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Product Selector and Classifications

There is no Australian standard relating To give specifiers, installers and users Users should note that cover loadings are
to electrical pit performance. Pits are help selecting the right cover, the table transmitted to pit structures.
selected by use which is determined by below is based on loadings outlined ACO strongly recommends that HDPE
size, volume and location. in AS3996 (road gully and inspection plastic pits are not used in areas subject
chamber covers) and AS4198 (precast to heavy vehicular traffic.
concrete access chambers for sewerage
applications) standards.

AS3996 road gully and inspection chamber covers

A10kN B80kN C150kN D210kN E400kN F600kN G900kN

Pedestrian Footpath and Light vehicular Roads carrying Very heavy wheel Extra heavy Extra heavy wheel
applications, paved areas where traffic. Minor roads fast moving, heavy loads as found wheel loads as loads - airports,
inaccessible to vehicles mount such as cul-de-sacs vehicles on construction encountered on military traffic etc.
motor vehicles accidentally or for and parking areas sites, mining and container terminals,
light vehicles such industrial areas docks and mining
as tractors and areas
Plastic Pit
Dependent on cover

Polymer Concrete Pit Electrical

Dependent on cover
pits &
Cover Loadings
Cement concrete covers
For advice on
Polymer concrete should not
electrical pits & covers
Fabricated chequer plate steel covers be installed
in fast in areas subject to these loads
ACO ACCESS fabricated steel recessed covers 2
moving please contact ACO
Military style locked fabricated chequer plate 7
steel covers main road

Special made to order, fabricated steel covers

Contact ACO Office for details

Cable Ducting
Dependent on system and cover details
1 Pits should only be used in these areas if
AS4198 pre-cast concrete access chambers the pit is completely covered by a suitable
cover and frame.

Light duty access covers for use on
Medium duty access
Heavy duty
2 In block paver areas, pavers can decrease
the recessed access cover strength.
footways where it is possible for light covers pedestrian access covers in
vehicles, tractors or livestock to mount use and occasionally carriageways where
the footway open to vehicles loads will not
where loads will not exceed 7.0 tonnes
exceed 3.7 tonnes
ACO ACCESS fabricated steel recessed covers 2

Fabricated chequer plate steel covers

Military style locked chequer plate steel covers

Special made to order, fabricated steel covers