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Steven’s Institute of Technology

SaGE Project Water Module
Game Participation Rubric
Game Participation Rubric

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Attitude Never publicly Rarely publicly Occasionally Often publicly
critical of the project critical of the project publicly critical of critical of the project
or the work of or the work of the project or the or the work of
others. Always others. Often work of others. others. Often
positive about the positive about the Usually positive negative about the
task(s). task(s). about the task(s). task(s).

Team Cooperation Almost always Usually listens to, Often listens to, Rarely listens to,
listens to, shares shares, with, and shares with, and shares with, and
with, and supports supports the efforts supports the efforts supports the efforts
the efforts of others. of others. Does not of others, but of others. Often is
Tries to keep people cause "waves" in the sometimes is not a not a good team
working well group. good team member. player.

Contributions Routinely provides Usually provides Sometimes provides Rarely provides

useful ideas to the useful ideas to the useful ideas to the useful ideas to the
team. A definite team. A strong group team. A satisfactory team. May refuse to
leader whom member who tries group member who participate or give up
contributes a lot of hard! does what is at times.
effort. required.


Total Points divided by three categories multiplied by ten plus sixty.


Attitude: 3
Team Cooperation: 2
Contributions: 2

Total Points: 7
Divided by 3: 2.33
Times 10: 23.3
Plus 60: 83.3

The student’s grade would be an 83.3