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Project Title: START RIGHT!

: A Seminar for Online-Business Beginners

Project Proponent: This project proposal is presented by Erika Mae V. Campillos, a grade 12 student of
Daraga National High School.

Project Rationale:

Technology has truly emerged as one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It has produced
several useful items that had benefited every person’s daily living, from household chores to doing stuffs
in the workplace. It became a necessity rather than just purely entertainment.

One of technology’s greatest breakthroughs is internet which also offers the world of social
media. Social Media has proven its significance in today’s generation for quite a long time already. From
basic messaging to taking photos and all, Social media plays a big role.

And now, as human life continues to progress, a new advantage of social Media is continually
emerging, that is what we call- “Online Businesses”. This platform is a great tool to start up career
especially in the field of business. That is why the proponent had come up with the idea of conducting
an Online Business Seminar for the Beginners entitled “Start Right” , which eyes to train and equip
students who aspire to make it in the business industry as early as now.

Project Objective/Purpose:

This project that focuses on giving training and tips to students who aspires to start up a small
business through online selling aims to:

1. Give some basic information and background unto what is online-business all about.
2. Give them some practical tips on how to start up the business.
3. Let them explore creative ideas in putting up businesses online.
4. Give the some precautionary measures to ensure safety while earning money online.

Project Description:

Start Right is a seminar type training program for these students. Proponent will be inviting
some key speakers who have made significant impact in the said matter to share their learning and
stories of successes. But in order to make the seminar more lively, there will be some interactive
portions on the program like question and answer, or well known as the open forum session, so that the
students will have chance to ask questions they want to ask.


In order to accomplish the goals and objectives of this seminar, proper planning and execution is
needed. In this part, the proponent has presented the methodology on how the event will be realized.

On the first part, of course is the thorough planning of the program and selection of speakers. In
this stage, the preference of the audience must considered. Expectations and Objectives must be set
clearly. This will anchor the whole course of the project. Next up is the proper coordination to people
involved and tapping some key personnel that will be helping to conduct the seminar, like staffs and
program committees. Funds shall also be raised to support the financial need. And finally, the execution
of the project.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

In order to ensure that the seminar if of great value, evaluation sheets will be given right after
the event. Students will be given the chance to rate the program and the whole seminar. The proponent
will also be asking for some feedbacks to further improve the seminar.

Project time frame/duration: The seminar will be conducted on December 15, 2018, Friday. From

Project Budget: The financial needs of this project was raised by the proponent herself just to ensure
the quality of the seminar to be conducted.



1. Honorarium for the 1 Php 2,000.00 Php 2,000.00
Guest Speaker
2. Token for the Speaker 1 Php 300.00 Php 300.00
3. Certificate and Certificate 1 Php 100.00 Php 100.00
Holder for the Speaker
4. Snack for the Speaker 1 Php 150.00 Php 150.00
5. Snack for the Participants 50 Php 15.00 Php 750
6. Certificate for the 50 Php 3.00 Php 150.00
7. Venue Fee 1 Php 500.00 Php 500.00
8. Janitorial Fee 1 Php 250.00 Php 250.00
GRAND TOTAL Php 4, 200.00