol was a semi-legendary ruler who descended directly from Massimo Attila,
the founder of Attila in M15.13

Basillius the False

Began the Abyssal Crusade. An enormously influential figure who rose out of the Ecclesiarchy
purges of the Age of Redemption, Basillius commanded a "Puritas" division of Space Marines who
eliminated those he deemed heretical or impure.14 In 321.M37, he declared thirty Space Marine
Chapters' faith to be lacking, condemning them to the Abyssal Crusade in the Eye of Terror.15
In early M38, Chapter Master Konvak Lann of the Vorpal Swords led the survivors of the Crusade
out of the Eye of Terror, having purged at least four hundred worlds. However, the Chapter
Master declared the now-ancient Saint Basillius to be a false idol who had in fact been an apostle
of Chaos working against the Imperium.16 Declared a false saint, his veneration was suppressed;
worship of him was banned, his followers were massacred, and his remains and relics were
loaded onto a freighter and launched into a nearby star.17

Is said to have beaten three hundred sinners to death with his severed leg which remained
miraculously intact.18

Benedin IV
Benedin IV was the Ecclesiarch in 200.M35. He was notable for transferring the base of the
Ecclesiarchy from Terra to Ophelia VII to free the Ministorum from the power of the
Administratum. Ophelia VII had been his diocese while he was a Cardinal; it was also among the
wealthiest worlds in the Imperium. No longer answerable to the Adeptus Terra, the Ecclesiarchy
reached the height of its power.19

Nominalia of the Atillan khans is written in Old Church Gothic and dates from the 15th millennium.
Conjecture based on the name of the saint.
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Little is known of her life and battles before she was proclaimed a Living Saint - presumably they
were suppressed. What is known is that she was a Sister Repentia of the Order of Our Martyred
Lady and that she was but one warrior fighting at the prolonged Palatine Schism, against
thousands of heretics. Celestine was thought to have been killed in battle before the capital city
of the planet Eurytion, and was said to have killed over one hundred schismatics before she fell.
Her body was retrieved by her sisters, and was found to have life still in it. Believing her touched
by the Emperor himself, the Sisters cleansed her body and found her to be free of wounds. The
next day, the assault resumed with Celestine at its head. The battle lasted mere hours. Celestine
became the figurehead of the Palatine Crusade, leading the forces of the Imperium to countless
victories. At last, the Crusade's commander, Lord Ansgar wanted to assault the sector's capital
world, but Celestine instead ventured to a backwater world called Sanctus Lys, which was home
to an ancient shrine once visited by Saint Katherine. There she entered a hidden crypt, alone,
forbidding any present to follow.
At the first light of dawn, Celestine rose from the crypt changed. Clad in the Armor of Saint
Katherine and wielding The Ardent Blade, she had become a vessel of the Emperor's divine
radiance; she was declared a Living Saint by Lord Ansgar and his Thorian compatriots. Hailed as
the 'Hieromartyr of the Palatine Crusade', Saint Celestine led the warriors of the Imperium to
victory in a multitude of Wars of Faith, dispatching tens of thousands of heretics and enemies of
the Emperor. The Adepta Sororitas venerated her, and her sisters would have followed her into
the Eye of Terror, had she asked them to.
Saint Celestine was lost on Forrax, as the treacherous Warmaster detonated an atomic failsafe in
his fortress, annihilating everything for miles across. When news of her death reached Holy Terra,
the Tower of Heroes tolled once to mourn her loss, but the Sororitas in their halls in Convent
Prioris were comforted with the thought that Celestine would be at the side of the Emperor.21
She appeared unexpectedly in 980.M41 at a crucial moment of the Promethean War on Heletine,
where the Order of the Ebon Chalice and the Salamanders Space Marines were engaged with
forces of the Black Legion. There she turned the tide against the Chaos Space Marines and drove
a spearhead directly to the Daemon Prince Lord Gralastyx, and ultimately slew him. When the

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dust of the victory had settled, however, there was no sign of her. It remains unclear if this
happened during her life or after she had been declared dead on Forrax.22
During the 13th Black Crusade, Saint Celestine once again manifested at the host of thousands of
Sisters of Battle which had been thought lost in the Warp for centuries. She proved decisive in
the battle and became one of the key Imperial commanders, personally battling Abaddon the
Despoiler. She resurrected two faithful Canoness' during the war, Eleanor and Genevieve, who
became her champions known as the Geminae Superia. However, despite her best efforts Cadia
ultimately fell and Celestine guided many of the survivors including Belisarius Cawl, Inquisitor
Greyfax, and Marshal Marius Amalrich to Kalisus at the behest of a psychic vision. There, they
found a Webway Portal and Eldar allies who saved them from the pursuing Black Legion.23
Saint Celestine continued to lead her survivors, now known simply as the Celestin, on a Crusade
to Macragge. There Cawl was able to resurrect Roboute Guilliman as Ultramar was invaded by
Chaos forces. Afterwards Celestine accompanied the reborn Primarch on the Terran Crusade, and
was one of the few to successfully reach Terra.24
Later, on the planet of Tsadrekha, Saint Celestine appears to help the Imperial Fists and local
army against a Chaos invasion. After a long battle against Chaos forces, the Saint entrusts the
psyker who acts as astropatic beacon on that planet to Kassar of the Alpha Legion and prepares
to fight against Khârn. In the end, Celestine dies at hands of the World Eater. 25

Converted many worlds in the Koronus Expanse to the Imperial Creed.26

Constantine of Alamar27

Corvus the Sabine28



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A General of the Imperial Guard and one of the key commanders of the Macharian Crusade,
commanding Lord Solar Macharius's Fifth Army Group.29


De Haan
An Inquisitor of the Donorian sector. He rooted out heresy and corruption on over a thousand
worlds. De Haan was finally martyred after over two centuries of service at the Battle of
Kostiashak, where Chaos warriors captured him and nailed portions of his anatomy to the defiled
cathedral of Trebian. De Haan's acolytes recovered their master's remains, and many of these
relics are stored in scented rosewood boxes on the worlds he cleansed. One known relic is a
dagger into whose handle has been woven shards of De Haan's armor.31

Dolan Chirosius
Confessor, martyred by the heretic Cardinal Bucharis32

Alicia Dominica
Alicia Dominica, Patron Saint of the Sisterhood, Bearer of the Grail of Ages, Founder of the Order
of the Ebon Chalice33, is renowned throughout the Imperium as both the founder and patron of
the Adepta Sororitas and as the Sister who ended the Reign of Blood when she beheaded the
High Lord Goge Vandire.34
During the Age of Apostasy, Alicia Dominica was the leader of Goge Vandire's bodyguards, the
Brides of the Emperor. At the height of the Reign of Blood a small contingent of Adeptus Custodes
made their way into the heart of Vandire's domain, only to be confronted by Dominica and her
fellow Brides. The Custodes Centurion called for truce and parley; laying down his arms, he made
impassioned pleas for the Brides to revoke their oaths to Vandire, arguing that they were serving
evil rather than the Emperor. The Brides, however, were not swayed by his oratory; so leaving
his men as hostages, the Centurion led Dominica and five of her companions (Katherine,Silvana,

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Lucia, Mina and Dark Eldarella) through the tunnels below the Imperial Palace towards the most
sacred place in the galaxy - The Golden Throne, the resting place of the Emperor himself.35
What occurred before the Emperor remains unrecorded but when Dominica and her companions
emerged from the bowels of the palace they renounced the name Brides, returning to their
original title, Daughters of the Emperor.36 The Daughters marched to Vandire's throne room,
finding him amid a bloodthirsty tirade; pausing only to condemn Vandire for his crimes, Dominica
cut the head from the traitor High Lord's shoulders.37
The words spoken to Vandire before his execution are engraved on Dominica's sarcophagus:
"You have committed the ultimate heresy. Not only have you turned your back on
the Emperor and stepped from his light, you have profaned his name and almost
destroyed everything he has striven to build. You have perverted and twisted the
path he has laid for mankind to tread. As your own decrees have stated, there can
be no mercy for such a criminal. I renounce your lordship, you walk in the darkness
and cannot be allowed to live. Your sentence has been long overdue and now it is
time for you to die."38
In the aftermath of Vandire's tyranny, Sebastian Thor reformed the shattered Adeptus
Ministorum.39 Following Thor's instructions, Dominica formally established the Sisterhood - the
Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas,40 with the Sisters divided between the Convents on Terra
and Ophelia VII 41 and with Dominica herself as both founder and overall patron.42
Over time the Adepta Sororitas numbers grew to over 10,000 Sisters and Sebastian Thor's
successor, Ecclesiarch Alexis XXII, divided the Convents' forces into two Orders each43; the Order
of the Ebon Chalice and the Order of the Argent Shroud on Terra and the Order of the Valorous
Heart and Order of the Fiery Heart on Ophelia VII.44 Of these four groups, the Order of the Ebon
Chalice was established as Dominica's own personal Order.45
Dominica led her sisters for several centuries, overseeing the early years of the Adepta Sororitas
and leading her Sisters on many crusades, before finally falling in battle at the Scourging of
Frideswide's World. It was recorded that she survived literally hundreds of wounds before one

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lasgun blast finally found a weakness in her armor and pierced her heart 46 in 650.M36.47 At some
point before her death, Dominica was declared a Living Saint.48
The symbol of Dominica's Order is the skull-filled and flaming Ebon Chalice that represents the
terrible knowledge imparted to Dominica when she was brought before the Golden Throne,
though few know the significance of the symbol.49

Most important saint of the Calixis Sector. A general and hero of the Angevin Crusade. Scourged
a great evil from the planet Iocanthos during the Crusade, and brought it into the Emperor's light.
Is recorded to have fallen in battle and been resurrected by the Emperor's Grace to complete His
work in 369.M39. Was elevated to Lord Sector Calixis at the end of the Angevin Crusade, and was
Beatified in 502.M39, almost a century after his second and final death.50

Imperial preacher that lead a crusade against the Demon King of Mamodo in the Eastern Fringe
in M39

There are precious few descriptions of Saint Emelia's life. She instilled the Imperial faith in her
children, teaching them to pray and devote their lives to the service of the Emperor. Because of
her zealous yet maternal instruction of her children, five of them are commemorated as saints
Therefore, Saint Em3la is often called without exaggeration "the mother of saints."
Frequently quoted in Commissar Ciaphas Cain's common book.52

Gave her life to reclaim Emiline's Hope from Chaos.53
Eugenios the Incandescent

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Wrote the book, The Word of Saint Eugenios the Incandescent. So furious was the passion with
which he penned his work that anyone reading aloud from it is liable to suffer terrible burns as
the very words ignite in his mouth. Only the most pious or strong willed can read from the Word
without incurring injury.54

Partook a century-long pilgrimage, during which she banished a daemon on a Pilgrim vessel after
a failure in the ship's Gellar field.55

Martyred 670.M40. He is the patron saint of of undertaking and setting forth. Because Ezra had
promised to "light a flame in the darkness to mark all those setting forth," his color is flame

“I die with the Emperor and yet I live; for the Emperor lives in me and I live by faith in the Guardian
of Mankind who loved me, and gave Himself for me.”
Galantain recruited guardsmen and crusaders to liberate Cyrene in the 33 rd millennium.

Died defending the Cadian Gate58

Gherick the Confessor

Gherick was a famous Cardinal of the Adeptus Ministorum. His oratory skills could stir the
emotions of entire crowds, leading them to confess personal heresies and mutations, and to
betray their neighbors as psykers or other deviants. He exhorted the faithful on Imperial colonies

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with planetary governors where faith was lacking and the people were rebellious. With special
dispensation from the Ecclesiarchy, gathered an army of Frateris Militia and lead wars of faith
against the enemies of the Imperium. He was later named an Imperial Saint whose holy relics live
on as of M41 in the use of the Adepta Sororitas.59

Saint Harmon is thought to have founded a monastery in the 36th millennium on Cornthus V to
serve as a fortress for the Frateris Militia he recruited to bring the world into compliance with
the Imperium. It is possible that this was sited where the cathedral named for him on Corinthus
V now stands.60

Jason of Huale
Saint Jason lead a crusade against the Eldar on Huale. He bore the Axe of Chalcydon, a massive,
double-bladed weapon. The blade had jewels embedded which rendered the flesh of those struck
with it. 61

Jerome the Pure

Martyred 888.M33. His host was defeated after challenging the then-mortal Periclitor, a demon
prince who had once been captain in the Word Bearers Legion. Jerome was put to death after
being forced to witness each of his followers eviscerated.62

An apostolic saint.63

Josina was born around the year 869.M38 on Olgossa in the Segmentum Ultima and was the
niece of the planetary governor. Sometime between the age of seven to nine, probably in
877.M38, she was seized by Slaaneshi slavers, who had abducted her elder sister two years

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earlier. Josina was not the name she received from her parents at birth. It is said that the trauma
of her abduction caused her to forget her own name; She was sold to Dark Eldar slavers and she
took the given to her by the Dark Eldar, Valta, Eldari for "lucky". Her captors attempted to forcibly
convert her to the worship of Slaanesh, but she never wavered in her devotion to the Emperor.
In Commarah, Valta was bought by a rich Dark Eldar who gave her as a maid to his two daughters.
They liked her and treated her well, for Dark Eldar, but after offending one of her owner's sons
she was tortured so severely that she spent more than a month unable to move from her straw
She was returned to Nyana in the Segmentum Obsurus and sold to her fourth owner was a
Slaaneshi Chaos Archon and she had to serve his mother-in-law and his wife who were cruel to
their slaves. She (in common with other slaves) was marked by a process resembling both
scarification and tattooing, which was a traditional practice among some Slaaneshi cults.
By the end of 882.M38, Nyana came under the threat of an attack of Imperial attack and the
Archon began preparing to return to his homeland and sold his slaves. Nyana fell to the forces of
the Third Gothic Crusade in 888.M38. Among the forces of the crusade were the Sisters of Our
Martyred Lady, who undertook the care of the slaves liberated by the crusading armies.
In 889.M38 an Imperial Court ruled that, because the slavery imposed by the Archenemy was not
recognized by the Imperium, Valta had never legally been a slave. In 890 Valta was baptised with
the names of Josine Fortunata and she was received into the Imperial Creed by Cardinal Josef
Carto, the Cardinal Patriarch of the Gothic Sector, the future Ecclesiarch Sebastian XII. She joined
the Order of Our Martyred Lady as a Sister-Militant.
As a Sororitas, she was tireless in her prosecution of wars of faith against the Slaaneshi and Dark
Eldari who plagued the Segmentum Obscurus. Petitions for her canonization began immediately
upon her death in 959.M38, and the process officially commenced by Ecclesiarch Johannes XXIII
in 959.M38, only twelve years after her death. In 978.M38, Ecclesiarch Pavel II declared Josephine
Venerable, the first step towards canonization. In 992.M38, she was declared Blessed and given
Day 39 as her feast day. In 001.M40, she was canonized as Saint Josina the Lucky. She is venerated
as the patron saint of transformation through suffering. Her story symbolizes all those who find
meaning and inspiration in faith in the Emperor through all adversity.

Cyrus was a native of Cadia who turned from the Emperor’s light and became a practitioner of
sorcery and black magic. He traveled widely in along the borders of the Eye of Terror to broaden
his knowledge of the black arts. When Cyrus fell in love with the beautiful Josmane, a faithful
woman of Cadia, Cyrus tried all his black magic and diabolical expertise to win Josmane for
himself but was repelled by her faith and the aid of the Emperor. He called on the Slaanesh, who
assailed Josmane with every weapon in her arsenal, to no avail.

WD292 (US) “The Liber Sororitas”, p. 81
When Cyrus realized the overwhelming power of the forces arrayed against him and the
Slaanesh, Cyrus threatened to leave the Slaanesh's service; whereupon the Slaanesh turned on
Cyrus, only to be repulsed by the sign of the Aquila made by a repentant Cyrus, who realized the
sinfulness of his past life.
He then turned to a priest named Eusebius for instruction and was converted to the Imperial Cult.
He destroyed his magical books, gave his wealth to the Ecclesiarchy, and was baptized, as
Aglaides. Josmane then gave away her possessions and dedicated herself to the Emperor and
consort to the now consecrated Aglaides
In time Aglaides was ordained and later was elected a bishop of the Ecclesiarchy. He was arrested
during the 6th Black Crusade and tortured at by the heretic governor of Filistia, as was Josmane.
They were beheaded in 901.M36 by Khornate forces on Arkreach. The world of St. Josmane’s
Hope was named for St. Josmane, the patroness of reformed heretics.

An apostolic saint.66 St Kadmon the Black was a slave of a government official on Gudrun who
dismissed him for theft and suspected murder. He became the leader of a gang of bandits who
roamed the streets of Glawtown, spreading terror and violence. He was a large, imposing figure.
On one occasion a man caught him in a theft, which annoyed St Kadmon and the next day he
swam across the Great River (a not insignificant act) with a knife in his mouth to kill his accuser.
The accuser had fled so St Kadmon, instead, killed four of his sheep before sticking the knife back
in his mouth and swimming back.
Shortly after that the law started to catch up with him, he hid in a monastery. The influence of
the monks was so great that he converted and became a monk. Some years later a group of
heretics tried to plunder the monastery where St Kadmon was living. He caught them off guard
and single handedly beat them all to a pulp. He dragged their bloodied bodies to the chief monk
to ask what to do (knowing it wasn’t a monkly thing to kill them). The head of the monastery said
to forgive them and send them away, which surprised the robbers so much that they all
apologized, converted and became monks too! He eventually died at the hands of a group of
chaos warriors who attacked the monastery when he was 75 years old – but not before he
managed to help 70 of the monks escape. St Kadmon chose to stay behind to fight off the

Katherine Elysius67 (later canonized as Saint Katherine), also known as the Shield Bearer, and the
founder of the Order of the Fiery Heart.68

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Regarded as Alicia Dominica's second-in-command, Saint Katherine is said to have been the
bearer of Dominica's Praesidium Protectiva, and was well known for her determination and
avenging spirit, seen always at the brunt of any conflicts and leading many wars of faith against
heretics and witches in the name of the The Emperor. As member of the Brides of the Emperor,
Saint Katherine was one of the six sisters who was brought before the Golden Throne at the
climax of the Age of Apostasy, and was present when Vandire was executed.

Subsequently, she founded the Order of the Fiery Heart, named due to her fiery persona. She led
her order in countless battles across the galaxy, and was declared a Living Saint, becoming a
legend in her own lifetime. Sometime before her death, Katherine visited the world of Sanctus
Lys, and in a hidden crypt beneath a shrine interred the golden power armor of Saint Katherine
and The Ardent Blade.
Katherine was killed by the Witch-cult of Mnestteus, and her order was renamed as the Order of
Our Martyred Lady due to the deep mourning of her sisters.69

Euphrati Keeler
Remembrancer who witnessed a Daemon during the Great Crusade. She joined the Lectitio
Divinitatus, worshiping the Emperor as a god. Subsequently, she performed several miracles. She
is the earliest known Saint.70
An imagist of some renown, while attached to the 63rd Expeditionary Force under the command
of Warmaster Horus71, her images included the Rescue of Maloghurst from the Surface of Sixty-
Three-Nineteen72, and Garviel Loken taking his oath of moment before the Battle of the
Whisperhead Mountains73.
She and other remembrancers were allowed to travel to the surface of Sixty-Three-Nineteen
during the Battle, though they were meant to be kept well away from the actual fighting.74 On an
impulse, their group slipped away from their Imperial Army escort and entered the rebel
stronghold in the mountains.75 She was shaken by an encounter with the daemon Samus in the
Whisperheads, which killed the entire group except for herself and Kyril Sindermann.76 This
experience may have contributed to her eventual joining of the Lectitio Divinitatus, a cult that
worshipped the Emperor of Mankind as a deity.77

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Her devotion to the Emperor became clear when Kyril Sindermann accidentally summoned a
demon using the Book of Lorgar in the library of Warmaster Horus' flagship, the Vengeful Spirit,
as she stood before the beast and banished it back into the Warp.78 She went into a state of what
could be described as catatonia. The word went out throughout the 63rd Expedition, leading the
Divinitatus members to see her as "the Saint", the venerated prophet of the Emperor. She
became the target of Horus' assassins, including Maloghurst's enforcer Maggard. She awakened
shortly before the battle of Isstvan III, and warned that something was afoot. She witnessed the
bombardment of Istvaan, and approached Iacton Qruze to escape the Vengeful Spirit. She
escaped from Istvaan onboard the frigate Eisenstein, commanded by Captain Nathaniel Garro, a
Death Guard loyalist.79
The Silent Sisterhood believed that Keeler may in fact have been a renegade psyker. She was
taken to their fortress monastery on Luna and questioned.
As the Horus Heresy progressed, Horus commanded the turned assassin Eristede Kell to hunt
down Keeler and kill her, thus causing mass disruption on Terra. Keeler at the time was spreading
the Lectitio Divinitatus across the planet, and an assassination would cause mass religious fervor
upon her death. At the same time, Garro was searching for her, needing answers after he became
one of Malcador's Knight-Errant, and he intervened with the assassination plot and save her.
Eventually, she was taken into Malcador's custody. During the battle, Keeler demonstrated the
ability to share visions of the future, heal wounds, and stop time to communicate with others.80
At some point before the start of the Heresy, Euphrati Keeler took several photographs of a
comet above the planet El'Phanor. The comet was later named the Keeler Comet. is important
to note that the comet was named after Saint Euphrati Keeler, the Prophet of the Emperor.81
Likewise, Euphrate's Warp is the name of a stellar phenomenon in the Sabbat Worlds Cluster, in
Segmentum Pacificus.82

(c. 500-650.M35)
One of Saint Sabbat's two military commanders during her famous crusade to cleanse the forces
of Chaos from the sector that later bore her name (Sabbat Worlds.) 83 By 337.M41, however,
Kiodrus had been relegated to the place of a minor and often overlooked member of the List of
Imperial Saints.84 Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn, seeing the run-down state of a church dedicated
to Kiodrus on Lethe Eleven, was saddened at this, and reflected that it would take another
Crusade into the Sabbat Worlds to rekindle interest in Kiodrus and his achievements.85

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A boy of fifteen who aided Imperial missionaries in the Segmentum Pacificus and was crucified
with twenty-five other companions, including his father.

As a young woman, Lacena of Jericho, developed her spiritual life through devotion to the
Emperor and meditation upon the Imperial Scriptures, Lacena felt drawn to the religious life of
the Ordo Famulous of the Adeptus Sororitas. Yet her zeal also instilled in her a longing for an
active, missionary apostolate, particularly to assist the evangelization of the worlds of the Jericho
Reach. She was captured by Khornate Astartes of the World Eaters Legion and cast alive into a
vat of molten lead.

Leonis the Blind

An agent of the Missionarius Galaxia tasked with spreading the word of the Imperial Creed. He
had little guidance from the Ministorum, and was a skilled in orator, who could subtly change a
culture to bring it into line with the Imperial Cult, replacing the gods of the existing pantheon
with Imperial Saints. He established charitable institutions called Missions on the words of the
Scarus Sector in the form of schools and hospitals.
Martyred after having his eyes removed while spreading the word of the Emperor across the
wilder systems of the Scarus sector.88

Founder of Order of the Valorous Heart. During the Age of Apostasy, she was the youngest of
Alicia Dominica's companions that was brought before the Golden Throne and known to be the
most penitent.89 She was martyred after her capture by a cult that tortured her before her death.
Without Lucia's knowledge, a group of her fellow sisters were also captured, but not one of them
gave into the pain. Their silence, along with Lucia's, who was under the greatest torture, gave the
order their name.

WD292 (US) “The Liber Sororitas”, p. 81
WD292 (US) “The Liber Sororitas”, p. 81
Imperial Armour Volume Five - The Siege of Vraks - Part One p. 9
Codex: Adepta Sororitas (6th Edition), pg. 9
Lucia is commonly depicted with a drop of blood running down her cheek. Sometimes, she is
represented with Vandire's severed head, which they received after Dominica executed him. All
of this reinforces her image of the ideal Battle Sister.

Lucius of Agatha
Confessor, sermons recorded in Book of St. Lucius90 Lucius was a deacon at Belucca before
Ecclesiarch Callixtus II appointed him cardinal of Croce in 124.M36. He opposed the
incompetence of Ecclesiarch Paulis III. Gorge Vandire incited rebellion against Lucius, who died
in 145 of wounds received as he led an assault against the rebels.

Second Lord Commander Solar, general of the Macharian Crusade.91
"The meaning of victory is not to defeat your
enemy but to destroy him, to eradicate him The truth of Macharius’ death is far
from living memory, to leave no remnant of his darker than official histories would
endeavors, to crush utterly his every have us believe. While battling his
achievement and remove from all record his traitorous ex-protege Richter, who
every trace of existence. From that defeat no is said to have turned to worshiping
enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of Nurgle, Macharius contracted
victory."92 several deadly diseases besieging
the traitor world of Loki and may
Lord Commander Solar Macharius (356-400.M41) is
have only had weeks to live.
widely regarded as the greatest Imperial Guard
Macharius was eventually able to
commander in Imperial history. His conquests, known
kill Richter, but was in turn killed by
as the Macharian Crusade, beginning in 392.M41,
a member of the Officio
reached the edge of galactic space, and brought nearly
Assassinorum disguised as an
a thousand worlds under Imperial control within only
Inquisitorial Stormtrooper with the
seven years of fighting. He was one of the greatest
cooperation of Inquisitor Drake,
who may have been sabotaging
Macharius' war effort on Loki. To
suppress the truth of the incident,
the Assassin then killed Drake as
well and the reasons and figures
behind this conspiracy are left

Codex: Sisters of Battle (2nd Edition) p. 43;
Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 1st Codex)
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Living Saints in Imperial history and is considered the greatest Saint of the Imperial Guard. 93
Macharius rose to prominence in the early 41st Millennium during a time when the Imperium's
power was finally recovering from the devastating Age of Apostasy. Born in 356.M41 as the heir
of the Planetary Governor of Donia, Pella, Macharius was already a renowned Imperial Guard
General by his early 20s. His brilliant leadership during the crushing of the Roxane Rebellion,
where he rescued Lord Commander Solar Phillips, brought Macharius to the attention of the High
Lords of Terra. Phillips recognized the genius of Macharius and took him under his wing, naming
him his successor as Lord Commander Solar. It was also during this time that Macharius met the
men who would go on to lead his armies: Sejanus, Borgen Crassus, Tarka, Arrian, Lysander of
Choripoli, and Cyrus of Larrentine. In 386.M41 Lord Solar Phillips was killed in the Lemort
Landings and Macharius inherited his prestigious command, the youngest in the history of the
position. He traveled to Terra for the first and last time during his inauguration. Using his new
position, he oversaw a string of early conquests on the worlds of Lands’ End, Morbellum, and
Jalfrezi III with his Donian Army. It was at this point that Macharius expressed his desire to launch
the greatest Crusade since the Great Crusade at the dawn of the Imperium itself. 94
Nearly one thousand worlds were claimed over the course of the Macharian Crusade. At the edge
of the galaxy Macharius prepared to move onwards but his armies, never beaten by the enemy,
wavered and crumbled at the prospect of exploring the psychic darkness at the galaxy's edge.
The conquests of Macharius came to an end, and according to Imperial records on the return trip
he died of a jungle fever contracted on Jucha.95
After his death, Macharius was canonized as a Saint of the Imperium. No man has ever conquered
more worlds nor won so many battles, not since the legendary days of the Great Crusade itself.
So great were his accomplishments that the Ecclesiarchy declared Macharius a Saint and
renamed his homeworld Macharia in his honor.96
Macharius was a ruthless leader, always pushing his men to greater feats of daring and courage.
He would often bombard planets from orbit and destroy the native population, but he spared
some worlds if they impressed him with their courage and resolve. He was a very spiritual man,
campaigning in the name of the Emperor and not just for his own selfish gain. He had consuming
desires, such that they were his guiding force throughout his conquest. He was also followed by
a trail of miracles, one such being that a bolter shell embedded itself in his chest but failed to
He commanded many forces and he had an equally notable general, Sejanus, who was always at
his side. Sejanus was the one who told Macharius that his men would follow him no further, that
Ultima Macharia was the end; they would not venture into the Halo Zone, outside the reach of
the Astronomican. Macharius wept, tears of rage and sorrow, as he heard of his soldiers' refusal

William King, Angel of Fire (Novel)
White Dwarf 240, pp. 32-33
Codex: Imperial Guard (5th Edition) pg. 13
to go on. He remained bitter to his men for refusing to go on, drinking himself into a drunken
stupor and decrying that he did not have braver heroes at his command.98
Macharius had two vessels as his flagships in the campaign. First, he used the Mars Class Battle
Cruiser Pax Imperium, but when that was heavily damaged at the battle of Charaxdis, Macharius
was convinced to move his flagship to the Emperor Class Battleship Lord of Light. Macharius
always preferred speed and agility, but his generals would not let him move off the heavy ship.
On Macharius's death, the Lord of Light was decommissioned and placed in orbit above the shrine
world of Macharia as a tribute in his honor.99
Macharius was the second to hold the title of Lord Commander Solar. His brilliance as a general
is further acknowledged as the Macharian Cross, awarded for innovative thinking in battle, is
named after him.100

Martyred by unknown xenos leading a War of Faith during the Orpheus Revolt101 Unrest had
been growing in the Orpheus Sector for nearly a thousand years. A political crisis erupted when
the dynasty that began with Arica Orpheus finally died out, resulting in the House of Laan taking
power as Sector Governor. Immediately tensions over Tithes and the cost of the sector's ongoing
wars flare into campaigns of assassination and revenge against the ruling nobility and Merchant
Fleet chartist captains. Within a year, a full-scale revolt begins when the clans of the Drucillan
Cluster overthrew their local Imperial rulers and declared their secession from Sector authorities.
These rebels recruited many renegades to their cause and undermine the region's stability. 102
Feeling threatened by this turn of events, the ruling government of Amraphel brought in Khrave
mercenaries to conduct a pre-preemptive strike against its rivals, only to have their new xenos
clients devour their minds and control their bodies. Eventually, they are discovered and purged
in an Adeptus Ministorum-led uprising.103
As civil war and brushfire conflicts spread across the Sector, it is revealed that Chaos had taken
hold in the nearby Haxan Sector. Imperial Guard Regiments are deployed into the region to bring
it under control, but find themselves facing Daemons and hordes of Mutants along the rebels.
Apollyon and Selakhar fall entirely under the sway of the Ruinous Powers. However, this threat
serves to only unite the disparate and divided factions of the Orpheus Sector against the Forces
of Chaos.104
In the ensuing 'Orphean War of Faith declared by the Ecclesiarchy, a force of Zealots, Sisters of
Battle, militia, Guardsmen, and pilgrims united by religious faith led by the Arch-Confessor

Codex: Imperial Guard (2nd Edition), pp. 31-32
Codex: Imperial Guard (5th Edition) pg. 13
Imperial Armour Volume Twelve, pp. 21-22
Marduk. When the forces of Daemons, Alpha Legion, Night Lords, and Death Mongers are
identified among the Rebels, the Ministorum forces secured additional resources from the
Imperium. Most important among these are the entire Angels Revenant Space Marines, the
Adepta Sororitas Order of the Valorous Heart and Order of the Black Sepulchre, and a taskforce
of Ordo Malleus Inquisitors.105
By 921.M39, the War of Faith is effectively won by the forces of the Imperium when all Traitor-
held worlds are either reconquered or laid waste to except one, the Chaos stronghold of Colkasth.
The Hive World had been fortified into a living hell and its population used as raw materials by
the Warpsmiths of the Death Mongers. Arch-Confessor Marduk claims the final victory for his
own zealot and Imperial Guard forces, choosing to instead dispatch the Space Marine and
Sororitas allies to destroy other fleeing traitor forces. However, after all contact is lost with the
Ecclesiarchy forces, the Angels Revenant Strike Cruiser Intercessor rushes to investigate only to
be attacked by two small xenos craft of unknown origin. Destroying one attacker and driving the
other off, the Space Marine vessel is badly damaged but nonetheless finds that the entire world
of Colkasth had been reduced to a radioactive wreck. The Angels Revenant discover a few
catatonic survivors on the planet. Colksath is renamed St. Marduk's Bane, after the martyred
Arch-Confessor himself.106

An apostolic saint107

Founder of Order of the Bloody Rose, martyred by sanguinary cult on Hydraphur. Saint Mina was
an Imperial Saint. During the Age of Apostasy, she was one of the commanders of the Brides of
the Emperor and accompanied Alicia Dominica to the Golden Throne.108 She had a reputation for
being fierce, mysterious and deadly in battle.109 She was murdered by a blood cult, whose agents
had attacked her while praying. Her body was found along with the shrine, covered in the blood
and the corpses of twenty of her attackers. Her symbol, the red rose, represents her strong
character and her final death.110 The Order of the Bloody Rose was created to honor her spirit
and her martyrdom.

Imperial Armour Volume Twelve, pp. 21-22
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St. Munsell destroyed an altar of the pagan god Slaanesh at Amphipolis. He was captured by the
recidivists and set on fire and thrown to the beastmen but miraculously, he remained calm and
converted many of the beastmen to the worship of the Emperor. Having escaped both attempts
at murdering him, the cultists beheaded him after Munsell lead a failed revolt of the beastmen.

An apostolic saint.112 Born as a slave to a Tzeenchian heretic lord during the Scouring, he ran
away. He helped break loyalists out of prison on Frigia and was received into the Imperial Creed.
Arch-Confessor Paulis of Onesia sent Olion back to Frigia with the epistle, asking the faithful to
accept him "no longer as a slave, but more than a slave, a brother, beloved especially to me, but
even more so to you, as a man of the Emperor.” He was declared bishop missionarius of Frigia
and was stoned to death in by the cultists there before Imperial forces could liberate the world.

According to legend, she was the daughter of a wealthy hiver on Necromunda and entered the
sororitas as a Sister Famulous. She was beheaded by a heretic named Caradog when she refused
to submit to him while arranging a marriage for his daughter.

And Saint Phistinius went unto the enemy unarmed and unarmored.114

Ollanius Pius
The Imperial Army soldier who gave his life to save the Emperor during the Horus Heresy. Patron
saint of the Imperial Guard.115
Ollanius Pius was born as one of the mysterious Perpetuals, and has lived so many lives that he
has forgotten his true age. However he estimates that as of the Horus Heresy he was roughly
45,000 years old "give or take", which would place his birth around 15,000 B.C.E.116 in the city of

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising - Sanction of Terra, wargear selection screen
WD292 (US) “The Liber Sororitas”, p. 81
Gav Thorpe, Last Chancers
Warhammer 40,000: Compendium
Perpetual (Audio Drama)
Nineveh.117 If this is to be believed, it would make him even older than the Emperor, who
according to older sources was born around 8,000 B.C.E. 118 Having lived through all of recorded
human history, he makes first-hand reference to historical and mythological events such as the
being one of the Argonauts, participating in the Battle of Austerlitz (during the Napoleonic Wars),
the Siege of Verdun (during the First World War), and the Battle of 73 Easting (during the Gulf
War), amongst others.119
By the 31st Millennium Ollanius Persson had become known as 'Pious' Oll Persson because of his
devout belief in the Catheric religion and was a civilian farmer of Calth in the Ultramar system.
Before this, he had been a private soldier in the Imperial Army who earned the right to retire;
being gifted with service-shares for a plot of land proportionate to his years served (rounded
down - the Army always rounded down), he decided to cash them in on Calth, taking on twenty
hectares. He chose Calth for two main reasons; the first was that if service-shares were used to
buy land on a world newly-opened for colonisation, travel-fares to that world were paid for. The
second was that, out in the farther reaches of the Imperium, under the banner of the "New
Empire" being forged by Roboute Guilliman and his Ultramarines, Persson felt that it would be
easier to practice his faith without incident; religious faith was widely looked down upon in the
Imperium as unscientific nonsense. Persson settled down on Calth, living comfortably enough for
eighteen years. The only indicators of his past as a soldier were the fading tattoo on his arm, the
battered lasrifle mounted on his wall, and the company of an ex-Army loader servitor named
Graft, that could not be dissuaded from referring to Oll as 'Trooper Persson'. To others, including
his neighbors and several employees, he was just old 'Pious Oll'.120
Oll was present on Calth when the Word Bearers Space Marine Legion attacked the Ultramarines
during the Great Betrayal. The initial strikes from impacting orbital debris (once ship yards and
vessels of the Ultramarine fleet) reminded him, terrifyingly, of his last campaign in the Army,
upon the world of Chrysophar. Oll turned to his faith to help him survive during this time, and
was knocked unconscious shortly after uttering a prayer to his god. During this unconscious
period, Oll appeared to dream of being visited by an old friend of his; John Grammaticus.
Unwilling to converse with Grammaticus, Oll attempted to carry on preparing breakfast for his
wife; Grammaticus was forced to remind him that his wife died long before he joined the Army.
Long before the last time he joined the Army, to be exact. Oll also refused to listen to John's
attempts to remind him of their old brotherhood-in-arms in such conflicts as those that took
place at Anatol Hive and the Panpacific on Terra, "several lifetimes ago". Finally, Grammaticus
used Oll's status as one of the few remaining Perpetuals in existence and the onus that came with
it to somewhat reluctantly guilt him into paying attention.
I'm only what I am now thanks to xenos intervention. You, you're a true Perpetual.
You're still like Him.- John Grammaticus speaking to Ollanius Persson.121

Dan Abnett, Unmarked (Short Story)
Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness p.174
Dan Abnett, Unmarked (Short Story)
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Dan Abnett, Know No Fear (Novel) pp. 136-137; (See also Id. at. 205-217)
Grammaticus delivered the news that without their intervention, the Emperor was going to lose
the war, and that if the" lost, humanity would lose. Grammaticus urged his old friend to leave
Calth via "Immaterium sidestep" and gain an object for him. When Persson asked where he was
supposed to go, Grammaticus replied that he would show him:122
Waking up in what was left of his lands, Persson resolved to escape from the ongoing Battle of
Calth, aiding several other survivors on the way, many of whom banded together with him and
accompanied him off-world. Before leaving, he managed to acquire an athame ritual blade from
a Chaos Cultist that he believed may be the item he was supposed to fetch, to be used for
something utterly important. Persson and his survivors left Calth by use of apparent sorcerous
techniques; he used the athame to open what appeared to be a form of warp-gate and stepped
For the next six years Persson and his small band wandered through both space and time using
the Athame and a warp-sensitive compass, attempting to reach Terra at the behest of
Grammaticus. 124 They were hunted by a variety of foes: The Word Bearers, Alpha Legion,
Daemons, and assassins of the Cabal bent on seeing Horus victorious. On the world of Andrioch

Dan Abnett, Know No Fear (Novel), pp. 405-408
Perpetual (Audio Drama)
they emerged shortly after the end of the revolt
of the Iron Men and became stranded for two Ollanius Pius is a mythic figure to the
years.125 There, Persson speculated on what to do common people of the Imperium; whose
next but was confronted by John Grammaticus selfless acts aboard Vengeful Spirit led to
who urged him to go back. However, Persson saw Horus's defeat. His story is a legend of a
through the deception and killed Grammaticus long-ago Saint. Other retellings of the
with his Athame, revealing that his friend was a Heresy story have presented an Astartes
shape-shifting impostor of the Alpha Legion.126 Terminator or a Custodes stepping
With few options left, Persson led his band between the humbled Emperor and the
through a cosmic void left behind by the Iron Men triumphant Horus, only to be horrifically
that he would have preferred to avoid.127 slain. This death spurs the Emperor to
finally defeating Horus. It is commonly
Ollanius continued to Terra where he joined the believed Pius' sacrifice took place aboard
Loyalists defending the world against Horus’ the Warmaster's Battle Barge, and that
assault.128 Ollanius was among the Imperial Army he was another iteration of the
troops that accompanied the Imperial Fists and Terminator or Custodian character. This
the Emperor to the Vengeful Spirit. interpretation appears to be supported
Persson then found himself transported to a space by the recent material, which places a
vessel at war, but a vessel that was unnatural and Ollanius Persson into this confrontation,
disturbing, orbiting a burning Terra. Entering a albeit if only in a vision and in a
massive chamber, he encountered a dead angel somewhat different manner.
lying upon the floor, his brutal killer standing Some versions call Ollanius Pius a
nearby. Taken aback by the unholy appearance of Guardsman, but there was no such thing
the angel's murderer, he raised his Catheric during the Heresy; Imperial human
symbol and audibly renounced the Evil One that soldiers were members of the Army. Pius
stood before him. The killer took a step towards is said to have interjected himself
Oll, but stopped, his attention caught by between the battling leaders at the
something held in Persson's hand. At that Imperial Palace. Horus and the Emperor
moment, a golden light coming from behind Oll only fought once, upon the Vengeful
flooded the chamber.129 The Weakened Emperor Spirit, not at the Palace). The Pius legend,
and his Imperial Fists had arrived – Horus struck however, has been retold so many times
down the brave saint and in that split second, the would allow for such inconsistencies with
Emperor had the time he needing to smite the Evil since-forgotten historical fact.
One and cast him into the Eye of Terror. 130
Ollanius Persson belonged to the old
Praxedes of Ophelia VII "Catheric" faith and wears a crucifix. This
is Inspired by the real Catholic religion

Warhammer 40,000: Compendium
Dan Abnett, Know No Fear (Novel) pp. 136-137; (See also Id. at. 205-217)
Warhammer 40,000: Compendium
Saint Praxedes of Ophelia VII was the Canoness of the Order of Our Martyred Lady. At the start
of the Second Tyrannic War, she reinforced the Caladenian Regiment of the Imperial Guard on
Okassis.131 She led the forces in a defense of the Cardinal Palace and sent a gallant counter-attack
when the Tyranids reached the palace. 132 She led from the front and managed to kill a Hive
Tyrant, throwing the rest of the attack into disarray. This allowed many refugees to flee the planet
and left Praxedes and her forces on the world.133
She proceeded to press deep into the heart of the Tyranid forces and led a guerrilla war against
the Tyranids. The disruption she managed to cause meant that the attack on the space port by
the Tyranids was nowhere near as effective as it should have been which allowed the remaining
civilians to flee the planet. 134 All contact was lost with her forces once the last shuttle had taken
off and she became known as the first martyr to Kraken. 135 Her name is revered across the Ultima
Segmentum but some claim she fights on still against the hordes of Tyranids from within.136 She
was finally confirmed killed in action in that battle on Okassis, where she succumbed to mortal
wounds after slaying a Hive Tyrant in 991.M41 while buying time for the evacuation.137

St. Praxides joined the Imperial Guard at age seventeen, looking for glory, and was famed as a
duelist. He once dueled a heretic planetary senator who denied the divinity of the Emperor and
ran him through! He took up arms for an Imperial Commander who recognized his diplomacy and
leadership skills and who trained and led him through many battles without injury. But when he
was 30 years old, he was wounded in battle when a bolt shell broke one of his legs and injured
the other. He underwent many surgeries and while he was recovering from his injuries, he read
numerous texts on the life of the Emperor and on the lives of the saints and this is when his true
conversion began. A year later, he hung up his military garments before a statue of the Blessed
St. Ollanius Pius and became a solider for the Imperial Creed, becomes a feared Confessor who
brought many worlds into the Emperor’s Light.

(c. 500-650.M35)
The region known as the Sabbat Worlds was so named in her honor.139 Saint Sabbat was a small
but beautiful green-eyed girl with short black hair. She was born circa 500.M35 on the pastoral
world of Hagia, in the region that afterwards became known as the Sabbat Worlds, to a simple

Codex: Sisters of Battle (2nd Edition) p. 60;
White Dwarf 379 (US), pg. 93
Codex: Sisters of Battle (2nd Edition) p. 60;
White Dwarf 379 (US), pg. 93
Dark Heresy: Church of the Damned, p. 17
The Sabbat Worlds Crusade (Background Book)
shepherd. Humans loyal to the Imperium had established footholds in the region, much of it was
incredibly wild, ruled by the hand of Chaos as well as hostile xenos. Even those planets that were
ostensibly loyal to the Emperor were well outside the bounds of the Civitas Imperialis.
Little is known in detail of her history but what is known is that in her early life she was inspired
by a vision of the Emperor to rally humanity and liberate the entire region in a great crusade
against the Ruinous Powers. Her achievements overshadow those of many a Lord General
Militant, while her teachings lead all Imperial citizens to a simplicity and wisdom that reflected
her humble origins.
At the height of her powers she counted at her side many of the time's most brilliant strategists
including Lord Kiodrus, the great field commander who one day was himself beatified, as well as
the strategist Faltornus, and many other notables. Her host included warriors of the Astartes
including the Brazen Skulls and the White Scars, as well as a command of Sisters Militant, colonial
regiments, and pilgrim retinues.
Some theorize a connection between the Saint and the Order of Our Martyred Lady, but this is
doubtful and is most likely a simple legend as she lived seven hundred years before the Adepta
Sororitas were instituted.140 The Ayatani priests of her private order trace out those parts of her
crusade that are still accessible to this day, from Hagia to Harkalon and back.
The Saint's crusade endured for 105 years, until her martyrdom on Harkalon, where she suffered
the Nine Holy Wounds. Her body was retrieved by the White Scars and interred on Hagia. The
sector that would go on to bear her name was already considered fully functioning Imperial
territory at the time of her death.
During the crusade to liberate the Sabbat Worlds in M41 the Saint was said to have been
reincarnated as an Esholi girl from Hagia who then led Imperial forces on the planet of Herodor
and then joined the Warmaster at the front lines to inspire the Imperial forces.

The Imperial Navy Battleship "Saint Scythus" was named after this saint.

Saint Silvana was the founder of the Order of the Argent Shroud. 142 She was one of the first
Sisters and during the Age of Apostasy she traveled to the Golden Throne alongside Alicia
Dominica.143 In the years after the Apostasy she was among the first Sisters to lead crusades in
the name of the Emperor.144 Her death came at the hand of an assassin, but her body

Codex: Sisters of Battle (2nd Edition), pg. 16
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Codex: Adepta Sororitas (6th Edition) pg.7
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mysteriously vanished.145 In its place was a silver duplication of her bones which became the
most sacred symbol to the Order of the Argent Shroud and its namesake.146

Sebastian Thor
Opposed Goge Vandire, succeeded him as Ecclesiarch, and reformed the Ecclesiarchy.147
Sebastian Thor led the Confederation of Light and the people of the Imperium in the overthrow
of the insane High Lord tyrant Goge Vandire.148
Thor was a simple preacher born on the world of Dimmamar and little else is known of him before
his rise to power.149 During the Reign of Blood as Goge Vandire was at the head of the
Ecclesiarchy,150 Thor began to proselytize his people and lead them into opposition against
Vandire.151 Vandire dispatched a fleet to crush the rebellion and kill Thor, but the fleet was wiped
out by a warp storm that came to be known as the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath, suggesting
that the Emperor himself was aiding Thor. 152After this, the Imperium erupted into rebellion
against Vandire.153
Thor soon began a crusade to Terra, attracting several Space Marine chapters and the Adeptus
Mechanicus to support him. 154 After Vandire's defeat, Thor worked closely with the Fabricator-
General of the Adeptus Mechanicus as well as Space Marine Chapter Masters in restoring the
rule of law to Terra and reforming the Imperium so that a madman like Vandire could never rise
to power again. 155 The allies put Vandire's lackeys on trial and executed those found guilty,
restored the High Lords of Terra, and worked with the Inquisition to end the Assassin Wars of
Vindication.156 However the position of Ecclesiarch remained empty, and many thought Thor to
naturally be its next position holder. However, to the shock of all, Thor refused as he was too
busy preaching the Imperial Cult on the northern rim of the Galaxy.157
Thor soon refused additional requests, and the insulted High Lords of Terra declared him to be a
traitor, dispatching forces to apprehend him. 158 Thor willingly turned himself in when confronted
by the Adeptus Arbites, and a great trial on Terra personally overseen by the High Lords began.
159 Lasting months, the verdict was eventually delivered by the Captain-General of the Adeptus

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Custodes, stating that Thor was innocent of every charge brought out against him. 160 Mass
celebration erupted across Terra at the news. Again, the High Lords offered Thor the position of
Ecclesiarch and again he refused, citing his desire to spread the word of the Emperor rather than
sit on the Ecclesiarch's throne on Terra. 161 The High Lords erupted in outrage and indignation,
yet the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes took Thor aside and whispered a single message
into his ear. Though no other heard what was said, it is commonly thought the Captain
threatened Thor with death if he refused. Whatever was said, Thor announced he would accept
the position of Ecclesiarch to the adulation of the adoring masses.162
However, Thor agreed to take the position only on several conditions. That he could travel freely
across the galaxy, have the unswerving backing of the High Lords, and make whatever changes
to the Holy Synod that he saw fit. 163 The High Lords agreed, and Thor became the 292nd
Ecclesiarch.164 For the best part of the next century, Thor worked tirelessly in reforming in the
Imperium. Reformations included establishing the Synod Ministra on Ophelia VII and disbanding
the Frateris Templar, creating the Sisters of Battle in its place. Thor only returned to Terra at the
age of 112, where he died six months later.165
His preserved head is currently in the possession of Trazyn the Infinite.166

Tomasi was subsequently ordained a preacher around the age of forty-two and joined the
Missionarius Galaxia. He spread the light of the Emperor on the worlds Segmentum Tempestus.
He was posted to Chamos to minister to the faithful on that world, becoming a special friend of
the poor among them. It was only after breaking a leg that the indefatigable priest resorted to
traveling by horse instead. When the heretic Duke Mormant lead a rebellion in the 35th
Millenium on Chamos, the Imperial Creed was proscribed by the rebels.
His labors in the service of persecuted Faithful became so well known that, to escape arrest by
the heretical authorities, he could only journey safely by night. In the end, he was betrayed by an
informer and captured while staying at the home of a loyalist family. Then about seventy, Father
Tomasi was led to prison together with the couple that had hosted him, and their children. The
"incriminating evidence" found by the government officials in the priest's possession consisted
of prayer beads and the Book of Common Hymns. Condemned to death by drawing and
quartering, Father Tomasi is said to have faced death "with wonderful patience, courage, and
constancy, and signs of great comfort."

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Ulantix lead a mission on Kantrael in the Segmentum Obscurus. When a fleet of Archenemy ships
appeared in orbit to plunder the world, Ulantix was holding something in his right hand so he
made the sign of the Aquila with his left hand. Immediately all the ships expoloded, while the
sailors attempting to escape the destruction were turned into rocks.The story gave rise to the old
Irish saying "May Ulantix's left hand be against it".
Inquisitor Annual 2002, p. 106

Umberto II
Umberto II was an Ecclesiarch and a member of the High Lords of Terra. He is known for starting
multiple wars of faith, and increasing the influence of the Ecclesiarchy. Due to this, his leadership
is credited with roughly two thousand years of peace between the 11th Black Crusade and the
Gothic War. His remains are interred in the Umberto II Memorial Mausoleum on Certus-Minor.169

Uther the Cataplast

Suffered numerous wounds during his life, before suffering his ninety-ninth wound which finally
killed him.170

Veneris II
Veneris II was an early Ecclesiarch of the Adeptus Ministorum. Serving his tenure in M32, he was
the first member of the Ecclesiarchy to gain a seat on the High Lords of Terra.171

An early saint associated with the Third Chapter of the Ultramarines legion. She joined the
Ultramarines Legion during the Scouring. The soldiers' relatives could accompany them to look
after them and take care of their wounds.
Verevya fasted and prayed to the Emperor continuously. According to tradition, several miracles
were performed through her intercession. Verevya was particularly concerned over young girls
and used to look after them spiritually and physically, due to her expertise as a nurse.

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Because of her fame, legend states that a traitor governor arrested her and sent her to jail, where
the Emperor appeared to her to console and strengthen her. After she was released from jail, she
continued her good works.
Due to her, many converted to Imperial Cult. Saint Verevya served the poor by offering them
food and companionship.

Yamalla was a virgin martyr, accused of vandalizing a statue of the goddess Slaanesh. After
torments, Yamalla thrown to the Chaos Spawn by Lucius the Eternal
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Calixian saint considered the Patron Saint of Voidsmen174

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