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FALL 2009


SouthSide Lights
South Side Community
Council, Inc.
Brashear Center South Side Library Centennial
2005 Sarah Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203 The South Side Branch of Carnegie Li- East Carson Street.
412.431.2236 brary of Pittsburgh first opened its doors, The most notable memory of the first day
southsidecommunitycouncil.org February 1, 1909 at the corner of East was that all the books in the library were
Carson and 22nd Streets. The original site checked out! Until more books were ac-
Board of Directors location was to have been the corner of quired for the collection, books had to be
Joe Bielecki, President Mary and 19th borrowed from Cen-
Jim Anderson, 1st VP Streets, but the tral Lending (today’s
Wanda Jankoski, 2nd VP c o m m u n i ty Main Carnegie Li-
Jason Imbrogno, Treasurer wanted their brary in Oakland) for
Eve Trbovich, Secretary jewel to be visible customers to borrow.
Thomas Barry to all; so a peti-
tion was written Since the idea of a
Virginia Carik
by a group of men library free to the
Richard Cupka, Jr.
and signed by people was new, peo-
Chuck Half ple of all ages visited
Brady Lutsko over 250. The
Library Commis- the library in droves.
Gail Matchett Children were al-
Catherine Mitchell
sion was ap-
proached, and lowed access in shifts,
Dave Pilarski because there were
because consid-
Steve Root too many to accommo-
eration was
Roberta Stackawitz date the children’s room all at once.
given, those citizens were successful in
their request to have the South Side Although the library
Branch visible to all who traveled on Continued Page 2
Inside This Issue

Carnegie Library 1 GRAFFITI WATCH could be better. We did all

we thought we could to im-
Graffiti Watch 1 (An action committee of South Side Community Council) prove our surroundings.
Annual Pie Sale 2 Greg painted over the graf-
The Gift of Community Involvement fiti on our home and I picked up litter as
Wanted 2
By Norine Minion we walked the streets, but we didn’t
Josephine Kenney 2 know what else we could do—and hon-
Kid’s Corner 3 My husband Greg and I moved to the estly we didn’t feel as if we had the time
Green n’at 4 South Side a week before Christmas or energy to do much more. So after two
2006. The diversity of our neighbors and years of sitting on the sidelines and wish-
Duquesne Thanksgiving 4
parade of people and activity on Carson ing for things to change, change began in
South Side Tree Project 4 Street won us over. However, like a four our very own alley.
Letter from C. Mitchell 5 year-old with a new favorite toy at
November Open Meeting 5 Christmas, by spring the charm and Two years ago, Larkins Way behind our
luster of our new neighborhood started house was a mess. The buildings, com-
Police Blotter 6
to fade as we began to see the scabs of mercial and residential, were marked
311 Blotter 6 graffiti, litter, and neglect outside our with graffiti, weeds were over three feet
Membership Application 7 doors. Greg and I still loved our new high, and the sides of the street looked
SSCC Subcommittees 7 community, but we wanted and knew it like a garbage Continued Page 3

SSCC Third Annual

Pie Sale Pick up!! South Side Community Council seeks a volunteer
What: Pie sale delivery and pick up of to fill our Public Safety Committee Chair Position.
scrumptious frozen fruity pies
If you are invested in the community, enjoy working
ready to be baked for the holidays!
with neighbors, interested in public safety issues and
Date: Friday, Nov. 20th: Noon till 4:30PM coordinating events, you might be the one. Candidates
Saturday, Nov. 21st: 9AM till 12:30PM need to be comfortable when interacting with Zone 3
Police and able to attend public safety meetings which
Where: Prince of Peace Parish Center
occur throughout the city limits. Please call Joe Bielecki
93 S. 13th Street
with any questions or concerns at 412-390-0900.

South Side Library from page 1 of the first floor. hosted a 100th birthday party for the
library on Saturday, Oct. 3. All
has now been in the community for The library is here for all citizens, for friends and community members
100 years, we sometimes still get there are a myriad of reasons to visit were invited. Various fun activities
crowds. Sixty-one adults and chil- the public library for business, per- were planned, including games,
dren celebrated the end of the Sum- sonal growth, and pleasure. The li- crafts, and discussions of memories
mer Reading Club this year. We of- brary has a lot to offer: public com- in the library….and of course, birth-
ten have a queue for our public com- puters, regular children’s programs, day cake was served!
puters, and our children’s room is at recreational reading (including fic-
full capacity during special pro- tion and non-fiction), reference mate- It is a privilege to work in a library
grams. rial for serious study, various books that has been designated an historic
on CD, (also children’s material of landmark by the Pittsburgh History
Many visitors remember attending the same), DVDs, music CDs, and a and Landmarks Foundation, and
story hours in the children’s room. plethora of subjects and formats that that serves such a diverse commu-
nity. Such diversity makes working
Their first comment is usually, “It would interest the beginning to the
in the South Side Library absolutely
hasn’t changed….” Some of the furni- advanced reader.
fascinating, because there are al-
ture is original, including the large
ways new adventures.
customer service desk in the middle Our Friends of the Library Group

In Memory: Josephine member of South Side Community Next

Bujarski Kenney Council and through her efforts, Graffiti Watch
the Community Council received a
Longtime South Side Community grant to create its first Web site. Meeting on Nov. 18
Council board member Josephine For information, call
"Jo" Kenney passed away recently. Jo was devoted to the South Side 412-496-2272 or
Born Josephine Bujarski, Jo worked and took great pride in her family email:
in the mayor's office until her retire- and in her neighborhood. She con- graffitiwatch@gmail.com
ment. tinued to volunteer with neighbor-
hood groups and events until she knowledged Jo. Tuesday, December
Jo was very active in her civic life. was well into her 90's. 13, 2005 was proclaimed “Josephine
She was a founding member of the Kenney Day” in honor and apprecia-
Friends of the South Side Library, In gratitude and appreciation of tion of her work and volunteerism in
where she created and copyrighted her efforts and commitment, South community efforts.
the "Taste of the South Side" fund- Side Community Council board
raising event and was also an avid members awarded Jo with the title Jo was preceded in death by her hus-
volunteer with the Polish Falcons "Director Emeritus" and presented band Clarence Kenney, and is sur-
and St. Adalbert (later Prince of her with a large certificate recog- vived by her son Clarence "Larry"
Peace) Parish. nizing her many years of service. Kenney, Jr., her daughter Susan
Kenney Nial, and several grandchil-
For many years, she was a board The City of Pittsburgh also ac- dren.

Kid’s Corner
treats. Our neighborhood enjoys Hal-
loween and getting together. It’s a
This is Gemma’s 2nd Halloween “trick good time to catch up with those we
or treating”. Gemma enjoyed walking haven’t seen coming or going.
door to door with her cousin and being
dressed up. Our neighbors make it es- We were a little disappointed in the
pecially fun for her and give her special turnout of children this year. It
seemed as though there was a mis- Christopher, Carla & Gemma Spade-
communication about the time to cene and Lucas Harden are ready for
“trick or treat” and maybe that was Trick or Treating.
the problem. Many years we have run
out of candy, though my nephew was activities for younger children.
happy to claim the leftovers.
All in all, we enjoyed ourselves, and
I missed the Halloween parade South not to mention, our jack o’ lantern is
Side used to have. Having a toddler still in one piece! That’s a pretty
makes us become more aware of the good Halloween.

Graffiti Watch (Continued from Page 1)

removed by Graffiti Busters. Graffiti Watch
truck exploded. Then one Saturday On the day of the paint-out, we
morning, Greg and I heard some Graffiti Watch volunteers spend Calendar Listing
power equipment in the alley, we around two hours painting over the
opened our garage door to see what designated areas of need. Addition- Graffiti Watch meetings are at 7 PM on
was going on. Standing in the mid- ally, Greg does the dirty work, and the third Wednesday of the month at
dle of Larkins Way was a handful of cleans up the paintbrushes and roll-
the Brashear Center.
our neighbors cleaning up OUR al- ers. And for those of you who may
ley. Neighbors we never knew till ask the same question that I asked, All are welcome.
that morning. Fellow South Siders “Why bother painting over graffiti if
wearing fluorescent green Graffiti the vandals continually return to For information call 412-496-2272 or
Watch t-shirts were doing exactly the scene of the crime?” The answer, Email: graffitiwatch@gmail.com
what Greg and I thought about do- based on our own and others’ ex-
ing: getting rid of the graffiti and periences, is that most of the graffiti
cleaning up our neighborhood. I met which is painted over is not re- more responsible to them and our
this band of merry workers who in- tagged and, if it is, the time span community. Now we see ourselves as
vited me to join them on their next between the volunteers’ work and part of the solution instead of wait-
“paint-out”. After seeing the im- the vandals’ destruction becomes ing impatiently for the politicians
provement this small group of vol- continually longer. So, for approxi- and public servants to fix things. It
unteers had made on our block and mately four hours a month (there is seems that any attention or care we
knowing that due to their efforts our also a monthly meeting that is short give to our surroundings continues to
backyard is now virtually clean of and generally sweet) from spring to ripple throughout the neighborhood.
graffiti, weeds, and litter, Greg and early fall we are part of a team that And, as we witness less and less graf-
I agreed to join their team. is responsible for helping return the fiti and decay in our zone and the
charm and luster to our community. South Side, we know we are creating
Now, less than a year later, Greg a better place to live, work, and play.
and I participate in the monthly The benefits from this mere four
paint-outs with our new friends and hour per month invest-
neighbors. Prior to a paint-out, I ment have been mean-
canvas our zone for new graffiti, ingful. We are building
talk to home and business owners a stronger connection
about eliminating the graffiti, and with our neighbors and
coordinate what graffiti will be community businesses,
painted over at the next paint-out or in addition to feeling

Green Is
nity to work with Duquesne Univer- Duquesne University
sity and University of Pittsburgh
students during their monthly vol- Commuter Affairs &

Growing unteer days, dubbed Keep It Clean

South Side (KICSS) and Make A
South Side Community Council
Difference Day respectively.

A Networking Event
Green N'at Keeps On The efforts of each group have had
an incredible impact on both the
Chugging aesthetics of South Side as well as
What: Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner
Who: Residents of the South Side
the relationships we are building
Slopes and South Side Flats
Green N'at has been active between residents and students.
th r o u g h o u t th e s u m m e r — Where: South Side Market House
conducting clean-ups every other Green N'at volun- 15 Bedford Square
Sunday morning throughout the teers have re- When: 6PM on Tuesday, Nov. 17th
South Side. You might think the cently been focus-
activities have cooled with the ing their efforts * Duquesne U. will provide turkey,
weather. On the contrary, the on weeding some mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy
Green N'at volunteers have shown overgrown areas.
* Residents are asked to bring a side
amazing dedication to getting out Pictured is the
dish that serves 10.
and tidying up our streets. corner of 24th
and Sarah, the • Students are bringing desert.
W o r k i n g corner of 22nd
through South and Wharton, and 19th Street. South Side Community Council’s
Side-based Con- We remove as much growth as University Relations Chair Chuck Half
servation Con- we can. Green N'at also works says that “Duquesne and SSCC hope to
sultants, Inc. with property owners to ensure make this an informal annual gathering
they are tending to their land. of residents who just want to get to
With respect to 24th and know each other in a fun and tasty
( C C I ) Sarah, Green N'at cleaned up the setting”.
G r e e n area outside of the fence. The area
N'at has inside of the fence was promptly cut Residents, including family members,
had the down by the property owner after a interested in attending must either call
opportu- call from a Green N'at volunteer. 412.519.7569 or send an E-mail to

South Side Tree Project bring beauty to the

place we call home.
While Friends of the Pittsburgh Ur-
ban Forest approves sites, arborists
recommend appropriate trees to mini-
Friends of the Pitts- We want to plant as many mize sidewalk upheaval and to maxi-
burgh Urban Forest healthy trees as possible mize the life expectancy of the trees,
South Side Pittsburgh on the South Side and and the City of Pittsburgh partici-
Tree Project is a com- watch them grow. Like the pates in cement cutting. Conse-
munity effort spon- trees we plant, we expect quently, plantings are done in stages
sored by local busi- to start small with man- and you can see why volunteers are so
nesses, residents and ageable planting projects important.
Friends of the Pitts- and then branch out.
burgh Urban Forest to We need you to volunteer your time
and talents, and donate to this impor-
help grow our green That's where Friends of
tant project and opportunity to plant
space the Pittsburgh Urban For-
trees now that will grow for years to
est, Blue Tomato Design,
This project is an ini- Riverset Credit Union,
tiative of Blue Tomato and YOU come in. It is Please contact Kim Collins of
Design and Riverset Credit Union, going to take the sustained efforts of Blue Tomato Design at
who combined make projects like each to make sure that as the months kcollins@bluetomatoedesign.com or
this possible in the South Side. We go by, more and more trees get visit www.sstreeproject.com to learn
set out to make a difference and planted throughout the South Side. more!

What we do does make a difference. If this news-

Letter from our new Board Member,
letter has been mailed to you then you must have
Catherine Mitchell… an interest in the South Side. Please take the next
step and volunteer. If everyone on this mailing list
gave one day to a volunteer activity just once a

year it would make a huge difference. Don’t let anyone
ever tell you that South Side isn’t a nice place to live
attended my first Board meeting simply because we have our issues. My husband and I
for South Side Community Council. think living on the South Side is wonderful and we feel
It’s not my “first day at a new school” honored to be part of community that is working hard to
experience. As an Air Force Brat I make itself a better place for all it’s residents.
had that experience about 10 times before I completed Regards, Cathy Mitchell
graduate school. Regardless, it was a “first”.

I’m new to the South Side. My husband and I moved here

in May 2008. We had lived in Sewickley for 24 years. It is
a lovely community, perfect for raising the kids but not so
“geographically desirable” to my husband’s job. Moving
to the South Side was purely a geography choice. It split
Open Meeting
the distance between our two jobs. When: Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009, at 7PM
Could we have gotten any luckier? IF we had known what Where: Brashear Association, 2005 Sarah St.
a wonderful experience it would be to live here, IF we had
What: Graffiti TaskForce, Mayor’s 311, and
known how many great new friends we would find, IF we
had understood the great value of living in a community Graffiti Watch
with such diversity, IF we had realized that living in the
South Side would make us better people…..well, we Meet:
would have moved here a long time ago.
Detective Dan Sullivan: City of Pittsburgh
My first experience with community involvement came Guns Gangs and Graffiti Task Force; Wendy Ur-
through the Graffiti Task force. I thank Steve Root for his banic: Mayor’s 311 Coordinator and Steve Root:
persuasive nature in encouraging my further involve-
ment. South Side Community Council’s Graffiti Watch
Action Committee Chair Person
All around me, I am seeing more and more of my
neighbors coming forward to do something to improve the Attend and Learn more about:
community. Some of their endeavors are complicated and -Procedures and the outcomes of reporting graffiti;
time consuming, while others are as simple as having a
-City’s accomplishments in apprehending and con-
can of grey paint and walking around once a week paint-
ing over graffiti on electric boxes. victing graffiti vandals;
-311 aspect of reporting graffiti and follow up; and
As I have joined in on clean-ups and paint-outs, I have
run across a lot of people who ask if the city is paying us -Value on getting involved in graffiti prevention and
for our efforts, or they tell us we shouldn’t bother “it’s removal from a grass roots level.
never getting better”. My response to them is that we
don’t get paid money, we work on behalf of our town, our
place, our home, and our neighbors. We work so that we
can be proud of where we live and hopefully that pride South Side Community Council
will spread. would like to thank
Our city government cannot do everything that needs to Copies At Carson
be done here. We just can’t afford it. But through volun-
teer community effort an amazing amount of work is get- and its contributing authors
ting done. Terra McBride has managed to organize for their outstanding support of
neighbors to have community clean-ups on Sunday morn-
ings throughout the summer. At first there were just a SouthSide Lights
few people helping, but now there are more and more.
Kim Collins has organized the South Side Pittsburgh
Tree Project (see related article), bringing more trees to
our neighborhood. Steve Root and the Graffiti Task Force
has painted over hundreds of square feet of graffiti.
Our next quarterly edition: Winter 2010

July 8 through October 8, 2009

Crime Stats for South Side Flats Reckless Endangerment of Another 4 Burglary 16
Aggravated Assault 19 Resisting Arrest 6 Criminal Mischief 15
Aggr. Assault w/Police Officer 5 Robbery 4 Criminal Trespassing:Residence 1
Accidents 34 Simple Assault 30 DOA 1
Armed Person 1 Simple Assault:Domestic Violence 1 Domestic Violence 2
Bench Warrant 2 Stalking 1 Drugs Arrests 5
Burglary 22 Stolen Vehicle 4 DUI 5
Criminal Mischief 95 Stolen Vehicle:Recreation Vehicle 1 Escaped from Police Custody 2
Criminal Trespassing 2 Terroristic Threats 4 False ID 1
Disorderly Conduct 4 Theft by Deception 5 Forgery 1
DOA 5 Theft:Auto 83 Harassment 31
Drug Arrests 7 Theft:Business 16 ID Theft 1
DUI 36 Theft:Person 61 Protection from Abuse Violation 1
Forgery 6 Theft:Residence 6 Rape 1
Fraud 3 Vehicle Code Arrestable Crime 1 Reckless Endangerment of Another 1
Harassment 31 Warrant Arrests 2 Receiving Stolen Property 5
ID Theft 1 Crime Stats for South Side Slopes Robbery 2
Indecent Assault 1 Aggravated Assault 3 Simple Assault 14
Intoxication 6 Accidents 9 Tampering with Evidence 1
Kidnapping 1 Armed Person 2 Theft:Auto 29
Loss of Property 7 Arson 1 Theft:Person 6
Open Lewdness 4 Business Burglary 1 Theft:Residence 2
Receiving Stolen Property 18 Bench Warrant 1 Vehicle Code:Arrestable Crime 2

South Side 311 Service Calls

July 13, 2009 THROUGH October 9, 2009
Weeds/Debris 91 Street Resurfacing 10 Inspections 5
Potholes 42 Building Violation:Residential 9 Street Cleaning 5
Abandoned Vehicle 23 Dumping 9 Demolition 4
Overgrowth 18 Sign Request 9 Drug Enforcement 4
Signs-Replacement 17 Sinkhole 8 EnvServ:Dumpsters 4
Graffiti 16 City Steps 7 Guiderail 4
Parking 16 Dumpster Permits 7 Litter Can 4
Permit—Residential 16 HCP Related 7 Occupancy:Residential 4
Tree Pruning 15 Tree Removal 7 Violations 4
EnvServ:Violations 14 Noise 6 Commercial Building Violation 3
Patrol 12 Dead Animal 5 EnvServ: Missed Blue Bag 3
Sidewalk Need Repaired 12 Trash: Early Set Out 5 Litter 3
Sewers 10 Trash:Missed Pickup 5 Occupancy/Commercial 3
Membership Application Involvement:
Yes! I want to get involved…please contact me about the:
Name: ________________________________________
• Internal Processes Subcommittees:
Address: _______________________________________
□ Membership Committee
City, State, Zip: __________________________________ □ Communications/Marketing Committee
Phone - Day: ____________________________________ □ Event Planning
□ Fundraising Committee
Phone - Evening: _________________________________ • External Relations Subcommittees:
Email Address: __________________________________ □ University Relations
□ Neighborhood Community Liaison
□ Yes! Save a stamp - email me the Newsletter!
□ Business Liaison
Payment Information: • Action & Advocacy Subcommittees:
□ Enclosed is my $10 check or money order made pay- □ Graffiti Watch
able to the South Side Community Council. (Student and □ Beautification/Green N’at
Senior Citizen membership annual rate is $5.00.) □ Public Safety
□ Enclosed is an additional donation of $_____ in support □ Building & Zoning Committee
of the South Side Community Council’s efforts. □ I have a questions and/or issue regarding our
□ I am interested in make an in-kind donation of materi- community. Please contact me!
als or services. Please contact me.


Membership Benefits SUBCOMMITTEES:
Internal Processes Subcommittees:
• South Side Community Council hosts programs
on topics of interest that are open to the public. Membership Committee: Recruit new members.
Communications/Marketing Committee: Get the word
• Members receive a copy of SSCC’s SouthSide
out about SSCC programs and community efforts.
Lights newsletter four times a year.
Event Planning: Help plan events within the commu-
nity to encourage communication and
Fundraising Committee: Raising money for the SSCC’s
• You have firsthand knowledge of issues affect- efforts in the South Side
ing the community and have a outlet to voice
your concerns.
External Relations Subcommittees:
• Work with residents who feel the same about
University Relations: Work with the Universities for
issues affecting the community.
the purpose of reaching out and welcoming students,
• SSCC connects its members with activities that while instilling a sense ownership and responsibility
benefit the entire community, such as the Trash while living in our neighborhood.
Bash. Neighborhood Community Liaison: Work with
• SSCC board members serve on committees and neighbors to learn of their concerns and issues.
boards for various South Side organizations and Business Liaison: Work with businesses and the com-
offer these organizations insight regarding resi- munity for streamlining communication purposes.
dents’ issues and concerns.
• In addition, SSCC provides financial support for Action & Advocacy Subcommittees:
local organizations like the Brashear Associa- Graffiti Watch: Prevent and remove graffiti
tion. Beautification/Green N’at: Beautify our neighborhood
through community artwork, landscaping and ridding
SOCIAL the neighborhood of litter and trash.
• SSCC offers its members opportunities to meet Public Safety: Address quality-of-life issues across the
their neighbors and have some fun! neighborhood including safety
Building & Zoning Committee: Work on zoning, ACHD
and BBI residential issues

Please mail your application to: South Side Community Council

Build positive relationships with

Voice your concerns and issues to

Affect change in YOUR neighbor-

SouthSide Lights
SSCC offers you an opportunity to:

government officials
your neighbors

Did You Know……….

Did you know South Side was once a major glass

making center? Pittsburgh’s first glass factory was

opened on the South Side in 1797 where the Du-
quesne Incline parking lot at Station Square is to-

At the industry’s height in 1876, there were 76 glass

factories in operation in the neighborhood.

South Side Community Council

Pittsburgh glass, with the majority made on the
zens, for others on a fixed income, or those with
profit (501(c)(3)), non-partisan, charitable organi-
zation. Members must be real property owners or
South Side Community Council (SSCC) is a non-

tenants for either commercial or residential use in

Membership discounts are available to senior citi-

South Side was recognized throughout America and

Europe as the finest in the world. Over 65% of all
glassware made in the United States came out of
Community Council?

$5 per student or senior citizen

What is South Side

Pittsburgh and Allegheny county factories. Presi-

Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Annual membership dues are

c/o Brashear Center

special needs. Please call for information. dents Andrew Jackson and James Monroe ordered
their glass and table ware from Pittsburgh compa-

2005 Sarah Street

$10 per household or
the South Side’s 16th or 17th Wards.

The most expensive glass made at that time was
dark red and used in railroad-warning lanterns. The
glass maker added pure gold to the mixture of sand,
potash and lime to produce the color.
South Side Community
Council, Inc.
c/o Brashear Center
2005 Sarah Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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