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A step-by-step guide to your on-boarding process

In order to enhance your on-boarding experience, we bring you this step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Your offer letter with proposed date of joining

Step 2. Your documents
Step 3. Receive your scheduled/confirmed date of joining
Step 4. Work visa
Step 5. Travel logistics arrangement
Step 6. Final joining confirmation and details

Step 1. Responding to your offer letter and proposed date of joining

Once you have considered an offer and are ready to accept or decline, follow the link:
Applicant Log-In and click the section for “offers”. Should you wish to accept our offer, indicate
your acceptance by clicking ACCEPT. In the event that you wish to decline our offer,
we do hope that you will take the time to document your feedback and the reasons for your
declining the opportunity in the offer portal when prompted.

Step 2. Uploading your documents

Log into On-boarding Zone with your email address and password, then upload the following
required documents to the link ‘Required Attachments’ as soon as possible. You might not
have all of these documents ready to upload immediately, but do upload them as and when
they are available to you.

This is the only way to submit documents to Qatar Airways, in order that they will be captured
into our employee systems and records. Even if you have previously submitted documentation
by email, you should upload them all to your ‘Required Attachments’ tab again.

In order for us to start your on-boarding process, upload as per the order below.

1. Offer Letter: When you receive an offer letter, you should scan and upload the
Signed Signature page (Page 3 only), after accepting the offer on your Applicant
Target Joining day: Entre the date of joining proposed on your offer letter.

2. Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement: When you receive an offer letter, scan and
upload the signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (Page 4).
Staff number: You may leave the field blank as your staff number will be assigned
only after your joining day is confirmed.

3. Training Bond: When you receive a training bond along with your offer letter, scan and
upload the signed training bond.

3. Passport details page/Passport last page (Indian Nationals only)/Passport extra
details page (if relevant)

Visa/immigration requirements:
Pakistan: International certificate of polio vaccination
Nigeria: International certificiate of polio vaccination, attested by the Qatar Embassy
serving in your country
Ethiopia: Certificate for malaria vaccination, attested by the Qatar Embassy at the
country of residence
Kenya, Uganda, Syria, Iran: Police Clearance Certificate/Certificate of Good Conduct
Copy of highest educational certificate for managerial/engineering grade

4. QR pre-employment medical (PEM) form:

Declaring anything that could compromise or impede the continuous effective fulfilment
of duties is a pre-requisite for employment with Qatar Airways and its group subsidiaries.
The Pre-Employment Medical is a self-declaration form. This can be found in the
‘Required Attachments’ link.

Any pre-existing medical conditions requiring medical care, specialist follow-up, surgery
or regular medication must be declared. Failure to declare such will adversely affect your
employment. Further, all active, chronic or potentially relapsing conditions must be

PEM Form Attachments:

If you have answered "Yes" to any of the items in the medical history section on the
pre-employment medical form, upload related medical reports under supplementary
medical test. This will be forwarded to the Qatar Airways Clinic for review.
All medical reports must be stamped and signed to show authenticity. If your doctor
does not complete the exam reports in English, the reports must be completely
translated into English by a certified translator. Translated medical reports should show a
stamp from the medical clinic and the translator.
Any medical costs incurred for testing or laboratory reports before arrival in Qatar will
be borne and paid for by the applicant, not Qatar Airways.

All technical staff: Submit a visual acuity/colour vision exam and a hearing (Audiogram)
All food and beverage staff: Submit a Hep A(lgm) exam and a stool exam.
All joining staff over 50 years old: Submit an ECG report.

Note: The State of Qatar requires all arriving employees to undergo full medical
screenings (blood test and chest x-ray) by the Government Medical Commission in
Doha, before issuing a Residence Permit for Qatar. This will be scheduled for you soon
after you join Qatar Airways.
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5. GAMCA Medical Report:

Qatar has joined other GCC countries in requiring pre-employment medical testing prior
to entering the country of Qatar. All candidates from the following 11 countries must visit
one of the approved clinics for pre-medical testing:
India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Syria,
Sudan and Ethiopia. (Subject to change)

To find approved clinics or regional offices by the GCC Approved Medical Clinic
Association (GAMCA), visit gcchmc.org/Gcc/Login.aspx, go to “Medical Centre List”,
select your country and city from the drop down, and then click “Generate”.There is a
standard fee which you will need to pay for the testing. Any medical expenses incurred
will not be reimbursed by Qatar Airways.

Once you have your Medical Fitness Certificate, upload it under the GAMCA medical
report slot on the On-boarding Zone. Do not lose your original Medical Fitness Certifi-
cate. You will need to bring it with you to Qatar when you join Qatar Airways.

Note: If you are a GAMCA national but residing in a non - GAMCA county, a GAMCA
report is not required. However, please provide the following medical reports under
Supplementary medical test in the link ‘Required Attachments’

HIV 1&2
Chest x-ray report

A GAMCA report will be required if you are travelling back home to join Qatar Airways

6. Additional government clearances requirements for some nationalities:

For Indians: ECNR (Emmigration Clearance Not Required) stamp is needed.

Passport holders who have not completed Grade 10 are required to have an
‘Emigration Clearance Not Required’ Stamp from the Protector of Emigrants (POE).
Request an ECNR stamp on your existing passport or apply for a new passport with
an ECNR stamp as soon as possible.

For Sri Lankans: Clearance is needed from the Sri Lanka Bureau of Employment.

For Pakistanis: Visa Protector is needed from the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas.

For Filipinos: POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Adminstration)

Your coordinator will advise you the contact details if applicable to you.

7. Code of ethics acknowledgment/Conflict of interest declaration, Compliance Policies.
Read the code of ethics and compliance policies, upload the signed acknowledgement
form (Page 23) and the declaration form (Page 24), acknowledgement of the compliance
policies (Last page).

8. Self and Family Details form:

You can find a link to the Self and Family Details Form on your ‘Required Attachments’
page. Once you have completed filling up the form, scan and upload it on the relevant
Note: The beneficiary is a person who will receive your final settlement in the case of an
unfortunate event. Nominate up to two of your immediate family members and indicate
a percentage of distribution. (Total should be 100%)

9. Photo ID:
Passport-sized photo on a blue background (35 × 45 mm)

10. Blood group certificate:

The blood group certificate is an important document for us to collect, as your blood group
(Example: A+, O-) will be saved in the government system in case of any medical

Provide one of the following:

• A scanned national driving license or ID card states your name and blood group in English.
• A copy of blood group test from any medical lab.

We advise you to obtain and upload your blood group certificate to your ‘Required
Attachments’ section before joining. If however, you are unable to submit one before
travelling, we will assist you to visit a medical centre in Doha as soon as possible. However
this could cause a delay in the processing of your Residence Permit.

11. Marriage certificate:

If you are married, upload the marriage certificate to the ‘Required Attachments’ section.

12. Attested education certificate:
For roles which require candidates to have completed a university degree, those candidates
need to have their highest education certificate attested along with an attested official
transcript and attested university/college bona fide certificates kept ready. If your tracker for
Attested Education states “Not Applicable” then you are not required to complete this step.

Review the following attestation procedure.

Attestation procedure:
a. Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country that issued the certificate.
b. Attestation by the Qatar Embassy serving for the country that issued the certificate.
c. Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar upon arrival.

Note: If you are planning to seek permission to sponsor your family for residency in
Qatar, review the following required documents and above attestation process. Any costs
incurred for this process will be borne and paid for by the applicant, not Qatar Airways.
We strongly advise you to contact the authorities or search and speak to several
attestation agencies. The process of attestation can be complicated and vary widely
between countries.

Required documents to sponsor your family:

• Attested employee’s highest education certificate with Arabic translation if applicable
• Attested official transcript with Arabic translation if applicable
• Attested original university/college bona fide certificate with Arabic translation if applicable
• Attested original marriage certificate with Arabic translation if applicable
• Attested original children birth certificate with Arabic translation if applicable

Step 3. Applying for your work visa

Once we have your passport copies and other required documentation, we will initiate
a request for your work visa to enter Qatar. Your submitted passport must be valid for
at least 6 months.

Though we cannot guarantee a time frame for the delivery of your Qatar work visa,
many people receive their visa within 3 - 4 weeks from the date it has been requested.

Once your work visa has been requested, it could be issued at any time. You should
not plan to travel to Qatar on your own after we have requested your work visa. We
will advise you when is the right time to travel to Qatar to do your joining formalities
and we will also issue you an e-ticket.

If you hold a dual nationality, note that Qatar Residence Permit will only be registered
on the passport on which the work visa has been obtained.

Step 4. Proposing your joining date (Except flight deck joiner)
Once you have been cleared through all government formalities, we will then
advise you to resign from your current employment and propose to us your earliest
joining date. Do not resign till then.

Step 5. Receiving your scheduled/confirmed date of joining

(Except flight deck joiner)
Based on your proposed joining day, your department will confirm to us when they need
you to join. The new employee joining date in many areas of our business are defined by
scheduled training or operational requirements. While we always strive to help on-board
candidates as quickly as possible, we cannot always guarantee that a start date will be
available to you immediately following completion of your formalities.

Step 6. Travel logistics arrangement

We will arrange and advise all the travel logistics for our overseas joiners. (Joining ticket,
cargo, accommodation, arrival logistics)

Step 7. Confirming your final joining details

Close to your joining day, you will receive a joining confirmation email. We look forward to
personally welcoming you to start your five-star career journey with us at Qatar Airways.


Q. How should I upload documents?

Follow the steps below to upload your documents.

1. Log into the On-boarding Zone with your email address and password.
2. Go to Applications.
3. Click the Update button under the relevant vacancy.
4. Click on ‘Required Attachments’.
5. Attach documents in the relevant slots.(Size of attachment should be between 200KB
and up to 1 MB)

Note: Files in picture format i.e.: JPEG\JPG format size can be easily reduced by following
the below given steps:t

1. Open the file in Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

2. Click on “Edit picture” from the tool bar and “Compress Picture” from the
options displayed.
3. Either select “Documents or Web Pages”, then click on OK.
4. Save the compressed file on the desktop.

If you face any technical difficulties, contact support@cazar.com.

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Q. What type of accommodation will I get?

As advised in your offer letter, Qatar Airways will allocate you to a company accommodation
facility, or if no space is available at the time of your joining, you will receive a housing
allowance for the amount stated in your offer letter, with which you need to pay for your
own privately sourced accommodation.

We will confirm before your scheduled joining day whether you will be staying in company
accommodation or receiving a housing allowance, and which company accommodation
facility you have been assigned to. We are unable to accept any requests from joining staff
regarding their preference for either company accommodation or housing allowance – this
is done solely at the discretion of the company. After you join, if in case you wish to request
for a change you will be able to do so by speaking with the Facilities Team and then
submitting your request to the Property Management Team.

Q. Am I entitled for medical insurance?

All permanent residents of Qatar are eligible to obtain a government health card.
If you are entitled to a government health card, the cost of the application fee will be
reimbursed upon provision of a receipt. A company medical insurance scheme will be
available from the joining day, if you are entitled to it as stated in your offer letter. If you
seek private health insurance, this application fee will be borne by the employee.

To learn more about the on-boarding process, visit our On-boarding Zone.

Best Regards,
Qatar Airways On-Boarding Team