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Faith Valen A. Villanueva

CAMS, CES promote body wellness thru outreach mission

To engage the residents of Barangay Cuta in a healthy and active lifestyle, the

College of Allied and Medical Sciences (CAMS) in collaboration with Community

Extension Services (CES) administered their annual outreach program in Barangay Cuta,

Batangas City, Nov. 10.

Furthermore, the purpose of the aforementioned event was attended by a total of 20

to 30 citizens of mostly women and senior citizen attendees of the aerobic dance activity

which encouraged the residents of Brgy. Cuta on promoting a much healthier lifestyle.

"We cooperated with CEAS so, sila ‘yung kumo-contact ng participants sa

community, tapos ‘yung nauna namin na community service in cooperation with Dance

Company, merong dalawang dancers na nag-lead ng dance para sa activity in the event,"

said Ms. Judith V. Amazora, PTRP, MAED.

Along with University of Batangas (UB) Dance Company, the Community Extension

Activity Services (CEAS) was also associated by the college students and faculty

members of CAMS as part of extending their help to the community.

"Basically, para rin ‘yun sa ating students. It's one way of how we can develop ‘yung

core values ng Brahman, which is service to fellowmen at para ma-inculcate rin sa mga

students ‘yung parang helping others kahit through little things," expressed Ms. Amazora.

Moreover, the said community program also offered other services such as health

consultations and tests which helped the residents of Brgy. Cuta in monitoring their health

and to what proper actions they would do.

Additionally, the event also included programs like training potential residents that

can give the citizens opportunities to continue and conduct their own community activities

even after the events conducted by UB.

"Actually on-going pa ‘yung program namin kasi gusto ng mga participants maging

regular activity rin s’ya. Ang gagawin namin ay meron rin kaming tuturuan from them na

mag le-lead para kahit wala kami pwede nilang i-continue para ma-sustain ang program,"

ended Ms. Amazora.