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Source: Planning Service

Code and title of Description To be prepared by Mode of preparation Schedule

SF 1 – School Master list of class enrollment Class adviser LIS Beginning of school year
Register (BoSY) and as needed
SF 2 – Learner’s Recording of attendance, absence, or Class adviser Partially through LIS and Daily
Daily Class tardiness (template with name of manual
Attendance learners)
SF 3 – Books List of books (by title) issue Class adviser Partially through LIS and BoSY and End of school
Issued and to/returned by learners manual year (EoSY)
SF 4 – Summary Enrollment count, transferred in/out School head LIS monthly
Enrollment and and dropout by grade level (Summary
Movement of of SF 2)
SF 5 – Report on List of promoted/retained by class Class adviser LIS EoSY
SF 6 – Summary Number of promoted/retained by School head LIS EoSY
Report on grade level (Summary of SF 5)
SF 7 – Inventory List of school personnel with basic School head Manual (originally designed BoSY and as needed
of School profile and teaching load/assignment in Human Resource
Personnel Information System)
SF 8 – Learner Per learner assessment of Body Mass Class adviser / MAPEH LIS BoSY and EoSY
Basic Health Index teachers
SF 9 – Learner Individual academic, behavioral and Class adviser Manual Quarterly
Progress Report attendance report by quarter
Card (formerly Form 138)
SF 10 – Learner’s Individual academic record by quarter Class adviser Manual EoSY
Permanent and SY (simplified and standardized
Academic Record from former Form 137)
SHS forms (new) SFs 1-7 customized to fit SHS Class adviser / School LIS and manual Semestral
requirement head