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By Mike King
A reader asks, "Mike, all roads eventually lead to the Rothschilds of Europe;
but who do you think was the most powerful Jewish mogul in American

Upon first thought, that almost seems like asking who the greatest
baseball player of all time was. Was it Cobb? Wagner? Ruth? Gehrig?
DiMaggio? Williams? Mays? Mantle? Bonds? (pre & post steroids) There
are so many deserving candidates that it appears impossible to say with
absolute certainty.

A strong case for the MVZ Award (Most Valuable Zionist) can be made
for Paul Warburg, Bernard Baruch, Adolph Ochs, William Paley,
Eugene Meyer, Arthur Hays Sulzberger, David Sarnoff, Jack Warner,
Carl Laemmle, Henry Morganthau, George Soros, Henry Kissinger,
Sumner Redstone, Michael Eisner and a few others. Just 'Google' each
of those names and marvel at the power which the chosen ones have
wielded over the last century. And although they weren't Jews, the
Rockefellers and Morgans were not lacking in political-economic
muscle either.

But in the final analysis, the MVZ Award would have to go to the
financier (money lender) Jacob Schiff - (with Baruch not far behind).

Jacob Schiff washed up upon America's shores in 1865, shortly after the
Civil War. During the 1700's, his Schiff ancestors had actually shared a
home with the legendary Rothschilds, in Frankfurt's Jewish quarter.

Schiff went on to head the firm Kuhn, Loeb & Co. From his base in New
York, he was the foremost Jewish leader from 1880 to 1920 in what is
now referred to by Jewish-American historians as "The Schiff Era".
He served as the Director of many important corporations, including
the National City Bank of New York, Equitable Life Assurance Society,
Wells Fargo & Company, and the Union Pacific Railroad. Schiff, who
made his fortune from interest bearing loans, was the main player
behind the 'Hebrew Free Loan Society' in 1892; an organization which
issued interest-free loans only to Jews (and is still in operation!)

Schiff's descendants exercised some power and influence in their own

right, though nothing like the Patriarch did. Schiff's
granddaughter, Dorothy Schiff, was the owner and Publisher of the
New York Post for over 40 years. She once claimed to have "had a
relationship" with Franklin D Roosevelt.

Kareena Gore-Schiff, the daughter of former Senator, almost US

President, and Global Warming con man Al Gore, is married to
Andrew Schiff, the great great grandson of Jacob.
1- The Rothschild-Schiff home (shared ownership, 1700's) in Frankfurt
Germany. 2- Dorothy Schiff - New York Press Queen 3- Kareena
Gore marries into Zionist royalty as proud papa Al cashes-in on the
Global Warming scam.
It's not merely that Schiff wielded enormous power, but rather the fact
that his actions, more so than anyone else's, fundamentally altered the
course of American history. Schiff was really the first true Jewish Mega-
Mogul of the whole United States (Judah Benjamin had previously run the
confederacy). As the first, Schiff, more than anyone who followed him,
was able to leverage his power into eternity. That is why the MVZ
award must go to him.

Let us review Jacob Schiff's impressive scorecard of destruction.


Schiff's most history-altering accomplishment would have to be the role
of 'Trojan Horse' which he played in the late 1890's. At a time when
Jewish influence in America was relatively minor, and Jewish numbers
were yet very small, it was Schiff's cajoling of the outgoing U.S.
President, and former New York Governor, Grover Cleveland (D) that
prevented the massive wave of Jewish immigration to America from
being shut down.

The Immigration Bill of 1897 would have required immigrants to pass a

literacy test; something that Russian Jews would not have been able to
do. After passing both Houses of Congress, Cleveland's veto, induced
by Schiff, saved the day for the incoming Communist and Zionist Jews
of Russia.

Jewish historian Lawrence J Epstein writes:

"It is staggering to consider the alternative course American Jewish
history would have taken had this measure passed."

To which, your intrepid historian-author would like to respond, "and it

is equally staggering to consider the alternative course AMERICAN history
would have taken had the measure passed."

Schiff's role as Trojan Horse, above all other deeds, would be enough, in
and of itself, to qualify him for the MVZ Award. But there's more -- a lot
1- Grover Cleveland's parting gift to Schiff kept the floodgates of Jewish
immigration wide open for 20 more years.
2- New Year's card depicts wealthy American Jews beckoning
European Jews to come on over.


Schiff hated Christian Russia with a passion. He worked ceaselessly to
overthrow the Romanov Dynastyand replace it with Jewish Reds /
Communists. Toward that end, he personally financed, and sold bonds
on behalf of, about 50% of the entire Japanese war effort during the
Russo-Japanese War. As a result, the war ended with a Japanese
victory. Russia's loss was also facilitated by Schiff's boy, President (and
also a former New York Governor) Teddy Roosevelt, whose negotiating
intervention clearly favored Japan over Russia.
* The left-wing Roosevelt became President after the
conservative William McKinley was conveniently
assassinated by a Red.

For his role in securing victory for Japan, Schiff was personally awarded
a medal, the Order of the Rising Sun, by the foolish Japanese Emperor.
We say "foolish" because Schiff's gang and their Roosevelt henchmen
were, at the time, already plotting Japan's ultimate demise; a process
which started with Teddy's escalating naval moves in the
Pacific (Philippines, Midway, Guam, Pearl Harbor), and culminated with
Franklin's war and murderous Atomic bombs of 1945 (actually dropped
under Truman 4 months after FDR's death).

Schiff's Jewish agents in Russia skillfully used the humiliating loss of

the Russo-Japanese war as an occasion to launch a Communist
revolution. The bloody Revolution of 1905 ultimately failed, but the
Tsar's regime was left considerably weakened. Many of the returning
Russian POW's came home brainwashed after Schiff had arranged for
Communist propaganda to be given to them while in Japanese
captivity. The final Bolshevik overthrow of Russia in 1917 will owe its
success, in large part, to the damage done to Russia by the team of Jacob
Schiff & Ted the Red Roosevelt on 1905.

Teddy Roosevelt's anti-Russian 'diplomacy' and Jacob Schiff's

money (both seated from left) almost turned Russia into a Communist
state in 1905.



Not content with flooding the Northeast with future Communists,

Progressives, and Zionists from Russia, Jacob Schiff founded and
financed the 'Galveston Movement' - an effort to settle Russian-Jewish
immigrants in the south and west of the United States. Schiff himself
described the effort in an article he wrote in 1914. Schiff wrote:

"The committee placed itself promptly after its organization into

communication with the Jewish Territorial Organization, of which Israel
Zangwill is the head, and an arrangement was entered into between that
organization and the Galveston Committee, under which the former undertook
to make propaganda in Russia and Romania for acquainting intending
emigrants with the advantages of going into the United States through
Galveston (Texas), rather than to and through the overcrowded and
congested North Atlantic ports."

Instead of confining the arrival of Jews to just the New York, New
England, Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas, Schiff's clever scheme
would facilitate the spread of the liberal/progressive plague to even the
most conservative parts of the country. He knew exactly what he was

Playwright and Jewish immigration enthusiast Israel Zangwill (on TIME

cover) coined the phrase "Melting Pot' to describe America. His
Broadway play of that same name was attended and praised by Teddy
Roosevelt. Zangwill worked on the Galveston Project with Schiff.


The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is
the most well-known Black American organization. What is not widely
known is that its founders were ALL Zionist Marxists! Early Jewish co-
founders included Julius Rosenwald, Lillian Wald, and Rabbi Emil
Hirsch. A black Communist named W.E. Dubois was cleverly put up as
the NAACP’s front man.

In 1914, Jacob Schiff became a Board member of the NAACP. With a

giant like Schiff on board, the organization was now ready for the big
time. Zionist money and influence has long dominated this "civil rights"
organization, which did not elect a non-Jewish President until 1975!

By design, Schiff's Jewish-controlled NAACP drew Blacks away from
the positive influence of the Black-American conservative
patriot Booker T. Washington, a dominant Black political leader who
believed in America's founding principles and sought to build bridges
between Whites and Blacks.
The liberal Democrat NAACP represents the opposite of what the
Republican Booker T stood for, which was self reliance. NAACP is an
anti- White Globalist Marxist tool that serves to divide Americans while
herding radicalized Black voters (who they do not care about!) into the
Leftist political camp. As a result, even today, 90-95% of Blacks blindly
vote for Democrat candidates.

Without Schiff & friends, there would be no Barack Insane Obongo!

The openly Communist Black front man delivered the Black masses to
his Jewish master.


The New York bankers had artificially inflated the stock market with
easy loans. When lending was then tightened, the bubble burst. Stocks
crashed 50% and bank runs followed. The Zionist NY Times and the
Wall Street bankers used the Panic of 1907 to make a case for
establishing a European style Central Bank (as Karl Marx envisioned).

Several years later, Senator Robert Owen of Oklahoma will accuse the
Banksters of conspiracy: "The Panic was brought about by a deliberate
conspiracy for the enrichment of those who engineered it." JP Morgan,
John D Rockefeller, Jacob Schiff, and Paul Warburg all declare that the
lesson of The Panic is that the US needs a Central Bank.
Nine months before the planned crisis, Jacob Schiff warned in a speech
to the Chamber of Commerce that "unless we have a central bank
with control of credit resources, this country is going to undergo the most
severe and far reaching money panic in its history".

The following year, Schiff's boy, Teddy Roosevelt appointed a "bi-

partisan" National Monetary Commission to study the causes of the
Panic and make suggestions. The Chairman of the Commission
was Senator Nelson Aldrich (whose daughter will one day be the mother of
the 5 Rockefeller sons, David, John III, Nelson, Winthrop, & Lawrence)

Senator Owen was right. The Panic of 1907, so 'prophetically' predicted

by Schiff just months earlier, was caused by the same gang that later
proposed the privately owned Federal Reserve (Central Bank) as a


President William H. Taft proved to be a Constitutional Conservative,
and not a big government "progressive" like his predecessor Teddy
Roosevelt. But what really angered Jacob Schiff most of all was Taft's
refusal, told to Schiff in person, to dampen trade relations with Tsarist
Russia. According to Henry Ford's sources, Schiff and his entourage left
the White House saying. "This means war."
In order to oust the popular Republican Taft in 1912, Schiff and
company recruited Teddy Roosevelt to run for President again, as a
third party challenger. This maneuver split the Republican vote in two,
allowing Democrat Woodrow Wilson to steal the Presidency. Wilson's
Jewish owned presidency would turn out to be disastrous for America,
and the world (The Fed, World War I, Russian Revolution, Jewish foothold in
Palestine, Depression of 1919-1920)

Wilson - Roosevelt -Taft

Jacob Schiff was the chief engineer behind the three ring circus of
1912; a trick which ushered in the Wilson disaster.

“Jacob Schiff then came back to New York, (He was at that
time head of The American Jewish Committee), and in my
father’s home, in the presence of many prominent men, they
decided to get rid of President Taft. They also made plans to
get rid of the Republican Party and put in their own party and
their own President.
They set up the National Democratic Headquarters at 200 Fifth
Avenue and Henry Morgenthau Sr. was made chairman of the
Finance Committee. I was made his assistant. I saw
everything that went on because I handled all the
books. Jacob Schiff and the Jews started looking around for a
man to put up as President. They got Woodrow Wilson, a
rascal who wasn’t worth the powder to blow him to
hell!" - Benjamin Freedman


Paul Warburg is widely considered to be the "Father of the Fed". As its
first New York City Branch Chairman, it was Warburg who ran the new
counterfeiting, loan-sharking and market rigging operation, while an
Anglo Saxon named Charles Hamlin provided the protective
"Christian" cover as its nominal Chairman.

But in the grand power scheme of things, as powerful as Paul Warburg

was, and came to be, Schiff still outranked him, at least in America.
Schiff had already been well-established in New York for 37 years
before Warburg had even arrived from Germany. Warburg settled in
New York in 1902 as a partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Co., where he was junior to
Schiff. Schiff was actually the Brother-in-Law to Warburg's wife, Nina
Recall that it was Schiff who called the Crash of 1907 in advance, as well
as providing an idea for "solution" to such problems in the future. So if
Paul Warburg is the "Father of the Fed", then old Jake is the
Whereas in Schiff and Warburg's day it was hidden, the Jewish control
of the Fed is now out in the open / Chairmen Greenspan / Bernanke /



As was the case during the Russo-Japanese War of 1905, the chaos of World
War I enabled the Communists (Bolsheviks) to stage another uprising in 1917.
Leading the diabolical efforts was Jacob Schiff's loyal agent, Leon Trotsky,
freshly reestablished in Russia after having hidden in Brooklyn for the past
decade. The Tsar had been forced to abdicate earlier that same year. The
provisional government would then be overthrown by the Jewish-led
The following year, Schiff's agents murdered the Tsar and his entire family.
The reign of terror that the Soviets then ushered in would plague humanity for
decades to come. Scores of millions would be murdered! And it could never
have happened without the tireless leadership of Rothschild, Schiff and their
Junior partners.

Soon after the Revolution, Schiff removed Russia (now the Soviet Union) from
his "do-not-lend list.

The Bolshevik hit-men of the Rothschild-Schiff crime gang could never

have done something so drastic as slaughtering the entire Royal
Romanov family unless the New York-London Jewish 'higher ups' had
given the approval.
#1 Globo-Zionist Gangster in
Jacob Schiff US History

1847 -1920