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 Aristotelian method

method of Arabian magic.

(advanced research, seekers)

He knew that if anyone knows how long this opportunity to work for good or evil,
according to the rules, is easy through the direction and the image is the overall
shape. This, of course, the knowledge that the ambassador for the fiery, earthy, airy and
water signs. The Moon in a fire sign agrees with work like fire and agrees with the other
zodiac signs.

He knew that the seeker ( ) need in a day to write his name and his mother's name
and the name of desiderata ( ) letter-letter and classify the request, being careful
is the Moon in a fire sign or air or land or water.

The work must be in accordance with this rule and does not finish the job until it reaches
the Moon in the sign of desiderata in a session with the anode (the Ascendant of work)
and if in harmonious astrological lucky position.

Example for a possible great love

Take the letters of conquest (letters acting exclusively) for the period. The letters of fire
is for the summer season, the land in the autumn, the water for the winter and the air
See Table

Nature Time Months - Signs Lettering

 Air  Spring March - April Aries-Taurus-Gemini May

Fire Summer  June - July Cancer-Leo-Virgo August

Earth  Autumn Libra September-October-November-
Scorpio Sagittarius

Water  Winter  Capricorn December-January-

February-Aquarius Pisces

Each team has seven divisions that are for the days and hours. Take a drive letter. This
is done as follows: Divide the name of to 28 and the rest is the drive letter. And
after getting the secret letter. This is the sum of all of the terms of conquest and the
driver and divide the total by 28 and the remainder is the secret letter. If the conquest
belongs to letters that exceed 100, multiplied by 100 the two
previous letters.

So has formulated numbers together with three letters. Get

letters of growth between and and what
happens if you take the preference (the main meaning of the
request) between them. Thus the preference shows the letter
she belongs and is the letter of improvement between
anazitonta and desiderata. Then take a whole these letters in full motion and if divisible
by 3, take the third, place it correctly in the triangle, ¼ in the proper position (in the key)
squared, the fifth and the Pentagon the seventh also heptagon. Enter what you got
home one , then add 1 and put the number you found in the house in shape etc. 2
COMPARABLE the square, pentagon and heptagon.
Dividing by 4 the final number, find nature: fire, air , water and earth.

 After you find the breath or spirit of the final number of a region shaped as the 360. This
is because the zodiac has 360 degrees in each sign are 30 degrees. So you define the
start of the job, according to nature. To start the fire in the ascendant, if there is air in
midheaven ( X ), if there is water in the West and if there is earth nadir.

 After observing the time of desiderata, write two images which agree (Figures triangle,
square, etc.) and about their decision (Azima) formed from them.

Under oath after the spirit (breath) as the number 7.

Once you know the day, find the appropriate time to swear spirit. The number is 24 and
the remainder resulting from the division, sets the time of day. These days belong to
7.You know how the day is divided into 12 hours of light and the first night is the
13 the whole day following the 12th day, etc.

Until you become what you want, carry on an image. The second image, places in
nature that wins. When the placements in nature that was quoted, note the finishing
time to check the result.

Export of Angels
The Angel Governor  leaves the key. And the Angel Guide (it is the Angel of the sign)
out of the lock, the Angel of Mystery comes from the key and the lock and the Angel
of Adjustment comes from all side, the Angel who headed the government extracted
from the whole distance (range).

Judgment ( )
is created from scratch in silk fabric and you authorize Angels.

In February 1949 , the Mohammed ( ) calls ( ) the ZAIN ( ). What
captures here is the letter ( ), the driver letter ( ), the secret letter ( ), letters of
amendment ) (, (this comes from the taste - - removing 28) the proposal total
final number after 849, draped in the triangle just gives the 283, then the distance to 12
gives the base triangle, since the remainder is 271. Therefore, the third is 90 and the
first algebraic restoration ( ) placed the last male part.

Image of triangle
93 99 91

92 94

98 90 95

 A n diairesome all with 360 and subtract 30 for each sign, we will have for our example
129 means that is the sign of Leo. Then winter focuses on the rise of Leo and start
Dividing the total by 7, we find rest 2, so this day is Monday. Dividing by 24 we find
remaining 9, so the time you begin writing is like 9 the morning. Dividing by 4 we find a
remainder of 1, so nature is fire.

The Angels
 Angel Governor  ) ( is the home key, Angel Guide ) ( which is the home of the
padlock, the angel of the Last Supper  ) (is the set of key and lock, the angel
of Adjustment )  ( is the combined sides, the angel who presides over the
government ) ( who are joined regions.

Table of letters with the angels, the numerical values and names of God

Names  Angels
,  , 111 1

 ,  ,  ,  ,  , 3 2
 ,  ,
 ,  , 53 3

 ,  , 35 4
6 5

,  ,  , , 13 6
 ,  ,  ,  ,

18 7

 ,  ,  ,  , 9 8
 ,  ,  ,
10 9

 , 11 10

 ,  , 101 20
71 30

,  ,  , , 90 40
 ,  ,  ,
 , 106 50

 ,  , 120 60

 ,  ,  ,  , 130 70
 ,  ,  , 81 80

 ,  , 95 90

 ,  ,  ,  ,  , 181 100
 ,  ,  ,  ,
 ,  ,  ,  , 201 200
 ,  ,  ,
 , 360 300
401 400
501 500

 ,  , 601 600

 , 731 700
805 800
 , 901 900

 , 1060 1000

", mea
and me
ans "names".