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A buy-bust operation is a form of entrapment, whereby a police agent disguised as a

buyer of illegal drugs undertakes a sales transaction with a seller. Suppose,
however, that there is an irregularity in the buy-bust operation, and illegal drugs are
confiscated from an alleged seller, what are the remedies and defenses of the
accused seller?
2. to convict a person for the sale of illegal drugs under the Comprehensive Dangerous
Drugs Law, the prosecutor must prove the following: (a) the identities of the buyer
and seller, object, and consideration; and (b) the delivery of the thing sold and the
payment for it. In short, the prosecutor must prove that the sale took place and that
the accused was the seller.

An important requirement to convict the accused under this law is that the
prosecution must establish and present the “corpus delicti” or “body of the crime,”
which in this case is the confiscated drugs. Concomitant to this requirement is the
duty of the prosecution to establish the integrity and evidentiary value of the seized
items. Absent this requirement, there is no sufficiency of evidence to convict the
accused beyond reasonable doubt.