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2nd District, Ilocos Norte

Second Term ( 2001- 2004 )

Vice Chairperson Committee on Appropriations

Committee on Accounts
Committee on Foreign Affairs

Member Committee on Games and Amusements

Committee on Economic Affairs
Committee on Inter- Parliamentary
Relations and Diplomacy
Committee on Labor and Employment
Committee on People’s Participation
Committee on Public Information
Committee on Youth and Sports
Committee on Rules

First Term ( 1998- 2001 )

Chairperson: Subcommittee on Private Higher

Committee on Higher and Technical
Subcommittee on Oversight,
Committee on Public Information
Subcommittee on Youth Development,
Committee on Youth and Sports

Vice-Chairperson First Vice-Chair,

Committee on Public Information

Second Vice-Chair
Committee on Higher and Technical

Second Vice-Chair
Committee on Youth and Sports

Member: Committee on Agriculture, Food and

Committee on Appropriations
Committee on Good Government
Committee on Labor and Employment
Committee on Public Works and
Committee on Women

National Bills Authored in Congress:

12th Congress( 2001- 2004 )

1. HB 243- An Act Repealing Articles 333 and 334 and amending Article
344 of Act 3815, as amended, otherwise known as the Revised Penal
code of the Philippines, and defining the Crime of Marital Infidelity

2. HB 244- An act Redefining the Word “ Prostitutes” thereby amending

the article 202 number 5 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines*

3. HB 245- An Act Creating the Film Development and Incentives Board,

defining its powers and functions, appropriating funds therefore, and for
other purposes*

4. HB 619- An Act Granting Representation of Consumer Group in the

Board of Directors of Manila Electric Company, the National Power
Corporation, the Metropolitan Water Sewerage Authority, the Philippine
Long distance Telephone Company, and any other corporation,
government or private, dispensing public services, giving them one (1)
seat in the board of directors, and for other purposes.*

5. HB 620- An Act Providing for a Magna Carta of Students*

6. HB 621- An Act Prohibiting Green Card Holders from Being Appointed

to any Public Office, Amending for the purpose P.D.807, otherwise
known as the Civil Service Decree of the Philippines.*

7. HB 622- An act instituting a comprehensive “kaunlaran ng kabataan at

mamamayan development program to promote the physical, intellectual,
and social well being of young people and appropriating funds therefore.*

8. HB 694- An act providing for the fair and equitable allocation of the
department and education culture and sports items for teaching and non
teaching positions.*

9. HB 851- An act authorizing the release of funds directly to the sangguniang

barangay, amending for the purpose R.A. 7160, otherwise known as the local
government act of 1991.*

10. HB 852-An Act Granting benefits to college and post- graduate students
and for other purposes.*

11. HB 853- An act amending section 99 and Sec 262 or Batas Pambansa
Bldg. 881 as amended, otherwise known as the omnibus election code,
and for other purposes.*

12. HB 1075- An Act providing for the establishment of a regional office of

the Videogram regulatory board in every region of the country and
appropriating funds thereof.*

13. HB 1077- An act to curtail entertainment media piracy in the

Philippines, for this purpose, reorganizing the

14. HB 1091- An act rationalizing the party list system of representation in

the house of representatives, amending for the purpose section 5 and
section 10 of republic act no. 7941, otherwise known as the partylist
system act.*

15. HB 1092- An act creating the Philippine commission on women,

defining its power, function and responsibilities, appropriating funds
therefore, and for other purposes

16. HB 1093- An act granting the members of lupong tagapamayapa

monthly honorarium in the amount of one thousand pesos (P1,000.00),
amending for the purpose section 406 of the local government code o f

17. HB 1094- An act providing for the automatic increase annually of the
amount of pension paid to all retired government employees by at least
an amount equivalent to the rate of annual increase in the national living
index and for other purposes.*

18. HB 1608- An act providing for a system of absentee voting and

registration for qualified Filipinos abroad and appropriating funds therefore.

19. HB 3180- An act amending art 13, 40, 48, 52, 54 and 99 of Executive
Order 209 as amended, otherwise known as the Family Code of the

20. HB 3271- An act to open loan windows for Filipino migrant workers,
amending for the purpose sec 6 (A) and 21 of Republic Act No. 8042
otherwise known as the migrant workers and overseas Filipinos act of

21. HB 3580- An act prohibiting a person who is a permanent resident or

immigrant of a foreign country from being appointed to any position
amending for the purpose presidential decree numbered 807 otherwise
known as the civil service decree of the Philippine.

22. HB 3802- An act defining terrorism, providing penalties therefore and

for other purposes

23. HB 3825- An act to curtail optical media piracy providing penalties for
violations, appropriating funds therefore, and for other purposes

24. HB 3940- An act to promote the efficient and effective delivery of

converging communications services

25. HB 3944- An act to update the law on security devices by amending RA

386, as amended, otherwise known as the Civil Code of the Philippines,
and Act No 1508, as amended otherwise known as the Chattel Mortgage

26. HB 3952- An act to ordain and institute the Maritime Code of the

27. HB 4057- An act defining organized crime, providing penalties therefore

and for other purpose

28. HB 3991- An act amending certain sections of RA 6425, otherwise

known as the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1972, as amended, by reducing
the quantity of drugs involved s a basis of imposing stiffer penalties for
violation thereof and by providing awards or incentives to the informant

* refiled bills

First Term:

1. HB 2828 – An Act Creating the Laoag International Airport Authority

2. HB 4249 – An Act Providing Stiffer Penalties to Makers, Drawers, and
Issuers of Bouncing Cheques.

Resolutions Authored in Congress:

Second Term ( 2001- 2004 )

1. HR 06- Resolution urging the committee on public information to

conduct an inquiry in aid of legislation on the issuance of certificate of
product registrations by the Bureau of Food and Drug for the

2. HR 59- Resolution calling upon and requesting the President of the

Philippines to proclaim the Year 2002 as “The Year of the Overseas
Employment Providers”, and for other purposes.

3. HR 88- Resolution urging the Committee on Agriculture and Food to

conduct and inquiry, in aid of legislation, on the management, operation
and release of budget by the Department of Agriculture for the
Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF) under
Agricultural Tarrification Act (RA 8178)

4. HR 196- Resolution urging the Office of the President, the National

Security Council and the Department of Foreign Affairs to make a
report and inform the House of Representatives and the public in general
on the “All out support policy”

5. HR 267- Resolution urging the Department of Finance to report and

explain the proposed increase in excise tax rates on distilled spirits,
alcohol and tobacco, otherwise known as sin taxes

6. HR 285- Resolution expressing the sense of the House of

Representatives by condemning the incident which happened to the two
(2) Filipino pilots in Tacoma International Airport in the United States

7. HR 302- Resolution inquiring into the contradicting statements issued by

Malacanang and by Foreign Affairs Secretary Teofisto Guingona re the
military arrangements between the Philippines and the United States

8. HR 303- Resolution urging the DFA and the OWWA to report and
explain on the Misyon Bagwis undertaken by the said agencies for the
evacuation and repatriation of Overseas Contract Workers in Central
Asia and the Middle East Countries

9. HR 330- Resolution requiring the commission on higher education,

national economic development authority, social development service,
department of science and technology, department of labor and
employment to explain in aid of legislation, the medium term higher
education development and investment plan and to clarify its

implementation to the house of representatives

10. HR 348- Resolution urging the House of Representatives to inquire, in aid

of legislation into the safety measures undertaken by the management of
the Pandacan Oil Depot and the concerned government agencies

11. Privilege Speech Digmaang Damayan

First Term ( 1998- 2001 )

1. HR 100 – Resolution Calling for a Congressional Oversight Investigation, In

Aid of Legislation, into the Implementation of Republic Act No. 7610, Otherwise
Known as the “Special protection of Children Against Child Abuse, Exploitation
and Discrimination Act”, as Amended by Republic Act N. 7658.

2. HR 495 – Resolution Urging the Secretary o f National Defense, Chairman of

the National Disaster Coordinating Council, to prepare A Comprehensive Action
plan for Disaster-Preparedness in Anticipation of the La Niña Phenomeon.

3. HR 527 – Resolution Directing the Committee on Housing and Urban

Development to Conduct an Inquiry, In Aid of Legislation, on the Manner and
Method of the Distribution of Government Low Cost Housing Projects and, If
warranted, to Recommend Remedial Measures Thereon.

4. HR 753 – Resolution Directing the Committee on Women Conduct an

inquiry, In Aid of Legislation, on the Failure of Various Agencies to Use the 5% of
Their Total Appropriation for Programs, projects ad Activities for Gender and
Development (GAD) Identified in Their Annual GAD Plan and to Operationalize
Section 28 of RA 8522, Also Known as the General Appropriations Act, and
Recommend Appropriate Measures to Ensure that 5% is Utilized for Gender
Responsive Programs Geared Towards Promoting the Welfare of Women

5. HR 754 – Resolution Condemning the Senseless and Violent Murder of UP

Student Niño Canilao and Directing the Committees on Justice, Education and
Revision of Laws to Investigate and Conduct a review, In Aid of Legislation, of
the Anti-Hazing Law to Make It More Responsive in Addressing Crimes
Committed in School Campuses.

6. HR 972 – Resolution Urging the Department of Finance to Conduct a

Review and Evaluation of All Existing Fiscal Incentives Available to

Various Sectors and Submit a Report thereon with its Various Recommendations
to the Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives.

7. HR 1151 – Resolution Directing the Committee on Women to Conduct an

Inquiry, in Aid of Legislation, on the Philippine Government Compliance with the
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
Particularly on its Provision Calling for Gender Equality in Terms of Opportunity
to Participate in the Formulation of Government Policy and the Implementation
Thereof and to Recommend such Necessary Measures for the Realization of the
Objectives under the Convention.

Other Positions Held:

1996- present President/Executive Producer, Renegade Filmmakers,

1983-1986 Assemblywoman, Second District, Ilocos Norte,
1981-1986 Director-General, Experimental Cinema of the Philippines,
1975-1986 Founding Chair, Kabataang Barangay Foundation,
1975-1986 Producer/Director/Host “Kulit Bulilit”, “Kaluskos
Musmos”, “Metro Magazine”
1977-1979 Consultant/Writer, Children’s Television Workshop for
Asia, New York

Academic Background:

Bachelor of Law UP College of Law,

Diliman, Quezon City
University and College Scholar for 4 years
Cum Laude

MA Management and Asian Institute of Management

Business Administration Paseo De Roxas, Makati

Graduate Studies in Princeton University, New Jersey, USA

Anthropology, Sociology, University of the Philippines, Diliman
Literature, Arts, History,

Language: French, Royal University of Rabat, Rabat, Morocco

Dialectical Arabic

Writing: screenplay,
Children’s Literature; National University of Singapore
Painting and Art; College of Extramural Studies
Interior Design


Independent Major: Princeton University, New Jersey, USA

Religion and Politics With Honors

Secondary: Santa Catalina Convent, Monterey, California, USA

Class Valedictorian
Advance Placement in English, History and Arts

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts

Acting and Playwriting, with Distinction

Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, London,

Acting, with Distinction

Convent of the Holy Child Jesus, Mayfield, Sussex,

British Kingdom GSCE Examinations –(7) UK Firsts,
(3) Seconds

American School, Makati

Primary Assumption Convent, Herran St., Manila

Grade V to First Year High School, First Honors

Institucion Teresiana ( Poveda Learning Center )

Kindergarten to Grade IV, First Honors

Personal Circumstances:

Party Affiliation Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL )

Birthdate November 12, 1955
Birthplace Mandaluyong, Rizal
Parents Ferdinand Edralin Marcos
Imelda Romualdez Marcos
Children Fernando Martin (19), F.R.
Michael (16), Matthew Joseph (13)