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Cordillera Career Development College

Buyagan, Poblacion, La Trinidad, Benguet

XXX Company


Date: October 4,2018

Time: 2:10 PM
Venue: Board Room of XXX Company
Type of meeting: Business Meeting
Participants: Board members
Presiding Officer: Janina Batil, Officer in Charge

I. Call to Order

The Presiding officer called to order the meeting at 2:10 PM.

II. Review of Agendas

Launching of a new product

III. New Business

AGENDA Issues/Concern Action(s) Taken

1 Launching of a New Product What is the product The production
2 all about (benefits) department explains
3 the features and
4 benefits of the
5 product.
6 Target Market Possible target Based on the survey
7 markets of the marketing
8 department the
9 ladies have the
10 highest demand and
11 the top one
12 consumers would be
13 the students.

14 Another target
15 markets are the
16 employers, adults,
17 and the men who
18 has the most
19 conscious on their
20 looks.
21 Distribution of the Product Where to distribute The merchandising
22 the product department explains
23 that the product will
24 be distributed to
25 merchandising
26 stores, retail stores,
27 and for exportation.
28 Advertisement Promos and free gifts The advertising
29 departments
30 explains that they will
31 give free calendars
32 for retail stores and
33 10 percent trade
34 discount for big
35 company
36 purchasers.

37 The raffle draw is still

38 deciding.
39 Cost of Capital Is the product The presiding officer
40 profitable found out that the
41 result of the cost
42 estimate of the
43 product is
44 unfavorable that’s
45 why the capital
46 department re-
47 estimate the cost
48 again.
49 Other Matters Incomplete report Next will be the
50 and other confirmation of the
51 announcements specific product by
52 the secretary and
53 they are going to
54 indicate the note and
55 footnote in every
56 statement of the
57 CEO report

58 The presiding officer

59 suggested that
60 furnish the product
61 before launching

62 October 30 will be
63 the official launching
64 of the product.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:26 in the afternoon.

Certified correct:

Mr. Ardel R. Aniban

Minutes taker


Ms. Janina B. Batil

Officer in Charge


Ma’am Dina P. Amdos


Submitted by:

Amurao, Finnalyn
Aniban, Ardel
Beneyat, Paul Marie
Benito, Clofe
Calias, Weslyn
Palubos, Jussila
Gaboy, Coleen