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Mrs. Esther Domingo

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Sacdalan, Joahna Marie B.
Atendido, Julie Ann Marie
Torres, Justine Joy

It is ensuring that people are in the right place at the right time. It has to do with helping
people find a place that will contribute to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
health and well-being.


The term placement refers to assigning an individual to the job for which he is best fitted.
Fitness includes the individual’s satisfaction as well as his abilities in relation to the job.

Placement Service means helping a person to get on appropriate place according to his
qualifications and abilities, thus enabling him to get absorbed successfully in any
occupation. (Asha K. Kinra, The Book of Guidance and Counseling)

Two things are important in placement:

1. Ability for the task, and

2. Satisfaction of the individual


The Placement Service is applied in three areas of guidance. These are personal,
educational and vocational.

 PERSONAL PLACEMENT – This type of guidance placement service renders

assistance to pupils to find themselves rightly placed at home, in the school and in
the society as a whole. They have a right type of company of friends they like the
most, and those who are members of the hobby clubs to their liking.

 EDUCATIONAL PLACEMENT – It involves placement of an individual in regular

courses, in different curricular and co-curricular activities and in further education.
Thus educational placement service is provided to all the pupils of all grades.

It is necessary for students who:

- Who are going to school for the first time
- Who are transferring from one locality to another – domestic or foreign
- Who are being dismissed from a school
- Want/need to transfer to another school
- Who are not allowed to re-enroll for the following school year
- Who have to be grouped homogeneously

- Who are in a regular school, but are beginning to manifest some learning
disabilities or special needs
- Who are gifted
- Who have been delisted from their major field of study and need to shift
- Who refuse to go to a regular school

 VOCATIONAL PLACEMENT – It means assigning an individual to some job for

which he is most filled and which will give him full satisfaction. This service helps
the students in locating and securing employment, when they leave the school. Even
it helps the student to get part-time employment.


 Helps to find a suitable place in the post-school environment

 Helps students in selection of school subjects
 Helps in situating himself in the right scholastic track in the proper course
 Helps students to prepare for the next course
 Helps to fit the choice of co-curricular activities available in the school
 Helps students to develop interest towards community services
 Helps the students to enter into vocational schools of training, different training
institutions and colleges
 Helps to select admissions in an ITI, Polytechnique or college according to interest
 Helps students in locating and securing employment when they leave their schools
 Helps to choose job oriented courses
 Helps to get part-time jobs during working session and whole time jobs during
vacation and after getting education and training

The counselor should have a close contact and knowledge regarding the problem and need
of the student and find their appropriate place in an educational or vocational setting.

Counseling is the process through which these aims are achieved. Counseling is very
essential in placement services. So each school must need a counseling cell to cater the
various needs of the students in the ever changing society.

In the light of above discussion it can be said that the placement service in all the three
types of guidance in schools assists the pupils to be in the best of their for. At home, they
are loving children to their parents to whom they pay their due regards. In schools they do
well in studies. They have the best of their adjustment with their friends and teachers. In
society they find themselves well placed in all kinds of activities that go on day in day out.

Hence the placement service brings the best, if adjustment in pupils’ life as a whole if they
receive in properly.


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