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GeoBlocks Founder and Chairman
United Kingdom National

John Griffin (JG) is a London based business legend, charity donor, a

member of the UK’s Prince’s Trust Fellowship, a leading donor to the
United Kingdom’s conservative party and a philanthropist. Recipient
of numerous business and community awards including repeat UK
entrepreneur of the year awards and, the star subject of a UK television
documentary, The Secret Millionaire.

JG created a small London based mini cab business Addison Lee back
in the 1980’s and built it to become Europe’s largest chauffeur driven
executive car service, with a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles, servicing over
40,000 bookings per day. He spearheaded the introduction of state-
of-the-art technology in his industry, working with leading Russian IT
experts, long before Uber arrived on the scene.

In 2014 JG sold Addison Lee for GBP £300 million and continues to
work today as an entrepreneur, a business innovator, supporter of
new business ideas and enterprises, supporter of charities and he
undertakes many other philanthropic activities.

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GeoBlocks Creator and Founder
United Kingdom National

Charles Heather (CH) has over 30 years of experience in international

business transactions in over 40 countries, primarily in the aviation
and minerals exploration sector. He also has 20 years of experience
as a private investor and promoter of early stage minerals exploration
projects for discoveries made in Latin America and Africa. CH is also the
creator of the AfricaOne Airlines network.

Proud of his experience working in support of disaster relief programs,

CH has worked with international Non-Governmental Organizations,
including the International Committee of the Red Cross, United Nations
World Food Program, Medecins Sans Frontieres and OXFAM.


GeoBlocks Founder and Global Head of Exploration and
Mining Development
Brazilian National

Luciano Borges (LB) is a senior Economist, certified Geologist and

Gemmologist with over 30 year’s industry experience including his
roles as National Secretary of Mines for Brazil (9 years), President of
the Board for Brazilian Geological Survey, General-Director, National
Department of Mines and Metallurgy for Brazil, Senior Executive
positions and Board member of state owned and international mining
companies operating in Latin America, Administrator of many large
projects including Rare Earth Minerals, Gold, Copper, Nickel and Iron
Ore exploration companies and projects.

Appointed Head of Serra Verde Brazil - the World’s largest land based
Rare Earth Minerals discovery in 2016.

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GeoBlocks Founding Partner
Canadian National

Reuven is the Founder and CEO of Fraction/al, a platform focused on

fractionalizing high-value, illiquid assets, using blockchain technology.
Reuven is recognized as an early innovator and thought-leader in cloud
computing & infrastructure as the founder one of the earliest cloud
companies. Reuven founded Enomaly, which was among the first to
develop a self-service infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform in 2005,
and in 2012 joined with Virtustream (sold to EMC for $1.2 Billion in

An active thought leader, Reuven is an expert commentator, contributor

and writer for a variety of major business publications including Forbes,
Wall Street Journal, The Economist, MIT Technology Review, CNN,
BusinessWeek, InformationWeek, Wired, among many others.

GeoBlocks Founder and Head of Accounting and
Financial Reporting
United Kingdom National

John Davis (JD) has over 30 years industry experience within which he
has created and managed the financial structuring for the listing of over
40 companies, primarily on the London Stock Exchange and mainly
in the Exploration and Mining Sector. He is a specialist in the listing of
companies on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

JD’s experience also includes fellow of the UK’s Institute of Chartered

Accountants, creator of International Capitalization and Equity
Structures, Specialist in Exploration and Mining Financial Forecast
Models and specialist in Exploration and Mining Project Accounting and
Budgets, and Financial Reporting for listed companies.

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GeoBlocks Founding Partner
Canadian National

Randy Clemens (RC) is the Founder and COO of Fraction/al, a platform

focused on fractionalizing high-value, illiquid assets, using blockchain
technology. Randy has 10+ years of operational management where
he hired & deployed 3,000+ technology staff, over 50 technology
teams and several start-ups. He founded Redwood Global, a leading
technology consulting firm with over 250 employees and $30M in ARR
which he sold in 2014.

GeoBlocks Ambassador for the Americas
Mexican National

Ricardo Ampudia (RC) has held the posts of Consul General of Mexico
to Houston, Director General of Communications - Ministry of the
Interior, Director of Foreign Press and Public Relations of the Presidency
of the Republic of Mexico, Head of Protocol of the Presidency of the
Republic of Mexico, Founder and President of the Center for Studies
in Communication Sciences and Member of the Academic Council of
the Institute of Marketing and Advertising, Chief of Protocol of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Undersecretary of Tourism of the Ministry of
Tourism, Trustee of the World-Renowned Anthropological Museum of
Mexico City and Head of Finance and Administration of ProMexico.

Head of Legal, Latin America
Panamanian National

Humberto Bauder (HB) is a leading independent lawyer specializing in

Latin American Jurisdictions. HB is highly experienced in the handling of
cross-border multi-jurisdiction investments and has negotiated many
important bilateral country agreements at the international level.

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Founder and Head of Corporate Relations, Financial Markets
United Kingdom National

Frederick Cremer (FC) Has over 40 years’ experience handling big ticket
London based investments and multi-billion US$ investment portfolios
in the global financial markets and resources financing sector. FC’s
successful career in the Asian securities market is second to none.
During which he has spent many years at Director and CEO level for
some of the top investment houses in the industry.

Head of Financial Advisory
Canadian National

Farley Noble (FC) is currently the Founder and CFO of Fraction/al, a

platform focused on fractionalizing high-value, illiquid assets, using
blockchain technology. FC also has 15+ years of executive experience
at Constellation Software (CSU.TO), Canada’s largest software company
($16B market cap). His recent executive roles include CFO and VP of
M&A with over 50 transactions completed. FC has also had similar roles
at KPMG and is an investor in Uber.

Founder and Head of Exploration Operations
United Kingdom National

Howard Baker (HB) Has 25+ year’s industry experience in Exploration,

Mine and Resource Geology. He has also consulted for 8 years with
SRK, including independent Iron Ore, Gold, Mineral Sands, Tin, Nickel,
Copper focus reporting. Howard owns a BSc Honours in Applied
Geology, MSc in Mineral Resource Evaluation. HB is a member of the
Royal GeoGraphical Society and Chartered Professional Fellow of the
Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

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Head of Mining Development & Engineering and
Environmental Management
United States National

Tim Oliver (TM) is a noted specialist in mine project development

engineering and environmental management with over 40 years
experience in the international mining industry including extensive
experience in the Yukon. He started his career in 1977 with Newmont
Mining Corp.’s Magma Copper Co affiliate as the company’s first ever
environmental engineer. Over the next 17 years, he rose through the
engineering and managerial ranks at operating locations for Magma,
Exxon, Monsanto Chemical Corp., and Phelps Dodge Mining Corp. From
1992 to 2003

TO has also managed NI 43-101 studies for numerous projects in the

Yukon, Mexico and the United States. He has been an independent
consultant since 2013, managing projects in Brazil, Canada, Peru, Serbia
and the U.S.A. He also contributes to mining investment newsletters,
has been interviewed several times on Canada’s Business News
Network and is a valued speaker at mining forums

TO holds a BS in Environmental Engineering from New Mexico Institute

of Mining and Technology and is a registered professional engineer in
Arizona, Colorado and Alberta, Canada.

Head of Creative
Canadian National

Rich has 20+ years of experience creating brands and digital products
with high-profile clients, exciting start-ups and everything in between.
Much of his product focus has been on creating complex, but simple to
use platforms, control panels and content sites with millions of users
for established brands, some that he helped create.

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Head of Africa Operations
South African National

Joe is a member of AngloGold Ashanti’s Global Greenfields Exploration

group that discovered the Mongwalu gold deposit (DRC), and also
worked on the Tropicana discovery in Western Australia. He was also
responsible for target generation in several African jurisdictions and
spearheaded the development of photogrammetry as a mapping tool in
underground mines in Australia.

Subsequent to Anglogold Ashanti, Joe was appointed as Mineral

Resource Systems manager for the whole of the Goldfields Southern
Africa region. Implemented all QAQC and MRM systems and migrations
for all the mines now within the Sibanye Group. He then oved to TWP
Projects (later Worley Parsons) as Chief Consulting Geologist.

Joe started Vacuworx Global’s (Tulsa, Oklahoma) African and Middle

Eastern activities as General Manager of the region and successfully
built the company’s regional activities. Vacuworx operates in the
pipeline construction space. He also started Kiboko Consulting, focusing
on high level advisory within the mining industry and in 2016, was
appointed COO of KTI Global Mining, a German company focusing on
underground mine cooling systems.

Head of Strategic Development Africa
Mauritian National

Bill Leong-Son (BLS) is a seasoned trader in the securities market

and has been managing many private investment funds for over 30
years. He is a specialist in bridging London and the Asian investment
markets. His two bases are London and Mauritius. Having spent some
45 years in the UK, Bill currently operates principally from Mauritius,
participating in the development of the country as a growing major
financial hub. He is active in investment opportunities in respect of
African based enterprises in general and exploration and mining in

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