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How I painted my MONOCHROMATIC cityscape… 

1. After you transfer your rough  2. I started with my ​lightest 
draft onto nice paper… take a  color first​ and my farthest 
minute and ​lighten your lines  away shape (which was my 
(so they don’t show through  sky).  
4. I painted it upside down 
the paint).   
because it was easier to get 
3. This was a #2 on my value 
into all the tiny spaces! 

5. I painted the ​next layer​ (my 

farthest away buildings) with a 
#4 value. 
6. I started on the 3rd layer 
7. This is my 3rd layer with only  8. This is my 3rd layer with a 
with a #6 but I felt like it was 
too dark ​(too much contrast! I  1 coat of paint​ (it doesn’t look  2nd coat of paint​ (after the 
so great tbh).  first one dried). I like it so much 
made a mistake!) … so I 
better! Yay! 
changed it to a #5 value. I just 
painted on top when it was 
9. Ta da! I finished with a #8 value on my last layer. I used 
4 values total​ in my painting, but you could use a few 
more if you need to! Try to get away without black if you 
can. I think it’s nice that way. Also don’t forget to be 
patient and use small brushes when needed!