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3m3 dual shaft paddle mixer

components unit price
No. system name unit Qty supplier subtotal (USD)
name specification (USD)
dual shaft mixer WZ-3.0 pcs 1 Chinese
drum body δ=6mm Chinese
side plate δ=10mm Chinese
main shaft φ110mm pcs 2 Chinese
reducer with motor LC-22kw pcs 1 Chinese
bearing SN520+22220CK+H320 set 4 Chinese
cylinder SC100×250-CA-Y pcs 3 Chinese
3m3 dual shaft
1 ventilation cover φ300×600 pcs 2 Chinese 14,450.00 14,450.00
paddle mixer
material output
pneumatic big opening Chinese
clear door with magnetic switch pcs 2 Chinese
sealing foamed silica gel set 1 Chinese
material output
20mm steel plate pcs 2 Chinese
pneumatic sampler pcs 1 Chinese
2 freight include THC, booking, towing fee and sea freight 800.00

3 Total price:USD15,250.00 CFR Bangkok 15,250.00

quotation date: January 14,2019

Validity: the price is valid in 30 days since release date.
delivery time: 60 days since down payment is received.
Warranty: 18 months since delivery.
payment item: 30% by T/T in advance, 70% by T/T before the delivery.