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Knowledge Area : Scope Management

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1. 292 A WBS is BEST described as a tool for tracking?

a) The schedule
b) Resources
c) Cost
d) Scope

2. 311 Scope decomposition involves dividing the major project deliverables into smaller
pieces to?
a) Improve the accuracy of estimates, determine the baseline for performance and assist
with responsibility assignments.
b) Provide more activities to assign to resources.
c) Provide the project duration, provide project control, and assign control charts
d) Assist in stakeholder assignment to project activities.

3. 330 A project manager receives a deliverable from one of the team members to provide to
the customer. While looking at the deliverable, the project manager notes that the
document is smaller than what he expected and does not contain what he thought it should.
The project manager should first:-
a) Discuss it with the team member.
b) Contact the team member’s manager to get that person additional training
c) Audit the development process
d) Complete the verify scope process.

4. 328 Verify scope is closely related to?

a) Perform quality control
b) Sequence activities
c) Perform quality assurance
d) Time management

5. 1227 A project manager may use ____ to make sure the team members clearly know what
work is included in each of their work packages.
a) The project scope statement
b) The product scope
c) A WBS dictionary
d) A schedule

6. 293 Which of the following is an output of collect requirements process?

a) Requirements traceability matrix
b) Project scope statement
c) Work breakdown structure
d) Requested scope changes

7. 318 The work breakdown structure is created by:-

a) The team
b) Project manager
c) Management
d) The sponsor

8. 352 During project executing a team member comes to the project manager because he is
not sure about what work he needs to accomplish on the project. Which of the following
documents contain detailed descriptions of work packages?
a) WBS dictionary
b) Activity list
c) Project scope statement
d) Scope management plan

9. 306 In which of the following is a scope management plan created?

a) Verify scope
b) Develop Project Management Plan
c) Define scope
d) Create WBS

10. 364 Which of the following is CORRECT in regard to the Control Scope Process?
a) Effective scope definition can lead to a more complete project scope statement.
b) The control scope process must be done before scope planning
c) The scope control process must be integrated with other control processes
d) Controlling the schedule is the most effective way of controlling scope.

11. 379 You are managing a six month project and have held bi weekly meetings with your
project stakeholders. After 5 and a half months of work, the project is on schedule and in
budget, but the stakeholders are not satisfied with the deliverables. This situation will delay
the project completion by one month. The MOST important process that could have
prevented this situation is?
a) Monitor and control risks.
b) Control schedule
c) Define scope
d) Control scope

12. 305 The preparation of the scope baseline can best be describes as involving?
a) The functional managers
b) The project team
c) All the stakeholders
d) Project expeditor

13. 361 The customers want to expand the product scope after the performance measurement
baseline has been established. Which document will the customer need to submit?
a) Change request
b) Project scope statement
c) Performance measurements
d) Activity attributes

14. 1347 During the completion of project work, the sponsor asks the project manager to report
on how the project is going. In order to prepare the report, the project manger asks all the
team members what percent complete their work is. There is one team member who has
been hard to manage from the beginning. In response to being asked what percent
complete he is, the team member asks, “percent complete of what?”. Being tired of such
comments, the project manager reports to the team member’s boss that the team member
is not cooperating. Which of the following is MOST likely the real problem?
a) The project manager did not get buy in from the manager for the resources on the
b) The project manager did not create an adequate reward system for team members to
improve their cooperation.
c) The project manager should have had a meeting with the team member’s boss the first
time the team member had trouble.
d) The project manager does not have work packages.

15. 307 All of the following come after the “DEFINE SCOPE “ process EXCEPT?
a) Estimating activity durations
b) Develop human resource plan
c) Estimate costs
d) Collect requirements

16. 308 All of the following are needed to create WBS except?
a) Organizational process assets
b) Quality Measurements
c) Requirements Documentation
d) Project scope statement

17. 342 A project manager believes that modifying the project scope may include added value
for the customer, what should the project manager do?
a) Change the scope baseline
b) Contact the customer to determine if he change adds value
c) Call a meeting of the change control board
d) Change the project’s objectives

18. 295 Which of the following is NOT a part of define scope process?
a) Facilitated workshops
b) Identifying alternatives
c) Product analysis
d) Inspection

19. 14 A project manager can BEST resolve the differences between the requirements of one
stakeholder and those of another by making which of these statements
a) There are many points on which we agree, I m certain if we focus on them, we can find a
b) Lets look as to why there is a difference on the opinion of requirements
c) This discussion is getting too heated, lets regroup to solve the problem tomorrow.
d) I have made the decision to resolve the problem this way.

20. 313 If the project team is subdividing project work packages into smaller , more manageable
components, they are?
a) Creating a WBS
b) Decomposing
c) Network diagramming
d) Activity sequencing

21. 329 A project manager is in the process of scope verification of a deliverable with the
customer. What is the MOST important thing the project manager should ensure?
a) Accuracy
b) Timeliness
c) Acceptance
d) Completeness

22. 315 What is the decomposition process used to develop?

a) Project management plan
b) Communications Management Plan
c) Work breakdown structure
d) Earned Value

23. 385 While completing work, a project team member tells you that a work package has been
forgotten in the WBS. What is the BEST thing to do?
a) Wait for a change request to be processed.
b) Include it in the WBS
c) Include it only in the network diagram
d) Include it in the estimate, but not in the activity list.

24. 325 A team member determines that the scope of her activity is no longer valid. She comes
to you for advice on making the change. To which of the following documents the project
manager should refer to make the change?
a) The project management information system.
b) The scope Management Plan
c) The cost management plan
d) The work authorization system

25. 314 To manage a project effectively, work should be broken down into smaller pieces.
Which of the following DOES not describe how far to decompose the work?
a) Until it has a meaningful conclusion.
b) Until it cannot be logically subdivided further.
c) Until it can be done by one person
d) Until it can be realistically estimated.

26. 333 All of the following are Tools used in verify scope process EXCEPT?
a) Product reviews
b) Audits
c) Walkthroughs
d) Sensitivity analysis

27. 299 A new project manager has asked you for advice on creating a work breakdown
structure. After you explain the process to him, he asks you what software he should use to
create the WBS, and what he should do with it when he is finished creating it. You might
respond that it is not the picture that is the most valuable result of creating the WBS. It is?
a) Bar chart
b) Team buy in
c) Activities
d) List of risks

28. 356 A project manager has discovered that a team member has a gold plated the work done
in an activity. In order to discover this, the project manager must have been performing:-
a) Time management
b) Scope Management
c) Cost Management
d) Staffing Management

29. 332 During a walk through a work package , you discover that a team member is completing
the work differently than stated in the WBS dictionary, how should you deal with this?
a) Replace the team member
b) Determine if the alternative way is acceptable to the functional manager.
c) Ask the team if the changes are necessary.
d) Determine if the changes also change the scope of the work package.

30. 327 You have been assigned to manage a portion of a larger project that is supposed to be
finished within a two week period. You have met with the leadership of the area to gather
requirements, and you have a project charter, project scope statement and project
management plan that have been approved by these individuals. You are told to meet with
the actual user of the results of the project to demonstrate how the system will work. When
you give the demonstration, it is clear that the user’s requirements are very different from
the ones you were initially given and to which both you and client agreed. What is the BEST
thing for you to do now?
a) Generate a change request for the user’s requirements.
b) Convey another meeting with the leadership of the area and the user to generate a
revised set of requirements.
c) Attempt to meet as many of the user’s requirements as possible within the project’s
established budget and schedule.
d) Complete the work as originally specified and formulate a new project to meet client’s

31. 348 Which of the following is a key OUTPUT of the Verify Scope process?
a) A more complete scope management plan
b) Customer acceptance of project deliverables
c) Improved schedule estimates
d) An improved project management information system

32. 309 which of the following is done during the Create WBS process?
a) Product analysis
b) Project selection
c) Decomposition
d) Alternatives identification

33. 312 A new project manager is planning a complex hardware installation project. The team
consists of 13 people who are experts in their fields. The project manager does not want to
micromanage the project. How far should he decompose the work?
a) As small as possible because the work is complex
b) As large as possible because he is dealing with experts
c) To 1000- hour work packages because he is dealing with experts.
d) To about 80 hour work packages because it’ll make the work less complex

34. 75 During a meeting with some of the project stakeholders, the project manager is asked to
add work to the project scope. The project manager had assess to correspondence about
the project before the project charter was signed and remembers that the project sponsor
specifically denied funding for the scope mentioned by the stakeholders . the BEST thing for
the project manager to do is to?
a) Let the sponsor know of the stakeholder request.
b) Evaluate the impact of adding the scope
c) Tell the stakeholders the scope cannot be added
d) Add the work if there is time available in the project schedule.

35. 341 Which of the following can create MOST interpretation in the project scope statement?
a) Imprecise language
b) Poor pattern, structure and chronological order
c) Small variation in size of work packages or detail of work
d) Too much detail

36. 912 The work breakdown structure can be BEST thought of as an effective aid for ____
a) Team
b) Project Manager
c) Customer
d) Stakeholder

37. 323 A project manager and het team worked together to develop a work breakdown
structure. However, it seems project team members are doing work that is not included in
the work breakdown structure. The purpose of work breakdown structure is to?
a) Guide the cost estimate for a project, not how the project is done.
b) Provide senior management with a high level view of the project scope
c) Include the work required to create the products of the project
d) Include the total project work or all of the work that must be done to complete the
38. 374 During a project team meeting, a team member suggests an enhancement to the scope
that is beyond the scope of the project charter. The project manager points out that the
project team needs to concentrate on completing all the project work and only he work
required. This is an example of?
a) Change Management Process
b) Scope Management
c) Quality Analysis
d) Scope decomposition

39. 2 Your customer requested that the new railroad cars you are building for his company be
constructed from heavy grade aluminum. After reviewing the requirements, two of your
experts inform you that the customer would be better off steel cars. You meet with the
customer to discuss the issue, and he directs you to go ahead with the aluminum cars. What
should you do?
a) Meet with the customer again to ensure that he understands the expert opinions about
using steel instead of aluminum.
b) Find a way to cut other costs, and upgrade the cars to steel
c) Provide aluminum cars that meets the customer’s requirements
d) Meet with your experts to find another proposal for the customer.

40. 369 Two months into a design project, the customer requested a modification to the
product. The change was made without notifying the project manager. During the final
testing phase, results were different than what was planned for. This scenario is BEST
thought of as an example of which of the following?
a) Poor scope control
b) Poor adherence to the communications management plan
c) Poor development of the quality management plan
d) Poor definition of the test plan

41. 303 You have signed project charter, and you are in the process of creating a project scope
statement. You have asked the team for input to ensure that the project scope statement is
complete. However, the team is struggling with defining the scope. Which of the following
BEST describes the problem?
a) A WBS was not completed before the project scope statement was begun
b) The team is working on a project scope statement without the benefits of organizational
process assets
c) The team is in the Define Scope process and needs the project scope statement as an
d) The project objectives were not identified before the project scope statement was
42. 336 After the kick of meetings, two team members engage in a casual conversation about
the project objectives and deliverables. It is clear they heard different messages during the
meeting. One team member is so adamant that the other team member gives up the
argument. In talking to the project manager, the second team member confirms that the
first project team member is mistaken. At this point, what is the BEST course of action?
a) The second team member should send the other team member an email describing
what he discovered.
b) At the next project meeting, the team member should ask the mistaken team member
to describe his interpretation so that project manager can include everyone on the same
c) The project manager should send out an email to the team restating the project
objectives and deliverables.
d) At the next project meeting, the project manager should spend time reviewing the
documented project scope statement for the purpose of identifying this and other false

43. 376 The project is mostly complete. The project has a schedule variance of 300 and a cost
variance of -900. All but one of the quality control inspections have been completed and all
have met the quality requirements. All items in the issue log has been resolved. Many of the
resources have been released. The sponsor is about to call a meeting to obtain product
verification when the customer notifies the project manager that they want to make a major
change to the scope. The project manager should:-
a) Meet with the project team to determine if the following change can be made.
b) Ask the customer for the description of the change
c) Explain that the change cannot be made at this point in the process.
d) Inform management

44. 343 Which of the following includes the processes required to ensure that that project
includes all the work and only the work required to complete the project successfully?
a) Cost Management
b) Scope Management
c) Time Management
d) Customer Satisfaction Management

45. 335 All of the following are INPUTS to the verify scope process EXCEPT?
a) Work Breakdown Structure
b) Project scope statement
c) WBS Dictionary
d) Inspection

46. 355 The project manager wishes to use the Delphi technique to obtain expert opinion on
some different technical issues. What should she be careful to do?
a) Make sure the experts consulted are recognized for their input
b) Compare information and work towards a single opinion
c) Consult the stakeholders
d) Meet together with the stakeholders to obtain the consensus.

47. 377 A functional manager meets with the project manager’s boss to discuss a change to the
acceptance criteria for a major deliverable. After the meeting, the boss calls the project
manager into the office and tells him to make the change. What is the BEST thing to do?
a) Make the change as soon as possible
b) Understand the change
c) Supply the boss with the change form
d) Evaluate the impact of change

48. 334 Which of the following BEST describes the verify scope process?
a) It provides assurance that the deliverables meet the specifications, is an input to the
project management plan, and an output of perform quality control.
b) In ensures that the deliverable is completed on time, ensures customer acceptance and
shows that deliverable meets specifications
c) It ensures customer acceptance, shows that the deliverable meets specifications, and
provides a chance for differences of opinion to come to light
d) It is an output of perform quality control, occurs before define scope, and ensure
customer acceptance.

49. 82 A manager has responsibility of a project that has a support of senior manager. From the
beginning, you have disagreed with the manager as to how the project should proceed and
what the deliverables should be. You and she have disagreed over many issues in the past.
Your department has been tasked with providing some key work packages for the project.
What should you do?
a) Provide the manager with what she needs
b) Inform your manager of your concerns to get support
c) Sit down with the manager at the beginning of the project, attempt to describe why you
oppose to the project and discover a way to the problem.
d) Ask to be removed from the project.

50. 316 All of the following statements about Work Breakdown Structure are TRUE except?
a) They are created by the project manager
b) They prevent work from slippage through the cracks
c) They provide a basis for estimating the project
d) They help to organize the work

51. 351 A customer is not happy with a project deliverable. What is your BEST course of action?
a) Tell the customer that the deliverable meets the scope of work and gets the customer
agreement to proceed.
b) Determine why the customer is unhappy with the deliverable
c) Meet with the team to determine changes needed
d) Meet with the customer and offer a substitute project deliverable

52. 317 A project manager is concerned about the amount of gold plating that has occurred on
past projects. All of the following would NOT be of use in controlling gold plating EXCEPT?
a) A staffing management plan
b) A project charter
c) A work breakdown structure dictionary
d) A risk management plan

53. 338 A software system was accepted by the customer, but has been found to give
unexpected results. Which of the following BEST describes what the project manager should
a) Review the customer’s inspection process.
b) Change the activity sequencing
c) Apologize to the customer
d) Review the verify scope process

54. 353 Product verification is different than the scope verification in that product verification:
a) Occurs during the executing process group
b) Verifies that the correct products have been used.
c) Obtains customer sign off
d) Makes sure all the work is completed satisfactorily

55. 359 A client has asked you to add to the scope of the project. The project is under budget
and is little ahead of schedule. What should you do?
a) Approve the change
b) Determine the effects of the change on the project
c) Ask the sponsor for approval to make the change
d) Get approval from configuration change control board

56. 38 Senior management has imposed a project delivery date prior to the acceptance of
project scope statement. To whom is the project manager MOST accountable?
a) Project sponsor
b) Project team
c) Customer
d) Senior Management

57. 344 When should the verify scope process be done?

a) At the end of the project
b) At the beginning of the project
c) At the end of each phase of the project
d) During the planning processes

58. 1371 All of the following are parts of SCOPE BASELINE except?
a) Scope management plan
b) Project scope statement
c) Work breakdown structure
d) WBS dictionary

59. 304 A work breakdown structure is an input to all of the following EXCEPT?
a) Define activities
b) Estimate costs
c) Perform quality assurance
d) Plan procurements
60. 1368 The scope baseline can best be said to include the:-
a) WBS and project scope statement
b) Scope management plan and project scope statement
c) Project scope management plan and WBS
d) WBS and project charter

61. 310 Which of the following is a basic rule or guideline for creating a work breakdown
a) The first row should describe the products of the project.
b) Each level of a work breakdown structure is a smaller segment of the level above
c) A work breakdown structure should be like a to do list , listing in chronological way
every activity that needs to be done to complete the project
d) A work breakdown structure should be organized by functional areas.

62. 363 A project manager discovers that two team member discussed what was needed to
complete a work package on the project and made many changes to the project scope. The
work package is now completed and the team member are planning to go on to the next
work package. In looking at what was done, the project manager determines that the work
does not meet the requirements of the project. What is the BEST course of action for the
project manager?
a) Add another work package, formatted with a correct scope to the project.
b) Refuse the submittal of the work package
c) Have the team begin the work package again and include the incident in their
performance reviews.
d) Ask the team member’s manager to assign different people to the work package.

63. 340 Which of the following is an important input to the Verify scope process?
a) Validated deliverables
b) Organizational process assets
c) Accepted deliverables
d) Change requests

64. 1278 A scope change has been suggested by one of the stakeholders on the project. After
careful considerations and a lot of arguing, the change control board has decided to reject
the change. What should the project manager do?
a) Support the stakeholders by asking the board for the reason of rejection.
b) Suggest to the stakeholder that the next change they request will be approved.
c) Record the change request and its result
d) Advise the change control board to make sure that they create approval processes
before the next change is proposed.

65. 350 A project is ending one of its phases, what should be done before moving on to the next
a) Team meeting
b) Verify scope
c) Management Meeting
d) Scope management

66. 337 The construction phase of a new software project is near completion. The next phase
are testing and implementation. The project is two weeks ahead of schedule. What should
the project manager be MOST concerned with before coming on to the final phase?
a) Verify scope
b) Perform quality control
c) Performance reports
d) Control costs

67. 331 A project manager is performing an audit on a deliverable when she hears that the team
member who did the work is complaining to everyone that he is being picked on by having
his activity audited. You know this is not true. What lessons learned can you take to future
a) Tell all the team members at the beginning of the project that their deliverables will be
b) Set an audit policy in the scope management plan
c) Audit less frequently
d) Use a walk through instead of audits.

68. 319 A work breakdown structure numbering system allows the project staff to?
a) Systematically estimate the cost of work breakdown structure elements
b) Provide project justification
c) Identify the level at which the individual elements are found
d) Use it in project management software.
69. 366 All of the following are outputs of control scope process EXCEPT?
a) Change requests
b) Updated organizational process assets
c) Updates to the project management plan
d) Accepted deliverables

70. 365 The product management for the product the project is developing notifies the project
manager that she has decided the product should be usable by the additional market. The
BEST thing for the project manager to do would be to?
a) Immediately notify the project sponsor that there is a project scope change
b) Notify the project change control board that the project scope will have to change.
c) Inform the product manager that the potential impacts to the project will be reviewed.
d) Do nothing, as this is an example of progressive evaluation

71. 380 Which of the following BEST describes when the baseline can be changed?
a) Only under emergency conditions
b) The original baseline is always maintained throughout the project
c) With any approved changes
d) When the project sponsor determines it is appropriate.

72. 339 You are managing a project where your team is physically located with client personnel
at remote location. There is a high level of interaction between your team and client
personnel, and client satisfaction is considered very important. Since the client is expressing
a very high level of satisfaction with the project’s progress, your management has indicated
no concerns about the project. However, you are behind schedule and over budget. In
addition, morale among team members is low, and several team members have talked
about quitting. Team members complain regularly about priority adjustments and alteration
of activities. The weekly reports you receive about activities completed are often difficult to
relate to the WBS and the project management plan. What action should you take to MOST
affectively address these problems?
a) You should enforce scope control’
b) You should identify ways to make team member’s work more satisfying using the most
acceptable motivational theory.
c) You should incur the extra expenses necessary to be on site to more closely monitor the
activities of project team
d) You should create a reward and punishment system to ensure that project team
members complete activities within the timeframes outlined in the project management

73. 1372 One of the stakeholders on the project charter contacts the project manager to discuss
some additional scope he would like to add to the project. The project manager asks for
details in writing and then works through the Control Scope process. What should the
project manager do NEXT when the evaluation of the requested scope is complete?
a) Ask the stakeholder if there are any more changes expected.
b) Complete Integrated Change Control
c) Make sure the impact of the change is understood by the stakeholder.
d) Find out the root cause of why the scope was not discovered during project planning

74. 301 During which part of the project management process is the project scope statement
a) Initiating
b) Planning
c) Executing
d) Monitoring and controlling

75. 1269 Which of the following BEST describes Product Analysis?

a) Working with the customer to determine product description
b) Mathematically analyzing the quality desired for the project
c) Gaining a better understanding of the product of the project in order to create the
project scope statement.
d) Determining if the quality standards on the project can be met.

76. 373 Two people on the same project team have just found out that they are working on the
same work. This situation can best be categorized as lack of?
a) A good work breakdown structure
b) Matrix organization
c) Sponsor direction
d) Effective status meetings
77. 345 A new project manager is being mentored by a more experienced certified project
management professional (PMP). The new project manager is having difficulty finding
enough time to manage the project because the product and the project scope are being
progressively elaborated. The PMP mentions that the basic tools for project management ,
such as a work breakdown structure can be used, during project executing to assist the
project manager. For which of the following can a work breakdown structure be used?
a) Communicating with the customer
b) Showing calendar dates for each work package
c) Showing the functional managers for each team member
d) Showing the business need for the project

78. 370 All of the following are outputs of Create WBS process except?
a) Scope baseline
b) Change requests
c) WBS Dictionary
d) Updates to the requirements documentation.

79. 1306 The project manager had to request a change in the approved project budget because
the WBS did not contain some work that needed to be done. Which of the following is the
BEST thing to do as a result of this situation?
a) Redo the WBS and look for more missing scope
b) Ask for a time extension
c) Redo the change control system
d) Recalculate the project scope variance

80. 276 A project manager has just been assigned to a new project and has been given the
approved project charter. The first thing the project manager must do is?
a) Create a project scope statement
b) Confirm that all the stakeholders have had input to the scope
c) Analyze project risk
d) Begin work on a project management plan

81. 1060 The program was planned years ago, before there was a massive introduction of new
technology. while planning the next project in this program, the project manager has
expended the scope management plan because a project becomes more complex, the level
of uncertainty in the scope :-
a) Remains the same
b) Decreases
c) Decreases then increases
d) Increases

82. 796 Which of the following best describes how a work breakdown structure can be used to
determine resources?
a) The WBS breaks the project into one person activities
b) The small work packages that the WBS provides make it easier to determine what
expertise is needed.
c) It lists the names of the resources to be used.
d) It enables management to list the resource hierarchy

83. 1273 The project manager’s scope management efforts have been audited. The Cost
Performance Index (CPI) of the project is 1.13. and the benefit cost ratio (BCR) is 1.2. the
project scope was created by the team and the stakeholders. Requirements on the project
has been changing throughout the project. No matter what the project maanger has tried to
accomplish in managing the project. Which of the following is he MOST likely to face in
a) Having to cut costs on the project and increase benefits
b) Making sure the customer approved the project scope
c) Not being able to measure completion of the product of the project.
d) Having to add resources to the project.

84. 360 Over the last few weeks, the team has made three changes to the activities on the
project. The project manager must be more careful to?
a) Record all the changes
b) Provide documentation on all the changes to the sponsor
c) Make sure the changes are reflected in the project scope baseline
d) Prevent more changes from occurring

85. 1226 You have just joined the project management office after 5 years of working on
projects. One of the things you want to introduce in your company is the need to create and
utilize WBS. Some of the project managers are angry that you are asking them to do “extra
work”. Which of the following would be the BEST thing to tell the project managers to
convince them to use WBS?
a) Tell them it will prevent work from slipping through cracks
b) Tell them that it is not needed
c) Tell them it is required only if the project involves contracts
d) Tell them it is the only way to identify risks

86. 11 Who determines the project scope requirements of a new project?

a) The customer
b) The stakeholders
c) The project manager
d) Senior management

87. 354 A project manager is starting work on a complex project. There will be people from two
different countries involved. The project sponsor is from a third country, and the work is
being done on an expedited schedule in your country with 14 electrical engineers, 4
architects and their staffs, 3 mechanical engineers and 2 maintenance experts. What should
the project manager do to make sure all the work in this project is identified?
a) Create a clear management plan and put it in writing
b) Create a WBS with inputs from all the parties involved
c) Identify the laws of each country involved
d) Create a scope control system

88. 367 You are the project manager on a information technology project on which you and
your sponsor have already approved the scope. An information specialist on your team,
after having lunch with a low ranking customer representative working with him on a
software project, learns that a simple alteration in the display would be great addition to the
project. The information specialist installs the change with no negative impact on the
project schedule and at no additional cost. What action should be taken?
a) The information specialist should be recognized for exceeding customer expectations
without affecting project cost or schedule.
b) The project manager should add an activity to the project management plan with no
associated time.
c) The information specialist should be told that his behavior was unacceptable, as it may
have negatively impacted the overall project.
d) The project manager should create a change control form and have the customer
approve the change since the change has already been made.
89. 1279 A scope change is made on the project. You have determined the effects on the
schedule, perform integrated change control, and adjusted the project baselines and the
project management plan. What is the NEXT thing to do?
a) Look for impacts to cost
b) Notify stakeholders affected by change
c) Submit the change to the change control board for approval
d) Change the work breakdown structure