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For A
Miracle! Seems Like
2019 Old Times!
New Year...


The Shock A Wedding


Of Her Life! At Last! DISPLAY

. 31 - JAN. 14
JANUARY 14, 2019 Vol. 23 Issue 02

70 New Year
We’ve got a few resolution

ideas for the Port Charles crew!


Monaco (Sam) photographed by Todd

58 Whoops! Warywchuck/ABC; Maura West (Ava), Steve

Burton (Jason) and Maurice Benard (Sonny),
photographed by Jim Warren; and Roger
Howarth (Franco) and Rebecca Herbst
Some couples just should

never have been! (Elizabeth), photographed by Craig Sjodin/ABC.

Masthead appears on page 7.


Donnell Turner (Curtis)
is stepping behind the
38 Stepping Up
Brianna Nicole Henry hit the
ground running with Jordan!
Soaps In Depth is color-coded!
38 Feature Interview:
2 News 48 Leslie Charleson (Monica) & Briana Nicole Henry
Steve Burton (Jason)
8 Ins & Outs 54 In Depth Answers
12 Set Your DVR 58 So Wrong, It Wasn’t Right 42 Love It/Hate It
16 On The Town 68 Far Out-Takes 44 Up-Close & Personal
24 In Depth Cover Story 70 You Say You Want A 46 Crossword
28 Five Things Resolution

30 Hottest Stories 76 Eden McCoy (Josslyn) & 88 Star Talk

William Lipton (Cameron)
32 We Speak Out 86 Gold Star: Laura Wright (Carly) 90 Recap & Preview
36 Readers’ Poll 86 Standout Scene 94 Soap Style
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6 News 6 News 7 News

14 Set Your DVR 14 Set Your DVR 11 Ins & Outs
31 Hottest Stories 14 Set Your DVR
30 Hottest Stories
36 Readers’Poll 55 In Depth Answers
64 Aaron D. Spears (Justin)
50 Jason Canela (Arturo) 80 Day Of DAYS
88 Star Talk 88 Star Talk 88 Star Talk
92 Recap & Preview 93 Recap & Preview 93 Recap & Preview
The next ABC edition is on sale January 14
GH Danger For Lulu!
Diving into the past could prove dangerous for GENERAL
HOSPITAL’s Lulu. Will Dante wind up regretting having
left his wife alone and vulnerable?

The In Depth Story: Ever By trying to get the

since deciding to become a goods on bad guy
journalist, Lulu has been on Ryan (right), Lulu
the fast track to success in might just put herself
her chosen career. But she and mom Laura in
may soon wish that she was harm’s way!
covering school
functions or writ-
ing movie re-
views, given that
her continuing Va n E t t e n .


investigation into “She under-
the murders just stands that he
might put her in is doing some-
the line of fire! thing for her,
As much as essentially, in
Lulu misses her tr ying to find
currently-absent the person
hubby, it was Dante’s deci- But with a serial killer on who left her for dead.”
sion to leave town that the loose — and Dante’s That said, Van Etten warns
helped spur her on in her wife poking the beast by try- that Lulu’s career “is putting
new career. “The fact that ing to dig up information on her on a potentially danger-
he puts his life on the line the madman’s identity — ous path!” And what no-
in some ways gave her might it be time for Sonny’s body realizes is that the
permission to pursue her son to come home? person leaving a trail of
own goals in a bigger way,” “They’re in communica- bodies in his wake is the
explains co-headwriter tion, briefly, by phone,” soon-to-be ex-husband of
Shelly Altman. says co-headwriter Chris Lulu’s mom, Laura! (Or at

2 JANUARY 14, 2019

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Which Guy Will Willow Choose?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Jack Is Alive! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
THE BIG CASTING BUZZ: Will Vixen Be Back… Again? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

How would
Dante feel if
happened in
his absence?
has been lately,
they get closer
to solving the
myster y…
which will only
increase the
able to keep the danger they are in exponen-
mask in place. tially! Might Dante find out
But the cracks that his efforts to protect
are beginning to Lulu from a past attacker
least the man everyone as- show, and people are get- left her vulnerable to an
sumes to be him!) ting suspicious.” even bigger current threat?
“For the most part,” adds Every time Laura and Lulu
Altman, “Ryan has been discuss how odd “Kevin”

Soap To Honor Susan Brown

Much like GH did when Peter Hansen (Lee) cast member.
passed away in 2017, the soap has a special “She was abso-
episode in the works to honor the late Susan lutely amazing,”
Brown (Gail), who died on August 31. “A trib- Leslie Charle-
ute show to Susan shot, in the can, airing son (Monica)

soon,” TV son Kin Shriner (Scotty) shared via raves. “So very Shriner will bid an
Twitter last month — which means that the talented, in ev-
special episode could air any day now. ery aspect. She on-air farewell to
After Brown joined GH in 1977, Gail became a and Peter were his TV mom.
central character and even crossed over to so solid. They
spin-off PORT CHARLES. The actress and interi- were always professional. She taught me an
or designer was last seen on GH in 2004 — awful lot about how to do soap, and how to do
when she and Hansen brought their characters it quickly and professionally and be in the mo-
to town for Lila’s funeral — and was a beloved ment. I’ll hold her in my heart forever.”

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 3

GH Who
Will Willow
Will knowing that GENERAL
HOSPITAL’s Michaelisgodfather
to“her”baby put the kibosh on
Willow’s feelings for the exec
— or further complicate the
building triangle with Chase?

The In Depth Story: Between

her students, their parents “They came as a surprise to tr y with Michael… who

and her own grief over the one another,” Willow’s por- happens to be her confi-
baby she gave up for adop- trayer, Katelyn MacMullen, dant! “Maybe it’s because
tion, Ms. Tait has her hands maintains. “But Chase and they are sharing the same
full — which is why finding Willow have potential, for grief and opened up to

a sweet guy like Chase was sure, because for the most each other about that
the last thing on her mind. part, they’re honest with when they couldn’t do that
each other and have with anybody else,” Mac-
great chemistry.” Mullen considers. “Mi-
The thing is, while chael became the person
Chase is fun and flirty, Willow talked to about ev-
Willow also has chemis- erything. With Chase, for

Cast Mourns Beloved

The GH family lost a treasured member of the behind-the-scenes
crew when longtime makeup artist Donna Messina passed away
on December 7. Messina, who was the head of the soap’s make-
up and hair department, had been a part of the GH staff for 35
years, winning multiple Daytime Emmy Awards for her work.
Benard will “never “Donna joined the GH family on August 26, 1982. Anyone
forget” how much who’s been to set knows the hair and makeup department is
synonymous with Donna,” said executive producer Frank Val-
Messina meant to him. entini. “To say her presence will be missed is an understate-

4 JANUARY 14, 2019

Willow’s supposed connection
to Wiley (above) could impact
her love life in a big way!

her baby to have someone

like that in his life. But on
whatever reason, she feels Thanks to Nelle’s baby the other, it’s so awkward,
she has to hide what she’s swap, Michael is now his and it makes her secret
been through and who she own baby’s godfather. But and the guilt she feels
is, to a degree. It’s a differ- Willow still believes Wi- even more prominent.”
ent thing drawing her to ley is the son she gave up. As tense as it’s gotten
each man — it’s a body “Finding out Michael is with Michael, however, the
versus heart thing.” the godfather was ver y actress suspects he can
Michael’s connection to over whelming,” Mac- still give Chase a run for
Brad and Wiley’s baby, Mullen says. “On the one his money when it comes
however, complicates hand, it’s great, because to capturing Willow’s heart
matters — in more ways he’s a great person — and for good. “It’s very possi-
than they even realize! of course, Willow wants ble,” MacMullen winks.

Makeup Artist
ment. She was an incredibly warm, witty and My best friend, my sister, Donna used to hate
all-around great gal. Our thoughts go out to taking pictures. I used to have to grab her and
her loved ones — we are all grieving this loss.” hold her. And we would and laugh and laugh. I
To Maurice Benard (Sonny), Messina was like a will never forget this memory, and I will never
sister. “Sometimes you meet someone in life forget what you meant in my life.”
you just connect with, and then unfortunately, The soap will honor Messina on the Friday,
life just takes that person away,” he wrote on In- January 4, episode. Pick up the next ABC issue
stagram. “And no matter how much your heart of Soaps In Depth (on sale Monday, January
breaks, you want to remember the good times. 14) for a special tribute to Messina.

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 5

Break Time!



One of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s hottest
young stars has taken a brief break from the
soap, while a primetime beauty is returning
to the genre that gave her her big break!
Bradley booked his first movie, while 30 ROCK
The In Depth Story: In early been a
star Bowden (right) returns to daytime.
December, Adain Bradley crazy year
(Xander) posted a video for me,” summed up the ley’s absence won’t be no-
to Instagram in which he British actor, who joined ticed by viewers.
reported that he had com- the show in May. “I just Meanwhile, 30 ROCK
pleted his final day of want to tell ever ybody alumna Katrina Bowden
B&B taping for the year thank you, and there’s — who made her TV de-
and would be taking a few more coming next year, but back in 2006 as mean
weeks off to shoot his first but I’m going to go shoot girl Brittney on ONE
movie! The young heart- this movie real quick.” LIFE TO LIVE — has
throb has been cast in the Butter began filming on been cast as B&B’s Flo,
indie B u t t e r , a drama December 10, but given who shares a past connec-
about a lonely, obese teen- that B&B started its holi- tion to Wayne Brady’s
ager who pledges to eat day break on December Reese. Look for the mys-
himself to death — live on 21 and actors aren’t ex- terious newcomer’s story
the Internet. pected back until January to begin on Monday, Janu-
Looking back, “it has 14, it’s likely that Brad- ary 14.

Y&R B&B Soaps’ Studios Sold!

CBS Corporation has sold the iconic 25-acre CBS Television City property where B&B and THE
YOUNG & THE RESTLESS are taped. So what does that mean for the future
of the daytime dramas?
As part of the acquisition deal, Y&R and B&B — as well as THE PRICE IS
to be produced at the Television City campus in Los Angeles for at least
the next five years. There’s no word yet as to what the next step will be for

the shows after that period ends, but considering that a majority of the
network’s programs are produced (and the main offices are housed) at
the CBS Studios Center in Studio City, it’s
possible that the shows will eventually be Y&R’s Nikki and Victor
moved to soundstages there as well. are staying put. For now.

6 JANUARY 14, 2019

JANUARY 14, 2019 Vol. 23 Issue 02

Dawn Owens

Executive Editor
Richard M. Simms
Managing Editor
Charlie Mason
Senior News Editor
Michelle Moro Parkerton
News Editors
Amy Helmes • Kelli M. Larson
Julie McElwain • Deanna Barnert
Associate Editors
Before Eve could whisk Jack away, Jennifer reminded her not-so- Curtis Harding • Colleen Humes
deadhubbythat they had six New Year’s Eve kisses to make up for. Editorial Assistant
Sharon Costa

DAYS Jack’s Alive! Art Director

Todd A. Slater
Assistant Art Director
This New Year’s Eve, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Jennifer is in for a shock! Mark Iacolina
“You’re gonna die when you see the show,” enthuses portrayer Cheryl Picinic
Melissa Reeves. “It was a script like I hadn’t read in years!” C.E.O., President
Steven Kotok
The In Depth Story: The previews Casey Moss (JJ). Chief Financial Officer
William P. Houston
party at Doug’s Place is “It’s very heavy, and there Executive Vice President
Brian Beaudry, Consumer Revenue
full of surprises, begin- are a lot of emotions.” Senior Vice President
ning with the return of High on that list is a feel- Dennis Cohen • Subscriptions, Licensing
Vice President
Eve, who’d left town in ing of betrayal. How could Lisa MacDonald • Retail Sales & Marketing
Gena Kelly • Production
search of a fresh star t. Jack have abandoned his Senior Director Publishing Services
However, when she crash- family again? “Jennifer is Jacqui LaMorte
es the bash, “Eve comes both happy and heartbro- Director Of Production
John Ricotta
in with her guns blazing!” ken,” previews Reeves. Group Production Manager
Kevin Fee
declares portrayer, Kassie “You’ll see the twist, but you
DePaiva. “She’s back to won’t be furious when it’s Advertising
Bauer Media Sales, Inc.
take Jennifer down.” explained — it’s insane!” 200 West 41st Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10036
Eve’s arrival is soon to be How is Eve, who also
overshadowed by that of has a past with Jack, in- For all advertising sales inquiries:
Executive Vice President
someone even more unex- volved in his reappear- Jeff Wellington, Advertising Revenue
pected: Jack! But if he’s ance? All Jack’s portrayer,
alive, where has he been Matthew Ashford, will say Published By
Heinrich Bauer Publishing L.P.
since 2012? “When we all is that “I couldn’t have 270 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
see him, it’s pretty crazy,” imagined it better.”

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 7
Have We Seen
The Last Of Nelle?
With Obrecht now in on Nelle’s secret

about the baby swap, Chloe Lanier’s

scheming character could return again to GENERAL
HOSPITAL… at any time!

The In Depth Story: As Obrecht’s visit with Nelle

last week threatens to bring her past machina-
tions to light — especially now that Michael has
been named his own son’s godfather! — a GH rep con-
firms that another return by Lanier is “always a pos-
sibility.” And the actress is certainly leaving the door
open for future Port Charles visits!
As Lanier recently told Steve Burton (Jason)
and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) during a
visit to their STONE COLD AND THE
JACKAL podcast, “I’m happy that they’re

Michael being his own

son’s godfather is a
twist that Nelle
couldn’t have planned
better herself!
8 JANUARY 14, 2019
ts The latest comings and
goings — and how they

will change your shows!
having me recur and shared with the podcast
come back every now and hosts. “And it is difficult
then, because I do love with the shooting sched-
doing the show. It’s really ule that we have. I mean,
fun. And I’m grateful for it’s nice because we have
ever ything that’s come a lot of days off, but it’s
out of it. And I love every- hard to work around that The podcast isn’t all
one I work with.” to go do a movie or recur Anderson is doing at GH!
The Daytime Emmy on another show. It was
winner was committed,
however, to not signing
kind of difficult to balance
it all.” Working It!
another long-term con- Whatever’s to come for Bradford Anderson
tract with the soap this Nelle, Lanier’s willing to (Spinelli) revealed
past summer. “It had al- play as long as she’s not on a December STONE
ways been my intention to booked with other proj- COLD AND THE JACKAL
do the show full-time for ects. Just don’t call her podcast that he has more
two years — just because character crazy! “I don’t tape dates scheduled this
there’s so many different think Nelle’s a sociopath,” month. “It’s funny,” he
things that I want to do the actress insisted. “I shared. “Whether it’s re-

and accomplish,” Lanier think she’s a narcissist. cording podcasts or what-

And she loves her child. ever, I’m here [at GH] a lot
People might not think when I’m not working. And
that she does, but she def- sometimes I feel like I have
initely does! I never want to hoodwink the security
to play a character that’s guards at the gate: ‘I be-
not complex like Nelle is, long here. I swear!’ So it is
and not broken — and wonderful when I drive up
people are like that. It to the lot and they’re like,
might be a little height- ‘What are you here to do
ened, but I know people today?’ ‘I’m here to work on
like her. the show. Imagine that!’”
“Well,” she concluded
with a laugh, “they obvious-
(Turn the page for
ly aren’t switching babies!”
more Ins & Outs!)

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 9
Ins&O ts
All the latest com-
ings and goings!


GH cont’d
Gigs For
Two Stars!
(Diane) has landed an
epic voice-over role —
that of General Leia in
Disney Channel’s STAR

WARS: ALL-STARS! “To Hennesy takes on a sci-fi icon, and Zeman gets a second round.
be able to say ‘May the
Force be with you’ not alum Christopher Sean lifestyle guru Jaime Lau-
only as a member of the (ex-Paul)! “I look forward rita, has been picked up
Star Wars universe but as to meeting him when and for a second season!
one of the truly iconic leg- if we do have scenes that “Hear tfelt love, thanks
ends brought tears to my we record together,” says and appreciation to all our
eyes the first time,” says Hennesy, whose first epi- friends and family who
Hennesy, who assumed sode aired last month. have tuned in to watch
the role made famous by RESISTANCE will finish MTPYH this season,” Ze-
the late Carrie Fisher sev- out its first season later man tweeted. “Your posi-
eral months ago. “I need- this year, but for now, you tive thoughts and support
ed to take just a moment can watch both series via mean the world to me.
to process it.” DisneyNow.go.com or On You are tr uly the best!
Set 30 years after the Re- Demand. And thanks to you, we will
turn Of The Jedi movie, Meanwhile, MAKE begin shooting more epi-
S T A R WA R S R E S I S - THIS PLACE YOUR sodes for the new season
TANCE follows a pilot re- HOME, the TLC home- right after the new year!”
cr uited as a spy… and makeover show that Jack- Stay tuned for updates
that pilot is voiced by lyn Zeman (Bobbie) hosts on when that new season
DAYS OF OUR LIVES with celebrity chef and will premiere.

10 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
The Date!
Mark your
Maurice Benard (Sonny)

stars as real-life gangster
John Gotti when Victoria
Gotti: My Father’s Daugh- Benard brings The Teflon Don, John Gotti, to life next month.
ter premieres on Lifetime
on Saturday, February 9. plained at a fan event, By Monday morning, Be-
Executive-produced and “and they said, ‘You got nard was on a plane to
narrated by Victoria Gotti the role of John Gotti. Canada. “It was the most
herself, the docudrama You’ve got to do a Bronx difficult, hardest thing I’ve
looks at what it was like to accent. And you’re going ever done in my career,”
grow up in the lavish but to age between 20 and 60.’ he confessed. “I’ll tell you,
frightening Mob world I said, ‘I’m 55!’ They said, I couldn’t be happier com-
with a father she adored. ‘Well, do you want the ing back to work at GH!
“I got a call on a Satur- role? And by the way, you But it looks incredible. It’s
day night,” Benard ex- have 48 hours.’” going to be a great movie.”

DAYS Jack Is Back!

Matthew Ashford Jack had received one of
(once GH’s Tom) Dr. Rolf’s infamous reju-
has reprised his role of venating shots.
DAYS’ Jack — and not as a Jack returned to Sa-
ghost! Fans will recall that lem on New Year’s Eve
in 2012, the character per- with Eve, who would
ished after saving daugh- love nothing more than
ter Abigail from a dam- to punish his ex, Jenni-
aged elevator before the fer, for destroying her

“That’ll be one party Jennifer

cable snapped with him relationship with Brady!
will never forget!”
still inside. More recently, And a new r omance
the initials J.D. were seen with Jennifer’s beloved the dead on several occa-
on one of the doors in Xan- presumed-dead husband sions, usually after faking
der’s warehouse before it will certainly do the trick! his own demise! To read
exploded, leading viewers For those keeping track, all about Jack’s comeback,
to speculate that perhaps Jack has returned from turn to News, page 7.

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 11
SetYourD GH Ava Freaks Out!
Ava is affected by what Lulu says when
they chat on Wednesday, January 2.
On Friday, January 4, Lulu plays host-
ess for a very special event. That same
day, Laura is touched — and more than a
little bit surprised — when “Kevin”
proves to be downright suppor tive.
While Alexis is attempting to clear the air
on Tuesday, January 8, Franco can’t JANUARY 11
help but feel nervous. But what’s got him
jumpier than a cat in a room full of rock- ond chance! And while Peter tries to

ing chairs? Lulu and Peter compare help his mom on Friday, January 11,
notes on Thursday, January 10, while Ava is caught off guard by Franco. But
Anna is given that rarest of things: a sec- why does his arrival startle her so?

GH Spoilers Dead Ahead!

Kristina decides to make a change on finds herself unnerved by what happens on
Wednesday, January 2. But will it be for Thursday, January 3. Does Sam have
the better? Meanwhile, her big sister, Sam, good reason to be worried about Kristina
on Monday, January 7? And what hap-
pens that leaves Sam feeling left out — and
by whom — on Tuesday, January 8? In
other news, Ned can’t help but feel compas-
sionate toward someone on Wednesday,
January 9, while that day also finds some-
one checking on a loved one. Liz is the re-
cipient of some good news on Thursday,
January 10, while Griffin runs into Sonny
JANUARY 10 at the chapel. Can the two men help one an-

other deal with their issues?

Dates are subject to change.
12 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
DVR GH Trouble For Margaux?
Drew and Kim have been spending an aw-
A comprehensive guide to
the upcoming episodes you
can’t afford to miss!

lend her a hand. (Seems like the least her

ful lot of time together of late, which has hubby can do, right?) Josslyn tries to sup-
probably been rubbing Julian the wrong port Oscar on Monday, January 7. Jor-
way. So on Wednesday, Januar y 2, dan and Margaux have a meeting on
Drew encourages Oscar’s mom to spend a Wednesday, January 9, during which
little time with “Charlie.” On Thursday, the top cop shares everything she knows
January 3, Drew hangs with his pal Cur- with the D.A. And on Thursday, January
tis and takes his fellow dumpster diver into 10, Margaux’s ears might be ringing, be-
his confidence. On Friday, January 4, cause two people are definitely talking
Jordan hopes that Curtis might be able to about her!


W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 13
Set rDVR
B&B A Life-Changing Event!
Delayed from his rendezvous with Hope because of a storm,
Liam pleads with Bill to step up in his time of need on Wednes-
day, January 2. Meanwhile, Kieran and Matt bicker over
what they can do to help make sure Hope reconnects with her
husband. After receiving a threatening message about Zoe,
Reese feels intense pressure from an old acquaintance on
Thursday, January 3. On that same day, with the Spencer
helicopter at his service, Liam flies through the night trying to
get to his stranded wife. Friday, January 4, marks the show’s

JANUARY 4 8,000th episode and centers on an event so profound, it will
send shockwaves through the lives of all of your favorites.

Y&R Nikki Takes Over!

Victor puts a plan in motion on Monday, De- FRIDAY
cember 31! That same day, big drama unfolds JANUARY 4
at Devon’s New Year’s Eve bash. Sparks begin to fly
between a rather unlikely pair on Tuesday, Januar y
1. That same day, Christine sets her sights on Victor!
Abby has harsh words for Mariah on Wednesday,
Januar y 2, while Reed decides it’s time for him to
’fess up on Thursday, Januar y 3. And Nikki takes
matters into her own hands on Friday, Januar y 4!

DAYS The End Of Ben & Ciara?

Eli and Lani ring in 2019 in a way neither will ever forget on
Monday, December 31. Abigail is reunited with a loved
one on Wednesday, January 2. That same day, Rafe and

Hope find themselves butting heads when it comes to the

Gabi situation. As Chad is seeking advice from Julie on
Thursday, January 3, Abigail might just hold the key to
Gabi’s future! And on Friday, January 4, Rafe makes an
JANUARY 4 arrest, while Hope does something that she prays will open
Ciara’s eyes where Ben is concerned!

14 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
live the romances of your 100
Re Special



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Walmart soap fan, this beautiful
Barnes & Noble keepsake is a full-size
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flashbacks to the beginnings
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Your favorite stars caught in the act!
FUN-TASTIC! Fantasy Weekend brought
Port Charles to Stamford

Tamara Braun
(Kim) was quick to
help put a little smile
on the face of her
leading man, William
deVry (Julian). Of
course, something else
that put a smile on
both their faces was
getting to hear just
how supportive the
audience was of their
on-screen pairing.

James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) filled in

last-minute when Laura Wright (Carly), sadly,
couldn’t make it. But it all worked out — Wes
Ramsey (Peter) got a photo buddy, and the fans
got a surprise guest!

16 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
(ex-Andre) and
may be gone
from the
show, but they
aren’t gone
from viewers’

Hats off to Leslie Charleson

(Monica) for showing the fans
some love! No, really,

wouldn’t that have been

easier to sign if she’d taken
the hat off?

Wally Kurth (Ned) always

has a laugh with the fans.
“Funny afternoon,” he shared
on Instagram. “Thanks for
coming to say hello!”

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 17
Your favorite stars caught in the act!
FUN-TASTIC! (continued)
Josh Swickard
(Chase) had never
been to the East
Coast before, so
naturally, he
couldn’t stop letting
the fans know just
how much fun he
was having! And
they let him know
that the feeling
was mutual!

Montgomery served as the audience host

all weekend, mingling with the fans and
making sure they all had the chance to ask
their burning questions!

18 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
The weekend trip to Stamford and
Boston was Charleson’s first GH Fantasy
Event with Coastal Entertainment —
and the fans couldn’t get enough of the
daytime legend. Both she and Kurth got
their fair share of questions, but folks
went absolutely wild for the chance to
ask the actress everything!

Antoine snapped plenty

of photos of the weekend
and her “peeps,” some of
which ended up
on Instagram!

uysman from
ethany, CT, beat
t the competi-
on to get her

oto taken with

e GH gang. Even
tter, her auction
d went to worthy
uses like
nnels To Towers
d Contractors
r Kids!

Your favorite stars
caught in the act!
The new year has finally
rolled around, and Kin
Shriner (Scotty, GH) was on
hand to offer up a toast!

Carolyn Hennesy (Diane, GH)

headed down to San Diego
to check out Holiday By The
Bay and enjoy a little bit of
the fun that the winter-
wonderland adventure park
had to offer!

John Stamos
GH) and
son, Billy,
was certainly
enamored of
the artwork
when his dad
was named
the national

for the
Child Abuse
20 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
GH) took a
break from
his new show,
to swing by
the Hard Rock
Cafe — and
show off his
pride, of

Hudson West (Jake, GH) checked out what the

world’s most famous mouse had to offer — just in
time for Mickey’s 90th birthday!
W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 21
Your favorite stars
caught in the act!
Hallmark Channel celebrated its new
Christmas flick, Once Upon A Christmas
Miracle, with all the network’s stars,
like HOME & FAMILY’s Cameron
Mathison (Ryan, ALL MY CHILDREN)
and Debbie Matenopoulos.

Since Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan, GH) gave

us a little Hope At Christmas, we’re glad

to see he got the Hallmark invite!

Christina Milian, Alison Sweeney (ex-Sami, DAYS OF OUR

LIVES) and Lori Loughlin (Jody, THE EDGE OF NIGHT) joined
Crown Media Family Networks president and CEO William
J. Abbott to check out the holiday movie.



22 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
Lynn Herring
(Lucy, GH)
paying for her
lunch at ICE
while at O’Hare
Airport in

Kin Shriner
(Scotty, GH)
standing out-
side the Chart
House on
Panay Way
in Marina del
Rey, CA.

AMC alumni Justin Bruening (Jamie), wife Jacklyn Zeman

Alexa Havens (Babe) and Jonathan Bennett (JR) (Bobbie, GH)
were all on hand — plus Happy The Dog! eating with a
group of friends
at Cafe Maxx on
Atlantic Boule-
vard in Pompano
Beach, FL.

Ian Buchanan
GH) going up
the elevator
at Barnes &
Noble at The
Grove in Hol-

Bryan Craig
GH) walking

into NoMo
SoHo on Cros-
by Street in

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 23
Dare we hope that they’re crying
from laughing really hard?

hen we asked GENERAL HOS Sonny will have to take a good, hard look
PITAL co-headwriters Shelly at the situation with Mike. It’s been hard
Altman and Chris Van Etten for for him to separate the reality from the
a peek into 2019, they gave us all the emotion.” Sonny’s hope has been that he
scoop… which we’re passing on to you! and his dad will find a way to reconcile
their issues from the past, but now, says
Sonny Needs A Miracle! the scribe, “time is running out!”

“As the new year begins,” says Altman,

Ryan Gets Desperate!

preview As another murder rocks Port Charles

this week, fear is running rampant in
Port Charles. And with good cause, as it

24 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
General Hospital


“Like a normal per-

son, I enjoy express-
ing obsession, Ava. I
mean affection.”

d out what’s
tore for all your
Charles favorites!
is clear that Ryan s crime spree is esca coming Ryan o. 1 priority!”
lating! The question on everyone’s lips If there’s one person he should work
as we head into the new year: Who will hard to keep in the dark, it’s Ava. While
be his next victim? “Ryan is getting both Altman agrees that if and when the
more emboldened and a bit more des- truth comes out, Ava will “be in for the
perate at the same time,” says Van shock of her life,” that could also result
Etten. And every day, the list of poten- in the tables being turned! After all, he’s
tial victims grows, especially as ques- not the only one in their relationship
tions are raised regarding the odd be- who knows how to commit murder!
havior being exhibited by “Kevin” over
the past few weeks! “Protecting his A Reunion For Jason & Sam?
identity by any means necessary is be- The mystery bubbling up (continues)

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 25

“I know you’re
busy saving lives
and all, but I
need you to put
on a German
accent and help
me crack a case!”

When told that

Sam and Jason
will be working
very closely
together in the
future, this is
what we picture.

from Sam’s past could have a major im- Big Baby Drama
pact on her future! And while that “There’s a long road that will be fol-
sounds like trouble, it could also be a lowed in the baby-switch stor y,” says
good thing! “Over the years, Jason and Van Etten, and it will involve a wide
Sam have often been at their best when swath of the canvas, including charac-
they’re working together toward a com- ters one might not expect. It will also
mon goal,” previews Altman. And what have repercussions that impact other
of the unfolding mystery they’ll team up stor ylines. For example, “Julian’s
to solve? “Sam will learn that this has a knowledge about what happened the
far greater reach than she thought. It night Nelle gave birth will impact his re-
will affect more people than she could lationships with others.” That includes
have imagined!” Kim, who is slowly getting closer to

26 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
Drew as they deal with Oscar’s continu- which continues to
ing health crisis, as well as Alexis, put Finn in unex-
whose continued exploration of her past pected positions!”
(and the bad decisions made there) And of course, “the
could lead in an unexpected direction. ghost of Hayden is cover
Then there’s Willow, who we now c e r t a i n l y a l w a y s
know to be the mother of the child Lu- p r e s e n t b e t w e e n
cas and Brad actually adopted. She will t h e m . S h e i s o u t
also see her life turned upside-down… there, somewhere… ”
and at the worst possible moment! “She
and Chase are finding their In Other News
way toward a nice, healthy rela- “The ghost Although Elizabeth and Fran-
tionship,” says Altman, adding of Hayden is co’s last two weddings were
that Willow is also bonding certainly called off, Altman assures us
with Michael. “Things could always that “there is a marriage in
get very messy!” present!!” their future.” Meanwhile,
look for Franco to deal with
Trouble Ahead? the fact that, for the first time in his life,
They’ve declared their love, so what’s he’s “part of a family and ever ything
next for Finn and Anna? “They’ll contin- that that means.” • Kristina could find
ue to face challenges,” teases Van Etten, herself in danger thanks to her new pal,
“especially as a result of Anna’s career, Daisy!

Had Franco known that having a family meant nightly cuddles, he’d have gotten one sooner.

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 27

Cam s reaction.
“Don’t mock me!” he
said when Oscar
laughed at the idea of
him taking up acting. “I
can be very dramatic!”

Maxie’s confession.
She admitted that in
the past, she’d had
not just baggage
but “two full sets

and a foot locker!”

Carly’s exaspera-
tion. “God,” she
told Jason, “I
hate when
you’re right!”

Finn’s snark. “That’s
a fantastic story,” he
told Obrecht. “All
it needs is a dinosaur
and a spaceship!”

Ryan’s quip. “This

conversation,” he told
an inquisitive Carly,
“just went to the land of
diminishing returns.”


Britt’s departure.
H ing her
it remind-
d us just
how much
un the
exy vixen
n be!
Shocking plot twists that will shake up your shows!

GH Finn & Anna’s Unlikely Romance!

Couples don’t come much odder — or effect of, ‘You both save lives and care
more perfect for one another! — than about humanity but try to shut every-
GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Anna and body out. If you could find each other,
Finn. “It’s certainly an eclectic pairing,” you could be good for each other.’
chuckles the doc’s portrayer, Michael “I think that sums them up really
Easton. “You always hope that oppo- well,” he continues. “Amid all the differ-
sites attract, and they are really differ- ences, Finn became an addict to dis-
ent in a lot of ways.” tance himself from people and from his
But in truth, the actor — like Anna’s loneliness, self-loathing, pain and sad-
pal, Felicia — recognizes their com- ness. I think Anna does a similar thing
monality as well. “What Felicia said a with her work: Her addiction is her job.
while back really stuck with me,” They both have these strange, addictive
Easton sets up. “It was something to the personalities. So it’s always going to be

Brooke’s Alarmed!

THE BOLD & THE BEAU- trayer, Katherine Kelly
TIFUL’s Brooke has admit- Lang, says her alter ego
ted that her feud with Tay- isn’t about to apologize for
lor in previous decades it. “I know she’s been
was intense, but never so overly pushy, but her
threatening as to be alarm- daughter’s happiness
ing. In recent weeks, how- comes first,” insists Lang.
e v e r, t h e b l o n d e h a s “Brooke’s thought is, ‘I’m
deemed her rival to be just going to go for it.’
much more than just a nui- “You could argue that
sance… and she’s going she’s maybe become a lit-
all-out to fight her! tle [too aggressive],” she
In taking a fierce mater- adds, “but she’s not going
nal stand to protect her to let anything stop her
family from what she views feelings about this.”
as Taylor’s dangerous ten- Could the blonde’s offen-
Well, that’s one way to
dencies, Brooke is in no- sive stance come back to
protect yourself, Brooke.
mercy mode. But her por- haunt her?

30 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
Birds of a feather taking flight?

volatile… but she’s ver y

charming, obviously!”
At the root of their ro-
mance, of course, is their
chemistr y. “I must be the
luckiest guy in daytime,
with the actresses I’ve been
able to work with,” Easton
raves. “Every time I step on
stage, [Finola Hughes]
makes me better!”

And with all that Anna’s gone through With Anna finding her footing with
with Peter, the actress has been thrilled Peter, perhaps she’ll soon get to see
to have Easton by her side as well. “I Finn stare down his own demons — like
have a great scene partner in Michael,” the father and stepmother who make
she grins. “I couldn’t ask for a better him see red… or the baby that he
person to bounce this off.” doesn’t even know exists!

Y&R Cane’s Downward Spiral!

THE YOUNG & THE spun out of control. He feels

RESTLESS’ Cane shows up like he’s letting his family
for Devon’s New Year’s Eve down, his children down.
bash, but he is not exactly He wasn’t responsible for
in a partying mood! “This is any of this, but he feels re-
a very emotional time of the sponsible. He feels like he
year for Cane,” says execu- needs to fix something, but
tive producer/headwriter he’s powerless!”
Mal Young. “He’s far away And when people feel
from the love of his life, Lily, powerless, they sometimes
so he’s battling his own de- do irrational things! “Lily is
mons over this.” becoming institutionalized. Cane’s new year may be no
Alas, most of those de- She’s had to throw herself happier than the old one!
mons are his own feelings. into the life she has at the
“Cane likes to have things moment,” Young points January, he starts to act out
neat and tidy and in con- out. “Cane feels like she’s in some surprising ways —
trol,” shares the scribe. slipping through his fin- which will spin things out of
“But suddenly, his life has gers… and as we go into control even more!”

W W W . S O A P S I N D E P T H . C O M 31
WeSpeakOut! See if you agree with our outspoken editors’ opinions!
GH A Shared History
Newer GENERAL HOSPITAL viewers only did we completely buy that Laura
may have been surprised by the way would open up to Sonny about her re-
Sonny and Laura connected after Kiki’s cent marital strife, but we loved seeing
funeral… but longtime fans were cheer- longtime co-stars Maurice Benard and
ing the quiet moment shared between Genie Francis once again sharing
the pair. While they haven’t always seen scenes. Since her return to the canvas,
eye to eye, the heroine and the dimpled Francis and alter ego, Laura, have been
don share a long and storied histor y, woven into nearly every aspect of Port
thanks in par t to the bond that he Charles life, and we wouldn’t have it any
shared with her ex-husband, Luke. Not other way.

ANOTHER mitted in the past. This is a Ryan! When she dissed

GH PERSPECTIVE topic that comes up time Ava, he — in the guise of
Let’s face it: Carly can be a and again among some Kevin — pointed out to
bit of a hypocrite. She viewers, whether in letters Carly, “Your own history is
loves to call out the sins of they write to us or on Twit- as checkered as Ava’s,
others while tur ning a ter. But the last person we even without your rela-
blind eye to those she expected to see address tionship to Sonny!” He
and/or Sonny have com- Carly’s hypocrisy was added, “We all find rea-
sons to justify our ac-
tions, but no one is all
good or all bad… not
even Ava.” While Car-
ly wasn’t interested
in what he had to say,
it didn’t make his
words any less true!

We agree with viewers
who say the canvas is
Ryan put up a force field for overcrowded, and
fear Carly might charge. we’ve often com-

plained that this leads

32 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
“God would understand if we raided the

sacramental wine, right? It’s been a rough day.”

to stories being dropped mom, and the scenario some of these folks into an
or given short shrift. So becomes exactly the kind on-line sister series or
we get why people roll of deliciously complicated expand to two hours,
their eyes or vent on Twit- soap we dig. That said, at there’s simply not enough
ter whenever a new char- some point, something’s room on the canvas for all
acter is introduced. But at got to give, because unless these people and their
the same time, we can’t the show is going to spin stories! (continues)
help liking some of these
newcomers! For example,
the writers have done a
great job of integrating
Willow into numerous sto-
ries. She has great chem-
istr y with Chase, and
while that’s basically a sto-
r y of two newbies, she’s
also clicked with unlucky-
in-love vet Michael. Throw “Well, hello, Detective
in the fact that she be- Sexypaws!”

lieves herself to be Wiley’s

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 33
WeSpeakOut! (cont.)

When did Cameron be-
come one of our favorites?
“If I didn’t see it, it
One day, he was a kind of … or are you a bit
baffled by Nina’s didn’t happen,” Valentin
obnoxious teen who
blind support of reassured himself.
seemed like little more her GH stepdaugh-
than a possible spoiler in

ter, Charlotte? Every time Valentin and Lulu have attempted
his mom’s romance; the to talk to the little girl about her bullying behavior, Nina has
next, he was sparking not only neutralized their efforts but done so in a way which
with Josslyn, being a good is downright unfathomable. We might get Nina’s behavior if
she was less heavy-handed in her approach, but she hasn’t
pal to Oscar and even just been in Charlotte’s corner… she’s practically enabling
bonding with would-be the bad behavior despite knowing it might get the girl
stepdad Franco! Portray- kicked out of school! In fact, it would have made more sense

er William Lipton is a real if Nina was borderline disinterested, in which case it could
be revealed that Charlotte — jealous of Sasha — was acting
find, and we’re glad the out to get her attention!
show has figured out ex-
actly what it has in him. • about the importance of it, lest he wipe out the
We’re kind of annoyed the flashdrive containing memories he’s made
that after endless talk Drew’s memories, the since first he was trans-
story seems to have gone formed into Jason. We get
YOU Mike found a nowhere. Margaux hand- why Drew feels that way,
woman who
WIN makes him
SOME... smile…
ed it over to Drew, who
has no intention of using
but it still feels like much
ado about nothing.

… but the
LOSE situation
SOME... definitely put
a frown on
her hubby’s “Do I need glasses, or did a spark
face! just fly by? Hey, there’s another!”

34 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
Marie Osmond opens up!
The beloved singer, mom and grandma shares her
top wellness secrets with First for Women. Plus,
find pro tips and shortcuts that will have
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January 7, 2019
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We want to know what you think about your favorite soaps!
General Hospital Reader
Laura &
In Depth asked... Collins
Would you rather see 80%
Finn with Anna or 20% Liz Webber
Hayden? HAYDEN & Franco
Out of sight,
out of mind!
Hayden and Maxie Jones
Finn were a & Peter
hot item once August
upon a time,
but now that
she’s history,
Anna is the fan Carly &
favorite! Sonny

This issue’s question...

Should Drew and Kim try to recap- Alexis Davis
ture what they once had? & Julian

TOP 5 ACTORS (as voted by Soaps In Depth readers)

Issue: 1 Last
Issue: 3 Last
Issue: 4 Last
Issue: 5 Last
Issue: -
Maurice Benard Jon Lindstrom Roger Howarth Billy Miller William deVry
(Sonny, GH) (Kevin/Ryan, GH) (Franco, GH) (Drew, GH) (Julian, GH)


36 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
TOP 10 COUPLES (as voted by Soaps In Depth readers)

Issue: 1 Last
Issue: 2 Last
Issue: 3 Last
Issue: 8 Last
Issue: 4
Laura & Kevin Elizabeth Webber & Phyllis Summers & Maxie Jones & Carly & Sonny
Collins, GH Franco Baldwin, GH Billy Abbott, Y&R Peter August, GH Corinthos, GH

Issue: 6 Last
Issue: 5 Last
Issue: 7 Last
Issue: 9 Last
Issue: -
Lily & Cane Alexis Davis & Sam McCall & Sam McCall & Anna Devane &
Ashby, Y&R Julian Jerome, GH Drew Cain, GH Jason Morgan, GH Hamilton Finn, GH

TOP 5 ACTRESSES (as voted by Soaps In Depth readers)

Issue: 1 Last
Issue: 2 Last
Issue: 4 Last
Issue: 5 Last
Issue: -
Genie Francis Rebecca Herbst Kelly Monaco Nancy Lee Grahn Kirsten Storms
(Laura, GH) (Elizabeth, GH) (Sam, GH) (Alexis, GH) (Maxie, GH)

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Write: Readers’ Poll #02 c/o Soaps In Depth, 270 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 37
Feature Int

Briana Nicole
Henry talks
about stepping
into the role of

38 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2
i ays, Briana Nicole Henry
an. “My mom always says I
from the time I came out,”
e actress, who assumed

38 Feature Interview
Briana Nicole Henry shares the triumphs and
challenges of tackling the role of Jordan!
this fall. “I definitely do 42 Love It/Hate It
eadership roles, and Jor-
at the top of her game.
44 Up-Close & Personal
the boss and she has her
46 Crossword
s in all the mess, which is
thing I can relate to.” Do-Or-Dialogue
e GH newcomer can also While Henry immediately clicked with
te to her character’s big her character, the procedural element of
ar t of gold. “Jordan’s a Jordan’s job was a hurdle. “When you’re
erhouse, but her motiva- rattling off a victim’s case and the num-
n for this job has less to ber of bullet wounds, it’s challenging,”
o with power and more to she admits. But she found support in a
do with actually wanting friend she’d made during her stint as a
to protect [Port Charles] model on THE YOUNG & THE REST-
and make a difference in LESS. That show’s former Chloe, “Lizzy
people’s lives,” she main- Hendrickson (Margaux) was my first
tains. “And I try to move scene partner at GH and she was a huge

through the world in a comfor t. I told her I’d (continues)
similar way and do what’s
ight by other people and
y myself.”

First Love: Before discovering

performing, “I was for volley-
ball, through and through,” the
athletic actress says.
Cardio Queen: “I like to move a
lot of energy,” says the former Soul-
Cycle instructor. “Wife/mother Jordan is innately easier for
Songbird: “I’m not really a singer… but I me to drop into than Commissioner Jordan,”
can sing,” hedges the mezzo soprano.
Trojan Woman: While causing trou-
Henry confides. “I’ve never done a procedural
ble as Y&R’s Esmeralda, “I was still a show, but I love human connection, so it’s very
senior at USC,” reveals the 2014 grad. easy to play that.”

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 39
Feature Interview continued
Vernee Watson (Stella) “feels really
strong on camera… and 30 times
stronger in real life!” Henry says. “But
she’s so kind and warm.”


Jordan and Curtis’ escape-room

bachelorette and bachelor parties “was
pretty chaotic and very fun to shoot,”
Henry says, “but a very long day!”

never done procedural stuff be-

fore, and she was like, ‘Girl, me,
neither! It is hard. You will get it.
Just know you are not alone.’ That
upped my confidence, for sure.”
Then, after a few weeks of case-
work, GH took of f the training
wheels and thrust Henry into the
rest of Jordan’s world. “I went from work- Surrounded By Good Guys
ing a few days a week to four or five days One of those amazing actors is on-
a week, with 65 pages of dialogue,” she screen hubby Donnell Turner. “He’s
recalls. “I was getting hit pretty hard! But just so kind,” Henry raves. “One day, I
it’s amazing how quickly we’re able to was having a rough day with dialogue,
adapt. I feel like I’m getting into a and ever y time I messed up, Donnell
rhythm. I’m able to pick up dialogue was like, ‘You got it. We’re good.’ He’s
quicker and understand the storylines. very reassuring.”
“We have some serious vets on the Henry isn’t just grateful for her leading
show, and I’m like a sponge,” she adds. man on screen, either. “Both on the show
“I just want to gain as much knowledge and in real life,” she winks. “My boyfriend,
and experience as I can from these Kris Bowers, is in the industry. He’s a pia-
amazing actors!” nist and a composer for TV and film, so

40 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9

Shooting Curtis and Jordan’s nuptials, “Don-
nell and I were laughing about how nervous
“Oh my goodness, life we actually felt,” Henry chuckles. “It was sur-
in Port Charles is busy real. I was never the little girl who imagined
my wedding. I’ve really only started think-
and fast with a lot of ing about marriage this past year or so. So it
chaos,” marvels Henry. was really cool to get this experience of be-
“But it has been an ing in the dress and having the bachelorette
incredible journey so party and all these fun things. And GH went
far, for sure!” big and really decked out the whole place! It
looked gorgeous. I actually stole a flower ar-
rangement — they said I could! It was just
he’s aware of what actors so much fun.”
have to do. Nobody wants
to see their partner have
chemistry with somebody

else, but his concern is al-
ways that I’m okay, so he
was reassured by how
comfortable I felt being
intimate with Donnell on
camera. Once he knew I
was good, he was on GH “did a beautiful job,” says Henry.
board, too.”
“It’s hard to fall in love with a new per-

Grace Under Pressure son in a role you’ve already fallen in love

As we head into a new year, Henr y is with,” she concedes. “And the response
starting to feel at home in the role cre- has been mixed. I’ve been getting a lot
ated by Vinessa Antoine — and that of love, and Donnell has stood up for me
took some time! “Talk about pressure, a couple times.
right?” she says. “Vinessa has a beauti- “But most of the criticism has been, if
ful element of being a mature, strong anything, kind of funny,” she adds. “A
woman, and I hoped I’d be able to bring couple people have said, ‘She’s huge!
that same energy to the role. I was ner- She’s so big next to everyone.’ I’m 5’7”.
vous. These are big shoes to fill! But it They put me in heels. If that’s what you
was inspiring more than anything else.” guys are complaining about… I feel
Even as Henry dug in, she understood pretty good about it!”
it would take fans time to warm to her. — Deanna Barnert

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 41
Sound Off
Let the powers that be know how you

L It
feel about the stories they’re telling

GHHot Topic: The Character

You Hate To Love Loving
A lot of GENERAL HOSPI- no behavior-nullifying tu- lain. Obrecht goes from
TAL characters have a divi- mor to justify some of the staging a comically hostile
sive effect on the audience. horrific things she has takeover of the Nurses Ball
Some viewers will never done over the years. There to holding a man hostage in
see Franco as anything but is, however, the per for- a cabin for weeks. Yet we
a killer, while others are all- mance of Kathleen Gati know that there is nothing
in on his redemption. With who, with the help of the she would not do for her
Obrecht, the situation is a writers, has repeatedly children, as when she ad-
bit more complex. There is managed to humanize a mitted (if only to herself)
character who has often that given the choice, she
OUR TAKE come off as a cartoon vil- would give up her own free-
dom in order for Britt to
stay out of jail. Are we
frustrated when Obrecht
manages to avoid any real
punishment for her
crimes? Of course. But
does a par t of us also
breathe a sigh of relief
that she’ll still be around
to cause trouble for the
residents of Port Charles?
“Sometimes, I just wanna punch you,” You bet. We wouldn’t
admitted Anna. “With both fists!” have it any other way.


42 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9

Hate It
That’s Entertainment
but understandable. Peter was partly
responsible for Nathan’s death.
Susan Gleeson
via Soaps In Depth Facebook page
Absolutely love her! Probably the worst thing
she did was trying to kill Peter — but think of all Give Her Another Chance
the hysterical moments she has given us! She’s Kathleen Gati is a fabulous actress. She portrays
got so much personality and sass. Who could Dr. Obrecht perfectly — sometimes a little
forget that Nurses Ball performance, or when nutty, sometimes a little off the wall and yes,
she scared all the kids at Christmas with very loving and compassionate to those she
Krampus? Priceless! And she certainly loved loves. What she did to Peter was all the built-up
Nathan and Maxie, and sort of loves Britt. anger in her because of Nathan and yes, she
Forgive her her trespasses! lost it. But I believe she has paid for it her whole
Suzie Ortolani Sweemer life. Everyone on that show gets redeemed. So
via Soaps In Depth Facebook page give her a break.
Maureen Bartek
Never Forgive, Never Forget via Soaps In Depth Facebook page
Does everyone forget she and Faison held
Robin captive for [ages] and let everyone
think she was dead? Unforgivable… even ALL THUMBS
though she’s a hoot! Do you want to see Obrecht pay for her
Amanda Fretwell crimes?
via Soaps In Depth Facebook page

It’s Good To Be Bad

Liesl Obrecht is one of my favorite characters.
She’s so funny, even when she’s being bad.
Port Charles just isn’t the same when she’s
not there.
Earline Burnett
via Soaps In Depth Facebook page

She Ain’t The Worst!

Love Dr. O! What she did to Peter was wrong, 54% 46%
On-line: polls.abc.soapsindepth.com
E-mail: abcloveithateit@soapsindepth.com
Write: Love It/Hate It c/o Soaps In Depth, 270 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 43
The Flip Turner’s new
Side appeals to
GENERAL HOSPITAL’s him on many
Donnell Turner (Curtis) is levels.
set to direct and produce a
top-secret movie, and he can’t
wait to experience life on the
other side of the camera. “It’s
a faith-based film, which is
awesome for me,” he reveals.
“My mom is an evangelist,
and my dad is an ordained
Baptist minister, so it’s a lan-
guage I speak. And it also has
to do with the other side of life
— the rough side. Selling
drugs and being incarcerat-
ed, and I know that side, too. I
speak both languages well.
Plus it’s a transformational
film, so it’s hot. It’ll take us on
a journey.” While Turner co-
directed a film last year, this
will be his first solo effort. “I
actually moved to Hollywood
to be a director,” he reveals.
“There’s more creative auton-
omy as a director. As an actor,
you’re a meat puppet, and that
only goes so far. When I mod-
eled I hated it, because it was
just, ‘Shut up and walk,’ and I
have something to say. I have
a creative, right brain-domi-

nated thought process. I see

life in brush strokes.”

44 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
Out Of Africa
William deVr y was born and cutie, young deVry
raised in Canada before moving got lots of attention
to the United States, but Julian’s from his neighbors
portrayer also spent a handful of in Guinea. “They
his formative years off the conti- were fascinated
nent entirely. “As a child, I lived with my white
in Africa for three years,” he re- hair,” he recalls. “I
veals. “We’re talking dirt roads was an anomaly.
and huts. My father was an attor- Anywhere I went,
ney and he was they would come
THAT’S A of fered a job As a child, deVry up to me and start
for a mining touching my hair. It
FACT company, so
lived in Africa.
was interesting. I

we all went over as a haven’t been back since, but I would

Montreal native
deVry is fluent
family. We were there love to go see who’s still alive. I’d also
in French. from the time I was 3 love to go to Rwanda, Uganda, more
to 7.” As a towheaded central Africa.”

At the pace we move, that was a really

Worth The Work big challenge — but a great challenge!
Elizabeth Hendrickson (Margaux) I feel way more comfortable as Mar-
didn’t initially bite when GH executive gaux now, but the first few weeks, it
producer Frank Valentini offered her a was ver y scar y.” The toughest part
role in Port Charles, but she’s thrilled has been creating her new power-
that he wore down her defenses. “It’s a house of a character. “When you first
huge compliment star t out, it’s a lot of extra
that he thought I work,” Hendrickson explains.
was capable of “You have to study twice as
this,” she gushes. hard and find little nuances
“I’ve never played you can add or take away. If
a district attorney, you’re just playing the damsel
and GH needed in distress, that’s a little differ-
someone able to ent. But I knew this was going
do 100 pages of to be an undertaking — and
dialogue in her I’m glad I did it, because the

first few days and reward is so much better than

stand up to char- Hendrickson loves I expected it to be. I’m really
acters like Sonny. the challenge of enjoying myself!”
playing Margaux.
W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 45
the circled
letters to reveal
villain who
got away with
murder and
mayhem for

1. The last name
of the crime
lord called
The Balkan
3. Sonny’s
mentor (last
5. Scotty ______
7. Carly’s
brother 20. Epiphany’s title day by Helena.
9. The presumed-dead (abbr.) 8. It’s not as scary as
son of 7-Down, for 21. Elizabeth’s Gram Ferncliff.
short 22. The first name 11. Curtis’ occupation
10. A heroic family Rocco was given (abbr.)
12. She just can’t seem 13. After disowning his
to find redemption. DOWN father, Ned dropped
14. Oscar’s mom 2. 7-Down spent years this last name.
17. Where GH patients on the run from this 14. He repeatedly
go for surgery Mob boss. abused Kristina.
(abbr.) 4. He’s Aiden’s father. 15. Ric’s kid
18. Franco’s biological 6. Kelly’s is on the 16. The guy who used to
mother ______. own Julian’s pub
19. The last name of 7. She was cursed on 20. The Floating ______
22-Across her wedding
see page 93 for answer key
46 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
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“I love Leslie! I always have and
always will. I love how natural
our scenes are. Leslie and I
have a great connection as
mother and son, and we have
since day one — literally.”
Steve Burton (Jason),
on working with Leslie
Charleson (Monica)
Birthday: April 25.
Birthplace: Miami.
Celebrity Connection: Canela’s older
brother, Jencarlos Canela, is an award-win-
ning singer/actor.
Sweet Charity: The hunk is a huge support-
er of fallenheroesunited.org. “It’s a nonprofit
organization,” he explains, “that provides
scholarship opportunities for children of any
fallen hero, whether they are cops, firefight-
ers or soldiers in any branch of the military.”
50 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
The ung & The Restless

Jason Canela (Arturo) contemplates the rewards —
and challenges — of his new life in Genoa City
sexy Arturo. But his issue wasn’t the fast up the stairs!” he recounts. “It was
pace of the soap. It was sustaining an ankle only five steps, but that was the hardest
injury the night before his first day on the thing I’ve ever had to do in my life! But I
set, which was so debilitating that he was just so grateful to be there. I didn’t
couldn’t even walk! “It was so bad that I had want to miss it.”
to ask for a wheelchair at As difficult as the situ-
CBS,” he recalls. “When I ation was, the Miami na-
met [executive produc- tive says it wasn’t all
er/headwriter] Mal pain and no gain. “It was
Young and ever yone, intimidating as hell
they looked at me in the knowing I had to work
wheelchair and were like, with Eric Braeden (Vic-

‘What the hell? You were tor) and Melody [Thom-

fine at the audition!’” as Scott, Nikki], but my
Of course, the Miami injur y sor t of took the
pressure off! I was so fo-
Canela loves working with cused on getting by that
Melissa Ordway (Abby). “Oh day, and I think ever y-
my God, she is incredible!” body was extra nice to
he says. “She’s a goofball, me because I was in a
and I’m a goofball!” w h e e l - (continues)

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 51
Feature Interview continued
Showbiz vet Will Smith was a big inspiration for
Canela growing up in Miami. “The guy is incredible. He
has brought to life so many amazing characters!”


“Melody is not only an amazing
actress but a really wonderful person!”
Canela declares. “I always enjoy
sharing scenes with her.”

The actor would love to have more

comedic scenes with his TV family,
Sasha Calle (Lola) and Jordi Vilasuso
(Rey). “I think there’s a lot of funny
things that we could factor in!”

chair, so that might have worked

in my favor. I think that just by
showing up, I proved to them how badly about Arturo, and I go, ‘Man, how can
I wanted to be there!” he have done this?’ But then I sit down
and tr y to find the justification of the
Dangerous Curves Ahead character.”
It also proved how adept Canela is at While Canela took his alter ego’s steamy
handling unexpected twists — a must affair with the very-married Nikki and lat-
for anyone working on a soap, with char- er relationship with her stepdaughter,
acters often doing 180-degree turns! “I Abby, in stride, he confesses to having
had an idea where I was going with this been surprised when he learned that Ar-
character, but then I see things in the turo’s estrangement from his brother was
writing and am hit with a curveball!” he caused by him sleeping with Rey’s wife,
chuckles. “Sometimes I’ve read things Mia. “I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, how can I be

52 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
The Young & The Restless
such a jerk to my brother? To my family?’
I think I said that when I was in the make-
up room, and someone said, ‘Oh, did you EXPANDING
think it was going to be all butterflies and
rainbows? You’re on a soap opera, kid.
Wake up!’” he recalls, laughing. “But it
was a wake-up call, and I had to sit down
and really think about how Arturo could
have taken this route!”
l R
Home, Sweet Home family itself. “I feel there has been a
change in Hollywood diversifying itself
While he’d love to get a peek at his alter and giving opportunities to actors around
ego’s future, Canela says he has no the world, so I don’t think it’s important to
problem living in Arturo’s present, ei- overplay or push it. We’re a family who just
ther. “Whatever they want to do with happens to be Hispanic,” he says, “just as
the other families in Genoa City happen to

Ar turo, I’m on board. I’m having so be [whatever cultural roots they are]. May-
much fun with it! I never, ever imagined be we don’t have to say anything about it.
that the character would take the turn Maybe the fact that it’s just there is cool.
where he was dating Abby, and when I And if there is a topic that is relevant that
get my scripts to see other tur ns they can shed light on, that is cool, too. It
could start a conversation. And who
ahead… it’s so cool,” he smiles. doesn’t like a good conversation?”
In fact, it’s not just Arturo’s present-
day life that the actor is enjoying — he’s
pretty thrilled with his own life these
days, too! “The other evening, we had
an event at [the outdoor shopping mall]
The Grove, which is next to CBS. I
wasn’t working that day, but I drove in
and parked at CBS, and used my card to
walk through CBS, and I thought to
myself, ‘Oh, man, these years I’ve been
in L.A., I’ve walked into CBS, Fox, ev-
erywhere for auditions,” he shares qui-
etly. “For the first time, I’m walking in
these hallways and am like, ‘I can call
this home.’
“It was a really cool moment,” he con-
cludes. “It’s such a blessing to be on Canela hopes conversation is
Y&R. I do not take it for granted!” on the menu.
— Julie McElwain

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 53
Got burning questions? Lay them on us!

Q. Wasn’t GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Spencer also involved in the

messy situation surrounding the election of Mayor Lomax?
How did that play out?
Emily S.
via E-mail

A: Spencer was involved in that

storyline, and it may have in-
spired his recent actions. The young-
in the harbor… only to have Spencer
spot them. The precocious kid had his
driver fish the box out of the water and
ster was not, however, responsible for brought to Wyndemere, where it was
setting things in motion. The explana- recovered the next morning. Felicia
tion of how Lomax stole the election should have been named the winner,
was a bit convoluted, but it all started but Sloane had swapped the ballots
with Lucy stealing a box of ballots in with the help of Spencer’s dad, Nikolas,
order to help keep Duke from being who was scheming to take over ELQ.
punished by the dirty mayor. Duke The real ballots eventually were found
then ordered Shawn and an undercov- at Wyndemere, which is how Lomax
er Jordan to dispose of the ballot box was removed from office!

“Now remember, Spencer. It’s only

election fraud if you get caught.”


Write: In Depth Answers c/o Soaps In Depth,

270 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
TO SOAPS IN DEPTH E-mail: abcanswers@soapsindepth.com
For an answer to your
soap question… Web site: www.soapsindepth.com

54 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
AMC Carol Burnett was so impressed by
Dorothy Lyman’s take on Opal that she
hired her for MAMA’S FAMILY.
GH In order to accommodate Emma
Samms taping both GH and DYNASTY, the
daytime soap’s scribes had Holly kid-
napped and held prisoner for weeks.
OLTL Melissa Fumero was offered the
role of Adriana the same day that she took
her last final at NYU.

Q. I couldn’t stop crying when

her baby. I went through something
similar after being in a car accident,
Michael’s head hurts but Lani didn’t seem to have anything
every time he tries to like that happen. Did they ever
figure out how he’s explain why she miscarried?
related to everyone. D. Mulhauser

via E-mail

Q. On a recent episode of GH,

Lulu introduced Michael as her
brother-in-law and cousin. I hate to A. During her pregnancy, Lani had
been diagnosed with preeclamp-
sound daft, but beyond sharing Dante, sia, a condition that can prove dangerous
how are they related? to the mother, in that it can cause blood-
Tracy Daniels clotting issues, impair kidney and liver
via E-mail function, and induce seizures and
strokes. Unfortunately, it can also reduce

A. Hey, no judgement here — Port

Charles genealogy can get con-
fusing! Although Michael’s biological
the blood flow to the placenta, often lead-
ing to prematurely born or small babies
and, as in Lani’s case, infant death.
father is A.J., he was raised as
Sonny’s son, making Dante his
brother and Lulu his sister-in-law.
Lulu’s father, Luke, is the brother
of Bobbie, who is Carly’s birth

mom (although she was put up

for adoption and came to town as
Caroline Benson). As a result,
Carly is Luke’s niece, making
their offspring cousins. Told ya it Some stories just hit close to home.
was a little confusing!

W W W . S O A P S I N D E P T H . C O M 55
Andrea Evans (Tina, ONE LIFE TO
LIVE) is making waves, both on
screen and off


has added yet another beloved soap
veteran to its roster: ONE LIFE TO
LIVE’s Tina, Andrea Evans. In the just-re-
leased season, she plays Mickey’s kid sis-
admits with a laugh. “That seems to be my
thing, so I think we’ll see some surprises
from Patty!”
The OLTL alum was very proud of the
growth that Tina showed over the years,
ter, Patty Walker, whom Evans explains, especially when she turned over her in-
“has taken over Patrick’s Roadhouse.” heritance to Todd during that last return to
While Mickey is a no-nonsense nurturer, Llanview. “She became a much fuller, more
Patty’s someone that people should hesi- interesting person, and her heart came
tate to trust. “She hears all the gossip,” Ev- through in the end,” Evans recalls, “mak-
ans explains. “As she’s going from table to ing her much more grounded in that she
table, she picks up this and that.” realized what’s important.”

Remembering Tina’s Evolution A Cautionary Tale

While it’s yet to be revealed what Patty will What’s important to Tina’s portrayer is
do with all that information, Evans is pretty helping the entertainment industry grow
sure that it won’t be anything good. “Typi- in such a way that it becomes a better place
cally, if I’m playing [someone], she’s prob- for women. To that end, she’s been work-
ably not a very nice person,” the actress ing as an executive producer on a project

56 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
One Life To Live
Evans had last shared scenes with
THE BAY’s A Martinez on THE BOLD &
THE BEAUTIFUL when he was playing a
doctor, and she was playing Tawny.

Recalling Tina and Cord’s relationship

on OLTL, Evans suggests that “when
you’re in love with somebody who’s
clearly defined as the good guy, that
creates a lot of conflict.”

called Rocking The Couch (catch the trailer

at: vimeo.com/289123858). “I started talk-
ing to my friends in the [biz] — everyone
has #MeToo stories — and generously,
several soap stars were willing to come on
camera and share theirs.
“Tonja Walker (OLTL’s Alex),” Evans
continues, “gave some really hear t-
wrenching details.”

True Horror Stories

While many recognizable names con-
tributed, Evans confides that “the most
horrible stories are from those who are
people trying to get into the business.”
However, the jumping-off point for ev-
erything is a look back at the 1992 case in The Next Generation
which talent agent Wallace Kaye was ar- Evans had thought long and hard about al-
rested for numerous sexual assaults. “I lowing her teenaged daughter, Kylie, to
spent six months researching and track- join the project as a production assistant
ing down ever yone involved,” Evans before eventually deciding, “If she wants to
says, “and was present for each interview. be in the entertainment industry, she has
“Now we have distribution,” she adds, to know how to protect herself. And the
“so we’re debating whether it’s going to only real way to know how to protect your-
be a stand-alone documentar y or per- self is to be aware of the problem.”
haps a docuseries.” — Kelli M. Larson

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 57
a t Rig
Some couples, soap fans will remember forever. Others might best be forgotten.
When researching the genre’s hottest pairings for the recently-released Day-
time’s Greatest Love Stories (a copy of which you can enter to win on page 63), we
came across what might be called “also-rans” from GENERAL HOSPITAL, ALL

General Hospital
Sonny & Karen
Ask Scotty, and he’ll tell you that
daughter Karen’s romance with Sonny
was anything but “super.” Although
Scott didn’t even know Karen was his
at the time, he’s long blamed Sonny
for the dark period during which she
got hooked on pills and worked as a
stripper at the future Mob boss’ club,
the Paradise Lounge. Karen would
go on to have a series of romances,
including one with hunky good guy
Jagger. As for Sonny, well, perhaps you’ve heard a bit about his
future romances with ladies named Brenda and Carly?
58 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
g Proof that on

soaps, not all
couples are

Sonny turned Karen

into his private
dancer. A dancer for
money. She did what
he wanted her to do.

Sonny’s future lovers weren’t

on sharing him — or his cham

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 59
All My Children
Tad & Liza
Losing good guy Greg
to equally sweet Jenny
propelled bad girl Liza
into the arms of her
rival’s brother, Tad…
whose last name
would unofficially be
changed to“The Cad”
when he also bed-
ded her mom! But
Tad later proved true
that old adage about
opposites attracting
by falling head over
heels for sweet Dixie.
(Liza would seemingly
serve as a counter-
point by spending
years in a love/hate
relationship with her
karmic soulmate,

Feel the love!

How could Tad not love a

woman who had
windblown hair on the
calmest of days?

60 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
a t Right
General Hospital
& Keesha
Before arguments broke
out over whether Jason’s
true love is Sam or Elizabeth
— heck, before the guy’d
donned a leather jacket and
taken the surname Morgan
— there was his sweet ro-
mance with Keesha. The pair
managed to overcome fam-
ily adversity (which is saying

Jason was prepared to lose

his virginity at the drop of a lot, given that Edward tried
a hat… or even his shirt. to come between them)
and even lost their virginity
to one another in Paris.
What they couldn’t over-
come was his becoming
an entirely different
person — literally — fol-
lowing the car accident
that transformed him
from would-be doctor to
budding hitman.

When Jason’s around, General

Hospital sees a rise in swooning-
related injuries.
(section continues)
W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 61
General Hospital
Maxie & Levi
From the moment Maxie
returned to town with
the ponytail-sporting,
mantra-spouting wanna-
be guru, we knew he was
trouble even if she didn’t.
We also knew that her
hunky roomie, Nathan, was
every bit as right for Maxie
as Levi was wrong. By the
time she was preparing to
walk down the aisle with
the Aussie, we were con-
templating giving them a
divorce as a wedding gift!
That said, even we were
surprised when Nathan and
Maxie wound up sharing
their first kiss seconds after
she killed Levi… and while
standing over his body! ABC

We suspect these two originally

bonded over hair products.

This becomes 27.3 percent less

romantic when the camera pans
down to the body at their feet.

62 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
The Edge Of Night
Raven & Eliot a t
Truth be told, Raven and Eliot were
perfect for each other. Both had major
issues with fidelity, a desire for the bet-


ter things in life and an above-average
ability to cook up a scheme. Despite
being married to others, this devious duo
would wind up in bed together… even
if one had to blackmail the other to get
them there! They might have had a shot
at some twisted version of
happiness had he not been
murdered by a puppet.
(Long story.) Instead, Raven
found true love when she
went from pulling gazillion-
Raven practiced her devilish
aire Sky’s strings to tying grin with Eliot (above) but
the knot with him. perfected it with Sky!

ps In Depth has five copies of Soaps’ Greatest Love

es to give away to lucky readers!

ust-have for any true soap fan, this beautiful

psake is a full-size coffee-table book chock-full of
oto-filled flashbacks to the beginnings of some of
e most popular love stories in daytime history! Re-
e the romances of 27 supercouples, including GH’s
son and Sam, ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Todd and Blair
d AMC’s Ryan and Greenlee.

or full rules and free entry, log on to winit.abc.soaps-

ndepth.com. No purchase necessary. Open to cur-
ent legal residents of the United States and the Dis-
rict Of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older.
Void elsewhere and where prohibited or restricted.

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 63
Feature Interview

When it comes to his friendship

with Dollar Bill, there are few
things THE BOLD & THE
BEAUTIFUL’s Justin won’t do.
Whether dumping someone
from a helicopter into the Per-
sian Gulf or applying lipstick on
himself in order to stage a fake
tr yst, Justin is always game
(however reluctantly) to help

pull off his pal’s egregious dirty “He’s definitely going to
tricks. His portrayer, Aaron D. make sure nobody messes
Spears, acknowledges that it’s with her,” Spears says of
not always easy for Justin to Justin’s protectiveness
abide by Bill’s wishes, but at toward his niece, Emma.
the end of the day, he has his
back. Why? For Spears, the answer is That’s not to say the lawyer won’t try to
simple. “If you can’t count on your friend, convince his megalomaniacal buddy to
then are they really your friend?” he won- see the error of his ways. “A friend is that
ders. “Justin’s tone is usually, ‘I don’t like person who will tell you, ‘You have a
it, but if you want that done… ? Okay.’” booger in your nose,’ or ‘Your breath is
kicking — have a mint!’” Spears chuck-
les, “so Justin will check the hell out of
Dollar Bill, but if Bill doesn’t want to lis-
ten to the lesson Justin verbally tries to
Born And Raised: July 10, Washington, DC. offer, then maybe he needs to feel the
A Real Brow-Raiser: Of his expressive eye- lesson in the form of consequences.”
brows, the actor quips, “They have a mind of
their own. I don’t even know how to make
them do that, they just do!” Double Trouble
On Feeding An Army: With five children Though originally cast as Donna’s
(four of whom still live at home), Spears jokes former high school sweethear t,
that he’s a regular fixture at Costco. “I freaking Spears’ role quickly morphed into being
live there!” he says.
Bill’s right-hand man. (continues)

64 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
Bold & The Beautiful
Aaron D. Spears (Justin) weighs
in on playing Bill’s cynical
sounding board

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 65
Feature Interview continued

“Justin does have an office,” notes

Spears, who is typically only seen in Dollar
Bill’s CEO suite. “I think we’ve only seen it
twice, but I was in there once when Justin
and Donna were married and once when
Wyatt came to confront me about taking
over Spencer Publications.”
“Justin’s got a man for everything,” quips the
actor of his alter ego’s connections. “If you need
somebody to captain a submarine… just let
Justin know!”

“I was happy to hear Jennifer [Gareis, Donna]

was back,” says the actor of his former B&B
missus. “We’re always cracking jokes and acting
crazy. We’re off the wall.”

someone as dynamic and off the cuff as

Don Diamont (Bill) takes an actor who

isn’t afraid to dance the same dance, so to

speak, and Spears has filled that niche
nicely for nearly a decade. “Don brings
so much to that character, and the show
gives him a lot of freedom, so you’ve got
to be able to jump into that playground,
“Who knew that bromance would take to be free and malleable,” says Spears.
on a life of its own?” says the actor, who’s It doesn’t hurt, of course, that Spears
thrilled to have been back on contract and his co-star get on like gangbusters
full-time for the past year. Working with off screen. “We both have the same type

66 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
The Bold & The Beautiful
of personality. We’re jokesters, and any- years. It wouldn’t be personal — it would
one who comes on set with us knows we just be business!”
have fun,” he says. As for whether we’ll ever get to see
more of Justin outside of the Spencer of-
Can He Be Trusted? fices, Spears says he’s certainly game for
Last spring, viewers found themselves anything. “I always say the most amazing
wondering whether Justin might ulti- thing about Justin is that he has so many
mately be capable of betraying Bill when directions he could go in,” says the actor.
he was short-listed as a potential culprit Not only is Justin a billionaire’s right-
in the “Who shot Bill?” storyline. Though hand man, but he’s Donna’s ex-husband,
that turned out to be a red herring, cousin to THE YOUNG & THE REST-
Spears says it did make him wonder LESS’s Olivia and Drucilla, and the uncle
whether his alter ego could ever turn on of Forrester intern Emma. “In that re-
his tyrannical employer. “I’d like to think spect, he has the most amazing outline of
he would never betray Bill, but greed can any character on the show,” says Spears,

get the best of anyone,” he notes. “If Jus- “So the framework is definitely there if
tin ever did betray him, he’d only be do- they wanted to fill it in!”
ing what Bill has taught him for all these — Amy Helmes

Not The“Boss”Of Him!

The one word Justin
will never say!
Justin may do Bill’s bidding
on the daily, but Spears
has drawn a line when it
comes to his alter ego’s ob-
sequiousness. “They origi-
nally had Justin be more
uppity and lawyerish, but
Bill would never have a
corny dude around him,”
he explains. “Most people
might not notice this, but
I’ll never have Justin call Bill
‘boss,’because if Bill is ‘boss,’
then Justin will get run
over.” As Spears sees it, Jus-
tin may work for Dollar Bill,
but they are peers and
friends first! Sealed with a fist bump.

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 67
Say What???

PEN EVER! Holly and Luke




GH’s Robert, Blackie, Jackie,

Laura (Templeton) and Tiffany

68 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9


Cord and Kate


ALL MY CHILDREN’s Barnabas and Julia
Langley and Phoebe

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 69
Delia should
resolve to
open a Ryan’s
Bar in Port
Charles — and
bring along
son Johnno to
romance the
“I’m a little teapot… full of bourbon.”
single ladies.

resolve to get
what’s left of
the Quarter-
maine clan
back under

one roof — if
only so their
spats could “Uh-uh. I draw the line at Jimmy Lee Holt, Monica!”
raise it!

You SayYou W
70 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
Soaps In Depth d
changes your favo
characters should
make in the new y

has wrapped
and Jonathan
Jackson is free,
Lucky should
resolve to come
home to Port
Charles — and
present Liz with
a very tempting

alternative to
her new life
with Franco.

tion “Seems like old
times. Maybe
because this is a
photo from

(section continues)

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 71
Elizabeth should bring back Girls Night. Laura should resolve to
Which, if we’re being honest, was often the bring Spencer to Port
closest we got to an evening out! Charles to recover next
time he has a mishap
rather than go overseas
herself for months on end.

“Girls Night, huh, Liz?

Count me in. Wait, will there
be any cute guys there?”

Chase should resolve to wear shirts as rarely as Nathan did. Maybe

even less often than that.

“Can I give you a hand…

with that towel?”

72 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
You Say You Want A

“I just don’t see the resemblance. I’m

clearly much handsomer than you are!”

Kevin should resolve to cut off his

“I don’t care how many evil twin’s ear — or something! — to
legs you break next time, keep Ryan from ever impersonating
kid. I’m staying put!” him again.

“You can pay us in ribs, okay, Mac? Now

don’t you want to be our client?”

Alexis and Diane should resolve to open a law office together, and hire
Sam and Curtis as their full-time investigators. (section continues)

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 73
“Listen to our
podcast, or
we’ll take out
a hit on you!”

Jason and Spinelli

should resolve to
launch a podcast.
Something tells
us they’d be

naturals at it.

“Jeez. Dad, we can’t play the Godfather

theme every time you walk into your
office at ELQ.”

“Thanks, Amy, but um… the girls

I like look more like, say, Lucas.”

Sonny should resolve to

Amy should resolve to put herself in the go straight — then make
path of Cupid’s arrow. And, as luck would all of Port Charles regret it
have it, Valentine’s Day is coming up. by buying up every legit
business in town!
74 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
u Want A
Franco should
write a self-help
book. Because
who’d know bet-
ter how to turn
around one’s
life than a serial


“I like it, honey. But it’s a very

short book. And why did you
write it on an envelope?”

Finn should resolve to

get Roxy a playmate.
After all, she’s there
for him, but who’s


there for her? “That’s okay, Roxy. We can find you a
better friend than Carly, anyway.”

Ava should re-

solve to use her
powers for good
by becoming
the most conniv-
ing fundraiser
“What I’m looking for, Scotty,
General Hospital is a purse that’s this full.”
has ever had.
W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 75
Candid Camera

forGENERALHOSPITAL’s WilliamLipton


ton (Cameron) and Eden McCoy
(Josslyn) recently showed up for a noth-
ing-but-fun photo shoot for Soaps In
Depth. Having worked earlier that day,
the two teenagers seemed excited to let
loose, probably because it was their first
photo shoot together. But sometimes,
firsts can be difficult! Trying to take a few
dramatic shots, McCoy said, “It’s hard to
be serious with William. It’s too easy to
laugh with him!” Check out the photos to
see what she means!

“Eden portrays Josslyn so well,” praised

Lipton. “She’s a phenomenal actress. It’s
easy to get wrapped up in scenes with
“It’s always such a her.”
pleasure to be working
with Eden — on set and
also for photo shoots,”
said Lipton. “And it’s fun
for me watching William
make his model face,”
laughed McCoy.


76 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
General Hospital
Lipton has
settled into his GH
role very easily,
especially with the
help of his co-star.
“It’s all smiles
working with this
girl,” said Lipton,
with… well, a big There was no music at the shoot, but
smile. And McCoy mentioned that it might be nice
apparently, it’s been to be playing one of her favorites:
great for her as well. “Seven Nation Army” by The White
“William is such a Stripes or “anything by Ariana Grande.”
pro,” gushed McCoy. Another artist whose music she would
“He’s an amazing like to hear? Her co-star’s! “Next time
scene partner.” we do a photo shoot, we shoot to
William’s music,” she declared. “He’s
Although Lipton really good.”
admitted to having “so
much fun” with McCoy
off set, the young actor
can easily separate work
from play. “Cameron has
reason to be mad at
Josslyn, so it’s all systems
go once the cameras are
rolling,” he explained
with a smile.

While the duo had a great time — Garren Stitt (Oscar) even stopped by — they were happy when
they were done, perhaps because they and their moms were going for sushi, McCoy shared.

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 77
Fl hb k



Eden Riegel reflects upon
Bianca’s defining moment

t was on Christmas Eve 2000, that
whom viewers had watched grow up
— said the words that neither she
nor her famous mother, Erica Kane,
would ever forget: “Do you love me,
Mom? Do you? I’m gay.”

The Real Deal

Bianca and Erica embarked on a long

journey that night, but the way it began in identical, glamorous gowns. Howev-
left an indelible impression. Eden Rie- er, when it came time to leave, Bianca
gel, who played Bianca, recalls the mo- removed her earrings, undid her hair
ments after shooting it as feeling “like and stripped down to her slip. “I don’t
time had stopped. Susan [Lucci, Erica] want the world to see me, Mom,” she’d
and I both had tears streaming from our explained. “I want you to see me.”
eyes and were totally wrung out.
“Sharing that,” she adds, “was a real To Tell The Truth
bonding moment in our relationship.” What followed was one of the most confus-
A press event had been planned for the ing moments of Erica’s life. She couldn’t
night, and Erica had been eager to show stop worrying about her company’s im-
the world what a loving mother and age, honoring her fans and the waiting re-
daughter looked like. She’d even ar- porters. Clearly, Bianca had other plans.
ranged for her and Bianca to be dressed “Mother, look at me,” she begged. “I’m

78 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
All My Children


“It was late at night when we finished the
last scene, and Susan and I were like, ‘What
happened? Where are we?’” Riegel shares. “It
was really powerful.”

For the pivotal episode, Erica and Bianca nying that, Bianca said that her relation-
“were dressed alike,” Riegel recalls, “and I ship with Sarah was about love.
was kind of the meanie version of her, trying
to gain acceptance by looking and acting like She Brought It Home
her, but it just didn’t fit.” Riegel’s older sister had been “out” for
many years, so the scenario seemed for-
exactly who you always knew. I’m still your eign. “I just didn’t understand what the
baby, and I still love you.” big deal about it was,” the actress admits.
When Bianca finally put an end to Eri- But wanting to do the scenes justice,
ca’s agony and spit out her truth, view- she’d made it a point to get her sister’s
ers held their collective breaths, waiting input. “I ended up learning a lot about
for the renowned diva’s response. Turn- her and other people in my life — I
ing her back, Erica fiddled with the wanted to hear a lot of voices before por-
Christmas tree and urged Bianca to get traying this moment.”
dressed. But when Bianca wouldn’t Reflecting on why Bianca is still missed
budge, Erica’s words came in a torrent. by fans, Riegel concludes, “She was brave,
She invalidated her daughter’s declara- courageous and loyal, and she fought for
tion, instead blaming the rehab center the people that she cared about. She was
that Bianca had been in and surmising everything that I would like to be.”
that Sarah had preyed on her there. De- — Kelli M. Larson

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 79

DAYS OF OUR LIVES fans did more

than see stars!
he annual Day Of DAYS fan
event at the Universal CityWalk
in Los Angeles, CA, came dur-
ing a week of fire-fueled tragedy for
the state of California this year. Bless-
edly, the air was clear over the event,
and most of the DAYS OF OUR LIVES
cast was able to meet and greet the
legions of viewers who’d come to cel-
ebrate the show’s 53rd birthday. In
addition to the red-carpet arrivals they
were expecting, those gathered were
treated to a rare appearance by Paul
Telfer (ex-Xander), a few words from
the soon-to-return Matthew Ashford
(Jack) and a first glimpse of the soap’s
newest cast member, Thia Megia
(Hayley), who said, “It’s such an hon-
or being on one of the
longest-running shows
on TV.” A gr oup of
hearing-impaired fans
even experienced a
sign-language ex-
change with Deidre
Hall (Marlena). What
else did you miss?
Soaps In Depth was
there to capture every

80 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
Days Of Our Lives

For those wondering whether Nadia
Bjorlin’s Chloe would help heal Brady’s
heart, portrayer Eric Martsolf
previewed, “He does spend some time
on himself, which I think is the key to
making [a future relationship] work.”

Kassie DePaiva, with Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) and

Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), had been preparing to leave
L.A. when she learned of Eve’s pending return. “She
comes back with her guns blazing,” the actress hinted,

“and determined to take Jennifer down!” Being able to hang with the young
folk like Lucas Adams (Tripp) is just a
Hall listened proudly as TV granddaughter Olivia sampling of what James Reynolds says is
Rose Keegan (Claire) told fans about her newly ahead for his character: “I think you’ll

released music, describing it as “pop with a little bit see a little looser Abe.”
of urban alternative.” (section continues)

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 81
Feature continued

While spending time with Chandler Massey
(Will) is a kick, the real reason behind Casey

Moss’ smile was that he had a secret: The

actress playing JJ’s new love interest, Haley,
was being introduced that day.

“I think people are very invested in [Patch

and Kayla], as Stephen Nichols and I are,” Mary
Beth Evans (Kayla) observed, “so to not have
him there is weird.”


Camila Banus (Gabi), here with Lamon Archey

Together with hubby Bill Hayes (Doug), (Eli), was asked repeatedly about her other role
Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie) shared, “We see on Fox’s primetime drama STAR. “I’m so grateful
four and five generations of viewers coming that I have my DAYS family,” she acknowledged,
through the lines to say thank you, and “but it’s been like, ‘You get to work with Queen
obviously, the thank-you goes both ways!” Latifah? What?!?’”

82 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
Days Of Our Lives

“It’s very humbling,” offered Robert Scott

Wilson (Ben) of the cheers he and Victoria
Konefal (Ciara) received for their characters’

pairing. “The fans are massive supporters,
and I’m so grateful.”

Judi Evans (Adrienne) and Hall had so much

fun playing their alternate characters,
prison buds Bonnie and Hattie, that Hall
proudly wore the button a fan brought,
explaining, “I want Hattie around at all
times, and I know the audience does, too.”

Pictured with
Kristian Alfonso
(Hope) and Gilles
Marini (Ted), Galen
Gering (Rafe) was
delighted to be
celebrating his 10th
anniversary on DAYS,
and echoed the fan
sentiment that

headwriter Ron
Carlivati “is doing
a great job of
bringing new life
and a fun campiness
to the show.”

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 83
Former NFL player Colton
Underwood is hoping to score
true love on ABC’s THE BACHELOR

ans think they know what to ex-
pect from this 23rd season of
kicks off Monday, January 7, at 8 p.m.
EST). After all, most already know the
singleton in question, Colton Under-
wood, from the last seasons of THE
IN PARADISE. However, host Chris The drama kicks off on night one when

Harrison says that, as viewers will the hunk who failed to find lasting love
soon learn, Underwood is much more with Becca Kufrin and Tia Booth at-
complex than anyone guessed. tempts to ascertain which of the new
bevy of beauties arriving at the man-
Playing To Win sion could be “the one.”
“He’s a really good guy… he’s thought- “You’ll see early on that he doesn’t re-
ful, ver y smart and has a great, self- ally have a type,” Harrison previews.
deprecating sense of humor,” the host And while that will make it difficult to
shares. “But at the same time, he was tell in which direction his heart is lean-
one of our more difficult bachelors as ing, eventually the characteristics of
far as being a very disciplined, head- the few ladies he could see as his bride
strong, proud man… There’s a reason will stand out. “I will say,” Harrison
he was an NFL athlete.” continues, “that the women Colton
Translation? Underwood makes his [eventually] narrows it down to all
own rules and insists on playing by have a great quality: They challenge
them, resulting in what Harrison calls and push him.”
“a raw, vulnerable and wild season.” However, first impressions do go

84 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
“The women were very
much taken with Colton
by night one,” Harrison
previews. “It got really
competitive really quick!”

both ways, and Under wood is set to

make quite a good one. Harrison de-
scribes him as “an imposing, muscled
figure” to stand next to, but at the same “Colton really is a sincere guy that wants to find
time, “he has very kind eyes and is a somebody and fall in love,” the host says.
sweet guy… He really puts you at

ease.” Look for the women to become ment; however, it’s when it comes time
quickly enamored of the bachelor, and for the overnight dates (at a surprise
you know what that means… the claws location) that things are bound to get
come out! really intriguing.
Why’s that? The show’s 26-year-old
Will He… Or Won’t He? star happens to still be a virgin! “I’m ex-
During the season, the show will travel cited for people to find out why he is
to Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam the way he is — his whole story is a
before a lucky few ladies join Under- compelling one,” Harrison insists. “It’s
wood in his hometown of Denver. At a ver y deep, emotional journey that
one of those locations, country artist he’s going to take us on.”
Tenille Arts will provide the entertain- — Kelli M. Larson

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 85
General Hospital
Laura Wright brilliantly kept
Carly’s emotions in check Wright maintained
control of Carly’s
Faced with Sonny’s growing con- anger around
nection to Margaux, GENERAL Margaux.
HOSPITAL’s Carly could barely
contain her anger… but Laura Wright Letting Loose
forced her character to do just that. In- With Wright and Steve Burton playing off
stead of giving us a signature Carly ex- their epic chemistry, Jason instructed Car-
plosion, she fought to play it cool and, in
so doing, won this week’s Gold Star.
standout scene
An Unwelcome Guest GH Girl Talk
When Carly received word of a visitor, Maxie and Nina had partnered up to stay away
from Peter and Valentin, respectively. Regardless
Wright used her face to let us know her
of what we think of those men, we got a real kick
character was intrigued… but not out of watching the sisters-in-law try to keep each
pleased! And when she greeted Mar-
gaux, she was all attitude, her expres-
sion as she followed the D.A. into the
living room a classic! Yet Carly fought to
maintain her poker face — even when
Margaux returned the scarf Sonny had

lent her.
Refusing to engage, Carly simply told
Margaux to leave the scarf, escorted
her out and shut the door on her with-
out so much as a good-bye. Nina and Maxie’s workday
looked like fun to us!
86 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
ly to count to 10 the second the door in disbelief. She didn’t hide her growing
closed. “The hell I will!” Carly stormed be- frustration or sense of betrayal, but again,
fore unloading on her bestie. Exasperated she never raised her voice or shed a tear.
by Margaux and furious to see Sonny fall- Then he asked what he should have done
ing for her guilt trip, she sneered as Jason when he found the D.A. shivering. “Let her
defended her husband. Ultimately, howev- freeze,” Carly sniffed hatefully.
er, she recognized how Sonny’s own grief
was playing into the situation. Shaking her Still A Team
fist at her pal, Carly growled, “God, I hate When Carly and Sonny later went to see
when you’re right!” And in spite of all the Mike, the tension hung between them.
emotion still brimming in her eyes, she Carly even acknowledged her anger…
pulled herself together. along with her desire to ignore it and enjoy
the holiday. But when Mike didn’t recog-
From Cool To Downright Cold nize Sonny, the Margaux situation was
Carly and Sonny have a history of big, an- quickly forgotten. Carly not only promised
gry showdowns, and when he came home, Sonny they’d get through this together but
she was essentially lying in wait. But even was even able to laugh with him and enjoy
as her eyes challenged him, she didn’t a moment of joy over the happiness Mike
rage. Instead, she pursed her lips, clasped was finding in Yvonne. It was more evident
her hands (perhaps to control them and than ever that Sonny needed Carly… and
herself!) and laid out why it was clear that that she wanted to be there for him! With
the D.A. had an agenda. And when Sonny Margaux creating a wedge between them,
tried to deflect by blaming Diane for her however, Wright spun her character’s
trip to Ferncliff, Carly only bowed her head growing conflict into gold.

other on the right path — and were trying to avoid.We knew it. But even Nina couldn’t fight it
frankly, we were also just happy They knew it. In fact, they gave when she heard Peter’d stood
to see them at work again! each other grief over it! guard outside Maxie’s door!
With Kirsten Storms and Mi- Once Nina awkwardly re- And after they shared a laugh
chelle Stafford clearly having a capped Sasha’s departure, she over Maxie’s “two full sets and a
blast, the scene at Crimson was tried to trick Maxie into copping foot locker” worth of baggage,
utter silliness. These ladies were to hanging out with Peter. Max- Nina slid to her on a chair to sug-
totally stuck on the men they ie stuttered to cover… but then gest that her little brother’s wid-
saved herself by making her ow needed light in her life.
own not-so-veiled dig at Nina When she basically insisted she
for moving back to Wyndemere. make a go of it with Peter, Max-
Before things could get catty, ie’s gratitude was palpable.
Nina shifted gears and deliv- The scene closed on a serious
ered an epic pep talk about be- beat — with Stafford tapping
ing strong, gorgeous females into Nina’s ongoing conflict
— and Maxie’s exasperation over Valentin. In spite of her love
over their abject failure to stick for him, she stood strong. How-
to their guns was so relatable! ever long that lasted, we were
Amid the goofiness, both wom- just glad to have had some
en were clearly fighting tempta- quality time to hash things out
tion with all they had. with the ladies.

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 87
The hot topic of the week

Q: Who on your
cast could nail The
New York Times Saturday
crossword puzzle?
Elizabeth Hendrickson
(Margaux, GH)
“I have a feeling it would be
James Patrick Stuart (Valentin).
I don’t know him very well, but
from the way he works, that
would be my guess. The best
actors are the smartest actors
— and he is an incredible actor,
so I’m going to guess that he
can handle that puzzle.”

Victoria Konefal (Ciara, DAYS)

“I think Galen [Gering, Rafe]. He’ll come in
the makeup room singing, spinning some
random jokes, and then all of a sudden
he’ll give us a ran-
dom fact. And I’m all,
‘Okay! Thank you for
the random informa-

tion!’ I love learning!”

Sharon Case
(Sharon, Y&R)
“Peter Bergman (Jack).
Tamara Braun

I think he actually does

(Kim, GH) crosswords, and he

“I have no clue, but I seems to know a lot of

know it’s not me!” excellent trivia!”

88 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
Carolyn Hennesy (Diane, GH) Kate Linder (Esther, Y&R)
“Finola Hughes (Anna), no contest. “It’s a toss-up between Christian [Jules Le-
She’s so smart, so tuned-in, so well-in- Blanc, Michael], because he could just do
formed. And she something like that, and
could probably Jess [Walton, Jill]. Christian
do it in ink.” knows so many things,


and Jess… she is very
knowledgeable as well.”

Robert Scott Wilson


(Ben, DAYS)
“I’d say Victoria [Konefal,
Ciara]. She’s a pretty clever
young lady.”

Karla Mosley Bryton James

(Maya, B&B) (Devon, Y&R)
“I think Thorsten “I don’t know, but if I
[Kaye, Ridge]. He were to guess it would

has knowledge. He probably be Peter Berg-
likes to play dumb, man (Jack) or Daniel
but he’s a smart Goddard (Cane). They
cookie.” both have a lot of knowl-
edge about many topics.”

Nadia Bjorlin
(Chloe, DAYS) Darin Brooks (Wyatt, B&B)
“John Aniston “John McCook (Eric)
(Victor)! He’s bril- seems like the sort of
liant, and he does person who does cross-

crossword puzzles word puzzles and would

all the time. When be good at them.”

you see him, he

usually has one in
his hand.” Gina Tognoni
(Phyllis, Y&R)
“Peter Bergman (Jack),

because I’ve seen him do it.”

Kin Shriner (Scott, GH)

“Maybe Lynn Herring (Lucy)? I don’t
know! I don’t see any actors doing

any kind of crossword puzzles at all


W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 89
Margaux Saves The Day
When Mike and Yvonne kissed, her hus- “What’s the big deal? Are you people
band Marcus freaked… so the confused against old folks smooching? I thought
seniors ran off together! Thankfully, Mar- the internet loved that kinda thing!”
gaux found the pair trying to sneak into a
rock concert and not only called Sonny, buy him marijuana, after all. Unfortu-
but also convinced Marcus not to press nately, the dealer he’d texted insisted he
charges. With Sonny growing closer to pay up, leading to Cameron’s arrest.
the D.A., Carly’s discomfort grew. Though touched by his intention, Liz
lectured Cameron on the dangers of
SAM RECEIVES AN OFFER street pot and messing with Oscar’s
When Sam and Jason discussed the protocol. He was released until trial.
obituary she’d received, he wondered if Josslyn suggested Julian let go of Kim
she was giving the sender exactly what so that Oscar’s family could be together.
they wanted by engaging with them.
That didn’t stop her from E-mailing Lin- KRISTINA MAKES A MOVE
da Black, who responded with the sim- Kristina fretted after she kissed Valerie
ple reply, “I want to help you.” and her surprised pal ran. While Daisy
assured Krissy there was no judgement
ELIZABETH’S KIDS STRUGGLE at Dawn of Day, Sam worried about her
After apologizing to Aiden, sis. Kristina suggested Sam
Charlotte r evealed she instead focus on her rela-
wasn’t his only bully, and tionship with Jason. On the
he received a hurtful mes- heels of Krissy revealing
sage. As Elizabeth wrestled how out-of-place she’d felt
(The truth hurts!)
with the idea that other JULIAN: The way I lately, Alexis accused her of
kids thought Aiden “weird,” disappointed her giving Cameron the idea to
she got a call from the was sort of the op- buy drugs for Oscar. After
PCPD about Camer on. posite of the way I storming out, Kristina
With Oscar feeling better, disappointed you. asked Daisy if she could
Cam had decided not to ALEXIS: You’re move in.
gonna have to nar-
90 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9 row that down.
not to mention the way
he threatened Laura! Af-
ter Lulu snapped a photo
of a police file, her moth-
Who’ll be with whom er skewered Ned for not
when it’s time to telling locals about there
welcome 2019? being a potential serial
killer in their midst. An
Ryan makes a move eavesdropping Ava told
that will surprise them to stop playing pol-
Kevin’s wife! itics and find the killer,
while Ryan fed Carly a
For more GH previews, turn new lie about her former
to Set Your DVR on page 12! Ferncliff neighbor. Ava
tore into Griffin and re-
OBRECHT FIGURES THINGS OUT fused to let him keep anything of Kiki’s,

After having a long talk with Maxie, Pe- but the heartbroken doc wouldn’t let
ter changed his statement, claiming that Anna defend him from Ava’s words.
Obrecht hadn’t been involved in his ab-
duction. With Jordan forced to release
her, Obrecht lear ned about Nelle’s
“dead” baby and visited the schemer.
Once Nelle confessed she’d given the
Just want the quick hits? Here’s what
baby Obrecht delivered to Lucas and
happened over the past two weeks!
Brad, the disgraced doc promised to
keep her secret. She also promised not to ARRESTED
spill the beans about Valentin and Sasha. Cameron, for buying Oscar
In other words, Obrecht found herself in weed.
a pretty powerful position, given how APOLOGIZED
much info she now possessed! Nina, Charlotte to Aiden, but he was
meanwhile, finally returned to Valentin’s still being bullied.
bed. During Wiley’s naming ceremony,
Michael was tapped as his own son’s RECANTED
Peter cleared Obrecht of kidnap-
godfather — which made his new friend
ping him.
Willow secretly balk, since she believed
Lucas and Brad’s baby to be the one she VISITED
had given up! A freed Obrecht called Nelle out
on her baby swap.
At Ferncliff, Kevin was horrified by Ry- Nina and Valentin
an’s updates on life in Port Charles —

W W W. S O A P S I N D E P T H . CO M 91
After they were done with the
holiday photos, Billy offered to
sweep Victoria’s chimney.

What you missed on
all the other shows


Steffy got defensive (and Taylor was THE YOUNG &
outraged) when Hope said Taylor was a THE RESTLESS
persona non grata at her family’s holi- Nikki’s health took a downturn, but she
day celebrations. At the Christmas gath- managed to pull through when Victor ap-
ering, Hope and Liam announced their peared at her hospital bedside! During the
daughter’s name, and Ridge gave Steffy holidays, Victoria and Billy grew closer,
a present to pass on to her mother. Tay- sharing a few charged moments where
lor later confided to Reese that she’d their romantic chemistry resurfaced. At
done something terrible and, as a result, the Abbott mansion, Jack tried to remain
Brooke was using the information festive, but was upset that Dina no longer
against her. Reese tried to convince Zoe recognized him. Hoping to prod her
that he was more responsible than he’d memory, he recalled a story about a time
been in the past, but this seemed dubi- when she had cancelled her plans to be
ous when a thug confronted him at Il with him. Meanwhile, Devon struggled to
Giardino, demanded repayment of a face his first Christmas without Hilary, but
loan and made an angry threat. Zoe de- found solace when Nate and Ana joined
tailed Reese’s many past addictions to him. Later, tensions rose between brother
Xander and explained how it had affect- and sister when Ana accused Devon of tak-
ed her growing up. Hope arranged a ing credit for the talent she’d found. In re-
“babymoon” trip for her and Liam on sponse, Devon reminded her that she was
Catalina Island, but when Kelly came his assistant. When Devon wanted her to
down with a fever, he felt compelled to sign a songwriter, Ana balked, making Fen
pay her a visit before heading to the air- realize she had actually secretly written
port. While she waited for her husband, the tune! Lola and Kyle exchanged Christ-
Hope made the acquaintance of Matt mas gifts, but she was horrified at how

and Kieran, who congratulated her on much he’d spent, making her question
her pregnancy. how much he really knew about her!

What happens this week will It wouldn’t be a New Year’s Eve

forever change the lives of party in Genoa City if there
several families! wasn’t big drama!

92 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
“This is my friend,
Rudolph the
DAYS OF red-nosed poker.”
After making it absolutely clear that
he wasn’t giving up the fight for

Holly, Eric asked Justin for legal ad-
vice about pursuing custody. Claire
and Tripp grew closer, even as Son-
ny and Will were torn apart. Luckily,
though, when Leo made a spectacle
of himself at the hospital’s children’s
holiday party, Roman arranged for a little nifer attended the New Year’s Eve party
Christmas magic so that the star-crossed at Doug’s Place with Dr. Shah, while JJ
lovers could share a special moment! invited Haley, a beautiful nurse whom
That Christmas spirit was running strong he’d just met (who had a slew of prob-
throughout Salem, and Sheila even pre- lems) to the shindig. Pretty much every-
sented Abe with an unexpected gift. one was in attendance, which made it all
Across town, Abigail had a Christmas gift the more dramatic when the supposedly-
of her own in mind for Stefan — one that dead Jack showed up!
would cut him out of her life for good! But
things got more than a little uncomfort- Eve is about to get blasted by
able when she dropped her present off one of the nicest guys in all of
and came face-to-face with Stefan’s new Salem!
employee, Ben! Meanwhile, to Gabi’s
horror, Julie awoke from her fall and sur-
prised her family by making an appear- gh crossword answers (from page 46)
ance at the annual hanging of the Horton
Christmas ornaments. And just like that,
Gabi’s scheme unraveled before her very
eyes. Chad reeled after learning that he
was the father of Charlotte, while Abigail
and Gabi had a showdown that had been
months in the making. As Jennifer apolo-
gized to Abigail for not believing her,
Chad demanded that Rafe arrest his little
sister. Instead, Gabi took off — only to be
snatched by a ticked off Stefan. At his
mercy, she realized that she might not get
out of the situation alive! Even as Stefan
played his dangerous game with Gabi,
the New Year rolled around in Salem. Jen- ANSWER: Helena Cassadine

W W W . S O A P S I N D E P T H . C O M 93
Which of the stars’ looks get your vote? Friend us
on Facebook to let your voice be heard!

13% 87%
Black And Blue
Though a bit more casual than the tux jacket on the left, this black
suit feels more comfy-cool on GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Wally Kurth (Ned).

94 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
What Winking?
They Th


This print would

have been re-
ally cute on ONE
Elisabeth Rohm
(Dorothy) if it
had been fea-
tured on only
the jacket or the
pants. On both,
it’s verging on
circus attire!

wi l Stitched Up
CHILDREN’s Eva LaRue (Maria) looks fantastic in both
e body-conscious halter dresses, but the lace-up
20% ng on the shorter navy option cinched the win!

W W W. S OA P S I N D E P T H . CO M 95

Let ’Er Rip!

eans with a bit of wear and tear
emain all the rage, and these day-
imers know exactly how distressed
denim should be done!

Sal Stowers
AMC; now Lani,

Laura Wright DAYS OF OUR Kirsten Storms Emme Rylan

(Carly, GH) LIVES) (Maxie, GH) (Lulu, GH)

96 J A N U A R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 9
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