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Task‐Based Lesson Plan (60 mins)

Instituto Federal do Norte de Minas Gerais – IFNMG

Curso Técnico em Informática para Internet Integrado ao Ensino Médio
Disciplina: Língua Inglesa – 3º Ano (Data: 08.02.2019)
Teacher: Lauro Sérgio Machado Pereira
Oscars 2019 – Creating a criteria poster and a film synopsis - (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)
Description of Students: Thirty five High School students from Brazil. Students are aged 15 to 17. They are
studying English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in order to improve their abilities to read papers in the
computing field and also to speak in an elementary level when exposed to communicative situations.
Some of them may need English to apply for some proficiency tests such as TOEFL, which is required for
International Programs enrollment.
- Video of the 2019 Best Picture Nominees announcement on January 22nd, 2019.
Level: High Beginner/Low Intermediate
- Original movie trailers of the films:
A Star is Born ;
Black Panther ;
Blackkklansman ;
Bohemian Rhapsody ;
Green Book ;
Roma ;
The Favourite ;
- Computer, projector, markers.
- A handout containing the list of the nominated films and their synopsis.
- Handouts with the full synopsis of the films.
- A handout containing the text What makes a film win ‘Best Picture’?,
- A handout containing the text How to write a synopsis (the parts of a synopsis).
Students will be able to:
- Practise their listening, speaking and reading skills, in the context of film trailers and synopsis.
- Practise using visual clues and the context to help them better understand and process texts
(written and audio).
- Practise speaking and critical thinking skills in the context of recounting stories and negotiating in
- Practise creating and writing a synopsis of a story, and presenting that story to an audience.
- Use THE SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE and THE THIRD PERSON to create a film synopsis based on the 10
films nominated for Best Picture for the 91th. Oscar.

Pre‐Task: Length: 15 mins
• Discuss what students know about Film Industry and the Oscar Award: What is Film Industry?
What are the Oscars? Would you like to work in the Film Industry? Why? Why not? Do you think
film is important for the society? When you go to the movies or watch films at home and on your
mobile device, how do you choose them? What films do you know won the Oscar for Best Picture in
the past years? Which films have been nominated for best picture this year? (*Students list films on
their notebooks).
• Teacher writes down on the board the names of the films shared by the students.
• Watch the video with the 2019 Best Picture nominees’ announcement.
• Students take notes of the video considering these questions: What is the video about? When were
the Oscar nominees announced? Do you know? How many films were nominated for Best Picture in
2019? What are the names of the eight nominated films?
• Students share their answers randomly and orally.
• Teacher tells the students to take a look at the film posters put up in the classroom walls.
• Students watch the trailers of the films.
• In pairs students discuss: What do you think each film is about? Which would you most like to
watch? Why?
• Teacher gives the students a handout with the names of the films and a set with their synopsis, so
they associate/link each film with its corresponding synopsis.
• In groups of 3-4 students list past best-picture-winning films that they have seen. What were the
films about and why were they good? (*If students don’t remember the names by memory, they
can use the internet to find out.).
• Some students share their answers with the class.
Tasks One: Length: 25 mins
• In groups of 3-5, considering the question What makes a film win ‘Best Picture’?, students read the
article from the Economist “What makes a "Best Picture"? to inform their discussion.
• Students create a criteria for Best Picture, which they can make a poster of, using specific
examples of past winners to illustrate their point.
• Students can put their posters up around the class for everyone to look at.
• Each group presents their written production orally to the whole class.
Tasks Two:
• In groups of 3-5, students read the synopsis of their group, so they identify what events/facts
happen in the film’s narrative.
• Students write down the sentences informing the events on their notebooks.
• Each group chooses a sentence and writes it down the board.
Post-Task (Focus on Form): Length: 20 mins
• Teacher elicits (Third Person) for Simple Present Tense from the sentences the students wrote on
the board.
• Teacher explains grammar on Simple Present Tense to express routines, facts and actions.
Home Assignment:
- As a group task/homework, students can brainstorm and write a synopsis of an original film that fits their
criteria for Best Picture. They can then pitch their storylines to the class, highlighting the message that the
film is trying to convey. (*Students can use the text How to write a synopsis to help them).
- Next class each group presents its synopsis and the class votes for their best picture.
- On February 22nd the students will have to take a thanking note to use it for the Oscar winning.