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Module: Communication

M1 Microbiology
2018/ 2019

Internship report:
What’s an internship?

An internship is a period of work experience
offred by an organization for a limited period of
time , it is an opportunity that employers offer to
students interested in gaining work experience in
particular industries.

After this expeience, students have to write an

internship report.
Before writing your

Try to answer the following questions:

What have you learnt?

What have you given to the company?
Have you reached your goals?
Have you manage your time?
Would you work for a similar company?
General structure for an
internship report:

Cover page.
Table of contents.
 the development.
The conclusion.
Cover page:

Cover page:

coverage must be attractive by its visual
appearance and the elements that comprise it. It
must contain the following items:
 your name and first name
 the mention “Internship Report”
 the title of the course or the title of the post
 the complete period
 the name and address of the company
 the name and address of your school or university
 the name of your master of internship


This part allows you to send your thanks to
the people who have contributed to the
success of your mission.

Cited will be generally be the master of

internship, the staff of the company as well as
the tutor of the internship.

Specify for each the name, extension, or the
function occupied as well as the reason, the
thanks expressed.

One can thus express its gratitude for the

welcome, the time spent, the confidence, the
explanations, the encouragement, patience,
listening, etc
Table of contents

Table of contents

From the outset, the reading of the summary
should give a complete and accurate picture
of your work; it will therefore consider all
major parties as well as the chapters of your

Watch out when selecting titles, they must be

explicit and precise.
Table of contents

Use a hierarchical numbering and specify the
corresponding page numbers.

More detailed than the summary, the table of

contents includes in addition all the
subdivisions of this report.
The introduction:

The introduction must reveal to the reader the
purpose of your course, get him to know the
subject, the context, the objectives and the

 Talk about the company, about the importance

of the subject, of your choice, indicate your
approach methodology and complete by the
major lines of your upcoming development.
The development:

the host company, introduce and talk
about its history, its sector of activity, key data,
the location, competition, internal and external
organization (placed in a group etc. ), the
results, etc.

Also give a descriptive of the department /

service in which you are performing the
internship that is specific enough
The development:

Second, your mission , please detail the subject
of the course, the means available, the
recommended methods, the duration imposed,
the steps to follow, the objectives to be
achieved, etc.

Specify with which actors of the business you

are in relationship to this mission, from the
functional and hierarchical point of view.
The development:

Describe the set of tasks performed for the
achievement of your mission by insisting on the
major facts, the difficulties and the issues

Finally in third, your professional project:

First of all, discuss the the inputs (or absences)

of your theoretical training and practical
responses to this professional experience.
The development:

Then, drag the balance of inputs on the
professional plan. Explain specifically the
importance of the course in term of experience,
know-how and skills.
The development:

For example, you can explain how during this
training period you have gained thorough
knowledge of a business, developed new skills,
faced difficult stressful situations, integrated an
existing team, worked on several ones, taken
initiatives, assumed your autonomy,
manifested rigor, involvement and
professionalism, acquired pro knowledge of a
sector of activity, etc.
The development:

Finally, from a personal point of view, explain
by example what you liked and why, the
importance of this experience for your future
orientation, your vision of the company and of
the work, etc
The conclusion:

Remember the reader about the main subject,
the problematic and the results obtained.
Then justify the top 3 inputs on a personal
and professional level and finish by opening
on new perspectives for your professional

What’s a dissertation?

A disseration or final year project, is a long

essay on a particular subject especially one
written for a university degree or diploma.
What are the parts of

Chapter1: the problem and its background.
Chapter2: review of related literature.
Chapter3: method and procedures.
Chapter4: presentation, analysis and
interpretation of data.
Chapter5: summary, conclusions and
Chapter1: the problem and
its background

Background of the study, includes purpose
and resason behind the conduct of the study.

What made you conduct the study: also

serves as the introduction.

Statement of the problem: the main problem

that the research is trying to solve.
Chapter1: the problem and
its background

It follows the formulation of the title and
should be faithful to it.

It specifially points the important questions

that the study needs to answer.

It also serves as the bases of the

Chapter1: the problem and
its background

Significance of the study (why conduct the
study?) you have to identify who will benifit
from the research and how they will be

Assumptions of the study, the expected

outcome of the research.
Chapter1: the problem and
its background

Scope the limitations of the study (determine the
coverage of the study and all the things that it
will not cover in order to be specific).

Definition of terms: define technical terms based

on how they are used in the study, specifically in
the title.
Chapter 2: review of
related literature

This is where you will use your note cards and
will serve as the foundation of your reasech.

This is your own work and therefore should not

directly lift words from other sources. This will
require you command of language and writing
skills such as summarizing, paraphrasing and
writing indirect speech.
Chapter2: review of related

Step1: organize your note cards on how you would
want them to appear in the chapter.

Step2: begin writing the chapter while including

the surnames of authors who provided sources for
study and the publication date of their work in

Step3: edit, rewrite.

Chapter3: method and

Method of research: the kind of research used
for your study. This answer why the method
used is appropriate for the study.

Subjects of the study: describe your

respondents: who they are, what their profile
is, where they are from.
Chapter3: method and
Description of

research instrument: describe
your instrument.

Data gathering procedure: narrate the process

undergone by the study that eventually leads to
the findings.

Statistical treatement applied: the statistical

treatement that you will use which includes
your sampling method.
Chapter4: presentation, analysis and
interpretation of data

Results of the study: present all the data
gathered using the questionnaire by
tabulating all the gathered information.
An interpretation of each presented data
should follow. These will serve as the bases
of your summary of findings.
Chapter5: summay, conclusions and
Summary of

findings: summarize the
interpretation of data given in chapter4: it should
directly answer your statement of the poblem.

Conclusion: out of your findings, your conclusions

are based. This provides the answers for every
statement of the problem: prove your hypotheses
and assumptions.
Chapter5: summay, conclusions and

Recommendations: should be directly based on the
significance of the study. This also includes the
recommended actions that should be done after
the conduct of the study such as further
assessment of the subject, focus on other

Title page:

Consists of the research title, names of the

researchers and the name of teacher and
Date of completion.


A personal page where the researchers are

given the privilege to extend gratitude to all
people who helped in accomplishing the

An abstract presents a brief summary of your
The aim of the abstract is to briefly provide
the reader with the most important
infomation from the entire text.

Table of contents:

Contains the accurate paging of each part of

the research paper.

List of tables/ Figures:

Contains the accurate paging of the

tables/figures used in the study.

List of tables/ Figures:

Contains the accurate paging of the

tables/figures used in the study.


Presents the sources using the formal format.

What are the common problems
faced by students?

Poor planning.
Methodological difficulties.
Personal problems.

Thank you for your attention