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306 Iowa, PO Box 165, Olpe, KS 620-475-3326
Parish email: st.joseph_olpe@yahoo.com
Facebook: “St. Joseph Catholic Church”
Fr. Brandon Farrar, Parochial Administrator
Fr. Ratna Swamy Nannam MSFS, Parochial Vicar
February 3, 2019 – Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Celebration of the Eucharist: Reconciliation: Saturdays @ 4:30 PM

Saturday @ 5:00 PM Baptisms/Anointing of Sick/Counseling AND
Sunday @ 8:30 AM Marriages/Annulments: – contact Rectory
Sunday mass at St. Mary’s (Hartford) – 10:30 AM

St. Joseph Parish Contacts:

Accounting/Office Adm: Laurie Schmidt 475-3326
(office hours - Wednesdays/Fridays 9-12 )
Bulletin deadline-TUESDAY @ NOON Sat. 02/02 5:00 pm +Cliff Cole
Sun. 02/03 8:30 am For the people of our parish
Altar Society: Carolyn Cole 340-3766 Mon. 02/04 NO MASS
Cemetery: Terry Taylor 340-5062 Tues. 02/05 5:00 PM +Jon Schroeder
Family Life Ministry: Kay Schmidt 475-3767 Wed. 02/06 7:30 am +Phillip Orear
Finance Council Brian Schmidt 475-3767
Thur. 02/07 7:30 am +Dave Schneider
Funeral Dinners: Linda Dieker 475-3567
Knights of Columbus: Brian Flott 343-9241 Fri. 02/08 7:30 am For the people of our parish
Outreach Arlene Redeker 475-3414 Sat. 02/09 5:00 pm For the people of our parish
Pastoral Council: Diana Kuhlmann 475-3784 Sun. 02/10 8:30 am +Helen Windle
Religious Ed: Rose Redeker 475-3403


Mary D Brinkman, Montana Cole, Paul Frizell, Dave Goodell, The Andrew Haag family, Leonarda Henderson, Sharon Lake, Evelyn
Musick, Benedict Nannam (Father Swamy father), Bev Schaefer, Imogene Schmidt, Jim Wecker, Sonny Wendling, & all battling cancer.
United States Army: SFC Matthew S. Richter, Sgt. Austin Burenheide, Pvt. Johnnie Bell, Captain Jacob Haag, Pvt. Brandon Raybourn
Air Force: Master Sgt. Andrew Stevenson Marines: Lt. Colonel James Bechtel Navy: Robert King

Plate $ 154.00 Mark your calendars……
Envelopes 790.00
Leaven 56.00
Feb. 5 Cemetery Endowment – 7 PM - Plaza
Latin America churches 114.00 Feb. 6 CCD – 7 PM
TOTAL ……… $1,114.00 Parent mtg-2nd grade-7 PM—Church
Feb. 13 “A Chocolate Touch” – 7:00 PM – SJS basement
THANKS! As a reminder, LEAVEN payments of $18 Feb. 16 First Reconciliation – 10:00 AM
are due in February and SOCIAL SUPPORT OF $30 is Feb. 19 Blood pressure/sugar screening at plaza
due in March. Envelopes for both of these are in w/bingo – 10:30 AM
your packets. Thanks so much to our faithful and
generous supporters!

MASS OPENINGS: We are now booking masses through June (Father Swamy will be gone during May, thus no morning Masses).
Please stop by the rectory during office hours, email, or call and leave a message. THANK YOU!!
Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019 Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019
Servers: Truman and Abbot Bailey Servers: Emma and Taylor Cole
Lector: Jade Cole Lector: Dan Schneider
Ministers: Jana Redeker, Doug & Laurie Schmidt Ministers: Shirley & Mike Langley, Dan Schneider
Gift Bearers: Lynnette & Eric Schreiner Gift Bearers: Jeff and Alex Jackson family
Sacristan: Phyllis Krueger

UPDATED PHONE NUMBERS NEEDED, PLEASE! We are updating parish contact information
and kindly request your phone information IF you have disconnected your land line or changed
phone numbers in the past several years. You may do so by emailing
lbschmidt@wheatstate.com or calling the church office and leaving a message (475-3326).

 There will be a Parent Meeting for the Parents of 2nd grade CCD students who are making the
Sacrament of Reconciliation. The meeting will be held in the church at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday,
February 6. *Please note this is a schedule change due to a conflict in Father Swamy’s schedule.
Please plan on attending! If you have questions please call Kay Schmidt @620-340-5638

2nd Annual “Chocolate Touch” is Coming!

On Wednesday February 13th, the 1st and 2nd grade CCD classes will host our 2nd annual
“Chocolate Touch” Valentine/Senior Citizen get together to make Valentines for our friends
in area nursing homes. If you are living in the Olpe community, or know someone 60+ years
old from our parish, please invite them to join us for some chocolate treats, some great
company and some awesome handmade Valentines! The 1st and 2nd graders loved hosting
this last year! Join us on February 13 in the School basement at 7:00- 8:10 p.m.. Please
mark your calendars for this fun service project event!! ………..Kay Schmidt and Elaine Musick

If you purchased a flower for the altars for a loved one, you may remove it from the north sacristy at
any time. Please do not remove from altars! Thanks so much to all who contribute to this! Your
generosity sure helps to make our church even more beautiful at Christmas!

To date, St. Joseph has contributed $1,167 of our $12,740.17 goal. That includes 18 of 195
households registered in our parish. “Each year during this campaign, we pause and consider
all the good that is done because we give; the homeless are sheltered, the elderly are cared
for, our seminarians are prepared for future ministry, to name just a few. Your commitment
will help ensure that someone is always loved and never alone.”
Remodeling of the K of C club room/kitchen began on January 26, thus BISCUITS & GRAVY BREAKFASTS will
be cancelled until April or further notice.

Knights of Columbus officers and members are selling Lottery Tickets for the 2019-2020 drawing, which begins in
March 2019. If you haven’t been contacted, contact your friendly K of C member soon.

January 2019 Lottery winners

01/01 Josh Kuhlmann ($200) 01/11 Victoria Dean 01/21 Kyle Barnhart
01/02 Joe Pimple 01/12 Gavin Hoelting 01/22 Paul Frizell
01/03 Randy Wellnitz 01/13 Lily Stolfi 01/23 Jan or Jeff Mercer
01/04 Janell Schneider 01/14 Kaufman Dieker 01/24 Wade Schmidt
01/05 Kadon Redeker 01/15 Megan Barnhart 01/25 Steve Wecker
01/06 Lu Olmstead 01/16 Dorothy Schmidt 01/26 Dee Langley
01/07 Natalie Beckler 01/17 Janell Blaufuss 01/27 James Nunley
01/08 Michael Mitchell 01/18 Charlie Haag 01/28 Whitney Cole
01/09 Steve or Diana Kuhlmann 01/19 Marlene Baylor 01/29 Catherine Schmidt
01/10 Modern Air Conditioning 01/20 Dorothy Blaufuss 01/30 Josh Kuhlmann family
01/31 John Musick

St Joseph Cemetery Endowment Annual Meeting

Olpe Plaza Meeting Room
Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 7:00 p.m.

Are you a recent high school graduate or college student, who is serious about their faith and loves
working with youth? Consider working as a Camp Counselor at Camp Tekakwitha this summer! It
requires hard work, long hours, and dedication—but it is sure to be a summer of adventure and great
reward! We want to hear from you! Apply at: https://evangelizationspring2017.typeform.com/to/cs8I3B

your children attend and the “domestic church” of the faith. Make a resolution to invest in your
marriage in 2019. A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend will help you discover new ways
to make your marriage the priority. The next weekend in the Kansas City area will be March 1-
3, 2019. For more information, or to apply for a weekend, visit www.wwme4youandme.org, or
call/email Tony & Barb Zimmerman at 816-741-4066, tonybarbz@prodigy.net For more
information about Worldwide Marriage Encounter and how our ministry can support the couples
in your parish you can contact us at the following: Local Area Leadership Couple: Rich &
As we begin the new year we offer
Wendy Lorenz, 815-761-6591, wendyteach3@yahoo.com Local Area Leadership Priest: Fr.
a few “resolutions” for married
Ron Will, 816-390-7950, rlwill2@juno.com Weekend Application Couple: Tony & Barb
couples.Resolution #1 – Make
Your Marriage a Priority. Your
816-741-4066, tonybarbz@prodigy.net Inviting Resource Couple: Ralph & Jan Lewis, 913-909-
marriage is the foundation of your
1028, encounteredcouple@gmail.com
family. It is the “school of love” that

LOOKING FOR SOMEONE….. to help split/share the 8-9 PM time slot for Adoration on Wednesdays.
Please contact Beth Schmidt at 475-3575 or Sally Pargman at 475-3555. Prayerfully consider coming to
Adoration on a regular basis and leave your worries at the doorstep. Adoration hours are between 8am
to 10pm every Wednesday in St. Joseph Church.
“The Super Bowl of Life”
It’s kickoff time! When you hear that, you are probably thinking of the Super Bowl, which
is one of the most “sacred” events of our secular culture. However, in addition to crowning a
football champion this weekend, it is also time to kick off National Marriage Week.
While National Marriage Week does not have the pomp and circumstance that the football
game has, perhaps it should. Super Bowl Sunday is a great opportunity to gain insight on how to
strive for excellence in our own marriage.
What if we approached our marriage in the same way these incredible athletes approached
this game? To kick off your more intentional marriage, consider the Living in Love retreat at Holy
Spirit in Overland Park, Feb 16-17, or other National Marriage Week events at

Prayer for Married Couples

Almighty and eternal God,
You blessed the union of married couples
so that they might reflect the union of Christ
with his Church:
look with kindness on them.
Renew their marriage covenant,
increase your love in them,
and strengthen their bond of peace
so that, with their children,
they may always rejoice in the gift of
your blessing.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
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