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Jeff Platsky
Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin

As the 500-pound gorilla of retail-

ing — Amazon — bears down on the in-
dustry, it might seem counter intuitive
to open a new 630,000-square-foot,
$80 million distribution center.
Not for Dick’s Sporting Goods. It is
determined to be a “retail survivor,”
analysts say.
On Thursday, company executives
and local officials came together in
Conklin to celebrate the opening of the
company’s fifth warehouse nation-
wide, a 650,000-square-foot opera-
Gabby Laubisch, age 5, of Apalachin, was first diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in August 2014 and tion that will eventually serve 160 of
underwent several long hospitalizations before receiving a bone marrow transplant in 2016. KATE COLLINS/STAFF PHOTO the chain’s more than 800 stores.
There was no hint of woe at the 45-

Beating cancer twice

minute ceremony in the center’s ex-
pansive break room, distinguished by
a small baseball diamond etched into
the flooring. Company Chief Executive
Officer Edward Stack, son of founder
Dick Stack, says the Pittsburgh-based
After being diagnosed at 2, Gabby is back to living life as a ‘normal kid’ sporting goods retailer is nearly ready,
after a short break, to continue aggres-
sive expansion as costs for retail space
Stories to Share Dozens of tiny collectible Shopkins toys are scattered on the floor, sur-
Katie Sullivan See RETAIL, Page 2A
Binghamton Press & rounded by more toys, books and games along the back wall of the Lau-
Sun-Bulletin bisch family’s well-used living room in Apalachin. z Gretchen Laubisch
places a pillow on the floor to make room for herself on the couch next to her 5-year-old daughter. Her
son climbs up beside her. z Then a door at the side of the room opens and Lucas and Gabby Laubisch
look up expectantly. Dad’s home. z “Hey guys, how was your day?” Greg Laubisch asks before taking a
Inmate dies
seat on the floor beside them.
in Broome
On the pillow, now propped against the foot of the couch, a
scripted message reads:
“Just the 4 of us; hockey playing, princess loving, full of
uncertainty lingered here just a year ago.
On Aug. 9, 2014, a few weeks after she’d turned 2, Gabby
Laubisch was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia,
County Jail
love, fabulous family: The Laubisch Family.” a type of cancer that starts in the blood-forming cells of the Hannah Schwarz
It’s a quiet Thursday evening for the Laubisches, sand- bone marrow. Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin
wiched between the dance practices, gymnastics classes and In that instant, Greg and Gretchen Laubisch were over- USA TODAY NETWORK

hockey games they juggle just about every other day of the whelmed by a single emotion: fear.
week. Moments like these — simple, normal — are treasured An inmate died in the Broome
in this house; they give no indication that turmoil, fear and See CANCER, Page 6A County jail Thursday morning, the
third known inmate death in the past
16 months.
Broome County Sheriff David Hard-
er confirmed the death, but declined to

‘Operation Hailstorm’ meth suspects face trials release the name of the inmate or the
exact time of death. He said the in-
mate’s next of kin and the New York
Anthony Borrelli Binghamton residents Charles Green, multi-pound shipments of meth were State Commission of Correction had
Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin 42, and Amanda Kamp, 27; along with brought into the Binghamton area been notified.
Endicott residents Vincent Harrell, 39, from Arizona, where Harris was resid- The last known death in the Broome
Misti Evans, 37, and Rachel Millard, 35, ing. County Jail occurred on Oct. 22, 2016.
Federal jury trials are scheduled April were among 10 defendants charged in The conspiracy allegedly spanned That death was reported to the Com-
2 for six defendants who were indicted the meth trafficking operation and their from January 2015 until Sept. 5, 2017. mission of Correction as a suicide.
as part of the “Operation Hailstorm” anticipated trials will be held at the fed- Harris allegedly communicated Harder declined then to release the
crystal meth bust in the Southern Tier. eral courthouse in Syracuse.
Alonzo Harris, 42, from Arizona; The U.S. Attorney’s Office alleges See TRIALS, Page 13A See DEATH, Page 2A

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Weather Wrestling ‘Mo’ in Cooperstown next year?
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Home delivery pricing inside Sunny. Forecast, 2A first state D-II dual meet tourney. 1C of Fame ballot. 1C
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LOW 28
HIGH 44 | LOW 31
Sunshine Partly cloudy A passing Continued from Page 1A
mixing with afternoon
some clouds shower drops in the face of industry tumult.
Based on Stack’s previous comments
SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY to Wall Street analysts, Dick’s is using
HIGH 41 | LOW 24 HIGH 36 | LOW 15 HIGH 18 | LOW 7 2018 to assess the future, and then de-
termine its next move to blanket the na-
Clouds Cloudy with A thick cloud
tion with its three sporting goods
breaking for snow at times cover
brands — Dick’s Sporting Goods, Field &
some sun
Stream and Golf Galaxy.
FOR THE LATEST FORECASTS Over the past several years, Dick’s Edward Stack’s speech became
BY THE NUMBERS REGIONAL has seen two of its former competitors emotional at times while discussing
fold: Sports Authority and Gander his father’s legacy.
Mountain. Other competitors are on ASHLEY BIVIANO/STAFF PHOTO
City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W
High 24° High 23° High 30°
Low 14° Low 14° Low 19°
Atlantic City
32 24 s
42 36 s
46 37 s
53 45 s
shaky ground. Yet, Stack said, Dick’s
Normal high 29° Normal high 31° Normal high 33° Buffalo 46 38 pc 45 30 r has maintained a solid financial footing,
Erie 47 38 pc 43 30 r
Normal low 15° Normal low 15° Normal low 15°
Harrisburg 47 29 s 57 41 pc and stands ready to embark on expan- will necessitate 200 more people.
Record high 63° in 1967 Record high 68° in 1967 Record high 72° in 1950
Record low -9° in 1963 Record low -16° in 1948 Record low -13° in 2004
New York City
39 32 s
46 33 s
54 46 s
57 47 s sion after the retail industry shakeout. Making the distribution center
Rochester 45 36 pc 48 33 c “There’s going to be some (retail) work on the 123-acre site was a nearly
Scranton 40 31 s 48 37 s
PRECIPITATION PRECIPITATION PRECIPITATION Syracuse 39 29 s 46 31 sh winners and losers, and we’re going to Herculean task. A hillside was shaved,
Thursday Trace Thursday Trace Thursday Trace be a winner,” Stack said. requiring the removal of 900,000 cu-
Month to date 2.72” Month to date 1.65” Month to date 1.40” NATIONAL Dick’s has come a long way from its bic yards of dirt; a wetland had to be
Normal m-t-d 1.99” Normal m-t-d 1.69” Normal m-t-d 1.56” Today Saturday
Year to date 2.72” Year to date 1.65” Year to date 1.40” City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W humble 1948 start as a 1,500-square- negotiated; and two trucking termi-
Normal y-t-d 1.99” Normal y-t-d 1.69” Normal y-t-d 1.56” Albuquerque 49 19 s 47 23 s foot bait and tackle shop on Bingham- nals were relocated.
Amarillo 63 23 pc 55 24 s
ton’s Court Street. And Stack, appearing “Even with all the hurdles we were
BINGHAMTON SNOWFALL in inches Anchorage
15 10 pc
51 34 s
17 8 pc
49 44 sh
emotional on Thursday, said his father going to find a way to make this thing
Aspen 27 5 sn 34 13 s
Thursday 0.3 Season to date 26.6 Atlanta
57 45 pc
69 56 sh
57 49 c
69 50 sh
would have welled up with tears if he work,” Stack said. “We were commit-
Month to date 13.5 Normal s-t-d 42.7
Normal m-t-d 18.1 Last season 63.2 Baltimore 49 33 s 58 46 s had lived long enough to see the compa- ted to building it here.”
Baton Rouge
65 55 c
39 24 pc
62 54 t
34 20 pc ny return to its roots with a modern, 170- Seven miles of conveyors transport
Birmingham 61 47 pc 58 50 r bay distribution center just a few miles goods from receiving to shipping, 100
EXTREMES: High: 77°, El Centro, CA; Low: -12°, Antero Reservoir, CO Bismarck
36 15 pc
43 31 sf
19 -3 c
41 35 sn from the East Side neighborhood the fork lifts move material down the
Boston 33 27 s 51 41 pc
family called home. 1,400-foot warehouse length, and
35 29 s
26 21 pc
46 38 s
43 34 c “Our deep roots in the community rows of warehouse shelving hold ma-
RISE SET Casper 30 17 sn 32 20 pc
Sun 7:23 a.m. 5:10 p.m. Charleston, SC 63 49 s 69 55 c played a part in considering this loca- terial waiting to be shipped as stores
Charleston, WV 59 35 s 56 42 pc
Moon 12:40 p.m. 2:03 a.m. Charlotte, NC 58 37 s 59 48 sh tion for our fifth distribution center,” show the need.
Venus 7:43 a.m. 5:27 p.m.
Mars 2:44 a.m. 12:21 p.m.
53 37 pc
54 44 pc
49 27 pc
50 32 r
Stack said. “If I had one wish I wish he “This is an American success story,”
Full Last New First Jupiter 1:55 a.m. 11:55 a.m. Cleveland 52 42 pc 48 33 r (Dick Stack) could be here today.” said New York Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul.
Columbia, SC 62 40 s 65 52 sh
Jan 31 Feb 7 Feb 15 Feb 23 Saturn 5:24 a.m. 2:35 p.m. Columbus, OH 51 40 s 49 32 r Ironically, the modern warehouse is “This can also telegraph to other com-
29 13 s
64 55 c
45 34 pc
66 41 c nearly within eyeshot of the company’s panies that this is a great location for
NATIONAL FORECAST Dayton 50 43 s 48 30 r original distribution center, since distribution centers.”
Daytona Beach 66 58 pc 70 60 pc
Shown are today’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation.
Temperature bands are highs for the day.
Denver 40 20 c 44 22 s closed. New York offered up to to $12 million
Des Moines
54 31 pc
49 41 pc
47 23 pc
48 29 r Although the company relocated in incentives to entice the center from
40 22 c
-20 -26 pc
26 8 c
-17 -27 s
headquarters to Pittsburgh in 1994 — for other states. The Agency, formerly the
100s Fargo 37 20 c 23 1 sn the stated reason of being closer to an Broome County Industrial Develop-
Flagstaff 42 12 s 47 19 s
Great Falls 37 17 c 27 15 pc airport with greater travel options — ment Agency, is developing a 30-year
80s Green Bay
46 32 pc
35 23 s
40 21 c
48 40 s
Stack said “our hearts are still in Bing- payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement,
Honolulu 83 69 pc 84 70 sh hamton.” and New York State Electric & Gas
Houston 66 57 c 68 55 t
50s Jackson, MS 63 51 c 59 51 r For Broome County, the project rep- Corp. is committing up to $540,000 in
40s Jacksonville
65 53 pc
23 14 c
70 57 c
23 10 pc
resents an economic development economic development grant assis-
30s Kansas City 58 29 pc 53 27 s coup. Long lagging the national econo- tance for electric and natural gas infra-
20s Key West 73 66 c 74 67 pc
10s Las Vegas 59 39 pc 62 44 s my in job growth, the region has only re- structure, and energy efficiency im-
Little Rock
57 43 s
57 49 c
51 36 r
57 34 r cently seen an uptick in jobs. The open- provements.
-0s Los Angeles
67 48 s
58 47 pc
76 55 s
53 35 r
ing of Dick’s distribution center also At the end of the third quarter,
Memphis 61 50 s 55 42 r makes the recently announced closing Dick’s had 852 stores nationwide and
74 69 c
47 36 s
76 72 pc
44 26 pc of the Sanmina circuit board plant in nearly 42 million square feet of retail
Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice
43 26 c
61 47 s
34 9 c
57 45 r
Owego a little easier to bear. space.
New Orleans 65 57 c 62 56 t A staff of 230 people, working two For the first nine months of the
INTERNATIONAL Norfolk, VA 52 37 s
Oklahoma City 62 35 pc
59 49 s
60 29 s shifts, staff the warehouse. That’s for company’s fiscal year, the company re-
Today Today Today
City Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W
50 27 pc
70 57 pc
46 22 s
73 61 pc
now. An expansion planned, with a still ported net income of $207 million,
46 36 pc
52 40 pc
Guatemala City
46 39 r
73 57 pc
Panama City
92 74 pc
48 36 pc
Phoenix 69 45 s 74 49 s undetermined timetable, will eventual- $1.91 a share, on sales of $5.9 billion,
Pittsburgh 51 37 s 47 32 r
83 68 c
68 47 s
71 60 r
77 67 pc
84 65 s
41 32 pc
Portland, ME 27 16 s 43 37 pc ly take the distribution center’s foot- compared with net income of $197 mil-
Bangkok 88 75 pc Helsinki 38 30 c Rio de Janeiro 85 76 sh
Portland, OR
45 41 sh
36 27 s
51 46 r
51 41 pc
print to 923,000-square-feet at an esti- lion, $1.75 a share, on sales of $5.4 bil-
82 76 pc
53 44 sh
Hong Kong
71 58 s
86 74 t
San Jose
58 45 pc
85 67 pc
Raleigh 56 35 s 62 49 s mated price of $60 million, a move that lion.
Richmond 57 34 s 61 50 s
Beijing 26 9 s Jerusalem 43 39 t San Juan 83 74 sh
Sacramento 52 36 c 58 38 pc
Beirut 55 49 c Johannesburg 80 59 pc San Salvador 89 64 pc
St. Louis 60 42 pc 56 31 pc
Belgrade 50 29 pc Kabul 53 23 s Seoul 13 2 s
St. Thomas 83 74 sh 83 74 sh
Berlin 45 39 sh Lima 76 68 pc Singapore 87 78 c
Salt Lake City 40 27 c 43 33 pc
Bermuda 60 56 c Lisbon 55 46 pc Sofia 39 19 s
San Antonio 68 58 sh 68 52 sh
Brasilia 79 63 t London 46 38 pc Stockholm 40 31 c
San Diego 64 47 s 72 53 s

Brisbane 89 73 pc Madrid 49 34 pc Sydney 84 75 c
Brussels 47 36 pc Melbourne 87 68 c Taipei 62 57 r
San Francisco 54 43 pc
Seattle 44 40 sh
57 45 pc
48 44 r Spokesperson Janine Kava said at the
Bucharest 35 19 s Mexico City 67 46 pc Tehran 54 40 sh
Budapest 42 29 pc Montreal 20 16 pc Tel Aviv 55 48 t
Sioux Falls
41 25 pc
37 30 sf
38 12 s
38 33 sn
time that the Commission leaves it up to
Buenos Aires
83 67 s
57 52 c
24 16 c
81 57 pc
40 30 s
39 32 pc
Tampa 74 60 pc 78 64 pc county jails to release the information
Topeka 61 29 pc 55 27 s
Cape Town 81 64 s Nassau 78 67 c Turin 44 40 r
Tucson 69 38 s 73 45 s Continued from Page 1A they see fit.
Copenhagen 41 36 c New Delhi 70 45 pc Vancouver 44 36 pc
Dubai 77 62 s Nice 57 48 r Vienna 41 34 pc
Washington, DC 53 39 s 60 49 s A month before the Oct. 2016 death,
45 43 pc
48 37 sh
37 26 sf
33 17 sf
38 34 pc
47 37 sh
Forecasts and graphics provided by name or circumstances surrounding on Sept. 30, inmate Kevin Carroll died at
AccuWeather, Inc. ©2018
Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice. the death, saying HIPAA regulations the UHS Wilson Medical Center, three
prevented him from disclosing the days after being taken there.
FOR CORRECTIONS cause of death, a claim of which legal Asked in an interview after the Octo-
experts interviewed said they were ber death whether the jail was consider-
Please bring errors in stories, photos, graphics or headlines to the attention of
skeptical. He also said an ongoing in- ing making policy changes in light of the
Consumer Experience Director Kevin Hogan at 607-798-1338.
vestigation kept him from releasing incidents, Harder said it wasn’t.
details. “There’s no reason to,” he said.
But Commission of Correction




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View of Binghamton looking west from the Press Building, about 1904. PHOTOS PROVIDED BY BROOME COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY

Views of Binghamton, circa

late 1800s and early 1900s
See the Southern Tier Throwback gallery at
Photos are provided by Broome County
Historian Gerald Smith.

View of Binghamton looking southeast from the View of Chenango Forks looking toward the
Courthouse dome, 1890. Chenango River, about 1900.





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Editorial Board
Neill Borowski, Executive Editor
Chris Kocher, Engagement Editor

Dana Milbank

Women ready
to rain down
fire and fury
on Trump
WASHINGTON – As hundreds of thousands of
women took to the streets on Saturday to vent their
discontent with President Trump’s first year in office,
the president, who is supported by just 29 percent of
women, did what he does best. He played the troll.
“Beautiful weather all over our great country, a
perfect day for all Women to March,” he tweeted, in-
structing women to “get out there to celebrate the
historic milestones” of his presidency.
If there is another Women’s March a year from
now, Trump may indeed get his wish to see women
celebrating. It took some time to build, but the wom-
en’s backlash against Trump is ready to rain some fire
and fury on him.
In addition to marching, women are running — for
What should NeverTrumpers
make of president’s successes?
office — at a pace that is on course to shatter records.
The Center for American Women in Politics at Rut-
gers University reports that 49 women are either run-
ning or planning to run for the Senate this year (pre-
vious record: 40), 389 for the House and 79 for gover- Byron York efforts to mount a 2020 challenge should the presi-
norships. The vast majority are Democrats. Columnist dent run for re-election.
Even as women marched Saturday, senators were Other NeverTrumpers keep hope alive for im-
marching into the office of Sen. Susan Collins, R- peachment. Max Boot, of the Council on Foreign Rela-
Maine, who led the successful effort to douse the lat- tions, worries that Republicans might maintain con-
est conflagration Trump set. Collins, and fellow Re- trol of the House in November’s elections, which
publican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, the women The start of President Trump’s second year in of- would lower the chances of impeachment to nearly
who thwarted the president on Obamacare, were also fice has given Republicans and conservatives an op- zero. So Boot, a lifelong Republican, is pulling for
at the core of the group defusing an immigration portunity to review a solid list of achievements: cor- Democrats.
showdown Trump had fanned with an ad accusing porate and individual tax cuts; economic growth; “I worked as an adviser on three Republican presi-
Democrats of being complicit in murder. wage growth; a conservative Supreme Court justice; a dential campaigns,” Boot said recently, “but now I’m
In off-year elections and polls, a gender chasm has record number of circuit court confirmations; dereg- actively rooting for Republicans to lose the congres-
opened. In Virginia’s gubernatorial race, Democrat ulation; the defeat of ISIS and more. Each is a devel- sional elections … because the Republicans have
Ralph Northam won women by 22 points, larger even opment worth celebrating, either by the standards of shown they are unwilling to uphold their oaths of of-
than Hillary Clinton’s 17-point margin in the com- conservatism, or the general welfare, or both. fice.”
monwealth. Northam won 48 percent of white wom- But for NeverTrump conservatives, the list pre- At The New York Times, conservative columnist
en, up from Clinton’s 41 percent. In the Alabama Sen- sents a challenge. Many support the actions, like cut- Bret Stephens, author of the recent piece, “Why I’m
ate race, Democrat Doug Jones beat Roy Moore by 16 ting taxes and reducing regulation, on Trump’s list. Still a NeverTrumper,” argues that reflexive Never-
points among women and came close to Moore Yet some have also staked their credibility and pres- Trumpism actually harms the effort to resist the
among white college-educated women. tige on declaring Trump’s election an unmitigated, president. Stephens recently took on Trump critics
The new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds historic disaster that will lead to an autocratic, dysto- who denounce the president even when news is good
Democrats with a 57 percent to 31 percent advantage pian future. Many want to force Trump out of office, — as when Apple announced that it will bring back
among women going into November’s midterm elec- either by impeachment, the 25th Amendment, or, at most of the $274 billion it has parked overseas, pay a
tions, twice the advantage Clinton had in 2016. Like- latest, defeat in 2020. $38 billion tax bill, and create another 20,000 jobs in
wise, December’s Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll So how to deal with the current good news? the U.S. Slamming Trump over a development like
found that women favored Democratic control of The most extreme NeverTrumpers, like The Wash- that, Stephens wrote, does “damage … to the anti-
Congress by 20 points. ington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, simply rail against ev- Trump cause.”
In a sense, gravity is catching up with Trump after erything the president does. But more sophisticated Stephens did not spell it out, but a reasonable in-
“Access Hollywood,” Roy Moore, talk of women NeverTrumpers are looking for nuanced ways to rec- ference for those in NeverTrump world is that giving
“bleeding,” and a #MeToo movement that has ognize the president’s accomplishments while main- the president his due on good developments will give
reached everywhere but the male-dominated White taining that he is a menace. NeverTrumpers credibility as they pursue the goal of
House. One strategy is to concede some of Trump’s suc- getting rid of him. Also at the Times, NeverTrump
Particularly striking is that attitudes of women to- cesses while insisting that the sum total of Never- conservative columnist Ross Douthat — all of the
ward Trump have little to do with the economy or Trump objections outweighs those gains. Times’ conservative columnists are NeverTrumpers,
conventional “women’s issues.” Rather, the antipa- At the Weekly Standard, for example, the editors which assures the paper a diversity of anti-Trump
thy comes from a perception that he’s dangerous and recently cited some of Trump’s accomplishments and opinion — recently debated NeverTrumper David
unstable. Republicans who plan to overcome the asked: “Isn’t it time for Trump’s conservative critics to Frum of The Atlantic on whether Trump’s presidency
gender gap by talking about the economy and tax acknowledge his election was worth it?” Their an- has so far been a tragedy or a farce.
cuts are wasting their breath. swer: No. While citing a few of Trump’s accomplish- Frum, author of the new book “Trumpocracy,” vot-
In the Post-ABC poll, there were relatively small ments, the publication argued that the president’s en- ed for tragedy, while Douthat said farce. Douthat, who
gender gaps on immigration, race and the Russia dorsement of Roy Moore in Alabama, his firing of FBI once hoped Trump might be removed from office via
probe. But there were huge gaps on Trump’s mental Director James Comey, his bombastic tweets about the 25th Amendment, now seems resigned to the
stability and whether Trump can be trusted with North Korea, loose-lipped meeting with Russian dip- president finishing his term; Frum, who helped get
nukes. Forty-two percent of women are very con- lomats, response to Charlottesville, and “shithole” na- the 25th Amendment talk going the day after the elec-
cerned Trump will launch an unjustified nuclear at- tions remark, along with other things, more than off- tion, is still hoping for an early Trump exit.
tack, compared with just 22 percent of men. set goods like wage growth, job creation and a victory Within the range of implacable opposition to
When The Washington Post’s polling wizard, Scott against terrorism. Trump, there is a lot of variation in the NeverTrump
Clement, ran analyses to control for people’s partisan The magazine’s founder and editor-at-large, Bill world — “9,000 cross-currents,” as Kristol remarked
leanings, he found that gender had no significant ef- Kristol, remains committed to Trump’s defeat. Asked recently. Before the election, NeverTrumpers were
fect on whether people give Trump credit for the recently what Americans should do if Trump’s four united by simple opposition to the Republican candi-
economy. Even after controlling for partisanship, years in office turn out well for the country, Kristol an- date. But Trump’s presence in the White House has
however, Clement found that women were 6 percent- swered, “We should pocket those gains (and) heave made things more difficult.
age points more likely to think Trump mentally un- an unbelievable sigh of relief. Trump will surely run into a major reversal some-
stable and 9 points more likely to be very concerned “I am still very much for constraining Trump to four day; that’s what happens to presidents. When it does,
about him starting a nuclear war. years,” Kristol added. “And nothing that could hap- NeverTrumpers can say they called it long ago. But as
This is consistent with what FiveThirtyEight ob- pen, honestly, at this point could tell me Donald long as Trump is piling up conservative achieve-
served this week: Women disapprove of Trump more Trump should be re-elected.” ments, life will remain complicated for the nation’s
than men do, regardless of party or race. That is, Re- To that end, Kristol said he is “quietly” working on NeverTrumpers.
publican women like Trump less than Republican
men, and black Republican women like Trump less
than black Republican men. Why? A combination of
Trump’s nuclear threats, the instability he has set off
at home, and his behavior toward women have left DOONESBURY
many anxious, angry and activated.
Years ago, in a long line of misogynistic com-
ments, Trump proclaimed that criticism doesn’t mat-
ter, “as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece
of ass.”
It’s fitting that this man has sparked a mass move-
ment of women poised to deliver a kick to his.

John Stossel: Keep the government closed.
Joe Conason: Useful idiots vs. the FBI. z FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018 z 5A

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New Clinical Strength

Diet Pill For 2018 Goes
On Sale Nationwide
Researchers discover how to redirect calories so they
are used by muscles as energy and not stored as fat. Trial
participants taking the new compound achieved 14 times
more fat loss than their placebo taking counterparts -
without restricting their diet or exercising.
By E.M. Abrams
National Media
NMS - People have Gabby Laubisch and her older brother, Lucas, play in the family’s Apalachin
always dreamed about home. Their father, Greg, says Lucas will play anything she wants to.
being able to eat the KATE COLLINS/STAFF PHOTO
foods they love and still
lose weight.
A top weight loss
company out of Cancer “We were told on several occasions to
prepare for the worst,” Gretchen said.
Colorado has achieved a Gabby’s time, doctors told her, was lim-
breakthrough that could Continued from Page 1A ited to a couple of months.
make this dream a reality. But, as Gretchen says, Gabby is a
Their new pill is gaining Life on hold fighter.
serious popularity
as dieters across the
Weight Loss Breakthrough for 2018: A powerful new diet pill Gabby and her mom would, in the Anonymous angel
called CC+ works by redirecting calories to where they will not be
country get results stored as fat. Study participants taking the active ingredient lost
coming months, make a home hours
without eliminating the over 14 times more fat than their placebo taking counterparts. away from their house in Apalachin, in On June 15, 2016, she finished her
foods they love. alternating hospital rooms at Children’s chemo treatments and two days later,
the International Journal Dr. Jacob Moss noted, Hospital of Philadelphia. Greg, who Gabby received a bone marrow trans-
Admittedly, the works at Lockheed Martin in Owego, plant.
of Medical Sciences and “I recommend it to
idea sounds too good and Gabby’s brother, Lucas, were faith- Compared to everything she’d been
Obesity Journal. patients who have 10- 30
to be true. However, ful visitors every weekend, often toting through — the chemo and its side ef-
In the randomized, lbs to lose. It’s great for
the company says piles of gifts sent from well-wishers as fects, along with the radiation — this
their recent discovery double-blind study, 60 people who have failed
overweight volunteers to lose weight in the past Gabby underwent rounds of chemo- lifesaving procedure was relatively anti-
provides a major upgrade therapy. climactic.
over other weight loss consumed the active because normal dieting
ingredient in CC+ for 8 is too hard and restricts They wouldn’t be her last. A day of rest, come in with a syringe
products that may have “Everything got re-prioritized,” Greg and it’s done, Gretchen said.
failed dieters in the past. weeks. They ate a normal food options.”
diet of roughly 2,100 said. None of Gabby’s family members had
AccordingtotheirHead “CC+ is a great choice
calories per day and did On New Year’s Eve that year, Gabby been a match to donate their bone mar-
of R&D, Brian Stephens, for someone who
no additional exercise. was discharged from the hospital, sent row for her. Unlike blood donation,
“Our breakthrough came has trouble staying
home with no signs of the leukemia cells matching bone marrow donors and pa-
when we discovered a The results were motivated while on a that plagued her. Through 2015, she was tients goes beyond blood type. It’s
compound that funnels stunning. At the end of diet. Because you can closely monitored for signs of illness. based on matching human leukocyte
calories into muscle the trial, participants eat normal food and lose Fever would be an automatic hospital antigen tissue, proteins found on most
instead of storing them taking the ingredient lost weight, it doesn’t require visit, Greg said, and her blood — where cells of the body, according to the Na-
as fat.” an astonishing 7.4 times major lifestyle changes the cancer first appeared — was tested tional Marrow Donor Program.
more weight than the or unrealistic levels of every month. A Be the Match registry drive had
The new pill is called
placebo group, and 14 self-control,” said Jose Every month, her tests came back been held in Gabby’s honor at Vestal
CC+ and early users like
times more body fat! Pereira, MD. with good results. United Methodist Church a few months
Betty A. from Colorado
are ecstatic. She says, In addition to the 110% Money Gabby bonded with her big brother, prior, where a long line of people took a
weight loss, participants gained back some of the weight chemo swab to their cheeks and added their
“I can never stick with
Back Guarantee took from her and started taking weekly names to a global registry — the pro-
a diet for more than a Amazing feedback
week or two because • Lost 3 inches off their dance classes as the Laubisch family gram connects 488 transplant centers
waists from users of CC+ adjusted to this new normal. worldwide — but the idea wasn’t neces-
I’m always starving and has generated a wave
crave real food. With CC+ • Lost 2 inches off their Gabby had regular medical visits and sarily to find a donor for Gabby in Vestal.
hips of con�idence at the was prescribed up to 15 medications, Finding a match at home would have
there is nothing to “stick”
company. So much so but her childhood was otherwise pro- been highly unlikely, Greg said. Be the
to since I can get results • Lost 1 inch off each
that they now offer CC+ gressing normally and cancer-free. Match estimates only one in 430 regis-
with the food I love!” thigh
with a 110% money As a family, they took a trip to Disney try members end up being donors. In-
Stephens adds, “Even “Losing this many back guarantee.
inches is exciting be- World, and Gabby had the chance to stead, the drive served as an opportuni-
frustrated dieters like
cause it translates into The company’s meet with Anna and Elsa — Gabby’s a ty to raise awareness of bone marrow
Betty are getting amazing
dropping 2-4 dress siz- es president, Michael big fan of “Frozen” — dressed in her full- donation.
results. It’s really taking
Kenneth says, “We’ve skirted Princess Anna ballgown cos- In the end, Gabby’s transplant came
off…we believe it will and a much smaller belly.
seen how well it works. tume, and then quickly changing into thanks to an anonymous donor.
break all of our sales That’s visually noticeable
Now we want to remove her Queen Elsa one. The Laubisch family knew nothing of
records within the next weight loss,” said Steve
any risk for those who Then, a day before the anniversary of the man or woman who’d chosen to reg-
quarter.” Young, VP of Marketing
might think CC+ sounds Gabby’s hospital discharge, a devastat- ister as a bone marrow donor at the
for CC+.
Exciting New too good to be true.” ing discovery: The cancer had returned, time.
Discovery How It Works Simply take the pill this time in her brain and spine. “We are beyond thankful for the gift
Normally, your body exactly as directed. You of life from Gabby’s donor that has al-
The excitement
breaks calories down must enjoy fast and Cancer’s return lowed our family to return to a normal
about CC+ comes from
into simple sugars. impressive weight loss. life under the same roof,” Gretchen said.
researchers combining
Otherwise, return the Gretchen and Greg said they’d sus- As they’d later find out, the 30-year-
two highy synergistic However, CC+ blocks
product as directed and pected something was wrong in the old Boston man who’d undergone the
compounds for the enzyme that initiates
days prior when Gabby, who’d become surgical procedure required to donate
impressive weight loss. this process. Since they you’ll receive 100% of
an energetic, signing, dancing 3-year- bone marrow for Gabby’s transplant
The �irst has a aren’t broken down, your money back plus an
old, started to look “off.” had completely forgotten he’d regis-
remarkable ability to they aren’t absorbed and extra 10%.
“She would fall asleep anywhere,” tered a decade prior.
stored in fat cells. It’s like
prevent the body from
eating less.
How To Get CC+ Gretchen said. It was back when he was a 19-year-
storing calories as fat. Since this is the of�icial “And her face was puffy,” Greg added. old Marine, the donor, whose first name
Stephens explains it While this is Though a blood test two weeks prior is Paul, would tell the Laubisches a year
release of CC+ in New
this way, “CC+ starts by impressive, the magic had shown nothing suspicious, an MRI after the transplant at Gabby’s aunt’s
York, the company
preventing many of the happens by ensuring back at CHOP revealed a tumor at the home in Boston — anonymous donors
is offering a special
calories you eat from “unblocked” calories base of Gabby’s brain, and several more and patients are able to meet if they
discounted supply plus
being broken down aren’t deposited in in her spine, confirmed acute myeloge- both agree to it at least one year after the
free gifts to anyone who
into the simple sugars fat cells. Instead, key nous leukemia cells. procedure — when he passed by a Be
receptors on muscle
calls within the next 48
(glucose) that are quickly hours. Once again, Gabby’s parents faced The Match registry table and decided on
stored as fat. Instead, cells are activated - the sight of their daughter lying in a hos- a whim to sign up.
these receptors grab the A Regional Order
these calories pass pital bed, with a central line in her chest. “It was random,” Gretchen said.
unblocked calories and Hotline has been set up This time there was also an external When the calls and emails came in 10
harmlessly through the
stores them in the muscle for local readers to call. ventricular drain, inserted to drain spi- years later, telling him he was a match
digestive system.
or uses them as energy. This gives everyone an nal fluid from her brain and, also new, for a patient, the donor assumed they
The second compound equal chance to try CC+.
“tricks” the body into Young adds, “The the plan for after chemo: Gabby would were spam, not realizing then the pro-
science is impressive, but Starting at 6:00 am need a bone marrow transplant. found effect he would have on the life of
storing the remaining
people really care about today the order hotline Again the Laubisch family’s little a little girl and her family, with whom he
calories in muscle tissue
results. In this case, it will be open for the next fighter underwent chemo at CHOP, now shares a friendship.
instead of fat cells.
means you can eat the 48 hours. All you have which Gabby had started calling “my “We kind of felt like we’d known
Stephens continued, to do is call TOLL FREE hospital” and “my Philly.” Again Greg him,” Greg said of their meeting in Sep-
foods you want and still
“The combination 1-888-779-0452 and the and Lucas visited on the weekends. tember 2017.
lose weight.”
is a signi�icant company will do the rest. They had late-night conversations with’s like Recommended Greg’s sister, Jamie Flerlage, who is a Her first ‘re-birthday’
cutting calories, except Due to recent media
you get to eat the food!”
By Medical exposure, phone lines pediatric oncologist at St. Jude Chil-
Experts are often busy. If you call dren’s Research Hospital in Tennessee After the transplant, the Laubisch
Remarkable “The science behind and do not immediately and who visited frequently for consults. family temporarily relocated to Phila-
Clinical Results get through, please be Friends and neighbors sent gifts. The delphia. They moved into an apartment
CC+ is incredible, which
patient and call back. Laubisch family’s church, Vestal United 15 minutes from the hospital — in case
Clinical trials is great considering most
Current supplies of CC+ Methodist, put Gabby on their prayer something happened — where the four
were conducted by weight loss products
are limited, and callers list, and Lucas’ school, Tioga Hills Ele- of them could stay under one roof.
researchers from are untested,” said Dr.
that don’t get through to mentary, hosted a coin drive for Team Greg could use a side room as an of-
Georgetown University Arif Kahn, MD. “While
the order hotline within Gabby — Gabby’s aunts had T-shirts fice and continue working remotely and
Medical Center as well as it can’t compensate for made emblazoned with the words Gabby’s doctors could keep a close eye
doctors from the Practice irresponsible overeating, the next 48 hours may be
forced to wait for future “Team Gabby” to raise money for their on her progress over the next three
for General Medicine in CC+ can help dieters lose niece — for Relay for Life. months.
Berlin, Germany. The weight without giving up public announcements
of availability. Gretchen and Greg took turns going For a while she couldn’t be in public
results were published in their favorite foods.” for walks to clear their head. Gretchen places. Then she could, but only if she
posted updates on a CaringBridge page wore a mask. She had regular checkups
TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. ALL DOCTORS MENTIONED ARE REMUNERATED FOR THEIR SERVICES. for Gabby, as much to keep friends and with her team at the hospital, even after
MAKERS OF CC+. family informed as to “keep our sanity.”
They weren’t always promising, See CANCER, Page 7A z FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018 z 7A


Chenango Forks ROXANNE EAVES

Cancer her first day of school.

It was a moment they prayed for and
How to help
Now reaching stability in their daughter
absentmindedly, content.
They still pray, Lucas says, for Gabby.
one they’re truly grateful for. They also pray for those children they
Continued from Page 6A “We are so thankful for everyone’s Gabby’s health journey, the Laubisch met during Gabby’s hospital stints, oth-
thoughts, prayers, and support over the family would like to pay it forward, and er families struggling with the same, or
the family was cleared to move home to past few years,” Gretchen said. “Gabby ask for the community’s help to support worse, circumstances. On Sept. 24, they
Apalachin. wouldn’t be where she is without them.” the Busch family, of Binghamton, whose participated in the 5K Parkway Run &
During that year following the trans- These days, Gabby has checkups 4-year-old son, Cooper, is battling Walk in Philadelphia, the proceeds from
plant, Gabby was, as Gretchen puts it, with her doctors at CHOP every few leukemia. which go to pediatric oncology research
“isolated from the world.” months. They’ll be less frequent as she What: Cooperpalooza, a benefit for the at CHOP.
But each checkup brought good continues to do well. Busch family “We got tons of help,” Greg says of the
news, Gabby continued to do well, and Gabby takes medication twice a day: many family members, friends and
on June 17, 2017, the Laubisch family cel- two in the morning and two at night. When: 1-5 p.m. March 25 neighbors in the community who rallied
ebrated her birthday. Not the anniversa- Every day, Gretchen marks it down in Where: Touch of Texas, Northgate around the Laubisch family over the
ry of the day she was born, but a cele- a notebook when she’s given Gabby her Plaza, 1240 Front St., Binghamton past few years. Now, he says, they’d like
bration they call her “re-birthday,” medicine, and adds to the tally of days to “pay it forward” and help those fam-
marking one year since her transplant. since her transplant. Cost: $15 adults; $5 children 10 and ilies facing the same battles.
“The big milestone was getting past a “Helps us keep our sanity,” she said. under Gabby giggles and cuddles closer to
year,” Greg said. “At this point we’re so thankful Gabby’s More information: kickitcooper@ her mom when asked what she likes
By July, she was back to dance class- doing as well as she is.” or 607-725-8553 best about school. Math, as it turns out,
es and enjoying the summer “like a nor- Gabby and her brother Lucas spend a is her favorite subject.
mal kid,” he said. lot of time drawing and playing together Join the bone marrow registry at She’s 5, but Gabby Laubisch also al-
Then a week before meeting her do- — he’ll play anything she wants to, Greg ready knows what she wants to be when
nor and 15 months after receiving a life- says. Gabby takes tap, ballet and jazz she grows up.
saving bone marrow transplant, the big dance classes at The Dance Shoppe in “A doctor.”
day arrived. Gretchen and Greg had re- Vestal, as well as gymnastics classes band holding most of her dark hair away In Stories to Share, reporter Katie Sul-
peatedly been told this day might never and plays hockey. from her face. She has a pink iPad in her livan spends time with the Southern
come for their daughter. “She can just be a normal kid,” Greg hands, on which she’s playing a color- Tier’s most fascinating people. She’s
said. by-number game, one of the Laubisch looking for stories that will make you
‘A normal kid’ On this particular night, 5-year-old siblings’ favorites — Lucas says he’s up laugh, cry or be inspired. Know of some-
Gabby sits cuddled in the corner of the to 79 different colors now. one who should be featured? Email her
On Sept. 7, Gabby Laubisch hopped couch with her knees tucked under her, While her parents discuss the turbu- at, and
on the bus with her big brother and delicate wire-rimmed glasses perched lent health journey that’s brought them follow her on Twitter @ByKatie
headed off to Tioga Hills Elementary for on her nose and a pink butterfly head- here to this peaceful evening, she hums Sullivan.

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PEANUTS / Charles M. Schulz
Aries (March 21-April 19). Your to success. Desire is the magic.
best friends aren’t the ones who Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). People’s
go along with everything you say bad vibes can affect you even if
without question. They’re the they are not about you. Who
ones who will challenge you once needs that? Get away. Don’t wait
in a while and, in doing so, either for them to be directed toward
cause you to take a stronger you.
stand or change your mind. Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You
Taurus (April 20-May 20). There’s have an especially tight bond with
something in you that will keep family these days. There are those
you doing things the way you’ve who might get a little jealous of
always done them. It’s not that the love flowing between you and
you can’t fall in line and follow the your favorite people.
directions; it’s that you think Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21).
there might be a better way. So go Even loners are better off with a
on and find it. little social support. And for the DILBERT / Scott Adams
Gemini (May 21-June 21). Some socially motivated, it’s especially
people love sentimentality. important to gather a team. Ac-
There’s hard evidence of this in countability is key in goal getting.
box-office statistics and televi- Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). If you
sion-watching trends every- can’t figure out how to eliminate
where. But you’d rather take ten- the obstacles in your path, maybe
derness, sadness and nostalgia in you can imagine a way to arrange
small doses. them differently.
Cancer (June 22-July 22). Three is Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Since
an age-old magic number, from you live inside your own head,
building seating, to knocking on you’re acutely aware of your inse-
wood, to setting up the punchline curities in a way that no one
of a joke. around you could ever be.
Leo (July 23-Aug. 22). Life is root- Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20). Older
ing for you, though you may not people find the banter of younger
love the cheer. It’s aggressive- people amusing, or possibly ob-
sounding. Unnecessarily acrobat- noxious, as it’s a reminder of how BLONDIE / Dean Young & John Marshall
ic. they themselves used to relate to
Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Talent others before they knew so much
creates opportunity. Opportunity of life.
creates talent. Neither are crucial

GARFIELD / Jim Davis


BETWEEN FRIENDS / Sandra Bell-Lundy

WIZARD OF ID / Brant Parker & Johnny Hart


CLOSE TO HOME / John McPherson

DENNIS THE MENACE / Hank Ketcham z FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018 z 9A

ZITS / Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman

HAGAR / Chris Browne

GIL THORP / Neal Rubin & Rod Whigham

BABY BLUES / Jerry Scott & Rick Kirkman

B.C. / Mastroianni and Hart

PICKLES / Brian Crane

JEFF MACNELLYS SHOE / Gary Brookins & Susie MacNelly

HI & LOIS / Brian and Greg Walker



Some local school districts ‘fiscally stressed’

Katie Sullivan Levels of fiscal stress, officials said, school districts across the state have
Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin are determined by financial indicators been classified as in fiscal stress,” DiNa-
including year-end fund balance, cash poli said in a statement, “school officials “While it is welcome news that
position, short-term borrowing and pat- should remain vigilant and carefully so few school districts across
The Cortland, Harpursville, Norwich terns of operating deficits. consider how their budgeting decisions the state have been classified
and Schenevus school districts are Those listed as fiscally stressed were will affect their long-term fiscal condi- as in fiscal stress school
some of the seven districts considered designated based on the fiscal year end- tion and local taxpayers.”
in “moderate fiscal stress,” according to ed June 30, 2017. Marathon, Richfield Springs, Otego-
officials should remain vigilant
State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s Regionally, central New York and the Unadilla and Oxford were designated as and carefully consider how
office. Southern Tier had the largest propor- “susceptible to fiscal stress” in the re- their budgeting decisions will
On Thursday, DiNapoli’s office an- tions of districts in a fiscal stress cate- port. affect their long-term fiscal
nounced 26 New York school districts gory, according to the report. The sys- Follow Katie Sullivan on Twitter condition and local taxpayers.”
were designated as fiscally stressed, tem does not cover the New York City @ByKatieSullivan.
down from the 59 districts listed last School District. Thomas DiNapoli
State Comptroller
year. “While it is welcome news that so few

Mary Worth The Family Circus

Answer to previous puzzle

Rex Morgan


Goren Bridge z FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018 z 11A

Name Age Town, State Death Date Arrangements
*Anderson, Ralph W. 83 Johnson City 24-Jan Barber Memorial Home, Inc. JOHNSON CITY -
*Arcangeli, Michael “Mickey” Paul 88 Johnson City 19-Jan Laskowski Funeral Home Alvera (Silba) Fletcher,
*Becker, Trisa M. 52 Vestal 19-Jan Thomas J. Shea Funeral Home Inc. 91 went home to be with
*Began, Tillie 92 - 23-Jan Bill Scheider/Chopyak Scheider Funeral Home the Lord on January 16,
*Bowen, Rev. Herbert B. 87 Owego 22-Jan Estey, Munroe & Fahey Funeral Home 2018, surrounded by her
*Brinser, Donna 86 Endicott 21-Jan Coleman & Daniels Funeral Home, LLC family. She was born
*Diesenberg, Jeane 95 Binghamton 21-Jan Wm. R. Chase & Son Funeral Home on August 5, 1926, in
Ellis, Erford P. ‘Bunk’ 70 Lisle 25-Jan MacPherson Funeral Home Binghamton, NY. She
*Falank, Thelma 88 Binghamton 22-Jan Fischer-Scholder Funeral Home, Inc. was predeceased by her
*Fletcher (Silba), Alvera 91 Johnson City 16-Jan J.A. McCormack Sons Funeral Home husband Gerald (Red)
*Frey, Paul Amos 75 New Milford, PA 24-Jan Tuttle-Yeisley Funeral Home, Inc.
*Goozovat, Dr. Stephen 53 Johnson City 27-Jan Wm. R. Chase & Son Funeral Home Fletcher, her parents
*Harris, Merry 67 Binghamton 19-Jan J.A. McCormack Sons Funeral Home Peter and Filomena Silba,
*Krzyznieski, Joseph A. 90 Chenango Bridge 18-Jan Wm. R. Chase & Son her sister Lillian Tombs and her brother Anthony
*McVannan, Roger 83 Endicott 20-Jan Coleman & Daniels Funeral Home, LLC Silba.
Parrotti, Jr., Samuel A. 88 Binghamton 21-Jan Thomas J. Shea Funeral Home Inc Vera is survived by her children Lynne (Kevin)
*Snyder, David L. 71 Binghamton 22-Jan - Telfer and Jarol Dunlap. Her grandchildren Jackie
*Verno, Vivian M. 82 Owego 25-Jan Estey, Munroe & Fahey Funeral Home Dunlap and David Dunlap, Kelly (Michael) Roma
*Wagstaff, Gary W. 67 Binghamton 11-Jan Alavon Direct Cremation Service and Kevin (Julia Whetzel) Telfer; her great-grand-
Willow, Kimberlea A. 56 Endwell 24-Jan Barber Memorial Home, Inc children Derek and Noah Cardenas and Harper
* Additional information in display obituaries Roma. Her step-great-grandchildren Liam and
Obituaries appear in print and online at
Michael Roma, Tyler and Ian Harder, and her son
Ralph W. Anderson in law Dave Dunlap. She is also survived by her
JOHNSON CITY - sisters and brother; Josephine Fragale, Philomena
83, of Johnson City, (Chickie) Silba, Lena Silba, Adeline and Jim Staf-
passed away at home ford, Peter and Mary-Grace Silba, Florence and
on Wednesday, Janu- Steve Nanni and her sisters in law Betty Silba, Lil-
ary 24, 2018. He was lian Goozovat and Helen Donovan and her lifelong
Rev. Herbert B. Bowen best friend, Betty Durkot. A Funeral Mass will be
predeceased by his wife
Joan Anderson. He is OWEGO - Rev. Bowen was predeceased by his offered at St. Mary of the Assumption Church,
survived by his children wife of 65 years, Helen Y. Bowen and his parents, Court Street, Binghamton, Saturday January 27th
Chuck and Julie Ander- Herbert W.S. and Helen E. Bowen. He is survived at 9:30 a.m. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery,
son; John and Nadine by his four children and their spouses, Deborah Johnson City. The family will receive friends at the
Anderson; Ralph An- and Marvin Persons, David and Magdalena Bowen, J.A. McCormack Sons Funeral Home, 141 Main
derson, Jr.; Jerry and John Bowen, Jennifer and Michael Lavin; eight Street, Bingamton, Friday January 26th from 5
Brenda Anderson; 12 grandchildren, Sarah, Nathan, and Chris Persons, to 7 p.m.
grandchildren and sev- Bradley and Megan Bowen, Timothy Bowen, Lexi
eral great grandchil- and Eliana Lavin; and seven great-grandchildren
dren. Ralph had a ca- Kyle, Kailey, and Kevin Hillegass, Cameron and
reer in the Military as Kadence Persons, Leopold and Ophelia Bowen;
an aviation mechanic. brother and sister-in-law, Robert and Lorraine Trisa M. Becker
He served for 22 years Bowen; sister, Susan Trueworthy and partner Larry Meracle; brother-in-law VESTAL - Trisa M.
which included 1 tour and sister-in-law, William and Marilyn Youngs; and a close-knit extended Becker (Raimondi) 52,
in the Korean War and family of nieces and nephews. Rev. Bowen graduated with a Bachelors’ of Vestal, NY passed
2 in Vietnam. After the Degree in English from Hartwick College and from Wesley Theological away unexpectedly from
military he retired from Seminary with a Masters of Divinity Degree. He was a lifelong scholar with a brief illness on Friday
Universal. Ralph was a passion for reading and religion, loving philosophical discussions of both, January 19, 2018. She
a devoted family man especially if those discussions involved grandchildren. For many years he is predeceased by her
who was loved by all. He led educational trips to the Holy Land. He served as a Methodist minister mother Brenda Pusen;
will be greatly missed. for various churches including Cooperstown United Methodist Church, Wa- father and mother-in
A Funeral Service will verly United Methodist Church and the Westover United Methodist Church. law Joseph and Eileen
be held on Saturday at Family was the highlight of his life, especially grandchildren and in later Becker; beloved pet Kil-
11:00 at the Vestal Hills years, great-grandchildren. He baptized his grandchildren, later performed lian. She is survived by
Memorial Park Chapel, their marriage ceremonies and always reveled in the accomplishments of her loving husband of 28 years Paul Becker; father
3997 Vestal, Rd, Vestal. their lives. Rev. Bowen loved sports his entire life. He was a baseball player Peter M. Raimondi; sister Lisa (Jesus) Raimondi
in his youth, and an avid fan of competition. As a young man he loved Garcia, Paula Raimondi Etzkorn, Michelle Nelson,
watching his children play sports and later his grandchildren, and always Nicole (Brian) Pusen-Padgett, Yelile Raimondi
the Yankees! An old 1950’s black and white photo of an early “Yankees - Slaughter; brother and sister in laws Stephanie
Red Sox” game held a prominent place in his office for decades, a reminder (Brian) Kisloski, Michael (Marjorie) Becker, Tim
of the first time he saw them play. Rev. Bowen lived a life of service to the (Jeanna) Becker; beloved godchildren; as well as
communities within which he lived in and the populations they housed.
In Memoriams He was a long-time school board member, developed prison ministries, and
several aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins,
friends and co-workers. She enjoyed going to camp,
In Loving Memory Of
supported those who were especially challenged by life, parishioners and wineries and boating on Cayuga Lake. Trisa en-
Marjorie Olcott non-parishioners alike. Military veterans, especially Marines always held a joyed going to the beach for vacation. She attended
01/26/1932 - 04/12/2012 special place in his heart. One Christmas Eve he spent hours talking down Broome Community College and worked 26 years
Margie, a suicidal Viet Nam vet, convincing him to reach out for help. He was a gift for UHS Neurosurgical Group, formerly Southern
Today is your 86th not only to his family, but also to many others whose lives he touched with Tier Neurosurgical Group. The family wishes to
Birthday and you have his ministry and care. Memorial services will be held on Saturday, February thank Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia, PA
been gone six years. 10, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at the United Methodist Church of Owego with the
When my window
for their extraordinary care, and also Dr. Bajwa
Pastors, Jamie Stevens and Alan Jagger, officiating. The family will receive for his friendship, love and care over the years.
closes we will celebrate friends Saturday from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m. prior to the services at the church.
it together again. I will Visitation will be held on Saturday at St. James
always love you and
Memorial contributions may be made in Pastor Emeritus Herbert Bowen’s Church from 8:30am until 10:30am. A Funeral
never forget you. memory to the United Methodist Church of Owego, 261 Main St., Owego, Mass will follow at 10:30am. Entombment will
All My Love Forever, NY 13827. Condolences may be made to Rev. Bowen’s family at www. be in Calvary Cemetery at the convenience of the
Steve family. Arrangements are with Albert J. DeMarco.

Merry Harris
BINGHAMTON - Merry A. Harris passed away are visible throughout the City, from the vacant office buildings that were
peacefully in the presence of her family on January filled, to the community gardens that have taken root. She was a fabulous and
19, 2018. Merry was a devoted wife and best friend inspiring mentor of the young people she hired and the student interns she
to her husband of 36 years, John Perticone, and a supervised. Along the trajectory of her career she held numerous positions
loving mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother. on local boards. She was the recipient of many awards, including the Phoe-
She was a progressive, public-spirited individual nix Award for Community Service, Women of Achievement Award, Master
who was a passionate force in the community over Gardener, and in 2013, “Merry Harris Day” was celebrated in Binghamton.
several decades. In her professional life following her She rejoiced in planning family gatherings, displaying matchless wit and
graduation from SUNY Albany, she demonstrated insight while encouraging informed social and political discussions. Her
the tireless work ethic instilled in her by parents artistic talents were evident in her flower gardening, painting, photography,
Neal and Ruth, beginning first at the American Red and indeed in every facet of her life. She was capable of expressing bound-
Cross in Binghamton as an advocate for veterans. less love and genuine interest in all those she encountered. The loss to her
She also became adept at public relations while providing disaster relief for family is incalculable. Merry is pre-deceased by her parents, Neal and Ruth
hurricanes and floods across the country. While her children were in school, Harris, and her brother Keith Harris. She is survived by her husband John
Merry worked part-time in a number of leadership positions including Perticone, her son Christian Perticone and daughter-in-law Alex Rivera,
Executive Director of the Discovery Center and Executive Assistant to her her two grandchildren Clara and Julia, her daughter Kathryn Basques and
friend and County Executive Tim Grippen, where she initiated Partnership son-in-law Dr. Bryce Basques, her three brothers Dwight, Doug, and Kent
2000 and the Council on Governments, providing the framework for shared Harris, as well as numerous nieces, nephews and close friends.
municipal services. Her work was recognized when she was elected to the All are welcome to join us in celebrating Merry’s life in a brief ceremony
Broome County Legislature. She then left the public sector at the behest of followed by a reception on January 27, 2018 from 12-2 PM at Remlik’s Grille
her brother Kent to help him grow a fledgling contract manufacturing firm and Oyster Bar, 31 Lewis St. Binghamton, NY 13901. In lieu of flowers,
as the Human Resource Director and coordinator for the company’s suc- donations to VINES Binghamton would be appreciated – online (https://
cessful application for ISO certification. The company grew from a handful or P.O. Box 3104 Binghamton, NY 13902. We extend a
of people to 150 employees. Her desire to serve the public did not wane, special thank you to the nursing staff at Wilson CVICU and ICU for their
and in 2007 she joined the Ryan administration as the City of Binghamton untiring support and care to Merry and her family.
Economic Development Director. While holding that position over his two
terms in office, she was a moving force in the renaissance of Downtown
Binghamton, using her charm and wit to coax and prod developers, not-
for-profit agencies, and volunteers for the public good. Her achievements

Paul Amos Frey

Paul Amos Frey, 75, was
promoted to glory on
January 24, 2018. He is
survived by his wife of al-
most 55 years, Deb Frey.
He also leaves behind his
beloved children, Dawn
and Gene Kaercher,
David L. Snyder Michael “Mickey” Paul Arcangeli Bartlett, TN, Dean and
Teresa Frey, Bloomsburg,
BINGHAMTON - JOHNSON CITY - 88, of Johnson City, NY passed PA, and Cathy and Mat-
David L Snyder, 71, of away peacefully on January 19, 2018. Mickey was thew Smith, Cortland, NY; 11 grandchildren, Zach
Binghamton, passed predeceased by parents Mary & Paul Arcangeli, and Flora Frey, Alexis and Levi Lukonen, Miles
away unexpectedly mother & father-in-law Mary & Bernard Wnuk, Kaercher, Lydia and Johnny Fulks, Levi Frey, Haley
Monday, January 22, sister and brother-in-law Amelia & James Matteo, Frey, Benjamin Kaercher, Joshua Smith, Jadon
2018. He was prede- brother and sister-in-law James & Mary Arcangeli, Kaercher, Chris Smith, and Alexander Smith; 5
ceased by his parents brother-in-law Ben Conti and beloved special friend great grandchildren, Teylyr, Micayah, Malaki, El-
Beth and Leonard Sny- Fred Korutz. Mickey is survived by his wife of 65 iseo, and Lenya; three siblings, John and Floss Frey,
der. David is survived years, Katherine, son Michael and wife Gail, son Marty Redcay, and Jerry and Judy Frey; and many
by his son, Christopher; David and wife Donna and daughter Andrea and nieces, nephews, and extended family members.
grandchildren, Andrew fiancé John Wright. Grandchildren Jason, Janeil, Paul was employed with Word of Life Fellow-
and Allison; and step- Anthony, Vincent and Angela. He is also survived ship for 32 years in Schroon Lake, NY. He was
son, Josh Hujack. David by his sister Betty Conti and nieces Denise Casilio and Danette Matteo as passionate in serving the Lord at home and in
is also survived by his well as his sister-in-law Jeanette and her husband Ed Samuelson. Born in missions overseas. He loved to immerse himself
brother, Chris, (Linda) Endicott, NY, Mickey grew up on Robble Avenue. He was a 1947 Union-En- in God’s Word, especially after his third trip to
of California, sisters dicott High School Graduate and inducted as an Alumni Honoree in 2009. Israel in 2017. Paul enjoyed hunting, fishing, and
Colleen Clarke (Patrick) He played football in high school and continued his football career playing gardening, and sharing the bounty with family
and Tina Pennefeather semi-pro for the Black Knights in Endicott, NY and was co-founder and and friends. Paul was a generous, loving, humble,
(Jim) of Binghamton, Giants Coach for J.C. Pee Wee Football League. Mickey served in the US Godly, husband, father, grandfather, great grand-
as well as many nieces Army during the Korean War and was a member of American Legion Post father, brother, and friend. A memorial service will
and nephews. David 1700. He became a plumber and was a member of the Local 112 working be held at 4:00 p.m., Sunday, January 28, 2018 at
had many great friends many years at local companies on various local and state projects including the South New Milford Baptist Church. Friends
along the way and en- Picciano’s, IBM and SUNY Binghamton. Mickey served proudly on the JC may call from 2-4 p.m., prior to the service at the
joyed spending time School Board, Town of Union Zoning Board and was a JC Plumbing In- church. Memorial contributions in his memory
with people. While he spector and Town of Union Councilman. He was a long-time member of may be made to Word of Life, Overseas Fund, Box
was known for his in- the All Saints National Catholic Church where he helped build the Family 600, Schroon Lake, NY 12870.
genuity and cleaver Center. Mickey also owned and operated the Village Inn. Special thank you
solutions, fishing was to the staff at UHS Wilson South Tower 5 and Bridgewater 2A & 2B staff
his real passion. He left especially his daughter-in-law, Gail Arcangeli, who was his special guardian Dr. Stephen Goozovat
behind many friends, angel. Mickey loved his family, his faith, his community, his friends and
really all people. There isn’t anyone who does not have a kind word or a JOHNSON CITY - Dr. Stephen Goozovat, 53,
his closest being Joe
fond memory of him. May he rest in eternal peace. A memorial service Johnson City passed away peacefully with his fam-
Casey and Tom Burnett,
will be conducted at All Saints National Catholic Church, 42 Harry L. Drive, ily by his side after a brief illness. He was prede-
who were always there
Johnson City, NY on Saturday, January 27, 2018 with family receiving friends ceased by his father, John Goozovat. Dr. Stephen
for him. Burial will be
from 10:00am-12:00pm and mass immediately following. Private burial at is survived by his mother, Lillian Goozovat, his
at the convenience of
the convenience of the family. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation aunt Helen Donovan, cousin Gerald Goozovat
the family.
to All Saints National Catholic Church, 42 Harry L. Drive, Johnson City, NY also many nieces, nephews and cousins. Dr. Ste-
13790 or the Alzheimer’s Association, 441 W. Kirkpatrick Street, Syracuse, phen received a BA in Science in 1987 and a MS
Gary W. Wagstaff NY 13204. ((315)472-4201) in Science and Physics in 1990 then a PHD in
Geology Sciences in 2001. Dr. Stephen was a Pro-
FORMERLY OF BING- fessor at SUNY Broome for many years until his
HAMTON - Gary W. recent illness. When he was younger he worked the
Wagstaff, 67, formerly Goozovat farm where he nurtured a loved for the
of Binghamton, passed earth and farming, later he loved growing potatoes
away January 11, 2018 on his own land. He truly loved geology and what
in Daytona Beach, FL. Donna Brinser the earth provided. He was a loving son, cousin
He is predeceased by his ENDICOTT - Donna Brinser, 86, Endicott, NY. On and friend and will be dearly missed by many. A
parents Earl and Beverly January 21, 2018, surrounded by her devoted family, Funeral Service will be held on Monday January
(Quinn) Wagstaff. He our beloved Donna passed from this earthly life to 29, 2018 at 11:00 AM at the Wm. R. Chase & Son
is survived by one Aunt receive her angel wings as she joined her husband Funeral Home 737 Chenango St. Port Dickinson,
and Uncle, Carol and and family in heaven. She was born of late Ward & NY 13901, burial will follow in the Chenango
Bob Inman of San Jose, Reva Stratton and predeceased by husband Charles Valley Cemetery. The family will receive friends at
CA, and several cous- Brinser Sr., brother Paul Stratton and daughter in the Funeral Home on Sunday from 3:00-6:00 PM.
ins. Gary was an Army law Karen (Donahue) Brinser. Donna is survived by
Veteran. Entombment her sister Roberta (James) Block, sisters in law Ger-
is at the Cape Canaveral trude Kotsubka, Isabell Quartararo, Evelyn (Robert)
National Cemetery. Haynes, children Charlotte (Jerry) Bowie, Denise
(Thomas) Johnson, Charles Brinser Jr. (friend Mary Thelma Falank
Brush), Deanna Brinser, Christopher (Karen) Brinser, 11 grandchildren plus
their spouses, 12 great-grandchildren, 1 great-great grandchild, and many BINGHAMTON -
nieces, nephews and cousins. After graduating from Newark Valley High Thelma P. Falank, 88,
School Donna attended training in Kansas City and was employed as a TWA went to be with the Lord

Those we love ticket agent at Idlewild Airport, NYC. After meeting her future husband on Monday, January 22,
during a motorcycle ride, she happily married and started her family. She 2018. She was born in
was an active stay at home mother, participating and supporting all of her Hopbottom, PA on Au-
children’s activities. She began working as an AVON representative in 1973 gust 12, 1929 to Doro-

don’t go away, and consistently achieved President’s Club awards throughout her 45 year
career. She achieved her 40th Mrs. Albee award in December of 2017. Donna
thy and Harry Brotzman.
She was predeceased by
her loving husband,
became life-long friends with her customers and was known to frequently go
“above and beyond” helping those who were shut-ins or with special needs. Frank Falank, Jr. She
they walk beside us Some of Donna’s other interests include; Spirit of 76 Fife and Drum Corp,
President; Continental Ancient Fife & Drum Corp, President and marching
will be dearly missed by
her children: Sandra Falank, Nancy (Bill) Chase,

every day.. member; American Legion Post 1700 Auxiliary member, Honor Guard, and Antoinette (Fred) Marcello, Anthony (Annette)
officer; Treasurer and Trustee of Newark Valley Cemetery; active member Falank and Frank (Mary) Falank, III. she will also
of Central United Methodist Church including Sunday School teacher, be missed by her sister-in-law, Tonina Best; her
MYF leader and bell choir member. She also enjoyed sewing and crafts, grandchildren, many nieces and nephews; her spe-
being a Brownie leader, Red Hats Society, Antique Society, photography, cial friend, Sister Lucia Mugambi, as well as many

unseen, unheard, doll collecting, hot air ballooning, 34 years of our annual family reunion other cherished friends. Thelma was a devoted wife
vacations at Sylvan Beach and spending time with her grandchildren. A and mother whose biggest priority and joy were
service of celebration of life will be held on Saturday January 27, 2018 at 4:00 her family and friends. She was blessed to have
pm at Central United Methodist Church, 17 Nanticoke Ave., Endicott, NY. eight grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren and
but always near, The family will receive friends from 2 – 4 pm prior to the service. In lieu
of flowers please consider a donation in Donna’s name to Central United
three great-great-grandchildren. She unselfishly
opened her home to family, friends and others to
share one of many wonderful meals or just share
Methodist Shepherd Supper.

still loved,
memories and laughter. She touched many lives.
One of her greatest joys was making others happy.
She also had an amazing love for animals. Being
a devout Catholic, Thelma was very active in her
church, including being a member of the choir,
still missed Gone from us, but leaving memories death
being a Eucharistic Minister and preparing meals
for Fr. Cory VanKuren.
The family will receive friends at the Fischer-
can never take away, memories that will Scholder Funeral Home, Inc., 269 Chenango Street,
and very dear. Binghamton on Saturday, January 27, 2018 from
always linger while upon this earth we stay.
8:30 to 9:30 a.m. A funeral mass will be offered at
10:00 a.m. Saturday at St. Paul’s Catholic Church.
Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery at the con-
venience of the family. Donations in Thelma’s
memory may be made to the Humane Society,
source: The Book of Memoriams 167 Conklin Ave., Binghamton, NY 13903. z FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018 z 13A

NY expands access to flu vaccine for kids

Jon Campbell minister them to anyone over the age of strain of flu and make sure they and
Albany Bureau 2 until Cuomo rescinds his order. their loved ones are vaccinated,” Cuomo
Cuomo’s order comes as the state said in a statement. “Once again, I urge all
continues to see abnormally high in- The order does not require anyone to
ALBANY – Pharmacists across New stances of the flu, with 7,779 laboratory- be vaccinated without their consent, New Yorkers to help us
York will be able to administer vaccines confirmed cases in the past week, ac- and it does not apply to those under the
to children and teens after Gov. Andrew cording to the state Department of age of 2. combat this
Cuomo declared a disaster emergency
as influenza virus continued to spread.
Of those, 1,759 have resulted in hospi-
Along with his order, the state De-
partment of Health is increasing its ad-
quick-spreading strain
Cuomo issued an executive order talization. vertising campaign encouraging people of flu and make sure
Thursday suspending state law that Both numbers are the highest the to get flu shots.
prevents pharmacists from administer- state has seen since the state required To learn more about the flu vaccine or they and their loved
ing season flu vaccines to those under reporting in 2004, according to Cuomo’s learn about vaccine clinics, Cuomo’s of-
the age of 18. office. fice suggested residents contact their ones are vaccinated.”
Now, pharmacists who are autho- “Once again, I urge all New Yorkers to local health department or visit vacci- Andrew Cuomo
rized to give vaccines will be able to ad- help us combat this quick-spreading Governor of New York

Trials Four guilty pleas in four months also pleaded guilty to money laundering
“Barrett was aware that the
In the four months since the indict- According to court documents, Bar-
Continued from Page 1A ments were unsealed, four defendants rett received meth shipments from Har- packages contained what she
in the case have pleaded guilty. ris at her Syracuse residence from Janu- referred to as ‘methamphetamine’
with co-defendants to arrange the meth Most recently, on Jan. 3, Jolene Bar- ary 2016 until September 2017. Then she and that the dozens of packages
shipments and payments, according to rett, 41, admitted guilt in Syracuse to a opened and delivered the packages to that she accepted and delivered
court documents. felony methamphetamine conspiracy Johnson, Green and others; she was contained well over 50 grams of
The long-term investigation by charge. She remains on conditional re- paid $100 to $300 per package she re- ‘methamphetamine.’ ”
members of the U.S. Drug Enforcement lease. ceived.
Administration, New York State Police, The Syracuse resident is expected to “Barrett was aware that the packages U.S. Attorney’s Office
and other local law enforcement agen- be sentenced in April, along with three contained what she referred to as
cies into the meth trafficking operation other defendants: Binghamton resi- ‘methamphetamine’ and that the doz- eries on three dates: July 12, July 22 and
ended Sept. 20 with early morning raids dents Akuan Johnson, 39, and Kenneth ens of packages that she accepted and Aug. 22, in 2017. According to prosecu-
and arrests around the Southern Tier. Wilson, 46, as well as Owego resident delivered contained well over 50 grams tors, the packages Barrett received from
If convicted, some of the “Operation Jerome Bell, 35, who pleaded guilty in of ‘methamphetamine,’ ” the U.S. Attor- Harris in Arizona and delivered in ex-
Hailstorm” defendants face penalties December to federal methamphetamine ney’s Office said in her plea agreement. change for payment cumulatively con-
from 10 to 20 years in federal prison. conspiracy felony charges. Johnson Court records document meth deliv- tained more than one kilogram of meth.


Roger McVannan Jeane Diesenberg Vivian M. Verno

ENDICOTT - Roger E. McVannan, 83, of Endi- BINGHAMTON - Jeane OWEGO - Vivian M.
cott, NY, passed away at home on Saturday, January L. Diesenberg, 95, passed Verno, 82, of Owego
20, 2018. Roger was predeceased by his parents away peacefully on Sun- passed away on Thurs-
William and Helen (Card) McVannan, and his day, January 21, 2018. day, January 25, 2018.
grandson, Thomas Colling. He is survived by his She was predeceased by Vivian was predeceased
wife of 55 years, Patricia (Lancaster), his daugh- her parents Clinton and by her husband, Alexan-
ters, Mary (Douglas Beck), Elizabeth Lynch, and Wellma Martin; husband der Verno; daughter, Les-
Maureen (John Colling) and his grandchildren, Valentine Diesenberg; lie Stanton; sister, Regina
Meghan McCue, Nicholas, Brendan, and Aidan sister Ellen Small and her White; brother, Frederick
Lynch, Emma, Jack, Lily, and Ava Colling. He is also brother William Martin. White. She is survived
survived by his brother and sister-in-law, Fenton She is survived by her sis- by her two sons, Jeffery
and Phyllis McVannan, his Lancaster brothers ter Blanche McEwan and Verno, Gregg Verno;
and sisters-in-law, many nieces, nephews, cousins, many Loving nieces and nephews. Jeane was a daughter and son-in-law, Mary Jo and Donald
and former sons-in-law, Timothy McCue and resident director of the YWCA starting in 1965 and Brooks; son-in-law, Jim Stanton; five grandchil-
Gerald Lynch. He is also survived by his lifelong continued for well over 20 years. She was on the dren; five great-grandchildren; two sisters and
friend, Richard James. He was a 1952 graduate of board of directors of the Broome County Council brother-in-law, Esther Wait, Joan and Raymond
Union-Endicott High School, attended Bowling on Alcoholism, a deaconess at West Presbyterian Kithcart; sister-in-law, Pat White; several nieces
Green State University and graduated from Har- Church, she was also a member of the Interfaith and nephews. Funeral services will be held on
pur College (now Binghamton University) and Action Committee and the social workers advisory Monday, January 29, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at the
obtained dual Masters degrees at SUNY Albany. committee to Planned Parenthood of Broome Estey, Munroe & Fahey Funeral Home, 15 Park
He spent his life in the Binghamton area, begin- County. She was a Girl Scout Leader for several St., Owego with the Rev. Jamie Stevens, officiating.
ning his teaching career at Owego Free Academy years. Jeane enjoyed photography, gardening, play- Burial will be in the Tioga Cemetery. The family
followed by 45 years at BCC/SUNY Broome, re- ing cards and collecting miniatures. Her family will receive friends Monday from 10:00 to 10:45
tiring in December 2016. He was a proud member will remember her for always being a very gracious a.m. prior to the services at the funeral home.
of Endicott Sertoma for over 30 years, sat on the hostess and will dearly miss her. A Graveside ser- Condolences may be made to Vivian’s family at
Broome County United Way Buddy Camp Com- vice will be held in Calvary Cemetery on Saturday,
mittee, and was a Town of Union Conservation January 27, 2018 at 10am in the chapel.
Advisory Council Rep. He was dedicated to being Tillie Began
an educator, and in his own way, he loved his fam- - - Tillie Began, fell
ily, his friends, his hometown, and his God. The asleep in the Lord after
family would like to thank everyone who helped a brief illness on Janu-
keep his spirits up by sending cards and visiting, ary 23, 2018 at Elizabeth
it meant a lot to him and to us. Calling hours will Church Manor. Tillie was
be Sunday, January 28, 2018, at Central United born in Carbondale,
Methodist Church, 17 Nanticoke Avenue, Endicott, Joseph A. Krzyznieski
Pennsylvania on Febru-
NY, from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm with a service im- FORMERLY OF CHENANGO BRIDGE - Joseph ary 3, 1925. She was pre-
mediately following. The family will be hosting a A. Krzyznieski 90 formerly of Chenango Bridge, deceased by her husband
supper after the service in the church dining room passed away on January 18, 2018 in Fort Worth, of fifty years, Michael in
for family and friends. In lieu of flowers, please Texas. He was predeceased by his wife of 50 years 1997. Tillie is survived by
consider a donation to the BCC Foundation, PO Helen also 2 brothers and a sister. Joe is survived by her sister, Lillian Young
Box 1017, Binghamton, NY, 13902-1017, or En- his son, Paul & Catherine Krzyznieski and daugh- of Avon Park, FL, her loving nieces Helen Jane
dicott Sertoma, PO Box 636, Endicott, NY, 13760. ter, Joan & Bill Stermer, grandchildren, Kyle and Kachmarik and her husband Richard, of Chenango
Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam (May his soul be at Macy Krzyznieski, Angela (Kyle Balles) Stermer, Bridge, NY, and Joann Erickson and her husband,
the right hand of God.) Eric & Jennifer Stermer, Brian & Brenna Stermer, William, of Atkinson, NH. She also has many
Stephen & Ariel Stermer also David (Matthew nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews
Rummel) Stermer , special friend, Margaret Bayer and a special neighbor, Alice, who loved her very
and several nieces and nephews. Joe was a former much. Tillie was an incredibly loving and generous
member of St. Catherine of Siena Church and was person. We will miss her optimism, wonderful
a member of the Knights of Columbus. He was sense of humor and her ability to always speak
Perhaps a Veteran of WW II in the US Navy and a retiree
from Singer Link in Hillcrest with 30 plus years of
her opinion. She loved her church- Dormition
of the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church, watching
they are not stars service. In more recent years Joe has been living in the New York Mets, and spending time with her
but rather the Fort Worth, TX. Joe was a loving and devoted
father, grandfather and friend, he will be dearly
family. She was a retired receptionist for Dr. Casey.
A funeral service will be offered by Very Rev.
openings in Heaven missed by many. A Funeral Mass will be offered
on Tuesday January 30, 2018 at 10:00 AM at St.
Ilya Gotlinsky on Saturday 11am at Dormition of
the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church, 54 Baxter St.,
where the love of our lost ones Francis of Assisi Church, Hillcrest and burial will Binghamton where the family will receive friends
follow in Calvary Cemetery. The family will receive from 10-11am at the church. Burial will be at the
SHINES DOWN friends at the Wm. R. Chase & Son Funeral Home,
737 Chenango St., Port Dickinson, NY 13901 on
convenience of the family in the parish cemetery.
In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made
to let us know they are Monday from 6:00-8:30 PM. in Tillie’s memory to either her church or to the

~ happy ~
Broome County Humane Society, 167 Conklin
Avenue, Binghamton, NY 13903. Kindly share
your tributes to Tillie at Chopyak-Scheider. Com.

Home DNA test yields heartbreaking surprise

Ask Amy out about their DNA. I wish I hadn’t ex- and a fresh perspective. this confidence, you should try to keep
Amy Dickinson plored mine. Dear Amy: Two days ago, a good it, however.
Through this DNA test site, I was con- friend of mine (and mother of three) told I would frame this less as “secret
tacted by my biological niece. I also have me in confidence that she has been hav- keeping” and more as this not really be-
a half-sister. Amy, she used to babysit ing an affair with a colleague from work. ing your – or your husband’s – business.
Dear Amy: My husband and I decid- me! She has asked me not to share this in- If you told your husband, aside from
ed to do a DNA test for fun. It turns out Also I keep thinking – what if I had formation with my husband, as he is a relieving yourself of this burden, what
that my father and I don’t share DNA. dated one of my own brothers? good friend of her husband’s. I agreed to would be the purpose of your disclo-
I knew my mother had an affair back I feel like I’m living in a soap opera. keep the secret. sure? This knowledge would force him
in the ’50s, but I thought the affair was What do you think about this? I want to honor her request, but I am to make the tough decision about
after I was born. — DNA Regrets also torn, as I now feel I am keeping a whether to tell his friend that his wife is
We had a relationship with the other Dear Regrets: The rise of at-home secret from my husband, whom I would cheating on him. This inserts the two of
family; the husband and his wife were DNA testing seems to be transforming usually turn to for advice. I want to be you into the middle of their marriage.
very dysfunctional alcoholics and I human relationships in a way that re- loyal to my friend, but was her request If your friend decides that you are her
went through school with their kids. minds me of some of the relational unreasonable? special confidant concerning this affair
Turns out this man was my biological changes brought about by the rise of the — Confused and if she chooses to unburden herself
father. Needless to say, it has rocked my internet. Dear Confused: Your friend’s re- further, it would be wisest for you to tell
world and has broken my heart. I think it is important for people con- quest was natural – she was relieving her, “I need you to know that knowing
My mother is 97 and it wouldn’t sur- sidering using a test kit to try to prepare herself of a secret by passing it along to about this makes me very uncomfort-
prise me if she doesn’t know that my fa- themselves for – or at least try to imag- you – but it is also unreasonable. able. I wish you weren’t doing this at all,
ther wasn’t my biological father. My ine – a world-rocking shock, such as you When someone asks you, “Please, but at this point I don’t want you to dis-
parents seemed to have a solid mar- have received. don’t tell this to anyone,” it is legitimate cuss it with me. I realize that your be-
riage. In your case, I hope you will find for you to respond, “I’m sorry, but I don’t havior has a huge impact on you and
Amy, it’s like I don’t know who I am! someone to talk to about this. A profes- think I can do that.” your family, but it has also put me in a
I would warn people about finding sional counselor could offer you support Now that you have agreed to keep very tough spot.”

She talks about disagreement to their mutual friends

Dear Annie terms, you couldn’t ask for a better correct the record by letting these “Sleepless in Spokane” put a nightstand
Annie Lane friend. friends know my side or just be the big- between the twin beds and use a white-
But whenever we have a conflict, she ger person and let it go? – Ears Burning noise machine or even a fan. That is
does something I find frustrating and Dear Ears Burning: It’s bad enough what I do whenever we have company
immature. She tells all our mutual when high schoolers do this. There’s no or are on vacation and hubby and I share
Dear Annie: I have a problem with friends about our disagreement – and excuse for grown adults to be engaging a bed. – Been There
my friend “Julie” that I’m not sure how from her own biased perspective. I’ve in this sort of gossip mill. Rather than Dear Been There: I’m glad to hear
to handle. She’s a really good friend in picked up on this over the years because dive into the mud yourself by trying to that separate bedrooms have worked
many ways. She’s always there when these mutual friends have let slip things explain your side of the story to friends, out for you and your husband. That ar-
I’m going through hard stuff. She’s gen- that she’s told them about our fights. rise above and address the problem at rangement truly does seem to do won-
erous with food and gifts and other I’ve also put it together for myself be- its source. Confront Julie. Explain how ders for many couples these days. The
thoughtful gestures. For instance, last cause whenever she fights with another her oversharing (to put it nicely) hurts white-noise machine is an excellent tip
year, when she was watching my dog friend, she tells me all about it. I know you. If she continues talking behind that I should have mentioned in my
while I was out of town, she took him to that I’m not special and that when we your back after that, reconsider how original answer. Thanks for writing.
the vet when he seemed sick, with no have fights, she does the same thing. close you want to be with her. Send your questions for Annie Lane
hesitation. And one time when there Personally, I think it’s wrong to talk Dear Annie: I understand and sym- to To find out
was an issue with my apartment that re- negatively about someone to a mutual pathize with “Sleepless in Spokane.” My more about Annie Lane and read fea-
quired me to be out of the unit for a few friend, so I never want to do that myself. husband of 36-plus years and I have tures by other Creators Syndicate col-
days, Julie let me stay with her even But I worry that with everyone just get- successfully slept in separate bedrooms umnists and cartoonists, visit the Cre-
though it was on very short notice. You ting one side of the story, people have a for over 10 years. I like your suggestion ators Syndicate website at www.crea-
get the picture. When we’re on good skewed picture of me. Should I try to of twin beds. I might also suggest that

January 26, 2018

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SHOW (Tyler Perry) Reunion interrupted by family drama. (2018) help. (TVMA) decides to raise found infant girl as their own. help. (TVMA)


U.S. panel doubts benefits

Immigration plan combines
of heated tobacco device

U.S. government experts rejected a

proposal from Philip Morris Interna-
citizenship and security
tional to sell its “heat-not-burn” tobac-
co device as an alternative to ciga-
rettes that reduces disease. White House previews proposal aimed The proposal is designed to win 60
Senate votes and break a potential fili-
The panel of advisers to the Food
and Drug Administration endorsed a
at avoiding filibuster, another shutdown buster that could trigger another gov-
ernment shutdown next month, Miller
lesser claim that the product reduces said.
exposure to harmful chemicals in ciga- David Jackson, The path to citizenship has been
rettes. The mixed review suggests Gregory Korte, among the most contentious issues in
Philip Morris will be able to market its Eliza Collins the immigration debate over the past
device to U.S. smokers but on limited and Alan Gomez decade, and Trump has taken inconsis-
terms. The panel’s opinion is non- USA TODAY tent positions on it. Wednesday, the
binding, and the FDA will make a final president said he’s willing to consider
decision in coming months. WASHINGTON – A White House citizenship for “DREAMers” who came
proposal on immigration will contain a to the USA as children.
Engineer misjudged train’s path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million “If they do a great job, I think it’s a
location before fatal wreck young people brought into the USA as nice thing to have the incentive of, after
children and $25 billion for a border a period of years, being able to become a
An engineer said he misjudged the wall and other security measures. citizen,” Trump said. That period would
location of an Amtrak train before it President Trump’s plan includes a be 10 to 12 years, Trump said.
derailed in Washington state last massive cut in family-based immigra- The proposal to cut back family-
month while traveling at about tion and the end to a diversity visa lot- based immigration is sure to draw fire
80 mph — more than twice the speed tery system that gives preference to from Democrats as it would be a nearly
limit around a curve, the National immigrants from underrepresented 25% cut to legal immigration into the
Transportation Safety Board disclosed countries, according to a White House President Trump says he’s willing to country. Under the new plan, Miller
Thursday. briefing for congressional staffers and consider citizenship for people said, U.S. citizens and green card hold-
The engineer told the NTSB he Trump allies hosted by White House brought to the USA as children.
knew the curve that had a 30-mph senior adviser Stephen Miller. MANDEL NGAN/AFP/GETTY IMAGES See IMMIGRATION, Page 2B
speed restriction was at milepost 19.8,
and he planned to start braking about
a mile before reaching it. He said he
didn’t see a marker at milepost 18 or a

Woman challenges notion

30-mph speed warning sign.

Companies announce $150M

natural gas plant for N.D.

A $150 million natural gas process-

ing plant is planned in western North
Dakota, bringing to four the number of
Scotch is a man’s drink
projects proposed to capture a record
volume of gas, a byproduct of oil pro- Raise a glass to first female to run a whisky distillery in Scotland
duction. New York-based Hess Mid-
stream Partners and Targa Resources Matthew Vickery
announced the Little Missouri Four Special to USA TODAY
plant Thursday.
FEARN, Scotland – Heather Nel-
U.N. official says it’s not safe for son, a modest farmer’s daughter, is
Muslims to go back to Myanmar becoming a cultural revolutionary as
the first woman to head a whisky dis-
It is not safe for the hundreds of tillery by herself.
thousands of Rohingya Muslims living Nelson joined the ranks of a re-
in refugee camps in Bangladesh to re- vered, male-dominated arena in
turn to Myanmar, a senior United Na- Scotland — the world-renowned
tions official said Thursday. home of whisky and varieties of sin-
Though many Rohingya want to re- gle-malt Scotch — by starting her dis-
turn to their villages, UNICEF Deputy tillery called Toulvaddie.
Executive Director Justin Forsyth said, “Some people were taken aback
“we have to improve the security situa- when I said I would start Toulvaddie,”
tion inside Myanmar.” Nelson, 38, told USA TODAY from the
Fearn and Tarbat Peninsula in far
Puerto Rico forecasts falling north Scotland, where her family has
economy and population lived for generations. “There are
women in the whisky business — but
Puerto Rico’s governor submitted a I’m the first woman that has taken the
revised fiscal plan Thursday that esti- lead solo.”
mates the U.S. Caribbean territory’s The previous woman who opened
economy will shrink by 11% and its a Scotch distillery was Helen Cum-
population drop by nearly 8% next ming, who founded the Cardhu Dis-
year. The proposal doesn’t set aside tillery with her husband, John — in
any money to pay creditors in the next 1824.
five years as the island struggles to re- Toulvaddie is a single-malt light
structure its $73 billion public debt. whisky, as it’s spelled in Scotland and
The five-year plan assumes Puerto some other countries.
Rico will receive at least $35 billion in It’s made entirely by hand and pro-
emergency federal funds for storm re- duced in two copper stills in a process
covery and an additional $22 billion “There are women in the whisky business — but I’m the first woman that has
from private insurance. taken the lead solo,” Heather Nelson says. MATTHEW VICKERY/SPECIAL TO USA TODAY See SCOTCH, Page 2B
From staff and wire reports


Fossil suggests earlier exit from Africa

years ago Doyle Rice said Rolf Quam, a Binghamton Univer-
180 today,
the first prohibition
USA TODAY sity anthropology professor and a co-
author of the study.
Scientists have discovered the ear- The earliest fossils of Homo sapiens,
law in the USA was liest modern human fossil ever found the same species as us, date to around
passed in Tennessee. outside Africa. 315,000 years ago from Africa, Quam
The fossil, an upper jawbone with said.
several teeth, was found at a site called The new discovery means that “mod-
Misliya Cave in Israel. The Misliya-1 fossil, 175,000 to 200,000 ern humans were potentially meeting
The jawbone is estimated to be years old, shows dental features. and interacting during a longer period of
175,000 to 200,000 years old. The age GERHARD WEBER/UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA time with other archaic human groups,
was based on three separate, indepen- providing more opportunity for cultural
dent dating methods. and biological exchanges,” he said.
The jaw belonged to a young adult mans left the continent at least 50,000 The study was published in the jour-
SOURCE of unknown gender. years earlier than had been thought. nal Science.
MIKE B. SMITH, JANET LOEHRKE/USA TODAY The finding suggests modern hu- “Misliya is an exciting discovery,” Contributing: The Associated Press

Scotch Heather
Nelson’s Immigration
Continued from Page 1B fields in Continued from Page 1B
powered off-grid by solar energy. Scotland, ers would be allowed to sponsor only
To finance the distillery through its have long their spouses and minor children to
initial years, 100 first-year casks, each been the enter the country.
containing 70 liters of the new spirit, are bedrock of Among the issues the White House
being sold. Only 13 remain, each costing Toulvaddie has insisted be included in any immi-
about $2,700. whisky. gration overhaul:
Nelson welcomed the chance to BOBBY ❚ DREAMers. The number of immi-
make history in an industry worth NELSON grants who could qualify for citizen-
$5.7 billion a year to Scotland’s econo- ship would be larger than the group
my and to create a product unique to the protected under the Obama-era De-
market. ferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
“It’s a whisky being created from an program. That program covered nearly
entirely different perspective, as it’s a 800,000 DREAMers, but Miller said
female palate from start to finish,” Nel- the new plan could protect up to
son said on a cold day this month in the 1.8 million people.
Highlands. “This has never been done Eligibility criteria would include re-
before. From not only choosing the type quirements for “work, education and
of barley that goes into it but also what good moral character,” according to a
sort of wood barrel it is stored in. That the “traditional Scottish Highland way, Nelson said with a smile. “I’m just White House summary of the plan.
doesn’t mean it will be any better or hands on, with no mechanics involved.” someone with a passion.” A bipartisan Senate proposal would
worse, it’s just something completely “My inspiration for Toulvaddie Growing up on a farm, Nelson said, allow DREAMers to become citizens
different.” She said the whisky is made comes from the people that used to she was treated no differently than her after 12 years, or 10 years if they were
make whisky at home with whatever male relatives. approved for DACA.
tools they had,” Nelson said. When a job had to be done, all ❚ Border security. The White
Corrections & Clarifications
The region where the Scotswoman hands available were set to the task. House proposed a $25 billion “trust
USA TODAY is committed to grew up, as well as other areas of rural Her mother would enjoy a whisky at fund” to build at least part of a wall
accuracy. To reach us, contact
Standards Editor Brent Jones at Scotland, were rife in the 18th and 19th the end of a hard day’s work, just like along the U.S.-Mexican border. That
800-872-7073 or e-mail centuries with illicit whisky stills. her father — the drink had no gender would be a sharp increase from the
Please indicate whether you’re Often, the operations were run by boundaries. $18 billion the Department of Home-
responding to content online or farmers’ wives who distilled the tradi- “Nothing surprises me about her land Security requested but includes
in the newspaper.
tional drink in secret rooms and build- anymore,” said Nelson’s husband, improvements to ports of entry on the
ings, hiding bottles in sea caves ready to Bobby, 46. “She’s her own person, Canadian border as well.
be smuggled to other parts of the United breaking out of the rural Highland Though the wall has been a sticking
Kingdom. mold and creating her own path.” point for congressional Democrats,
Growing up in the whisky-mad area, She is quick to note another advan- Trump said Wednesday, “If you don’t
the soft-spoken Nelson said entering tage to making strides in the whisky have a wall, you don’t have DACA.”
the industry seemed a natural choice. business — challenging the age-old In negotiations over a spending bill
As a teenager, she was a budding chem- image of whisky as a man’s drink. to keep the government open last
John Zidich istry student and became a whisky con- It’s a stereotype that female whisky week, Senate Minority Leader Charles
noisseur in the following years. drinkers want to shed, including Schumer of New York told Trump he
Kevin Gentzel “It’s the same ingredients in every schoolteacher Katy Orwin. would be willing to provide money for
whisky, yet the taste is so different,” she “People often wrongly assume a border wall in exchange for protec-
7950 Jones Branch Dr., McLean, Va. 22108, said. “That you can take the same ingre- women don’t drink whisky or that they tions for DREAMers, but he was turned
Published by Gannett dients and create so many different fla- have to drink it in a cocktail, because down. The government shut down
The local edition of USA TODAY is published daily vors — that’s the bit that’s so exciting.” drinking it straight is what men do,” early Saturday morning and did not re-
in partnership with Gannett Newspapers A year ago, when Nelson started said Orwin, 29. “I think what (Nelson) open until Monday.
Advertising: All advertising published in USA Toulvaddie — named after her grand- is doing with Toulvaddie is great and is ❚ Family-based migration: The
TODAY is subject to the current rate card; copies father and great grandfather’s small needed.” White House plan would restrict the
available from the advertising department. USA
TODAY may in its sole discretion edit, classify, farm — she wasn’t aware she was mak- The mini whisky revolution already practice of sponsoring relatives for
reject or cancel at any time any advertising ing history. has an heir. Nelson plans to eventually green cards to “nuclear families,”
National, Regional: 703-854-3400
That became apparent only after a pass Toulvaddie down to her 19-year- namely spouses and minor children.
Reprint permission, copies of articles, glossy
Scotch whisky expert explained to her old daughter, Alice. According to an analysis of Depart-
reprints: that Toulvaddie wasn’t just another “You’re in this industry for life. ment of Homeland Security data, the or call 212-221-9595 micro-distillery but was a groundbreak- Whisky isn’t a quick turnaround,” Nel- cut would eliminate nearly a quarter of
USA TODAY is a member of The Associated Press ing project. son said. “It takes 10, 15 years before the roughly 1 million immigrants al-
and subscribes to other news services. USA
TODAY, its logo and associated graphics are “I didn’t do it to be the first woman to you even have your product. It’s not a lowed to enter the USA each year.
registered trademarks. All rights reserved. do it — that’s just a happy coincidence,” moneymaking scheme, it’s a passion.” Alan Gomez reported from Miami.

Negotiations continue on Americans show less acceptance

of LGBTQ people, survey says
Trump talk with Mueller Susan Miller
Percentage of non-LGBTQ
President says, ‘I would The officials are looking at the pre-
cedent set by President Clinton’s testi-

Americans ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’

love’ to testify under oath mony during independent counsel For the first time in four years, uncomfortable with...
Kenneth Starr’s investigation in 1998 Americans are less accepting of
David Jackson into his relationship with intern Mon- LGBTQ people, a survey found — a set- Having LGBTQ members 2017
USA TODAY ica Lewinsky. Clinton agreed to testify back activists said is stunning but not at my place of worship
under oath via videostream from the unexpected after a turbulent 2017.
WASHINGTON – Though President White House. The video was transmit- Less than half of non-LGBTQ adults
Trump said he was willing to testify un- ted to the grand jury. The testimony — 49% — said they were “very” or
der oath in the federal investigation into was limited to four hours after negotia- “somewhat” comfortable around Learning a family member is LGBTQ
Russia’s alleged election interference, tions among lawyers. LGBTQ people in certain scenarios, ac-
officials clarified Thursday that negotia- Trump pointed out that Hillary Clin- cording to the Accelerating Accep- 30%
tions on the details of an interview with ton did not testify under oath when FBI tance report released Thursday at the 27%
special counsel Robert Mueller’s team agents interviewed her in 2016 about World Economic Forum in Davos, Learning my doctor is LGBTQ
were ongoing. her use of a private email server during Switzerland. That number was down
The president will “be guided by the from 53% in 2016. 31%
advice of his personal counsel,” White The survey, conducted by the Harris 28%
House attorney Ty Cobb said. Poll on behalf of LGBTQ media advoca-
Learning my child has lesson
Trump’s legal team and Mueller’s in- cy group GLAAD, reflects an about-
on LGBTQ history in school
vestigators were working out whether face from positive momentum reflect-
he would testify under oath, according ed in polls GLAAD has commissioned 37%
to officials familiar with the inquiry who since 2014. “We are surprised at the 34%
were not authorized to comment public- scale and the swiftness” in the erosion
ly. Other issues include a time limit for of tolerance in the course of one year, Seeing an LGBTQ co-worker’s
the interview, the location of the testi- Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD president and wedding picture
mony, whether some areas of question- CEO, told USA TODAY. “But if you are 27%
ing would be off-limits and whether the LGBT and living in America, you are 25%
session would be videotaped. It’s uncertain whether Robert Mueller seeing this every day.”
For weeks, Trump’s team has negoti- would accept written testimony. In 2014, 30% of those surveyed said My child placed in a class
ated on the terms and scope of a pos- 2013 PHOTO BY SHAWN THEW/EPA-EFE they were “very” or “somewhat” un- with an LGBTQ teacher
sible interview with the president relat- comfortable having their child placed 31%
ed to the wide-ranging investigation in a class with an LGBTQ teacher. In 28%
into Russia’s possible collusion with her time as secretary of State. 2015, that number dipped to 29%; in
Trump associates and whether the Trump addressed another aspect of 2016, 28%. In 2017, it jumped to 31%. Seeing a same-sex couple
president obstructed justice in connec- the Mueller investigation: whether he The shift is unsettling fallout from holding hands
tion with the inquiry. obstructed justice by firing FBI Director the 2016 presidential election, Ellis 31%
Wednesday night, Trump stressed James Comey, who was running the said, which continued in 2017 amid in- 29%
that he was eager to testify. “I would do Russia investigation. Trump said his flammatory rhetoric and policy roll-
it under oath,” he said as he prepared to critics have been unable to prove any backs. The result: “a permission slip SOURCE The Harris Poll on behalf of GLAAD
leave on his trip to an economic confer- sort of collusion — so they hype his ef- for discrimination and bias” that has FRANK POMPA/USA TODAY
ence in Davos, Switzerland. “I’m looking forts to “fight back” against what he permeated society, she said.
forward to it, actually.” Though Trump considers an unfair investigation. Among issues cited by GLAAD:
said his testimony is “subject to my law- “There’s no collusion,” Trump said. ❚ LGBTQ content was scrubbed
yers and all of that,” he made one thing “Now they’re saying, ‘Oh, well, did he from White House, Department of was later dropped by the administra-
clear: “I would love to do it.” fight back? Did he fight back?’ You fight State and Department of Labor web- tion.
The officials held out hope of written back ... (they say) ‘Oh, it’s obstruc- sites shortly after the inauguration. ❚ It was announced last week that the
testimony from the president instead of tion.’ ” ❚ In February, the Justice and Edu- Department of Health and Human Ser-
a live interview, noting that President Trump did not explain what he cation Departments reversed guid- vices will create a division that shields
Reagan followed that approach during meant by “fight back.” ance the Obama administration issued health care workers who refuse to treat
an investigation into the Iran-contra Mueller would probably ask about that said Title IX protected the rights patients such as LGBTQ people because
imbroglio of the 1980s. the circumstances surrounding Co- of transgender students to use facili- of religious beliefs.
It’s unclear whether Mueller’s office, mey’s firing. The president acknowl- ties that match their gender identity. There has also been an increase in vi-
which has not commented on its talks edged in a television interview that the ❚ In July, President Trump proposed olence — 52 hate-related homicides in
with Trump’s lawyers, would accept Russia investigation was on his mind a ban on transgender people from 2017, an 86% increase over 2016, GLAAD
such an arrangement. when he made the decision. serving in the military, a challenge that said.


Rubbermaid maker planning

to cut customer base in half
Nathan Bomey
Walmart announced an alliance with Japanese USA TODAY
company Rakuten on Thursday. AFP/GETTY IMAGES
The conglomerate that makes the Rubbermaid,
Sharpie and Coleman brands plans to offload about

Walmart, Apple, half of its manufacturing plants and warehouses and

cut its customer base in half amid disappointing
sales and profits.
Google offer new Newell Brands plans to significantly reduce its cor-
porate focus by “exploring strategic options” for nu-

options on books merous products, including Rawlings, Rubbermaid

commercial assets, Goody, refuse and garage items
and playing cards.
Elizabeth Weise The Hoboken, N.J.-based company said it would
and Charisse Jones “begin the evaluation process immediately” and fin-
USA TODAY ish by the end of 2019.
When companies announce they are exploring
SAN FRANCISCO – Readers rejoice. Some of the “strategic” alternatives for assets, it often involves
world’s biggest companies are rolling out new elec- sales or closures.
tronic and audiobook offerings that will compete It was not immediately clear whether the company Newell Brands, maker of Rubbermaid, plans to close
with giant Amazon for your eyes and ears, a digital is targeting a specific number of job cuts or cost re- about half of its plants and warehouses. REVIEWED.COM
tussle that could result in lower prices. ductions.
The latest volley came from Walmart, which said it The company also announced a shakeup for its
was teaming with Rakuten, Japan’s top e-commerce board of directors with the immediate resignations of
“A stronger, simpler, faster Newell, together
company, to start offering e-books and audiobooks in three members: Ian Ashken, Domenico De Sole and
the U.S. later this year. Prior to this Walmart hasn’t Martin Franklin. with leading brands, brilliant marketing,
sold either. The moves come less than two years after Newell outstanding innovation and an advantaged
Rakuten’s digital book division, called Kobo, offers Rubbermaid completed its acquisition of goods mak- e-commerce capability, better positions us
nearly 6 million electronic books and audio books er Jarden, whose brands included Sunbeam, Raw-
from tens of thousands of publishers. Walmart shop- lings and Coleman. The combined, renamed compa-
to win in these dynamic times.”
pers will be able to access the books through a co- ny had more than 45,000 employees worldwide after Michael Polk
branded app, which will launch later this year, and the deal. Newell CEO

the Kobo e-Reader, which will go on sale at Walmart Newell already sold its tools division to Stanley
later this year. In a swap, Walmart will use its grow- Black & Decker for nearly $2 billion in October 2016. Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of Babies R Us owner Toys
ing expertise in the realm of online grocery ordering Concerned investors drove Newell’s stock down R Us.
and delivery to launch a a new collaboration with Ra- more than 20%. “We believe that exiting non-strategic assets, re-
kuten in Japan. The company warned that its 2017 full-year “core” ducing complexity and focusing on our key consumer-
Walmart’s announcement comes as two other sales would increase only 0.8% after previously pre- focused brands will make us more effective at unlock-
players also make bookish moves, Apple with a ru- dicting an increase of 1.5% to 2%. The company also ing value and responding to the fast-changing retail
mored new e-book app that comes with hints about said its earnings would fall short of projections. environment,” Newell CEO Michael Polk said in a
an audiobook tab, and an audiobook offering from Struggling retailers are taking a toll on Newell. The statement.
Google, which said it will begin selling audiobooks company said retailers are “rebalancing” their inven- “A stronger, simpler, faster Newell, together with
through the Google Play Store, with many best-sell- tory, which has undermined its business. leading brands, brilliant marketing, outstanding inno-
ing titles priced at under $10 each, at least to start. Newell also said the bankruptcy of “a leading baby vation and an advantaged e-commerce capability, bet-
Contributing: Ed Baig in New York City retailer” had left a mark — likely a reference to 2017’s ter positions us to win in these dynamic times.”



CLOSE: 26,392.79
CLOSE: 7,411.16
+2.06 RUSSELL 2000 INDEX
CLOSE: 1,601.67
CLOSE: 2,839.25
%CHANGE: +.5% %CHANGE: +.1% %CHANGE: -.1% %CHANGE: +.1%
YTD % CHG: +6.8% YTD % CHG: +6.2% YTD % CHG: +7.4% YTD % CHG: +4.3%


THE MOTLEY FOOL GAINERS Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg
% Chg
Consumer discret.
4wk 1
ASK A FOOL Health care
Varian Medical Systems (VAR) 127.01 +13.96 +12.3 +14.3 Energy 77.06 -0.65 +6.3% +6.6%
Beats earnings, stock rating upgraded. Technology 68.11 -0.12 +5.9% +6.5%

Cheap stocks Eversource Energy (ES)

Positive note, moves higher as volume spikes.
64.57 +3.44 +5.6 +2.2
Consumer staples

are there for W.W. Grainger (GWW) 286.44 +14.47

Stock rating and price target raised after earnings.
+5.3 +21.2


51.00 +0.75 -3.1% -3.2%

the taking McCormick (MKC) 105.09 +5.00

Earnings rise on acquisitions and new products.
+5.0 +3.1
Fund, ranked by size
Vanguard 500IdxAdmrl
Vanguard TtlSMIdxAdmrl
4wk 1
Vanguard InsIdxIns 258.76 +0.16 +5.9% +6.3%
Vanguard TtlSMIdxInv 70.72 +0.04 +5.7% +6.0%
Matthew Frankel Albemarle (ALB) 116.90 +4.50 +4.0 -8.6 Vanguard TtInSIdxInv 19.44 -0.05 +7.5% +6.6%
The Motley Fool Breaks eight-day losing streak on lithium rival concerns. Vanguard TtlSMIdxIns 70.76 +0.05 +5.7% +6.0%
Vanguard TtInSIdxInsPlus 130.06 -0.36 +7.5% +6.6%
Vanguard InsIdxInsPlus 258.78 +0.16 +5.9% +6.3%
Q: The stock market keeps going Northrop Grumman (NOC) 325.00 +11.54 +3.7 +5.9 Fidelity Contrafund 133.45 +0.24 +8.6% +9.0%
Jumps early as company reports fourth-quarter results. Vanguard WlngtnAdmrl 75.17 +0.02 +3.7% +3.6%
up and up, and most stocks look 1 – CAPITAL GAINS AND DIVIDENDS REINVESTED
very expensive. Are there any General Dynamics (GD) 226.53 +7.26 +3.3 +11.3
cheap stocks left? Price target boosted, shares hit record high. TOP 10 EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS
ETF, ranked by volume Ticker Close Chg. % Chg %YTD
SPDR S&P500 ETF Tr SPY 283.30 +0.18 +0.1% +6.2%
Answer: The average price-to-earn- Netflix (NFLX) 269.74 +8.46 +3.2 +40.5 iShs Emerg Mkts EEM 51.36 -0.04 -0.1% +9.0%
Extends winning streak since strong quarter.
ings ratio of the S&P 500 right now is VanE Vect Gld Miners GDX 24.13 -0.48 -2.0% +3.8%
Barc iPath Vix ST VXX 27.83 +0.46 +1.7% -0.3%
about 26 — well above its historical av- Helmerich & Payne (HP) 73.69 +2.31 +3.2 +14.0 ProShs Ultra VIX ST UVXY 10.05 +0.34 +3.5% -1.6%
erage of 15.7. Regains early jump as company reports quarterly results. SPDR Financial
PowerShs QQQ Trust
-0.2% +7.3%
-0.1% +8.1%
However, not all stocks look expen- VanE Vect JrGoldMin GDXJ 34.52 -1.22 -3.4% +1.1%
sive. FirstEnergy (FE) 32.09 +.99 +3.2 +4.8 SPDR Utility XLU 51.00 +0.75 +1.5% -3.2%
iShares Brazil EWZ 46.81 +0.46 +1.0% +15.7%
For example, there are some bargains Keeps early rise as company is defended by analyst.
to be had in the financial sector. Gold- YTD INTEREST RATES MORTGAGE RATES
LOSERS Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg % Chg
man Sachs, which recently reported Type Close 6 mo ago Type Close 6 mo ago
Prime lending 4.50% 4.25% 30 yr. xed 4.08% 3.85%
disappointing trading revenue, looks Federal funds 1.42% 1.16% 15 yr. xed 3.44% 3.02%
Newell Brands (NWL) 24.81 -6.42 -20.6 -19.7
very attractive from a long-term per- Company considers selling businesses; rating lowered. 3 mo. T-bill 1.42% 1.15% 1 yr. ARM 3.49% 3.12%
5 yr. T-note 2.42% 1.88% 5/1 ARM 3.90% 3.12%
spective. The investment bank trades 10 yr. T-note 2.62% 2.33% SOURCE: BANKRATE.COM
for less than 13 times 2017 earnings and Range Resources (RRC) 15.32 -1.68 -9.9 -10.2
has lots of potential to grow. Shares sink on flat Terryville Field production. COMMODITIES
Real estate is another area that looks Commodities Close Prev. Chg. % Chg. % YTD
Union Pacic (UNP) 133.60 -7.59 -5.4 -.4 Cattle (lb.) 1.22 1.25 -0.03 -2.4% -0.4%
great from a long-term perspective. The Prot disappoints investors, shares slide. Corn (bushel) 3.55 3.57 -0.02 -0.4% +1.3%
sector has been beaten down lately Gold (troy oz.) 1,362.40 1,355.90 +6.50 +0.5% +4.3%
Hogs, lean (lb.) .72 .73 -0.01 -0.6% +1.0%
thanks to expectations of rising interest F5 Networks (FFIV) 134.94 -7.19 -5.1 +2.8 Natural Gas (Btu.) 3.45 3.51 -0.06 -1.8% +16.7%
rates. As the economy continues to Beats estimates, price target raised, dips on weak sales. Oil, heating (gal.) 2.12 2.11 +0.01 +0.4% +1.9%
Oil, lt. swt. crude (bar.) 65.51 65.61 -0.10 -0.2% +8.4%
strengthen, rate hikes are seen as more Silver (troy oz.) 17.55 17.43 +0.12 +0.7% +2.9%
likely, and this is a negative catalyst for Xilinx (XLNX) 69.74 -3.74 -5.1 +3.4 Soybeans (bushel) 9.92 9.92 unch. unch. +4.3%
Falls as sector suffers amid earnings, iPhone concerns. Wheat (bushel) 4.35 4.33 +0.02 +0.4% +1.8%
real estate investment trusts (REITs).
One that I have my eye on right now is Lam Research (LRCX) 199.25 -10.48 -5.0 +8.2 FOREIGN CURRENCIES
leading health care REIT Welltower. Price target increased yet falls with peers in losing sector. Currency per dollar Close Prev. 6 mo. ago Yr. ago
Health care real estate is a recession-re- British pound
Canadian dollar
sistant property type, and Welltower’s United Continental Holdings (UAL) 66.08 -2.97 -4.3 -2.0
Chinese yuan 6.3237 6.3668 6.7511 6.8798
Low fare fear pushes shares lower again. Euro .8070 .8061 .8582 .9309
portfolio of senior-specific properties is Japanese yen 109.41 109.05 111.89 113.60
well-positioned to grow over the coming Alaska Air Group (ALK) 62.07 -2.62 -4.1 -15.6 Mexican peso 18.5856 18.4604 17.7790 21.3023

decades as the U.S. population ages. Shares drop again on potential prot squeeze.
The stock currently trades near its FOREIGN MARKETS
52-week low and has a dividend yield of Ameriprise Financial (AMP) 173.13 -7.18 -4.0 +2.2 Country Close Prev. Change %Chg. YTD %
Reverses gain on earnings beat and dividend declaration. Frankfurt 13,298.36 13,414.74 -116.38 -0.9% +3.0%
nearly 6%. Hong Kong 32,654.45 32,958.69 -304.24 -0.9% +9.1%
Japan (Nikkei) 23,669.49 23,940.78 -271.29 -1.1% +4.0%
Matthew Frankel has no position in Ford (F) 11.57 -.48 -4.0 -7.4 London 7,615.84 7,643.43 -27.59 -0.4% -0.9%
any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Negative analyst notes, tough truck market sink shares. Mexico City 50,777.90 50,746.93 +30.97 +0.1% +2.9%

Fool recommends Welltower. SOURCE Bloomberg and The Associated Press

SOURCE Morningstar, Dow Jones Indexes, The Associated Press


Who will, and should, win the gold

Maeve McDermott Yankee, Despacito feat. Justin Bieber
USA TODAY Charts domination aside, Luis Fonsi
and Daddy Yankee’s runaway hit isn’t
The 2018 Grammy Awards land in the obvious choice to win. The last time
New York City on Sunday, and the eve- a Spanish-language song won the cate-
ning’s most compelling storylines have gory was in 1959. Yet, a win for Despaci-
already emerged. The biggest categories to would be a well-deserved reward for a
— album, song and record of the year — song well-written enough to transcend
pit hip-hop heavyweights Jay-Z and American listeners’ English-oriented
Kendrick Lamar against one another, tastes to become a global phenomenon.
their most formidable challengers being
Bruno Mars, a Grammys-favored artist Record of the year
with the potential to run the board, and
Despacito, 2017’s biggest single, which Will win: Luis Fonsi and Daddy
already routed the Latin Grammys. Yankee, Despacito feat. Justin Bieber
Beyond the night’s headlining names, Mars has found success in this cate-
there’s the distinct chance history will gory, winning in 2016 for Uptown Funk.
be made. Neither a rap or Spanish-lan- 24K Magic is similarly crowd-pleasing.
guage song has ever won a song- or rec- Yet, the category has favored pop hits
ord-of-the-year trophy in the awards’ that dominated the charts. That may tip
modern history, which seems likely to the scales in Despacito’s favor.
change at the hands of Despacito or one Should win: Kendrick Lamar,
of the strong hip-hop nominees. Humble
Our predictions for who will win the Chances are, Humble won’t win, con-
song, album, record and best-new- sidering no rap song has won the cate-
artist categories — and which artists gory, and Lamar faces the same vote-
actually deserve the prizes: splitting danger against Jay-Z’s The Sto-
ry of OJ as he does for album of the year.
Album of the year Yet, it’d still be a thrill for the rapper’s
fans to see him win for the joyously pro-
Will win: Bruno Mars, 24K Magic duced Humble, Lamar’s first No. 1.
With Lamar’s Damn nominated
alongside Jay-Z’s 4:44, album of the Best new artist
year is hip-hop’s to lose. But the danger
of vote-splitting means the Grammy Will win: Alessia Cara
may go to one of the more pop-oriented Bruno Mars is up for all the major awards at the Grammys Sunday, and he could Despite SZA’s status as the Gram-
artists. The obvious front-runner is run the table if hip-hop votes are split. MATT SAYLES/INVISION/AP my’s most-nominated female artist this
Mars, who earned the third-most year with five nods, Cara seems like the
nominations behind Lamar and Jay-Z. preordained choice to win this category.
While critics loved Lorde’s Melodrama, ed Lamar to apologize. In 2016, Lamar’s decade’s winners have almost exclu- With years of major-label support, Cara
she’s the only album-of-the-year nomi- breathlessly acclaimed To Pimp a But- sively been pensive, sweeping anthems. is a high-profile industry darling who
nee who isn’t nominated for one of the terfly lost to Taylor Swift’s 1989. Now, Of all the nominees this year, the song was nominated for new artist in other
other major categories, which may sig- with a third universally praised release that best suits the category’s recent tra- awards in 2016 on the strength of her
nal that Grammys voters aren’t as keen competing for the night’s biggest award, jectory is Logic’s 1-800-273-8255, with 2015 breakthrough single, Here. The
on her as a winner. And then, there’s Lamar deserves to win for Damn, not its suicide-awareness message. The Grammys likely try will to make up for
Childish Gambino’s psych-R&B of just for the sake of cosmic retribution, song would make history as the first hip- lost time by granting her the trophy.
Awaken, My Love, an intriguing spoiler. but because his album is the category’s hop track to win the category, though Should win: SZA
Should win: Kendrick Lamar, best, a singular artistic statement from there’s very little rapping, making it SZA was one of 2017’s best breakout
Damn the best rapper of a generation. poppy enough not to seem like an out- stories, an R&B singer on Lamar’s label
Despite his seven Grammy wins and lier. Yet, with Mars earning nominations whose cult following exploded once she
29 nominations, Lamar has a history of Song of the year for album, song and record of the year, released CTRL, the album she spent
Grammys heartbreak. In 2014, Seattle voters may be signaling an Adele-style three years perfecting, to critical raves.
rapper Macklemore took home best rap Will win: Logic, 1-800-273-8255 domination for the singer, whose That’s In a category meant to honor the year’s
album for The Heist over Lamar’s Good feat. Alessia Cara and Logic What I Like is up for best song. most promising debut, SZA is a cut
Kid, m.A.A.d City, then infamously text- This is a songwriters’ award, and this Should win: Luis Fonsi and Daddy above the rest.

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Press & Sun-Bulletin z FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018 z 1C

Sports High school wrestling

z Elmira, Horseheads seek postseason
success. 4C

Rivera, Halladay set to headline HoF ballot

Noah Trister the second time in four years the givings voters have about the value of
ASSOCIATED PRESS BBWAA elected four players. Since 2013, low-workload relievers. Hoffman re-
when the writers elected no one, there ceived 80 percent of the vote this year.
These crowded Hall of Fame cere- has been a veritable flood of BBWAA in- Goose Gossage got 86 percent when he
monies are becoming the norm, and ductees — at least two per year for five was elected, and Bruce Sutter got 77. Ri-
2019 might be more of the same. straight votes. The last time the BBWAA vera has a chance to do what none of
With newcomers Mariano Rivera and voted in multiple players for that many those three relievers did — enter the
Roy Halladay headlining the ballot — years in a row was from 1951 to 1956. Hall on the first ballot.
and Edgar Martinez up against a dead- Next year could be another multi- Halladay will likely have plenty of
line — next year’s induction class could player induction. Here are a few things support after winning two Cy Young
be another sizable one. That would cer- to look ahead to in the 2019 Hall of Fame Awards and finishing his career with 67
tainly fit with the recent trend after four vote: complete games. Last season’s major
Former Yankees reliever Mariano players were elected this week in the league leaders in complete games were
Rivera, who is eligible for induction 2018 class. Top newcomers Corey Kluber and Ervin Santana with
into the baseball Hall of Fame in 2019, Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, five each. Halladay had five or more in
is considered by many to be the Jim Thome and Trevor Hoffman were Rivera is viewed by many as the seven seasons.
greatest closer in major-league voted in this year by the Baseball Writ- game’s greatest closer, and his domi-
history. BILL KOSTROUN/AP ers’ Association of America, marking nance might transcend whatever mis- See HALL OF FAME, Page 3C

What the
NBA wants
if betting is
Jon Campbell
Albany Bureau

ALBANY – The National Basketball

Association called on state lawmakers
this week to allow wagering over the
Internet and mobile devices if betting
on sports is ultimately approved.
Dan Spillane, the NBA’s senior vice
president and assistant general coun-
sel, said Wednesday the league sup-
ports a “comprehensive sports betting
bill” that would allow fans to wager on
But the NBA’s support is contingent
on certain safeguards and measures
being put in place, including each
sports league receiving a 1 percent cut
of all wagers placed on their games.
Spillane’s comments came at a
state Senate hearing on sports gam-
bling, which was held as the U.S. Su-
preme Court weighs a challenge to the
federal ban on the practice in nearly all
Here are the five things the NBA
says it would want in a sports-betting

Tioga’s John Worthing, right, wrestles Central Valley Academy’s Jon Charles in 2016’s 99-pound Division II state final at 1. Online wagers
Albany. Charles won the match, 5-1 and it’s possible the two could meet again in the NYSPHSAA Division II Dual Meet
Championships on Saturday at Onondaga Community College. FILE PHOTO New York has a law on the books
that would allow the state’s four pri-

Norwich, Tioga look to

vate casinos to offer sports betting if
the Supreme Court strikes down the
federal ban.
But the NBA says that would cause

make splash in tourney

significant issues.
Since the four casinos are located
outside of the state’s major population
centers, including New York City, peo-
ple would still “bet illegally through
offshore websites and other illegal
Rob Centorani over.”
Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin Tioga coach Kris Harrington had similar See BETTING, Page 3C
thoughts on his team’s chances. “CVA, what a
“We’re looking tough,” said Harrington,
There will be nothing ceremonial about ap- whose team received an at-large berth into the matchup for
pearances by Norwich and Tioga in the first New Division II tournament. “We put 10 into our
York State Public High School Athletic Associa- league finals. We feel really good about where
us in the first
tion Dual Meet Championships. everyone is.” round. If you
Neither of Section 4’s Division II representa- The 12 teams will be placed into four three-
tives will be favored when wrestling starts at 9 team pools. Each pool contains two seeded look at those
a.m. Saturday at Onondaga Community College. teams. Four pool winners advance to the semi- matchups,
But the fourth-seeded Purple Tornado and the finals at 2:30 p.m. and the championship match
sixth-seeded Tigers have enough talent to com- will start at 6 p.m. there are a
pete with the state’s best. Norwich (13-2) and Tioga (13-3) will open
“We’re certainly proud to be the first team to with their toughest pool-play tests at 9 a.m. The couple of
represent Section 4 in the New York State tourna- Purple Tornado will oppose fifth-seeded Can- potential
ment,” Norwich coach Bob Hagenbuch said after isteo-Greenwood and Tioga will face third-
beating host Tioga, 38-30 in the Section 4 Divi- seeded Central Valley Academy. state finals
sion II Dual Meet title match Jan. 18. “Our guys “CVA, what a matchup for us in the first
want it as badly as anybody. round,” Harrington said of a squad that defeat- matchups in
“We have some of the top kids in the state. I ed Norwich, 42-31 on Dec. 9. “If you look at there.” 76ers guard Ben Simmons dunks
feel we’re going to give a lot of teams a run for those matchups, there are a couple of potential during the second half against the
their money. Hopefully, we’ll come out on top and Kris Harrington Bulls on Wednesday in Philadelphia.
Tioga coach
people will know where Norwich is when it’s all See TOURNEY, Page 3C LAURENCE KESTERSON/AP

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HIGH SCHOOLS 0-0 2, Kori Thornton 1 0-0 3, Megan Palmatier Susquehanna Valley 43, Corning 41 Stewart 0-0 0-0 0, Perovic 0-2 0-0 0, Muham- North Division HS BOYS BASKETBALL
3 5-6 11. Totals: 27 7-9 66. Tuesday at Corning mad 4-8 0-0 11, T. Stewart 6-13 1-2 13, Odero W L OL SOL Pts GF GA Union-Endicott at Maine-Endwell, 6:45
BOYS BASKETBALL Deposit/Hancock (9-3): Kayla Scuderi 0 0-0 99 pounds: Darren Deitrichh (SV) won by for- 0-1 0-0 0. Totals 22-57 8-17 57. Toronto 30 11 0 1 61 132 83 Unatego at Harpusville, 7:15
Maine-Endwell 62, Trumansburg 32 0, Kristin McNamara 1 0-0 2, Erin Ballard 2 feit. 106: Ethan Hart (C) tech. fall Richie Dif- UMBC (14-8): Horvath 4-8 1-1 9, Akin 2-3 4-8 Rochester 24 9 5 5 58 131 115 Corning at Elmira, 7:15
Maine-Endwell ..... 30 15 6 11 - 62 0-0 4, Hanah Jones 0 0-0 0, Mikayla Kravetsky fendorf, 20-2. 113: Drew Witham (C) won by 8, Maura 2-7 0-0 4, Lyles 6-11 2-2 17, Sher- Syracuse 25 14 2 2 54 141 115 Johnson City at Owego, 7:15
Trumansburg ..... 5 4 13 10 1 0-0 2, Bryn Martin 0 0-0 0, Trinity Gotthardt forfeit. 120: Jeremiah Adams (C) won by for- burne 7-11 0-0 18, Curran 0-1 1-2 1, Gerrity 1-2 Utica 20 14 6 3 49 124 123 Seton Catholic Central at Chenango Forks,
Maine-Endwell: Tyree Brodley 4 1-2 9, An- 1 0-0 2, Malorie Rutledge 1 0-1 2, Kaylee Gill 0 feit. 126: Jacob Rizkallah (C) won by forfeit. 0-0 2, Jabbie 0-1 0-0 0, Grant 4-7 0-1 10. To- Laval 17 20 5 2 41 129 150 7:15
drew DeSantis 1 1-2 3, Jordan Gallagher 1 0-0 0-0 0, Alyssa Makowski 0 0-0 0, Rainna Butler 132: Chase Daudelin (C) won by forfeit. 138: tals 26-51 8-14 69. Belleville 18 23 0 3 39 109 163 Norwich at Susquehanna Valley, 7:15
3, Connor Green 3 1-2 8, Joseph Mancini 1 0-0 1 0-0 3, Laycee Drake 7 1-1 15. Totals: 13 1 1-2 Aidan Lupole (SV) pinned Dominic Bulkley, Halftime: UMBC 36-18. 3-pointers: BU 5-20 Binghamton 12 22 5 2 31 101 140 Elmira Notre Dame at Thomas A. Edison, 7:15
2, William McFadden 2 0-0 4, Brennan 30. 3:31. 145: Paddy Lupole (SV) maj. dec. Jeremy (Muhammad 3-7, Davis 1-2, Show 1-5, Newark Valley at Windsor, 7:15
McQuade 1 0-2 2, Cody Petro 13 2-3 28, Sam- 3-pointers: B-G 7 (E. Selfridge 5, Leizear, Ahearn 0-1, Rodriguez 0-2, T. Stewart 0-3); Western Conference Candor at Odessa-Montour, 7:15
Spear, 17-4. 152: Matthew Kline (C) pinned
uel Siock 1 0-0 3. Totals: 27 5-12 62. Thornton); D/H 1 (Butler). JV: B-G won. Sethan King, 1:07. 160: Kyle Leonard (SV) dec. UMBC 9-23 (Sherburne 4-6, Lyles 3-5, Grant Central Division Newfield at Tioga, 7:15
Trumansburg: Isaiah Black 2 1-1 6, Marcus Nathan Mapes, 6-3. 170: Chris Harold (SV) 2-4, Curran 0-1, Jabbie 0-1, Horvath 0-2, Mau- W L OL SOL Pts GF GA Marathon at Moravia, 7:15
Harrison 1 0-0 3, Dalton Kenney 4 3-4 13, Jack won by forfeit. 182: Mithell Knapp (SV) ra 0-4). Rebounds: BU 37 (Rodriguez 11); Manitoba 27 10 3 2 59 152 102 Union Springs at Southern Cayuga, 7:15
Lincoln 1 0-0 2, Zebulon Whitford 4 0-0 8. To- SWIMMING UMBC 28 (Akin 8). Assists: BU 9 (Davis 4); Rockford 23 16 2 3 51 141 133 Watkins Glen at Spencer-Van Etten, 7:15
pinned Damien VanEtten, 1:07. 195: Richie
tals: 12 4-7 32. Windsor 87, Owego 74 Knapp (SV) pinned David Rowe, 1:41. 220: UMBC 20 (Maura, Lyles, Sherburne 4). Iowa 19 13 7 3 48 134 134 Whitney Point at Lansing, 7:15
3-pointers: M-E 3 (Siot, Green, Gallagher); At Windsor Mitchell Enright (SV) won by forfeit. 285: Chicago 21 15 5 2 49 131 122 Groton at Trumansburg, 7:15
Trumansburg 4 (Black, Harrison, Kenney 2). 200-yard medley relay: Owego (Peter Ko- Thomas O`Connor (C) pinned Connor Cleary, Milwaukee 21 17 4 0 46 117 130 Walton at Bainbridge-Guilford, 7:15
JV: M-E won. valovsky, Brandon Lavo, Noah Bingley, John WOMEN’S BASKETBALL G. Rapids 21 18 1 4 47 139 136 Sidney at Delaware Academy, 7:15
Notes: Maine-Endwell’s Cody Petro shot 13- McDonald) 1:54.84; 200 freestyle: Bingley Binghamton 81, UMBC 51 Cleveland 13 21 3 3 32 93 130 Unadilla Valley at Afton, 7:30
Windsor 44, Maine-Endwell 31 UMBC (2-18, 1-6 AE): Laura Castaldo 5-14
for-13 from the field and had three steals and (O) 2:08.71; 200 individual medley: Lavo Chenango Valley at Oneonta, 7:45
(O) 2:16.06; 50 free: Brady Weingartner (W) At Windsor 0-1 13, Janee’a Summers 4-8 1-2 10, Brittani Pacific Division
three assists. 99 pounds: Payton Bennett M-E pinned Troy HS GIRLS BASKETBALL
25.12; Diving: Dante Kimbrough (W) 348.85; Burgess 2-7 2-2 6, Lucrezia Costa 0-4 1-2 1, W L OL SOL Pts GF GA
Bainbridge-Guilford 65, Hayes, 3:21. 106: Alex Wilber (M-E) pinned Tucson 22 12 2 1 47 122 105 Unadilla Valley at Afton, 6
100 butterfly: Ben Panziera (W) 1:06.35; 100 Allison McGrath 0-5 0-0 0, Te’yjah Oliver 2-10 Deposit/Hancock at Oxford, 7:15
Desposit/Hancock 56 Ryan Kennedy, 3:18. 113: Dylan Hawk (W) Texas 23 15 4 2 52 132 138
free: Weingartner (W) 54.97; 500 free: Mc- 1-2 7, Lakiah Sims 2-7 0-1 5, Tyler Moore 2-4 Thomas A. Edison at Elmira Notre Dame, 7:15
Bainbridge-Guilford ..... 11 19 14 21 - 65 won by forfeit. 120: Mike McDaniels (W) S. Antonio 22 16 4 0 48 117 119
Donald (O) 5:27.87; 200 free relay: Windsor 0-0 5, Chukwuma Chiamaka 1-3 0-0 2, Jen Odessa-Montour at Candor, 7:15
Deposit/Hancock ..... 15 6 10 25 - 56 pinned Ryan Dowdle, 3:37. 126: Deekon Flint Stockton 19 14 2 3 43 117 107
(Kimbrough, Lucas Casey, Devin Truman, Gast 1-2 0-0 2, Carly Harris 0 0-0 0. Totals: Tioga at Newfield, 7:15
Bainbridge-Guilford: Devon Scherhaufer 3 (W) forfeit. 132: James Hoover (W) won by Ontario 21 16 1 1 44 109 107
Weingartner) 1:48.27; 100 backstroke: Ko- 19-64 5-10 51 Moravia at Marathon, 7:15
0-0 9, Xavier Cherniak 2 4-4 10, Shawn Lind- forfeit. 138: Langdon Sibley (W) tech. fall San Jose 19 16 1 2 41 96 110
valovsky (O) 1:04.40; 100 breaststroke: La- BU (13-7, 4-3): Alyssa James 10-14 2-2 22, Kai Southern Cayuga at Union Springs, 7:15
sey 5 5-5 15, Trevor Halaquist 8 4-4 23, Tom Cobe Sisenstein, 15-0 (5:36). 145: Mason Pel- San Diego 20 17 1 0 41 121 122
vo (O) 1:11.49; 400 free relay: Owego (Eric Moon 5-7 8-10 20, Imani Watkins 6-19 5-7 19, Spencer-Van Etten at Watkins Glen, 7:15
Palmatier 4 0-0 8, Parker Lord , Collin Puerile 0 ton (M-E) maj. dec. 11-3. 152: Gabe Monroe Bakersfield 17 16 7 0 41 109 119
Pheal, Joesph Criscitello, James Morton, Aus- Carly Boland 3-7 0-0 8, Rebecca Carmody 2-5 Lansing at Whitney Point, 7:15
0-0 0, Adam Ives 0 0-0 0. Totals: 22 13-13 65. (W) pinned Spencer Portararo, 1:47. 160: An-
tin Tompkins) 4:38.51. Records: Windsor 0-0 5, Jasmine Sina 1-3 0-0 3, Lizzy Spindler 0 NOTE: Two points are awarded for a Trumansburg at Groton, 7:15
Deposit/Hancock (9-6): Austin Lenio 5 0-0 thony Bonnano (M-E) dec. Noah Yadlosky,
8-2. 2-2 2, Kennedi Thompson 1-2 0-0 2, Karlee win, one point for an overtime or HS BOYS BOWLING
12, Jackson Miller 0 3-4 3, Ray Rynearson 0 9-4. 170: Dave Flora (W) dec. Gabe Fuller, 3-1.
Corning 104, Union-Endicott 78 Krchnavi 0 0-2 0, Kaylee Wasco 0-1 0-0 0, Cor- shootout loss. Union Springs at Newark Valley, 4
0-0 0, Darren Shaver 9 1-2 21, Tyler Young 4 182: Greg Davis (M-E) won by forfeit. 195:
At Corning rinne Godshall 0 0-0 0. Totals: 28-58 17-23 Tuesday’s Games Marathon at Odessa-Montour, 4
2-2 10, Cole Russell 3 3-5 10, Nick Staton 0 Steve Lageman (M-E) won by forfeit. 220:
200-yard medley relay: Corning (Yushi 81. Cleveland 5, Milwaukee 0 HS GIRLS BOWLING
0-0 0. Totals: 21 9-13 56. Collin Bidwell (W) pinned Matt Raleigh, 4:51.
Portwood, Cal Bartone, Jerry Hou, Roger Liu) Halftime: BU 37-31. 3-pointers: UMBC 8- Rockford 4, Bakersfield 1 Union Springs at Newark Valley, 4
3-pointers: B-G 8 (Scherhaufer 3, Halaquist 285: No match.
1:50.47; 200 freestyle: Ryan McNutt (C) 29 (Castaldo 3-8, Summers 1-3, Burgess 0-2, Texas 3, San Jose 2, OT Marathon at Odessa-Montour, 4
3, Cherniak 2); D/H 5 (Lenio 2, Shaver 2, Rus-
1:59.53; 200 individual medley: Domenic McGrath 0-5, Oliver 2-7, Sims 1-1, Moore 1-3); HS SWIMMING
sell). COLLEGES Wednesday’s Games
Palumbo (C) 2:20.26; 50 free: Liu (C) 24.58; BU 8-21 (Moon 2-3, Watkins 2-8, Boland 2-6, Elmira at Windsor, 5
Newark Valley 73, Thomas A. Edison 52 Carmody 1-1, Sina 1-3). Rebounds: UMBC 37 WB/Scranton 4, Hershey 0
Thomas A. Edison ..... 10 17 13 12 - 52 Diving: Kurt Mueller (U-E) 249.30; 100 but- IVY LEAGUE MEN’S BASKETBALL Bridgeport 3, Springfield 1 Union-Endicott at Ithaca, 5:30
terfly: Portwood (C) 58.30; 100 free: Daniel Con All (Burgess 8); BU 46 (Carmody 8). Assists: Binghamton at Vestal, 5:30
Newark Valley ..... 23 18 19 13 - 73 UMBC 13 (Sims 4); BU 17 (Moon 5). Hartford 4, Utica 3, OT
Thomas A. Edison (4-10): Jared Slaven 0 0-0 Hursh (C) 55.58; 500 free: McNutt (C) W L W L Manitoba 4, Belleville 1 Dryden at Waverly, 5:30
0, Logan Scheepsma 1 0-0 2, Nate Chorney 8 5:33.10; 200 free relay: Corning (Bartone, Penn 3 0 12 6 Lehigh Valley 3, Providence 2 Southern Cayuga at Lansing, 5:30
Liu, Owen Fisher, Ethan Kang) 1:37.42; 100 Harvard 2 0 7 10 ECAC HOCKEY MEN Syracuse 3, Laval 2 Watkins Glen at Odessa-Montour, 5:30
3-4 22, Ryan Benedict 2 0-0 4, Jack Hourihan Princeton 2 1 9 8
2 0-0 4, Josh Tryon 1 0-0 2, Jack Shaw 2 2-2 8, backstroke: Palumbo (C) 1:03.72; 100 Con All Thursday’s Games Greene at Odessa-Montour, 5:30
breaststroke: Liu (C) 1:12.77; 400 free re- Brown 1 1 8 7 HS WRESTLING
Aronde Terpolilli 1 0-0 2. Totals: 20 6-8 52. Yale 1 1 8 10 W L T W L T Iowa at Cleveland, 7 p.m.
Newark Valley (8-5): Micah Williams 0 0-0 lay: U-E (Travis Daly, Charles Arbusio, Ben Clarkson 10 1 1 18 4 2 San Jose at San Antonio, 8 p.m. Norwich at Horseheads, 5
Hatala, Dominic Johnson) 4:19.86. Columbia 1 2 4 12
0, Patrick Pennay 2 0-0 5, Jason Graham 1 0-0 Dartmouth 0 2 4 11 Cornell 10 1 1 16 2 1 Friday’s Games
2, Jackson Vaughn 1 0-0 3, Kyle Coffin 9 1-3 Cornell 0 3 6 10 Union 10 4 0 14 12 1 Rochester at Toronto, 7 p.m. SATURDAY’S EVENTS
20, Ryan Crispell 6 0-0 13, Quartus Steika 8 WRESTLING Harvard 8 3 3 9 6 4 Belleville at Syracuse, 7 p.m. PRO HOCKEY
Friday’s Games Colgate 6 5 1 10 10 4
1-2 21, Daniel Lindhorst 4 1-1 9. Totals: 31 3-6 Bainbridge-Guilford 72, Deposit Harvard at Yale, 7 p.m. WB/Scranton at Lehigh Valley, 7:05 p.m. Binghamton at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, 7:05
73. Dartmth 6 6 1 8 10 2 Bridgeport at Springfield, 7:05 p.m.
Hancock 9 Dartmouth at Brown, 7 p.m. Yale 6 7 1 9 9 1 LOCAL BASKETBALL
3-pointers: TAE 5 (Chorney 3, Shaw 2); NV 8 Hershey at Providence, 7:05 p.m. WNY at Binghamton, 7
(Steika 4, Pennay, Vaughn, Coffin, Crispell). Started at 132 Saturday’s Games Quinnipc 4 7 2 9 12 4
132: Haiden Burns (BG) won by forfeit. 138: Columbia at Cornell, 4 p.m. Utica at Binghamton, 7:05 p.m. COLLEGE MEN’S BASKETBALL
JV: NV won. Brown 5 9 0 6 11 3 Charlotte at Hartford, 7:15 p.m.
Ben Bivar (BG) dec. River Burgess, 3-0. 145: Harvard at Brown, 6 p.m. Princeton 4 8 1 7 10 3 New Hampshire at Binghamton, 4
Corning 60, Binghamton 54 (OT) Austn Eggelston (BG) won by forfeit. 152: Saint Joseph’s at Penn, 7 p.m. Manitoba at Laval, 7:30 p.m. Columbia at Cornell, 4
Binghamton ..... 7 12 18 15 2 - 54 RPI 3 10 2 4 18 4
Hayden Lewis (BG) won by forfeit. 160: Shane Dartmouth at Yale, 7 p.m. St.Lwrnce 0 11 1 4 18 2 Ontario at Rockford, 8 p.m. Elmira at Alfred, 2
Corning ..... 14 15 11 12 8 - 60 Hoover (BG) won by forfeit. 170: Mike Wilmot Stockton at Texas, 8:30 p.m. Jefferson CC at SUNY Broome, 3
Binghamton (6-6): Isaiah Rogers 3 4-5 10, (BG) won by forfeit. 182: Ben Roberts (BG) Friday’s Games Chicago at Tucson, 9:05 p.m. COLLEGE WOMEN’S BASKETBALL
Damani Mizel 1 1-2 3, Jarrid Kirkland 6 2-4 15, won by forfeit. 195: Rocco Aurduin (BG) won AMERICA EAST MEN’S BASKETBALL Cornell at Harvard, 7 p.m. San Diego at Bakersfield, 10 p.m. Binghamton at New Hampshire, 1
Angel Camacho-Cintron 0 0-0 0, Jose Ramos Con All Yale at Clarkson, 7 p.m.
by forfeit. 220: Brock Wiest (BG) won by for- W L W L Columbia at Cornell, 1
0 0-0 0, Kahlil Terry 2 0-0 4, Peter Stefos 0 0-0 feit. 285: Dalton Griffith (BG) won by forfeit. Vermont 7 0 17 5
Brown at St. Lawrence, 7 p.m. LOCAL Elmira at Alfred, 4
0, Yachezqel Ogbonna 2 2-4 8, Emanuel 99: Jacob Terpstra won (BG) by forfeit. 106: Colgate at Dartmouth, 7 p.m. Jefferson CC at SUNY Broome, 1
McAllister 1 0-0 2, Nick Gregoris 3 0-0 7, UMBC 5 2 14 8 CYO BASKETBALL
Dylan Decker (BG) won by forfeit. 113: Indigo Hartford 4 3 11 10 Saturday’s Games COLLEGE MEN’S HOCKEY
Brandon Sprouse 2 0-0 5. Totals: 20 9-15 54. Union at RPI, 6 p.m. Varsity Boys
Busrgess (D/H) dec. Teague Rezucha, 7-4. New Hamp. 4 3 8 13 Cornell at Dartmouth, 7
Corning (7-6): Ivan Jubilee 4 4-4 13, Justin Cornell at Dartmouth, 7 p.m. St. Mary’s 59, St. Vincent’s Gold 57. Scor-
120: Hunter Couse (D/H) won by forfeit. 126: Albany 4 4 16 7 Utica at Elmira, 7
Rodriguez 3 0-0 7, Noah Walker 0 0-0 0, Nick Brown at Clarkson, 7 p.m. ing leaders: St. M, Tayyib Pearson 22 points,
Brady Buttice (BG) dec. Connor Obayle, 10-9. Stony Brook 3 4 8 13 COLLEGE WOMEN’S HOCKEY
Nickerson 0 0-0 0, Jacob Tober 0 0-0 0, Zach Colgate at Harvard, 7 p.m. JJ Holmes 15 points, Yordanel Peredes 12
Vestal 72, Binghamton 18 z-Mass.-Lowell 2 5 8 12 St. Lawrence at Cornell, 3
Drewno 0 0-0 0, Jason Drapikowski 1 1-3 4, Yale at St. Lawrence, 7 p.m. points.
At Vestal Maine 2 5 5 17 Elmira at Lebanon Valley, 3:30
Jason Rodriguez 7 2-5 20, Myles Bankston 7 Saints John and Andrew 76, Holy Family
99 pounds: Hasan Wakefield (V) won by for- Binghamton 1 6 10 12 COLLEGE WRESTLING
2-6 16. Totals: 22 9-18 60. 37. Scoring leaders: SJA, Mosher 21 points,
3-pointers: B 5 (Ogbonna 2, Gregoris, feit. 106: Desawn Quirry (V) won by forfeit. z-ineligible for post-season play PROFESSIONAL Smith 11 points, McLaughlin 11 points.
Delaware Valley at Ithaca, 11 a.m.
113: Jeter Sacco (V) won by forfeit. 120: Cole Wednesday’s Games<QC> Brown at Cornell, 1
Sprouse, Kirkland); C 7 (Jason Rodriguez 4, Ju- AHL JV Boys
Wager (V) won by forfeit. 126: Zayne Benedict UMBC 69, Binghamton 57 Binghamton at UPenn, 2
bilee, Justin Rodriguez, Drapikowski). JV: Eastern Conference St. Vincent 47, Holy Family White 21.
(V) pinned Aidan Ehmke, :15. 132: Isaiah Cal- Mass.-Lowell 82, Stony Brook 79, OT Harvard at Cornell, 3
Binghamton won. Atlantic Division HS BOYS BASKETBALL
lender (V) pinned Kyciem Cooper, 1:46. 138: Maine 69, New Hampshire 68 FRIDAY’S EVENTS
Co-de Petticrew (V) won by forfeit. 145: Collin Vermont 61, Albany (NY) 50 W L OL SOL Pts GF GA Johnson City at Elmira, 2:45
GIRLS BASKETBALL Kinter (V) won by forfeit. 152:Isiah Cogan (V) Saturday’s Games WB/Scrantn 25 11 3 1 54 140 107 PRO HOCKEY Ithaca at Bishop Grimes, 7
Bainbridge-Guilford 66, won by forfeit. 160: Nate Staples (B) won by Maine at UMBC, 1 p.m. Lehigh Val. 25 13 2 3 55 145 139 Utica at Binghamton, 7:05 HS GIRLS BASKETBALL
Deposit/Hancock 30 forfeit. 170: Phillip Steele (B) won by forfeit. New Hampshire at Binghamton, 4 p.m. Providence 24 14 3 1 52 123 106 COLLEGE MEN’S HOCKEY Norwich at Elmira, 6
Bainbridge-Guilford ..... 14 13 23 16 - 66 182: Todd Degroat (V) pinned Chris Kovach, Hartford at Mass.-Lowell, 5 p.m. Charlotte 24 17 0 1 49 145 128 Cornell at Harvard, 7 Seton Catholic Central vs. Mercy at Ononda-
2:46. 195: Eli Socash (V) pinned Caleb Le, Bridgeport 21 15 4 2 48 120 114 Nazareth at Elmira, 7 ga CC TBA
Deposit/Hancock ..... 10 8 8 4 - 30 Albany (NY) at Stony Brook, 7 p.m. Hershey 17 19 3 4 41 110 138
Bainbridge-Guilford (11-1): Jillian Cannis- 3:34. 220: Matt Kovach (B) won by forfeit. UMBC 69, Binghamton 57 COLLEGE WOMEN’S HOCKEY HS WRESTLING
Hartford 18 20 3 3 42 120 153 Clarkson at Cornell, 6 Binghamton at Avoca, 9 a.m.
tra 2 0-0 4, Matraca Harmon 0 0-0 0, Abigail 285: Brandon Taylor (V) pinned Isaiah Zones, Binghamton (10-12): Rodriguez 3-10 0-4 6, Springfield 19 24 1 1 40 131 143
Selfridge 8 1-2 17, Erica Selfridge 1 5 1-1 18, 2:03. Records: Vestal 15-0. Bruce 2-3 0-1 4, Show 1-8 0-0 3, Rose 0-0 0-0 COLLEGE WRESTLING Chenango Valley vs. Ithaca at Cornell, 9:30
Macie Leizear 4 1 0-0 11, Zamira Coldwell 1 0, Davis 3-5 7-10 14, Ahearn 3-7 0-0 6, C. Nassau CC at Ithaca, 7 State Duals at Onondaga CC TBA
Vernon-Verona-Sheryl Tournament TBA

NFL Orleans; Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams; Rus-
sell Wilson, Seattle
Dallas 16 32 .333
Northwest Division
19 Buffalo 48 13 26 9 35 110 163 MINNESOTA (4) — Signed Michael Pineda,
rhp, New York Yankees, to a $10 million, two-
vor Cahill, rhp; q-Lorenzo Cain, of; Alcides Es-
cobar, ss; q-Eric Hosmer, 1b; q-Mike Mousta-
Playoff Glance WIDE RECEIVERS (4) — Davante Adams, W L Pct GB
Metropolitan Division year contract; signed Fernando Rodney, rhp, kas, 3b; Peter Moylan, rhp; Jason Vargas, lhp.
All Times EST Green Bay; Doug Baldwin, Adam Thielen, Minnesota 31 19 .620 — GP W L OT Pts GF GA Arizona, to a $4.5 million, one-year contract; LOS ANGELES (10) — Andrew Bailey, rhp;
Wild-card Playoffs Minnesota; Michael Thomas, New Orleans Oklahoma City 27 20 .574 21⁄2 Washington 48 28 15 5 61 146 136 signed Zach Duke, lhp, St. Louis, to a $2.15 Jesse Chavez, rhp; Yunel Escobar, 3b; Ricky
Saturday, Jan. 6 RUNNING BACKS (3) — Todd Gurley, Los Portland 26 22 .542 4 New Jersey 47 24 15 8 56 144 143 million, one-year contract; signed Addison Nolasco, rhp; Bud Norris, rhp; Cliff Penning-
Tennessee 22, Kansas City 21 Angeles Rams; Mark Ingram, New Orleans; Denver 24 23 .511 51⁄2 Philadelphia 48 24 16 8 56 140 136 Reed, rhp, Boston, to a $16.75 million, two- ton, inf; Brandon Phillips, 2b; Ben Revere, of;
Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Utah 20 28 .417 10 Columbus 48 26 19 3 55 129 136 year contract. Fernando Salas, rhp; Huston Street, rhp.
Atlanta 26, Los Angeles Rams 13 Pittsburgh 50 26 21 3 55 145 150
Sunday, Jan. 7 FULLBACK (1) — Kyle Juszczyk, San Francis- Pacific Division NEW YORK (1) — Re-signed CC Sabathia, MINNESOTA (4) — Matt Belisle, rhp; Barto-
co W L Pct GB N.Y. 49 24 20 5 53 170 179 lhp, to a $10 million, one-year contract. lo Colon, rhp; Glen Perkins, lhp; Hector Santia-
Jacksonville 10, Buffalo 3 Islanders
New Orleans 31, Carolina 26 TIGHT ENDS (2) — Kyle Rudolph, Minneso- Golden State 38 10 .792 — OAKLAND (1) — Signed Yusmeiro Petit, rhp, go, lhp.
ta; Jason Witten, Dallas L.A. Clippers 23 24 .489 141⁄2 N.Y. Rangers 49 24 20 5 53 147 146 Los Angeles Angels, to a $10 million, two-year NEW YORK (3) — Todd Frazier, 3b; Jaime
Divisional Playoffs L.A. Lakers 18 29 .383 191⁄2 Carolina 48 21 19 8 50 131 149
TACKLES (3) — Duane Brown, Seattle; Joe contract. Garcia, lhp; Matt Holliday, dh.
Saturday, Jan. 13 Phoenix 17 31 .354 21
Staley, San Francisco; Andrew Whitworth, Los WESTERN CONFERENCE SEATTLE (3) — Re-signed Hisashi Iwakuma, SEATTLE (3) — Jarrod Dyson, of; Carlos
Philadelphia 15, Atlanta 10 Sacramento 14 33 .298 231⁄2
Angeles Rams Central Division rhp, to a minor league contract ($2.5 million); Ruiz, c; Danny Valencia, 1b-3b.
New England 35, Tennessee 14 Friday’s Games
GUARDS (3) — T.J. Lang, Detroit; Trai Turner, signed Juan Nicasio, rhp, St. Louis, to a $17 TAMPA BAY (7) — Peter Bourjos, of; q-Alex
Sunday, Jan. 14 Carolina; Larry Warford, New Orleans Atlanta at Charlotte, 7 p.m. GP W L OT Pts GF GA million, two-year contract; re-signed Gordon Cobb, rhp; Lucas Duda, 1b; Logan Morrison,
Jacksonville 45, Pittsburgh 42 Indiana at Cleveland, 7:30 p.m. Winnipeg 49 29 13 7 65 161 132
CENTERS (2) — Travis Frederick, Dallas; Nashville 46 28 11 7 63 142 123 Beckham, inf, to a minor league contract 1b; Trevor Plouffe, 3b; Colby Rasmus, of; Ser-
Minnesota 29, New Orleans 24 Alex Mack, Atlanta Utah at Toronto, 7:30 p.m. ($800,000). gio Romo, rhp.
Conference Championships St. Louis 50 29 18 3 61 145 129
DEFENSE (18) Brooklyn at Milwaukee, 8 p.m. Dallas 49 28 17 4 60 154 130 TEXAS (3) — Signed Doug Fister, rhp, Bos- TEXAS (4) — Andrew Cashner, rhp; Carlos
AFC DEFENSIVE ENDS (3) — Michael Bennett, Houston at New Orleans, 8 p.m. ton, to a $4 million, one-year contract; re- Gomez, of; Jason Grilli, rhp; Mike Napoli, 1b.
Colorado 47 27 17 3 57 156 136
Patriots 24, Jaguars 20 Seattle; Cameron Jordan, New Orleans; De- L.A. Clippers at Memphis, 8 p.m. Minnesota 48 26 17 5 57 141 134 signed Tony Barnette, rhp, to a $1.5 million, TORONTO (5) — Brett Anderson, lhp; Dar-
NFC marcus Lawrence, Dallas L.A. Lakers at Chicago, 8 p.m. Chicago 48 22 19 7 51 141 135 one-year contract; signed Mike Minor, lhp, win Barney, 2b; Jose Bautista, of; Miguel
Eagles 38, Vikings 7 INTERIOR LINEMEN (3) — Mike Daniels, Philadelphia at San Antonio, 8:30 p.m. Kansas City, to a $28 million, three-year con- Montero, c; Michael Saunders, of.
Pro Bowl Green Bay; Linval Joseph, Minnesota; Gerald Portland at Dallas, 8:30 p.m. Pacific Division tract. NATIONAL LEAGUE
Sunday, Jan. 28 McCoy, Tampa Bay New York at Phoenix, 9 p.m. GP W L OT Pts GF GA TORONTO (1) — Signed Curtis Granderson, ARIZONA (5) — Gregor Blanco, of; Jorge De
At Orlando, Fla. OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS (3) — Thomas Da- Saturday’s Games Vegas 47 32 11 4 68 163 126 of, Los Angeles Dodgers, to a $5 million, one- La Rosa, lhp; David Hernandez, rhp; J.D. Mar-
AFC vs. NFC, 3 p.m. (ESPN/ABC) vis, Carolina; Chandler Jones, Arizona; Ryan Oklahoma City at Detroit, 5 p.m. San Jose 47 26 14 7 59 138 127 year contract. tinez of; Adam Rosales, inf.
Super Bowl Kerrigan, Washington Orlando at Indiana, 7 p.m. Calgary 48 25 16 7 57 134 131 NATIONAL LEAGUE ATLANTA (2) — R.A. Dickey, rhp; Jason
INSIDE/MIDDLE LINEBACKERS (2) — Kwon Charlotte at Miami, 7:30 p.m. Los Angeles 49 26 18 5 57 139 121 CHICAGO (4) — Signed Tyler Chatwood, Motte, rhp.
Sunday, Feb. 4 Anaheim 49 23 17 9 55 137 138
Alexander, Tampa Bay; Deion Jones, Atlanta Washington at Atlanta, 7:30 p.m. rhp, Colorado, to a $38 million, three-year CHICAGO (6) — q-Jake Arrieta, rhp; Alex
At Minneapolis Edmonton 48 21 24 3 45 131 154
CORNERBACKS (4) — Marshon Lattimore, Boston at Golden State, 8:30 p.m. contract; signed Brandon Morrow, rhp, Los Avila, c; Jon Jay, of; John Lackey, rhp; Rene
New England vs. Philadelphia, 6:30 p.m. Vancouver 48 19 23 6 44 127 155
New Orleans; Patrick Peterson, Arizona; Xavi- Brooklyn at Minnesota, 9 p.m. Angeles Dodgers, to a $21 million, two-year Rivera, c; Koji Uehara, rhp.
(NBC) Arizona 49 12 28 9 33 117 170
er Rhodes, Minnesota; Darius Slay, Detroit Dallas at Denver, 9 p.m. contract; signed Steve Cishek, rhp, Tampa CINCINNATI (3) — Bronson Arroyo, rhp;
FREE SAFETY (1) — Earl Thomas, Seattle NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for Bay, to a $13 million, two-year contract; re- Scott Feldman, rhp; Drew Storen, rhp.
2018 Final Pro Bowl Selections
STRONG SAFETIES (2) — Keanu Neal, Atlan- 2018 NBA All-Star Game Roster overtime loss. Top three teams in each divi- signed Brian Duensing, lhp, to a $7 million, COLORADO (5) — Carlos Gonzalez, of;
Sunday, Jan. 28 ta; Harrison Smith, Minnesota two-year contract. Ryan Hanigan, c; q-Greg Holland, rhp; Jona-
All-Star Game: Feb. 18 sion and two wild cards per conference ad-
At Camping World Stadium SPECIALISTS (4) COLORADO (4) — Signed Chris Iannetta, c, than Lucroy, c; Mark Reynolds, 1b.
At Staples Center vance to playoffs.
Orlando, Fla. PUNTER (1) — Johnny Hekker, Los Angeles Arizona, to an $8.5 million, two-year con- LOS ANGELES (5) — Yu Darvish, rhp; Andre
Los Angeles Friday’s Games
(Subject to Change) Rams No games scheduled tract; re-signed Jake McGee, lhp, to a $27 mil- Ethier, of; Franklin Gutierrez, of; Chase Utley,
Team LeBron
(y-replacement; z-Super Bowl PLACEKICKER (1) — Graham Gano, Caroli- lion, three-year contract; signed Bryan Shaw, 2b; Tony Watson, lhp.
participant) na rhp, Cleveland, to a $27 million, three-year MIAMI (4) — Mike Aviles, inf; A.J. Ellis, c;
LeBron James, Cleveland; DeMarcus Cousins,
AFC LONG SNAPPER (1) — Jake McQuade, Los contract; signed Wade Davis, rhp, Chicago Dustin McGowan, rhp; Ichiro Suzuki, of.
OFFENSE (21) Angeles Rams
New Orleans; Anthony Davis, New Orleans;
Kevin Durant, Golden State; Kyrie Irving, Bos-
MLB Cubs, to a $52 million, three-year contract. MILWAUKEE (2) — Matt Garza, rhp; Neil
QUARTERBACKS (3) — Derek Carr, Oak- RETURN SPECIALIST (1) — Pharoh Cooper, 2018 Hall of Fame Voting MILWAUKEE (3) — Signed Yovani Gallardo, Walker, 2b.
land; Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh; Alex Los Angeles Rams 422 votes cast, 317 needed rhp, Seattle, to a $2 million, one-year con- NEW YORK (1) — Jose Reyes, inf.
Reserves tract; signed Jhoulys Chacin, rhp, San Diego, PHILADELPHIA (4) — Andres Blanco, inf;
Smith, Kansas City. SPECIAL TEAMER (1) — Budda Baker, Arizo- x-Chipper Jones 410 (97.2); Vladimir Guer-
LaMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio; Bradley to a $15.5 million, two-year contract; signed Clay Buchholz, rhp; Hyun-Soo Kim, of; Daniel
WIDE RECEIVERS (4) — Keenan Allen, Los na rero 392 (92.9); x-Jim Thome 379 (89.8); Tre-
Beal, Washington; Kevin Love, Cleveland; Vic- Boone Logan, lhp, Cleveland, to a $2.5 mil- Nava, of.
Angeles Chargers; Antonio Brown, Pitts- NOTE: Ten players from the two teams par- vor Hoffman 337 (79.9); Edgar Martinez 297
tor Oladipo, Indiana; Kristaps Porzingis, New lion, one-year contract. PITTSBURGH (3) — Joaquin Benoit, rhp;
burgh; T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis; Jarvis Landry, ticipating in the Super Bowl, the New England (70.4); Mike Mussina 268 (63.5); Roger Clem-
York; John Wall, Washington; Russell West- NEW YORK (3) — Signed Jose Lobaton, c, John Jaso, 1b; Chris Stewart, c.
Miami Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, were select- ens 242 (57.3); Barry Bonds 238 (56.4); Curt
brook, Oklahoma City. Washington, to a minor league contract ST. LOUIS (2) — q-Lance Lynn, rhp; Seung-
RUNNING BACKS (3) — Le’Veon Bell, Pitts- ed to the original Pro Bowl roster: quarter- Schilling 216 (51.2); x-Omar Vizquel 156
back Tom Brady, fullback James Develin, tight Team Stephen ($1.25 million); signed Anthony Swarzak, rhp, Hwan Oh, rhp.
burgh; Kareem Hunt, Kansas City; LeSean Mc- (37.0); Larry Walker 144 (34.1); Fred McGriff
end Rob Gronkowski and special teamer Starters Milwaukee, to a $14 million, two-year con- SAN DIEGO (1) — Erick Aybar, ss.
Coy, Buffalo 98 (23.2); Manny Ramirez 93 (22.0); Jeff Kent
Matthew Slater of the Patriots and guard Stephen Curry, Golden State; James Harden, tract; signed Jay Bruce, of, Cleveland, to a $39 SAN FRANCISCO (3) — Matt Cain, rhp; Jae-
FULLBACK (1) — Roosevelt Nix, Pittsburgh 61 (14.5); Gary Sheffield 47 (11.1); Billy Wag-
Brandon Brooks, interior lineman Fletcher Houston; Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwau- million, three-year contract. Gynn Hwang, 1b-3b; Michael Morse, ib-of.
TIGHT ENDS (2) — Jack Doyle, Indianapolis; ner 47 (11.1); x-Scott Rolen 43 (10.2); Sammy
Cox, tight end Zach Ertz, strong safety Mal- kee; DeMar DeRozan, Toronto; Joel Embiid, PHILADELPHIA (3) — Signed Tommy Hunt- WASHINGTON (9) — Matt Albers, rhp; Joe
Delanie Walker, Tennessee Sosa 33 (7.8); x-Andruw Jones 31 (7.3);
colm Jenkins, tackle Lane Johnson and quar- Philadelphia. er, rhp, Tampa Bay, to an $18 million, two-year Blanton, rhp; Alejandro De Aza, of; Stephen
TACKLES (3) — Taylor Lewan, Tennessee; By receiving fewer than 22 votes (less than 5
Russell Okung, Los Angeles Chargers; Alejan- terback Carson Wentz of the Eagles. Safety Reserves percent), x-Jamie Moyer 10 (2.4); x-Johan contract; signed Pat Neshek, rhp, Colorado, to Drew, 2b; Edwin Jackson, rhp; Adam Lind, 1b;
dro Villanueva, Pittsburgh; Devin McCourty and tackle Nate Solder of the Jimmy Butler, Minnesota; Draymond Green, Santana 10 (2.4); x-Johnny Damon 8 (1.9); x- a $16.25 million, two-year contract; signed Oliver Perez, lhp; Ryan Raburn, of; Jayson
GUARDS (3) — David DeCastro, Pittsburgh; Patriots were also selected as alternates. Golden State; Damian Lillard, Portland; Al Hideki Matsui 4 (0.9); x-Chris Carpenter 2 Carlos Santana, 1b, Cleveland, to a $60 mil- Werth of.
Richie Incognito, Buffalo; Kelechi Osemele, Horford, Boston; Kyle Lowry, Toronto; Klay (0.5); x-Kerry Wood 2 (0.5); x-Livan Hernan- lion, three-year contract.
Oakland Thompson, Golden State; Karl-Anthony dez 1 (0.2); x-Carlos Lee 1 (0.2); x-Orlando ST. LOUIS (1) — Signed Luke Gregerson, rhp,
Towns, Minnesota. Houston, to an $11 million, two-year contract.
CENTERS (2) — Rodney Hudson, Oakland;
Maurkice Pouncey, Pittsburgh
NBA Rising Stars Roster
Hudson 0; x-Aubrey Huff 0; x-Jason Isringhau-
sen 0; x-Brad Lidge 0; x-Kevin Millwood 0; x- SAN DIEGO (2) — Re-signed Jordan Lyles, BETTING LINE
DEFENSE (18) All Times EST Game played Friday, Feb. 16 Carlos Zambrano 0 are no longer eligible for rhp, to a $1 million, one-year contract; re- Line
DEFENSIVE ENDS (3) — Cameron Heyward, EASTERN CONFERENCE World Team election by the BBWAA. signed Craig Stammen, rhp, to a $4.5 million, NBA
Pittsburgh; Melvin Ingram, Los Angeles Char- Atlantic Division Bogdan Bogdanovic, Sacramento; Dillon x-first year on ballot two-year contract. Friday
gers; Yannick Ngakoue, Jacksonville W L Pct GB Brooks, Memphis; Joel Embiid, Philadelphia; SAN FRANCISCO (2) — Re-signed Nick Favorite Line O/U Underdog
INTERIOR LINEMEN (3) — Geno Atkins, Boston 35 14 .714 — Buddy Hield, Sacramento; Lauri Markkanen, Free Agents Signings Hundley, c, to a $2.5 million, one-year con- CHARLOTTE 6 210 Atlanta
Cincinnati; Jurrell Casey, Tennessee; Malik Toronto 32 14 .696 11⁄2 Chicago; Jamal Murray, Denver; Frank Ntiliki- tract; signed Austin Jackson, of, Cleveland, to CLEVELAND 5 222 Indiana
NEW YORK (AP) — The 45 free agents who TORONTO 7 207 Utah
Jackson, Jacksonville Philadelphia 23 21 .523 91⁄2 na, New York; Domantas Sabonis, Indiana; a $6 million, two-year contract.
New York 21 27 .438 131⁄2 have signed, with name, position, former club Houston 3 (228) NEW;ORLEANS
OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS (3) — Von Miller, Dario Saric, Philadelphia; Ben Simmons, Phil- if different, and contract. The contract infor- WASHINGTON (2) — Re-signed Brandon
Brooklyn 18 30 .375 161⁄2 adelphia. Kintzler, rhp, to a $10 million, two-year con- MILWAUKEE 6 213 Brooklyn
Denver; Telvin Smith, Jacksonville; Terrell mation was obtained by The Associated Press MEMPHIS OFF (OFF) LA Clippers
Suggs, Baltimore Southeast Division U.S. Team from player and management sources. For tract; re-signed Howie Kendrick, of-2b, to a $7
W L Pct GB million, two-year contract. CHICAGO 31⁄2 (220) LA Lakers
INSIDE/MIDDLE LINEBACKERS (2) — C.J. Lonzo Ball, L.A. Lakers; Malcolm Brogdon, players with minor league contracts, letter SAN ANTONIO 3 203 Philadelphia
Mosley, Baltimore; Joe Schobert, Cleveland Miami 27 20 .574 — Milwaukee; Jaylen Brown, Boston; John Col- JAPAN CENTRAL LEAGUE
Washington 26 21 .553 1 agreements for major league contracts are in DALLAS OFF OFF Portland
CORNERBACKS (4) — A.J. Bouye, Jackson- lins, Atlanta; Kris Dunn, Chicago; Brandon In- parentheses: CHUNICHI (1) — Signed Dillon Gee, rhp,
Charlotte 19 27 .413 71⁄2 PHOENIX OFF (OFF) New York
ville; Casey Hayward, Los Angeles Chargers; gram, L.A. Lakers; Kyle Kuzma, L.A. Lakers; AMERICAN LEAGUE Minnesota, to a $1.7 million, one-year con-
Atlanta 14 33 .298 13 tract. COLLEGE BASKETBALL
Jalen Ramsey, Jacksonville; Aqib Talib, Denver Orlando 14 33 .298 13 Donovan Mitchell, Utah; Dennis Smith Jr., Dal- BOSTON (1) — Re-signed Mitch Moreland,
FREE SAFETY (1) — Eric Weddle, Baltimore las; Jayson Tatum, Boston. Friday
Central Division 1b, to a $13 million, two-year contract. Favorite Line Underdog
STRONG SAFETIES (2) — Kevin Byard, Ten- CLEVELAND (1) — Signed Yonder Alonso, Remaining Free Agents
W L Pct GB NEW YORK (AP) — The 121 remaining free Buffalo 7 OHIO
nessee; Reshad Jones, Miami Cleveland 27 19 .587 — 1b, Seattle, to a $16 million, two-year con-
agents (q-rejected qualifying offer): YALE 1 Harvard
PUNTER (1) — Brett Kern, Tennessee
26 22 .542
24 22 .522
NHL tract.
CHICAGO (2) — Signed Welington Castillo, AMERICAN LEAGUE WRIGHT ST 12 Detroit
All Times EST BROWN 6 Dartmouth
PLACEKICKER (1) — Chris Boswell, Pitts- Detroit 22 24 .478 5 c, Baltimore, to a $15 million, two-year con- BOSTON (5) — Fernando Abad, lhp; Blaine MICHIGAN ST 16 Wisconsin
burgh Chicago 18 30 .375 10 EASTERN CONFERENCE tract; signed Miguel Gonzalez, rhp, Texas, to a Boyer, rhp; Rajai Davis, of; Eduardo Nunez, inf; N. KENTUCKY 7 Oakland
LONG SNAPPER (1) — Clarke Harris, Cincin- WESTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division $4.75 million, one-year contract. Chris Young, of.
nati DETROIT (1) — Signed Alexi Amarista, inf, CHICAGO (2) — Mike Pelfrey, rhp; Geovany NFL
Southwest Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA
RETURN SPECIALIST (1) — Tyreek Hill, Kan- Tampa Bay 48 33 12 3 69 170 124 Colorado, to a minor league contract. Soto c. Super Bowl - Sunday February 4
W L Pct GB Favorite O T O/U Underdog
sas City Houston 34 12 .739 — Boston 46 28 10 8 64 153 114 HOUSTON (1) — Signed Joe Smith, rhp, CLEVELAND (1) — Craig Breslow, lhp.
SPECIAL TEAMER (1) — Brynden Trawick, DETROIT (1) — Anibal Sanchez, rhp. New England 6 5 48 Philadelphia
San Antonio 32 18 .640 4 Toronto 50 27 18 5 59 158 145 Cleveland, to a $15 million, two-year con-
Tennessee New Orleans 26 21 .553 81⁄2 Detroit 47 19 20 8 46 125 141 tract. HOUSTON (4) — Carlos Beltran, dh; Tyler
NFC Memphis 17 30 .362 171⁄2 Montreal 48 20 22 6 46 124 150 LOS ANGELES (1) — Signed Zack Cozart, inf, Clippard, rhp; Francisco Liriano, lhp; Cameron
OFFENSE (21) Florida 46 19 21 6 44 130 154 Cincinnati, to a $38 million, three-year con- Maybin, of.
QUARTERBACKS (3) — Drew Brees, New Ottawa 46 15 22 9 39 122 163 tract. KANSAS CITY (8) — Melky Cabrera, of; Tre- z FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018 z 3C

Binghamton’s rallies are stymied by UMBC

Staff Report and retain sole possession of second Davis scored 14 points and Tyler BU history with 634 rebounds.
Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin place in the conference behind Ver- Stewart added 13 for the Bearcats, who Teammate Kai Moon scored 20
mont. will return home to face New Hamsphire points and had a collegiate-high seven
BU (10-12, 1-6) trailed by 18 at half- at 4 p.m. Saturday. steals. She also had five assists and six
Joe Sherburne scored 18 points, in- time, but scraped back with a 23-8 run rebounds. Imani Watkins sored 19
cluding a dagger of a 3-pointer from the and twice came as close as five points BU women rout UMBC points.
corner to blunt a comeback and the Uni- with less than five minutes to play. Ever- The Bearcats used a 15-3 run with six
versity of Maryland, Baltimore County son Davis’ 3-pointer pulled the Bearcats Binghamton University earned its minutes, 14 seconds left in the third
defeated the visiting Binghamton Uni- to 59-54 before Sherburne stepped up. second straight win with an 81-51 vic- quarter to take a 59-40 lead heading into
versity men’s basketball team 69-57 He fed Jourdan Grant for a 3-pointer, tory over the University of Maryland, the fourth. BU extended its lead to 77-41
Wednesday night. then stole the ball from Willie Rodriquez Baltimore County at the Events Center. in the final frame after holding UMBC to
Sherburne made seven of 11 shots, in- and dished to K.J. Maura for a jump Senior center Alyssa James led BU no field goals over the first six minutes.
cluding four of six 3-pointers, had four shot. Sherburne ended the 8-0 run with with 22 points, 11 rebounds and three as- Laura Castaldo and Janee’a Sum-
assists, two steals and a blocked shot for the corner 3 that put UMBC up 67-54 sists. She was honored before the game mers led the Retrievers with 13 and 10
UMBC (14-8, 5-2 America East Confer- with 1:31 to play. for setting the program and America points, respectively.
ence), which rebounded from a 44- Jairus Lyles added 17 points and East record for blocks, and moved into Binghamton travels to New Hamp-
point loss at Albany. The Retrievers Grant 10 for UMBC, which shot 51 per- 17th place in program history with 972 shire for a 1 p.m. game Saturday.
have won four of their last five games cent from the field (26 of 51). points. James is also in ninth place in

Hall of Fame Betting “Without our games and fans,

nal laws against gambling-related cor-
ruption, as well as “eligibility require-
ments” that restricts league insiders
Continued from Page 1C Continued from Page 1C there could be no sports from placing bets on their sport.
betting. And if sports betting
Halladay died Nov. 7 at age 40 when channels,” Spillane said. becomes legal in New York and 4. Ability to restrict
a plane he was piloting crashed off The solution? Allow wagers over the
Florida’s Gulf Coast. It was too late to Internet, he said.
other states, sports leagues Sports leagues should be able to set
add him to this year’s ballot — a player “The law should authorize betting will need to invest more in their own restrictions on wagers, Spil-
who dies less than five full years after on Internet and mobile platforms,” compliance and enforcement.” lane said.
retiring is eligible in the next election Spillane said. Dan Spillane If the NBA wants to block a certain
six months following his death. He will NBA senior vice president type of bet — like a prop bet on which
be eligible for the Hall of Fame next 2. 1 percent cut player commits the first foul in a game —
year, when his five-year wait was ex- leagues will need to invest more in com- it should be able to do so, he said.
piring anyway. If sports betting is allowed, the NBA pliance and enforcement.” “Certain types of bets are more sus-
says it and other sports leagues should ceptible to manipulation than others,
Edgar’s hopes get a cut. 3. Prevention measures such as whether a player will commit
Spillane said sports leagues should the first foul of the game,” Spillane said.
Martinez will be on the BBWAA bal- get 1 percent of all bets placed on their The NBA says it wants any sports-
lot for the 10th time — and that’s the games in recognition that the leagues betting law to include measures meant 5. Consumer protections
most a player is allowed. He will either “provide the foundation for sports bet- to flag any unusual or potentially cor-
be voted in or have to start waiting for a ting while bearing the risks.” rupt activity. The NBA backs a series of rules
veterans panel to take up his case. He The revenue could be significant: If a gambling operator spots any meant to protect its consumers, Spil-
received 70 percent of the vote this Spillane said many experts believe strange activity, for example, the NBA lane said.
year, up from 59 in 2017 and 43 the pre- there is between $100 billion and $200 wants them to be required to issue an Among them: Age restrictions, regu-
vious year. There’s still some opposi- billion in illegal betting revenue each alert. lations on advertisements and a re-
tion to Martinez, who spent much of year, with some believing the number Gambling data also should be cen- quirement that gambling operators use
his career as a designated hitter, but he is actually higher. tralized, meaning regulators would be official league data to determine the
doesn’t need much more of a gain to “Without our games and fans, there able to see bets being placed across dif- outcome of bets.
reach the threshold of 75 percent for could be no sports betting,” he said. ferent operators and city or county Jon Campbell is a correspondent for
induction. “And if sports betting becomes legal in lines, according to the NBA. the USA TODAY Network’s Albany Bu-
New York and other states, sports The league also wants tougher crimi- reau.
Coors cases

Todd Helton joins next year’s ballot,

giving voters a chance to consider an-
other slugger who put up big numbers
in hitter-friendly Colorado. Larry Tourney NYS Dual Meet
Lamb (138). Trey Floyd (195), David
MacWhinnie (113), Emmett Wood (145)
Walker received just 34 percent of the and Stephen Taylor (285) are among
vote this year, although that was up Continued from Page 1C WHEN: Saturday, Jan. 27. other Tigers wrestlers to watch. John
from 22 percent in 2017. Helton had a Worthing has placed in the last two
career OPS of .953, but the favorable state finals matchups in there.” WHERE: SRC Arena and Events Center state tournaments and Lamb earned a
environment at Coors Field might in- CVA’s lineup includes three state at Onondaga Community College in podium finish in 2017.
vite skepticism from the voters. place-winners from a year ago: 120- Syracuse. “Right out of the gate, right off the
pounder Jon Charles, who defeated DIVISION I TEAMS: Pool 1 – Wantagh, scale, we’re wrestling CVA,” Harrington
Bonds and Clemens Tioga’s John Worthing, 5-1 in the 99- Elmira, Fox Lane; Pool 2 – Fulton, Hilton, said. “That’s why we’re there, to wrestle
pound Division II state final in 2016, Shenendehowa; Pool 3 – Spencerport, the best.”
Another year came and went, and 99-pounder Mason Bush, who defeat- Jamesville-DeWitt, Rocky Point; Pool 4 Locust Valley is the top seed, fol-
Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens aren’t ed Norwich’s Dante Geislinger, 3-0 in – Minisink Valley, Lancaster, lowed by Mount Sinai. Falconer and
much closer to Cooperstown. Their December, and 113-pounder Marek Horseheads. Warrensburg are seeded seventh and
Hall chances seemed to be growing Bush, who has 41 wins this season. eighth, respectively.
when they crossed 50 percent for the Tioga will wrestle Port Jervis at DIVISION II TEAMS: Pool 1 – Locust Elmira and Horseheads will repre-
first time in 2017, but their progress noon. Valley, Warrensburg, Peru; Pool 2 – sent Section 4 in the Division I tourna-
slowed considerably this year, with Canisteo-Greenwood’s lineup fea- Norwich, Canisteo-Greenwood, Pearl ment.
Clemens finishing at 57 percent and tures five wrestlers with two or fewer River; Pool 3 – Central Valley, Tioga, Admission is $12.
Bonds at 56. (of roster members who’ve wrestled at Port Jervis; Pool 4 – Mount Sinai,
least 10 matches). They are Christo- Falconer, Gouverneur. Looking ahead
Others to watch pher Graham (33-0 at 120); Bradly TIMES: Pool meets at 9 a.m., 10:30 and
Cheek (37-1 at 126); Zach Flaitz (38-1 at noon; semifinals at 2:30 p.m.; finals at 6 In a change of format, the Section 4
Andy Pettitte joins the 2019 ballot, 138); John Davis (38-1 at 152); and class meets that determine which wres-
but the terrain has been difficult for Hunter Kurtz (31-2 at 106). TICKETS: $12 (available at tlers qualify for the Section 4 Division II
starting pitchers, with Mike Mussina The Purple Tornado will wrestle app/events/19423) tournament will go from three tourna-
(64 percent this year) and Curt Schil- Pearl River at 10:30 a.m. ments to two.
ling (51 percent) still needing to make In conference tournaments Satur- Delhi and Whitney Point will host 13-
up ground. Pettitte might be overshad- day, Norwich and Tioga crowned five provide depth to Norwich’s lineup. team tournaments Feb. 3. The top eight
owed by Halladay’s arrival on the bal- individual champions apiece. Geislin- Squires, Rifanburg and Rodriguez have finishers in each weight class from the
lot. ger (99 pounds), Mikey Squires (126), placed in past state meets. two tournaments will advance to fill out
Lance Berkman, another of next Ty Rifanburg (170), Brennan Slater En route to a dominant performance 16-wrestler brackets for the two-day Di-
year’s newcomers, had a .943 career (182) and Tyler Rice (220) won South- in the Interscholastic Athletic Confer- vision II state qualifier the following
OPS. That’s similar to Helton’s — and ern Tier Athletic Conference titles at ence tournament at Newark Valley, Tio- weekend at Watkins Glen.
without the benefit of Colorado home Chenango Valley. Two-time sectional ga received titles from Mason Welch Follow @PSBRob on Twitter.
games — but Berkman had more than champion Eli Rodriguez (132), Nick (99), Jacob Welch (106), John Worthing
1,600 fewer plate appearances. Glanville (113) and Andrew Brown (106) (113), Brady Worthing (120) and Austin

CRICKET Classic vs. Borussia Monchengladbach COLLEGE WOMEN’S
3 p.m.
3 a.m. (Saturday) GOLF — PGA Tour, Farmers Insurance TENNIS BASKETBALL
NBCSN — Big Bash League, Brisbane vs. Open
3:30 a.m. (Saturday) 11:30 a.m.
Melbourne Stars 3:30 a.m. (Saturday)
ESPN — Australian Open, Women’s YES — Seton Hall at Providence
GOLF — European PGA Tour, Omega
EXTREME SPORTS Dubai Desert Classic
10:30 p.m.
ESPN — X Games Aspen, at Aspen,
Colo. 8 p.m.
BASKETBALL ESPN2 — Notre Dame at Minnesota

ESPN — Houston at New Orleans 5 p.m. HIGH SCHOOL
YES — Brooklyn at Milwaukee ESPNU — Wagner at St. Francis (Pa.)
2 p.m. 9 p.m. 7 p.m. BASKETBALL
NBCSN — Four Continents Champi- MSG — New York at Phoenix ESPNU — St. Peter’s at Rider 6 p.m.
onships, Pairs’ Free Skate 8 p.m. SNY — Archbishop Molloy at Long Is-
SOCCER FS1 — Wisconsin at Michigan St. land Lutheran
GOLF 2:30 p.m.
9 p.m. 8 p.m.
ESPNU — Oakland at N. Kentucky SNY — Cardinal Hayes at Hudson Catho-
11:30 a.m. FS1 — FA Cup, Fourth round, Yeovil
Town vs. Manchester United lic
GOLF — LPGA Tour, Pure Silk-Bahamas
FS2 — Bundesliga, Eintracht Frankfurt

Elmira, Horseheads seek postseason success

Andrew Legare some wrestlers who aren’t ready to com-
Elmira Star-Gazette pete because of injuries.
“We’re there to compete and try to get
the best matchups and prepare for our
Elmira High School and Horseheads ultimate goal, which is sectionals and
won two significant postseason cham- the state tournament,” Guyette said.
pionships two days apart last weekend. Horseheads will have its bye in the
This weekend, the Chemung County first round before meeting second-
neighbors will be among an elite dozen seeded Minisink Valley, of Section 9, at
Division I teams competing in the first 10:30. Horseheads’ second meet starts
New York State Dual Meet Wrestling at noon against seventh-seeded Lan-
Championships. caster from Section 6.
The meet will be held Saturday at On- The Blue Raiders regrouped quickly
ondaga Community College’s SRC Are- after losing to Elmira for the second
na and Events Center in Syracuse. The time this season in the Section 4 final.
action gets started at 9 a.m., and the fi- They had a strong showing the next day
nals in Division I and Division II are ex- to start the STAC Tournament before
pected to begin at 6 p.m. Norwich and closing out the title Saturday.
Tioga will represent Section 4 in the Di- Junior Devin Woodworth improved
vision II meet. to 26-0 this season in winning the 120-
Elmira earned an automatic berth pound STAC title for Horseheads. The
with a 47-22 victory over Horseheads on Blue Raiders had five second-place fin-
Jan. 18 in the Section 4 Division I cham- ishes, three third-place finishes and a
pionship meet. Horseheads coach Horseheads’ Devin Woodworth, top, makes his way to a win over Elmira’s Ryan fourth-place effort.
Shane Lese found out Monday his team Mahon in the Section 4 Division I Dual Meet Tournament. He improved to 26-0 “They had to come back after a tough
gained a bye into the state tournament, this season by winning the 120-pound STAC title. ANDREW LEGARE/STAFF PHOTO loss to Elmira in the Section 4 Dual Meet
two days after the Blue Raiders repeated Tournament and compete in STAC,”
as champions at the Southern Tier Ath- Lese said. “The turnaround was so
letic Conference championship meet at Southern Tier is vastly improved,” Lese “My kids are excited,” Guyette said. quick, and they adapted to that turn-
Chenango Valley. said. “Our kids work hard on both “They’re definitely fired up, they’re ex- around. We warned them beforehand
While Horseheads and Elmira spend teams, and they’re getting exactly what cited about winning their first section ti- what was at stake, and they responded
the season competing against each oth- they deserve, which is a shot. That’s all tle, and ready to go and see what they brilliantly. They wrestled extremely well
er, both enter the meet with a sense of you can ask for.” can do against the best in the state. both days.”
regional pride. Each division will be divided into “This is a great format. It should be Horseheads is certainly a long shot to
“It’s really cool they made the tourna- four groups of three teams. The top interesting to see what we’re made of, break through to the semifinal round.
ment also,” Elmira coach Dave Guyette team from each group advances to the and we’ll find out right away with one of Lese said his team will use the first-
said of Horseheads. “A lot of the kids are semifinals at 2:30 p.m. Eight mats will the best teams right off the bat.” round bye to scout the other two teams
friends with each other and train with be used for the preliminary rounds, four Elmira was without the banged-up in its bracket. Horseheads hasn’t seen
each other in the offseason. Shane is a for the semifinals and two for the finals. Charlie Mahon, a two-time Section 4 Minisink Valley this season, but the
good friend of mine, and I have a lot of The first tiebreaker if all three teams go champion, during its third-place finish Blue Raiders were part of the Penfield
respect for him as a coach. Any team 1-1 in pool competition will be combined at the STAC meet. Horseheads finished Tournament, won by Lancaster. Horse-
competing and representing Section 4, point differential, with the second tie- with 215 points, runner-up Norwich heads finished third there.
it’s awesome. We have four total teams breaker head-to-head results. scored 198.5, and Elmira had 191.5. “You’re dealing with some of the best
in there.” The eighth-seeded Express (6-0) re- The Express had four STAC champi- teams in the state, quite obviously,”
Horseheads received a wild card into ceived a tough draw out of the gate, fac- ons: Blake Brooks at 106, Mat Reese at Lese said. “All I’m looking for with our
the tournament based largely on its 13-2 ing top-seeded Long Island power Wan- 132, Ben Howe at 138, and Garret An- kids is to go out there and they compete
record this season. tagh at 9 a.m. Elmira has a bye in the driene at 160. and they wrestle hard. That’s about all I
“For us to be in the tournament second round, then meets unseeded Fox Elmira will have extra wrestlers can expect from them.”
alongside Dave and Elmira says the Lane, of Section 1, at noon in its second available to try to get the best possible Follow @SGAndrewLegare on Twit-
STAC West is vastly improved and the meet. matchups, though Guyette said he has ter

Syracuse uses balanced attack Raisman,

other Nassar
to cruise past Boston College victims react
Mark Frank
to sentence
SYRACUSE – Maybe the answer to Scott Gleeson
Syracuse’s often sluggish offense is a USA TODAY
week off between games.
Fresh off a victory over Pitt eight In the wake of former USA Gymnas-
days ago, the Orange turned in its best tics doctor Larry Nassar’s sentence of
first half of the year and possibly its 40 to 175 years in prison, which was
best overall effort on offense in a dom- preceded by 156 victim-impact state-
inating 81-63 victory Wednesday over ments over seven days, several of Nas-
Boston College. sar’s victims shared their feelings
Five Syracuse players scored in dou- about the sentence on Thursday
ble figures and the Orange rode an 11-0 morning TV shows.
run early in the second half to take con- Olympic gold medalist Aly Rais-
trol. man, who last week read a blistering
“I think the time off was beneficial,” statement to Nassar, appeared on “To-
said Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, “but day.” She said she operated with tun-
you never know whether it’s really gon- nel vision — similar to her gymnastics
na help or not. I think overall it was a meets — before delivering her state-
positive. This was probably the best of- ment. Raisman said Nassar “looked at
fensive game we played all year, by all me the whole entire time. It was crazy.”
measures.” But Raisman struggled to believe
The Orange hit 64 percent from the justice was fully served.
field and 56 percent from beyond the “It’s not something where you feel
arc in the first half and 60 percent from instantly better,” she said. “We need to
the field and 44 percent from 3-point hold these organizations accountable
range for the game. The 47 points — USA Gymnastics, the USOC, Michi-
marked the biggest first half of the sea- gan State — this is bigger than Larry
son for Syracuse. Nassar. We have to get to the bottom of
Tyus Battle led Syracuse (14-6, 3-4 how this disaster happened.”
Atlantic Coast Conference) with 24 Former gymnast Rachael Denhol-
points. Frank Howard added 18 and lander, the first to publicly accuse Nas-
Paschal Chukwu chipped in with 14. sar of sexual abuse, shared her reac-
Oshae Brissett had 13 and Marek Dole- tion on Megyn Kelly on “Today.”
zaj had a career-high 12. Brissett, Chuk- “I cried,” she said. “To be able to put
wu and Battle played the entire 40 min- the shame and blame back where it be-
utes. longs — on the abuser — is an incred-
The Eagles (13-8, 3-5) were led by Je- ibly powerful thing to witness. It was
rome Robinson’s 21 and Ky Bowman Syracuse center Paschal Chukwu delivers a dunk against Boston College during also devastating to witness.”
had 20. the second half Wednesday night at the Carrier Dome. Chukwu finished with 14 She also called out USA Gymnas-
Syracuse took advantage of 17 turn- points, seven rebounds and two blocked shots. MARK KONEZNY/USA TODAY SPORTS tics: “If you have to pay a private inves-
overs, scored 17 points on Eagles mis- tigator to come in and tell you you need
takes and had a 30-14 advantage in the to report the sexual assault of a child,
paint. Syracuse went on an 11-0 run in the the first half and didn’t return. Boeheim you have no business being on that
“The week off definitely helped. We first five minutes of the second half to said Moyer could be out “a while.” board.”
were able to rest our minds and bodies,” extend to a 58-40 lead. BC closed to 67- Kyle Stephens, the first woman to
said Howard, who had six assists and 55 on Bowman’s 3-pointer, but two foul Chukwu is a force read a statement in the sentencing,
no turnovers. “We worked on picking shots by Chukwu, and a 3-pointer by discussed how Nassar played a role in
up our pace, pushing the ball, and get- Battle gave Syracuse breathing room Paschal Chukwu had three putbacks her father’s suicide.
ting back to moving the ball, sharing the down the stretch. in the first half. In addition to his 14 Nassar “started abusing me when I
ball with everyone and not limiting our- Boston College rode four consecu- points, Chukwu had seven rebounds was 6,” Stephens said.
selves to three guys (Howard, Battle tive 3-pointers to jump to a 14-7 lead but and two blocks. In the same segment, former gym-
and Brissett). the Orange went on a 30-11 run to take a nast Mattie Larson described how she
“We’ve been working on our move- 37-25 lead with 4:35 left in the first half Up next once hurt herself — what she consid-
ment on offense. We wanted to be en- and led 47-37 at the break. ered a “victory” — so she didn’t have to
gaged on defense,” Howard added. “I Boston College has a week off before face Nassar for medical treatment. She
think we did that tonight. It was prob- Injured Orange playing host to Virginia Tech on described herself as “a shell of a child”
ably our best half offensively, in terms Wednesday. with “no way out.”
of movement and scoring the ball. We Freshman forward Matt Moyer Syracuse hits the road for a Saturday “He made me almost give up hope,”
got a lot of easy shots.” sprained his left ankle with 14:58 left in afternoon matchup against Pitt. she said. z FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018 z 5C

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