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Extended Reality (XR) platform on Blockchain

Table of Contents
- Abstract What is Extended Reality -------------------------------------------- 2
- Product --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
- XR Browser
- Lens Store & SDK
- AR Advertising network
- XR Coin
- Token Economy ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 00
- Technology & Blockchain -------------------------------------------------------- 00
- Market -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00
- Roadmap --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17
- Team --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00
- Advisors --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00
- Conclusions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00


Extended Reality
Our current internet is in 2D. While we live in a 3D world. The next version of the internet that is location-aware and is connect-
ed to three dimensional space is the Extended Reality or XR Web.

Extended Reality (XR) is the digital layer of information that is overlaid on earth and connected with earth’s geolocation coor-
dinates. This new location based layer of internet presents new opportunities which are as big as the current internet itself.
GoFind is pioneering the development of this new kind of Internet called ‘XR Web’ - and building the core platform tools and
infrastructure. The XR Web is built on a blockchain to have security and trust as core tenets of this new platform

Currently extended reality can be experienced with compatible smartphone XR Browsers including Gofind’s XR Browsers for

iOS and Android phones. In the future, this Extended Reality platform will be an integral part of smart glasses.


Executive Summary

At Gofind XR, we are building a new form of the Internet called the Extended Reality Web on the Blockchain. So what is Ex-
tended Reality Web?

Extended Reality Web is Earth’s Digital Esttate connected to geo-coordinates on a blockchain.

We live in a 3D World, however, most of our apps today are in 2D. With Gofind, we can now build applications that are built with
immersive AR , VR technologies and connected to geolocation co-ordinates around us. We call this new platform the Extend-
ed Reality Web or the XR Web (in short) and this is really a new paradigm and a game changer.

And the real owner of this new Extended Reality Web are the holders of the XR tokens. Using XR tokens, anyone can lease
parts of the XR Web connected to geolocations. And then whenever advertising or other transactions happen on the XR Web,
a part of the revenue goes to the XR token holders who are the new Digital Landlord of the XR Web.

Think of it like the boardgame - Monopoly where you are leasing Digital Real Estate and earning Rent or Tax from it. All trans-
actions are records on XR Web are securely stored on the Blockchain to enable full transparency and security. In addition, the
XR Web combines Artificial Intelligence, AI , VR and MR technologies

To experience all of this easily, we are also launching our own Extended Reality Browser on iOS and Android smartphones.
The app is a portal to access the XR Web easily and all the applications built on it.
Although the XR Web will be functional on the current iOS and Android mobile devices , that’s just the beginning. In the next
1-2 years , we will have smart glasses that will look just like normal sunglasses and will become our next computing platform.
Extended Reality Web is best suited for that future and can very well evolve to become the Operating system of Smart glasses

The real winner of this evlution in technology will again be the XR Token holders who will have an ownership and a stake in
this New Internet of value and information - Extended Reality Web (XR Web).


Gofind XR
Gofind XR is a decentralized extended reality (XR) platform and persistent virtual world on top of the real world, powered by
the Ethereum blockchain and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Unlike in digital worlds based on virtual reality (VR), digital
content is overlaid on top of the real world in AR, using a smartphone or smart glasses. This allows users to remain connected
to the real world and other people around them, while simultaneously experiencing virtual content.

Gofind has its own economy and virtual currency: XR Token. XR Token is used to register land and make transactions on the
XR Web. Various applications including social media, games and shopping can be built on this new XR Land, it’s the new 3D
Internet. Using our XR tokens, investors and users can stake them to certain geographical locations and get a revenue share
from ads or transactions in the applications from transaction fees and applications.

The blockchain gives users full control and security over the virtual currency, land ownership and assets, while content is
duplicated and distributed across the IPFS network. Initially, the platform runs on iOS and Android devices that support AR
frameworks with positional tracking, such as ARKit3 and ARCore.4

The goal is to create a rich parallel universe that users can seamlessly switch into, allowing them to experience diverse AR
content and applications,.

XR Real Estate
Digital real estate on XR that can be
leased by staking XR tokens & earns
revenue share and can be traded

XR Apps Store & SDK

XR Advertisement Engine App store for applications in GoFind
Self-serving advertising engine XR Web made with guidelines and
custom made for use in AR/VR/XR SDK released by GoFind XR

XR Web Blockchain

XR Browser&Wallet
Portal to experience the XR Web
Blockchain and app store


Key Components of XR Ecosystem
that Gofind is building

XR Browser: A camera-based mobile spatial browser that will enable users to view the XR web directly. This
component will allow users to experience internet surfing in XR mode on the go on iOS and Android phones.
Demo versions of this are already available. Ultimately the browser will transition for smart glasses as they
become commonplace.

XR Web: XR Web is the collection of the geolocations and associated assets and applications. Parts of the XR
Land can be leased by users by staking XR tokens. All key transaction in the XR Land such as Land ownership
is recorded on the blockchain.

XR Token: XR Token is the cryptographic currency that is used in Gofind’s XR Land for leasing XR Land and
various other transactions.

XR DNS: This is the standardized system of URLs pointing to exact locations in the XR Web from a remote lo-
cation than the location in reference. It can be accessed by compatible XR browsers using the prefix ‘xtpps://’.

XR Lens Store & SDK: Lenses are similar to web apps in 2D internet. Lenses are built using the free SDKs in
Unity and Javascript.

XR Ads engine: XR ads engine is a self-serve platform for marketers to place ads on XR world and for develop-
ers and builders to get their share of revenue. This XR component allows users to view ads in virtual reality as
well as XR Web. The Ad engine will be open to serve ads in XR Land as well as in other AR applications outside
the XR Land. Advertisers will be able to bid on ads based off of location, demographics, dates and budget.. Ads
of highest bidder is displayed until spend runs out followed by the next highest bid.


How It Works

in various currencies
happen for various
Location activities and
based ADS are include fees
placed by (unless conducted in
advertisers in XR tokens) Token holders receive their share
various currencies of revenues and fees in their GOFIND wallet


XR tokes holders receive their
share of revenues and fees in their
GOFIND wallet
Revenue share
in currency
of transaction

A% of the fees go to the developer

XR of applications user may be using

XR tokens are used to lease XR web

A small % of fees goes to the company
to help develop, build and maintain
the XR web platform

Get XR Token
Buy XR Tokens and stake your tokens on Gofind XR Web geolocations via the XR Estate webapp. Tokens are available on public
and private token sales. After the sale, tokens will be available only on exchanges. XR Developers can still get tokens from XR VC
Fund (24% allocation) by building XR apps

Join the XR Economy

Enjoy location aware XR apps built by developers around the world in one place - the Gofind XR Browser. Advertisers can place
ads in XR Estate and developers can collect fees and payments. A percentage of these revenues are shared with the XR token

Receive passive income

XR token holders receive revenue share on activities on the XR Web even when you are holding them stacked to geolocations.
Passive Income gets automatically deposited in your multi-currency XR Wallet

Trade, Bid, Exchange

Holders can also trade digital assets (including XR Estate) for trade on fixed price or highest bidder. Unstaked coins can be trad-
ed in top crypto exchanges.


Mobile App XR Browser screenshots

How to Stake XR Estate Tutorial Webapp

XR tokens can be used to stake XR Estate by geolocation on the website https://www.blockchain.gofindxr.com. Detailed
video tutorials are available on site.

1. Go to the web portal and connect MetaMask.

2. Then select the Polygon tool to mark XR Estate to lease
3. Select payment method. XR tokens are the cheapest method and has no 10% levy
4. Pay Via MetaMask to finish transaction
5. View the list of land within the app
6. Get automatic passive income in the form of revenue share from the platform deposited on the Gofind XR Wallet
7. If required, you can unstable the land in future. When land is unstated, the user always gets XR Tokens in return irre-
spective of original payment method. Only unstated tokens can be transferred or traded in Exchange


GoFind XR Market Size and Valuation
Smart glasses are the next form factor of computing. These thought are echoed by Apple, Microsoft and all tech giants.
Although smart glasses are not yet in mainstream hardware, the AR experiences that will be native to smart glasses are cur-
rently available in over 1 billion smartphones already. Hence our initial market is build the XR platform on smart phones and
then transition to smart glasses.

In addition , there are already several XR Developers around the world who needs a forum and platform. We strive to be that go
to platform and window to customers for XR experiences and solve the problems around XR distribution and monetisation.
Used cases include social media, gaming, education, dating, navigation, etc. Extended Reality stands on three pillars – VR,
AR and MR, which is why it combines core features of each of them and everything between these interrelated phenomena.

Extended Reality is a new category of the Internet. Web 2.0 has been 2D and flat. Web 3.0 or Extended Reality is 3D and spa-


Market cap of some of the existing XR companies

tial. So, what is the market value or TAM (Total Addressable market size) of Extended Reality Internet? The value of any Inter-
net or ecosystem is equal to the value of transactions that happen on it which includes advertising, e-commerce, payments,
security services etc. In the extended reality, everything in Web 2D is possible and plus more. Below is a forecast made by IDC
on Statistica in 2018 that predicts XR (AR +VR) market to grow 8x from $27 Billion in 2018 to $209 Billion in 2022. This is one
of the fastest and biggest growing opportunity in the planet.

$6B $2.6B $1B $967M $625M

$360M $355M $310M $300M

Forecast augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) market size

worldwide from 2016 to 2022 (in billion U.S. dollers)




6.1 14.1 27

2016 2017 2018 2022

The rate of growth in North America alone is around 213% and in the future these value will increase as business and house-
hold seek to experience the feel of XR in their everyday life.


Potential Applications of XR
Niantic’s Pokemon has already shown us how powerful AR gaming can be. The explosion of AR Gaming is
coming up. We are building the Library store and Economy for AR Gaming thrive.
It’s not just games either: Already, there are augmented reality puzzles and picture books as well as comple-
mentary AR apps with other products. One product on the market, a $60 teddy bear called Parker, pairs with
an AR app to reimagine doctor play with the bear.

For a glimpse of that future, look to the world’s largest toymaker, Hasbro. The company’s Iron Man Musk
uses augmented reality to stage a battle against Thanos. This is Hasbro’s first foray into augmented reality,
but follows the work of companies like Disney and Lenovo, which introduced the Star Wars Jedi Challenges
AR experience. The consumer appeal of AR experience is obvious: In AR, you’re not playing as Iron Man.
You are Iron

Virtual makeover is making waves in the beauty industry; the motor trade is getting involved too, with Land
Rover giving the keys to customers in order to ‘drive’ their SUVs by clicking on a banner ad; IKEA’s AR solu-
tion (created using Apple’s AR development platform ARKit) lets consumers use an app to place any of the
company’s 2,000 products in its catalogue to-scale, in a room in their home, via the camera on their phone;
and only Gap revealed ‘Dressing Room’ . Location aware XR apps are the future of the high streets. AR Apps
for shopping are aplenty but they need their home and thats what Gofind XR Library will provide

Social Media
Extended reality (XR) is already impacting social media – and its done so for years now. In fact, it seems
like AR is taking over the most popular social networks in the world – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – and
new AR technology is introduced all the time. Plus, these top social networks are very much encouraging
people to not only use their AR features as much as possible, but even to create their own AR experiences
by giving the tools they need to build AR camera lenses and effects.
Brands, too, are starting to embrace this technology more and more, but the biggest changes will likely
come when all XR experiences are available in one place


Why Blockchain Will Aid the Development of XR Applications and Value Distribution
In the 2D Internet, the hardest problem was finding and organizing content. Hence aggregators such as Google, Facebook,
Netflix continue to reap a big part of the value in solving these problems. Except Youtube, the value is not shared.
Advertising revenues are not usually shared with content producers, a system will feel is not right. To read more about Aggre-
gation theory, Ben Thompson’s blog article on technology strategy - Stratechery will do.

Why Blockchain?
1) Security: With the blockchain, users have full control, ownership and security over their assets. A server crash, or a
rogue employee, cannot erase your XR Tokens, or your in-world asset and land ownership records.
2) Currency dependence: Using a blockchain token means trade can take place immediately between users around the
world, who may use different local currencies otherwise.
3) Value Sharing: Finally the decentralised XR Web is built on the principles of sharing value and the blockchain enables
a transparent means of value sharing between various stakeholders.

Sources of Revenue
Advertising Fees
Applications built on XR Land can leverage and enable the XR Ads engine to monetise their apps. These fees will be shared
between various stakeholders including the landlords. Advertising fees are based on bids placed by advertisers.

Transaction Fees
Transactions in XR Web are charged at around 0.01% which which are again shared between stakeholders.

GoFind Network Tokenomics

XR Token
The Gofind XR economy is powered by XR Token, a virtual currency that is used to register land and trade on the marketplace.

The goal is to allow users to create real economic value in a parallel world, and move that value between Gofind XR and the

real world, as they please.

Gofind token can be staked to lease specific plots of land on XR Web.

Tokens that are not staked will be tradeable on various exchanges around the world.


Revenue from Gofind XR Web will be shared between content creators, app developers and staked tokens on XR Web.
between various stakeholders including the landlords. Advertising fees are based on bids placed by advertisers.

Token details
The GoFind GXR coins will have 35% (XR 200,000,000) premined from the total amount issued - the rest will be mined along-
side the system’s development as and when used. With the start of 0 mined GXR coins, and as users tag, and generate mod-
els, they are creating value and wealth both for the GoFind platform and for themselves. GoFind seeks to issue one billion
tokens. Below is a description of how GXR coins will be issued and distributed:
● 35% of GXR coins will offered for sale to early platform supporters.
● Another 35% of GXR coins will be reserved for mining or rewarding content and application producers. Think of it like
a VC fund where allocation is decided by the crowd. More on this later.
● 10% of the GXR coins will be reserved for the expansion of GoFind Network and to build partnerships.
● 10% will be reserved for the GoFind team and advisors as salaries and Incentives for creating, managing and maintain-
ing the platform.
● The remaining 10% will be given to the community in the form of airdrops, bounties and other pre-platform launch re-

GoFind Token
Token name - GOFIND
Platform - ERC20
Token ticker - XR
Total Number of tokens - 1.3 Billion
Soft Cap - $2 Million
Hard Cap - $25 Million

Tokens will be distributed 14days after the ICO sales. Unsold tokens from the
token sale pool will be burnt.
Accepted currency - All leading cryptocurrnecies as fiat.
Exchange lostings - Tokens will be listed in major exchanges excahnges Q3 2019

Visit www.ico.gofindxr.com for more information


Token Sale
XR Token (XR) is a native cryptographic token designed for the XR Ecosystem. The total token supply is 1.3 billion tokens.
Gofind XR Network seeks to raise between USD 5 – 25 million on Initial Token sales. Find below the allocation of tokens and
the use of funds which are designed to maximize the value of the token ecosystem. 35% of total token supply tokens will be
issued for the crowdsale.

XR Web


Ad T
e pp

ve k

nc ah

r t en

is s
rie t

pe th


ex n


or cti


pp sa



s a an

hi tr


g re

Earns revenue share on Advertisements

in non XR Tokens
Earn revenue share on transactions


in a

us sh



le ue

hi n

w ve




Lease XR Real Estate

Developer or

XR Real
Estate Owner


Registering Interest in the Private Sale
Interested private investors can email ico@gofindxr.com. We anticipate opening registration for the private sale via our whitelist

How to get the XR tokens

Buy in ICO
Participate in the only public sale event and get XR tokens at a discount

Build applications
Build XR applications and launch on Gofind XR store to get tokens from the VC fund

Download XR games and apps

Download XR games and applications and participate on the app store via review submissions to earn more tokens

Buy in Crypto - Exchanges

XR Tokens will be available in various Exchanges in 2019

Use of XR Tokens
Stake & unstable Land with no Levy
XR tokens can be used to stake and unstake parts of the XR Estate by earth’s geolocation without any levy charges.

Earn other tokens

Holders of XR Tokens earn revenue share from advertisements and other transactions on the XR Web. Part of the share is
distributed to entire network and part of additional share is distributed to holders of XR tokens within a 10 miles radius of the
event. The revenue share is automatically deposited to the XR Token holders in their XR Wallet.

Trade in exchanges
XR Tokens will be trade-able in major exchanges in 2019 for other various other crypto and digital assets.

Use and play exclusive games, apps and events

Holders of XR Tokens has exclusive access to various games , apps and both online/offline events.


Bid for Stake Land
XR Token holders can bid for 10X their holding to XR Land

Free transactions
Transactions with XR Tokens has no fees in XR Web. All other currencies incur a levy in XR Web which cab
vary from applications.

XR tokens Market Dynamics

XR tokens provide great benefits event while they are in your wallet in following ways


Use of Funds
The funds are used for development and to ensure long term sustainability and performance of the Gofind XR ecosystem
and tokens.

We will keep a portion of tokens in reserve for the purpose of rewarding users and helping the GoFind community grow. A
buyback fund will be created, if all tokens run out. We don’t expect to buy back a large number of tokens, as the platform will
grow and the flow of GoFind tokens will increase. If the value of the tokens increases, the advertising price will decrease in
relative terms.


Although we plan to raise USD 25 Million confidently, following is a breakdown of Gofind XR’s planned expenditures for each
success scenario in the fundraising activities, just incase :

$ 2M $ 10M $ 25M
Continue building XR Build SDK in more for- Enable Web based AR/XR
Product /
Bowser for iOS & Android mats than just Unity so that the platform is not
and Unity SDK dependent on Google and
Apple app stores and can
be used on any browser

Business Development / Continue building User Hire experienced CMO VP of Marketing in each
Marketing and Developer communi- and dedicated Community regional office to deep
ties inhouse & distributed Managers for Developers develop and customise
and Users regionally business development in
each region

Community / Annual conference in a Bi-annual conferences - Bi monthly hackathons

Dev conferences & major city one for Product and one and bi-annual conferenc-
Hackathon for Developers only es

Mainly focus on growing Digital Advertising on Digital and offline adver-

via earned media and Facebook / Instagram for tising to expand users and
word of mouth XR Browser developer base for all
major products

KYC/AML Compliance
All participants of XR token sales (both the private pre-ICO sales and the public ICO) must undergo a strict KYC/AML ver-
ifications at GoFind XR website. GoFind is partnering with Civic, the world’s leading KYC/AML processing company, to
verify investors, whitelist ETH addresses and provide end-to-end coverage of the regulatory requirements and verification
aspects for contributors of the GoFind token sale. The KYC/AML verifications include but are not limited to passport authen-
tication, address verification, source of funds verifications, verifications against sanctions list, politically exposed persons
(PEP), etc.
Technology Stack
❖ Most of the technology stack of Gofind will be revealed in 2019 as we finalize our stack but here is our basic structure.
Most of it will be open source as explained earlier.
❖ ❖ Frontend SDKs will be available for Unity3D, ReactNative, iOS and Android Native in Q1 2019.
❖ ❖ Blockchain is built on Ethereum network. In addition to the main chain, we will also use our own side chain to
enable low latency transactions for the users
❖ ❖ The Blockchain needs Oracles to bring real world data from various mapping and geo-spatial data companies.
We will closely work with providers of Oracle Tech such as zap.org, etc to acquire and apply the needed tech for GoFind
blockchain technology development.



Manindra Majumdar Sanjay Chaudhuri Haw Leng

Founder & CEO CTO Chief Growth Officer

Jas Khehra Bogdan Sizov Idris-El-Feghi

Chief of Blockchain Partnerships Director of Blockchain Chief Scientist

James Scholz Ana Anbuselvan Anwar Elfeitori

Chief Communications Officer Chief Innovation Officer Chief of International Relations



Jeremy Khoo Anselm Hook Hap Klopp

Top ICO Expert in IcoBench,CEO-IFG Head of Web XR in Mozilla Ex-CEO of The North Face

Dmitry Pshenin Diego de Notaris Camilo Sierra

Top ICObench Expert, CEO at LATOKEN Legal Advisor Business Advisor

Mauro Andriotto Paroma Indilo Lise Wagnac

Founder at icoadvisors.ch Investor Relations Advisor ICO Advisor

Kyle White Jeremy Wright Jonathan Dunsmoor

Blockchain Community Advisor Blockchain Growth Advisor US Legal Advisor

Dane Deletti
ICO Advisor


Gofind Roadmap is designed to gradually make the XR Web more robust and self – sustaining. At the same time, the value of
the ecosystem should increase as more users, developers and advertisers use the network.

2018 Idea conception of decentralised spatial internet

for Extended Reality applications
Acceptance in DMZ Accelerator Fashion Zone in
Toronto Canada
Whitepaper Launched
Alpha version of XR Web Leasing app

2019 Pre-ICO
Feb Creation of XR Token
XR Web leasing app - Commercial
Gofind XR International Roadshow -
Asia 2019 Public ICO Round #1
March XR Lens Store - Pilot
XR Browser - Pilot
Monthly XR Developers Meetups in all
major cities
Gofind XR International Roadshow - Asia
XR Social Media - Beta

2019 Public ICO Round # 2 (close of ICO)

April TestNet launch v1.0
XR Lens Store - Beta
XR Browser - Commercial
Gofind XR International Roadshow -
2019 Listing in Exchange #1 - TBD
XR Developers Global Conference - TBD
June XR Lens Store - Commercial
XR Social Media - Commercial

Q3 MainNet launch v1.0

2019 Listing in Exchange #2 - TBD
Start of Official 2 year Lease of XR
Option to bid for XR Web
Option to Make an offer for XR Web
Leased Land
Gofind XR Roadshow - North America
XR Payments App Launch Q4 Listing in Exchange #3 - TBD
XR Developers Conference - Venue TBD
2019 Gofind XR Roadshow - South America
Virtual Reality Experiences Integration
Q1 Gofind XR Roadshow - China Special
2020 Pilot with Smart Glasses Partner
XR Spatial DNS (open source)

Q2 Gofind XR Roadshow - India Special

2020 API for XR Web Advertising

Q3 XR Spatial Data Standards (open source)

2020 Multi-Coin Wallet integration
API for XR Web Leasing

Q4 Smart Glasses integration with Partner -

2020 Commercial Launch as Operating System or app


With our platform, we are also kickstarting an entirely new industry and ecosystem on Extended Reality. As smart glasses be-
come commonplace, the XR Web economy is well positioned to overtake the mobile phone industry soon. Blockchain enables
us to build business models where the value of this new XR Web is shared more broadly with more stakeholders. It will be an
exciting journey to see what developers will build on how XR Web will change how we perceive the Internet and reality itself.


Can I earn tokens on the GoFind platform?
Yes, users can earn tokens through building the XR world, referrals, participating in bounties and through
special events.

Can I participate with a currency other than ETH?

At this stage, only ETH is being accepted for the ICO.

I live in X country. Can I participate?

The GoFind Token is a utility and thus any exchange listing will coincide with the launch of the platform.

When will the token exchanges?

Tokens will be listed on Exchanges starting Q1 2019. We aim to first list on three exchanges for widespread liquidity.

How do I buy tokens?

You can either buy the GoFind tokens during our Crowdsale if your Country allows you to participate in TGEs. Other-
wise, when the GoFind Token is listed on Exchanges, you will be able to buy directly from the exchanges.

When do I receive my tokens?

Tokens will be distributed to contributors wallet 14 days after the sale has ended.

Where do I find and try the app?

You can find the GoFind snap and shop app on both iTunes and Google Play stores.

Is my user-data encrypted?
Our data collection and processes are GDPR compliant, and all users’ data are encrypted.


1. The purpose of this White Paper is to present GoFind and the Tokens to potential Token holders in connection with the
proposed Token sale.
2. The information set forth below may not be exhaustive and does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship.
Its sole purpose is to provide relevant and reasonable information to potential Token holders in order for them to deter-
mine whether to undertake a thorough analysis of the company with the intent of purchasing XR Tokens.
3. Nothing in this White Paper shall be deemed to constitute a prospectus of any sort or a solicitation for investment, nor
does it in any way pertain to an or a solicitation of an er to buy any securities in any jurisdiction.
4. This document is not composed in accordance with and is not subject to, laws or regulations of any jurisdiction,
which are designed to protect investors.
5. The XR Token is a utility Token. This product is not a digital currency, security, commodity, or any other kind
of financial instrument and has not been registered under the Securities Act, the securities laws of any state of the
United States, or the securities laws of any other country, including the securities laws of any jurisdiction in
which a potential Token holder is a resident.
6. The XR token is not intended for sale or use in any jurisdiction where the sale or use of digital Tokens may be prohib-
7. XR Token confers no other rights in any form, including but not limited to any ownership, distribution (including but
not limited to profit), redemption, liquidation, proprietary (forms of intellectual property), or other financial or legal
rights, other than those specifically described in the White Paper.
8. All statements contained in this Whitepaper, statements made in press releases or in any place accessible by
the public and oral statements that may be made by GoFind or their respective directors, executive employees
or team’s representatives acting on behalf of GoFind (as the case may be), that are not statements of historical
fact, constitute “forward-looking terms such as “aim”, “target”, “anticipate”, “believe”, “could”, “estimate”, “expect”, “if”,
“intend”, “may”, “plan”, “possible”, “probable”, “project”, “should”, “would”, or “will”.