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The White Meat Value Chain in Tanzania Further information Research study on the value chain of

poultry in Tanzania, includes data on prices of chicken feed

Replacing Firewood with Biogas In Nakuru High School, Kenya Further information Case study of using
biodigester technology in a Kenyan school

University of Dar es Salaam research

Fee collection: most of the residents refuse to pay fees; this is true across different areas of the city and
not only in low income settlements. - Enforcement of bylaws: the fining process for the improper
disposal of waste is long and complex.

Private companies: they are not willing to work in low income and informal settlements.

Infrastructure (dumpsite and roads): Due to the quality of the roads, during the rainy seasons trucks
have to wait in lines over long period of times before they can dispose the waste into the dumpsite.

. Therefore, alongside the need for new dumpsite, it is crucial to work towards the implementation of
policies that encourage the reduction of waste at the household level.

Changing mindsets: changing the mindset of residents is crucial to keep the city clean.

At household level, it is essential that people understand the importance of separating waste, which
would reduce the amount that has to be transported to Pugu (thus alleviate the need for trucks and the
high traffic to Pugu). This requires awareness campaigns to change people’s mindsets and lifestyles
(because the production of waste is part of people’s lifestyles and consumerism). : “trash is cash”.