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§ to educate herself and retain her good racial § dispossession of Rizal family of their

Chapter 14 virtues lands in Calamba

 On board steamer to london, Rizal impressed the § to live the Christian way with good morals § Deportation of his brother in laws to
passengers with his yo- yo a wooden disc attached to and manners Mindoro
a string from the fingers. A toy for Filipino boys but Sculptural works in London
manipulated as a weapon of offense § Prometheus bound Chapter 17
 Lived in the boarding house of Beckett family at § The triumph of death over life § Travel in Madrid to seek justice for his family and
No.37 Chalcot Crescent Primrose Hill § The triumph of science over death Calamba tenants
 had a romantic relationship with "gettie" or Gertrude § A composite carving of the heads of the § Sought the help of the Filipino Colony –
Beckett Beckett sisters Asociacion Hispano Filipino and some liberal Spanish
 Impressed Dr. Reinhold Rost a librarian of the news papers (La Justicia, El Globo, La Republica, El
ministry of foreign affairs that he was called " pearl Chapter 15 Resumen, etc)
of a man"  While in Paris to attend the universal exposition, Rizal § Aborted duel with Antonio Luna because of
 Good news from home lived with his friend Valentin Ventura at No. 45 Rue jealousy to Nellie Bousted
o Fr. Vicente Garcia 's defense of the noli Maubeuge § Rizal challenges Wenceslao E. Retana (a Spanish
 Bad news from home  Organized the Kidlat club - a social society of writer) to a duel because of his article against
o Persecution of Fil. Patriots temporary nature to bring together the Filipinos in Calamba folks in the Anti – Filipino Newspaper in
o Persecution of the calamba tenants Paris Madrid La Epoca
 Organization of the club indios bravos as inspired by § Lost a gold watch chain with a locket containing
o Attacks on Rizal
o Exile of Manuel Hidalgo the brave american indians - it replaced the Kidlat the picture of Leonor Rivera at Teatro Apollo
o arrest and detention of Laureano Viado club
 Organization of the R.D.L.M society a mysterious Chapter 18
 Greatest achievement is annotating of Morga's book
group of the Universal exposition § Rizal went to Biarritz for a vacation
 Searched for historical materials in Bibliotheque  As a historian searched for historical materials in the § Had a romance with the younger Bousted sisters
nationale while in Paris British Museum while in London (Nellie) but did not end in marriage because (a) of
 Projects conceptualized in Paris but were not pushed difference in religion and (b)opposition of nellie’s
 Become a leader of Filipinos in Europe forming a
through – International Association of Filipinologist & mother.
society called Asociacion la Solidaridad
 Graciano Lopez Jaena founded the patriotic Filipino College in Hong Kong
 Por Telefono a satirical work in defense of another Chapter 19 - Ghent
newspaper la solidaridad - official organ of the § Printing of El Filibusterismo with the help of Basa ,
propaganda movement slanderer Dr. Salvador Font
Sixto Lopez and Valentin Ventura
Chapter 16 § “Noli” and “Fili” compared
§ To work peacefully for political and social
 Rizal left Paris and moved to Brussels. He lived with § “Noli” is a romantic novel; it is a work of the
Jose Albert at no 35 Rue Philippe Champagne, owned heart a book of feeling ; it has freshness, color,
§ To portray the deplorable condition of the
by the Jacoby Sisters humor, lightness and wit
 While in Brussels he continued his 2 nd novel and § “Fili” is a political novel; it is a work of the
§ To oppose the evil forces of reaction and
wrote articles for La Solidaridad. These were: head a book of thought; it contains bitterness,hatred,
§ “A La Defensa” (To La Defensa) pain, violence & sorrow
§ To advocate liberal ideas and progress
§ Makamisa – title of unfinished novel written in
§ To champion the legitimate aspirations of the § “La Verdad Para todos”(The Truth for all)
Filipinos to life,democracy and happiness § “Vicente Barrantes’ Teatro Tagalo”
 while in london he wrote " a letter to the young § “Una Profanacion” (A Profanation)
Chapter 20
women of malolos" § “Verdades Nuevas” (New Truths) § Two weeks after the publication of “Fili”, Rizal
Main points were for Fil. Mothers: § “Crueldad” (Cruelty) went to Hong Kong and lived at No. 5 D’ Aguilar
§ to teach their children love of god, fatherland § “Diferencias”(Differences) street, No. 2 Rednaxala Terrace where he also
and mankind § “Inconsequencias” (Inconsequences) opened his medical clinic
§ to offer his son as a defense of the § “Llanto y Risas” (Tears and Laughter) § Celebrated Christmas with his family
fatherland § “Ingratitudes”(Ingratitudes) § Practiced as an ophthalmic surgeon to earn a
§ to Preserve her dignity and honor § Bad news from home living for himself and his family
§ Conceptualized the Borneo Colonization - to Made sketches of person and things (1)Martin Constantino (8)Ambrosio Salvador
adopt a new name “New Kalamba” Drew rare species of animal life (2)Aguedo del Rosario (9)Pedro Serrano Laktaw
Had sketches of numerous fishes (3)Jose Reyes (10)Dr. Pio Valenzuela
§ Decided to return to Manila for the following Modeled a statuette representing the mother-dog (4)Moises Salvador (11)Antonio Salazar
reasons: killing a crocodile and called it “The Mother’s (5)Jose Dizon (12)Francisco Quison
 to confer with Gov. Gen. Despujol regarding the Revenge” (6)Domingo Franco (13)Timoteo Paez
Borneo Colonization project § Rizal introduced modern methods of agriculture which he (7)Deodato Arellano
 to establish La Liga Filipina in Manila had observed in Europe and America § Rizal chose Lt. Luis Taviel de Andrade to be his defender
§ As an inventor he invented a cigarette lighter made of in court
 to prove that Eduarde de Lete was wrong in
wood called “sulpukan” § The court martial of Rizal started in the military building
attacking him § Rizal met Josephine Bracken, an Irish girl living in called “Cuartel de Espana” , where he was accused of
Hong Kong and adopted by Mr. Taufer(eye patient), three crimes (1)rebellion ,(2) sedition and (3) illegal
Chapter 21 association
and fell in love with her
 Rizal returned to Manila with sister Lucia § Fr. Obach refused to marry them without permission § Gov. General Polavieja signed the decision of the court
 Founded La Liga Filipina (a civic league of Filipinos) of the Bishop of Cebu but the couple continued martial and ordered Rizal to be shot 7:00 o clock in the
their affair. morning of December 30, 1896 at Bagumbayan.
Aims: § Josephine got pregnant but gave birth prematurely to § Before he died he wrote an untitled poem which was
 to unite the whole archipelago into one compact and an eight month baby who lived only for 3 hours. given the title “ultimo Adios “ by the Rizalistas.
homogenous body He named his son “Francisco”.
 mutual protection in every want and necessity § Outburst of the secret revolutionary society
 defense against all violence and injustice “Katipunan” headed by Andres Bonifacio (the Great
 encouragement of education, agriculture and Plebeian). With meetings held at a little river
Prepared by:
commerce “Bitukang Manok” MJ Aranda ‘11
 Study and application of reforms
§ Rizal was arrested and brought to Fort Santiago
§ A few days after his arrest Rizal on board the steamer Chapter 23
Cebu was sent in exile to Dapitan (a remote town in § After 4 years of exile in Dapitan , Rizal decided to return
Mindanao) to Europe
While waiting for the next steamer heading to Spain he
Chapter 22 stayed in the cruiser Castilla. The Katipunan plot to
§ In Dapitan, Jose Rizal lived in the house of Captain overthrow Spanish rule was discovered by Fray Mariano
Carnicero Gil, an agustinian cura of Tondo
§ Challenged a Frenchman to a duel because of his § Boarding the steamer Isla de Panay, Rizal continued his
unsavory remarks against him. The Frenchman journey to Spain.
apologized. Rizal a gentleman and well versed in § Unknown to Rizal, Gov. Gen. Blanco was secretly
pundonor(Hispanic Chivalric code) accepted the apology conspiring with the Ministers of War and the Colonies for
§ Practiced medicine particularly as an eye specialist – his downfall. A few hours before reaching Barcelona he
§ Don Ignacio Tumarong – was one rich Filipino patient was held prisoner in his cabin.
from Hong Kong who was able to see again. § Rizal was imprisoned at Monich then brought to the
§ Constructed a system of water work to furnish clean headquarters of Gov. Gen. Despujol where it was decided
water for the people to ship him back to Manila on the transport ship “Colon”
§ Contributions to science
§ Riding his Baroto (Sailboat) he explored the jungles Chapter 24 & 25
and coast seeking for specimens § On board “Colon” heading to Manila , Rizal’s Diary (a
§ Discovered rare specimens named in his honor written account of his daily activities)was confiscated.
Draco rizali – flying dragon § Appeared in court before Judge advocate Col. Francisco
Apogonia rizali – a small beetle Olive, where he was presented with : JOSE RIZAL
Rhacophorus rizali – a rare frog a)Documentary evidence – consisting of 15 exhibits CHAPTER SUMMARY
§ Continued his study of languages b)Testimonial evidences consisted of oral testimonies
§ Continued his artistic pursuits by Chapter 13
 Boarded steamer Belgic to San Francisco
 Passengers were not allowed to land due to health
reason - widespread cholera epidemic in the far
 Ship was placed under quarantine which is politicalyy
motivated because Chinese coolies were on board
the steamer.
 Chinese coolies were displacing white laborers
 Toured different cities - San Francisco - Oakland-
Reno (biggest little city in the world)-Ogden-Denver-
Colorado-Nebraska-Chicago-Albany - New York
 Left new York to Liverpool on board city of Rome
( the second largest ship in the world
 impression of America
o Good
§ Matters all progress of the country
§ Drive and energy of the people
§ High standard of living
§ Natural beauty of the land
§ Opportunities for a better life
o Bad
§ Lack of racial equality

"America is the land par excellence of freedom but

only for the whites"