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friends of sabeel

north america
2018 annual report

A Christian Voice for Palestine

A message from FOSNA’s Executive Director
our values, our voice When institutions become of the elite, by the powerful, and for the rich, it
is incumbent upon the people to reclaim them. Following the teachings
We advance Palestinian liberation. of Christianity, the church must become of, by, and for the people and hold
governments to account. In 2018, our freedom of speech continued to be
We recognize theology is a liberating force. threatened by state and federal anti-BDS laws, our freedom of assembly continued
We believe active engagement with the world is an to be challeged on college campuses and local churches, and our faith continued
to be hijacked by Christian Zionist propaganda.
integral element of faith.
We are building a base of active support for In 2018, FOSNA allied with organizations working toward black, Latinx, and
indigenous liberation to strengthen our collective organizing. In 2018, FOSNA
Palestinian freedom in U.S. churches. supported regional conferences, preached in the pulpits of multiple churches,
worked in the streets for justice by the people, and held one of the largest
We value intergenerational leadership and advocacy. Christian conferences on justice for Palestine.
We are accountable to and led by Palestinian
With your support, we will continue making strides and building momentum in
communities in Palestine and the diaspora. our churches and local communities. Thank you for making 2018 a remarkable
year of movement building toward justice for Palestine. I am proud to be part of
We see the connections between struggles and work across this movement in the pulpits, in the streets, and in our global struggles.
movements for justice. Tarek Abuata
Sabeel is a global peace movement that
promotes a Palestinian theology of liberation.
Initiated by Palestinian Christians, Sabeel our impact and
seeks a just peace as defined by international
law and existing United Nations resolutions.
Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA) is a
nonprofit, Christian ecumenical organization
working toward justice and peace in Palestine
through U.S.-based advocacy and education.
our “palestinians speak justice” tour
30 churches visited 6 cities in 10 days
went HP-Free In May 2018, Rev. Naim Ateek, founder of the
Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center
To date, 30 churches and five Christian “When churches choose to in Jerusalem, and Tarek Abuata, FOSNA executive
organizations around the country have director, visited six cities for a speaking tour.
become HP-free, they not only
pledged to go HP-free! The churches take a stand against Israeli
signed our pledge to boycott Hewlett- Together, they visted Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne,
apartheid; they take a stand Goshen, Washington D.C., and Durham. Rev. Naim
Packard printers, inks, and other products against surveillance technology,
due to the tech company’s involvement in shared insights from his latest book, A Theology of
racial profiling, and violent Palestinian Liberation, and Tarek discussed ways
the occupation.
border enforcement worldwide.” to live liberation theology by acting in solidarity
— Rochelle Watson, with Palestinian calls for justice and lifting up
FOSNA National Organizer Palestinian voices.
“FOSNA played an instrumental
role at the Episcopal Church’s
General Convention, working with

#BDSWINS JunE 2018 | St. Louis, MO JulY 2018 | austin, tx

allies to get the church to act on
its principles and use economic
pressure to promote justice.”
presbyterian church (USA) episcopal church — Rev. Gary Commins,
Episcopal Peace Fellowship’s
of 1.5 million of 3 million Palestine Israel Network
• Urges RE/MAX to stop business in settlements • Divests from companies complicit in occupation
• Opposes anti-BDS legislation • Defends funding for UNRWA
• Opposes Israel’s annexation of Jerusalem • Condemns the U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem
• Calls for equality for Palestinians in Israel • Defends rights of Palestinian children
• Condemns killings of Palestinians in Gaza • Reaffirms Palestinian self-determination
150-member “It was a privilege to represent our council at
the Kairos Conference and engage with clergy we launched our palestinian
clergy and seminary action council! and seminarians globally in solidarity and
partnership for justice in Palestine.” narrative training program!
Since launching our Clergy and Seminary Action Council last year, — Rev. Allison Tanner, Clergy and
its membership has doubled to 150 clergy and seminary students Seminary Action Council Co-Convener Palestinian narratives have been historically silenced.
committed to advocating for Palestine. This year the council Yet, as Palestinians are displaced around the globe,
mobilized to... storytelling has served a central role in maintaining the
• Supported the Durham City Council to end police training with Palestinian community. By centering Palestinian voices
the Israeli military in the justice movement, we center the leadership of
• Hosted a webinar featuring Rev. Naim Ateek, Dr. Monica Burnett, those whose liberation struggle we are supporting.
and FOSNA executive director Tarek Abuata
• Initiated an interfaith statement in support of Pittsburgh Our Palestinian-led trainings foster the skills needed
Theological Seminary after the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh for Palestinians to write, develop, and share their “We want to be true and authentic to our
severed its relationship with the seminary for hosting FOSNA stories. We have trained over 60 Palestinians in San stories. We don’t need to sensationalize.
• Defended the Unitarian Universalist Church in Spokane for Francisco and Denver, and we will be hosting another The Palestinian story is sensational.”
showing the film The Occupation of the American Mind narrative training in Houston.
— Nadia Abuelezam, Palestinians Podcast
conferences & events Prophetic action:
building across Christians Convening for Palestine
In September 2018, we hosted the largest FOSNA leadership
retreat and interdenominational summit. With over 120
participants, Prophetic Action was one of the largest ecumenical
gatherings of Christian leaders and activists for Palestinian rights.
This year, FOSNA attended 12 conferences, Hosted The two-day convening hosted four panels and 10 workshops “As people of faith, we
7 workshops and events, and made 12 local visits on topics including liberative theologies, white saviorism,
congressional advocacy, HP-free church campaigns,
are called to resist. As
Christians, we must take
ACROSS 20 different cities denominational and municipal divestment, and media strategy.

— Rev. Traci Blackmon,
United Church of Christ
expenses growing & activating
2018 Financial snapshot our communities
Total Budget: $417,000 This year, we continued growing our
Interdenominational Leadership Network. Through this
This year, our work was sustained network, FOSNA connects Palestine/Israel Networks
by 1,494 individual donors, 43 (PINs) across denominations to strategize Palestine
monthly donors, and 174 Circle advocacy.
of Friends members.
FOSNA hosted a network webinar after the Presbyterian 5,400+ Facebook followers
and Episcopal convenings to reflect on lessons learned 1,500+ twitter followers
from denominational BDS victories.
11,700+ email subscribers
Our online community also continues to grow: 23,200+ website users
national Board of Trustees Advisory Board Patrons
leadership Rev. Canon Richard Toll, D.D., D.Min.
Laila Al-Marayati
Mubarak Awad
Kathy Bergen
The Most Reverend Desmond Tutu
Patron of Sabeel International
Anglican Archbishop Emeritus
Doug Thrope, Co-Chair Mark Braverman of Cape Town, South Africa
Michael Spath, Co-Chair Rt. Rev. (John) Barry Curtis
Tarek Abuata Rochelle Watson Kali Rubaii Ramah Awad Jay Visbal Rev. Diane Dulin, Secretary Tom Getman Rev. Canon Naim Ateek
Executive Director National Organizer Development & Communications
Internship Coordinator Coordinator Website Coordinator Lynn M. Martin, Treasurer Rt. Rev. Thomas Gumbleton Founder/Director
Gabriel Habib Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation
Jeff Abood Yvonne Haddad Theology Center in Jerusalem
Nicholas Ammar Zaha Hassan
Ronald G. Caldwell, M.D. Rashid Khalidi
Nahida Gordon, Ph.D. Atif Kubursi
Brian Grieves Afif Safieh
Marie-Claire Klassen Joh Salzberg

Catherine Nichols Dorothy Jean Weaver
John Erickson Melissa Otero Amy mclaughry Ashleigh zimmerman Mandy Erickson Robert Ross Cornel West
Senior Program Advisor Administrative Assistant Accountant Data Specialist Editor
our goals for 2019 Join us in 2019!
• Grow our Clergy and Seminary Action Council to 200 members FOSNA is dedicated to standing in solidarity with
• Expand our HP-free church campaign into a cross-movement justice Palestinian people as they struggle for their rights.
As a Christian Voice for Palestine, we are part of a
church campaign
chorus of voices holding the church accountable
• Launch a speaking tour to promote 50 justice congregations for its powerful role on the global stage. We play a
• Co-launch Journey Towards Justice, a curriculum on Palestine for critical role in strengthening a U.S.-based call for
black churches that includes a training program for facilitators with justice that is growing across movements.
Thank you for being a strong supporting member
• Support three Cities for Palestine BDS campaigns at municipal level of FOSNA. Our successes in promoting Palestinian
• Fund three seminary faculty and student witness trips to Palestine Liberation Theology is the culmination of your many
• Host three Palestinian Narrative Trainings contributions. This movement only grows with your
support. Donate today online at fosna.org/voice or
• Support BDS initiatives at national denominational gatherings
by using the enclosed donation form!
A Christian Voice for Palestine

PO Box 3192 Greenwood Village, CO 80155
(503) 653-6625 | friends@fosna.org