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How to use indicator Price Action Real Power

PRICE ACTION REAL POWER is an indicator that works on the author's exclusive algorithm
for determining trend movements.
Unlike other traditional indicators, PRICE ACTION REAL POWER doesn’t analyze the quotes
of a currency pair, but calculates the specific weight of the currencies in a pair concerning
to the entire market basket!!
Further - the received value about the true strength of the two currencies included in a
currency pair is compared to each other in the form of a special chart, which defines the
beginning and the end of trend movements much more accurately and faster.

The PRICE ACTION REAL POWER indicator shows us much more profitable waves than
unprofitable. At the same time, the length of the profitable wave on average is several times
greater than that of the unprofitable. Thus, in order to make a profit, we only need to
properly configure our money-management system and specify trading conditions. Now I
will share with you some of my own experience of using this indicator.
Strategy 1 – trade in the FIBO CHANNEL (works well on any timeframes)

- Select in manual settings of the indicator the mode for the channel trading:
1. Wait for the PRICE ACTION REAL POWER indicator line to reach one of the auxiliary levels above
or below the "0" level (default auxiliary alarm levels are configured for trading on the H4. To
trade on other timeframes, you need to define them manually).
A little tip for those who want to use PRICE ACTION REAL POWER on other timeframes. During trading on
channel strategy on H1 I use auxiliary levels:

• Deals on BUY – a reversal on the levels:


• Deals on SELL – a reversal on the levels:

on H15 I use auxiliary levels:

• Deals on BUY – a reversal on the levels:


• Deals on SELL – a reversal on the levels:

2. After turning the indicator line and crossing the auxiliary level in the opposite direction - make a
deal. The indicator has an alert that will inform you about the reversal of REAL POWER line at the auxiliary
level. Also, you can set up receiving PUSH notifications and email.
3. At this time the indicator will set the Take Profit level at the center of the FIBO CHANNEL.

4. As the quotes move, the Take Profit level on FIBO CHANNEL will slightly shift. Thus, you need to
move the Take Profit level of your trade behind the target value of the indicator from time to time.
This kind of trailing Take Profit will allow you to flexibly manage open trading positions and follow the
In the end, even if the price went against the open position, you will be able to exit the market with minimal
losses during rollback. If the price goes in the right direction (which happens in the vast majority of cases),
you will get a good profit.
5. Another option of profit taking, which is recommended to use simultaneously with the Take Profit
closing algorithm, is profit taking when the PRICE ACTION REAL POWER indicator line reaches the "0" level.
Thus, you use two profit-taking algorithms at the same time:

• Profit-taking on physical TAKE PROFIT order

• Profit taking when the price reaches the "0" level on the PRICE ACTION REAL POWER indicator scale.
Another useful feature of the REAL POWER indicator is that it shows divergences perfectly.
I will not explain the theory - what is divergence. I will show by examples how it works in
Once you have received the signal to turn the REAL POWER line at the auxiliary level,
compare the two adjacent vertices (two adjacent bottoms), which were formed on the
indicator scale:

For ease of comparison - draw a trend line between these vertices:

Go to the quotes chart and find two vertices that correspond to the vertices of the
indicator. Draw a trend line between them:
If you have noticed - there is a difference between the tops of the indicator and the tops
of the quotes chart. This difference is DIVERGENCE. The indicator and the chart show
different dynamics. In such cases, the market a very quickly returns the fair value of the
price. Therefore, signals of divergence are profitable in more than 90% of cases.
Once you notice the divergence and the REAL POWER line has crossed the auxiliary level -
make a deal. Fix the profit either at the level of 0% FIBO CHANNEL or after touching the
level «0» on the REAL POWER scale.
However, it gives a much higher percentage of profitable trades than simple trading in the
price channel.
Strategy 2 - trading on the trend (works well on H4 timeframe)
The "0" level of the PRICE ACTION REAL POWER indicator - is an important signal level. When
the indicator line crosses the "0" level, it means that the quotes of the currency pair change
their trend or go for a long correction.
Thus, the first signal at the conclusion of the deal - is the intersection line of the indicator is
PRICE ACTION REAL POWER of the "0"level:
- When the line crosses the level " 0 " downwards-there is a condition for the deal to
- When the line crosses the level " 0 " up-there is a condition for the deal to BUY
Crossing the level "0" in the opposite direction - is the main signal about closing the trade
and opening a new deal in the opposite direction:

This is the answer to the question: «Where should I place a Stop Loss order?!». When
working with the PRICE ACTION REAL POWER indicator, it is better to use a virtual Stop Loss,
namely to close trades at the reverse intersection of the "0" level.
Where to fix the profit?
Fix the profit at the first auxiliary levels:
Also, after crossing the level 0 on the PRICE ACTION REAL POWER indicator scale, the Take
Profit level will appear on the quotes chart, which will help you to correctly determine the
trading target!
Alternative way to fix Take Profit and Stop Loss (this algorithm works well for trend
trading strategy)
To do this, we use the standard Fibonacci grid of the MT4 platform:

The algorithm works well for trading simultaneously on two trades. After the conclusion of two deals, set the
Fibonacci grid on the chart of quotations:

1. Level 100 put on the level of deals.

2. Level 0 put on the nearest minimum (for BUY trades) or the nearest maximum (for SELL trades):
3. Take Profit level 1 put on the expansion of 161.8 Fibonacci grid.
4. Take Profit level 2 put on the expansion of 261.8 Fibonacci grid.
5. Level Stop Loss put on the 38.2 extension of Fibonacci grid.

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Thank you and see you soon!
P.S. I will constantly improve of indicator PRICE ACTION REAL POWER.
P. P. S. After each update I will complement this manual.

P.P.P.S. Sorry for my bad English 😊