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GO THE DISTANCE from Walt Disney Pictures’ HERCULES As Performed by Michael Bolton Music by ALAN MENKEN Slowly Lyrics by DAVID ZIPPEL D om tk l I - 1 | I 4 4 ct Lt od | A oD G oA i ef & Uhave of = ten dreamed of a far = off place where a ue known roa Wo em-beace any fale, thee that he t's wel-come — would be wait ing for me, where the crowds will cheer whan they road may — wan-der, it will Tend me to you. And a thow = sand yews — would be G oA Bm g FR Bm YA S he _@ ae 6 & = — = my face, — and a voice keeps say-ing this is whése I'm meamt 10 be. sam — the samt = Temightiake asife-time, ursome — how Til see it through. = Deady mvc DIA AL NG or Em Twill find my way Aad I'll stay om track. — Met = ~~ can be — strong: T know ev = ty mile sll be worth my cept. de feat Ws an up bill slope, — ba I Em? G A AUCH Bm DIA, = GIA. a 6 bees the — dis-tance, FU be night 2 Fiad ap Ace ob Bm emybsimb 2 i E i & DIA Gia. a7, uae ‘a ui ; a é ae a qi Shoot - ing star, 1 will go the dis - tance, T will seach the world. 4 j bs is if 4 29 pa A, G Diawaoyre 2 FRIAR Bm oF @@ e 1 will face its arms. I_____ dant eure how far. La. 7i~T] Lo cungo thedix- tance ait ‘